Funniest Complaints About The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 5 Edition

In case you haven’t heard, applications for Big Brother Canada 4 are now open. It shall be my fourth time applying for the Canadian version.

Presumably applications for The Amazing Race Canada 4 will also open once the season is over. I will indeed be sending in a video for a second shot at it.

One of these days I am bound to get on, right?


This week might be the best yet. Shall we just get straight into it? It is by far the most explosive reaction I have seen from the casual fans yet.


1. “Dumb and Dumber 3 starring Nic and Sabrina playing now on #

Out of all of the references in pop culture you could make, you choose the least comparable one? C’mon man. At least think through what movie you are plugging when discussing.

dumb and dumber

Unless Nic & Sabrina sing a version of Mockingbird in Italian, or return to TAR Canada in fifteen years for one of the worst performances in series history and even exceeds the bar set by Shahla & Nabeela, the Dumb and Dumber reference needs to be thrown out.

2. “And the Biggest Overdramatic Whiny Wimp award on the race goes to: KRISTIN! # # #

Why is it so important to viewers to point out whenever a contestant complains because they fear going home? You do know that Kristin is uber competitive and hates to lose, right?

And did you know it was just TWO degrees Celsius when teams are lying on the beach in the sand? I live in the Okanagan and I can assure you that the beaches in May are much much warmer than a few islands at that time of year.

A lot of people would be suffering from muscle cramps the second they start lying in the sand. At least with a polar bear swim you can jump in and get out right away.

This was the polar bear swim taken to a new extreme. It was a Shahrlie Horse from TAR Canada 2 multiplied tenfold. If your body cannot physically function at all, I think I would be freaking out too.

3. “The chick on # with the crutches is like a f–kin Russian. #

If I actually watched and/or cared about the Olympics, I would try to understand that simile.

prague pamela vanessa chong 5

beijing kisha jen 7

beijing tammy victor 8

I hear these five people are all really into diving. Where am I, La?

4. “Pretty sure me and my friend would clean up on this years # #pu–ies

You may clean up when it comes to running each round, but I bet you wouldn’t get the fans on your side and receive votes in the FuelYourFavourites annual poll with language like that.

natalie meaghan

If only Natalie & Meaghan had a quote in TAR Canada 2 where they said #WeAreMotherF–kingOlympicHeroes would have made it to air.

5. “Really bad episode. Face-off is not in the spirit of the show. #

You’re right. The Face-Off is not in the spirit of The Amazing Race. Only in Latin America, Hamerotz LaMillion, Infiniti Presents TAR China, TAR Philippines, and TAR Norge.

Yep. Not in the spirit of the show at all.

6. “Whomever is in charge of casting for # ,should be fired. Some of these teams are pathetic #

Pathetic in terms of performance in challenges? Yes.

Although it is understandable when approximately four hundred people in the world have used the kayaks that were featured in the Face-Off episode.

Pathetic in terms of being compelling, amusing, and entertaining characters? No.

And that’s what separates the key traits needed to be a contestant and the one that gets your audition rejected.

7. “Wrong choice by # on#. I’d have U-turned the brothers. It’s not personal, it’s for a prize. #

. . .Which is exactly why they didn’t U-Turn anybody. If you are in first place and U-Turn a contending team on a Double U-Turn instantly, all that team is going to do is U-Turn a much weaker team (we still have eight teams left), and suddenly Brian & Cynthia will not be trusted by anybody and have active enemies in the form of the VoldeMussolinis for the rest of the season.

gino jesse canada

I want the VoldeMussolinis to go back to driving a zamboni as much as the next person, but Brian & Cynthia made the correct move.

8. “# if you’re trying to be more daring than US #, not working… just abusing contestants #

While the tasks in TAR Canada are much more difficult, it is nothing compared to the abuse they take on social media.

the social 6

Or from having to be interviewed by the co-hosts from The Social.

9. “Why is # so much harder than the American one?!! That’s not fair – Same last year! Why is this leg the hardest ever tho?!!!”

“I hate TAR US because it is always too easy.”

“I hate TAR Canada because it is always too difficult.”

If you want a difficult season of TAR to watch, feel free to tune into any of the four seasons of Hamerotz LaMillion each week.

10. “Did anyone not see right away it was a non elimination race ? The show is so boring and predictable. Last time i watch. Seeing rex and bob last year quit TWO on the SAME episode should have sealed my disgust and apathy with the show …”

Boring and predictable?

It was so boring when Kristin had that hilarious full body muscle cramp.

It was so predictable when three out of the eight teams did not compete in the inaugural TAR Canada Face-Off.

It was so boring when the guy who was the referee for the Face-Off task was displeased with the show.

It was so predictable when editors were willing to air the most suggestive language of any TAR Canada episode ever.

It was so boring to see an ending where three teams all had to sort out their time penalties.

It was so predictable only to find out it was a KOR round.

11. “So why is it a 4-hour penalty now and for nic and sabrina it was only 2 hours when they took a penalty in a previous episode????? Not fair! I so want them gone badly!”

You really don’t understand the difference between active route infos, Detours, Roadblocks, and Face-Offs, eh?

12. “The hamfisted product placement makes me cringe! And I think subjecting teams to hypothermia on two consecutive challenges was a terrible idea! You owe them an apology!”

I like how making the viewers go through product placement is equivalent to contestants being subjected to hypothermia.

sabrina drink

Chevrolet, Orange Julius, and BMO are like hypothermia for our eyes and ears.

13. “Love the show, hate all the phony product placement for the BMO credit card.”

natalie and meaghan

Just wait for the three dollar Spoonie to be loaded up on everybody’s credit card next round!

spoonie gee

Or if Natalie Spooner time traveled back to the 1980s, she could have pioneered the one thousand dollar coin called the Spoonie G.

—> “Agreed! What could they even get for a loonie (which is all they had on the card this week)? Doesn’t make any sense.”

You do know teams didn’t use up all four hundred dollars in the previous leg on hookers and crack, right? They actually save up their funds.

—> “What’s a loonie?”

I think you’ll find the epitome of a loonie by reading through what is said on this page. 🙂

14. “Wow…you can be excused from completing 2 challenges and still beat two teams… not an amazing race today!”

It appears you forgot the other part where the other two teams forfeited the challenge required for Nic & Sabrina to compete, and the other part where producers poorly designed their Double U-Turn.

15. “Too many quitters…shouldn’t give option to take a penalty”

Tell that to Debbie & Bianca.

16. “They should change the host..he talks too fast and such an annoying vouce”

Amazingly enough, my aunt cannot watch TAR Canada for this very reason. No joke.

17. “disappointed with all the penalties and that this was the non elimination round… BUT super excited for next week episode when they come to my City!! I wish I knew they were here when they were. damn.”

Oh, with Hamilton & Michaelia being eliminated NOW you think NELs are the devil. Dangit guys, make up your mind!

P.S. I don’t give a crap about Sudbury.

18. “Why are they taking penalties??? Come one!! Smh”

Come two, actually.

If you love watching teams take penalties, please watch Infiniti Presents TAR China. . .or watch pretty much any ice hockey game ever.

—> “I’d rather take a penalty then having intense cramps to I can’t move or having hypothermia”

survivor africa lindsey richter

You know what would be awesome? If Lindsey Richter from Survivor: Africa had to be buried in the sand.

“I am experiencing hypothermia? No wonder I have cramps!”

19. “I have never seen so many idiots on one television program.”

This is the page for The Amazing Race Canada. Not Royal Canadian Air Farce.

20. “Gino n Jesse r sucha Dicks! F–king uturning the brothers, when they kn that the bros r a weak team…”

I know. Screw the VoldeMussolinis for U-Turning a team that has yet to finish in the bottom three all season long!

—> “It’s all strategy if you can understand”

—> “Yeah ok lmfao sadly they stupid ass strAtegy didn’t even work…”

Was it stupid? You’re saying Gino & Jesse shouldn’t have baited a team to waste their irrelevant Express Pass or use the U-Turn to potentially save themselves at all?

21. “A session of hard work, for a non-elimation result. An hour show where the contestants didn’t appear to have much fun. Where’s the Canadian humour?”

a) Brian threatening to crack a coconut with his butt

b) Kristin’s muscle cramps

c) Simi yelling “I’m NOT TIRED!” when Ope tells her to stop crying.

d) Ope or Cynthia in the kayak.

e) The depressed Chevrolet man who had to tell racers to go “find new roads” before he hung himself at home.

f) Nic & Sabrina not even finishing in the bottom two as they are the first team ever to skip two tasks.

g) Leilani’s first attempt at the Ride It Detour.

h) Cynthia dumping sand on Brian’s groin, and Sabrina being completely unaware of breaking Nic’s arm or his bladder issues.

22. “Why you call them idiots??? Don’t like it, don’t watch it!”

Hey, I’m not calling the casual fans idiots–oh. Nevermind. You weren’t addressing me!

23. “I was somewhat put off by the sand castle challenge – it looked like this was filmed in early spring so appeared to be very cold. To lie in a cold water pit, unable to move for an extended time seemed to be a very cruel task. I enjoy the physicality of some of the challenges, but not this one, especially when the next task was another cold water challenge. I felt bad for Kristen. Hopefully she won’t suffer any long term effects.”

Fun fact: Kristin is still on crutches to this day.

—> “She sure doesn’t have the stamina of her father or her brother. I thought she was supposed to be so tough.”

Ford Tough. Not Chevrolet Tough. And I don’t think stamina comes into play when dealing with hypothermia.

brenchel 2

I thought the race was supposed to be fun!

24. “I didn’t like how they just got away with not having to do the Ride It challenge. Meanwhile, Opi and her dad had to wait hours at the lake before continuing.”

You just described two entirely different situations.

—> “I don’t understand how they keep getting so damn lucky….they should have had to take a penalty for not doing the ride.”

They wanted to do the Ride It Detour. That’s like saying the owner of Subway wants me to buy a sandwich at 11:00pm. I go to buy the sandwich and the place is closed.

It’s not my fault for going there when I was told by the owner ordered me to visit at that time of the day.

Is anyone paying attention?

—> “I don’t know how Sabrina and Nic passed that sand castle challenge! It looked horrible and crooked! Sabrina whines way too much, definitely one of my least favorite couples!”

Something tells me your opinion of Sabrina may make your judgment of her sand castle biased.

25. “I had no problem with the face off challenge, but I did have HUGE issues with the lying in cold water, under cold wet sand, unable to move for God only knows how long. That was just plain dangerous, proof being Kristen’s trip to the hospital.”

Nah. Kristin was desperate for attention. Her legs were fine and she knows it.

And I sympathize with everyone who has a 50/50 shot of spelling Kristin’s name correctly.

26. “Nic and Sabrina should have had to face some sort of penalty in my opinion. They got away with skipping two competitions because they took so long with the sand castle. I was glad Simi and Ope didn’t get eliminated. For a man who is afraid of the water he never gave up! Gino and Jesse rocked it! So glad they are back on top.”

Ope did give up. Did he receive a four hour penalty for not giving up?

Sadly, I do not expect anything less from someone who is rooting for the VoldeMussolinis.

—> “Nope. Nope. Nope. It was not their fault that two teams quit the Face Off forcing them to have no one to face. And it’s not their fault for the weather and time being too dangerous to complete a task (they still had to wait a time penalty at the detour before moving on though).”

Thank you.

—> “Those two move at a snails pace and that is the reason why they didn’t get to the horseback riding challenge in time. They are not cut out for this show. it is actually agonizing watching the two of them perform the tasks…they need to go!”

Cut out for the show? Many of the hardcore viewers proclaim them as their favourite team.

Not cut out for swimming or beach related tasks, yes. . .but definitely cut out for television. Does nobody realize what’s important here?

It’s like that blogger who thought Dana & Amanda were going to win this season and was surprised to see them eliminated. Sure, he is waaaay off in his analysis most of the time, but his terrible opinions are what keep me going.

27. “Disappointed in all the penalty taking…at least TRY, you’re on the Amazing Race!”

I have a feeling Ope tried the best he could with that kayak. Swimming and paddling both have very steep learning curves.

28. “disappointed so many took penalty. I don’t like it when they take a penalty. It feels unfair to the ones who didn’t”

Unfair to the teams who didn’t take the penalty and finished 1st through 6th while the penalty takers were 7th and 8th?

That seems fair to me.

29. “The challenge with the water hockey was totally unfair and on my families opinion….rotten. Way to hard and out of the contestants control….and seemed really unsafe due to the cold temperature and physicality…..glad it was a non elimination time!”

I am pretty sure your ability to paddle a kayak is about 150 to 200 percent in your control. It is up to you whether you suck at it or not.

—> “I didnt like the idea of them doing the water hockey either but even more so all those stairs to reach the u turn especially for the teams that laid in the sand for a rly long time.”

Do they not have stairs in the US version?

brazil dandrew 2

Remember that stretch in TAR US and TAR Asia where every other season had a challenge that involved counting steps?

—> “She was a drama queen, an ambulance for cramps lol. Needs a good kick up the ass about 10 years ago. Her old boy just enables her victim mentality. I am sure this is not normal Canadians.”

Ten years ago? She would’ve been a teenager. That would have been a good newspaper headline.


But seriously, what was Neil supposed to do during the beach task?

KRISTIN: Dad, can you help me up?

NEIL (arms folded): Nope.


NEIL: I have been helping you up for too many years, Kristin. It’s time for you to learn to do this on your own.

KRISTIN (crying): I can’t move.

NEIL: Sigh. This is what decades of my parenting has caused. I feel so ashamed of myself. Kristin, I need you to spread your wings and learn to fly.

KRISTIN: You’re incorporating my favourite Foo Fighters song into this lesson? Dad. I’m in so much pain. I can’t feel anything.

NEIL (walking away): Complaining will only make me drift further.

KRISTIN: Everything is numb.

NEIL: Kristin! Enough! Pull yourself together, woman!

KRISTIN: I have fluid building up in my lungs.

NEIL: Don’t we all?


PARAMEDIC: Sorry sir, but the pneumonia she contracted after the hypothermia incident was too much for her. She’s gone.

NEIL: Crap.

PARAMEDIC: What happened anyway? She was on a beach in freezing temperatures for six hours before a local found her and called for an ambulance. You were out drinking beers with this. . .Jon Montgomery fellow?

NEIL: I was trying to teach her to fend for herself.

PARAMEDIC: Well that’s just silly, Mr. Lumsden. She was practically paralyzed from the neck down.

NEIL: She could have unparalyzed herself if she wanted to. You’re acting as if the sand on the beach was an Onyx or an Arbok in disguise.

PARAMEDIC: An. . .Arbok sir?

NEIL: Sorry, my kids were all crazy about Pokemon when they were younger. But seriously, Kristin flat-lining right now is so her. She is indeed a drama queen. Look. She’ll resurrect from the dead the second I get in my car and drive away from the hospital.

PARAMEDIC: . . .How many times did you get tackled and sacked on the football field?

30. “Last place team should have had a penalty for not completing the double u-turn because the leg wasn’t over!!”

They did have a penalty!!

31. “I have to ask do you really believe being covered in sand hurts that much? Need for an ambulance, all that crying. Please tell me someone in Canada is not a p–sy because all I see is sympathy for for effect. Tea spoon of harden the f–k up would do her wonders.”

Being covered in sand really hurts if people start stepping on your numb arm if your bladder is full of urine.

I think hardening the f–k up is the last thing I want to see happen when Nick passes by Cynthia on the net, by the way.

32. “It was a great leg… EXCEPT for two things; Nick & Matt didn’t win, and Dujean & Leilani weren’t eliminated.”

Somebody who dislikes DuJean & Leilani? I was not expecting this.

33. “So last night’s # has to be one of the worst legs ever. Really great season, but that was a mess.”

Such a mess that it was awesome. Production screwed up so much, and that’s what made it fun. I love it when racers don’t do what the producers intend and f–k with their whole plan.

The Face-Off last week had more people forfeit the task than ALL international versions with the Face-Off combined.

34. “Hey, #? Your new Face Off twist absolutely sucks! It feels like an excuse to create drama, which I know I don’t want.”

It feels like an excuse to create fun and competitive challenges which have worked effectively in other versions of the series, which we don’t want. . .apparently.

The whole race is like an enormous battle royale, but the minute teams have to directly face each other and everyone treats it as if competition is a brand new element in the race.

35. “This has got to be the worst TV program canada has ever put out #thesocial

—> “Lol how could they not know it was the tango didn’t they watch the show”

the social 2

Trust me. Trying to keep the co-hosts of The Social as far away from covering The Amazing Race Canada has been my biggest goal in life.

36. “Does this Canadian version fly people only to Canada? The clash of cultures was a big point of the race…i miss it.”

Welcome to the show!

37. “The equestrian challenge was Trail, not Dressage….”

Unfortunately, production cares about equestrian about as much as 99 percent of people do.

That percentage goes down to 98 during Olympics, by the way.

—> “THANK you!! They dressed them in someone’s idea of show clothes and then put them in Western tack and called it dressage. I was just appalled. Also, no real horseperson says they “ride equestrian”. What a bunch. Not to mention those poor cows putting up with all those hammy hands. I hate it when they use animals. Yikes. Oh well…”

That’s true. Leilani and Sean are both fake horsepersons.

carrie bradshaw

The only real horseperson I know is Sarah Jessica Parker.

—> “Yup… I’m always so excited when they bring horses on the show… But this time… Although the roadblock looked like fun… I could barely watch it!!! Bah!”

joyce horse 1

Oh please. We needed to get our revenge on horses since the Joyce incident in TAR 7.

38. “I don’t see how (almost) getting hypothermia is supposed to be entertaining… 😦 I don’t think the water challenges were scheduled at the right time of the year… :(“

To be fair, any water challenge outside of BC technically has no “right time of the year”. The Prairies have that disgusting algae in the water, the acid Ontario’s water will burn your skin alive, and the territories up north are always going to be too damn cold.

Again, if you want to know why many Canadians may not be big swimmers, this could be your answer.

39. “I love the concept of the Face Off. But it needs to be an activity early in a leg when there is little time gap between the teams. It actually made sense for one team to take a penalty. Is it really that painful to be buried under sand?”

That is exactly what I thought regarding the Face Off. It would probably be served better to help spread out teams at the beginning of the round. My gut tells me it may have disrupted the absurdity of the round.

I am curious what would happen if they hosted another Face Off around the mid-leg part of an episode once more.

40. “It has had excessive water challenge so far!!”

Cast a bunch of teams who can’t swim + Water challenges everywhere = Viewers win!

41. ” I also loved the Face Off, but I felt that the last team got off too easy…”

andy samberg lonely island

Andy Samberg was NOT at the Face Off!

42. “I agree with all the above comments, that one team just keeps getting and putting out nil! Can’t wait till they are gone . Maybe we could have a twist where Michaela and Hamilton come back in their place!Didn’t have to do the game challenge or the house back riding. Shows how redic they are!”

Man, you really are subtle when discussing your displeasure regarding an “unnamed” team.

43. “Really like the show, but ……..think it was pretty pointless to have a double u turn and a face off changing the game challenge and it be a non elimination leg!!?? Like really!? Pointless”

china kisha jen 2

And they don’t even have to do a Speed Bump. You get to experience what NELs were like during the first four seasons of TAR. It is long overdue for casual fans to appreciate us old school folks.

44. “did not like the result at all….Nic and Sabrina got off without doing 2 challenges… of them costed 2 teams 4 hour penalties each…..i dont find that fair at all……my $.02 worth”

Your two cents? Since pennies have been removed in Canada and we now round to the nearest fifth cent, I can safely say your opinion is totally worthless in 2015.

How fitting.

45. “Face off was really stupid”

james duthie canada 2

I didn’t know ‘Face Off’ was a nickname for James Duthie.

46. “The leg from hell!!!”

sarah mongolia 3

It took nearly ten years, but The Leg From Hell will be finally hitting theatres in Mongolia by the end of this year!

47. “Too long penalty and very tough tasks”

nic sabrina penalty

“Four hours is too long but two hours is too short? Oh my word!”

48. “I wish the double uturn was earlier in the leg. When it is right before the pit stop there is no where to make up the time. I think if it was earlier it woukd shake up the order a bit more!”

Michael Harmstone, is that you?

49. “What’s the point of having a double U-turn on a non-elimanation leg? Makes no sense.”

To create conflict between teams and thus set up rivalries. I have a feeling producers expected a minimal amount of inter-personal drama by this point given the cast they chose.

50. “I am very disappointed this season all the contestants are either from far east (Ontario) and only two from from the far west what happen to the other provinces in between Ontario and BC its is disgusting come on ctv. Still think we should have let them separate when they wanted. Just so sick of having Ontario shoved down my throat they are not what makes Canada!”

I know we’re all thinking everything between BC and Ontario is disgusting, but c’mon. . .you didn’t need to actually SAY it.

japan sushi 8

Are you saying that Ontario is like a wasabi roll from TAR 15? They might be shoved down our throat, but that centralized and overwhelming spicy sensation is not what makes us who we are!

51. “Sad that you have exploited & encouraged the milking of cows. …knowing their babys ( males ) are taken away hours old to crates to become slaughtered for veal. …SHAME ON. YOU !! To have inexperienced people stressing out mammaa that gave birth earlier ti attempt a milking challenge

norway nat kat 19

As vegetarians, we are slightly embarrased by this.

Because, obviously, the Mama Cow signed the waiver to be featured in the episode with limited compensation. And yes, having inexperienced people trying to play with nipples is something that happens on a daily basis across all species.

sweden connor jonathan 23

Just ask Connor & Jonathan about what they did at at the afterparty yesterday.

52. “why all the h-mos on the show all the time. so sick of it. there aren’t that many in the demographic of Canada. get real. I'”

I think we’re all happy you successfully cut yourself mid-sentence.

And isn’t it just crazy? Casting all two of them in a cast of twenty-four players. That’s less than ten percent of the contestants. Oh my word! I am overwhelmed! Us heterosexuals are being marginalized!!!

—> “what a loser you are-yuck!!!!”

—> “you disgust me”

keith whitney

Whitney Duncan is the best supporter of the LGBT Movement ever.

53. “Thaks for bashing my brand and my product. I whrote on the contract that IT WAS NOT A LICENSE TO BASH MY PRODUCT ” YOU will get news from my layers. Anither cheap shot from Canada. CAnnot wait to separate and make Quebec free. F–k you basterds.”

—> “sorry-WHAT WAS your product-obviously not one to remember!!”

—> “THE HOCKEY ON TE WATER” ITR’S MY invention. It’S a QUEBECOIS inventions. go see. That is the worst ever the could do. Poor people in freaking freesing water that never to do anysports and out of shape. Plus they f–king edit the tape so it looks like the fall all the time . Fu–y basterds.

They f–king di it.. What a bunch of loosers. I will sew then for many milions of dollards. Hye CAnadians help us and vote for Jille Ducep, bloque Québecois . Dont you have it with them. HArper and f–king dadY’s kid Trudeau . The ysuck. Vote Québec. I f–king took the time to f–king whrite it down so they dont f–k me like dragon Den crap. What a bunch of F–kers in Toromto. Basterds. Come on you saw the tape its pure bashing.”

—> “Wow, buddy, you need to take a breath! Almost all the comments I’ve seen say they liked the kayak hockey, it looked like fun. But you keep spewing this venom and no one’s going to want to come anywhere NEAR your place.”

—> “You guys r braieashed . I am building a real sport no a crazy guyzmoI did f–king Dragon Den, They Bashed my product and i also tols Oleary to f–k off on the set. I still do anywhere i can on the internet. I hate people like thats.

you crazy what is the video up here you think ? it a sery of all the worst takes together topped by bad comments aboaut it. If this is not bashing, what is ? Nobody called me to buy boards, you knpw wy ? BECAUSE THEYS BASHED it, THAT’S WY”

Oh. My. Word. This is the best thing ever.

This is a guy claiming that, because the episode showed footage of Cynthia and Ope falling into the water, his kayak business which was featured in the episode has received negative publicity.

Yes, he was indeed the referee shown during the Face Off.

Anyways, he blames producers that this footage led to no additional business being had since the episode aired. Even though there are thousands of people who will probably do whatever production told them to do just to receive airtime on TAR Canada.

He failed to acknowledge that Neil & Kristin have publicly stated they want to start up their own kayak hockey league in Burlington.

There are so many more things to this story that make it hilarious but I think it is a tale worthy of being told another day. For now, just appreciate his comments for what they are.

You sir, have set the bar high.

—> “Don’t bring back the face off in any future seasons. Kind of an unfair way to determine placing.”

54. “Can we agree that Face Off didn’t work? What would have happened to the last ‘losing team’? They leave at the same time as the 2nd last because they don’t have anyone to play against? It was a game not well thought out.”

Yeah, these final complaints are just downright lame. You two had the toughest act to follow possible.


It was interesting. Everyone was split between “this round was the toughest ever” and “the contestants are the biggest crybabies ever”.

In other words, it was too difficult for their favourite contestants but too easy for the ones they hate. Just look at the consistent reaction to Nic & Sabrina being kept alive and you know what I mean.

And yes, it is indeed unprecedented Nic & Sabrina were saved from completing two tasks even though they were not in the bottom two spots for this round. These guys are in the process of accumulating some crazy records.


Once again, this was a lot of fun to do this week. I doubt we will have another week’s worth of complaints be this long for the remainder of the season.

P.S. How the heck did Neil & Kristin get back to their Chevrolet vehicle on the beach if Kristin left in an ambulance? Did the car get towed to the hospital? Did they get away with spending only one dollar?

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4 Responses to Funniest Complaints About The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 5 Edition

  1. Hugo says:

    For the most part, I loved this round because it was one of the craziest episodes ever (plus everybody except Nic & Sabrina treated the U-turn properly). HOWEVER, one of the producers needs to be punished for making it a TBC leg.

    Now everybody will just be equalized on the same flight to the next place, and this round will mean NOTHING except that two teams are minus a U-turn and possibly Kristen will not be in the best shape. The only way that this can end properly is if the last three teams are on a later flight than everybody else.

  2. polisi25 says:

    So… About Big Brother Canada, why do you want to compete at the first place?
    And right now the 5th recap of Amazing Race China is now available, this time, no one is taking a penalty.

  3. Yay! I got a Thank You from you!!

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