The Amazing Race 31 Funniest Complaints Blog Episode 1

I am in South Africa on day 118 of my trip around the world. Because of travels and keeping up with my tutoring job, my funniest complaints blog shall be shorter this week.

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Logan and the High School Reunion Musical Parts Six to Ten

MARCH 21 2019: Part seven is done.

*******************PART SIX**********

High school reunions happen less and less frequently these days, and as my 10th year reunion approaches this year, I show a few more reasons why it isn’t the best idea as the saga continues.

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Logan and the High School Reunion Musical Parts One to Five

I was super inspired to write a comedy script after a night out in Bali last night. My high school grad class is -actually- having a reunion and couldn’t help  write about how it could all play out from my perspective.

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Ways To Get Blocked By Wardog on Twitter

Mr. Wardog from this season of Survivor, Edge of Extinction, has been making headlines in the online community for how frequently he blocks fans, bloggers, reality TV journalists, podcasters, and fellow RTV alumni during the first three weeks of the season.

So here is a thorough guide of how to get blocked by Wardog on Twitter:

wardog 2

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The Amazing Race 20 Episode 8 Rankings


“A Glitch in The Matrix”



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Day 24 of 180: What I Have Learned So Far

5 days spread between Kobe, Osaka, and Nara.
Nara to feed the wild deer roaming the city.
Osaka because of Capcom headquarters, the castle, and the great atmosphere.
Kobe because of a friendship and its name shared with a famous basketball player.
1 day in Takeo–a small town in a rural province.
New Year’s Eve at Huis Ten Bosch–a Dutch theme park in the middle of nowhere where a live game of Space Invaders in a booth was projected onto the side of a building.
1 day in Nagasaki.
2 days in Hiroshima.
1 day in Miyojima Island to see the “Floating” Shrine.
3 days in Kyoto because of culture and Nintendo–Japanese culture runs so deep that American forces forbid it from being bombed during WWII.
3 days in Kanazawa where I had to tutor students online to help pay for this trip while checking out authentic samurai districts and checking out buildings used as geisha tea houses during peak summer season.
1 day in Snow Monkey Park. The park lived up to its name. I swear some of the monkeys casually rubbed against my shoe as they hopped by.
1 day in Matsumoto to see a very cool castle and meet up with a cousin I had never met before in my life.
36 hours in Hakone where I thought I was in Kamakura until 12 hours into my stay–and realized I was going to Hakone first THEN Kamakura, but completely forgot this itinerary. The same day I saw an active volcanic crater as well as a view of Mt. Fuji that looked more like a painting rather than something real I was witnessing with my own eyes.
And now I am halfway into my stay in Kamakura where my airbnb host panicked because I couldn’t follow a clear set of instructions, and walked around aimlessly for nearly two hours rather than the expected twenty minutes to get to her place.

I. Am. Exhausted. But. I. Want. To. Keep. Moving.

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Don’t Worry, TARstorian Coverage is Resuming

Eighteen days ago I started Around the World in 180 Days. This message comes all the way from Kanazawa, Japan. I am much more settled into an overall routine now. I have managed to make solid progress on episode 8 of TAR 20.

Don’t believe me?
karatu mark bopper 16

Here is the casual audience’s reaction to not seeing Mark & Bopper brought back for TAR 31.

Stay tuned!

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