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Impromptu History Lesson Regarding the Series

And yes, this was the first season I hosted online. Prior to this, I used to do outdoor seasons of ‘The Mole’ with family. There were four installments between 2002 and 2007. On top of that I have been involved in the ORG community since 2002, and never really thought to host an ORG myself besides the outdoor games I was already doing at the time.

So why did I host a Survivor ORG? Because the people in my outdoor games thought an outdoor Survivor one would be cool. However, I knew from watching videos that an outdoor one takes A LOT OF WORK to make it decent quality. None of this Ferris Wheel Production crap. So I set up the Survivor ORG as a test run to engage interest and to emulate the outdoor environment.

As you can probably figure out, following the conclusion of the prequel, I wasn’t too impressed by what happened in that game online, and felt rather discouraged to do an outdoor Survivor game lol.

Then at the start of 2011, I was ready to get back to my outdoor Survivor plans. Nothing seemed to be working out as it requires to handle a lot of people’s schedules, and once the end of my second year of university concluded, I started transferring some of my outdoor ideas into online ideas. A few weeks later a message was posted in the Winners group, and after people expressed interest in playing a little game of ‘Supa Coo Wacky Land Survivor,’ a series was born.

Wow. I did not expect to give the whole history behind SCWL at 200am on a school night. Good talk, everyone.

Sund Survivor: Facebook Voting Chart

prequel spreadsheet

* indicates that player was at Exile Carnival and immune from both Tribal Council and the ability to vote.

1 – Brett and Gayle both played an idol at Tribal Council. Because Brett had the most votes, the idol was activated.

2- Brett and Adam were sent to Exile Carnival while Gayle, Natasha, and Dianne re-voted after Brett played the idol.

3 – Brett and Gayle both played a hidden immunity idol. After the re-vote they were deadlocked. Brett had more past votes, and thus was voted out. However because he played his idol it was activated and was safe from the vote.

4 – Gayle and Dianne voted for each other and a deadlock occurred. Dianne was eliminated because she had more past votes.


1. Opening challenge featured two people winning a secret idol (Brett and Gayle). They each picked a player they would like to oppose (Natasha and Dianne respectively). For the first and thankfully only round in history we had four tribes. A schoolyard pick em determined the four tribes.

2. In the first challenge there was a rivalry theme. Brett’s tribe would face the opposition he picked in Natasha’s tribe. Gayle picked Dianne to be her opponent so that was her opposition. One tribe from each rivalry would go to Tribal Council. Losers go to Tribal Council and vote someone out.

3. Adam found the idol on Exile Carnival within twenty minutes of when he was sent in the first round. Subsequent players would take hours or not find the idol at all despite numerous additional hints.

4. In the second round the tribes were combined so that the tribes that previously were rivals would become one. Therefore Brett’s tribe and Natasha’s tribe were a tribe of nine against Gayle and Dianne’s group of nine.

5. The second round featured a twist where two immunity challenges would play simultaneously. The results were that each tribe won one immunity so each tribe eliminated one player in the second round (Serene and Cindy were voted out).

6. The very first Tribal Council is the most infamous one in series history. Besides the fact Scott LePage was voted out 2-1-1-1 where four of the five votes were self-votes, there was also an illegal vote cast. Dan Penner voted against Lisa. . .who wasn’t even on the same tribe. Dan was frustrated that at Tribal Council you could not vote for someone who was not on your tribe or immune and never joined the new tribe’s Facebook group the following round and managed to survive three more rounds without being heard from again.

7. There was a Sitting Out Idol for this season and this season only. Prior to each challenge pre-merge a player could announce that they were sitting out of an immunity challenge. This would give them the chance to receive a clue to an idol that could be found in ten seconds. Only one person (Simone) ever took advantage of this and saw the idol but thought it wasn’t right so she didn’t tell me the code. This twist was revised and made much much better and is today known as the Penalty Idol.

8. At the first post-merge immunity challenge there was not an individual immunity talisman up for grabs. Instead the player played for the first ever not-so-hidden immunity idol. Gayle won the challenge and miraculously was able to hang onto an idol everyone knew about until the Final Four. Everyone was vulnerable at the first post-merge TC because there was no talisman in play.

9. At the second post-merge immunity challenge the first two people to solve the FireShuk puzzle could send anyone including themselves to Exile Carnival and be safe from Tribal Council. Brett and Adam won the challenge and sent themselves to safety. They could not vote at TC.

10. At the merge a shadow jury of the first nine people voted out would give one of the eleven a major reward. This reward is that prior to a challenge you could request that it be a double immunity challenge. This means that if you won immunity for the challenge that you would be the sole person immune for not one but two votes in a row. The shadow jury awarded this reward to Gayle.

11. Gayle never used this reward and thought it was connected to the idol she won the same round. No idea what she thought it meant and she would say the same. Therefore the double immunity challenge was forced into effect with five players left.

12. An Internet shutdown of the host occurred at the start of the merge. This put the game on pause for three weeks.

13. Because Brett’s access to the Internet would be gone for over a month after Thanksgiving, the second part to the day 37 immunity challenge and the live final immunity challenge was agreed by all five remaining players to take place on the evening of Thanksgiving.

5:00pm: Brett and Adam faced off in the second part to the day 37 immunity challenge. Other three players were eliminated in part one except Natasha who could not start part two for 45 minutes. Adam won immunity.

540pm: Players are given an hour to strategize for the vote.

800pm: With company over and surprisingly many alumni who had been voted out earlier in the game were visiting, delays and players’ demanding for extra time to strategize made TC not begin until 800pm. This is where I informed them that this was a double immunity challenge because of the secret twist Gayle refused to use all throughout the post-merge phase.

830pm: Brett and Gayle presented their idols that they won on the first day. Brett received most votes. Natasha, Gayle, and Dianne took part in a new Tribal Council.

900pm: Natasha is voted out in the second vote of the night.  The next Tribal Council begins because of Adam’s double immunity.

930pm: Brett plays the idol Adam gave him from Exile Carnival and Gayle plays the idol she won at the first post-merge challenge. It’s a tie.

945pm: Re-vote occurs. Deadlock. Brett has more past votes and is safe. New TC with Gayle and Dianne. The fourth round of voting begins.

1000pm: 1-1 deadlock. Dianne is sent home from the past vote Natasha cast only forty minutes earlier.

1015pm: Rite of Passage takes place prior to the Final Immunity Challenge. Because it was planned at this point and how much it delayed the night, Rite of Passage in seasons one and two occur in the Final Two.

1115pm: Final Immunity Challenge begins. Adam wins in ten minutes.

1200am: Gayle is voted out of the game.

In a single night where Adam won immunity three times, six rounds of voting occurred, three people voted out, four idols played, and two of them activated over a period of seven uninterrupted hours, this night is known as the nuttiest in series history. This night has gone down as “Thanksgiving Trauma” where the host had to skip dinner and instead host for seven hours at his computer non-stop.

I hope to never ever have to go through that again.

14. Following the Final Immunity Challenge on Thanksgiving the game was not decided for over TWO months.

When Brett and Adam became the Final Two only four or five of the nine jurors were keeping up with Tribal Council. The remaining jurors were hunted down by the host several times but was met with no response. Because there was nobody to replace a juror who did not show given virtually all pre-merge boots were inactive or had not followed the game for about four to five months, the host was forced to wait and wait until either Brett or Adam got to five votes. Finally, during the middle of December the fourth and fifth votes were cast for Adam over two months after the Final Two was determined.

15. In seasons one and two there is a rule that failure to vote twice at Tribal Council will eject you from the game. There was no such rule in the prequel. By this standard Kristen, Dan, Kyle, Loren, Simone, Kai, Alisha, Lyndsay, and Jerry would all be ejected.

16. Jerry used a fake idol during Alisha’s last Tribal Council.

17. Alisha participated in every challenge except two. However despite being perhaps one of the five most active players in challenges, she would end up self-voting at all seven Tribal Councils that she went to. She even attended three of the Tribal Councils! That record cannot be broken because of the provisions to the self-vote rule that I mentioned earlier.

So this season was chaotic.

scwl 1 chart

1. Mervin still had the hidden immunity idol. Because it cannot be used to save yourself at Tribal Councils beyond Final Four, Mervin could trade it in for an advantage for final immunity or use it as a Jury Vote Converter. He chose the former and gave himself 100 minutes off from the immunity challenge. Marty and Amy were both eliminated after 89 minutes to secure Mervin’s win before he even had to play.

2. Brian quit and because quitters are not allowed on the jury Anton took his place.

scwl 2 chart

scwl 3 chart

scwl 4 chart

scwl 5 chart


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