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6.11A Previously on SCWL. . .

Previously on SCWL:

– Since the beginning of the game, an alliance of five came together on the Aspu tribe known as the “Misfits”.

– But during the Mutiny in round four, things were complicated by Matt jumping from Nlad and Cam from SuLa.

– Within this dynamic, a pre-game trio known as Sad Pudding consisting of Matt, Rob, and DeAnna was formed. They pulled in Cam disguised their trio by creating a foursome known as The Alamo.

– Feeling like they were being pushed aside on the tribe, Lyndsay, Efe, and Timothy created their own trio as a counter-alliance.

– They tried to pull in Cameron, but Cameron refused on the grounds that he assumes Matt will stay loyal, and intends to drag Matt to the end after numerous social errors that have crowned him as the most beatable opponent in a FTC situation.

– So the counter-alliance had to look to the lone outsider, Nick. After Lyndsay made a series of huge moves, the group of four prepared for a deadlock.

– But thanks to Cam’s and Rob’s idols, The Alamo protected themselves from the counter-alliance, and sent the lone outsider home.

– Now it is just the Aspu Seven. With no idols currently in play, The Alamo has the majority and have the counter-alliance right where they want them.

Seven remain; who will be voted out tonight?

6.11B SCWL 6 Episode 11 Summary

Episode 11: “Picking Em Off”

Date: December 16, 2013 – December 19, 2013
Immunity Challenge XI: Word and Phrase Unscrambler.
Description: Unscramble words. Highest number of points wins the challenge.
Winner: Matt Wolff.
How Many Times Has He Been Immune?: Ten out of eleven Tribal Councils.
Item Transfer: Lyndsay gives The Tiebreaker item to DeAnna.
Voted Out: Lyndsay Sherry.
Vote Count: 6-1 (Lyndsay-Cameron)

6.11C SCWL 6 Episode 11 Blog


Thanks to the Travis round and the previous round going much longer than expected, the plan of having this game be at Final Three or Four by Christmas, and wrapping up by the end of 2013 was no longer possible.

All players received a message regarding their availability between the 21st and 2nd. Everyone was provided with this message on the 18th, so no one was blindsided by a challenge being scheduled against their will.

Players were unavailable on the 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st, and 1st. Add in my knowledge of my second older brother being in town between the 20th and 24th, and I knew it would suck to host anything on the 23rd.

In short, this meant the round of seven and the round of six would be played. We would break until the 27th where we would play one more round. On January 2nd, we would return to finish off the game over the next four days.

Upon reflection, I realized this really stalled the pace of the game once we reached Final Two. So consider this a special treat as this will be the only game to conflict with the winter holidays.

Yes, this somewhat occurred in SCWL 4 where Andrew’s family emergency put the Final Tribal Council on pause for 2 1/2 weeks and drove Clayton mad, but the game was pretty much done with no more challenges to do at that point. SCWL 4 was down to Final Two by the 6th or 7th of December. Here in SCWL 6 we had barely started the merge by that date.


They may consist of 3/7 players in this game, but with Cameron determined to go to the Final Two with Matt, they truly have an absolute majority in the game. With three idols out of play, and a final idol that they have deemed impossible to find, and also no other items in play, it seems like there is nothing that will stop them from snoozing through to day 38.

Unless someone goes on a shocking immunity run.


Ah yes. According to game theory and words from Survivor alumni, the game is supposed to change at seven for some unexplainable reason. However, I think there is an explainable reason. Seven is a prime number, thus making ties and deadlocks impossible. Since all players have a secondary goal of making it to the Final Four, then this is the ideal round to make your move and solidify your core Final Four alliance.

However, this happened one round early due to the 4-4 tie. And within that 4, there is already a Final 3. And within that 3, there is likely a Final Two. In other words, that major shift in the game happened one round earlier than expected.

But if you really are itching for a way that the game changes at seven, all I can offer you is that this is the beginning of Aspu having to vote one another off. No SuLa or Nlad variables. The only pieces left in this game are the same pieces they have been playing with since round four of this game. They have spent months dominating this game together.


The obvious answer is no. It seemed rather clear that Sad Pudding wanted Lyndsay gone, and with even Cameron fully on board unlike the Rudez and Nick eliminations, this seemed like a no-brainer.

If I was Sad Pudding, Lyndsay by far appeared to be the most threatening. You can tell how on edge they felt as Lyndsay made all of those power plays last round, and nearly succeeded by turning the game on her own.

So if Lyndsay cannot unscramble words better than a team of three, which includes Matt who already proved he is a madman when it comes to unscrambling words earlier in the game, there may not be much suspense here.


Knowing that the only company I was intending to hang out with during the winter break, my second older brother, was arriving on the 20th and that I would have to bus it to my youngest older brother’s house early afternoon of the 20th, I have a feeling that I needed several things for the following round set up before I left.

In fact, I was away from home for all of the 20th and 21st. Add in the fact that there is very little to talk about with these next two rounds, and keeping up with blogging headlines was a bit of a struggle. In fact, I recall struggling to come up with any blogging content for this round.


As you know, the challenge catalogue is locked in before the season even begins. If you look at other seasons, you may notice there is one type of challenge that will be played once pre-merge and once post-merge. I usually do this once per season to see how players have evolved with that type of challenge after playing through it much earlier during the game.


But that did not matter as Sad Pudding collaborated on another challenge, and Matt earned himself individual immunity. He has now been immune from eleven of twelve eliminations. Adam has the record by being immune from thirteen eliminations during SCWL Prequel, but that was a cast of twenty and without any real competition. Andrew should be credited with the record at the time by being immune from twelve eliminations in SCWL 4.

Matt is one short of tying the legitimate record. What type of challenge can stop this guy?


Again, this is a storyline that will come into focus. Cam has been on a rollercoaster during this game, but the one thing he is determined to accomplish is to go with Matt to the Final Two. He thinks Matt can be dragged there. The other three have repeatedly gone to Cam to tell him he is the bottom of a four-person group. If Cameron listens, we could have a last second upset.


Knowing Cam would not flip, and that she wants to do her best to let Efe and Tim have a chance, she asks them to vote her out. Lyndsay gives Cameron a stray vote, DeAnna the Tiebreaker item which has not really been mentioned all game, and Matt a middle finger.

And away she goes to the jury house thinking “I would have won if I had made that move with Nick and Rudez just one round earlier”.

If that happened, this round would be far more interesting to write about.


And now Sad Pudding occupies 50% of all numbers in this game. Without any idols to their name, but several past votes to their name in its place, they are still vulnerable. If Sad Pudding votes against Tim or Efe while the other three vote against Matt or DeAnna, then Sad Pudding could go home right before they are guaranteed victory.

But is anything in this game truly guaranteed?


Sad Pudding has spoken frequently about their plan to use the upcoming round to blindside Cam. It makes sense. He is the most threatening player when it comes to challenges. He is active. He could win a jury vote. Tim and Efe will be much easier to beat in the following rounds.

Could we see a 3-2-1 vote coming? Could Cam sense this and trigger the 3-3 deadlock and pull the maneuver that everyone has been waiting for? Will Efe and Tim go along with the blindside? What will happen when Cam has no intention of booting Efe or Tim next round?

Lyndsay is gone because Cameron wanted her gone. The fluctuator is now up in the air with the biggest threat out of the game.


Yeah. The usual one round twist to appear in the middle of the post-merge phase will occur next episode.

So if you thought this game was over, you are sadly mistaken.

But yeah, this was sadly a “bridge” episode where there is not much to write about. It goes in the books along with the Leif boot in SCWL 2, and the Brenda boot in SCWL 5.

6.11D SCWL 6 Episode 11 Confessionals


Yes, Rob and Matt. Keep doing that. Keep insulting and patronizing Lyn and Efe in threads.
Keep on doing that.
I’ll be over here being the “good game” guy.
I mean, Lyndsay  bugs the s— out of me sometimes. She acts like she’s entitled to things she has not earned. Our good graces, for instance.
But I’m still gonna smile and nod as she demands we treat her well
and dance for her vote.
Except for that line.
Give me a break for at least that line.

It is pretty impressive though that they knew they were gonna be on the bottom of the totem pole, yet they still voted off Travis, Rudez, and Corey before they decided to do something about it. I can’t believe us four convinced them. I’m hoping it’s we’re really good rather than they’re really bad.

The game is already getting hard.
Lyn pulled me over and told me how upset it was.
And it’s hard to see because I know I’ve hurt someone that way.
And I’ve been there before, so I can understand how wounded she is.
It’s very legitimate and it can
‘t be made light of or mocked.
I just wish she’d remember that she did it to me without a slight bit of remorse.

And you know, that really pisses me off.
She did nothing, NOTHING, but justify why I deserved to go. Why she voted for me. Not a single apology for how s—ty I felt. How low I was.
And I did this not out of spite or revenge but because I needed to
And she has the nerve to balk?

She has the nerve to act wounded like I did something awful to her? Like I broke your heart? Like you’ve never done it to me? She did nothing but act offended that we were upset she flipped on us And she has the nerve to attack my character when I turn it on her as she was already in the process of turning it on me?

I don’t like hurting people. I know it has to be done but I’m not someone who relishes the blindside after its initial thrill.
And I’ve apologized to her because she’s in a vulnerable state And I feel for her.
I’m treating her the way I wish she had treated me.
It’s enough to make you feel like a lonely soul amidst a crowd of hundreds.
But a lesser me would have quit. Given up. Failed. Lashed out.
I just have to nod and smile
Cover up the wounds
And keep pressing on with a smile.
Cause I’ve been hurt too many times by this game.
And I’m not going to let all of that go to waste.

Every time Matt s—-talks a jury member
I squee a little and do a little dance.
Cause it’s just one more vote for me.
Anyway, I’m not likely to win immunity.
And that’s fine with me.
Cause it will be Matt who does.
And Matt getting to the end is a-ok with me.
I personally think he’s a great guy
but I doubt many others agree with me.
So if I’m sitting next to him as I’ve planned to from the start
he doesn’t get Rudez, he doesn’t get Tim, he likely doesn’t get Lyn, he doesn’t get Nick.
and I’m gonna work on Rob and Dee so he doesn’t get theirs either.

We almost have the challenge done but we’re stuck on 29.
We have an answer that we’re proud of though.
Be prepared.
It’s an episode titler if ever there was one.

It’s 31 actually

Juvenile?  Yes. But I laughed. And it’s your fault.
Tiebreaker 1 is a miss.

Tiebreaker two I’m gonna throw out Winner Of
And for three I’ll get 3 7 11 15 19
And I really considered rebelling and stealing other numbers that would guarantee me the win
But A I don’t wanna rebel
B I don’t wanna draw too much attention for myseld
And C I’ll save that trick for another time.

And D I really f—ing want that idol.

So I had a plan for us to get ahead and Matt did a good job at kind of listening to it and then dominating with his own plan.
I can’t say I’m thrilled.
Every time I try and make a plan he subtly shuts it down.
I think he’s trying to say that I made no moves and therefore was a goat
when he wouldn’t be in the game were it not for me.
Either way I have to sit on my haunches and wait.
And wait.
And wait.
Because I’m not allowed any power.
It’s hard not to feel patronized.
I’m voting for Lyndsay.
Every action has its own reaction. You thought you could take action and nothing would happen. But this is the reaction.

I look forward to slicing your shallow throat.
Tack that on.

Once again I talked to Lyn on her way out
And resolved the bulls— we had between us.
I want more of this.
It’s good for me emotionally.
And in the game.
But mostlyemotionally

The thing about Lyn is that she tries to pretend she’s really sharp and vicious
But she is still highly vulnerable and emotional.
And she acts like she doesn’t care about the game but her actions say otherwise.
She wants to stay badly.
And I’m not going to have fun with it.
With voting her out.
But she’s a sharp player and knows how to really work people over
But Dee, Matt, and Rob are around my favorite age demographic.
I like hanging out with the grownups.
And even though I don’t say it, sometimes they get on my nerves. Rob and Matt are vicious and they can be patronizing of me often just because I’m the kid.
But I know them and I know they’ve got genuine heart.
As well as Matt has always been the perfect goat.
Talking to Lyn even she says my best move is to go with Matt.
He’s already pissed away three jury votes just with his behavior.
I mean Rudez annoyed me a lot with her waving her vote over his head
But that’s how the jury works. We’re not above it.
Matt and I are both taking each other to the end because we think we’ll beat the other.
But I think I have the upper hand because I understand the jury.
He mocked Vytas in his rant to Rudez which shows he doesn’t understand him. He implies Vytas was a poor sport for not voting Tyson. He doesn’t realize the jury isn’t obligated to voting how we want.
Vytas said he wouldn’t vote for Tyson and that’s Tyson’s bad.
As a potential Tyson I either need to acknowledge that I can’t get Vytas’ vote or I need to get that sucker.
I want every vote I can get.
That is all I need to do.
If Efe wants me to make a big move, I should make a big move and present the ones that already could pass.
And at the Final 5 I plan to.
If Lyn wants me to answer her then I’ll answer her.
If Rudez wants to know about the idol I at least bulls— her.
Instead of telling her to eat my crotch.
And coming up I will likely be fulfilling my blindside of Rob.
Because I refuse to be in a potential tie.
And I refuse to have Rob in a final 3. He’s just too good and I can’t beat him.
But I’m going to have to explain that to him
Because Matt and I will hopefully be the Final 2.
And I need to articulate better than Matt that “sorry But my ultimate goal was to get ahead and you were an obstacle.”
And I need to figure out how I can get Dee’s vote easier than her ex boyfriend can. She and I get along and she says i am a good player but how do I get her to stay that way after we don’t make the Final 4?
And Tim is the biggest wild card.
He’s gonna be key to this game for me
I’m gonna look out for him and use him to flip.
But I can’t do what Matt is doing and pretend that emotions shouldn’t be allowed in Survivor.
I’m emotional. Lyn is emotional. And visceral emotions are common.
When I was blindsided I was a storm of f— you. And most people would be.
Like we worked on a team and now you just eject me?
You feel insignificant and used and unwanted.
But that’s the game.
It’s not nice.
So I have to be.  I have to swallow my pride and if I can’t be nice, be honest.
That’s what I’d want as a juror. To know that people were real with you on some level and that they will be again.
That’s what my game is. Be the guy you want to see win. Be the perfect end to the story.



3) EFE

Confession:I really tried hard in this challenge because I need to win, If I don’t win, they will probably vote me out instead of Lynsday. At the moment    I can’t offer any strategy to other 4 but If one of us go and me lynds and tim’s power break up, I am sure that I will find some cracks. All I need to to is just overcome this tribal!

confession: I think It might be me tonight. I really want to stay in it and gonna fight for it. Smo is number 4 in that alliance and they are gonna need one of us at F5. so whoever made to ^F5 from our alliance, he may have chance

Cam has just threatened me not to vote him this round otherwise it would be bad for me!! We will see in the end what is gonna be bad for you. I gotta obey them until they took me to f5

Vote: rob
Reason: I wanna be the only person who havent recieved any vote yet


I’m so sick… like, I have the flu and it just hi me today… and, I’m sorry. but I cant do any more than this. I really need sleep and it sucks that this is a do or die immunity for me
Had fun, Logan…. I’m gnna be voted out next, but this is all I can physically do due to my illness
it;s not even finished, but I tried!

I’m not even scrambling for this vote because I’m sick on this game.  Cam, Matt and Rob are all a bunch of bullies and I didn’t enjoy many aspect to this game solely because of them.

I don’t enjoy being made fun of or having personal attacks directed towards me. I’ve played many ORGS in the past and none of them have been as disgusting as this. Haha, don’t think this is an attack on you or your games because they ARE fun, but the theats and bullying turned me off. I hated HS and graduated years ago. I never thought I’d end up going back there again

Can you please post my comment for my vote?
Rob: I tried and tired to talk, but you f—ing ignored me… learn a little something about jury management, eh?

scratch that… it’s great what happens when you call people up.. they all come running to you
My useless vote is going to cam


Short confession time: That was remarkably fun. It was my plan to play the idol on De after Lyndsay tried to be sneaky, again, and tell Cam the plan was to blindside Rob. I can’t imagine that girl thinks her plans can ever work. As you saw, we knew she was going to transfer immunity. We did our best to hide the fact that we were targeting Tim but unfortunately Cam leaked that to Nick a couple days prior so that plan went out the door and she gave Tim immunity. So then we decided voting Nick and playing the idol on De was our best course of action. They thought Cam could work with them down the road so we knew they weren’t going to vote for him. I was immune. Rob had no prior votes. That left De, and that’s why I decided on it. And it worked. We outmaneuvered them yet again. We keep doing this. With the exception of the merge vote we haven’t been fooled in this game yet. Our idol placement is 2/2. It’s like we’re psychic or something.
Now to find that pesky hidden idol. Why on Earth is April 19th so important? Grr.

Is the answer for the idol “Taurus Gold Cloth” or “Cloth of the Saint Aldebaran”?

6) ROB

VOTE: Lyndsay
REASON: I’ve been waiting to do this for a while now. We kept our word to the Aspu 7, and she broke her word on more than one occasion. I can’t take her bulls— anymore. It’s a good thing she’s a HORRIBLE liar because I saw right through her “blindsiding Rob” plan last round and was able to save DeAnna with the Aspu idol. Lyndsay’s been in Rudez’ back pocket since the beginning of this game, and now she can join her on loser island. In the immortal words of Massive Crystal from Survivor Gabon:

P.S. I guess this means our final 2 deal is off??

Also, is it ok that I sent in my vote before TC? I didn’t even realize we didnt answer our TC questions yet. Sorry for the earliness!

ME: Could you just send it in again? For formality’s sake.

Of course. I’m quite proud of this one.


No confessionals yet again. :/

6.11E SCWL 6 Episode 11 Tribal Council



You must answer your questions in order for your vote to count.

The voting deadline is 3:00pm eastern Thursday.

Adventure Island 2 Lake Island 2

1. This is it. Look at that long line of names below the X’s. A huge stretch of Nlad names followed by a huge stretch of SuLa names. Has the reality set in that an Aspu member is going no matter what this round?

It set in a long time before it actually got here. The thing is that I know that I am not originally Aspu. I’m like the tribe slut in that I’ve done all the tribes. And sometimes that makes me a feel a little nomadic. Aspu has been the closest thing I have to a home in this game and I’m thrilled we all made it to the F7 but I’m never quite at ease, as much as I love these guys.

2. A lot went down last round that I have yet to talk to any of you about. What was your reaction to Lyndsay giving up immunity to Timothy?

Last round was a masterpiece. I was amazed at how we were all playing each other. Lyn made a hugely bold move in not only playing the Gambler but giving it to the person with past votes. But we were able to counter it with our own bold move. It was exciting to see go down and relieving that we got the upper hand.

3. Survivors who have played the real deal on television have said that there is an unexplainable change once you reach seven players. Have you noticed that type of change? Or is the atmosphere the same as it was the last round?

It is somewhat of a change, because now the votes are easier to swing and change. It’s easier for people to pull a fast one on the other side because you don’t have to manipulate a tribe of eleven or twelve or make two sides of the game work for you. You only have a little group of people you know really well and you know how to push their buttons.


1. It was a tie vote between you and Nickolas last round. However, Rob played the idol on you, and the idol ultimately did its job as Nick was eliminated unanimously in the re-vote. How big of a message does it send to the other players when another person plays an idol that saves you?

I think the message it sends is that Rob is willing to go far to protect the people who have shown loyalty to him. There are many tools in this game, and idols are one of them. I think it was played perfectly. Had it not, I would have gone home and odds are it would have been Rob going home tonight right behind me.

2. Last round it was a 4-4 vote. Obviously you voted Nick, and Nick is gone. So numbers from the last vote appear to be 4-3. Do you think it should be a piece of cake for you and the other three people who voted against Nick will stick together to the Final Four?

Nothing is ever for sure in this game. You are constantly having to adapt and change to what is going on to make sure you are safe. Ultimately, I will be loyal to people who are loyal to me.

3. Last round Lyndsay correctly used her Gambler by making a last second switch regarding how well you would do in the previous challenge. What do you think she picked up on that allowed her to get a good read on you?

It wasn’t a read moreso that she knew I was struggling. I had spoken to her and given her my answers to the challenge, same as I had given them to Efe and Tim. At the time we were in an alliance and I wanted to help them out. She obviously found more answers than I did, and then decided not to share in order to use her Gambler, and obviously did not want to share with me as she had planned to blindside me out of this game.


1. After struggling in the past few immunity challenges, you were within striking distance of Matt in a challenge. Did this challenge happen to coincide with your skills or have you been holding back up to this point?

I worked hard for this challenge and I did my very best but yet once again it wasn’t enough. I really lost my hope about challenges because these challenge beasts in the game are really good and unbeatable. I also had hard time because of my language, in word challenges for me I have to work extra hard.

2. Lyndsay has said since the end of the last round that it will be her, you, and Timothy finishing 7th, 6th, and 5th. Do you agree with that? And if so, what can you do at this point to flip the script?

Sadly I agree with her but I am begging these guys to keep me. This is the first time I made it to merge and went this far in a game. Even I am in a minority right now, I am enjoying this game and I want to stay in it. This was such a good season and I want to continue to play. Please…

3. If the 7th-6th-5th chain is true, how do you identify who is #4 and convince them that their position will be improved if they join you?

I think number 4 already know himself/herself, so it’s up to him/her to improve it’s spot in the game. There are lots of strategies to talk but right now one of us had to go from their point of view and I agree that that will be their best choice for tonight.


1. You made a couple of big moves last round. Once the dust settled, you are convinced that this is your time to go. What makes you think that you are more vulnerable than the other five without immunity tonight?

Oh, I’m more than convinced. Half the people won’t talk to me, or even show me, a future jury member, the decency of a reply. I’m leaving, make no doubt, but I do find it amusing how unconcerned this group here is with jury management. Why am I more vulnerable? Because I’m the one who made the moves, I’m the one who did all the plotting and convincing, so… ya know, I’m owned up to it. Tim and Efe did whatever I told them to, and it’d be a damn shame to see them go before me.

2. Let’s talk about tribal idols. The SuLa idol was played at the start of the merge, and the Aspu idol was played in the previous round. The only tribal idol that has yet to come out is the Nlad idol, and the only person who ever had a chance of obtaining it was Matt prior to the mutiny. Do you think the Nlad idol is in play or did it go home in the pocket of one of the other Nlad members?

Matt brags about having it. Does he really? Who f—ing knows… ya know, everyone is this game is lying, not one person is innocent of that, but… it’s only when your down that you get called out for it.

3. What do you think is the biggest strategic error that is currently being made at this point of the game?

Well, I made mine when I didn’t side with Rudez. Gotta go down with the dumbest move in survivor history

And this group? Well, I’m a wild card right now and everyone is ignoring me. There are 7 of us left, but what do people think is gunna happen once it gets down to F4? I need an alliance right now, and I could easily add numbers to the current F4 of Cam/Matt vs De/Rob if I can get to F5. I’ve been the most social person with everyone, and seeing how everyone has cast me aside, I’m not exactly loyal to either side. I dunno, I would think somebody might wanna go and string me along, especially since I have ZERO shot at winning this game anyway. I betrayed everyone I’ve been aligned with so far in this game, so that doesn’t exactly make me queen bee of jury love. Oh well, this group doesn’t seem concerned about that at all, so… whatever…

Now, since I’m sure I’m going home, this is just my little moment to say something. I hated the vast majority of this game. People who play ORGS need to like… pipe it down on the personal level. Lord, stop taking so many things so f—ing personal. THIS IS A F—ING GAME! Cam, you and I have spoken about our issues, and I want you to know that I respect you a whole lot more now than I did when I started to write this out. But… yikes, some of you need to get your f—ing head out of your asses. Tim is the youngest one here, yet sometimes I think he’s the most mature. This entire game I felt like I was back in HS, and that’s not a compliment. Anyway, tootles, and lots of love! To those who I’ve formed a real relationship with, we’ll be friends after this. Trust me, I’m not taking this vote personal, I’m really not. This is just me venting out on how much I disliked this entire experience, and this counts back to the days where I was loyal with Aspu


1. For the third round in a row, you win immunity. Is it at this point of the game where you fear the day where you do not win an immunity challenge?

Of course I fear not winning immunity. My entire game to this point has been running from immunity to immunity, either finding idols or striking deals. I haven’t had a single moment of relaxation since the start. There was a quiet peace on Aspu but we all saw how long that lasted. The moment the second mutiny was announced, it was back to scrambling for immunity for me.

2. Why do you think Lyndsay feels so vulnerable tonight?

I think Lyndsay has tried several times to make big moves. The previous times she got busted but there were bigger fish to fry in Rudez, Nick, Corey, Travis, etc. Now she tried yet again to make a big move and there’s no one with a bigger target on their head than her. I can’t predict anything because this game is so unpredictable, but any vulnerability she feels tonight is due to her own actions. Turning on your alliance three times is not something most players come back from.

3. Typically, the voting majority at the round of seven is the group that will be in the Final Four. Do you think that the vote for this round will establish who is making it into the season finale, and who have no options left except to beat you in a challenge?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. But I have no idea which side of that Final Four I’ll be on right now. In it, or on the outside looking in. For now I’ll just keep competing and hopefully stay safe.


1. You played the Aspu idol. On a scale of 1 to 10, how necessary was it for you to play that idol?

-It was definitely a 10. If I didn’t play that idol, DeAnna would have gone home over Nick, due to her previous votes and the fact that the re-vote would have likely been the same. That’s definitely a risk I didn’t want to take. I also heard that I was the one being blindsided, and knew immediately that it was a ruse to get me to play the idol on myself. So I figured the target was going to DeAnna, due to the rogue vote for her from Rudez in the previous tribal council.

2. Why do you think you have made it to this point of the game?

-First, I was lucky enough to become the captain of a very good tribe, Aspu. I made some friends and allies early on, and working with them has kept me alive. I’ve also proven my challenge prowess at the tribal stage and won the first individual immunity of the season. I also don’t think I’ve ruffled too many feathers (especially compared to some of the people below the Xs)

3. How much scrambling has been going on at camp this round? Or is it as straightforward as Lyndsay has indicated it to be?

-If there’s been scrambling, I haven’t seen it or been a part of it. I’m pretty sure this is another straightforward vote, but look what happened last time we thought that! There’s no predicting what’s going to happen in this game.


1. You received individual immunity from Lyndsay in the previous Tribal Council. Do you think that was a make or break moment for you?

It might prove to be a break moment, I think this tribal’s result will definitely decide that.

2. Lyndsay pointed you and Efe out as being the other two on the bottom of the totem pole with her. Do you buy that? If so, what do you do to try and turn that around?

I didn’t have to buy what Lyndsay said, it was handed to me on a silver platter. We just have to try everything we can think of, although it’s very unlikely anything will work.

3. If you become a juror down the road, what will be the criteria for how you will vote for a winner? Or is it too early to think about your jury voting critieria?

It’s definitely not to early to have a criteria, I think you need to have one from the first day so you can take everything in. Some people vote for pure game play, some people vote for who they like better. Some people are still bitter when making they’re choice and vote for the person who did nothing because it makes the person who made moves lose (russel hantz). For me it’s a mix of who out witted & outplayed along with who wasn’t a complete dick and was a fair competitor.

CAMERON: I’m leaving now. On the chance that I get voted out please don’t boot me until I see the TC results.  And save my tribe flag. I lost it when my computer crashed.

Okay. When you vote, please do so in the following manner:

VOTE: (naglo)
REASON: How funny that you go scrambling during a round where we had to unscramble words. Sadly, your efforts will not produce the results you desire. Farewell, my friend.

(No, you don’t need to scramble the name in your vote–that’s a joke).

Okay. Matt is immune from the vote. If he is going to give it away to somebody else, he will let me know by the end of the deadline. Otherwise, he is immune. Everybody else is fair game. Between now and 3:00pm eastern Thursday, it is time to vote. Awkcy tribe, you’re up.



I’m voting for Lyndsay.
Every action has its own reaction. You thought you could take action and nothing would happen. But this is the reaction.


Vote: Lyndsay
Reason: It has to be this way. You have lied and backstabbed me one too many times. I wish it could have been different – my original plan definitely included you going to the final 4 with me but your actions have shown me that you have to go. Thank you for keeping me on my toes. This game was definitely better with you in it!


Vote: rob
Reason: I wanna be the only person who havent recieved any vote yet

Vote: lyndsz :((


Can you please post my comment for my vote?
Rob: I tried and tired to talk, but you f—ing ignored me… learn a little something about jury management, eh?

My useless vote is going to cam


VOTE: (Lyndsay)
REASON: Oh the lies. The lies and trying to be clever about the lies. The deal with making big moves, betraying people, and playing this game how it was meant to be played is maintaining integrity throughout. Own up to the moves when you make them, don’t deny it was you and think you’re clever enough to get away with it. Play hard or go home. In this case you didn’t play hard enough, so home you go.


VOTE: Lyndsay
REASON: I’ve been waiting to do this for a while now. We kept our word to the Aspu 7, and she broke her word on more than one occasion. I can’t take her bulls— anymore. It’s a good thing she’s a HORRIBLE liar because I saw right through her “blindsiding Rob” plan last round and was able to save DeAnna with the Aspu idol. Lyndsay’s been in Rudez’ back pocket since the beginning of this game, and now she can join her on loser island. In the immortal words of Massive Crystal from Survivor Gabon:
P.S. I guess this means our “final 2” deal is off??


vote: lyndsay.
reason: majority rules. and i need to get back in everyone’s good books.


Adventure Island 2 Boss Battle Music

If anybody has a hidden immunity idol, now would be the time I would reveal it.
Okay. Once the votes are read the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the group almost immediately.
I’ll read the votes.
One vote Cameron.
Tied. One vote Cameron, one vote Lyndsay.
Two votes Lyndsay, one vote Cameron.
(lyndz :(()
Three votes Lyndsay, one vote Cameron.
Eleventh person voted out of this game and the third member of the jury:
Lyndsay, the tribe has spoken.
It’s time for you to go.

MATT: GG Lynds, say hi to everyone at Ponderosa.
EFE: Love you Lynds!!
TIMOTHY: bye lyndsay!
ROB: Adios Lyndz!
DEANNA: Bye Lyndsay!
LYNDSAY: Lots of love for ALL of you 🙂

The main theme seemed to surround timing. Lyndsay claimed her worst move was the one she made too late. Sure enough you send her home in a unanimous 6-1 vote.

The question on the horizon will be if any of you will also be a victim of timing. When are you making moves too early, or are you already too late to make the necessary moves that you need to win this game?

I will see you soon for an interesting challenge.

6.11F SCWL 6 Episode 11 Fantasy Pool

1. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]
2. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
3. Deanna Bastin [Awkcy]
4. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
5. Timothy Zahra [Awkcy]
6. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]
7. Lyndsay Sherry [Awkcy]

1. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]
2. Deanna Bastin [Awkcy]
3. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
4. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
5. Timothy Zahra [Awkcy]
6. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]
7. Lyndsay Sherry [Awkcy]

1. Lyndsay Sherry [Awkcy]
2. Deanna Bastin [Awkcy]
3. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]
4. Timothy Zahra [Awkcy]
5. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]
6. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
7. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]

1. Timothy Zahra [Awkcy]
2. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]
3. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
4. Lyndsay Sherry [Awkcy]
5. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
6. Deanna Bastin [Awkcy]
7. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]


17th – Warren Adams [Nlad] – LISTER POTTER III

16th – Marc Oriol [Aspu] – MICHELLE PEARCE-DENOVAN [2nd Pick]


15th – Larry Chip Childress [SuLa]

14th – William Cook [Nlad]

13th – Moises Moreno [Nlad]

12th – Angel Candelas [Nlad] – AMANDA ALDRIDGE


11th – Travis Rindler [Awkcy] – MORAY JAMES

10th – Corey Altiere [Awkcy] – TYLER JAMES LINDER


9th – Rudez Merks [Awkcy] – AMANDA ALDRIDGE [2nd Pick]

8th – Nickolas DiVerdi [Awkcy] – DAVID RACINE

7th – Lyndsay Sherry [Awkcy] – JESSICA FREY

6.11G SCWL 6 Episode 11 Boot List
06: EFE
02: MATT
01: ROB

6.11H Next Time on SCWL. . .

– Lyndsay is gone, and with the wildcard backing Sad Pudding, Sad Pudding begins to celebrate.

– Will they finally put their plan into motion, and blindside the wildcard who also happens to be the only challenge threat remaining in the game?

– But how will the game change when Cameron tries to once again help somebody outside of Sad Pudding to win immunity?

– The tradition of having a brand new post-merge twist appear each season continues. Will any of the players embrace the new twist?

– And could we be facing yet another deadlock at Tribal Council? With no idols in circulation, could the huge upset finally occur?

6.11I SCWL 6 Episode 6 Exit Interview

1) I know I asked Rudez is this already, but can you elaborate on the pre-game bond between you and Rudez?

Sure, Rudez and I met in a closed ID Survivor game back in September. We started off on the same tribe and grew close to each other immediately. I find that in a game like this, you neeeeeeed to set yourself up with somebody you can completely trust at the beginning of the game, and that was what she and I did. It also helps if you can get along with this person, and Rudez and I instantly clicked and we seem to have the same mind for games such as this, plus we’re just very similar. Anyway, we dominated the game together, but sadly at the F3, she put her faith in the wrong person and dropped out of the F3 IC under an oath that she would be taken over me. Rough day for me as I had to actively campaign against my number one girl, but Rudez was ‘viewed’ as the bigger threat (sorry again), so I was taken over her and I won.

Turns out that she and I have a lot of things in common (go figure), and we became real friends after the game. Anyway, one day she came up to me and asked me to play this game, and I automatically agreed. Now, in retrospect, I will probably never go into another game with a pre-existing alliance again. Not only has Sad Pudding just proven how disgusting it is, but Rudez never liked Efe or Tim, the two guys I had with me no matter what and it was really hard to wanna work with both of them since neither side liked the other, or at least trusted the other. I had to make a choice of who I was actually going to end up being more loyal to, my number one girl and personal friend that I love and adore, or the alliance I actually made IN the game. It’s not a choice I’m proud of because I hurt Rudez, but this whole experience had just proven to me that pre-existing alliance just suck in general.

2) Was the intention to take each other to the Final Two and pool all information together no matter what?

Hellz yes! I love Rudez and this started the game with the sole intention of her and I going to the finals. She would gather the loyalty of her people, I’d gather the loyalty of mine and in the end… we’d know what everyone was doing and pretty much be in control on the entire game. It was a great plan, one that WOULD have ended up working if I didn’t lose my s—

3) Travis picks Rudez right away when he is captain. Rob picks DeAnna, DeAnna picks you, you pick Efe, then Efe picks Marc. Everyone else picked at the end minus Timothy all end up heading to SuLa. Did the five of you bond right then?

I guess so. To be perfectly honest, I never really trusted Rob. He just wasn’t social enough for me to bond with, at least not at this point of the game. He chose DeAnna and while DeAnna chose me, I felt closer to Efe, and he and I decided to pull Tim into our little corner of the ‘rejects’ of the “Misfit’ alliance. DeAnna was super nice and super sweet to everyone, so the boys got really close to her and I allowed myself to become close to her as well. Generally speaking, at this point in the game, the “Misfits” were a real working alliance. Or, Efe, Tim and I thought it was.

3) Okay, I know Marc was really supposed to go to SuLa if Adam had not quit. I am guessing Adam still gets voted out first anyway at your first Tribal Council in round three?

This is bad, but I don’t really remember. Would have been nice if I sent in a confessional, eh? Nobody was ever going to work with Adam, we all wanted him gone. Naturally we wanted to keep Marc over him, hence why we sent him to Sula (or wanted to) and use him as a spy… but yeah, nobody wanted to work with Adam and it was a relief when he left. The “Northern Lights” alliance, or so he liked to call us being Canucks, was never going to last.

4) You are the first non-Sad Pudding member of Aspu that I have been able to speak to. In the first round, Nickolas was involved in a huge fight with Sad Pudding. You did not say much, but I remember Timothy was joining their cause to have Nick ejected. Do you think Sad Pudding’s reactions to the various open fights that they had with people like Adam, Travis, Nickolas, and Moises all influence how you, Efe, and Timothy reacted as well?

No… I thought all of the fights made them (The Alamo) look reallllly pathetic and immature. That is why I never really said much, unless in parody and Efe and Tim felt the same way. If anything, Efe, Tim and I sort bonded over how pathetic these public fights were. They’d be occurring and we’d all just message each other going “Yup… they’re at it again…” and then laugh.

I think the Nick fight was slightly different because… well, he did go searching around for information, so it was different than the Travis fights. But still, I kinda stand by what I said in one of my only confessionals where I said something along the lines of ‘don’t post s— if you don’t want people to know about it’. I feel for DeAnna, especially after she explained her side of the story to me, but even the thought of involving cops into a game like this just blew my mind. If the information is THAT sensitive, maybe you shouldn’t have it on FB?

To my understanding of it, Efe, Tim and I just couldn’t be bothered to deal with that nonsense and just shook our heads silently in the corner. It’s what we did best.

5) Near the end of the game, you kept alluding to personal problems being the reason why your head was not quite in the game. No need to elaborate on the personal problems itself, but rather could you elaborate when that started impacting the game? And how much differently you would have played if those problems did not exist?

Well, I could go into exact dates, but it was towards the middle of November when things started to get a little rough for me, so whatever round THAT was, I don’t really know for sure. I do recall making a mention that it was convenient that Aspu was kicking ass in challenges because I was never there to really participate in a lot of them due to everything going to s— personally. I guess I would say the issues started when Aspu was dominating, and I can safely say that it wasn’t really impacting how I played in the game since I tend to stay UTR until the merge and I’m not all that good at competitions anyway. I had Efe and Tim with me, so I knew that they’d have my back in case something did happen, so towards the beginning, nothing was all that different than how I was planning on playing.

It was really more towards the end of MY game that things became an issue. I was an emotional mess IRL, and I did my best to cover it up as best I could, but things really sucked for me for a while, like really sucked… and I just couldn’t really focus on things as well as I should, so I allowed myself to be manipulated into things that I honestly never thought I would be.

I told everybody what was going on, well, besides YOU Logan, whoops, but I wanted them to know that I had a reason for not being as active I should and that it had nothing to do with not being loyal to them or something crazy. I also didn’t wanna be ‘that’ person and I really hated talking about it, so of course I smiled and said I’m fine, but emotionally I wasn’t, far from it.

I will not blame my entire suckage in this game on it though, but I can safely say that the one move I know I would have made differently was voting out Rudez. I KNOW I shouldn’t have voted Rudez out if I wasn’t an emotional mess, but I did… and it sucked, but being treated like s— in the game, plus my real life issues kinda just sucked and I gave up and just did the thing that would make the majority (not my alliance, but the majority of the noisy f—tards) happy. I couldn’t take s— IRL, and I couldn’t take the constant s— in the game so I kinda snapped and just did it to make at least one aspect of things stop.

6) Considering how much Aspu won immunity, there is really nothing to ask except ‘what if’ scenarios. What if Rob, DeAnna, you, Efe, and Timothy went to TC before the mutiny? Who would go home then? Because it seemed like Timothy was either #5 or situated himself perfectly as a swing vote within that dynamic.

In my opinion, Rob would have left. I had zero intention of hurting my boys in this game and certainly would not have voted them out over Rob or DeAnna. The reason DeAnna would have been safe is because she acted as a more maternal character, and the boys and myself generally liked her better. Now this is what I would expect to happen, but I dunno, I THINK Tim would have been with me. He was far closer to DeAnna and Rob than Efe or I was I guess, but I LIKE to think he was with me 100%, especially by his later actions.

7) You and Rudez both claimed the respective fake idols that The Alamo found on Aspu and SuLa. You guys seemed to not only know who had the real idol, but that you had the fake idol codes too. What did you do with that information?

We did the only things we really could do. I mean, you can’t do a lot with a fake idol but we both knew who had the rightful ones, so at least in my case, I went up to DeAnna and Rob and pretended that I thought mine was real. I knew that they gave me the ‘right’ link, so I knew that this was just a test of loyalty, and I’d be damned not to pass it.

8) Is that the point where you started losing trust in Rob and DeAnna? Because Rob would keep denying he had the real idol, but you knew he was always lying.

At this point in the game, I never had any trust in Rob to begin with. DeAnna….um, yes, I guess. I always suspected she was with Rob, yet she always denied. Funny how they both claim to have played with such integrity, eh? Oh well, best not get into battles I don’t care enough to finish. The fact that they were lying to me about this definitely hurt my ‘trust’ in them.

9) So round three, Marc goes home unanimously. Sad Pudding claims it was Marc’s ties to Adam that booted him unanimously. Is that true?

Did Marc have ties with Adam? I honestly can’t remember that far back, sorry. Ha, I just assumed it was because he was a casualty of not making as good connections in our group, or that’s what I based my vote off of. The only other name floating around was Tim, and I didn’t wanna vote him out. Then again, I think this right be when things started going cray cray for me? That or I just don’t remember Marc having too many ties with Adam. I think Marc may have mentioned LIKING Adam, but he was just the odd man out on our tribe.

10) Round four. The mutiny. In my opinion this was one of the two most important turning points all season. Matt and Cameron join your tribe. How long before you, Timothy, and Efe all started getting irritated by Matt?

Uh, before he even came to the tribe? Nobody wanted to deal with him… oh wait, lemme rephrase it since I’m a total idiot; Efe, Tim and I didn’t wanna work with him, so it didn’t take too long for us to grow irritated by his antics. He gave a nice-guy front, but we all knew what lurked in the darkness.

11) Furthermore, do you think Matt’s attitude is what turned you, Efe, and Timothy away from Rob and DeAnna. It almost seemed like the second Matt joins Aspu, and Sad Pudding really creates their own trio away from everybody else in the game.

Logan, don’t you remember? Sad Pudding was always together! But yes, to answer your question… they sucked at hiding it, that was for sure. Efe, Tim and I just got pushed to the side, so we kinda saw it happening, though at this point we had yet to really see Matt attack us. But yeah, the Alamo emerged in the back of our minds.

12) Rudez touched upon how she nearly mutinied to Aspu too during round four. If Rudez had joined your tribe to make the Aspu Eight, how would that have affected Tribal Council if Aspu lost? Were we guaranteed a 4-4 split on our hands?

I think so… and at this point in the game, I would have sided with Rudez for sure… and we would have been able to get Cam, Matt or Rob out and save us all a huge headache. Again, since DeAnna was actually playing a good social game, she would have always been spared. Who would have thought that a good social game has advantages, eh? To answer the tie question… I dunno, I think at this point in the game, we would have been able to get Cameron on our side… it was before he turned fully delusional for Sad Pudding… I THINK?

13) But no need to worry about that because you guys would win-win-win until Nlad was conquered. During this time you, Efe, and Timothy really stayed in the background during tribal challenges. Why is that?

Efe was bad at them, Tim was on holiday and I was dealing with my personal issues. Besides, Cam, Matt and Rob were all willing to give their all every round. Sure, we rid them for a good solid rounds, but whatever, I wouldn’t have won and they were determined to have us not lose a challenge, so it was something that seemed to make everyone happy.

14) And the whole tribe all seemed to share a hatred for Nlad. Matt and Cameron for obvious reasons at the time, but I could never tell if you, Efe, and Timothy were playing along with the anti-Nlad attitude because you needed Rudez to be saved, or if you really did not like any of them too.

I didn’t really talk to any of them enough to have a real hatred for them, so yeah, I just nodded my head and said what people wanted me to say. I just wanted Rudez to be safe, and I also wanted to ‘fit in’ with our new happy family, so I may have said things, but I honestly didn’t know enough about anyone from Nlad to make a serious call on them. That would involve actually KNOWING them, something that never really happened.

15) Speaking of which, Nlad never really talked about anyone on Aspu minus Sad Pudding and Cameron, and you never spoke about anyone on Nlad outside of Travis. Did you communicate with Moises, Angel, Warren, and William at all?

Warren tried, but was eliminated before we really got far. Moises tried as well and did his best to warn me about Matt. He’s a good guy and I generally liked him! Angel and I talked a lot on the first day, but nothing after that. William who? Ha, would have been nice to get a message from him at some point, but Rudez told me he messaged her the first day and said that since they weren’t on the same tribe, he wasn’t going to bother with her. I guess she was special since I didn’t even receive a message. Damn, he could have been part of the ever so dominating ‘Northern Lights’ alliance!

16) Now to the round where you used me as a punching bag for Sad Pudding lol. So much to cover with this round. Travis pulls the Mutiny Trigger. He went to SuLa. Nickolas and Rudez joined you on Aspu. What was the reasoning behind that?

Nick and Rudez wanted to come and join us because we had a ‘thing’ going on with them. This is where Rudez and I started to come together with our two sets of groups. She had Corey and Nick, I have Tim and Efe… everything was looking good, especially since the Alamo couldn’t even fake be nice to Travis, giving us a potential number, though he left. Anyway, Nick and Rudez coming over was supposed to be good because Corey was supposed to come too, but then Travis ended up moving over and kinda ruining the plans. Anyway, Nick and Rudez came over to work with me, Tim and Efe. 17) And what happens if the nine of you went to Tribal Council? Would the five of you come together no problem to take out Rob?

Yup, that would have been the ideal plan!

19) But instead you guys vote to merge. You and Efe intentionally fabricate your votes. Why did you fabricate the votes? And how come Timothy was not in on it?

We fabricated the votes so that we had ‘proof’ that we voted the way Sad Pudding wanted us to, Haha, it was a whole lot of fun! You know how Sad Pudding likes their screencaps. They take screencaps of everything and we knew they’d demand screencaps of our votes, including the tiny message that says you’ve ‘read’ them. Haha, I still think Efe and I should have rehearsed a bit more We knew we’d eventually be found out, but it was fun!

Oh, and Tim was in on it the whole time. We figured that we could get the merge if only two of us voted, and we didn’t wanna make it look like the three of us were actually a real ‘thing’ so we decided as a group that only two of us needed to do it. Efe and I ended up being the ones, but Tim was fully aware of what was going on and agreed to everything. We were hoping they’d just assume he was innocent ad tell him all of their plans. I mean, we may have fabricated the votes, but we knew we’d eventually be caught and needed somebody with us still innocent.

20) Before we move on, I believe you owe me an apology for the abuse I got from The Alamo because of your actions when lying about the merge vote lol. I know I received a bunch of abuse for it. I am guessing it was ten times worse for you and Efe? I assume knowing how tight Sad Pudding was, and that the vote was 6-5, they had a pretty good idea who went against them.

I AM sorry! Of course I figured Sad Pudding would go crazy, but I didn’t think they’d go crazy with you. I personally find it extremely disrespectful to treat the HOST of a game such, but in the same sense, I wasn’t going to say that you were right and make myself look worse. I’m not that noble!

And this is Sad Pudding we’re talking about, of course they s— horrible on me and Efe! It was rough! Like I said, it was almost like I never graduated from HS only instead of having immature teens treat me like s—, I had immature, grown adults doing it. Never seen s— like this in any ORG I’ve player *shudder*

21) Also, Rudez voted to merge, but she refused to begin the jury. Were you in on Rudez’s decision to not start the jury yet? And why would she do that?

No, I actually wasn’t. This DID come to a surprise for me since really, all I want in a game is to make the jury. Later I found out her reasoning was because she didn’t want Travis to make the jury, which I could understand, but it would have been nice to know beforehand. This ‘lack of sharing’ kinda lead to a downturn in our epic alliance. Efe and Tim never trusted her and the fact that I wasn’t let in on this plan to warn them did nobody any favours.

22) Now to the first individual challenge. Unlike myself who resides on the Canadian west coast, you live on the east coast, so I assume you pay attention to the NHL. Is it really as crazy as it seemed that the deciding game to give Rob immunity would come down to nine rounds of penalty shootouts?

Hahaha, yes, I DO pay attention to NHL, but that’s about it. Baseball and Basketball are lost on me, but hockey I’m good for. What can I say? My Daddy raised me as a true Canadian That was insane and unnatural… unnatural… I remember Nick talking to me about the scores because I was out at a Christmas thingy, and then I came home and… *shudder*

23) If Rob had not won immunity. . .do you think you could have successfully blindsided him with an idol in his pocket?

I dunno, we would have at least tried. I believe he was our initial target, but that challenge whore… hehehe. I dunno, it would depend on who actually won the immunity. If it was either Cameron or Matt, I dunno if the situation would have been different, but if all three were vulnerable, I think we would have been able to get at least one of them out.

24) But he did have immunity. Then it was a race to play Cam’s idol. Why target Cam instead of Matt or DeAnna for that vote? Were you expecting him to play immunity first but give it away to Matt or DeAnna?

Long story short, we thought that Matt might have the NLad idol because nobody believed either him or Travis. Anyway, as much as I hate Matt, I can easily admit he’s amazing in challenges, so we figured that he might feel vulnerable for himself since it was one of the very rare sightings of him without the immunity necklace. Since Sad Pudding has secret x-ray vision, we assumed they’d think we’d put on vote on him. Personally, I was hoping we would but we decided that we’d go for Cameron first and risk him playing the idol. We all knew that Matt PLAYED the idol on Cam, but Nick was certain he had played the idol first and we took his word.

25) Matt makes the save. It comes down to TC with the seven of you. Travis and Rudez are not on good terms. Nickolas has the day one fight with Aspu at the beginning. So how in the world did you and Efe vote for Corey of all people?

Tim, Efe and I all decided things as a group, majority rules. I didn’t wanna vote out Corey, but they did, especially Tim… so we ended up going for it. I can’t remember all of the details, so you might have to ask Tim.. all I know is there was some distrust going on between him and Corey.

26) Then about a quadrillion vote switches from you and fake idol playing or not playing it came in. I swear you told me “just one more minute please” about ten times that night. I thought you were going crazy because it was 4:00am in the Maritimes. How the heck did Rudez and Timothy vote together against Travis, but yet you and Efe voted differently? Take me through that scramble.

That was a CRAZY round… hahaha, I don’t even know WHAT I was doing up at 4am, but there I was!

Pretty much as soon as the news got out that my side (I have to call them that in this) was voting out Corey, Rudez’s side struckback and all decided to vote for Tim… I can’t for the life of me remember why we changed the vote to Corey, but I swear it had to do with Tim and him not trusting each other enough… Tim felt threatened. Anyway, it was just a battle of my peeps vs Rudez’s peeps…. But luckily Tim and Rudez spoke and managed to come to an understanding, but still… neither of the two sides stood down and thus the downfall of the only thing stopping Sad Pudding from winning

27) In the following round, Rudez wins immunity. Sad Pudding was probably at the mercy of you, Efe, and Timothy at that point. Do you think Corey goes even if Rudez does not win immunity?

Yeah, at that point the whole ‘pressure me, Efe, and Tim into turning on Rudez’ had begun and you know how I felt about that.

28) And why exactly did Corey go? I know there was issues about distrust there, but it seemed odd that you guys felt like Corey was such a threat at that point.

Do what the majority wants.

29) Now to the other one of the two biggest turning points of the game. You vote out Rudez in a 7-1-1 vote. You, Efe, and Timothy have all denied that any of you were the reason why Rudez ultimately went. Who do you think gets the blame for that one?

Definitely me and Tim…. Tim, I love you, but you allowed yourself to put way too much trust into DeAnna. Like I mentioned before, the majority ruled in our alliance, so even though Efe didn’t wanna vote Rudez out, he did it for us because that is how we did things, together. Besides, by the end of it I was just as willing to do it just to end my misery.

30) And with that, Rudez goes. Sad Pudding seems to have the whole game wrapped up. I know you said that not only were the personal problems why you could not influence the outcome as much as you wanted, but it was the abuse from Matt and Rob that took a toll on you. You conceded that Matt’s bullying behaviour was effective in coercing you to make the incorrect move and ruin your game. However, do you think those tactics are crossing the line in terms of gameplay?

I have mixed feelings about this. I hold zero respect for Matt as a player and even as a person. I 100% think he crossed the line with his behaviour, but let’s not fool ourselves. Matt is not the first person to use a bullying strategy in a survivor game, and he certainly won’t be the last. It IS an effective strategy, but it’s not one I’ve ever encountered in my ORGing career. I have seen people be mean to others, but I’ve never seen anybody take it to the extent that Matt did. I guess my answer would be yes, he took things too far, but I can ‘see’ why he thinks he didn’t.

31) If so, how do you think Matt views his own gameplay? Because when you guys had that discussion, it almost sounded like Matt thought it was your own weakness while it was his strength in this area that secured his team the victory.

Haven’t you learned yet? Matt is a God and we should all hail to his magnificence. Matt thinks he played a spectacular game, but I don’t reward bullies. I don’t view being a f—tard as a strength in any situation, but I’m the stupid one here so what do I know? And weakness? What does he mean, my weakness? Sorry, my personal life sucked, so yeah, I may have been a wreak, but I would NOT say that under any other normal circumstance he would have been able to bully me into something like that.

32) Which also leads me to ask you this. . .do you think Rob and DeAnna’s close relationship with Matt has permanently damaged their relationships with everyone in this season? Because they were never under any obligation to support Matt’s tactics.

Probably? I mean, I like DeAnna and Rob a lot, but they definitely went from being very high on my list of people I liked, down to a more ‘moderate’ level, and their antics with Matt was the only thing that really did this. Well, and reading their confessionals I cannot speak for anyone else, but that’s just my opinion. I mean, kudos to them for sticking to somebody like him for so long… he took a hard fall for them since everyone outside of his alliance, most viewers included, thinks he’s one of the most despicable person ever. If I ever made that kind of sacrifice for my friends, they damn well better stick by me, but in the same sense, DeAnna and Rob agreed to watch his antics without stopping him, knowing full well it only benefitted them… but… I don’t really care, this is a f—ing game and if you’re going to condone and encourage somebody to act as disgusting as Matt, you’re probably just as disgusting yourself. *shrug*

Uh, just an opinion Rob and De! I still like you!

33) Now to the Aspu Seven + Nick round, or more appropriately called The Last Stand. You had The Tiebreaker reward from Matt before the mutiny. Why do you think he gave you that item?

To make me trust him more. Not exactly a ground-breaking strategy, but he was aligned with DeAnna and Rob, but it’d be super suspicious for him to give either of them something so useful, and he knew that I was lying low as their bitch, so why not give it to me? I was supposed to be with them to the F5 anyway, so me using it and being their bitch would only aid them.

34) But you also had The Gambler. You had both items that were making a series debut. I remember you asking me about The Gambler, and I pretty much forgot about it because nobody had mentioned it in the game for ten rounds. I had to look up my rules for it from Opening Day. Cameron was helping Nick, and DeAnna appeared to copy your list. How did you master how each person would do to such perfection? Everyone was amazed.

Hahaha, I was amazed too! I took a huge risk with that and I was SO nervous! Pretty much I kept tabs on everybody and how they were doing. Ha, I have no idea why DeAnna trusted me, but whatever, she did. Matt and Rob succeeding was a no brainer, and I figured Cameron would too but not do quite as well as the others. DeAnna GAVE me her answers, which I than gave to Nick… I knew Nick had more answers than she did, so that’s why I changed last second to have him. I also knew me, Efe and Tim would suck, so no brainer there.

F—, I had it shoved down my throat that this round was a pathetic attempt at strategy, but f—.. it was fun as hell This is what entertainment it

35) And that win was necessary because alliances were 4-4, and Timothy had 3 past votes. An idol played on DeAnna meant that Timothy could just be voted for and go home that round. Halfway through TC you pull off the first ever individual talisman exchange (it could have been the first ever at any point in series history but Cameron beat you to it). Now it was you, Efe, and Nick who had zero past votes versus Cam who had one, DeAnna who had one, and Rob who had none. Matt had immunity. Take me down the path to how the four of you agreed to vote against DeAnna?

Hey, can I go down in history of being a successful person in giving away immunity? C’mon, it was ballsy and it paid off for me, unlike with Cameron later this season!

That vote was a no brainer and it didn’t take a whole lot of convincing. She was the ONLY one with past votes, while Nick, Efe and I were secure. We took a risk in the chance that Rob would play the idol, but what other choice did we have? We thought he might play it on himself, but they saw through my little scheme. I mean, it was apparently very easy idea for them to squash… I’m surprised your mentioning it because it was just so easy and such a ‘pathetic’ attempt of survival. I suppose it would have been easier to put the votes onto Rob that round and get him out, but it was a choice the four of us made without much debate.


Oh, but if it had paid off! Would have been SO epic!

36) And was it strictly luck that Rob managed to play the idol on her? Could you guys have psyched them out any differently?

Well, like I said… I guess it wasn’t even luck. I f—ed up the plan when I told Cameron to vote for Rob… I wanted so badly to trust Cameron because everyone but him knew he was only going as far as fourth and I stupidly wanted to give him a chance. Anyway, he made his own bed, so that’s why I don’t listen to him bitching about how he went out

37) So Nick goes. It seemed like everyone did a 180 in terms of how they felt about Nick compared to round one. Why do you think Nick was so misunderstood by Aspu at the beginning? You guys voted him onto SuLa right after Larry during the first challenge.

I always liked Nick. Sad Pudding never liked him, and Tim and Efe were heavily influenced by Sad Pudding at the beginning of the game. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Adam started this horrid rumour about Nick wanted to get out the girls… so, I was on rocky grounds with him because we didn’t talk the very first days of the game and I thought he was out to get me. Still though, once I realized just how immature Sad Pudding was, I quickly got over the ‘fight’ he had with them and talked to him, we straightened out our business and remained in constant contact, even when he was on Sula. I was up front and honest with him because I knew he’d go with Rudez and wanted to work with him down the road.

Like I said at the beginning, I didn’t wanna stir up any s—, especially so early in the game so I wasn’t gunna stick my neck on the line for him then and there (sorry), but I always wanted to work with him. He was very sensible.

38) When Nick was gone, everyone acted as if the game was over because Sad Pudding won. But they were only 3/7 votes. There was still Cameron. He just tried to save Rudez and Nick in back-to-back rounds. He even tried to save Tim and Efe later on. But it all traced back to Matt talking him out of each of those plans. Cameron would help you guys in challenges, but how come he could never flop at TC?

Because he is extremely paranoid and gullible and as much as I like to trash Sad Pudding because I have nothing but the upmost disgust for them and how they played and even reading these walkthroughs make me wanna vomit, Rob and DeAnna were very convincing with their words.

I think I told him every round that he was on the bottom of his alliance, and every round he would smile and be coy and tell me how much he wanted to work with me. One of the only accomplishments I’ll give to Sad Pudding in this game is their complete control over Cameron. Kudos!

39) So you leave the following round, but gave your Tiebreaker item to DeAnna upon leaving. Why DeAnna?

Well, I tried my best to make Tim and Efe look as good as I could before I left. Again, I tried to get Cameron to save them, but he only realized his mistake the round after. What else could I have done? I knew my game was fried after Nick left because I was by-far the biggest threat against Sad Pudding.

I publically took the full responsibility for the ‘fall from grace’ the three of us took and tried my best to pimp them out to the Alamo. I knew it was useless, but ya can’t blame a girl for trying. I knew they both sucked in challenges, so they would have no need to a tiebreaker. I’d rather smash myself in the head a thousand times than see Matt succeed, and Rob was pretty good in challenges already. In retrospect, I wish I had given it to Rob, simply because at least he could get to the stage in a challenge where the tiebreaker was useful. DeAnna was just as bad as us, but I wanted to sorta make amends for how things went between us. Honestly, the tiebreaker was really something that should have been used earlier in the game. It served more of a ‘gift of faith with this cast than an actual tool.

40) Yeah, I didn’t mean to ask this many questions. Considering “who you want to win” and “who you want to lose” seems silly because it would indirectly announce who you are voting for to win the game. Instead, I will skip ahead to “if you have any other thoughts, please share”.

Hummm, I wish I hadn’t voted out Rudez, owned this entire game and been an amazing player to look at!

I know that I seem a little bitchy in this interview, but I had a blast writing it out. This is my time to bitch, so it was a blast! Again, I wanna apologize for not giving this game my entire effort, but at least I went out with a bang, eh? Hehe, I DIDN’T hate this experience, there were actually some really great moments in this game and I actually DID have some fun with it, despite all of my moaning and groaning.

I’m actually upset now because you seem like an awesome guy and I just wasted my shot at playing one of your games

On behalf of the production crew for SCWL 6, we thank you for playing this game!

6.12A Previously on SCWL. . .

– After dominating the first ten rounds of this game, the Aspu Seven were forced to finally turn against each other.

– Sad Pudding, which consists of Rob, Matt, and DeAnna, continued their search of the final hidden immunity idol

– Cameron found himself caught in the middle between two groups of three, but continued to pursue his plan of taking Matt to the Final Two as a goat.

– But his allegiance to Matt was just another one of Matt’s aggressive tactics to keep Sad Pudding in control.

– Matt ensured he was not going anywhere as he was safe from Tribal Council for the eleventh time this season.

– Lyndsay failed to convince Cameron to see the light. She paid for it as Sad Pudding eliminated their biggest threat within the Aspu Seven.

– All that is left is for Sad Pudding to eliminate either Cameron, Timothy, or Efe, and they will have an absolute majority in this game. Will the inevitable happen or can the game turn on its head when least expected?

– Six remain; who will be voted out tonight?

6.12B SCWL 6 Episode 12 Summary

Episode Twelve: “To Vote Them Off is My Real Test; To Manipulate Them is My Cause”
Date: December 19, 2013 – December 22, 2013
Immunity Challenge XII: “Gotta List Em All!”
Description: Teams list as many pokemon as possible by following a specific pattern.
Winner: Rob Brodeur.
Voted Off: Timothy Zahra
Vote Count: 4-2 (Timothy-Efe)

6.12C SCWL 6 Episode 12 Blog


A challenge involving your knowledge of Pokemon? I thought this was the perfect challenge for Cameron.


But in the scenario that Cameron does not win, it appears Sad Pudding is preparing to blindside him. I know this had to come at some pooint, and once Rudez left, I thought it would be the most vicious moment of the whole season. If Cameron loses immunity, he is going to go down so hard that he will fall through to the bottom of the spike pits in Mortal Kombat 2.

As a host, I was bracing for impact. After all, this was the last round before we went on a five day winter holiday break.


I could see Sad Pudding want to prove their loyalty to Cameron in the same way that they proved their loyalty to Aspu by voting out Nick. They could very well use Cameron to guarantee the 4-2 majority, and then just boot him the following round or even at Final Four. Look at who has won challenges so far. Sad Pudding has always defeated Cameron. Perhaps Cameron is not as big of a challenge threat as much as everyone expected him to be at the merge.

In fact, Cameron has not won an individual challenge yet.


I pretty much forgot this happened until I read through the confessionals.

This will go down as the most forgotten post-merge twist in SCWL history. Players agreed to be in partners.

Timothy and Efe.
Cameron and DeAnna.
Rob and Matt.

Once partners were established, they had to play a game of Friend or Foe.

1 Friend + 1 Foe =  the Foe advances to the immunity challenge while the other is eliminated from contention but receives a final idol clue.
2 Foes = Neither advances but both receive clues.
2 Friends = Both advance.

Everyone chose Friend.

So that ends that twist. Did I think anyone was going to say ‘Foe’? Only DeAnna because I knew how much Sad Pudding was leaning towards eliminating him this round. All other ‘Friend’ votes were expected.

I wonder what would happen if it was a bit more of a splintered group of six rather a distinct group of four and a distinct duo?


For a while I wanted to do a Pokemon challenge. Once Pokemon X came out in October (and I pre-ordered it), I knew I needed to integrate that into SCWL 6. So I thought coming up with a List challenge that involved putting together a list of pokemon would be neat.

Sadly, I made the parameters far too wide as the winning list had virtually every pokemon on there. I really wanted to try to have the max at 200 or 300. If I do this challenge again, I will change it for the future.

Rob goes on to win his first individual challenge since the infamous Sports Day challenge that went to a nine round shootout. This is when I caught on that Rob was making a run at the endgame, and that he was from Boston. Hence I started throwing around the name “Boston Rob” for him.


Heh, I forgot about this. I was in such a rush while my other brother was in town for Christmas that I had everything typed up for TC. However, a lack of sleep and an exhausting environment led to me opening up my confessionals file and nearly copying/pasting confessionals instead of the TC questions.

I saw it in the chat box there, and it was late at night, and did a triple check before panicking. I removed it, exhaled deeply, and put in the TC questions.

Just the thought of that happening makes me cringe.


The guesses are getting fewer and fewer but they are also getting colder and colder.


A bit irrelevant to the game itself, but just a funny personal memory.

While this immunity challenge was going on, I took a bus to my brother’s who lived 90 minutes away by bus. Once I showed up, we killed a couple hours by playing a new Wii U video game that my brother found on sale for twenty bucks. A Wii U game for twenty bucks? Only a third of the price compared to regular games?

Turns out the game is Wii Party Champions. I have written extensively about this game elsewhere, but in short it is the worst multiplayer game I have seen made on a console in the past ten years. Let’s just say the average rating online for this game is 2.5/10. Myself, my brother, and his roommates were all stunned as we knew that this game was ten times worse than we imagined. We knew it had to be less than stellar to be cheap, but the game was outright unplayable.

We also ended up getting a late lunch/early dinner at a pita place which was next to a Quizno’s which was next to a Subway which was next to a Taco Del Mar.

Doesn’t that sound like poor business planning to have four wrap/sandwich places next to each other? The only thing else in that cluster was a liquor store.

Anyways, my other brother was flying into the city that night, and we were supposed to pick him up at 7:00pm. Of course I was going to wait until he was picked up before quickly logging in to check in on the game.

But this was the same day where there was extreme fog throughout the province. My brother’s flight was supposed to last only 45 minutes (the drive is only five hours). He left work early just to make sure he had more than enough time to check in for the flight. I believe he was at the airport by 4:30pm.

The flight was delayed to 7:30pm.
Then it was delayed to 8:15pm.
Then 8:30pm.
Then 9:00pm.

We kept refreshing the airline’s page, and found no further delays so we left for the airport. The challenge was underway so I answered as many questions as possible before my brother and I headed to the airport.

We got to the airport. My brother was a bit out of it that day, and told me the flight number. The screens in the airport switched between two pages. The second flight listed from the top was my brother’s flight, and sure enough it was delayed.

But for whatever reason, the brother that was with me was so out of it that he kept looking up and did not catch on that the screen switched between two pages. I spent FIVE MINUTES convincing him that there was two pages, I saw the flight number, and that it would be delayed to 9:45pm.

Eventually a single brain cell actually operated in his brain, and we found ourselves at Tim Horton’s in the airport. A place I never go to except for the one connected to my university’s library.

Anyways, the lineup was long because several people were either waiting for their own flight or in the same situation as my brother and I. This was just a tiny Tim Horton’s in an airport, and you can imagine they were not prepared to serve too many people at 9:30pm. In fact, everyone was requesting donuts, but they ran out of donuts with the first customer we saw.

If you know anything about Tim Horton’s in Canada, and the fact that it was the only place in the whole airport where you could sit down and eat anything, donuts off the menu means you are stuck with a coffee or a hot chocolate. No bagels nor sandwiches either.

This angered several people in line. One guy kept repeating his frustration, and another raised his voice. I had never seen so many people angry at a Tim Horton’s before. It was hilarious. Tim Horton’s donuts are not exactly tasty. Seriously. People at UBC eat them only when they are spending several hours at the library and because no other food establishments are connected to it. Seriously. The donuts are terrible.

So everybody in line was furious that they could not grab any food. Even my brother and I had our minds settled on donuts. We just found it hilarious though when we thought about our other brother waiting at the other airport as he told us he would not be eating dinner because it would “only be seven when I get in”.

The workers had to keep answering why they threw out the donuts. Their reason?

“We throw them out about an hour before we close.”

That’s right. It is not that there was no donuts, it is that they throw out all of the food well in advance of closing. It seems silly for the current situation, but in an airport that is practically empty after nine o’ clock, it makes sense.

So we ordered hot chocolates. Only problem? One of the workers caught on that the machine was all out of the chocolate powder. All of us had to wait an additional ten minutes for the powder be mixed into the machine.

It was about 9:50pm and everybody had their drinks. Everyone was ready to sit back down despite the continued grumblings about the absence of donuts.  As soon as everyone sat down, the two workers went to every table instructing everyone to leave. The Tim Horton’s was scheduled to shut its doors at ten.

Once we were kicked out, the delays added up to virtually zero seats being available throughout the whole airport. I know in the northeast region that miserable people in an airport is nothing new, but on the west coast this is abnormal.

We stood there as the screen kept updating the newest delay.


Finally several planes were preparing to land in the airport.  Of course my other brother’s flight was the last one allowed to land.

My other brother waited over six hours when he was better off going through with the five hour drive. On top of that he did all of this on an empty stomach since late that morning.

Once we got to my brother’s place, it was nearly midnight. We ordered pizza from Panago. My other brother asked my brother for the correct address. Because my other brother’s phone was down to no battery, he decided to plug it in for the night. It was supposed to be only 45 minutes.

Nearly 90 minutes later and we wondered what the heck happened to the pizza. My other brother turned on his cell phone again to see the pizza place called. He called back and found out that the address that my brother provided did not exist.

How did he manage that? Well, remember how I said he was out of it?

He accidentally gave the room number of his apartment rather than for the town house. So it was just after one o’ clock in the morning with not-so-hot pizzas arriving. The only consolation was playing Super Mario 3D World together as siblings.

An awfully long story for something that has nothing to do with the game, but if you are curious what I was doing while everyone else was doing the immunity challenge, the answer is the bizarre night that we all experienced together.

I am amazed my brother did not crash our car into a lake. His brain is typically not that inactive.


I thought Timothy was a lock for fourth place due to his constant absence in challenges, his lack of confessionals, and overall being the most agreeable player in this game. It was the best chance for Sad Pudding to eliminate the underdog Final Four immunity win variable from the table.

I assumed it was a fight to decide between Cam or Efe.

But alas, Sad Pudding surprised me as the youngest player to reach the merge was sent packing when we least expected it.


Initially both votes were for either Cam or Matt, but once it was clear that a 3-3 tie could not happen due to nobody flipping, it was clear that it was one of them. They were well aware that Lyndsay’s boot order prediction was coming true. After all, they were well aware of The Alamo being fairly solid since round four of this game.

Cameron desperately wanted Timothy to be saved for the same reason to keep him as I outlined regarding the lack of him being an immunity threat, but it was not to be.

For the first time all season, Cameron votes stray of Sad Pudding’s wishes. Sadly that vote was against an ally that he really needed to work with in this game.


By what I was reading in Timothy’s recent confessionals, Efe’s confessionals, and Cam’s, it seems like the initial fact of Sad Pudding being a force had disappeared. It made me wonder how much sharper Nick, Rudez, and Lyndsay were when it came to the post-merge phase. It was baffling that twelve rounds of information went down the drain as Cam, Efe, and Timothy all agreed to go against each other.


This was when I was certain Sad Pudding would have no trouble advancing to Day 38. They have complete control over everything. Timothy, Efe, and Cam were so disoriented this round. I have never seen a trio so effectively outplay all others in one round of play.


But somebody has to join them in the Final Four. All it takes is two immunity wins and all of Sad Pudding’s work goes into the garbage.

You can be the greatest strategist or the greatest social player, but two immunity challenge wins by your biggest enemy is all it takes to make you a loser in Survivor.

6.12D SCWL 6 Episode 12 Confessionals



Also known as 19 De Junio Street, Maynila, Philippines?

Guessing the idol clue is a no go?

I mean my answer to the idol

Damn it I was certain I finally had it!

It really sticks in my craw when Matt keeps changing plans on me.

Like We have a bonafide plan that gets us to the end

And then the next thing you know

He wants to keep Rob and Efe and blindside DeAnna first.

It’s like, I’m already questioning whether he’s hooking up with Rob.

And now he not only changes plans but he does it in the Alamo?

So i have to chew him out and get him to revert.

And I don’t care what he thinks I’m a harpy or I’m demanding because I want to get to the end with him.

And they only see him being a dick. The only one to see me being a shrew is me.

I still am worried though

Because Matt has been squirrely

And he might realize that the only one he has a chance against isn’t me, it’s Rob. Rob is being dickish to people and I am not.

And I can’t allow that. So if I have to be a brat to make him think that I will.

Regardless F3 with Tim and Matt confirmed.

Tim is the greatest kid. He’s sharp enough to know Rob and Dee need to go and also sharp enough to know when to keep his mouth shut.

Plus he’s fun to talk to.

If I don’t win I hope he does. As a writer I have a thing where I try to envision this season as a story.

And the one person who never gets involved in the mountains of drama taking the win? Simply sublime.

Anyway. Voting.

I’m reading your SWCL season write-ups. Every confessional goes up? Hot damn. XD

It has been nothing short of fascinating to go through the group and see my journey here. For one, there’s a s— ton of foreshadowing. In the initial tribe pick I picked Matt and Rob picked DeAnna.

And I made a joke about a Rob, Matt, and Deena/DeAnna being in the same game and now they’re my alliance.

And Tim being picked last before being a hot commodity.

But wow, I started off as such a mess. And I thought for sure I was dead every day. Had I gone to Tribal I very well might have.

And now I might have turned things around for myself.

It’s too early to say and you’ll never catch me being 100% confident in my game.

But I never thought I’d get to top six much less top 5.

And I could win. If I get to the end with Matt I WILL win. Thats one thing I’m confident I’I’I’I’I’I’I’I’I’I’m

What the f— phone

The one thing I’m confident in.

And it’ll be crazy to see what happens.

It also really impacts me to see how I acted before. The confessionals I made.

I was so easily angered, insecure, emotional, and kind of a snot.

Because I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I was waiting to be humiliated when I was the only one embarrassing me.

And now I’m learning to have faith in myself.

It’s kind of nice.

I mean I still wait to be blindsided or found out.

But at least now I can say I’m happy with how I did and that I’m a decent player.

This game is one hell of a journey.

Dee and Rob just tried to turn on Tim.

So I’m making a move that is a game ender.

Matt Tim and I are voting Efe.

Efe is voting Dee.

Rob and Dee are voting Tim.

If Efe follows through

Then I won.

Cause Tim is for sure on our side.

Regardless, this is the Alamo’s last stand.

Is the idol clue astrology?


If I get the code right immediately play it on Tim.

Aries Taurus




Leo Libra Pisces Cancer Capricorn




And Sagittarius. Which is my strongest answer.

Leave it to Matt to not communicate a f—ing thing.

So Efe ratted us out

And Matt decided to go back to voting Tim without telling me.

I don’t think he’s on my side.

And I think unless this idol works

I’m gonna be the fifth place goddess.

Also Jesus Christ where are you

Nevertheless I’d like to think I’ve grown a little.

So I’m gonna do my best.

And I’m gonna trust my alliance with Matt.

Tim told me if I get to the Final 2 I win

Especially against Matt and Dee.

All I have to do is play it right.

I’m not gonna give up until the game gives up on me

So I’ll play any card I can.

But I can’t play any until you bloody show up Jesus Christ do I have to put out a f—ing search warrant

XD you are a cruel mistress


Confessional #18: The Edge of VICTORY

There hasn’t been a lot to say since Lyndsay was evicted. It was like a huge relief of stress once she was out of the game. However, it did make things a little less exciting for sure. Everyone is secure in their numbers which let’s us breathe a little.

This past challenge was a beast. I loved it – I don’t love Pokemon, but I loved the endurance aspect of the challenge. I worked hard – until 3am and then was up early to work on it some more. A total of 7 hours of work, but I didn’t even come close to Rob. If I had the free time, I know I would have been able to win that one. Hopefully my turn will come. I just want to win one! However I do have two challenge beasts in my alliance, that does make it difficult.

This is the last vote before Sad Pudding officially has majority. It has been a long time coming and I cannot believe how far we have made it. If we can just make it past this vote….

Before we got to this point, Cam was all on board for getting rid of Tim – and strangely then I wanted to keep him. Now that we are where we are, we need to get rid of Tim and now Cam wants to keep him. Reason being is Tim is essential for Cam’s plans to get rid of me and Rob. He wants to get Matt and and Tim and turn on Rob and I in the final 5/4 and go with him to the final 3. We know this because a) that is what him and Matt have talked about and b) because it makes sense. No one wants to take Rob and I to the finals. Everyone knows that we are a threat.

So what can we do? We need to get rid of Tim. Since Cam is definitely not on board with that, we have to go behind his back and get rid of Tim this time. However, we would prefer this doesn’t go to a tie, so we need to secure the numbers. This is where Efe comes in.

I went to Efe this morning explaining I had good news and bad news. The bad news is that Efe was everyone’s target right now. The good news? I could save him. I discussed with him how Rob wants to stay loyal to the new alliance, so he won’t vote out Matt/Cam this time, but that I could get him to vote Tim to save Efe. Tim and Cam are clearly working together, which I explained to him and that I wasn’t playing to go out 5th. Efe just wants to get as far as he can, so he is willing to turn on Tim this round to save his ass. That should give us 4 votes for Tim, and 2 votes for Efe.

I think Efe will see this plan as a win. One, he can go farther in the game. Two he will have a chance to get in with me and Rob and turn against Cam/Matt or three, he thinks maybe I will drag him to the finals knowing Rob is a threat. Whatever he is thinking I know that Efe will go with the majority. That is how he has played the game since the beginning, and that is what he continuing to do now.

After this vote, Cam is going to be really mad. He is going to know he is on the outs, but there is nothing he is going to be able to do. I still want Cam in the final 4, but he is going to know he isn’t going much farther than that. If Efe wins immunity next time, then Cam goes home, if anyone else wins – Cam stays.

I think for a group of three ORG newbies we have played a great game. Let’s just hope we can keep this up and make this vote go our way!

3) EFE

confession: some ppl. think that I have given up but I didn’t. All I know is If somehow I survive this round, I am back in this game. They won’t turn on each other because tim and I will have the power once again if they don’t vote one of us. Sadly all I can do is to plot against Tim. DeAnne came up to me and said that she can save me. After I voted her, she trying to save me is so sweet. I know there are strategic reasons under that but still It means a lot to me.


Also the idol answer isn’t #5 is it?
I know Rob mentioned something about it too, but Junepei from 999 is a Taurus and her number in the game was #5, the digital root of 50, being the discrepancy between 772 and 722.

Or First Class Cabin? That’s the room where we find out Junepei is a Taurus after entering through door FIVE, still the digital root of 50, the discrepancy.

We truly wish we knew what form this answer was supposed to be. It’s well designed, just very confusing at the end.

CONFESSIONAL: The march to victory isn’t so smooth.

So Lyndsay went home, at long last. We convinced Efe and Tim to vote for her, as it was best for her game. I got Cam onboard as well, despite him not wanting to vote her at first. He’s a loose cannon and I respect the hell out of him, but it’s hard to predict what he’s up to sometimes. He told Lyndsay he has a big plan for F5 and with us quickly approaching that, I have to hope he’s talking about the big plan that -I- suggested for F5 to keep him in line: blindsiding Rob.

Mind you Rob’s not getting blindsided, not by a longshot.

I told Cam that our boot order needed to be Lyndsay – Efe and then we see where things are. He wanted to boot Lyndsay followed by blindsiding Rob, which wouldn’t work for me at all, so I sold him on me wanting Efe out more than anything. Once Lynds goes, Efe needs to go after. I think he’s onboard with that, so I hope whatever he told Lyndsay lines up with that. However, that plan just changed.

We’re booting Cam next. It hurts to say it, and it hurts even more to do it. But we have to. Tim and Efe are officially lost in this game. With Lyndsay gone they’re flocking back to Rob and De as the reformed Misfits. Rob and De are keeping them at arms’ length but that’s about to change. With the two ex-Misfits back onboard a vote for Cam should be easy. They hate me and they hate Cam. Assuming I win immunity on this next challenge then a vote for Cam is all but assured. De and Rob can explain it away as “we’ll get him eventually” so that the jury won’t be too bitter. If we’re pretty sure both Tim and Efe are onboard then I can throw away my vote on Efe to start the tiebreaker process on him, AND so that Cam doesn’t think I was part of that conspiracy. I like Cam, I really do. I don’t want him to dislike me for playing the endgame out like this.

So we’ll see this challenge of yours in an hour and decide who’s getting immunity. Likely it’ll be me again and dammit, I’ve earned it. Beasting challenges is hard work, man! Then De and Rob work on Tim and Efe, and we say goodbye to dear Cam who will think the vote is going toward Efe. Poor guy.

Strangely enough, I vote friend.

Rob had a good system for this, I hope he wins. It was just bad timing for an endurance challenge for me, work was crazy yesterday and last night was a holiday function for me. Still, got as much done as I could and hopefully not having immunity won’t tempt Cam to flip on me. We shall see.

5) ROB

Any chance the Hidden Immunity Idol has anything to do with Junpei from the game 999?


Does it make you feel better that you got to call me Boston Rob now? Haha


confession: I’m kinda in a weird situation now. Although Efe and I are at the bottom, we’re kinda swing votes. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the challenge goes and how the vote goes.

challenge: friend.

6.12E SCWL 6 Episode 12 Tribal Council



You must answer your questions by 8:00pm eastern Sunday in order for your vote to count.

Yes, second highest number of votes still receives two idol clues.

Michael Jackson.

999 Chill and Rigor


1. Lyndsay was the first person voted out of Aspu. Have you figured out what is the difference between eliminating your former Aspu mates as opposed to SuLa or Nlad?

Logan, I’ve been on every tribe so I can’t quite say there’s a difference. They’re all people I’ve worked with at one time or another and they’re almost entirely people I like. I suppose it’s different with Lyn because she was from Aspu but there’s so many complications with our relationship that it was what showed up this go around, not the tribal relations. All I know is there’s less room to hide.

2. Do you think that Rob’s win in this challenge and making it this far in the game makes him worthy of being called “Boston Rob” from now on? Or does he have to be voted out of SCWL in three seasons before that can happen?

Boston Rob’s first game was him clowning around, slandering people, doing big and unnecessary moves, and shooting himself in the foot. That sounds more like Travis than Rob.

3. This is the last round before we go on our mini break. Do you think the person voted out will be relieved to be eliminated this round because it will be a matter of “well, thank god I didn’t wait a week just to be out in 5th?”

I just hope we don’t ruin their Christmas.


1. You received The Tiebreaker from Lyndsay as she exited the game. Do you have any intention of using it? Or will it be no good because you have not won an individual challenge yet?

I have every intention on using it if I can get close to winning a challenge. This last challenge for instance, I just ran out of time. I worked for 7 hours and only got through 361 Pokemon. If I think I am in the running to win a challenge, I will use it for sure.

2. Last round it was a unanimous vote against Lyndsay. Does that mean the six of you are united heading into this vote, or are there people clearly on the bottom?

It definitely isn’t one big happy family. There are people who are on the bottom for sure, and of course everyone wants to ensure they move just one step further in this game.

3. In the later rounds of a Survivor game, most viewers and players focus on the strategic aspect. Is there another aspect to the endgame in this tribe that may be a bit more subtle?

Yes, the strategic aspect is important – but you have to have the right combination of strategic and social to win the game. It is like Russell Hantz in Samoa – he was strategic but he completely failed on a social level. You need both to win the game.


1. During these TC discussions, it seems like you are always on the outside looking in when different people are called out in public conversations. Is that your nature to be pushed to the side as bigger personalities have their arguments?

Some people love to draw attention, but I am not a attention whores like them. I don’t start a discussion over nothing and call out people publicly. I enjoy these arguments and prefer to watch them. Personally, there are better ways to draw attention If they aim that.

2. What do you make of Lyndsay giving her Tiebreaker reward to DeAnna? I am sure that had to be on your mind as to why she made that decision.

Yeah I thought she would give it to me but Lyndsay knows that I suck at challenges and I won’t need a tiebreaker so I understand her decision to give the tiebreaker to DeAnne. DeAnne is good at challenges and I think Lynds assumed that soon She will need to win one. Maybe this tiebreaker can help her but there are huge challenge threats in this 6 and they will make their way to the finals by wining ICs round by round. I have a big respect for them because I struggle lot in the challenges and I know people who win ICs put a tremendous effort. That’s also gonna be one of my criteria when I will vote as a jury.

3. Is there a way to truly blindside somebody this late in the game? Because there are only five possible names that can be written down. Including your own.

Of course! It wouldn’t be blindside If it’s me or tim tonight but I am sure that some people feel comfortable and they can be blindsided. At this point in the game people should base their votes not on trust, there are so many different dynamics to consider.


1. This is only the second time officially all season that you are vulnerable. If you survive this round, what will you attribute your survival to?

If I survive this round it will mean I’ve done just enough to secure my place with my allies. I know some people were waiting for this day, but I’m hoping I have just enough friends to stay.

2. If you make it to Final Tribal Council, how do you think the jury will react to your gameplay? Because it seems no matter where we are at in this game your name is always brought up.

Let it never be said I didn’t play this game hard from day one. If I were to theoretically make it to Final Tribal I’d hope people would look at my gameplay, accomplishments, and my path to the final 2 and not push all of that aside for personal grudges. I know that’s asking too much of some, but I think overall this jury will be fair.

3. Do you think the six people here have deserved it to make it this far? Or do you think some players have had a free ride due to the enormous winning streak and unity that Aspu had for the first ten rounds of this game?

I don’t deny that the original Aspu member have had a smoother journey through this game but anyone that’s here is here for a reason. Regardless of deserving it or not, they’re here and have a 1 in 6 chance of winning the imaginary million dollars.


1. Do you think you deserve to be called Boston Rob? Would that be a compliment or an insult at this point in the game?

I’m surprised it’s taken someone so long to refer to me as Boston Rob, considering I’m from Boston and named Rob…haha.
It depends which version of Boston Rob I’m being compared to. In any case, I don’t think it would be an insult at all, because he was a very good player in all of his seasons.

2. You have individual immunity around your neck for the first time since the sports day challenge. What is the difference between having immunity now compared to five rounds ago?

Well in the sports challenge, I honestly had no intentions of even winning it, I thought it would be a long shot. I’m happy that I won it, because it was the first one of the season. At that point, the person going home could have been very up in the air since there were so many people left.
This immunity was something that I knew I could do very well at, and I’m very happy to win it. At this point in the game, immunity is the most important thing, because it’s a guarantee that you’re not going home.

3. What is your criteria when voting someone out at this point in the game?

My voting criteria at this point is going to be based on who my loyalties lie with, and also who will be easier to beat in an upcoming challenge. At this point in the game, it would be stupid to throw aside loyalties, especially this close to the end, and with the jury being the ones voted out.


1. This round you put the fourth person on the jury. That means someone could have the jury vote already in the bag. Have jury threats crossed your mind yet as there are only four more people to eliminate before day “39”?

For me personally, no. I think everyone is a jury threat and they all have played a good game in their own individual way and each jury member respects different games. But I think it definitely has though throughout the other people still left.

2. Pokemon would have debuted a year before you were born. Besides that fact alone making me feel really old, do you think that alone put you at a disadvantage for this challenge?

I don’t think my age put me at a disadvantage for this challenge at all, and by the way, sorry that your fact made you feel old. I’m sure you’re not! I think the last time I ever looked at anything to do with Pokemon was like 6-8 years ago so my knowledge probably put me at a disadvantage on the challenge.

3. The last time we had an even number of people there was a 4-4 deadlock. Is it possible for us to see another deadlock?

It’s definitely a possibility, it’s highly unlikely but still a possibility. If it’s a tied vote, I’d be very surprised and excited to see what happens next.

Okay, when you vote please do so in the following manner:

VOTE: (Logan)
REASON: All of your ramblings put me to sleep quicker than a Jigglypuff. Your skills as a player are equivalent to that of a Magikarp. Right now you may be the Normal type, but after your torch is snuffed you will be nothing but a Ghost!

Okay. Rob is safe. You cannot vote for Rob. Everybody else is fair game. Between now and 8:00pm eastern Sunday, it is time to vote. Awkcy tribe, you’re up.

CAMERON: Looooooooogaaaaaaaan this isn’t funny! *temper tantrum*

MATT: You mean Logans, this isn’t funny.

DEANNA: It’s official. He forgot about us.


999 Morphogenetic Sorrow

I vote Efe. You went on and on about how I’d only win if I made a big move. But sitting out of an immunity challenge knowing you were in the minority is the biggest move you never took.


Vote: Tim 😦

Reason: Tim, I’m so so sorry. There is an alliance of 3. Me, Matt and Rob. Above all our safety comes first. There is a chance you are working with Cam to vote one of us three, and that means you have to go. If we go to a tie vote, you would go home.

You are hands down the most mature 15 year old I’ve ever met. I’m so glad I was able to play this game with you. Keep being awesome – everyone loves you. Thank you again for the Rudez vote. Without you, that never would have happened.


God I might be in this game when I wake up tomorrow. That’s crazy. If I survive this round, I am saying I will be at f3


I love you tim, you are so mature and fun. I always liked to talk to you and we start this journey together and now we are sinking together. I know this ship only continue with one man remaining on. I love you.


VOTE: (Tim) REASON: In every game there is a pivotal moment when a vote has to go a certain way in order for all the other pieces to fall into place. In this game it was last round, thanks for voting out Lyndsay and paving our way. You’re awesome, but your usefulness has run out. Fare thee well, Tim.


VOTE: Tim. Reason: He has previous votes, which is a huge reason that he is going this round. I’m very concerned that there could be a tiebreaker, and if we vote for Efe who has no previous votes, then one of us would be going home. I hate to do this, because Tim is a nice kid, but if he we re to somehow make it to the end, everyone would vote for him. Even Cam who is in our alliance! It’s a risk I’m not willing to take.


Vote: Efe. Reason: I think it’s you or me, and that puts me in a swing vote position.

vote: efe reason: you or me.

Praying to god cams idol guess is correct, it’d change the game in the biggest way.


999 Unary Game
If anybody has played the hidden immunity idol, now would be the time I would reveal it.
Okay. Once the votes are read the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the group almost immediately.
One vote Efe.
Tied. One vote Efe, one vote Tim.
(Tim :()
Two votes Tim, one vote Efe.
We’re tied again. Two votes Efe, two votes Tim, two votes left.
Three votes Tim, two votes Efe, one vote left.
Twelfth person voted out of the game and the fourth member of the jury:
Timothy, the tribe has spoken.
It’s time for you to go.

CAMERON: F— I’m gonna miss you Tim.

MATT: Goodnight, sweet prince.

DEANNA: Bye Tim. 😦

CAMERON: There are two ways to play this game: (1) “I like you so I can’t vote you out” or (2) “Sorry, I like you, but I have to vote you out.” And they’re both at war.” -Jonathan Penner, Cook Islands Episode 3

CAMERON: No better way to send one of the best dudes off here than with a Penner quote.

TIMOTHY: I just want to say Corinne Kaplan and I now share something. We are both the fourth member of our respected juries, peace out bitches

So far Lyndsay claimed herself, Timothy, and Efe were on the bottom within the seven-person dynamic. So far her predictions have come to fruition. All that stands in the way of the majority alliance making it to the season finale is Efe.

But what happens when the players who think they are 3rd and 4th try to make a move to improve their stock in this game?

And that is what keeps Survivor in a constant state of flux, and why you can never be certain as to what will happen. You are now on break, and seeing how the busiest I have been was over the past few days, I doubt you would want me to post a challenge in my current state anyway. Enjoy these precious few days off before we begin the final three rounds of this game.

ROB: Adios Tim! Corrine would be proud to share a placing with you!

CAM: Was Corinne 7th or 6th?

ROB: It was the fourth jury member thing I was referencing.

ROB: Corrine was 7th in Gabon.

6.12F SCWL 6 Episode 12 Fantasy Pool

1. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]
2. Deanna Bastin [Awkcy]
3. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
4. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
5. Timothy Zahrah [Awkcy]
6. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]

1. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]
2. Deanna Bastin [Awkcy]
3. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
4. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
5. Timothy Zahrah [Awkcy]
6. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]

1. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]
2. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]
3. Timothy Zahrah [Awkcy]
4. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
5. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
6. Deanna Bastin [Awkcy]

1. Deanna Bastin [Awkcy]
2. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
3. Timothy Zahrah [Awkcy]
4. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
5. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]
6. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]

I should note that Lister is responsible for the extra ‘H’ being added. Not my fault.


17th – Warren Adams [Nlad] – LISTER POTTER III

16th – Marc Oriol [Aspu] – MICHELLE PEARCE-DENOVAN [2nd Pick]


15th – Larry Chip Childress [SuLa]

14th – William Cook [Nlad]

13th – Moises Moreno [Nlad]

12th – Angel Candelas [Nlad] – AMANDA ALDRIDGE


11th – Travis Rindler [Awkcy] – MORAY JAMES

10th – Corey Altiere [Awkcy] – TYLER JAMES LINDER


9th – Rudez Merks [Awkcy] – AMANDA ALDRIDGE [2nd Pick]

8th – Nickolas DiVerdi [Awkcy] – DAVID RACINE

7th – Lyndsay Sherry [Awkcy] – JESSICA FREY

6th – Timothy Zahra [Awkcy] – LISTER POTTER III [2nd Pick]

6.12G SCWL 6 Episode 12 Boot List

04: EFE
02: MATT

6.12H Next Time on SCWL. . .

Next Time in SCWL:

– Sad Pudding’s pre-game alliance continues to stick together, and now nothing can stop them.

– Can Efe come out of nowhere to finally win an immunity challenge? Or will he be quietly sent home?

– Can Cameron finally pull off a win? Or will he be punished for being a potential endgame threat?

– And once again, Cameron turns to Matt for guidance. Will this be his ultimate downfall?

6.12I SCWL 6 Episode 12 Exit Interview


1) Well, time to begin this process. Upon entering the game, did you recognize any of the other seventeen names in the cast?

1: I did recognize a few people. I had played in a game with Corey before and I think I’ve seen a few others before also.

2) I know you live in Australia, so Opening Day was next to impossible for you to be present. When the two initial tribes were picked, you were the absolute last pick for Aspu. Even after Larry. Was that because you had not formed any bonds with anybody in the game yet?

2: It probably was, also because people had pre game alliances and people knew each other personally. So I started on the outs which was unfortunate.

3) But you recovered quickly. You were not even any of the three people who were sent to SuLa, nor were you set up to be voted out after the first loss like Marc. How did you get in so good with Rob, DeAnna, Lyndsay, and Efe right away? I believe this alliance was called the “Misfits”.

3: I talked to everyone right away, I knew I was pretty low on the totem pole, especially because I was picked last. But I talked to Rob and we agreed to make a majority alliance, he pulled in Deanna and I pulled in Lyndsay and we needed one more and decided upon Efe. So after losing our first challenge Marc was the easy vote.

4) In the first round, Nickolas called out Rob, DeAnna, and Matt for having a pre-game relationship (Sad Puding). Sad Pudding publicly called for Nickolas’ ejection. And so did you. How come you wanted Nick to be ejected in the first round? And do you regret your campaign to get him ejected considering you were able to have a working relationship with him down the road?

4. I actually had no idea what was going on, because it all happened when I was asleep. But I called for his ejection because I was in an alliance with Rob and De and wanted to remain on their good side. I don’t regret it, I think if I hadn’t been able to work with him briefly down the line it would have been something I wish hadn’t happened.

5) It was either you or Marc that was going to be voted out in round three. How come you were able to save yourself from the vote?

5: As far as I knew, it was always Marc. He voted for me simply because I didn’t talk to him as much. My relationships with the others saved me.

6) Marc’s boot seemed fairly obvious. But what I am curious about is what would have happened if you, DeAnna, Rob, Lyndsay, and Efe had to go to TC again before the Mutiny. How would you have voted? And do you think you would have gone home? Because I thought you were ultimately between two pairs on the tribe.

6: I’m also curious, I think it would have been Efe or Rob/De. I don’t know who I would have voted but because we pulled efe in to be a five but it was really obvious that Rob and De were close.

7) But instead the Mutiny happens. You gain Matt and Cam. How was your relationship with Matt and Cam for the rest of the pre-merge phase?

7: I hadn’t really spoken with either of them at all, but quickly made friends and got along really well. I knew that them four would vote together so I had to get closer with them than Efe or Lyndsay could.

8) What would have happened if the seven of you go to Tribal Council before the merge?

8: It would have been a big vote, I think them four would have stayed true to their alliance and voted one of us three out. Probably Efe.

9) Before the merge, Cameron, Travis, and Rob each had an idol. Rudez and Lyndsay each had a fake one. How much of this did you know before the merge?

9: I knew about Lyndsay’s fake idol and Rob’s idol. I hadn’t spoken to anyone else about idols.

10) How did Matt’s presence on Aspu impact your relationship with DeAnna and Rob? Because, to me, you seemed to be that third person which Rob and DeAnna were hoping would be in their alliance until Matt could join them.

10: It did hinder our relationship a little bit, he was a very overpowering character so I was overshadowed. But I always kinda felt as a swing vote so it was nothing new.

11) Travis pulls the Mutiny Trigger. Rudez and Nick jump to your tribe. If Aspu went to Tribal Council with the nine of you, what would have happened?

11: If we all went to tribal I think Nick or Rudez would have went. I think I would have voted with the original Aspu. And also because of all the idols it would have been safer.

12) But then the merge/jury vote came. You voted against merge and jury along with Sad Pudding. But yet Efe and Lyndsay vote FOR the merge and jury, then fabricate the votes. Were you in on this plan, or did you truly not want to merge and start the jury?

12: Us three had the plan to go against Sad Pudding. We knew if two of us flipped it would change everything. So I decided to vote with Sad Pudding because I knew out of us three they would believe me most. And also to stay on the good side. I really wanted both to start. I thought if I got to the end Travis and Corey would vote me over whoever else. But then Rudez voted no for jury so that sucked.

13) This subject has been beaten to death, so I will summarize it. Rob gets targeted, he wins immunity, you guys vote Cam, Matt plays Cam’s idol on Cam, and now the seven of you are left behind for the real TC. How the heck did you and Rudez sync up your votes at the absolute last second? No one else was voting against Travis.

13: Lyndsay had told me Rudez, Nick and Corry had flipped and voted me (the original plan was travis) so I quickly told Rudez that I’ll vote travis if you do and we agreed on that, and it all happened minutes before tribal was finished. Nick and Corey kept their votes on me most probably incase I didn’t change my vote and Lyndsay and Efe did the same for me.

14) Furthermore, Travis was answering two questions away from you being voted out 3-2-2. Do you think you’re a contender for the luckiest save of the season? Or was there more to Travis going home 3-2-2?

14: I think I was pretty lucky, but also feel as though there was more to Travis going home. Not exactly sure what but there was something.

15) And were the votes against you from Corey and Nick why you wanted Corey out in the following round? Because you could not trust him anymore?

15: Definitely not, I felt as though I was again on the chopping block, and needed someone to go, he was the easiest and safest choice so he went.

16) Thanks to receiving these votes, you received an increasing number of clues to the final idol. Were you seeking the idol, and what was your strategy with sharing clues?

16: These clues didn’t help me one bit, my mind doesn’t work to good with all these puzzles and s— so I needed someone who I to cement trust with, that being De. I knew she was a bit iffy from the merge & jury vote. So I had her help me, we got no where.

17) Speaking of clues, how come everyone on Aspu originally gave their clues publicly for Rob to find in round two? I was surprised how willing the five of you were to give Rob that help.

17: We were all working together on finding the idol, and I wanted to go with the flow and not put a target on my back so I just did what people were doing.

18) But let’s jump forward. It is down to the nine of you. Given the past few rounds, everyone knows that Sad Pudding and Cameron are a tight foursome. The five of you also know that Rob still has the Aspu idol. How come the five of you could not come together and vote for Rob, Cam, or DeAnna?

18: Efe, Lyndsay and I were going over and over it, back and forth and didn’t know what to do. We decided to just play it safe. Which was definitely a mistake.

19) You, Efe, and Lyndsay have all denied that Rudez went home because of any of you. But someone had to make the motion to vote against Rudez. What is your side of the Rudez vote? Because I think it was Efe who said you did not want Cameron to go before her.

19: To be completely honest I can’t really remember what happened. Rudez went home because we voted her. Sad Pudding and Cameron were saying she was the biggest threat and had to go and I wanted to stay on with them a little longer because I started to talk to Cam a but and we got along really well.

20) So Rudez goes. Now it is time for The Last Stand round. Matt wins the challenge, but Lyndsay wins immunity via The Gambler. Were you helping her get immunity at all that round?

20: I wasn’t helping her at all that round. I think she gave it to me because the others were all planning to vote me. But it made it really obvious we were up to something.

21) You, Efe, and Lyndsay finally flipped to SuLa/Nickolas. Best case scenario was 4-4. Cam had one past vote, DeAnna had one past vote, Rob had no past votes and an idol, and Matt had immunity. Efe had no past votes, Nick had none, but you had three. A tie against you sends you home. Did you know this and begged Lyndsay for the talisman that night?

21: I didn’t beg at all because I knew they weren’t going to vote me, they were voting Nick and were thinking I was with them.

22) She realizes what needs to happen and gives you the talisman. Again, you were saved in a major way for the second time since the merge. Do you think Efe or Nickolas would have given you the talisman in that situation? Would you have done the same for Lyndsay if she was the one with three past votes?

22. I don’t think I was saved in a major way, I was safe either way, but wanted the security. Nick wouldn’t have but I think Efe would have, us three discussed it and all agreed on what we decided to do.

23) Sadly, you guys voted for DeAnna, and Rob played the idol on her. Did anybody tip them off to playing the idol on DeAnna? Any other strategies you think you guys could have used to turn the game on its head?

23: I don’t think anyone tipped them off, but Rob’s main ally was De and he needed to save her. This is where it gets interesting, I’m going to use capital letters so people know what actually went down. I TOLD LYNDSAY, EFE AND NICK TO VOTE CAMERON, I KNEW HE WAS GOING TO PLAY HIS IDOL ON HER AND IF THEY VOTE NICK WE WOULD BE SAFE. BUT LYNDSAY WAS CERTAIN THE IDOL WAS GOING TO BE PLAYED ON CAMERON SO I WENT WITH THEM AGAIN AND VOTED DEANNA. If they had listened to me, we would have been final 4 instead of Sad Pudding and Cam, s— name btw.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is coming from a tribe that spent time together at a campe called “Aspu”. 🙂

24) Once it was down to seven, everyone seemed to act as if there was no way to stop Sad Pudding and Cam from voting off Lyndsay. How come none of you could flip Cam? He seemed glued to Matt during TCs even though he helped Nick, Efe, and Rudez to stay alive in challenges since the merge.

24: We did try, but it wasn’t good enough, Cameron always did what Matt suggested so Lyndsay was toast.

25) Lyndsay goes. Suddenly Cameron really wants to help you and Efe stay in the game. This seems like the perfect time because Sad Pudding has considered this to be Cameron’s last day in the game. I saw a possible 3-3 tie to send DeAnna home now that she had more past votes than everyone else. Cameron once again helps you and/or Efe out in a challenge. How come that 3-3 tie never happened?

25: Cameron and I wanted to use Efe’s vote and then blindside him. But Efe told Deanna that we were going for her and she believed him, and got Sad Pudding to vote me out.

26) In fact, by the end of the round we see you and Efe voting for each other at Tribal Council. What happened there?

26: I think we both came to the conclusion that it was one of us, so we voted for each other in hopes of us staying.

27) But yet, Matt convinces Cameron to stay in line and vote you out. Here is the part I don’t get. . .virtually everyone else in the whole season absolutely hated Matt. Even the viewers and alumni hated Matt. Every time a player gets voted out they cuss out Matt for his tactics upon leaving. However, Cameron would always listen to Matt. How did Matt have absolute control over Cam’s vote like this?

27: I think Cameron actually voted with me for Efe, but he knew it was to little to late. I think Matt had complete control over Cam because Cam thought he would beat Matt at the end.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Er, my bad.

28) Do you think Matt’s presence in this game permanently damaged the relationships you have with DeAnna and Rob? Just because they take his side and support him?

28: I think it did, I felt replaced by Matt which made me flip.

29) Lastly, I need to ask you, Lyndsay, and Efe this. . .at the beginning, it became common knowledge that Matt, Rob, and DeAnna all know each other outside of this game. An unbreakable trio. But even at the end of the game you, Cameron, and Efe act like Matt would turn against the other two or vice versa. How come they were still able to fool you guys two months into the game?

29: I think it was more hope than anything else, Matt had a better chance with us compared to De and Rob, when it came to winning challenges and making final 2.

30) And why were you hesitant to send in confessionals all season?

30: I wasn’t hesitant, I just didn’t realize how much more real this game was compared to other ORGS. I didn’t actually know about all the episodes and s— so I just thought they weren’t really useful. If I did, I definitely would have sent in more, and you hopefully would have seen my strategy.

31) Not a question, but rather a confirmation that you are indeed the youngest player to make it as far as sixth place.

whoo! thanks 🙂

32) If you have any other thoughts, please share.

32: I just want all the viewers out there to know, that although I didn’t send in confessionals and was portrayed as a quiet person, I did really talk to people a lot and made good friendships and relationships. Also thank you Logan for accepting me into the game.

On behalf of the production crew for SCWL 6, we thank you for playing this game!

6.13A Previously on SCWL. . .

Previously on SCWL 6:

– Timothy and Efe returned from Lyndsay’s elimination, knowing that one of them must go.

– But there was suspense as Sad Pudding was prepared to blindside Cameron.

– Matt’s winning streak came to an end as Rob won his second individual challenge since the start of the merge, and was safe from the vote.

– Cameron wanted to save Timothy, and turned his attention to saving Efe.

– So he went to his closest ally, and the person he wants in the Final Two with him, Matt.

– But Matt refused to keep Timothy, and Sad Pudding put their three votes onto Timothy.

– Once Timothy and Efe knew a flip was not possible, they had no choice but to target each other.

– In the end, Cameron strayed from Sad Pudding for the first time all season as Timothy went home by a 4-2 vote.

– With no signs of the final hidden immunity idol being found, Cameron and Efe are in the hot seat.

– Will Efe go home for opposing Sad Pudding since the merge, or will Cameron suffer for his sudden disloyalty?

– Five are left; who will be voted out tonight?

6.13B SCWL 6 Episode 13 Summary

Episode Thirteen: “5th Place Goddess”
Date: December 22, 2013 – December 30, 2013
Immunity Challenge XII: SCWL 5 Medley.
Description: A series of small scaled versions of individual challenges from SCWL 5. Highest number of points wins immunity.
Winner: Rob Brodeur.
Voted Out: Efe Karanisoglu.
Vote Count: 4-1 (Efe-Matt).

6.13C SCWL 6 Episode 13 Blog


Ah yes. Cameron and Sad Pudding really wanted to do something during our winter break. Are you curious why this round lasted eight days after seeing it in the summary? Well, that is because the unavailable days for most players (mainly Rob) prevented the 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st, and 1st from being scheduled. Even if Rob was available those days, I would have kept 24th-26th off limits anyway.

So the five of them decided to do their own unofficial Rite of Passage publicly in the group. I found this really interesting because in all of my other seasons we do them privately at Final Two. So I was curious what the strategies were for the five of them when they discussed the eliminated players, including jurors, openly for all of the players to see.

I even made it a point to ask at Tribal Council if players felt that others were wording their Rite of Passage strategically in order to gain jury votes.


Yep. Our first Christmas break in SCWL history. As soon as Timothy was voted out, we were on break for five days. It was established that we would play this round, then be on break again until the 2nd.

As you can see, I had very little incentive to check the group between the 23rd and 26th. My two siblings and I played about eight hours of Super Mario 3D World per day from the 22nd – 24th.  It was actually the most time we spent together because it was the first time that my visiting brother would not be with us for Christmas in his thirty years.

So that is why the 23rd and 24th were off limits even for me.  Add in the 25th and 26th being major holidays, the number of times I logged into the group was approximately zero. So what happened when I finally logged in as I prepared the next immunity challenge?

Everybody on the 25th and 26th unanimously agreeing to play an immunity challenge. Of course this was not possible because I never logged on to see that. It is really a testament to how active this group has been since the beginning of the season. Remember in the first couple rounds where I contemplated the idea of being -too- active? Well, everyone being ready for a challenge on the 25th and/or the 26th may fit in there.

I doubt I could have done it anyway because I usually give everyone about 24 hours notice to when the next immunity challenge begins/when TC ends, and even more so this late in the game when immunity is critical.


I love it when we get down to five players.

Final Three is always Oath of Silence.
Final Four is one of many hardcore challenges that I usually come up with at the start of each pre-season planning session.
And with five players, it is always a selected medley of individual challenges from the previous season.

The first thirteen rounds are always the toughest for planning challenges. When we reach five players, that is the first time all season where I feel like the season is coming to a close.


It is a tradition that goes back to SCWL 1 when we did a medley of SCWL Prequel challenges. In short, the real Survivor did this in the early years in the format of “a second chance at challenges you did earlier this season”.

SCWL has its take on this classic challenge by giving players a first chance at the past season’s catalogue. This gives them a taste of what the SCWL 5 experience would have been like.

With the exception of Quoridor. I never could figure out how to integrate that into the SCWL 5 Medley. 😦


I believe I did this with SCWL 5 as well. It is virtually the same format as I use for my Super Smash Bros. Melee simulations that I did back in high school.

1st – 10 pts
2nd – 7 pts
3rd – 5 pts
4th – 3 pts
5th – 1 pt

This is for each of the four mini games. Keep in mind that SCWL 5’s merge did not happen until nine players remained, so there was only four immunity challenges that could have been included. This means all four were included in the SCWL 5 Medley.


I remember this well. This is because on the 28th my brother and I decided to go over to his place an hour away to watch UFC 168 at his boss’ house. You may remember this as the infamous Anderson Silva leg break as he lost to Chris Weidman for a second time.

When I posted the challenge, I noted that the deadline was exactly 23 hours away. I remember being in a rush just to get the challenge posted initially to make sure it was in the 23-25 hour range. The 23-25 hour range has been in play for most challenges.

So I have it timed where the challenge ends right before I head out to my brother’s. Everybody except Cameron had submitted hours before I was heading out, had it all marked, and was just waiting on Cam’s results. I figured it would not take long once I reach my brother’s and would update Cam’s results then.

The deadline is reached, and I received nothing from Cameron. Everything is tabulated and ready to declare Rob the victor.

Then that is when Cameron protested. For the first time since Danial cast a self-vote in SCWL 5 round 1, a player was making a motion to protest an aspect of the game.

Therefore, all players must be polled. If everyone approves, the rule change is in effect. The rule here was that Cam’s results would be counted if it was received within an hour.

Why an hour? Because Cam’s case was that he thought the deadline was 24 hours like several of the challenges during the season. Yes, I specifically said “due at 6:00pm eastern”, but Cam disregarded that for whatever reason.

It was now up to Efe, DeAnna, Matt, and Rob to let him have that extra hour. They would have a day to decide. In the meantime, Cam had to act as if he had less than an hour to complete the challenge.


And in a shocking twist, we go from Danial’s motion being rejected 1, 337 – 0 to Cam being exonerated of his mistake by a vote of 4 – 0.

I should note Efe kept flipping back and forth between being the anonymous vote to stop Cam from submitting the challenge. Because he needed Cam’s help at Tribal Council, Efe decided to let Cam have his way.

So there you go, Cameron. Another record for you–the first player to successfully protest a rule in your favour!

Although it may have been a bit funny if Sad Pudding decided to unanimously vote against his rule change, then vote him out at TC too.
Yeah, maybe not that funny.


Because of waiting for Cam, I had to wait until eleven o’ clock at night to calculate the results. Luckily Cam and Efe were a team, so it was just a matter of bringing Efe’s score down. After an eight hour delay, the outcome was not changed whatsoever. Rob still won immunity.

And yes, once again we saw Rob and Matt work on yet another challenge. If only Rudez was still around to be a contender for stopping the streak.


On a bus to Michigan. Or something like that. All I know is that she was away during those couple of days, but when the plan for Sad Pudding is to keep immunity around Rob’s neck, that bus ride did not really bother her much.


With only two immunity challenges left, Matt is now officially out of contention. His cooperation with Rob put him out of the running. I doubt we will see another huge immunity run like this again. Especially when most seasons will not have a three tribe format.


This is the round where I was notified by Matt that he was now settling for third. Or rather, if Sad Pudding preserves immunity to the Final Three, then Matt would ask to be voted out.

Despite all of the other controversial events in this game involving Matt, I would say this bothered me more than anything else Matt did during the game.

It just seems odd to play Survivor and know well in advance that you have no desire to go to the Final Two.

Matt’s reasoning was that if him, Rob, and DeAnna are Final Three, then he would like to see it be a close vote rather than a blowout.

However, while I think that may be part of it, I feel that is not the whole answer. My hunch is that Matt did not want to give the jury the satisfaction of blasting him at Final Tribal Council followed by shutting him down 7-0 to confirm that his gameplaying style was not exactly the best. In addition, I feel he wanted to preserve the relationship that him and DeAnna have with Rob.

While a move like that may preserve your friends in real life, it does not bode well for a game like Survivor where your focus should only be on winning.

I am curious what Matt’s gameplan would have been if Rob and DeAnna were not in the cast with him. He probably would have that dang immunity record, and may play a more cautious social game. Some of his aggressive tactics may be solely because his only goal was a team victory to occupy the entire Final Three rather than play the game needed to be #1.


This is when I caught on that Rob was from Boston. Considering that Sad Pudding was on cruise control, they have won immunity every round since Rudez left, and Matt telling me that he intends to sacrifice himself in third, Rob is locked up for a spot in the Final Two. In addition, nobody has voted against Rob yet all season.

Oh, and he has been captain since day one. Rob is on a road to playing one of the most dominant games ever seen.


Cameron goes to Efe in an attempt to boot Rob. Cam knows that Rob is probably the biggest threat to win this game at the moment. When Rob wins immunity, DeAnna becomes the default choice because Cam wants Matt in the F2 with him.

So Cameron and Efe are finally on the same page. However, they need Matt’s vote to make it a majority.

Yeah. Sad Pudding is frozen solid. So Efe or Cam has to go home.

Efe, knowing how tight that three-person dynamic is, attempts to make their three votes go against Cam in a last ditch effort. With only two immunity challenges to go, anything can happen and Efe could very well be two wins away from being the winner of SCWL 6. It seemed like a reasonable strategy.


I should note that Efe has fared much better than Umut did in SCWL 4. Umut was captain but proceeded to be blindsided 5-4 in round one. Maybe after all stars we should have Umut vs. Efe to determine who is the greatest Turkish fellow of them all?

It really is a shame that the Umut-Raz rivalry in SCWL 4 had to come to such an abrupt end. Good times with the craziness of the Upsa tribe. It is too bad that nearly all of them have disappeared from the ORG universe.

Upsa is right up there with Daln in terms of being a favourite tribe to hang out with at Tribal Councils.


So Efe goes in a predicatable 4-1 vote. Efe throws a vote against Matt to send some sort of message on behalf of the jury. He now joins Natasha, Scott Grensted, Jamie Lee, Jeric, Huckla, and Gloria as the next 5th place gloddess.

We are at the point where people are counting their fifth place finishes as sources of triumph rather than winning at FTC. Kacie McCarthy’s legacy continues to live on.


Remember in SCWL 5 where players had to wait 55 days for the whole season to be posted? We are at only 32 days. I think SCWL 4 was hovering around 55 days as well.

I find it odd considering I have put much more effort into these episodes compared to any other season. I guess this is what it is like to not be in school nor being outside all summer.

Or perhaps it is a testament to how eager I am to beginning All Stars as scheduled.


He is next to go, and knows he absolutely needs to win these next two challenges. His goal is to take Matt to the end, but will that backfire as Matt has had other plans even before the game has started?

Cameron probably has the record for confessionals, he is doing quite well despite the fights he has had with the members of the jury, and is close to winning his very first attempt at a Survivor game.


This is the first time since Noah in SCWL 2 where I felt like a player had a 0.0% chance of winning this game.

He has only two goals left:
1) Boot Cam.
2) Get himself voted out in 3rd place.

But could this be Matt’s final ploy to get himself into the Final Two? This is the closest we have had to a player mirroring Russell Hantz’s style of play, and has a jury mirroring that of Heroes vs. Villains preparing to burn him alive.


DeAnna has been the target of elimination multiple times, but her social game helped delay the formation of the counter-alliance until it was too late, and is surrounded by two key allies who are doing their best to keep her alive. All she needs is a good FTC performance and the game is hers.


Elected captain on day one, and has been Matt’s partner in crime since the beginning. He has not been as aggressive towards the other players like Matt has, but has not been as sociable as DeAnna either. Rob has one key idol play to his name, and is now winning challenges.

But with DeAnna likely being his opponent, will DeAnna’s social game prove to be the lesson of the season? Or will Rob’s strategic gameplay speak for itself?


In the past, every jury has been happy for who wins, and only one player in each Final Four has any ill will directed towards them. This is not only the least likable Final Four in the eyes of the jury, but also the first time where nobody on the jury is actively cheering for a player.

I know a huge clash at Final Tribal Council is about to occur.

It will definitely be an odd season finale to close out SCWL 6.

6.13D SCWL 6 Episode 13 Confessionals



and damn Sagittarius isn’t the idol answer.

That was really hard to see Tim go and be unable to stop it.

I really liked the kid. He was the kind of guy and kind of player I couldn’t be and I admired that.

Fortunately this does mean we have two votes on Efe to use And abuse.

And Tim gave me the blessing of the jury.

Who knows if he’s right.

But it’ll be fun to see how this plays out

I’m gonna do the Torchwalk now for the holidays.

It’ll be an off season project.

It can even just be unofficial.

But I want the entire Alamo to participate

And I just don’t want to be so bloody bored.

So stop me if you want.

Also what’s my voting-right record? Aside from the Opening Day challenge.

No on the vote that ejected me to Sula. No on the merge/jury vote. No on the vote for Rudez in the Travis TC. Yes on Corey, Rudez, and Lyn. Sort of on Nick. No on Tim.

Wow. So 3/8. 4/8 if one is frisky.

ANd somehow I might win.

Good lord it’s dusty in this here confessional booth.

So we’re about to post the Torchwalk on the mainpage. For all to see. Including the jury. How I handle myself is critical, but so is how others handle themselves.

Part of the reason I did it. The other part being that I just wanna do it and I don’t know if I’ll even make it to the end.

I’m gonna try the avenue of going to the end with Matt and Dee as Tim suggested to me.

But we’ll see how that goes.

You go, Matt! Win those jury votes!


“My only regret is not getting you out before Rudez. She deserved more time in the game.”

Congratuations, Matt. You just won an all-expenses-paid trip to the Final 2.

So I have to flip. Dee has left me no choice.

She expects me to walk into the F4 despite telling me Matt and I are 4th and 3rd.

And Dee is a nice person. She’s very honest.

And I respect anyone trying to play an honest game. However, I am not.

And I’m not going to just say okay to that.

The worst thing that could happen to me is place 3rd.

So we’re pulling in Efe.

And we’re gonna make it happen.

George Hawtin is a seriously nice guy for the record. When my own game went south and I was feeling distressed over it he comforted me and told me the true story behind his rash behavior in his two ORGs so it’s not as simple as it seems.

So while I really wanna go in there and just tell everyone to f— off I can’t really do that without seeming like a hypocritical jackoff.

Still, I feel bad for not speaking up.

I revoke all the crap I talked about Rudez. She’s trying to help me in the challenge. We’re cool now.

It’s a comforting thought to know people in the jury are not only rooting for me, but helping me.

that’s also a good alliance name: The Late Birds Alliance.

So consider Efe, Matt. and I the Late Birds.

They actually f—ing approved me?!

Also, fixed.


I think that’s the single most amazing moment of my game.

Not like it was me being good at the game

Cause I f—ed up a deadline

But I convinced everyone to give me a chance.

Cause everyone either thinks I’m on their side or they just like me. That’s flattering.

I’m really just honored that people would make their games harder for me.

I dunno if that’s the sign of a good player or not.

Haha wow.

Haha I wonder sometimes how you put up with me xD

That will be the first question I ask when you’re free to answer out of game questions.

Why is it every single time I f—ing have a plan

Matt has to do something to f— it up?

Is his plot to make me look like an ass that can’t execute a single plan?

Cause I can turn it around and say it was because he was an uncooperative jackass.

Now what’s gonna happen is he’s gonna explain why Efe has to go and he goes then he wins immunity and I leave in fourth and he gets humiliated in front of a jury.

I’m so sick of Matt. He refuses to work like he’s in a team with me and now wants to turn on Efe.

And I’m done with him.

So I’m gonna try and turn it on him

This game is just insane. It’s like, how did Matt manage to be my rival and Efe my F2 ally?

I vote Matt. I thought you would be a prize goat but you’re full of rotten meat.

And I’m expecting to lose tonight. Things just cannot go right in this game for me.

It’s aggravating to have every door I work my hardest to open to slam in my face.

And it’s all because of Matt and his alliance with Rob.

They got the same score and Matt threw the challenge FOR Rob.

And Dee either doesn’t see it or doesn’t care.


Re: Confessionals. Being out of town it makes it really hard to write confessionals as I am staying at a friend’s place. I will write one when I get home on Wednesday. Sorry!!

3) EFE

Confession: And the game is on again. I will try hard this round and I believe that they will turn on each other. They have to do it now because Matt and Rob are both challenge threats and Rob and D are jury threats. My only bet is to be a goof like Fabio and say everyone that jury won’t respect my gameplay bec. I rode Lynds co-tails all through the game. I hope I survive this round too for the sake of spaghetti dog 😛


wait no

It’s only for Cameron?

No anyway 😀

And logan are you going to announce in an hour, otherwise I will go to bed, It’s late in here

Confession: Rob won, congratulations to him. Matt is vulnerable and It may be the last chance to get him out. I sabotaged their google document and that’s why Matt screwed at Richard part 😀 That haven’t worked pretty well though. I haven’t talked to D yet but hope I stay one more round

Confession: It’s gonna be intense tribal and I hope I stay alive.So far I think Matt rob and D are together and they matt and D both rely on Rob. Matt doesn’t have immunity this round which can be our last chance to get rid of him. I know cam will vote matt and If we can get Deanne to our side, It would be perfect. However, I know that D won’t to anything without ROB so incase they don’t want matt, I gotte convince them to vote Cam out. I have a good feeling, we will see If one of the big fat lambs goes home and I stay

Thanks Logan for a great game, you really put effort in these games. and this was the best game I have played

Ugh I change my vote to yes


CONFESSIONAL: Plans change.

So we’re not voting out Cam like previously expected. I did the math and it just doesn’t make sense. Sure I don’t know how he’s going to vote, but I do know he wants my allies out of the game so I don’t want to trust him. However seeing as Tim and I both have equal number of votes, it just makes good game sense to vote out Tim this time. Worst case scenario, which is very unlikely to happen, Cam, Efe, and Tim vote for me. Sad Pudding votes for Tim and we go to a tiebreaker challenge. I like my odds there. But De has Efe in her pocket to vote for Tim, and we’ve told both Tim and Cam we’re voting for Efe. So hopefully no votes come my way and tomorrow we’ll wake up to a confused Cam and a betrayed jury member who will see with time that it was simply his time to go. I think that idol will go unclaimed at this point, which sucks. Rob and I both agree we’d rather just know the answer than have the idol at this point. That’s a compliment, for the record.

ONFESSIONAL and a sidenote: Cruise Control So Sad Pudding made it, against a lot of odds. From rocky dramatic starts to mutinies to all sorts of other shenanigans we’re finally in control of the game. I’ve been “helping” Cam and Efe in a 3-man alliance Cam has called The Late Birds Alliance as they want to vote out Rob and/or DeAnna but obviously I’m not about to let that happen. Rob’s winning immunity to keep his zero-vote-count streak going, we’re sending Efe home, then the big reveal to Cam about what we’ve been doing. He’ll be upset, and rightfully so, but we’re taking him to the final four and that’s not bad! We’re amused at all the love for Efe on the main page. We’re looking forward to crushing their hopes tomorrow night. Then Cam goes. Then I go. Then we watch a very amusing final two with everyone saying “I TOLD YOU SO” and chastising me for not playing a smarter game. I’ll take it in stride. Either my girl and my friend are winning and I couldn’t be happier.

5) ROB

With last night’s tribal, I am officially the only one in this game with ZERO votes against them. I hope to keep it that way until the end

Just don’t mention that at Tribal Council, I don’t want to draw any attention to it until the end

Yes, accept camerons answers. I’m cool with it

Unless he beats me, then pretend I didn’t give you the ok

I’m kidding btw.

Also, can you add that since the De, Cam, Matt, and me alliance is called “The Alamo” that I want to add into my vote for Efe, “There’s no basement in the Alamo!”

Me and Matt got voted out first from our “mini-tribes” in Clark’s ORG. I think people in that ORG were really threatened by us being in the finals of this ORG.

Either that, or Amanda who is apparently BBFL with Travis had some grudge against us because we were “mean” to Travis, despite him being a giant bag of cocks.

But, TBH I didn’t really care much about that ORG, since we’re at the finals in this one, and I’d much rather focus on this one and not have to worry about the other one.

6.13E SCWL 6 Episode 13 Tribal Council



You must answer your questions by 7:00pm eastern Sunday in order for your vote to count.

Yes, second highest number of votes still receives two idol clues.

Live A Live Native Life


1. I remember back at the start of the game when you went to SuLa that you thought you could be first one out. How shocked are you that you have made it to day “36” of this game?

I’m stunned. I’m stunned that things worked out. I don’t know how to put it in a more poetic way. Every vote I go into I can only think of all the ways it can go wrong and it plagues my mind. To survive at all will is a continuous miracle and I hope it lasts.

2. During the break you guys did a public version of the Rite of Passage. Do you think the answers that everyone gave publicly is a strategy to gain favour from the jury? Or do you think strategy was put to the side?

I don’t think any of our answers were sugarcoated enough to really come across as buttkissing. I think we were all incredibly honest about who we were playing with. I suppose you could see strategic advantage in that but I just really wanted to do a fallen comrades because like I’ve said before, this could be my only pop at Survivor and I wanna do all the things.

3. What is your take on the SCWL Medley?

Hsiwi fug dhsjcjsheiahfhshdhshdGAAAAAAAAAAAAAH


1. At the start of the merge, Matt played an idol for Cameron. Three rounds ago Rob played an idol for you. And here the four of you are among the last five standing. Is this a sign that the four of you have been working together all along?

It was easy for the four of us to come together after the merge because right out of the gate everyone else was voting against us. First with the vote for Cam, and then again with the vote for me. It forced the four of us to work together.

2. How surprised would you be if it is you tonight?

This is probably the first time, but I would be very surprised if it were me tonight. It is never a good thing to feel secure, but I trust in my alliance not to turn on me this vote.

3. What is the biggest thing you learned while the five of you did your own little Rite of Passage?

The biggest thing I learned is that people are going to be honest during the Rites of Passage. I thought for sure everyone would be kissing ass, but was pleasantly surprised when everyone was honest with their opinion of the other people who played with us. We had some great people play, made some friends, and of course there were people who got under your skin. Sounds about right to me!


1. Back at the start of the merge, you and six other people voted aganst Cameron who played his idol. The only people who did not vote the same as you were Cameron, DeAnna, Rob, and Matt. Does that make you feel like you are on the outside of this tribe?

No, I don’t feel like I am on the outside. F5 is a great point to turn the game and make a big move for those who haven’t yet. Of course I feel vulnerable but not more than any of us. Anything can happen.

2. Two out of four possible idols have been played. Where do you think the Nlad and final idol is currently located?

I have never had so much information about what’s going on, but as I know Nlad idol (hopefully) went with Travis. About the final idol, I think somebody already found it and I have few guesses about the owner. The idol will bring lots of advantages to the player who has it. Especially in F3 and F2

3. Did the five day break interfere with this game at all?

Yeah quite much, we haven’t got holiday in here so everyone was busy and people told me that they are busy to talk 😀  I got that! But at the same time, little break allowed people to think more clearly and calm down. Now I believe that they can make smarter decisions.


1. Whoever survives tonight is in the Final Four and plays in 2014. Does the game shift for you when it gets to Final Four? Or has the mindset been pretty much the same since Nick left?

Final 4 is a tricky thing. It’s either where the inevitable finally comes to pass, or things get really shaken up. We’ll see how this one goes.

2. Lately you have not won the individual chalenges. Do you think you are losing momentum in this game. If so, how do you get it back?

I think I lost my mojo! But in all seriousness its pretty well known that Rob and I are the strongest challenge competitors here. Since merge only one person has won immunity other than him and me. So if I’m going to lose immunity to anyone, I expect it to be that wily sonofagun.

3. Idols. Do you expect any more of them to be played before the end of this game?

No. Your final idol puzzle is just too tough. Congrats on stumping me, but yeah. No.


1. Which is more important: How you vote someone out of this game or how you convince them on day 39 to vote for you?

– I think Both of those are very important. Jeff says it every time, that “the people that you vote out have a say in who wins the game” It’s a tricky thing, because you’re asking people that you voted out to vote for you in return to win.

2. What is it like to scramble when only four possible people can be vulnerable? Does the game become a lot more deceptive as there are fewer and fewer scapegoats to utilize?

– Once the SuLa members were voted out, it became deceptive. We had to start turning on our own, and luckily there were people that had previously turned on us, which made the vote a little easier. I’m just happy that I don’t have to worry about doing any scrambling this round, due to the immunity.

3. What do you think the biggest obstacle will be for you in the Final Four?

– When this round is over, the final four will be set. I know that within that final four, there will more than likely be couples within that final four. I know there ware a lot of F2 and F3 deals floating around in the group. I’m just hoping to win immunity next round so that I don’t have to worry about it too much.

Okay. When you vote please do so by casting your vote in brackets followed by the reason:

VOTE: (Logan)
REASON: Your tribemates say stand up. Your tribemates say the tribe has spoken. Your tribemates say it is time for you to go. We think you played a great game.

Alright. You cannot vote for Boston Rob. Everybody else is fair game. Between now and 7:00pm eastern, it is time to vote. Awkcy tribe, you’re up.



I’m switching my vote to Efe. I feel like a failed doctor who can’t save any of his patients.


Vote: Efe

Reason: I’m sorry Efe. You made your choice when you sided with the other side instead of with me and Rob. You voted against me, and there is no way I am letting you get farther in this game than Cam. I know you have a feeling you are going home tonight, and that feeling is right. It has been great getting to know you – catch you on the other side!


Vote: Matt
HUGE threat, he gotta go!


REASON: There is a river. That river has a current. That current is ancient. That current is steady. You can stand in the way like the rock and be slowly worn to nothingness or you can go with the current and find peace the garden of life. We’re the current, you’re the rock. Nothing personal, Turkish Delight, but your time has come.


REASON: He’s the last one remaining of the traitorous Aspu members. I’ve actually wanted to get rid of him since the beginning times of Aspu, because he was constantly paranoid and screwing things up for us. I guarantee he had just as much to do with the merge vote happening as Lyndsay did. His favorite player in BvsW was Monica, and it’s hilarious because he’s exactly like her.


Hakan’s Theme

If anybody has decided to play a hidden immunity idol this round, now would be the time I would reveal it.
Okay. Once the votes are read the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the group almost immediately.
I’ll read the votes.
One vote Matt.
Tied. One vote Matt, one vote Efe.
Two votes Efe, one vote Matt.
Thirteenth person voted out of this game and the fifth member of our jury:
Efe, the tribe has spoken.
It’s time for you to go.

EFE: Thanks logan! It was a great game and I really enjoyed being part of it. I am sorry that I couldn’t go further, good luck you all

MATT: GG Efe, it was a blast.

DEANNA: It has been great playing with you Efe!

ROB: Good game, Efe!

CAMERON: Later gator.

The big move that everyone expected to put the four of you out of this game. . .never really came to fruition. It appeared the underdogs had all come together and overthrow the four of you at the start of the merge, but thanks to your various maneuvers, you kept the Aspu Seven together to the end, and within that seven the four of you remained solid as Lyndsay’s prediction was spot on.

In a game that has been full of emotion, it will be interesting to see how these emotions play into the final days of this game.

So, congratulations. You have made it to the Final Four. All that remains is this: Four players, three Tribal Councils, two immunity challenges, and at the end, one winner.

Not much else to say. I will see you in the New Year to crown the winner of SCWL season six.

CAMERON: The scourge of the ORG universe continues to live!

ROB: Scourge on, fellow Alamonians.

MATT: That sounds like we’re paying alimony.

6.13F SCWL 6 Episode 13 Fantasy Pool

1. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
2. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
3. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]
4. DeAnna Bastin [Awkcy]
5. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]

1. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
2. DeAnna Bastin [Awkcy]
3. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
4. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]
5. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]

1. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
2. DeAnna Bastin [Awkcy]
3. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
4. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]
5. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]

1. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
2. DeAnna Bastin [Awkcy]
3. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
4. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]
5. Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy]


17th – Warren Adams [Nlad] – LISTER POTTER III

16th – Marc Oriol [Aspu] – MICHELLE PEARCE-DENOVAN [2nd Pick]


15th – Larry Chip Childress [SuLa]

14th – William Cook [Nlad]

13th – Moises Moreno [Nlad]

12th – Angel Candelas [Nlad] – AMANDA ALDRIDGE


11th – Travis Rindler [Awkcy] – MORAY JAMES

10th – Corey Altiere [Awkcy] – TYLER JAMES LINDER


9th – Rudez Merks [Awkcy] – AMANDA ALDRIDGE [2nd Pick]

8th – Nickolas DiVerdi [Awkcy] – DAVID RACINE

7th – Lyndsay Sherry [Awkcy] – JESSICA FREY

6th – Timothy Zahra [Awkcy] – LISTER POTTER III [2nd Pick]

5th – Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy] – KIM PRATHER

6.13G SCWL 6 Episode 13 Boot List

03: MATT

6.13H Next Time on SCWL. . .


– He has mimicked a Russell Hantz level of aggression and jury management to get his core alliance to the end of this game.

– But unlike Russell Hantz, he knows he has no chance of winning, and intends to sacrifice himself after Cameron’s exit. Will he go through with stepping down or is this Matt’s one final plea?


– The season long wildcard is now the underdog. He has been trying to take Matt to the Final Two, but little does he know that he is alone in this game.

– But with the support of an anti-Sad Pudding jury, and an intense level of focus in challenges, Cam is just two wins away from SCWL’s first true underdog victory.


– He has been a quiet leader since the beginning. Rob was the captain, and seems to be steering the ship of Sad Pudding with his two allies by his side.

– Ever since it was down to eight players, he has stepped up his game a notch as he successfully played an idol and has won the past two challenges. Is it his game to lose?


– DeAnna has kept herself in the game with her strong social skills since the beginning, and appears to have the respect of most of the jury.

– With Cameron on the outside, and Matt preparing to step down, a spot in the Final Two is all but certain.

– But will not winning any immunity challenges hurt her chances in the eyes of the jury?

Four players, three Tribal Councils, two immunity challenges, and one winner combined into an action-packed finale as players will be apart of the most heated Final Tribal Council in history.

Oh, and the most shocking moment in SCWL history? Okay, you’ve got it.

You do not want to miss the conclusion to the most unique season in SCWL history.

6.13I SCWL 6 Episode 13 Exit Interview

1) You became the second Turkish player to participatine in this series. The first player was Umut. Did you know Umut prior to signing up for this game? No, I was very surprised when I found out there is another Turkish player in orgs! I know how hard to play orgs when you have a huge time difference and language problems. I hope we can play an org together with Umut someday. 2) When people think of countries that watch American reality television, Turkey is not really one that comes to most people’s minds. Is Survivor a popular show in Turkey? Many people living in western countries have stereotypes for Islamic countries but just letting you know Turkey is a modern one

Survivor is a popular show in here, in fact it airs 3 days a week and lasts 52 days overall. It’s hard to call it ‘survivor’ because there are so many stupid twists that Turkish production added. Can you believe that public decides who to go each tribal!!(Between 2 people who got most votes) 3) Who did you make alliances with before Opening Day? Of course Adam! He seemed like a really nice guy. It was fun to talk with him. Other than him I started talking with Lynds, Rudez, Marc and Cameron. 4) I know you found the feuds between Adam, Travis, Cameron, Moises, and Matt to not bother you that much. Do you think you essentially had a free pass to the merge because of how many players were fighting?

Those feuds were stupid but definitely fun to watch. It didn’t bother me because It drew attention away from stable and calm players. Surely It benefit me.

5) On Opening Day, Rob was the captain. He chose DeAnna. Then DeAnna chose Lyndsay. Then Lyndsay chose you. Then you chose Marc. Why did you pick Marc to be on Aspu?

As I remember Lyndsay made the pick for me because I couldn’t be there for the challenge but I would do the same. Marc lives in Spain and we are both European. We have lots of similarities.

6) But Marc didn’t stay for long. Tim, who was picked to be on the tribe last, was saved rather than Marc. How come you were willing to vote out Marc instead of Timothy?

Tim and I didn’t talk much at the begining. We weren’t that close. After Misfits were created, Marc left out of it. Our original plan was to send Marc to Sula and reunite with him at merge but It never happened. I just felt secure in Misfits and Marc didn’t try so hard to save himself, that’s why I voted for him. After that vote, Tim and I started to talk, we both thought that we were in the bottom and that’s when we got closer.

7) This never happened, so this is more of a ‘what if’ scenario. What if you, Rob, DeAnna, Timothy, and Lyndsay lost another immunity challenge before the mutiny? Who goes home?

I think it would be Rob. I was confused after I read Tim’s exit interview but still I am sure that Lyndsay, Tim and I would vote Rob because he wasn’t talking any of us, he was too close with DeAnne and He had the idol.

8) When Aspu was hunting for the hidden immunity idol at camp, everyone was more than willing to pool their clues together. Any regrets over you, Lyndsay, and Tim sharing your clues for Rob to get the idol?

I definitely regret that. Probably I should have given them a fake clue

9) In round four, it was time for the Mutiny. Matt and Cameron joined your tribe. Had you talked to both of them before they joined your tribe?

I had conversations with Cameron but after he came to our tribe we didn’t talk that much and It was same with Matt.

10) And how long was it before you realized those two would not be willing to work with you in a core alliance?

Because it seemed like round four was when you, Lyndsay, and Timothy came together as a trio. I realized that when DeAnne started to give me some —ty round answers about idols and who to get rid of next. The fact that Matt and Cameron never tried to talk with me told me that they already had an alliance.

11) Much like Lyndsay and Timothy, you were not too involved with the challenges until the very end of the game. Do you think my challenges and maybe a Canadian English barrier made things much tougher for you to do well at challenges?

Your challenges are incredibly time consuming!!! They were clearly not my type of challenges Also the word and photo challenges were too American for me to do. After a point I was like I suck at challenges so I stopped trying hard till I need a win.

12) Before the merge, Sad Pudding and Cameron were intending to vote you off. Surprised to see that in the episodes?

Yes I was surprised to see it. I always thought they would vote out Tim before me. Thanks god we didn’t lose any challenges!

13) And do you think they would have succeeded in voting you out? Because they were four tight people within a group of seven.

Yeah they would def. succeed. I don’t think we could ever pull Cameron to our side.

14) It seemed like to me that Timothy was not as solid with the plans that you and Lyndsay were making. Tim seemed a bit more indecesive at times, and hung in the middle of the tribe. Do you think you could have done a better job of getting Tim to do what you and Lyndsay needed to further yourself in the game?

Tim was emotionally hung in the middle between us and D but strategically he was with us. Especially after the merge, I had no doubt about Tim. He voted with us every single round and we made the moves together.

15) After the mutiny, Aspu keeps winning, winning, and winning to repeatedly send Nlad to Tribal Council until only Travis remains. Travis was not exactly popular with many people on Aspu. What are your thoughts on Travis? Because ultimately he worked with you, Lyndsay, and Tim.

Most people will disagree with it but I found Travis kind of funny (before he crossed the line). He is such a drama person. He either has weird sense of humor or he is crazy. Personally I think that he would go very further in this game If he wouldn’t self-voted.

16) Do you think it would have been better if SuLa kept losing instead of Nlad? Because you would have known there was a zero percent chance that anybody on Nlad would work with Sad Pudding.

It wouldn’t matter because Sula would never work with Sad Pudding either. However I would like to see more Nlad member in the merge because It would definitely change the dynamics and stir the game. Also I would love to get to know some of the Nlad members.

17) Do you think the theme to Duck Tales is the catchiest television theme song that Disney has created? Because I am listening to it, and boy is it stuck in my head.

Are you talking about this? Sorry, but I am gonna disagree with you

18) So it was time to vote on the merge. You and Lyndsay pull the infamous move of faking those screencaps that you asked to merge, when really it was a lie. Do you remember who came up with that plan originally?

That was my favorite moment I think Lyndsay come up with the idea of flipping and blaming on Matt and Cam but then things got complicated and we had to fabricate our votes. You know how much Matt loves to take screenshots so we were pretty sure that they were gonna ask for screen shots. I deleted the previous messages after I told you but as I remember Lyndsay didn’t. When they asked for second screenshots It was very traumatic moment for us since Lyndsay didn’t know how to delete the old messages but we overcame Sorry that you were exposed some rage about it at that round.

19) Do you think Sad Pudding knew they needed to use an idol that round because of the move to merge? It seems like you were stuck with not merging, throwing the challenge, and using yourself, Lyndsay, Tim, Nick, and Rudez to vote out Rob at Tribal Council. I think If we chose not to merge, It might be easier to get Rob out but then Rudez and Nick wouldn’t trust us because they really wanted to merge that round. 20) But you merge. Rob is the target. He wins immunity. Everyone and their mother has access to Cam’s idol, but Matt plays it for him. Nick was -adamant- that he beat Matt to the punch. How come everyone believed Nick, and refused to believe that Matt would pull his 1, 000, 000th aggressive move of the game?

I asked both Rudez and Nİck If they were fast enough and they said that Nick played the idol right after the tribal posted. It came down to seconds. It was one of the turning points and I thought that they would play it on Matt.

21) Was there any discussion between the seven of you as to what to do in the following round if Cameron did play an idol?

Because everything fell apart when Cam was saved. We talked about voting Travis off since he wasn’t part of any alliance.

22) So the seven of you stay behind for Tribal Council. 3-2-2 vote against Travis. You and Lyndsay voted for Corey. How come you personally went for Corey rather than Travis or someone else?

We got some trust issues with Sula Logan We all agreed on Travis but we thought sula might vote for Tim. That’s why we changed our votes to Corey. It was like safe belt.

23) Travis goes in a last second blindside. You proceed to vote out Corey in the following round. How come the six of you could not just use those numbers to vote out Matt? It seemed odd for you to have distrust with Corey.

It was a pure power struggle. We didn’t want to give power to Sula members because they might pose a threat in the future rounds. My original plan after corey was, we were going to vote Sad Puddings and Cameron and at F5 Nick and Rudez would have no power over us. Unfortunately It never happaned

24) In the following round is the infamous one where you and Lyndsay blame Timothy for playing it safe and voting out Rudez. Yet Nick blamed you in his confessionals. Can you elaborate on the conflict between you and Nick before Rudez was voted out?

As swing votes we discussed it a lot and at the end of the day I can’t force people to make moves that they don’t believe. I knew that voting Matt would take us to finals but Lyndsay and Tim were too concerned with what Aspu going to think. At that point I knew no matter what Misfits were never going to re-unite. They thought emotionally and I had to follow what my alliance decided. It was 2 vs. 1. About Nick I have no idea why he hated me that much. I was the one who tried to save them. I can only guess but I think Nick started hating me after Corey vote. I acted like there was no problem and everything is all right. I just tried to calmed him down and deter him from making an unnecessary move. I hope he also clear this issue up after reading my interview.

25) Then came the round where you guys finally came together to take a crack at The Alamo. How come it took you guys so long to try and take them down again? The outcome of this game came down to a coin flip.

Hours after Rudez vote everyone realized that how stupid it was. Our best chance was a tie; Lynds won immunity and gave it to Tim. Everything was going good but then again they played the idol very well.

26) Were you okay with voting DeAnna? Or were you campaigning to vote for Rob or Cam beforehand? Strategically Rob was a good choice because he is a huge challenge threat but DeAnne was more unpredictable. We all decided to go for DeAnne with no hesitation this time. This was the point where I lost my all emotional concerns about game.

27) In the following round, Sad Pudding wanted Lyndsay gone. Lyndsay tried convincing Cam to flip, but he wouldn’t. Do you think it would have worked if you and Tim talked to Cameron a lot more? Because Lyndsay is a bit paralyzed when she is the target. There must have been a bogus F2 deal you could have made to Cameron that round.

I don’t think It would work. Cameron was thinking that I constantly want him out so he would never make a deal with me. Also F2 deal wouldn’t seem real and Cam wouldn’t buy it. Maybe It’s one of the mistakes I made but I have never thought Cameron could flip. I just couldn’t see him leaving Matt and working with us. I don’t know, maybe Tim and Lyndsay could make a F3 deal with him. That would be more realistic.

28) In fact, you, Tim, and Lyndsay would have done well against Cameron in a Final Two. How come nobody could pitch a legit F2 deal to help your alliance out?

I also think that we would have done well against him but as I said that F2 deal would look like it’s out of desperation and nothing more.

29) So Lyndsay is gone. Friend or Foe is the twist for that round. Everyone chose ‘friend’. Any scenario where anybody would have chosen ‘foe’?

I would have chosen foe If It was not Tim. We wanted to see what the challenge is and If it’s something we are good at it.

30) You and Tim try to go for Sad Pudding by flipping Cam. Cam really wants you gone instead of somebody from Sad Pudding that round. How come you and Cameron did not have a good relationship all game? Why was he not a fan of Turkish Delight?

I don’t know, why would someone ever want to get rid of Turkish delight??? Cameron is going to receive so many hate messages after this interview. After the game, Cam and I talked a little. Actually we could have got along well but in the game you know sometimes you feel like someone is always trying to get you out and no matter what he is you enemy. We just couldn’t get on the same page.

31) Timothy goes home. Suddenly Cameron does his best to save -you-. Why did Cam have a change of heart?

Cam would still prefer Timothy instead of me but he needed a third to vote out DeAnne or Rob. He just needed a number at that point.

32) Cameron ends up submitting the challenge late. This was Cam’s biggest blowup as he is unhappy with the unexpected deadline. You initially turned down his request to have more time, but you eventually agreed. I am guessing you did that to ensure he voted with you at Tribal Council?

Yes, first I turned down but then I thought It’s not necessary at all.

33) You know you need Matt’s vote to help you flip the game and vote out DeAnna. Today, you know the chance of Matt flipping was zero percent. Back then, did you think you had at least a one percent chance of succeeding?

Yes I did think that I had a chance. All players put effort in this game and we nearly spent our 2 months in this game. I just couldn’t imagine that someone was playing to be third. Even you have pre-game alliance; you have to play for yourself not for your friends. That’s the thing I am never going to understand. If you sign up for something play for yourself. Logically, (assuming that the ultimate goal of each remaining player was to win) bottom player of the Sad Pudding alliance might have flipped with us. Plus, DeAnne was a big jury threat to get rid of. That’s why I kept my hopes alive

34) I am sure you picked up on Matt, DeAnna, and Rob being tight at that point. Why not use them to vote out Cameron by making up a lie about Cam, and leading them to saving you for the Final Four? I only ask because you probably would have won the next immunity challenge, and be one step away from winning this game.

I know but they have already known that Cameron was plotting against them. At that round Matt, Cam and I created a group chat, and I told DeAnne that Cameron created the group, wants to get her out and I would vote with them but I couldn’t manage to change the vote. I would work so hard on that F4 immunity challenge If I would have made it to F4 and never gave it to somebody else.

35) It seemed like you were not as angry with Sad Pudding as your allies at the end of the game. What is your relationship like with Matt, DeAnna, and Rob to this day? And how do you feel about their tactics throughout the game?

No, I was little angry actually. BUT to be fair I can only get mad at myself. I, Lynds and Tim made mistakes in this game and we served F3 to them on a silver platter. I always hated pre-game alliances. It’s not fair that I only had 1/18 chance while they had 1/9 to win this game. I cannot deny that they achieved something but not in a classy way. Also I can easily say that DeAnne is responsible for all their achievements. Rob didn’t create any bonds himself, he only benefit the alliances that DeAnne made. Matt needs no word… It’s just me of course. My relationships with them today, I still like D and I have nothing against Rob and Matt. I hope that friendships that I made in this game continue. I would love to keep up with some of the cast.

36) You finish as the 5th place g.oddess. Umut, the only other Turkish player in this series, finished in 18th place in SCWL 4. How good does it feel to repair the reputation of your homeland in SCWL?

I just loved the 5th place g.oddess title!! I can confidently say that I will hold the record for Turkish players for a long time since there aren’t so many. I am glad that I made far in this game and repaired the reputation of my homeland.

37) If you have any other thoughts, please share. Thanks for the opportunity; I enjoyed playing with you all. I won’t forget this game! Special thanks to Logan; It was a great game and you handled it amazing!

On behalf of the production crew for SCWL 6, we thank you for playing this game!

6.14A Previously on SCWL

– Three months ago, anticipation for SCWL All Stars was put on hold as eighteen brand new players took their shot at the SCWL title.

– The season began earlier than ever as Adam tried to put together a mega alliance.

– But his aggression was not well-received as several players exposed his deals. This left Adam with no moves except to quit only 48 hours into the game.

– On Opening Day, Travis and Rob were each a captain. Rob picked DeAnna, and Travis picked Rudez. Rudez then picked Cam who then picked Matt.

– This became an issue as a pre-game alliance involving Rob, DeAnna, and Matt was exposed in the first round.

– It was also a game of twists as the players divided into three tribes of six. Rob and DeAnna on Aspu, Matt on Nlad, and Cam on SuLa.

– Cam had individual immunity, and gave it to Matt who was saved from his first Tribal Council.

– This came in handy as his whole tribe was planning to eliminate him, but Warren would have to take the fall instead.

– Cam and Rob each found a hidden immunity idol thanks to help from other players in the game. With Matt still on the outs of Matt, he was guaranteed to be saved again.

– Matt took this time to aggressively fight with half of the entire cast–a move which amused players out of the conflict, while angering the rest.

– In round three, Marc was on the outside, and found himself unanimously eliminated because of his connection to Adam.

– In round four, the game was turned on its head as the traditional mutiny came into play. Cameron and Matt both fled to Aspu.

– And what was put into motion was a series of trips to Tribal Council for the other two tribes.

– Larry was voted out from SuLa for inactivity first. . .

– Then William, Moises, and Angel were eliminated consecutively from Nlad until only Travis was left.

– Travis had a hidden immunity idol, but after twenty moves being made in the round, and Matt saving Cam with Cam’s own idol, Travis found himself blindsided 3-2-2. Nlad was no more.

– And the same would apply to SuLa as Corey, Rudez, and after Rob successfully playing an idol in a tie vote on DeAnna, Nick was gone. Only Aspu Seven remained.

– But within that Cam, DeAnna, Matt, and Rob stuck together as Lyndsay, Timothy, and Efe all went in a row.

– Now it is down to our Final Four. Cameron. DeAnna. Matt. And Rob. Three have been in a pre-game alliance since the beginning, while one is out of the loop. Tonight, they will go through three Tribal Councils, two immunity challenges, and one jury before they decide who will become the sole. . .Survivor!

6.14B SCWL 6 Episode 14 Summary

Episode Fourteen: “Sacrifices”
Date: December 30, 2013 – Present
Immunity Challenge XIV: Who Said It? Puzzle
Description: Players try to match up quotations with an eliminated player. They are given puzzle pieces based on how they answered, and must colour code them correctly to win.
Winner: Cameron Johnson
Voted Out: Cameron Johnson
Vote Count: 3-1 (Cameron-Rob)
Immunity Challenge XV: Oath of Silence
Description: Players must stay in a Skype chat room for as long as possible as they must answer “roll calls” throughout the night.
Winner: DeAnna Bastin
Voted Out: Matt Wolff
Final Tribal Council: Jurors ask questions directed towards the Final Two. Then vote for a winner.
Winner: ???????????
Vote Count: ?-?

6.14C SCWL 6 Final 4 Confessionals


It’s kind of hilarious when you look back at it.

I said, I’m certain I said, that I wasn’t gonna take this game too personally

and now I’m just desperate to win.

It’s kind of crazy to look at myself now.

I’m certain that the rest of the Alamo doesn’t care nearly as much. It’s just a little game.

But I’m going a wee bit crazy, I think.

Regardless I never thought I’d get to the Final 4.

And if I scrap I can get myself to the Final 3, but I dunno.

I’m sort of a fatalist but I don’t know if I can get through to DeAnna.

And I reeeeeeally don’t want a Rob and Matt final 2.

No one does, really.

So I gotta cut that s— out.

I hope Matt targets DeAnna and forces her to my side.

Matt has four votes.

We just need two to take her out.


but we’re so close

and I want DeAnna and I to at least get final 3.

And hopefully final 2.

DeAnna is getting discounted hardcore.

It’s Matt, Rob, Cam.

William I think nailed the general consensus. No one is thinking about DeAnna.

And personally? That pisses me off. No one on the jury wants to vote for Matt or Rob

DeAnna is amazing. She’s the glue that held us together even when I wanted to vote her out.

I’d love to see her win.

But you’ll be damned if you don’t think I’m gonna make the almightiest pitch ever.

Logan Logan Logan oh my god you’ll never guess what.

I turned it around.

I got Rob and Matt to admit to planning to boot DeAnna.

And I showed DeAnna

and now we’re gonna try and vote him out.

If that works, I more than likely win.

I think I can win against DeAnna.

And I think DeAnna will take me

and I’m pretty sure Rob will take me.

And more importantly I can get a bit of my dignity back.

Cause I guess I’ve been taking it kind of hard, being the scourge of the ORG universe.

You know. I came in to play a game but somewhere down the line I got carried away.

I wanted to win my dignity and self-respect. I wanted to show myself that I could do it.

It was never about the money. It was about being able to overcome myself and my own doubt.

And I got carried away and just became a player. It got too intense. It made me too emotional.

And now I want to win, but I want to win my way. Not by posing as Matt’s bitch. Not by letting him do all the work.

I love Natalie but I don’t want to be a Natalie. I want to be respected.;

Not just by my players and competition and jury, but by the viewers.

And if they don’t respect Matt and Rob… taking them out’s just a bonus.

And if DeAnna wins, then that’s even better.

I love the Alamo as people.

But I am not so blinded by pride to realize that we might have annoyed people.

I was, at one point. Waltzing into the whole blitz and bangarang in Indonesia and bitching people out for voting out Alamo members.

And I realized, I had no clue, I was a dick, and these people might have valid reasons.

Matt is antagonistic and Rob is arrogant. I mean, I love em both, and they’ll die for a team, which is more than I can say for myself. But if you want representatives for your alliance, these aren’t the two you want.

When you think of the Aitu 4, you think Yul. Conversely, when you think of the Rotu 4, you think John C. So I want to decide whether we’ll be remembered by our Carroll or our Yul.

And I’m figuring, maybe it’ll be by me, or it’ll be by Dee.

But either way it’s nice with me.

I want to leave with a smile on my face or with four votes in my hand.

I’ve given too much to lose, but way beyond enough to leave hurt and disappointed.

Oh my god. Just last round I was certain I was going home and now I’m making the Final 3 with a nearly failproof plan to win

And it’s like wow.

I literally just can’t.

I’m stunned.

And I did well because of how I know people, my ability to study others And having connections to people willing to help me.

And I think that speaks well to my social game.

I f—ing just can’t have one thing go right for him.

For me

Matt has the idol


Now Matt has to choose between me and Rob.

And DeAnna will scare him out of voting for anyone but me.

In the end. When he has to choose his opponent it damn well won’t be Dee.


So can we get the exit interview on so I can hide in shame and never speak of this again?

I’m the f—ing clod who gave away immunity to someone who never really gave a s— about me.

That’s my entire legacy. Like I can get it if my plan failed but she was gonna stab me in the back first chance she got.

I can’t show my face anywhere.

This ia exactly what I feared would happen

My one chance and I threw it away.

I was the naive young idiot that got suckered by the three vets.

And that’s all I’ll ever be. And I hate that. I hate being the kid.

I hate being the dumb kid. You can’t understand how much that hurts.

I’m going to have to tell all the people that cared that I went home cause I won immunity.

I’m gonna have to hear all the jurors mock me for not siding with them.

I’m going to be at the lowest one can get with everyone making it lower.

All while Matt is gloating and DeAnna is patronizing me trying to make me feel better.

I was always last. I was always dead. And Matt was stringing me along and ruining me every chance I had to make a move.

I never had a chance. I was never going to win.

And now everyone can see what a s—ty player I am.

And you get to have your laughs too. I can’t wait to see how I end up in this game.

In your recaps and s—.

God I should have listened this was the worst idea ever.

This was nothing but misery and suffering and deceit.

With everyone in the super elite club except for me.

No one in the Alamo wanted to work with me.

And i bought it til the end

Look just… don’t humiliate me, okay?

So. The morning after.

I can’t say I know how I feel. I know I can laugh at myself a lot easier now.

I’m still hurt. Not at how I was voted out. I was hoping I’d go out fighting Rob to get Matt to grow some balls to make a decision.

But the fact that they spent the last three days lying to me about everything… well how do you not feel like the dumb f—ing kid?

Especially DeAnna. Allowing myself to get so vulnerable with her, and to let me work with her so enthusiastically on everything and to be so sweet… all of that ended up being lies.

That’s as brutal as it gets.

Rob is the only one I’m not pissed at solely because he was the one I was targeting.

I think he played a piss poor social game with most of us but I’m impressed with his strategic game and the way he manipulated the entire tribe.

The Alamo, I mean.

He got Dee to kill a relationship with someone to keep loyal to someone who will stomp her in a jury.

He’s got Matt working double time to go to the end with Rob.

And when I was the only one smart enough to get him out he put together enough of a scheme to pretty much emotionally wreck me and throw me out on my ass without getting any blood in his hands.

So he’s got my vote. Especially if he brings us Matt.

I think he needs to know just how little respect we have for him and how his piss poor social game is gonna wreck him.

As for my state of mind and emotion… Dee and I are done. I just can’t get over how she emotionally destroyed me over a fake game. I mean… just gutted.

But at the same time, I think about Lyn and I. And I feel like I was harsh to her and I’d be a hypocrite if I just stopped talking to Dee.

But I think Lyn and I were at a stalemate where we were both harboring grudges at each other and we were able to overcome that. Dee just sat back and let me unravel while she thought it was hysterical.

I look forward to never talking to any of them again, really. F— the Alamo. We fancied ourselves the Aitu 4, the underdog heroes, but instead it was the dumbass kid, the egomaniac, the fake, and the stone cold leader.

I think the one thing that’s making me feel better is the jury and how I was apparently the favorite.

I mean that makes me feel like even more of an idiot but they were understanding and kind.

Better than my mother who just laughed and said I shouldn’t have given up immunity.

Haha, sounds like my mother.

As for my ultimate goal, to earn my own self respect, did I accomplish that? Well… yes and no.

On one hand I’m going down in history as the dumbest ORGer in SCWL history. And that smarts. I was the naive kid patronized and betrayed by people I was close with.

On the other hand, I’m the only Alamo who can show his face around town.

And I’m separating myself from the rest of them.

People don’t hate me. In fact I was the jury favorite.

And that’s nice that I haven’t lost my dignity and spirit in this mess.

My self respect is shot but others respect me and I guess that’s something nice.

As for whether or not I’d play another ORG… up until yesterday I’d have said No but I can’t let that be the move I end my career on. So maybe one more. If you ever have an open slot in All Stars who’s to say?

So I guess… this is the end. Except for my jury speech.

You ain’t half bad of an ORG maker, Logan, despite my complaints. Best of luck to ya.


Is this the last round I can use the tiebreaker?

Confessional #19: The Final Four Battle

Not a lot has happened over the holidays, and I feel like I haven’t had a lot of time to write.

Efe was an easy vote out – he was trying to work with me and Cam to vote out Matt. I was not really able to strategize or even give him a sit down and tell him the truth about him going home because I was away on vacation, so I just straight up lied to him. I felt bad about not giving him the head’s up I gave to Lyndsay and Tim, but I didn’t have the time. He went home, and I don’t think he was that surprised. Of course telling Cam that I wasn’t voting out Matt was difficult. I kept pushing that I wanted the Alamo to make it to the final 4, and truthfully – that I like keeping my promises to people. What he doesn’t know is that he is the bottom of the alliance.

Cam came to me a few days ago, trying again. His ploy was smart – very smart, and that is what I expect from Cam. I told him straight up that I have a final 2 deal with Rob and that I wasn’t going to betray that. I have only been betraying the people who have backstabbed me. Of course he went running to Rob to ask if they were going to vote me out – prodded by Matt of course. Matt informed Rob to tell Cam that yes indeed we were. As such, Rob followed suit and now Cam had a nifty old screenshot to show me that Rob was going to vote me out. Of course now I had no reason not to work with Cam.

Unfortunately for Cam, it is all orchestrated by Sad Pudding. I told him, I did not want to lie to him and that I wanted to be truthful – but he has forced my hand. The game is now about jury management, and since he is threatening me with being voted out and for not voting for me at the end of this game, I had to play along.

His plan is now that we work together to win the challenge, ensuring Matt doesn’t win. Once that happens, we vote out Matt and then Rob, Cam and I go to the final 3. If I were not in an alliance with Matt, it would be brilliant really, but I am. Cam will go home this time unless he wins immunity – however he is dead set on making sure I win immunity. You should never throw an immunity challenge and this is why. You never know in the game what is going to happen.

This upcoming tribal is going to be the hardest one of the game. Out of everyone I met in this game I truly like Cam. Despite his constant plotting to get me out, I just enjoy talking to him. This is how emotions often lead the way in the game. People let their emotions lead their vote and not their head. As much as I want Cam to stay, I know he has to go for the good of my game. Speaking of – I hate the fact that Rudez is still trying to control the game. She apparently is controlling the jury AND she has been working with Cam on this challenge and helping him with the answers. I know I am new to the ORG world, but the jury shouldn’t be able to contact AND HELP the current players, right? That just seems out of the norm.

She has also told Cam that she doesn’t want Rob or Matt in the end – and that she is controlling the jury and unless I make a “big move” that I will not be able to win the game. This pisses me off. Just because I have not backstabbed my allies, or let her win the game then I haven’t made a big move? Bulls—. I’ve been constantly working, scheming and plotting my way to the end. My idea to form the super tribe single handedly gave my alliance the power it needed to get to the merge intact and safely. Without that, we would have lost two challenges, and who knows if I even would have made the merge. If their idea of a great game is backstabbing all the way to the end, then so be it – but in my opinion I’ve played a great game and should be a contender to win at the end. I may not be able to win challenges so easily, but I have been trying. I haven’t been using short cuts like Matt has, or collaborating on answers with Rob. Almost all of the challenges I have done by myself, and I am proud of that, even if it means I haven’t won immunity.

As the game is drawing to a close, I just want to say that I am so sad this is ending. It has been an absolute pleasure to play this game. For my first real ORG I have been pleasantly surprised. Thank you


Random idol guess: Hervé Villechaize

He was a Taurus who died at age 50, and was on Fantasy Island which is sorta related to Survivor!

As the line from 999 from Seven was “Not a torus, but a Taurus” that torus + 772 finds us that piece of art.

I hope all my random guesses have at least amused you. They’ve been.. fun?

The summer solstice is 6/21. The line with the discrepancy is 6/21 – 7/72. That’s 50 extra days. 50 days after the summer solstice is the end of the Dog Days of summer. The dog constellation is Sirius. Sirius represents Laelaps, one of Orion’s hunting dogs. That dog helped him hunt who? Taurus the bull. Conveniently missing from the lineup.

No wait… uh… PLANT RED LINE.

The answer is plant red line!

*does victory lap*

CONFESSIONAL: The End of the Whole Mess

So Cam won immunity, which puts a wrinkle in things but not an irreparable one. It means I go home a round early, which is fine. He had been working with Rudez on the challenge so he had a lot more info than us, but them’s the breaks.

There’s only one last play to make and that’s convincing Cam to transfer his immunity to De. I’ve told him I have the idol and that I’m playing it. Anyone that votes for me goes to tribal, unless he, Rob, and I vote De. If I can convince him De is going home no matter what, he might just do it thinking he can convince me to vote off Rob. I doubt this will work, but it’s my only shot.

Anyway it’s been a fun game, it’s a shame I’m going home one round early but it’s just one round. Could be a lot worse.

ADDENDUM CONFESSIONAL: Well, that was easier than I thought it would be. I’m officially the most evil person I know. I ended up using a slightly different tactic, introducing the idea that if De had won immunity then I would’ve been forced to vote out Rob. Knowing Cam wanted Rob out, that played directly to him and he raised the possibility of giving De immunity to force my hand. I told him not to, that it was silly. He ended up doing it anyway out of spite, saying it was “poetic justice” for all the plans of his I f—ed up. And now it’s done. Sad Pudding prevails with one last, awful, fantastic maneuver.

Also, he gave up immunity not long after tribal went up so can we please just have votes due at the same time and not 24 hours after you see his message and everything? Thanks.

4) ROB

I know we’ve all complained about the challenges and such in this ORG to you, but I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into this ORG. I didn’t fully appreciate it until I started Clark’s ORG. The starting twist, and first challenge being a Mindjolt were f—ing AWFUL. The time and effort you put into the challenges in this game is incredible, and it’s been very fun participating in it. So thanks

CONFESSIONAL: F— all these ORG veterans that are pissy because we came into this game as newbs and completely f—ed their s— up. Maybe next time, you shouldn’t suck so bad. They thought they could just vote us out or control our votes. That didn’t happen. OOPS! If any of them actually stayed longer in the game, they would have seen that it wasn’t easy for us to get to the finals. Ever since the merge it’s like we’ve had our backs against the wall, and only able to continue by being motherf—ing badasses. Never underestimate the power of newbies. To all the haters out there, Vytas has something to say to you: F— you.

CONFESSIONAL: Whoa. I thought that Sad Pudding was completely toast, since we’d have to vote out one of our own. Cameron won immunity. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Matt convinced him to give up his immunity to DeAnna! Holy balls! Sad Pudding is going to be F3 no matter what now! I now need to pretend that I’m worried about going home, especially to Cameron. His one vote for me is going to screw up my perfect voting record though 😛  think I’ll take that, over the possibility of having Sad Pudding not be the F3.

I’d also like to add that when I saw his post, I basically looked like this: (Eliza jury face)

6.14D Tribal Council #14



You must answer your questions by 3:00am eastern Monday in order for your vote to count.

Yes, second highest number of votes still receives two idol clues.

Star Ocean Tactics


1. Do you remember back to that first round? It seemed like between the conflict with Adam, being sent to SuLa, and giving up your immunity, that you were either going to quit from the stress or be voted out early. Yet here you sit with a guaranteed spot in the Final Three. Can you believe you are in this position?

I cannot believe it. I don’t think I’ll ever believe it. I’m just stunned.

2. However, there is still one more round before the Final Two. How much pressure is there when the next challenge is the very last one of the game. If you lose, there is a 50/50 shot of going home.

I have no clue as to what will happen next round. Already I’ve been getting mixed signals from everyone and I don’t know what to believe. My biggest fear is that I’ll be dumped in third and I know I’m caught between two pairs I’m not privy to.

3. But tonight you have a tough decision to make. Whoever you vote for is in a rough spot. Either they are going home unanimously, or they are heading into a 2-2 tie. Have you thought about the three possible voting options that you have tonight?

I have. And it could be simple but my entire fate next round depends on it.

4. The jury has been very vocal over the past ten days since the beginning of the Christmas break. Does that concern you for what could happen at the Final Tribal Council?

It does to a point. The jury is all that matters in the game other than making it to the end.


1. You are now the only person left who has reached this point without receiving individual immunity. Do you think that means you have been flying under the radar?

It definitely does not. I knew coming into this game that I wouldn’t be great at challenges. I even wrote that on the survey you sent. You asked my biggest strength and my biggest weakness. My strength is strategy and my weakness is challenges. I’ve had to rely on my strategic abilities to get me this far, and I think I have done quite well. I may not be vocal in the main group – but that does not mean I am not 100% playing this game and constantly working, strategizing and planning ahead.

2. The four of you have been a team that have ran this game without a solid opposition all season long. There have really only been two or three situations where you four have been in trouble. But here we sit now. No more plans can save you as a team. You have to be an individual. Take me through this new experience.

To be fair, the four of us have only been aligned since the merge vote. Once that first vote post merge was on Cam, the 4 of us knew we had to work together. We were the outsiders, this is when The Alamo was formed and we were destined to go home leaving Corey, Rudez, Nick, Lyndsay, Tim and Efe as the final 6. We worked EXTREMELY hard to make sure we didn’t go home and that paid off in the long run. We have also been vulnerable more than two or three times, I can think of MANY more chances the other 6 had to get us out, but they didn’t.

3. Even if one of you get voted out tonight, does it still feel like a victory because the four of you reached the end together? Or is it still going to be a feeling of “damn, I didn’t win it myself”.

I think it is a little of column A and a little of column B. It is definitely a victory that against all odds, we made it to the final 4. It will be bittersweet for someone to go home, but whoever it is that DOES go home should be proud of how far we made it. I know that will never stop the sting of being voted out this close to the end. If it is me tonight, I would be hurt too, but we have to be proud of the accomplishments we did make and not dwell on our losses.


1. This is only the second round all season that you AND Boston Rob have not been immune from Tribal Council. Were you even planning for a scenario if you were vulnerable this round that had anybody other than Rob win immunity?

I always have a plan, and I did indeed plan for this scenario too. Let’s hope things go according to plan or else it might end up badly! But a huge part of my game has always been planning ahead, and F4 is no different.

2. Is there a specific way you would have voted if you won immunity as opposed to anyone else winning immunity? Or does possessing immunity not alter your voting strategies?

My vote is pretty much unwavering in this situation. Winning immunity would have been nice, but things are still going on as I have foreseen them.

3. What’s it going to be like to eliminate someone and not have them continue on in camp? Because ever since the mutiny,  the four of you have always occupied the same camp and never had to separate from one another.

I’ll miss whoever goes home, unless I go home, in which case I’ll miss all three!

4. Do you expect DeAnna or Boston Rob to vote for you this round?

I do.


1. I will ask you the same question that I asked Matt–did you ever plan for a scenario that you would be vulnerable this round which involved DeAnna or Cameron winning immunity?

Of course, I would have loved immunity this round, but its F4 and I knew everyone would be fighting hard for it. The fact that we were all so close in scores is telling of how competitive the four of us are.

2. Are you voting somebody out this round just to help you stay alive one more night or is this vote setting you up for a position in the Final Two?

I think it’s a bit of both. At this stage, whoever you vote out will keep you alive but will also set you up for a F2 position.

3. Who do you think stands the best chance of winning individual immunity in the final immunity challenge? And how vicious will that be?

I already basically answered this in part 1. Everyone left has a shot at winning the final immunity. We’re all competitive and it’s a huge part of what’s gotten us this far.

4. I will ask you the same question that people like Timothy, Vincent, and Scott have received in the past–why should these people keep you tonight?

I’ve shown in the past that I am fiercely loyal. If I tell you something, I mean it. I’m very honest and blunt, which can be a problem sometimes, but in the finals, honesty and trust are huge. You don’t want to go to the finals with someone that you don’t trust, or someone that isn’t completely honest with you.

Okay, when you vote please do so in the following manner:

VOTE: (Logan)
REASON: How have you not been eliminated yet? I am beginning to question the integrity of Tribal Council.

Cameron has individual immunity. I doubt he will give up the talisman this time. Therefore he is safe. Everybody else is fair game. Between now and 3:00pm eastern Sunday, it is time to vote. Awkcy tribe, you’re up.

CAMERON: To prove that I am incapable of holding onto immunity I hereby relinquish immunity to DeAnna. Let’s have some fun.

ROB: Well, f—.

ME: DeAnna. . .you are now safe.


As with the Lyndsay situation, voting will be extended to 7:00pm eastern Sunday, unless of course everyone locks in their vote beforehand.


Star Ocean New Age


Now Matt has to choose between me and Rob.

And DeAnna will scare him out of voting for anyone but me.

In the end. When he has to choose his opponent it damn well won’t be Dee.

Vote: Rob Reason: I just want one damn plan to work for me.


Vote: ………… Cam ❤

Reason: Why! Why did you go and do something like that. Giving up immunity. That was a bad idea and now I just feel really, really guilty. Matt, Rob and I are in an alliance – Sad Pudding. If you won immunity, you could have stayed, Matt would have gone home. Now, you have to go and I feel really truly bad about this. You are my favourite person I met in this game, and I hope that you don’t hold this against me after the game. This is the saddest Sad Pudding vote of the whole game. Bye Cam. 😦 😦 😦


And with all that done: VOTE: CAM REASON: Three of us walked into this game determined to be the last three standing. Through each of our individual games and collaboration we got to this crossroads where we wanted to bring a fourth in. You were our fourth, a steadfast friend that we could trust more than the rest. We worked together and said Alamo to the end. It’s the end for The Alamo now, as intended, and now we can proceed to the finals.


VOTE: Cam! REASON: You never give away your immunity! I’m happy he did though, because it means that Sad Pudding can be F3. I can’t even believe we all made it to the final 3, I didn’t even think one of us would make it to F3. To quote Cirie on this situation: “My mother always told me, you may not be able to beat them with these (points to arms) all the time, but you can always beat them with this (points to head). Sorry.” –Cirie


Star Ocean Secretly

If anybody played a hidden individual immunity idol, now would be the time I would reveal it.
Okay. Once the votes are read the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the group almost immediately. I’ll read the votes.
One vote Rob.
Tied. One vote Rob, one vote Cam.
(Cam <3)
Two votes Cameron, one vote Rob, one vote left.
Fourteenth person voted out of this game and the sixth member of our jury:
Cameron, the tribe has spoken.
It’s time for you to go.

MATT: GG brother, see you on the flip side.

DEANNA: I’m so so sorry Cam 😦

ROB: Sorry Cam, you screwed up my no vote record, YOU GOTTA GO! Just kidding, man. Good game!

CAMERON: I didn’t even get a chance to defend myself

CAMERON: Why did the vote end at 24 hours

CAMERON: It’s not Sunday!!!

CAMERON: It’s Saturday

CAMERON: Logan why is this happening?!

DEANNA: I think he said until all votes were locked in

CAMERON: What we don’t have that lock in s— happening before

CAMERON: I was gonna go home and make my case what the


CAMERON: Whatever. F— it.

CAMERON: This is about as bulls— as you can expect. I don’t see the locked in rule change til I’m gone and I get screwed out of the game because of it. But it turns out everyone in this game saw me as number four anyways.

DEANNA: Cam, I’m so sorry.

CAMERON: No you’re not.

MATT: Cam, votes got locked in manually. Logan asked each of us if our votes were final. There were 3 votes manually locked in for you, there was nothing that you could’ve done. GG man, I mean it.

CAMERON: I needed more time!

CAMERON: And the time got taken from me!

CAMERON: If I don’t lock in my vote how is it remotely fair that it goes with out me?

ME: “I cannot believe it. I don’t think I’ll ever believe it. I’m just stunned. ”

Those were Cameron’s first words upon entering Tribal Council. I think that sums up the outcome of tonight.

Congratulations Boston Rob, DeAnna, and Matt. You were outed as a very tight group of three heading into the game, and for whatever crazy reason, very few people identified you as a threat and ultimately did nothing about it.

All that remains is one individual immunity challenge tomorrow night at 9:00pm eastern on Skype. So please get in your Skype names to me as soon as possible.

And if you happen to win immunity. . .I suggest you keep it.

6.14E Final Four Exit Interview

1) I know this was your first ORG, and I believe you have not played one since. Describe that anticipation of playing your first online adaptation of a Survivor game.

It was really just excitement over wish fulfillment. Like I’ve said in the past; for mental health reasons, as much as I’d love to I can’t play real Survivor. I mean, you saw me here; even medicated and in a stable home, I had a really tough time. This was my caveat; I play one game and I make the best of it and be the character I’d want to be were I actually on the show. This was my time.

2) I think you shattered the number of confessionals that a player has sent in a single season. Clayton is the only one I can think of who sent as many as you did. What is it about confessionals that attracts you to writing them? Because there is a direct correlation in this series between writing confessionals and winning.

I’m a writer, and there’s nothing writers love more than to talk and hear themselves talk. I wanted to narrate my aspect of the story out of the hopes that you’d read it and not at all be mistaken to what actually went on in the show, that you’d miss none of my strategy and it’d show up in the episodes.

…oh well, at the very least, they were fun to write! My favorite Survivor Characters are Hatch, Sandra, and Penner. Hatch and Sandra have some roots in the fact that their games are also great to watch, but Penner I love because Penner can talk well, and I wanted to be one of those guys who talked well and was entertaining.

3) In the pre-season cast assessment, I said you would end up in fourth and have a roller coaster ride in this game. I figured you would make some unexpected moves. Were you surprised that I picked up on that from the moment you applied?

Well you nailed it. Woooooo.

4) The first confessional I got in this game came several hours before the cast was even released. It was about everything you and Adam were discussing. Do you think you would have handled the Adam controversy if you eased your approach at the beginning of the game?

I’m unsure as to how I DIDN’T handle the Adam controversy. When he started coming up with elaborate plots to me, I knew that this was a guy I could take to the end with him humiliating himself in front of everyone, or someone I should ditch immediately. As we went on, I started to become more close with AdKol’s preferred subordinates than I did with him, so I decided to jump ship and form a pre-Opening-Day alliance of Lyndsay, myself, Rudez, Moises, Travis, and Matt. We all knew AdKol was full of s— and decided to pull our alliance onto one tribe and go from there, and AdKol could go screw himself. Then, when the tides started to turn against him, I posted the picture of his “alliance” sheet that he had made so that no one would want to keep him, and I could buy myself a few easy votes of him and those who kept associating themselves with him.

5) On Opening Day, you had an interesting relationship with Travis. You spoke very highly of him, and I thought you were already hooked on to taking him to the Final Two. Did you know he kept voting against you during the Opening Day challenge, and was the reason why you did not end up being a captain?

Travis is someone I don’t like talking about because we’re so alike and he’s been so brutal to people, but that was the reason we got along so well at first. I knew Travis from Previously on Survivor; we’d gotten into spats a couple of times but also identified with each other. He was an ORG regular so we talked awhile, and had opened up to each other since we’re both bipolar and in the LGBTQ spectrum. He had offered me someone I could trust in the game strategically and emotionally and, him being bipolar, I figured he’d know that I could really use someone honest with me to keep me balanced. So, no, I thought he was above actively and immediately stabbing me in the back, but I had not really planned on being a captain anyway, so ke garne.

6) Travis picked Rudez. You picked Matt. From there you guys formed a temporary trio. What made this bond happen in the first place?

Rudez and I meshed right off the bat. She’s opinionated, sharp, and was willing to topple Adam, which I needed so I knew I wasn’t the only sane man in the building. I also talked game a lot, and she didn’t get pissed at me for doing so. Travis, like I mentioned before, was part of our six-person alliance that formed to get away from and back at Adam, and we also had the bonds we had.

7) Travis knocks you out of Nlad immediately. If Travis kept you, do you think you two could have worked together to the end of the game?

Apparently not, since he had such a grudge against me for existing. In my world, us six on Nlad (the five pre-game alliance plus Angel) had debated what to do with the new Sula tribe being created by three of our outcasts. Moises and Matt suggested at one point or another that the six of us stay on the same tribe and just send the three relatively inactive outcasts onto Sula. I didn’t like this plan and tried to talk them out of it because that’s seriously f—in’ arrogant thinking but I also didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb so for group mentality’s sake I said, fine, we’ll vote out Corey, Warren, and William. But Travis takes that as “he’s number six” even though he and I had private chats otherwise, which is why he booted me. In a world where that does happen, Travis probably takes me out anyways because of paranoia.

8) What is it about you and Matt that made you two connect at the time? Because you were loyal to him all the way through to the end of the game.

Matt was loyal to me, and at first that was the main reason I kept him around. However, in the back of my mind and especially later on, I knew that this was a guy who was gonna lose a jury vote 8 to negative 1. I knew this guy would be willing to make dangerous moves for his own sake and I wanted him to be my meatshield. I am not going to compliment Matt much, but I’ll say he is a damn good liar and his inability to care for anyone else playing the game on any level opens up a whole new world of shenanigans. I thought we were a team in which I had the upper hand.

9) And you kicked off that loyalty by giving him your individual immunity talisman in the opening round. You were the first player to do it. Was he really that crucial to your survival to make the merge that this move was necessary?

As I’ve explained many times, including in confessionals, it was not just Matt surviving that needed to happen, it was making Nlad blow up. Nlad had an easy vote. Sula, I could at least fight my way into people’s good books. I gave the II to Matt not only to secure him as an ally for possibly down the road, but to freak out Nlad and fracture them as best as I could. I was hoping that maybe Moises would pull the mutiny trigger and Matt would mutiny here and give myself and Rudez numbers.

10) I know you were talking to Rob and DeAnna a lot too. Did it cross your mind that these three had a pre-game alliance? Even when Nick posted that picture?

The picture moment was a huge folly of mine in that I did not want to get involved. The impression I took was that Matt and Dee were FORMERLY dating (not currently engaged) and having been dumped or in standing friendships with former girlfriends, I knew there were lines I was not willing to cross, and those were personal problems. I thought that’s what Nick was doing, so obviously I was annoyed at that.

11) Speaking of which, what was it like to go through the picture incident when Nick would become a member of your trib that same round?

I had to silently acknowledge that there were two sides to every issue. Nick was against two people I was scouting to be allies, and that was a big problem for me, but I was on SuLa and I needed to not be backstabbed, so I kept the peace with him. As it turns out, Nickolas DiVerdi was one of the coolest people this season, and I wish him all the best.

12) Do you think paranoia hurt you in this game? Because I think in nearly every episode you uttered the words “I think I am going home this round because they are all lying to me”. Do you think after dealing with Adam and Travis that perhaps it hurt your chances of trusting people’s words as much for the rest of the game?

Nailed it. Take a bipolar 19 year old and have him play Survivor after someone who got him to trust him, bond over similar life struggles, and make him feel secure like his perfectly nice younger brother, blindsided him because he actually thought you were annoying and just didn’t want you around, and you’ve got someone who already has several scars from that vote alone and both desperately wants to trust someone and fears ever doing so. Adam, I knew he was just trying to play a game and was cartoonishly bad at it. Travis made it personal. Travis deliberately set me up to emotionally destroy me. That f—ed me up.

13) So you spend the first three rounds on SuLa. You guys dominate all three challenges. Never that close to going to TC. This is pretty much the only rounds where you are on the same side as Corey, Nick, and Rudez. How come you never fully trusted them in the event of heading to Tribal Council?

I was told Corey was sent to vote me out by Moises, and Moises has never exactly been less than transparent. Corey had said that he didn’t actually didn’t care what Nlad said but he had asked me to vote him onto Sula when I was on Nlad so I figured he was just lying. Nick and Larry had been doomed to Sula because they were on Adam’s side and therefore cannon fodder for Aspu, whereas I had vocally opposed and destroyed AdKol’s game as best as I could. I figured that was three people against me and I did not want to take my chances.

14) I only ask you this because they voluntarily shared all of the info for you to find SuLa’s hidden immunity idol. It seems like having an idol on a tribe of five would be a dream scenario.

I didn’t get it hand-delivered personally, the group just shared it amongst each other. I tried to create a “they screwed us, but we need to rely on each other” mentality for Sula, and as far as idol clues go, it worked. I didn’t stick with them out of fear for my life but the three lasting SuLa members were really good at sticking together despite all odds, and I respect that.

15) Speaking of that idol, I recall Matt helping you find it. Is that another reason why you wanted to work with Matt to the Final Two?

It was. I thought Matt would work with me and be an extra vote. Matt himself gave me the code as a thank-you for giving him the II necklace during his stay in Camp Hell, and I figured, hey, this guy will probably be on my side for the long haul.

16) And what was the whole deal between Matt and Rudez when you found the idol? It seemed to sever that relationship for good?

Rudez frustrates me in that, while she’s nice and means well, she does have a grating entitlement issue. Matt has it as well to an extent but he knows full well that he can be rotten. When Rudez didn’t get her idol, she threw a really big fit over it as if she deserved the idol. I told her it could be a missed communication, but then Matt started saying that Rudez was going to plot against us and he didn’t give her the idol for that reason. I needed them both for numbers and connections but they both butted heads so much with their respective egos I realized I couldn’t keep two rams on a leash at the same time.

17) Can you describe the individual relationships with Larry, Rudez, Nick, and Corey prior to the mutiny?

Larry I dubbed Larry “The Corpse” Chip in that as soon as I got to SuLa, I posted a hello and a comment to see if he was active, and that one reply he did was the most active he was that week. He was inactive and antisocial so it was hard to get to know him.

Rudez was my dragon. She and I relied on each other as far as our Sula relationship went because we knew we had numbers. We were open with each other, which is why I told her I had the idol. Essentially my safe spot in Sula who knew what we had gone through on Nlad.

Nick was a nice guy I still tried to be wary of because I had potential allies for down the road on Aspu that he hated (and now I understand why). Very open, always did his work on time, a good tribesmate. As far as last Sulas standing go, he’s a pretty good final rep.

Corey I just couldn’t trust, and I didn’t really get along with. He showed up to challenges drunk once or twice and that really made it hard for me to respect him. Plus there was still the fact that he voted me onto Sula and was told to vote me out immediately.

18) Now to the mutiny itself. You and Matt jumped to Aspu. Good decision looking back? Reasons for why you did it at the time?

Numbers. Throughout the early game, Rob, Dee, Rudez, Matt, and myself communicated as a cross-tribe bond when it was just Aspu and Nlad. We’d say what actions we’d be performing and coordinate. I thought Rob and Dee were perfectly nice people, and when the mutiny came around, I figured if Matt was going, and Rob and Dee were staying, if I went too I went from a 2 out of 5 situation to a 4 out of 7 situation and that’d carry me to the merge.

19) In the short run, it seemed like a great decision as you ran Nlad out of the game. Even your former tribe was loving it because their only loss was Larry who fell off the Earth. Was part of going to Aspu just so you could team up with Matt and conquer Nlad?

Maybe subliminally. I mean, I do enjoy the idea of revenge as much as the next fellow, but it was mostly because of the numbers advantage and security.

20) And were you conquering Nlad overall? Was it a personal vendetta against Travis? Why did you want Nlad to take an absolute beating?

Nlad I did want out of the way because I had more potential allies on Sula, whereas I knew Nlad to be players more dramatic, angry, and out for my own blood, something I could not allow to be spilled. To protect my precious bodily fluids, I targeted the ones who’d hate me less.

21) But while you are doing this, a huge game is being played on Aspu. Was there any point when you wanted to join Lyndsay, Efe, and Tim to boot Rob or DeAnna if you guys lost a challenge?

My plan for when we went to Tribal Council was to play my idol and make other people vote in a way that I could bounce off of. Rob and DeAnna I didn’t WANT to boot but should they have immediately targeted me I’d know to vote for them as opposed to one of the others. My only thought was, I have the idol, I want them to know I have the idol, and I want a vote to see their true colors.

22) But I am sure Matt was working you hard to avoid targeting Rob and DeAnna. Or would you have willingly protected them on your own before the merge?

Matt wasn’t WORKING me anything. I’m gonna say right now that Matt did a number on me, but not in the way you seem to think. I was not with Matt because I was his hapless little sheep being led to the slaughter. I thought we were in an equal-level alliance that would see us to the F2 where I’d handily beat his ass. I knew that my plan was to vote with the three of them. I didn’t know that Matt was leading me around as a sheep; had I known I’d have turned because there is little I hate more than being made into someone’s little chew toy. During the pre-merge I talked little to no strategy but the plan was to protect our four.

23) Did you know Rob had an idol? And did Matt ever convince you that he had the Nlad idol?

Lyndsay told me she thought she had an idol but it was a fake. It didn’t look like the same style as my idol because apparently Rob is realllly bad at making fake idols. She said that they split the clue between them but thought Rob had it. I had that notion that Rob might have an idol but I tabled it until it was useful. Matt didn’t mention him and the Nlad idol, and everyone talked as if Travis had it, which we expected after Angel announced he was quitting after Nlad lost its final IC. If Angel was just going to self-vote, was it because he had no chance? We thought so, and we were right.

24) How many times by the merge did Lyndsay, Efe, and Timothy try to convince you to join with them?

Actually none! I did my best to avoid strategy talk until around Angel’s boot, and that was more on behalf of the seven of us from which I’d do my work. And around the merge, just as silent, which is why I didn’t trust them.

25) And why were you on such bad terms with Rudez during this time? I kept hearing about how you guys were constantly in conflict.

I was not used to betraying people, and I knew I couldn’t keep Rudez as an ally. I was a really bad liar, and I had to do it to someone I trusted and liked. I was transparent, and it fractured our friendship.

26) The infamous 6-5 vote to have the merge happen came in, and the 6-5 vote for the jury to not start. How come you did not want the jury to start? And was Rudez’s deciding vote to do it to keep Travis off of the jury surprise you?

I, too, did not want Travis on the jury, nor Corey for that matter. They’d vote against me for sure. I’m not surprised Rudez did the same.

27) Now to the 6-5 merge. I know you wanted to conquer Travis again. But that was blocked by the 6-5 vote. Did you know Lyndsay and Efe were the ones who flipped their vote? And how much did Sad Pudding accuse you of voting to merge? Because they would know their three votes for not merging were solid.

Sad Pudding was actually decent to me despite Matt being a bully to Lyndsay. He would badger her for screenshots while I tried to act civilly. I said that as soon as I got out of class I’d post my screenie, and they took it at that, whereas Efe and Lyn got railroaded by the other three.

28) How long did it take for me to convince you and Sad Pudding that I had properly counted the votes?

Haha, whenever super bad s— happens I go into denial, and you got the s— end of the stick. Sorry man.

29) You lose the individual challenge. It is your first trip to Tribal Council? What was your first TC experience like?

Uneasy. I’m in film class. I shouldn’t be looking at my phone, but I am nonstop checking the sports game results. I bus home as fast as possible so I can play my idol code. I’m nervous as f— but I’m certain Matt played it on me because I didn’t know he was eager to stab me in the back faster than even Travis. From there, it’s just a waiting game and lots of Tony Hawk.

30) For the first time in SCWL history, multiple people from contrasting alliances have access to an individual idol. The only way that happens is if you share your code. So I ask you this. . .how come you shared your code?! Who did you share it with?

I shared the code with Rudez because I wanted to solidify our alliance. You see, Logan, I’m a strange type of player where I want to be honest with people. If I can be honest with someone about something big, they know they can rely on me, and that protects me more than a one-use idol can. Of course, once I was gone, she shared it with everyone. I only shared it with her, and it spread like immunity herpes.

31) Then it all came down to a game of ‘First person to respond to TC being posted’. Matt had it posted within .1 seconds. Was it discussed that he would play it for the alliance of four?

It was discussed that he would play it for me because I had said my plan from the moment I got it was to burn it the first tribal council I could and get that target off my back. Matt was faster than me, so he did it for me.

32) And were you involved with the decision for him to play it on you at the last minute?

I didn’t know there WAS a last minute and that he was going to take it and play it on himself. If I got booted F11 because he was greedy, I really hope the others would have railroaded him right the f— out of the game.

33) Your first Tribal Council and you get saved by somebody else playing your own idol. How wild is that?

It’s more wild that we beat Rudez and Nick to it. The plan was always to play it on me so that didn’t shock me. What shocked me was that it worked.

34) So you get saved, and I remember you repeatedly messaged me once the TC voting deadline was passed. Were you that anxious to see Travis go to the point you were heavily invested in the outcome?

Believe it or not, Logan, my entire game wasn’t GET TRAVIS OUT. It was at this time where the Alamo formed, knowing we were down 6-4, and we had to know immediately who was out so we could go to bed planning on how to work around the absence. Although, yes, it was nice to have someone as intimidating and brash as Travis out… I mean he did call Rudez a racist the day after purely to slander.

35) In fact, when it came to any sort of deadline, whether it be challenges or voting, I would always get messages from you and Sad Pudding. Why is that?

We’re antsy people, and hardcore players. We want to know what’s up as soon as possible so we can pounce.

36) Corey goes. Rudez goes. I know you wanted Rudez to stay. Did you guys really patch things up, or is it an on again off again diplomatic relationship between Cape Town and Oregon?

I didn’t want her to leave because she was, so to speak, great TV. I wanted her to leave because she was intense competition. She’s a very volatile and self-serving player so I could simply never see myself working with her, but as friends she’s probably one of the cooler ones I’ve made this season.

37) You also requested that if ONE person were to be in all stars from this season, that it would be Rudez. Why did she stand out above all other players?

People played hard this season but Rudez was the only one to play hard and smart without being really s—ty to other people on a regular basis. I just really didn’t want another season of bullies.

38) When it was down to eight, you really wanted to save Nick. You helped him out in the challenge. But when it came to the vote, you helped send him home. What changed your mind?

I sent him home because Tim was immune. I really wanted Tim out that round and almost got my way. You see, Tim had past votes on him, and through my greatest efforts I was able to convince Lyn that I wanted to align with her once we got down to seven. She gave me instructions to vote against Rob, and with that in mind I knew that since we were only four, and they were also four, we needed to have the upper hand. But then inexplicably Dee and Rob thought it would be morally wrong to vote someone out in a semi-alliance (conveniently forgetting that come F6 when they wanted to blindside me) so I tried to help Nick win in order to force their hand. When Tim was out, what I wanted to happen did happen (the sides were forced) so I just stuck with Nick.

39) And Rob played his idol on DeAnna rather than you. How did you guys pick up on DeAnna being the target? Or do you think Rob did that because he wanted DeAnna saved rather than you?

He didn’t protect me because we thought I had Lyn convinced I was with her, so she wouldn’t vote me. The only other one of us two with past votes was DeAnna, and Lyn said the vote was going on Rob (probably to attempt a 4-3-1 split.) We figured, well Rob would dust Nick in a tiebreaker so to cover our bases we protected DeAnna, who was not in her Clark Wilcox’s Indonesia challenge dominatrix mode so would not do as well at a challenge she couldn’t play in anyways because past vote.

40) In the next round, you seemed to just want Lyndsay out before making your big moves. Why was Lyndsay viewed as such a huge threat?

Lyn is severely untrustworthy and goes through great lengths to try and convince people that the proof isn’t on the wall. To tell the truth she’s majorly in over her head a lot of the time and I didn’t want to align with her because it was even more transparent than here that I would be their #4. I don’t like playing with deliberately and transparently untrustworthy people who won’t work well with me. The fewer wild cards in the game that aren’t me, the better.

41) Now this is where your “Dr. Johnson’s failed medical practice” storyline kicks in. You try to save Timothy just like you did with Nick. Tim loses the challenge, and you go to Sad Pudding to keep Tim alive, but he goes home. You wanted Efe out instead. How come you, Efe, and Timothy could not band together to cause a deadlock with DeAnna and send her home?

I wanted Efe out to keep up pretenses with Rob/Dee that we were still in it, plus we couldn’t trust Efe because he was somewhat of a rat. In the world where everything Matt does or says isn’t a consistent lie, Matt/Tim/I go into the F5 and vote out Rob/Dee then we kick Tim to the curb in 3rd before I win over Matt. Of course, Matt spent every moment of our game undercutting me so they randomly switched and then Matt pretended to make plans with me before saying “actually, I never made those plans, and you’re just misunderstanding me and you should have known better.” No joke, he actually tried to convince me that I was delusional instead of saying that I changed my mind.

42) But instead you advance to the next round as the only person who voted against Tim. Did you think you could have been voted out because Efe voted with the majority rather than you?

At that point, I just wanted to see what the reaction would be. I had begun to get the creeping feeling that I was being patronized and was at the bottom and desperately needed to fix that.

43) Oddly enough, you really wanted Efe saved, but yet in the previous round you campaigned to get him out. Why the change of heart?

You have to be versatile in the game. Efe was a number I knew I could get. He was desperate and knew Rob/Dee would get to the F2 and win as much as I did. So we put it aside to make a F3 alliance once again with Matt, Efe, and I. Of course, Matt had his own master to serve and told those masters that I had worked with Efe so then he spontaneously fled.

44) This was when you were not happy with the deadline of the challenge. You appealed to have your challenge submitted. That meant everyone had to unanimously agree to let you submit. Why do you think they agreed?

I thought it was them actually caring because we’d been screwed by challenge mishaps before, but it was probably them just patronizing me.

45) Did you know Efe initially voted against you having your challenge submitted?

Yeah. It was a technical error, he misunderstood the question.

46) This was the peak of when you wanted Rob and DeAnna split up. Did you have any idea that Matt was much tighter with them than he was with you?

Halfway! I thought he was fooling me by having a Rob/Matt F2 deal. Rob and Matt were both acting like little s—s to other people, and Lyn flat out said they bullied her for days while she was grieving her grandfather because she flipped on them. Their only chance to win was with each other, and I realized that. Of course… then I went straight to DeAnna, who surprise surprise was unmoving.

47) Efe goes. You seemed to disagree with this decision whole-heartedly. Do you think this clouded your judgment because of how upset you were that Matt would never save Nick, Tim, or Efe?

It gave me fuel because I knew Matt was not trustworthy, and that I could use that against him. Part of it was just being sick of being dragged around as his dumbass bitch, but most of it was just me getting one step further.

48) I have to ask about the final idol. Did you think anybody found it? And how hard did you look for it?

I doubt it, and f— that thing. I realized after awhile I was not smart enough.

49) Now to the Final Four. Just to set the record straight. . .the jury helped you with the challenge to win it, right?

Rudez did. She wanted to see me win way more than the other three (she thought Matt and Rob were dicks and DeAnna her least favorite style of gameplay) so she asked if she could help. And truthfully, if you turn that down, you’re an idiot.

50) Were you surprised that it took a challenge with possible outside help to finally give you an individual win? Considering how active you had been all game.

Matt and Rob were beasts, quite frankly.

51) You win immunity. All you need to do is win one more challenge to win this game. The jury just may have helped you win a challenge, and Matt, DeAnna, and Rob are suspicious of that. What was the plan heading into that Tribal Council?

Vote Matt out 2-2, go into the F3 with two people who’d much rather take me than the alternative, beat either one. However, Matt said he had an idol, and then I realized that was a chance I was not going to take. I didn’t want DeAnna gone because she could cause a 2-2 vote and she said she’d take me to the end. And I know whoever else goes would rather take me than DeAnna. So I knew Rob was my only hope.

52) Then the most shocking moment of the season. They pitch the idea of you giving up immunity (NO THEY F—ING DID NOT, FIRST OFF). They do not think it will work. Matt even tells you to not do it. But you do it anyway and give it to DeAnna. I know you have explained it before in one of the threads, but can you fully explain why you made that move?

They did not pitch me giving away immunity. It was entirely of my own volition.

In Cameron Land, Rob and Matt are a solid F2 alliance. If DeAnna gets booted by past votes, I go into the F3 with two people not having the slightest intention of letting me in the F2. Not only that, and this is the clincher, I couldn’t participate in the FIC, so I needed an easy way out.

I decided to lay it on the line. I was gonna spend the day making my pitch against Rob, and make Matt make his choice. It would essentially act as the FIC vote, where he wouldn’t get to vote against his preferred target and would essentially have to choose his FTC partner: me or Rob. If he voted me out, then that was really the foregone conclusion of the game. If not, then I win. I expected the 2-2 vote between me and Rob. I did not expect DeAnna to turn on me, and that was the flaw of my game: I lost trust in everyone except the one person who I should never have trusted in the first place.

53) And why not just give yourself that 33% chance of winning Final Immunity even if you thought you may lose it? The challenge barely lasted two hours.

I had no computer. That means I didn’t even have a WAY of accessing the FIC. I’d have to sit out by default, and against Rob and Matt, that’s a game over. I just decided to, instead of failing a challenge I couldn’t play, I’d instead compete via debate against Rob, over the next 24 hours. And then whatever happens, happens.

Although, in the vein of cruel humor, the unthinkable happened the next day: my dad fixed my computer and it was as good as new. I could have played the FIC after all.

Who’d have thunk?

54) You had a habit of giving up immunity all game. You gave up the talisman to protect Matt in round one. You gave up the individual idol in round seven. In round fourteen you gave up the talisman again, but this time to DeAnna. These were the only three times that you had individual immunity all season. How come you always gave it up?

I did it in ways that would secure me allies and secure me more time in the game, or change it in some form that forces others to play their cards. For the talisman, it meant weakening an opponent tribe, gaining an ally who was potentially a challenge aid in the future, and biding me some time. For the idol, which I showed Rudez in round four, it was my way of saying we’re aligned and you could trust me. In round fourteen, I gave it to DeAnna to play chicken with Matt and set forth my destiny in the game.

55) This is my big observation. Correct me if I am wrong here. You knew Matt would be hated in a Final Two. Nobody can lose against Matt. You wanted to do anything you could to make sure he would never go against you. But at the same time, he had really close bonds with DeAnna and Rob that everyone kept warning you about. Do you think that you had such tunnel vision regarding Matt that you were ignoring any other information being presented to you in this game? Because the moment you head to SuLa is the moment you want to work with Matt, and you never looked back.

I thought I also had close bonds with Rob and DeAnna. From the very first day, we talked. As soon as Nlad and Aspu were situated we made plans to always let the other know what was going on. We called it the Rattana Leadership Retreat. When I was banished they supported me and we teamed together to save our skins and take out Nlad, primarily to save ourselves. They welcomed us post-mutiny with open arms. DeAnna was the one who I most felt that bond with. She listened to me, she got me to confess my personal weaknesses, played a mothering figure and told me I could trust her on a personal level. Many times I confessed personal weaknesses I feared others would use against me, things that I was self conscious about, thinking that she wouldn’t be low enough to use them to betray me, when that was far from the case.

Strategically, I was not an idiot. But Sad Pudding did a great job of running circles around me by making me think I was part of those bonds when I was clearly just the tagalong. That’s why I’ve hated them so much post-game; they made a friendship with me they had no care to keep outside of an extra vote.

56) If you kept individual immunity in round fourteen, do you win this game?

If I don’t win immunity next time? F— no. I wouldn’t make it to the Final 2. Had I known I’d have had a computer, I’d have competed in the FIC and maybe have done it. I know I beat anyone in a jury vote come the FIC but in addition to personal atonement reasons (I really felt awful for the way I treated others on my journey, and DeAnna was the only one good to all of us I knew DeAnna was the ticket to the finals. Dee promised that she’d take me after I showed Matt and Rob “betraying” her by asking for me to blindside her, and whoever made the final 3 with us would NEVER take her over me (although apparently not.) DeAnna was my ticket to the finals in that ideal world, but in the real world, I was a castaway among castaways. So, no, I doubt I make it to the end.

57) And do you think you will give up immunity again in the future if you win one?

Not in the F4, but if the need arises, you never know.

58) So how was this as your first ORG experience?

Brutal. Stuck with three habitual liars who spent the entire game creating a false friendship with you based off of the personal fears and weaknesses cut open by a big brother figure rejecting you on a personal level two days in the game only to have you cut all of your friends in bloody fashion before tossing you in the trash in a way they promised you they’d never do? F—ing hell, I’d never want to play another ORG again if all of them are as bad as this. I hated this s—, and I still do. I can’t wait til it’s over, because it just left a s—ty taste in my mouth.

59) If you have any other thoughts, please share.

I gave you a lot of s—, and I still think some of it is warranted (in that I’m frustrated at how much you glossed over in the blogs) but as a host I definitely should give you more credit. You have the patience of a saint. Keep on keeping on, bro.

On behalf of the production crew for SCWL 6, we thank you for playing this game!

I’m sure you do, mate. I know I certainly gave you your money’s worth.

6.14F Round 14 Boot List

03: MATT
6.14G SCWL 6 Final 3 Confessionals


Confessional #20: … I… What…. How… *blank stare*

I was so sure that Cam was not winning immunity on this one. He told me he wanted to win, he was working with Rudez to get the answers, and I was sure he gave me the ones that were right. Or at least the ones he thought was right. If not, I was sure Matt had the best answers and would win. I was SHOCKED when he won today, but there was nothing that could be done. Sad Pudding was going to be broken up so close the end.

Enter Matt Wolff.

It was his brilliant idea to try to manipulate Cam into giving me the idol. I told him it wouldn’t work, Rob told him it wouldn’t work but we all said to give it a try. Matt had to do what he had to do to save himself. Somehow, through his brilliance he convinced Cam to give immunity to me. He just played into Cam’s fear that he would vote me out and that Matt, Cam and Rob would go the final three and that most likely he would take Rob to the end. Cam started to freak out, and that is where I came in.

Cam asked me if I would be willing to vote out Rob. “Of course” I said. I would never vote Rob, but all the work I had done over the last few days talking with Cam made him think that I would – that I would take him to the final 2 AND I would vote out Rob over him. Good, he told me. I am going to be transferring my immunity to you.

I was speechless and I told him so. Part of me wanted to scream NO CAM, DON’T DO IT! I’ve come to adore Cam like a little brother, and as a friend it hurt so much to see him give up his game. As a player I absolutely LOVE the move that Matt made. It is hysterical, downright ballsy and pretty damn awesome. As a friend to Cam, I hated seeing him fall for it.

I don’t know how the jury and the viewers out there don’t like him. Yes, he is abrasive, and loud and sometimes rude and pretty confident, but he has pulled off some amazing moves, caused some pretty great drama and overall I think made this season memorable. If he isn’t a lock for All Stars, I’ll eat my socks. I know the backlash of this is coming … from Cam, from jury, hell even from the viewers. They are going to s— their pants when they find out what went down here tonight. I can’t even imagine what the reactions were going to be. How shocked were you?!


Behold the power of Sad Pudding my friend.

That’s what we were talking about, looking at the main group. No one. NO ONE is going to see this coming. They’re going to slap their foreheads and we’re going to laugh.

I don’t care what anyone says. I’d watch this season on TV if it were real. There has been some amazing goings-on this season.

This basically sums up everything. It’s Cam thinking his only option is to pass his immunity and me protesting the entire way. And him thinking that somehow he’s damaged my game by doing so. One last act of spite before his sun sets.

So I now the game is still technically going on so I won’t ask for specifics, but was the final idol ever found?

Because that’s seriously my one and only regret of this game.

3) ROB

Well, I’m still shocked that all went down the way it did.

I’m watching Survivor All Stars to make me feel less bad about this game move. Luckily, he knew I was voting for him, and I didn’t really have anything to do with the immunity transfer. He’s not too happy with DeAnna right now. Matt said Cam isnt even talking to him anymore. This jury is going to be INTENSE.

CONFESSIONAL: I’m not too happy about being out that quickly in the final challenge, it honestly didn’t matter much who won it, but I wish I could’ve lasted a little longer. I just hope people don’t think I intentionally threw the challenge, it was truly a mistake. I would never throw a challenge, I’m much too competitive.

I’m still waiting on my clues to the HII from that last vote. I have a feeling they are a bunch of math equations, and a clock. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve known about those two clues since Tim got that first vote at the first Aspu tribal.

Corey gave me and Matt every single one of his clues before we voted his ass out.

Why he ever did that is beyond me.

We knew every single clue up until the Saggitarius or Leo one, I can’t remember which.

We got so far with those clues, but we just couldnt figure out how to piece that final thing together.

MATH CLOCK. That’s the hidden immunity idol code name, right?

Are you ever gonna tell us the answer to it? I’m so aggravated we got so close (but did we?)

Your silence is deafening, Logan.
6.14H Tribal Council #15



Whoever DeAnna chooses to survive this Tribal Council will receive the next two clues for the idol.

Dark Space


1. Let’s pick up from last Tribal Council. How did you end up receiving individual immunity from Cameron?

That was a complete shocker to me! Cam had a conversation with Matt who convinced him that he was voting for me. Cam then gave me immunity thinking Matt would then be forced to vote for Rob.

2. And yet you helped vote out Cameron in a unanimous vote almost right after immunity was given up. What compelled the three of you to vote him out so quickly?

Matt, Rob and I had a final 3 deal. It was only logical that Cam was voted out. I never asked him to give me immunity, he did that without consulting me first. At that point I was not going to transfer it back, forcing me to vote him out. I hadn’t backstabbed my alliance up to that point (Misfits, Alamo) and I was not going to start then.

3. Now we shift gears. After two hours, you beat Matt and Boston Rob for the first time this season. Do you think Matt or Rob may have thrown this challenge to bank on you taking them to the Final Two?

I really hope not! We knew we had to battle it out for who was going to make it to the final tribal. I tried my hardest, heart pounding the entire time because I knew I needed this immunity to make it to the end. I am just so happy that I finally won an individual immunity! 😀

4. What is the criteria for who you will be taking to the Final Two?

This whole game, I have been about my word and my promises to my alliance(s) – that is not going to change tonight.


1. You and Rob went from having a monopoly in these challenges to losing the two biggest challenges of the season. Why have Cameron and DeAnna been able to beat you in a challenge this week?

I think as we approached the end of the game my mental acumen slipped slightly. I had been fighting for my in-game life for so long that fatigue got the best of me. Plus in all honesty Cameron won immunity because he had the backing of outside forces, so losing by only one point was pretty good.

2. Either you or Rob will join the jury house tonight. What kind of reaction do you expect when you join them?

If it’s Rob I think they’ll roll their eyes and say they saw it coming. If it’s me I think they’ll roll their eyes and say they saw it coming. The jury has been 100% correct in their assessments of the game, after the fact. Their hindsight is 40/40. Whichever one of us walks into Ponderosa is in for a whole bunch of silence, guaranteed.

3. I am guessing this situation has been talked about for a long time. Or is there suspense for you when it comes to tonight’s vote?

Oh, NOW we’re talking dirty little secrets?! Yes, this has been talked about for a long time now. No, there’s no suspense in the vote. To be honest there was a little debate the past few days but with the jury so adamantly against me, there was no way I was going to F2. We want F2 to be fun, not a landslide.

4. Why should DeAnna keep you?

Because she wants quite literally the fastest, easiest win in Survivor history. Or because I’m just so damn handsome. One of those two.

ROB: I think it’s because you’re so damn handsome.

MATT: D’awww!


1. Pretty much the same thing I asked Matt. How you will handle the jury not as a Final Two member, but rather as a fellow jury member?

1. Well if I am a jury member, it’ll be nice to finally not have to try and suck up to some of them anymore. That was getting pretty tiring. I’m not sure if they’d be happy to see me in Ponderosa or not, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

2. What are the reasons that DeAnna should not take Matt to the end?

2. DeAnna shouldn’t take Matt to the end because he’s made a lot of big game moves, and because he’s won a lot of challenges. The thing is, the three of us also made big game moves, and won challenges when we needed to.

3. Do you feel that there is a hierarchy of who would win the final vote between the three of you? Or is it still a mystery of who may or may not win in the Final Two?

3. I honestly have no clue who would win in the final 3 between us. It all depends on how bitter the jury is.

4. You screwed up just under eleven minutes into the challenge. What happened there? Again, did you or Matt screw up intentionally?

4. I’m using my new iPad bluetooth keyboard, and as I was hitting enter, my finger hit the apostrophe key as well. It was a complete accident, and I couldn’t believe it happened. I would never intentionally screw up a challenge, I’m too much of a competitor to do it.

Okay. Past votes do not matter anymore. Matt cannot vote for DeAnna, he can only vote for Rob. Rob cannot vote for DeAnna, he can only vote for Matt.

Those two votes cancel each other out. Only DeAnna will vote.

Remember to do so in the following manner:

VOTE: (Logan)
REASON: I am skeptical about the integrity of this game if you somehow survive tonight’s vote.

Okay. No idols. Just one vote. Between now and 11:00pm eastern Monday, it is time to vote. DeAnna, you’re up.


Phoenix Wright Logic


Vote: Matt

Reason: You know it had to be this way. Sad Pudding 4EVA!


I’ll go tally the vote.


ROB: Tally whacker that vote.

MATT: *tries to play an idol that’s just a dog bone with a smiley face drawn in crayon on it*



MATT: But it has a face on it…

Danger Abounds

Once the vote is read the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the group almost immediately. I’ll read the vote.
Fifteenth person voted out of this game and the seventh and final member of our jury:
Matt, DeAnna has spoken.
It’s time for you to go.

DEANNA: BYE MATT! You played an AMAZING game!

MATT: That’s fine, this torch sucked anyway.

ROB: YAY! Goodbye Matt, you handsome devil.

DEANNA: That was for pooping in Rob’s shoe!

MATT: But in all seriousness, in case Logan archives this group, it was an honor and a pleasure.

MATT: And Rob Brodeur

MATT: F— u

ROB: Twas! It’s been so fun playing this game with you guys. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

ROB: F– u’ Matt Wolff

DEANNA: The apostrophe! 😀

ROB: That moment will forever be known to me as “The apostrophe catastrophe.”

6.14I Final Three Exit Interview

1) So, this is the first interview I get to do with anyone from Sad Pudding. Truth be told, I do not have too many questions regarding alliances since it was pretty clear where the three of you stood all game. So I’ll start off by asking how you found out about this game?

I believe Clark advertised for it, or somehow through Clark’s Survivor Indonesia game. We were waiting for that to start and got referred over to your game.

2) I know there were talks between you, Rob, Cam, Travis, and Adam before Opening Day. Can you explain how all of that conflict erupted?

I had nothing to do with any conflicts, I was approached by Adam as we all were to form some sort of alliance. I was to be his silent partner, I guess. Having watched Zane do the same thing I just sat back and laughed and never took it too seriously. All it led to was us knowing Adam needed to be the first to leave the game. Icarus flew too high and carelessly.

3) Last season, I had a contestant named Danial who fought with everyone. The big difference is that Danial had no idea what was going on, and had no sense of direction in the game. You on the other hand knew full well what was going on, and had a specific endgame in sight. Was the strategy to always be aggressive no matter what?

Actually not at all. Most of these opinions formed about my gameplay are done so in retrospect and through some really screwed up filters. Nlad was a peaceful place until your silly twist with the third tribe. Once Travis turned, I quickly figured out I was the sacrificial goat and was immediately backed into a corner. Despite what anyone wants to say, I was told I was being left behind immediately by Moises and William. The decision to exile Cam, Rudez, and Corey was made right away. So no, my strategy was not to always be aggressive no matter what. It was to make merge, reunite Sad Pudding, and win.

4) And here is one of the bigger things I am curious about: Would you have been this aggressive if Rob and DeAnna were not in this game, and instead had to play for just you rather than two other people as well?

Hard to say. I was put into an impossible situation right off the bat. But a good indicator is once I was off Nlad, the conflict stopped until the merge vote. I helped lead Aspu to victory after victory and we enjoyed a huge winning streak. Until the merge nonsense life was good on Aspu, so there’s proof positive that I don’t live for conflict but boy howdy if it comes looking for me I sure as hell will not back down.

5) On Opening Day, Cameron picked you to be on Nlad. I am guessing when tribes were picked that you, Rob, and DeAnna agreed to be on two separate tribes? Do you feel being on separate tribes helped you through the first three rounds?

Yes and no. I think all the drama I was a part of kept The Misfits tighter than maybe they would’ve been. The contrast of Nlad to Aspu made them see how good they had it, endearing them to Rob and De. I definitely tried to keep myself the focal point so they could silently lead their people and point out how much better their tribal life was to the other tribes. Then again, if I had been on Aspu the game would’ve been a lot quieter with Aspu silently crushing both Nlad and SuLa.

6) The first four episodes were really about you. Heck, I felt like I was mentioning you in nearly every single episode. But the first four rounds especially. It felt like you successfully fought with everyone outside of your alliance since day one. Even with some of the players you liked a bit more, you always had that flare when you talked to them that could be taken the wrong way. I know this was the main topic between us at Tribal Council throughout the season, but do you feel that the way you talk to people is impossible for you to alter? Even when strategic consequences are on the line?

I enjoy needling people and keeping them on their toes. My quick wit is hard to contain sometimes. I could apologize for getting a perverse thrill out of people but I can’t, it would be disingenuous. Life isn’t meant to tiptoe through as unobtrusively as possible. We’re meant to stomp in the puddles and leave our mark. I’d much rather apologize for errors in hindsight than regret not taking action.

7) While some of the other fights felt like they were for strategic purposes. To me in hindsight, the way you were egging on Moises was a mind game you were using on Nlad. This would go on for four episodes past the point when Moises finally snapped. Can you explain why you were trying to egg on Moises like that? It was one of the more bizarre relationships I have seen in the series.

Moises deserved everything he got because of his handling of the hostage situation. I could sit and expound on how he’s either culpable for his actions because he’s an adult, or he isn’t because he’s only 18, but honestly that’s all subjective. He plays ORGs all the time and makes his own choices. He chose his words, he got the reaction he deserved. Period.

8) And we cannot really go much further without discussing the round one fight with Nick. A lot of players were thinking that your threat to call Chicago’s finest was a bit excessive. I know since then that you admitted it was all a strategic ploy. Do you regret bringing the threat of police into an online game that others are viewing as a way to have fun rather than add real life stress?

No, should I? Nick decided to go outside the game and I assumed that was a line people respected. Public info or not it’s a boundaries issue. I could’ve gone on to publish everything I found about him using public records but I chose not to. I respect boundaries. If saying I was calling the cops scared him for even a second, then I feel my point was made.

9) In round one, Cameron gave you immunity from your first trip to Tribal Council. In the following round, Angel has a hunch that you threw the maze challenge. Did you throw the immunity challenge? If so, why? And if if so, would you have done it without the protection of immunity?

I did subconsciously, that’s the best answer I can give. I made the honest mistake of going the wrong direction right off the bat but all I can say in my defense is I must have done it unintentionally on accident. Can’t complain with the outcome but I definitely wasn’t intending to drop off the map. Still, good times.

10) I have never seen a player who begged to be on any other tribe during those first three rounds. Do you think there was anything you could have done to get yourself put on SuLa instead of Corey? Other than going back in time and telling them that nobody would find the final idol.

I did everything I could. I warned them. I pleaded with them. I approached each of the individually and told them that there was terrible stuff in store for Nlad if I was left there. Everyone laughed and ignored my pleas. I’m glad they kept me. They got exactly what they deserved, each of them.

11) I vaguely recall that you had a hand in helping Cam find the idol on SuLa. Did you help Rob too? How did finding the Aspu and SuLa idols come about?

I found the idol, period. Rudez came to me because she had no idea how to piece together the clues. Once I figured out the ?v= referred to YouTube I got all the pieces randomized out. Then we figured out one was wrong and I found the actual video link. I had to decide if I was going to give it to them at all, and if I was, if it was going to be to just Cam or both of them. But I didn’t help Rob with his idol. He’s a smart cookie and found the Aspu one all on his own.

12) Describe your relationship with Rudez. Because Cameron was glued to both of you, but the two of you seemed to distrust each other heavily. It appeared to turn into a fight for Cameron to be on their side.

There’s not much to tell, really. Initially allies then she was sent to SuLa and my suspicion of her grew. Problem was I knew Lyndsay and Rudez were aligned from Rudez telling Lyndsay about our early conversations. So I was already wary of Rudez. Combined with the fact that she hadn’t shared all the idol clues with the rest of the tribe it made me very wary. But I figured I’d give her a chance and while Cam would have the idol, we’d tell her that “we” had it, being the three of us, and gauge her reaction from there. This was the same time Travis had told me Cam had been feeding him info about the Nlad idol, which I was loathe to believe. So combined with her anger over the three of us sharing the SuLa idol and her sudden, comical finger pointing at me as being the one leaking info to Travis, it all added up to deciding Rudez wasn’t trustworthy.So we sicced Rob on her and the rest is history. But make no mistake, Cam distrusted her too.

13) In round four, you and Cameron mutiny to Aspu. Did part of you want to stay on Nlad just so you could use Cam’s idol to be saved from them once again?

Zero part of me wanted to stay on that garbage infested beach. I mutinied immediately and without hesitation. Idol be damned I’d much rather not worry about individual immunity and nuke them from orbit.

14) Was part of the reason to mutiny because Rob and DeAnna may have been in trouble on Aspu? Because it sounds like Efe, Lyndsay, and Timothy would have taken  out Rob if the double TC happened before the mutiny rather than after.

Logan, let me make one thing crystal clear. De and Rob were never in trouble on Aspu. They were the leaders of The Misfits and regardless of how empowered and enlightened Lyndsay, Efe, and Tim may have felt post-game, it was never the case while things were going on. I came to Aspu to help lead them to victory and we did exactly that. If Aspu would’ve lost it would have been Efe gone, whether I was there or not. His paranoia had gotten to everyone.

15) How long was it before the four of you decided that Efe would go if Aspu lost a challenge?  It is not like Efe, Lyndsay, and Timothy had any way to defend themselves until Rudez and Nick came along.

Efe was the planned boot before Cam and I arrived. That didn’t change after we arrived.

16) Let’s quickly go back to the idols and Cam. Did you help Cam find the idol because he gave you immunity in the first round?

No, I found the idol because I love to solve puzzles. The idol was another puzzle for me to solve, so I did. Rudez asked me to help, I had no reason to say no, and so away I went. But again, I didn’t help Cam find the idol. I gave him the word to send to you, and the YouTube link to prove to him that it was legit. Cam didn’t find anything.

17) Now let’s just talk about your relationship with Cameron in general. To me this relationship seemed far more important than anything you had with Sad Pudding all game. It wasn’t the Sad Pudding alliance that got you, Rob, and DeAnna. . .it was you keeping Cameron with you. How come you were able to keep Cam in line while you not having great relationships with everyone else in the game?

Cam needed someone to listen to his ramblings and far-fetched plans. I needed someone to round out our F4 to ensure we would be the F3. He had an affinity for me and we genuinely liked him. He had a head for the game in general, altho not this specific game, and when he wasn’t being all angry about something or other he was fun to have around. Cam stuck around because he thought I was his key to making F2. It wasn’t hard to keep him around because he had nowhere else to go, and no better options. Sad Pudding was the social game. Sad Pudding was the challenge threat. We held all the cards the entire game so why wouldn’t he want to stay with us?

18) There was something else that I picked up on while the game progressed–Cameron repeatedly told me for the second half of the game that he was happy every time you got into an argument because it gave him that much more incentive to take you to the Final Two. Knowing you are not stupid, I figured that was one of the ways you were playing Cam. Did you get into fights knowing it would help motivate and convince Cam to keep you happy at Tribal Council because he would do whatever it takes to take you to the Final Two?

Honestly? Not at all. By that point in the game The Cool People were trying to be so witty about their plans going awry that it was only more and more fun to poke them when yet another hatched plot went south. I wasn’t playing Cam, he was laughing at them just as much as I was in private. If me getting to taunt the failed alliances caused Cam happiness, then I’m happy too.

19) Let’s fast forward to the temporary mutiny. Nick and Rudez joining Aspu. I am guessing the four of you knew you were in trouble there?

For sure. That was the only real moment of panic for Sad Pudding as a whole. The Nlad clusterf— was bad, but the merge vote had us scrambling while we tried to figure out who turned and what to do from there. It took about half an hour to figure out it was Lyndsay and Efe, then it was a matter of putting plans into play to ensure they remained loyal. With The Alamo in place we knew we just needed to cause chaos, so that’s exactly what I did. 🙂

20) Now to the merge. The merge you, Rob, and DeAnna did not want. The number of times you guys asked me to re-count those votes were in the teens. Tell me how it all unfolded from your perspective.

Merge was supposed to go smoothly, and not at all. But the merge vote comes and we have everyone swearing up and down that they weren’t the ones to voted to merge. Because of the count we knew we had 2 flippers, so it was a matter of everyone proving it by screenshot. People like to point out how much of a fan Sad Pudding was of screenshots but the proof’s in the pudding, no pun intended, and there’s no better way to prove something happened. So everyone submitted, we looked at the evidence, and figured out who flipped. Lyndsay and Efe denied it up and down of course, going so far as to join us in imploring the flippers to just admit it. Watching Lyndsay agree with me when I said that lying about flipped would only make things worse was sad. Just so, so sad. Here we were, knowing it was her, and she was still trying to play it dumb. But the charade kept up and we moved on.

21) And did the decision to merge make you guys go from “maybe we don’t need to play an idol” to “heck, we may need to play both of our idols”?

No, this is again where De and Rob controlling The Misfits came into play. The Swing Votes (Lyndsay, Efe, and Tim) like to claim in retrospect that they were making all sorts of moves but in the end they remained (mostly) loyal to Rob and De. After all, Rob and De stayed loyal to them 100% and pointed that out over and over. So while we were concerned about the post-merge tribal councils we were pretty sure The Alamo plus one or two Misfits would always keep things in our favor. And for when we felt things slipping we always had those two idols as backup. But the panic never reached those same levels again.

22) And did you guys pick up on the plans of Rob being the target at merge? If Travis or Corey win immunity, would you guys have still played an idol on yourself or Cam, and Rob goes home?

If any of our little birds has reported back indicating Rob was the target, we would’ve saved him. That was the best thing about The Cool People, The Swing Votes, and any other number of failed alliances. They were completely disorganized, full of distrust, and no one could keep a secret to save their life. Everything got back to us. Everything.

23) But Rob wins immunity. Cam being saved was pretty much 100% your doing from my perspective. Tell me how it all went down.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT LUCK. I want to make that perfectly clear. It was 50/50 me or Cam. I promised I would protect Cam and so I did. I could have just as easily gone home. Reading the recaps it makes sense why they didn’t vote me. I had done a good job convincing people I was someone I definitely was not. Playing the SuLa idol on myself felt horrible and I couldn’t do it in good consciousness so I changed it last minute. If I hadn’t and Cam went home after I promised to protect him… well let’s just say I’m glad I did.

24) And when you guys see it is 7-4, soon to be 6-4 after Travis goes, do the four of you think “we’re screwed”?

Again no. The panic was gone by then. We knew our strength lay in the bonds De and Rob built with The Misfits. By making it seem like Cam and I were on the outs, they were able to reign in Efe and Tim. Lyndsay was a lost cause but that was of little consequence. Efe demanded my head round after round and De dangled it in front of him, the proverbial carrot on a stick. Next round, Efe. We just vote Nick this time. Next round, Efe. Matt won immunity again somehow. Next round, Efe. Until there were no more rounds.

25) What was equally impressive is that the four of you timed it perfectly when to use Rob’s idol. It seemed so dang obvious to target the four of you no matter what. How did you guys know to hold off using Rob’s idol at 10 and 9?

Because The Misfits still existed. So much of your post-game analysis is based on The Swing Votes’ recollection of things. Unfortunately, that wasn’t how it played out. They were more than happy to go along with us. Hell, it was Tim’s idea to vote out Rudez. The numbers only looked bad on paper. When it came to vote time, there was no concerted force against us. That hot mess of a Cool Person alliance did a great job eating itself, we sat back and watched. As soon as we knew it was turning on us, it was just a matter of Lyndsay telling Cam the target was Rob and we knew everything we needed to know about that vote. I don’t want to say it was too easy because that’s an insult to the word easy.

26) At nine, your long awaited wish to send Rudez home finally came true. All jokes aside, do you feel Rudez was the competitor that everyone else, especially Cam, made her out to be? Because it seemed like Sad Pudding had no other objective on their mind other than to vote Rudez at 11, 10, and finally 9 when she went home. The three of you do not scare so easily.

She was the only one capable of rallying those troops. Nick was a non factor. Corey was an unreliable lush. Travis was insane. Lyndsay wasn’t a leader. Efe was a follower. And Tim was incredibly smart and quiet, but not one to take charge. So Rudez was the obvious one to take out. That said, and I apologize to your professional crush on her in advance, but she wasn’t really much of a competitor. She telegraphed all her moves. At no point did we feel she was ahead of the curve. She had a fine social game, and that goes a long way I suppose, but in SCWL6 she never made any moves of note. That said, I’m sure she’ll do a great job in SCWL7 provided she doesn’t tell Lyndsay any of her plans.

27) Then the other four, led by Lyndsay, finally do what should have been done two rounds earlier. How did that scenario with The Gambler and Rob’s idol play all come about?

Logan, I literally outlined this at the time for you. Lyndsay successfully played the Gambler and won immunity. So I messaged and said she was going to transfer it, altho I said to Nick at the time. But we knew it was moving. Giving it to Tim was unfortunate for our plans, and for Nick. It all worked out but it wasn’t unexpected, and while it was certainly stress-inducing while we waited to see if our move was the right one, it was very gratifying to see us outmaneuver another plot.

28) Now to the other item that you had but gave away–The Tiebreaker. Care to explain for the record why you passed it off to Lyndsay early on?

Because I wasn’t anticipating that mutiny and knew there would never come a time I wanted Nlad to win any tiebreakers. I did it to keep Lyndsay in line with The Misfits, to make her feel valued.

29) Lyndsay, Tim, and Efe all go in a row. I assume Lyndsay went first because she was the big threat?

No. Because she was a terrible liar and we were tired of her. Please reference De’s “Dear Lyndsay” confessional. It’s not that she turned against us. This is Survivor, that’s what happens, it’s the fact that she wouldn’t even own up to her moves. Take credit or, at very least, be honest. She could do neither, so her place in the game was gone.

30) Lyndsay thought you made the game really ugly for some stuff you did after Travis went home to make her, Efe, and Timothy vote out Corey and Rudez. Specifically the fact that she had personal troubles going on in her life. Do you feel bad that you may have exploited Lyndsay in that situation to a bit of an extreme?

This is the biggest misnomer of my game. I did NOTHING of the sort. Literally nothing. I beg anyone to show me evidence that I said a single thing of personal exploit to Lyndsay. Her dog went through surgeries, her grandfather passed away, and I said quite literally nothing but sympathetic words to her. Any claims that I attacked her personally are false, entirely and completely. After she lied over and over about her merge vote I definitely called her out for being a terrible liar. Not a terrible person that lied, but someone who is very bad at lying. But beyond that, I had very little to say to her. So I’m sorry. I’m the first to fess up to my actions in this game. Fights I picked with Nlad members, strife I caused, chaos I brought. But Lyndsay? I did nothing there.

31) You were close to having the record for most immunity wins. Instead you helped Rob win a couple of those challenges. Why were you so willing to give up immunities once it got down to six?

Because records don’t mean anything to me.

32) This game had probably the highest level of cooperation between players in challenges. Specifically, the amount of collusion between you and Rob. Do you feel that is a bit unsportsmanlike to do that? And how would you suggest policing that in the future?

Maybe make a rule about it? Otherwise if you’re going to allow communication between tribes, as well as between the jury and live players, then cooperation is going to be expected. I would say FAR more unsportsmanlike than Rob and I working together is players from the jury working with players still in the game.

33) Final Four. We will get to the big moment in a minute, but on the subject of helping players in challenges, how long was it before Sad Pudding was suspicious that Cameron had “help” in that challenge?

Cam told De that Rudez was helping him, so not long at all.

34) The jury was not exactly kind towards the three of you, especially you. Why did you guys want the jury to have only seven members rather than nine?

Because Travis Rindler deserves everything in the world except a spot on the jury.

35) Okay. Cameron wins immunity. You are prepared to sacrifice yourself to set up an interesting finish. I was online when you told me that you were going to make some half-hearted attempt to convince Cam to give up immunity. Go ahead and explain how that all went down. You can probably explain it better than I can.

I could sit and write a book about this. But I won’t. It’s really, really simple. Cam and De had a F2. Well, Cam thought he and De had a F2. Despite De saying that they did not. Still, if Cam had an achilles heel at this point, it was De. Cam was worried that I had a F2 deal with Rob. So I very gently introduced the idea to Cam that I was sure glad De hadn’t won immunity, otherwise I’d be forced to vote out Rob, whom Cam wanted gone. So Cam, in his bloodlust to get back at me for foiling his plans, moved to save the one person in the game he thought would still work with him. It wasn’t hard, but it was surprising all the same. He told me after that it was to spite me. We just laughed and laughed and laughed. I honestly didn’t expect it to work because seriously, who gives up immunity at F4? Cam does. That’s who.

36) If I remember correctly, you even warned Cameron to not give away his talisman. Is that the one moment all season where you made a move that was against the strategic benefit of Sad Pudding?

It’s called reverse psychology. By imploring Cam to not do something, it only reinforces his desire to do it more. I wasn’t working against Sad Pudding for a second this entire game.

37) Then for all three occasions in the game that he held it, Cam gives up immunity to another player. He was literally one challenge win away from winning the game, but a move like that makes him seem like he was miles away from a victory. How do you analyze Cam’s gameplay? Is he a player who was just too inexperienced and has some real potential, or just a player who made the mistake of putting too much faith into a Final Two deal?

Cam is a complex jumble of stuff. During the game he was pretty single-minded to do damage post-exile. Then that slowly turned to align with De and Rob. Seeing that, I decided getting close to him would be in his best interests as it kept him a) close and b) away from bad players. Sad Pudding was the strongest alliance in the game and Cam deserves some stability. He has it rough and he wears his heart on his sleeve, so we wanted to earn his loyalty, and then reward it with loyalty in kind. His weakness is looking too far ahead and not keeping his eyes on the here and now. Anyone could see Rob and I were working together, but it wouldn’t have been a stretch to look a little closer to see that Rob and De were also aligned, and then transitive property that into me, De, and Rob being aligned. But instead he missed that and tried making F2 alliances with at least two of us. He’s not a bad player by any stretch of the imagination, he just needs to be more focused on what’s going on and not what may happen down the road.

38) Final immunity challenge. The plan you have told me is to sacrifice yourself in third place. The challenge begins and Rob is out eleven minutes. You and DeAnna fight it out for two hours when you make an odd slip. Was that a genuine slip or were truly pushing the challenge as far as it could go? Truth be told I was expecting you guys to have the challenge all staged to end in five minutes because it was no secret you volunteered to go.

It was a conversation that evolved as the challenge unfolded. I could’ve just as easily won immunity and gone to the F2. Or I could’ve won and transferred immunity to one of them. Instead we competed against each other, watched Game of Thrones, and had a nice time of it while laughing our asses off at Rob’. Say what you want about our alliance, us as individuals, or our strategy, but we played the s— out of your game and that wasn’t going to stop just because of Rob’s fat  f—ing sausage fingers.

39) And do you think that is an honourable way to play this game? To play it as a team to such an extreme that 3rd, 2nd, and 1st has already decided between you guys? Particularly when Survivor is an individual game? Because people have been analyzing your decision to go home in third non-stop.

We entered the game as three people. The decision for me to be third was decided late in the game. And even that could’ve changed. But no, there is nothing dishonorable about playing as a group. We were three against 18, 1 versus 6 if you extrapolate. The odds were not in our favor at any point until the very end. We worked our asses off as individuals to get there and it’s an insult to downplay what we accomplished.

40) Even after you join the jury, you still did not get along with the rest of the jurors. You frequently intervened on Rob and DeAnna’s behalf just to get into a fight with the jurors’ questions. Do you view that as being funny? Being protective of your relationships? And do you understand how players may not view their conversations with you the same way that you do?


No. I like to correct people’s mistakes and defend my allies. Especially after reading through the jury house threads at the hivemind that developed. These entitled jurors suddenly grew a sense of strategy after they left the game, and the sense that the F2 didn’t deserve to be there was so strong. It wasn’t bitter, because that is too mild a word to describe it. They were outright delusional and I refused to let that stand.

41) Who do you think was the biggest contributor to getting Sad Pudding to “day 38”?

It was an effort by all of us, it’s obvious to anyone that looks at us as individuals. I helped draw attention and eliminate threats. De was the heart of the trio and kept The Misfits social core going. Rob was the brains of the operation and helped keep us ahead of our competition. We each played a part in it and I could never say one of us was a bigger contributor as we all did incredibly important things in our own way.

42) Last question: Early on, you were not too happy with me as a host. How has your opinion changed of me now that this journey is in the books?

In some ways yes, in other ways no. My original gripes stand. You leave rules intentionally ambiguous, expecting players to know what questions to ask. You seemingly go out of your way to leave loopholes so you can deny them, then go on in your recaps to chastise the players for wanting to exploit them. You make mistakes on some challenges, but then turn around and act offended if I think you’ve made mistakes on others. Being host is not being infallible. That said I have definitely gained more respect for ORG hosts in general, seeing first hand how much pressure you’re under to deliver. You run the game for free and maybe what little game it affords you, but it’s certainly a labor of love. The patience and hard word you put into your challenges is impressive, especially compared to most other hosts out there. But this question really has two parts to it. All of that is what I saw once we arrived at F2. A long season of ups and downs. Then came the recaps, and that’s where you lost integrity in my eyes.

You don’t like Sad Pudding, we get it. You made that abundantly clear from practically the first episode. We were apparently one person too big for a pre-game alliance for your tastes. You’ve used the words unsportsmanlike, dishonorable, and unfair when referring to us and our tactics. But you’re the host, Logan. Your recaps are supposed to paint an accurate picture of the game for people that weren’t playing in it. Injecting your strong bias into each recap turned them from what was supposed to be a fair portrayal of our rise to victory into a bitter sounded fanfic where your chosen protagonist has their day in the sun unjustly taken. You whined. You moped. You effectively became the 8th member of the jury and did so blatantly and without remorse. I expected better of an ORG host, and for that I’m completely disappointed. I think you said it all when you wrote, “My heart just isn’t in it anymore.” You’re the host of this game, I think we deserved better than that.

43) If you have any other thoughts, please share.

I think I’ve said it all. Good luck with SCWL7. I hope whoever you want to win that one does.

6.14J Round 15 Boot List
6.14K Rite of Passage


(adam) – You made the beginning of this game interesting. I don’t think this game would have been the same without you. Your crazy schemes so early on forced a 5 person alliance that dominated until the merge. By the way, trying to convince me to vote out Rob because “he hates dogs” is possibly the funniest lie ever to try to get me to turn on someone BEFORE THE FIRST VOTE.

(WARREN) – I honestly really liked talking to you. I gave you a head’s up about being voted out of Nlad because I thought that meant you would be able to work with me when you got to SuLa. You definitely flipped things upside down!

(MARC) – You know you are one of the sweetest people I met in this game. You were the first vote I had to make that I didn’t want to do, and that is why we had to blindside you. I wish things had been different and that you had voted with me instead of Adam. We could have gone a lot farther in this game together.

(LARRY) – The quiet vet. I thank you for bowing out of the game when you knew you didn’t have the time to play.

(WILLIAM) – We never spoke, but I heard a lot of good things about you. Of course until you came into the group and said you hated us all or something like that. I’m sorry you didn’t have fun in this game.

(MOISES) – Seriously, lol. That is all I know about you. Best of luck in all your other games!

(ANGEL) – Bad luck good sir. I told you to come over to Aspu during that first challenge but you didn’t want to. Probably for the best after you backstabbed your alliance on day one.

(TRAVIS) – Get your s— together sir. Your actions in this game were not acceptable.

(COREY) – We were on different tribes until the merge, then you were playing in Rudez pocket. Sorry things turned out the way they did.

(RUDEZ) – Smart, strategic player. I’m not sure what your beef with me in this game was but we never seemed to connect. You played a hell of a game though. Congrats!

(NICKOLAS) – I have no comment for you.

(LYNDSAY) – I loved playing this game with and against you. You are so much fun to talk to, and we always got along so well. You were supposed to be with me until the final 4 but you chose to fight against me instead. I hope that we can be friends after this game.

(TIMOTHY) – You were hands down the most underrated player in this game. You were smart, cunning and single handedly took out Rudez who was controlling a lot of people. I wish I could have taken you farther in this game but you backstabbed me one too many times. No hard feelings, you were definitely one of my favourite people here.

(EFE) – Oh Efe. Efe, Efe, Efe. What can I say? You were so much fun to play with. I love talking strategy with you. You were the Paranoid-In-Chief and without you this game would not have been the same.

(CAMERON) – Cam. I am so sorry you are upset about what happened. I honestly adore you and out of everyone I met, I think we were the closest. I saved your ass more times than I can count. I did it because I think you are an amazing person. Voting you out KILLED me. I hated every minute of it, and hated even more than you felt so betrayed. I saved you as long as I could in this game and had you kept your immunity, there is a chance you could have made it farther. Hopefully one day you forgive me and we can be friends.

(MATT) – Oh sweet Matt. You played the best game here and it sucks that the jury is too bitter to see it. You are awesome, handsome and smarter than pretty much anyone I know. Thank you so much for playing this game with me and making it so much fun from start to finish.

Confessional #21: The End

Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe how well this game went in my favour. Between all the bumps in the road, the backstabbing, the lying and the close calls I still made it to the final 2 on my FIRST ORG! When I came into this game I knew I was going to be Sad Pudding to the end and while I could visualize us getting here, I never honestly think it could happen. There were so many other players, so many veterans and we had no idea what to expect.

The beginning of this game was rough for everyone – for us newbs who were frustrated because we didn’t know how things worked and I know it was frustrating for you too, Logan. I’m sorry if we made things hard on you, we didn’t mean to do that.

Every little snag seemed to bring a new opportunity, and slowly but surely we manoeverd our way to the end. When it was finally Sad Pudding as the majority, I couldn’t believe it. How the f— did we actually manage to outwit, outplay and outlast everyone? This result was magical. There is no way we could ever do this again. This first would have to be our last, but I am so glad everything turned out the way it did.

When Cam gave up immunity to me, I didn’t realize he would be so bitter at the end. I hope that he realizes that it was nothing personal and that hopefully after he calms down he will realize that it had to be done for the best of my game. Cam was trying to get me out for as long as I could remember but yet I saved him over and over again. I wasn’t going to turn on my alliance at the last minute, not when I had made it so far with keeping my loyalties intact.

This last beast of a challenge was stressful. Every single time ROLL CALL was sent I felt my heart pounding in my chest. My hands were sweaty and I was practically shaking. I knew I needed to win especially after Rob screwed up so early in the challenge.

So here we are, heading to the final tribal council. I know it is going to be filled with bitter bitter jury members. This game is Rob’s to loose. Most of these jurors have stated they will never vote for me. It is my job now to convince them otherwise, and I think I can do it.

So buckle up, this is going to be a bumpy ride. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

2) ROB

Well when you’re in an alliance since day zero, it helps.

Our alliance was just always two steps ahead of everyone, and we were able to get as far as we did by our unwavering loyalty to one another.

(adam) Approached me before the game even started, looking for an alliance. Knowing we’d need more than just us 3, I took the bait. UNFORTUNATELY, he dangled his bait in front of basically everyone in this game. As much as he sucked, he is what formed the Misfits sub-alliance in Aspu. I still completely hate him though for trying to get DeAnna against me by saying I’m a dog hater. That’s some bulls—.

(WARREN) I didn’t really get a chance to know him, but Matt told me he was a cool guy. I guess he does other ORGs as well, so maybe he might want me on a future season of his

(MARC) I really liked him. He was a good guy, we didn’t talk much, but when we did, I always enjoyed it. He was just unfortunately on the wrong end of the vote in that round.

(LARRY) I knew him as a contender from my vSurvivor experience. He was honestly the first person on my hit list going into this game. I’m just happy he went out when he did, because I think he would have gotten a lot further, had he been more involved in the game.

(WILLIAM) I never talked to you, and when you got voted out, I didn’t even remember you were on the cast. Add that to the fact that you’re apparently bitter that newbies beat you in the game, and you’ve got a nice formula for someone I don’t particularly care for.

(MOISES) lol. That is all.

(ANGEL) I honestly kept getting you and Moises mixed up, and if it weren’t for his signature catch phrase, I still would have difficulty distinguishing you two.

(TRAVIS) F— you. I hate you so much, you were a goddamn leech on this game, and I couldn’t stand you from day one. I had a f—ing party when you were voted out, especially since it ended up being by your own alliance, who also couldn’t f—ing stand you.

(COREY) I didn’t really have much contact with you during this game, other than when you tried to get me to turn on my alliance. Apparently you were also s—faced for most of the challenges. I honestly can’t believe you made it as far as you did. Bigger fish to fry, I guess.

(RUDEZ) You frustrated me so much during this game, between the non-mutiny, and everything else. Little did you know, I had been playing you since the moment you started chatting with me. You were a tough competitor, but I really can’t respect a lot of how you played this game. Blackmailing myself and Matt for your jury votes/questions, and helping Cameron win that final 4 immunity. There’s a reason why the jury is sequestered from the rest of the cast when they are voted out, and you are proof as to why.

(NICKOLAS) I personally never had any problems with you, but the way that you treated DeAnna and Matt early on in this game is appaling. You seemed to be a cool guy, but then you’d go and say or do something stupid, and I couldn’t look past it.

(LYNDSAY) Oh, you frustrated me almost as much as Rudez did. I enjoyed being in your alliance at the beginning of this game, but come the merge vote, and you turning your back on us, I stopped enjoying it right then and there. Your constant paranoia is what got you voted out of this game. If the Misfits stuck together, you probably could have ended up in my position now. I did say Misfits to the end, and DeAnna and myself are here. So I was definitely telling the truth about that.

(TIMOTHY) Dude. You were an awesome person. I can honestly say, out of this entire cast, you were my favorite person to talk to (outside of Sad Pudding of course) You are a man well beyond your years, and I wish we could have taken you further. The only problem with that is, if you got anywhere near a final 2, you would win hands down. Good game, Tim. I’m cheering you on in your other ORG.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Timothy was voted out right before the merge in Ori’s game.

(EFE) Your paranoia annoyed me from the very beginning. I couldn’t wait to get rid of you. It PAINED me to keep you until the final 5. Every single time I turned around, DeAnna was telling me that you were getting paranoid again. It was exhausting.

(CAMERON) We started out as rivals in that first tribal selection challenge, and we soon became thrust into an alliance. You definitely did your share of trying to get rid of myself and DeAnna, worried that we would make the final two. It just ended up being too little, too late. Here we are, and there you are, sitting on the jury, being bitter. I wanted you out a lot earlier than you were voted out, but Matt was a big proponent on keeping you with us til F4. You have him to thank for making it as far as you did, and it bothers me to see you acting this way towards him. You need to look past it and remember that this is just a game.

(MATT) You sexy beast. I have enjoyed so much playing this game with you. You were the founder of Sad Pudding, and we were brothers in arms during vSurvivor. We are basically the same person, and I hope to play many more Survivor ORGs with you in the future. I could keep talking, but they’re playing me off with the Oscar’s music. SAD PUDDING FTW!

EDIT for Efe’s.

(EFE) Your paranoia annoyed me from the very beginning. I couldn’t wait to get rid of you. It PAINED me to keep you until the final 5. Every single time I turned around, DeAnna was telling me that you were getting paranoid again. It was exhausting. It doesn’t surprise me that Monica was your favorite player from BvsW. She was that annoying, paranoid person, that was only taken to F3 because of the fact that she would never win, and me being completely annoyed by her for the entire season. I also had no idea where your huge fan club came from. If they saw how much of an impact you DIDN’T make in this game, I doubt they’d be as on board with you as a player.

And that’s all folks. Rob Brodeur, signing off. It’s been a pleasure mocking all of you during this entire season, and I can’t wait to see Logan’s recap.

You know, People are so quick to point the finger, but nobody can admit that they too were wrong before. Unlike them, we actually have to fess up to our actions because everyone’s calling us out on it. I hate having to cater to these idiots, so I’m doing it as little as I possibly can. I can’t wait until this s— is over and everyone can see what I REALLY think about them. I look forward to not speaking to any of them after this game (with a couple of exceptions), more than I look forward to finding out who wins. If DeAnna wins, I’m happy, if I win, I’m happy. It’s a win-win situation no matter what, and us being together in the F3 was as big of a win as I could ever hope for. The biggest win will be this game being over, and I can go back to not giving a f— about people that I could care less to think about past this game.

I apologize in advance for all of the censoring you are going to have to do with my confessionals, and everything else for that matter (That is if you censor things at all) If I were on actual Survivor, I’d be single-handedly helping the censor button guy keep his job. Thanks for putting up with my potty mouth.

6.14L Final Tribal Council



Well, that was the quickest completion of Rite of Passage ever.

DeAnna, for the final time, I will take back immunity. It is of no use anymore.

Okay. Welcome to Final Tribal Council.

First off, congratulations to you DeAnna and you Rob. You two were the first two members of Aspu, and have carried this game as far as you possibly could. The power shifts to the jury–this season it is not only a record low seven people that you voted out, but the first time that a Final Two has been directly responsible for each person on the jury.

Your fate is now in their hands. They will decide which one of you will take home the title. This is the final showdown of the season.

We will now begin this process. You two can now make your opening statements. Sometime tomorrow I will sign on and allow the jury to start asking questions.

This is your first opportunity to directly address the jury and convince them of why you are deserving.

Alright. Time for your opening statements.

(Jurors and viewers–please do not comment in this thread.)


Coming into this game, I had no idea what to expect. My only previous ORG experience was the failed experiment that was VSurvivor. I was apprehensive but excited to see what this game was going to be like.

With the first twist of three tribes, I realized that I was going to have to rely on my social and strategic skills to get me far in this game. While I was decent at challenges there were some amazing challenge beasts in our ranks and as I had expected, challenges were not going to be my strong suit.

Over at Aspu I helped form a solid 5 person alliance which I soon named the Misfits. We all got along really well, and after Adam quit it was pretty much all sunshine and rainbows at camp. I remember talking with Cam and Rudez and they asked us about camp life and I told them as horrible as it was, we were that tribe everyone hated because we just sat around singing together. I feel I was instrumental in keeping the mood on our tribe AND the alliance strong. When we lost Marc, I knew our alliance was in danger. I was coming up with solutions when we found out about the first mutiny. This is when I came up with the plan for the Super-Tribe.

Inviting Rudez, Cam and Matt to join Aspu was one of the best moves I made in this game. While Rudez declined to join us, we gained Cam and Matt and this ensured our safe passage to the merge. With the challenge prowess of Matt and Cam, combined with our resident challenge beast, Rob we were able to get ourselves to the merge safely. Without this move we would have lost at least two challenges. We would have lost some of our alliance and I had promised everyone we would make it to the merge/jury phase. I wasn’t about to break that promise. Efe in particular kept asking me ‘What if’ – and each time I told him to have faith in me. I had promised him Misfits were going to the merge and to jury and I would make it happen or be kicked out trying.

The first vote after the merge was the only time in this game I didn’t predict the move that was coming. The Cool People Alliance that voted for Cam at the merge caught me off guard. I had trusted my alliance of Misfits to stay on board and keep their word, but 3 of the 5 of us had flipped and gone elsewhere. This forced my hand to make a new alliance – The Alamo – and I knew it would be an uphill battle from there until the end of this game. I fully expected Cam, Matt, Rob and myself to go home the next 4 votes but it was through my strategic and social skills I was able to turn the vote in our favour.

The turning point in this game was when we realized that the former Misfits + Nick were going to vote me out. Since Rudez had thrown a previous vote at me the round earlier, this was the logical step. In addition, Tim and Efe were both acting squirrely towards me and I knew EXACTLY what that meant. Cam only confirmed what was going on when he told us Lyndsay said she was voting out Rob. Rob playing the idol that round on me cemented our alliance and gave us the upper hand. The game was now 4 v 3 and unless someone waivered, the final 4 was pretty much guaranteed to The Alamo.

I knew Cam had been plotting against me for half the game, and this was no different. I knew he was working with Tim to get me out, which is why Tim had to go home when he did. Cam tried to get me out, unsuccessfully that round by trying to switch the vote to me last minute from Tim. When that didn’t work, he tried to get Efe out. Luckily, I had ensured that I knew what was going on almost immediately and was able to squash that attempt to yet again get me out, and to save Efe who would be my best bet of moving forward in the final 5.

The hardest part strategically for me in this game was when we reached the final 4. As much as I adore Cam, I had a final 3 deal with Matt and Rob and I wasn’t going to start betraying my alliance now. This whole game I had been loyal to the alliances I made. I was loyal to the Misfits until they stabbed me in the back. I was loyal to The Alamo – and lastly, I was loyal to my final 3 deal AND my final 2 deal, which was to Rob.

People are going to say that I didn’t make any “big moves” – but I did. They might not have been flashy and they didn’t involve me unnecessarily betraying and backstabbing my allies but they did involve me outwitting, outlasting and outplaying the other players to further myself in the game. Every single one of you on the jury is there because I voted for you. While this might make you angry, you also should realize this is a sign that I was aware and in charge this entire game.

Survivor is like a game of chess, you have to constantly be looking ahead and not just at your current play. As anyone on Aspu can tell you, I was ALWAYS planning ahead, publicly and privately in chats. I was constantly scheming to get us farther and most of the time it worked. My strategy got me to the final 3 where I *finally* was able to beast a challenge and win myself the final and most important immunity.

The jury might think that taking Rob to the final 2 with me was a stupid move. That taking Matt would have been a landslide victory, but I disagree. Taking Rob with me cemented how I played this game – with loyalty and intelligence. Matt may not have been liked by the jury, but he played a hell of a game. Rob and I played a very similar game – the difference between us being that Rob was the challenge beast, while I relied on my social and strategic skills to get me to where I am.

I think I deserve to win this game because not only did I outwit, outlast and outplay I also hit the other big 3 criteria that every winner of Survivor should have. I outstrategized, outsocialized and outbeasted my way to the end.

Thank you and congratulations to EVERYONE for an amazing and fun game! This whole experience would not have been the same without each and every one of you.


Good morning/afternoon/night (depending on where you are and when you read this) to the jury of SCWL6.
I would like to start off by saying this was one of the most frustrating, interesting, difficult and above all fun things that I’ve done in quite a while. I came into this game as a complete newbie to Facebook ORGs. I previously was a part of vSurvivor, which more than anything, sucked balls. I had no clue what to expect from this game, since vSurvivor was nothing even remotely close to what this is. I knew I’d probably be very good at the challenges, and my social abilities were going to be the tough thing to overcome.
I proved to others, and above all, myself, that put forth the extreme effort needed to complete the challenges. I started out this game by winning the first “tribal selection” challenge, up against some stiff competition. I then went on to rally our tribe together to tear through the remaining challenges we had as Aspu. When the time came, that first individual immunity challenge, I won it against all odds (no pun intended) and it was a good thing, because I then found out, I’d probably be gone due to due my challenge prowess, if I hadn’t won. After that, I knew that my head could have been on the chopping block at each tribal, so I tried my damnedest to win. Matt bested me a few times, but I was always hot on his trail. I never gave up, and put in 100% every time.
Now back to that first tribal selection process. My first pick was DeAnna. That proved to be one of my best things I could have done in this game to start it out. We promised each other to be loyal, no matter what came our way, and sitting next to her today in the F2, we’ve both proved that. My biggest thing I said coming into this game is that I would try to play as honorable and loyal as I possibly could. This is Survivor, it’s online, but it’s just as close to the real thing as you can get. You cannot go through this game without lying, or making promises you can’t keep. I wanted to make sure that I did that as little as possible. I know at the beginning a lot of people thought that I didn’t like them because I didn’t talk to them. Small talk and initiating conversation aren’t my strong suits. Once I heard about people thinking I was shut off, I tried my best to talk to them and make them know that I didn’t dislike them. Anybody that talked to me soon found out that I’m just shy, but once you get to know me, I open up pretty well. I honestly think that my lack of talking too much was a benefit, because I didn’t need to make too many promises that I wasn’t able to keep. I’m a brutally honest person sometimes, and those that I didn’t like, I didn’t hold back from letting them know. Some people played this game very dishonorably, making up unnecessary lies that were completely unrelated to the game, and I could never align myself with them. (I think we all know who I’m talking about)
I think during this game, I made so many big moves when it was truly necessary, and kept a few steps ahead of everyone each time. To an outsider, it might have looked like I wasn’t playing the game as much as others. I just wasn’t the type to be so out there with my game play, and stuck to being more of a behind-the-scenes person. Myself and my alliance were constantly up against a wall, ever since the merge vote. That vote alone is what brought the F4 (The Alamo) together. Up until that point, I had no reason to distrust my Misfits alliance, but after that, I knew the best option was to stick to The Alamo alliance, no matter what. I never wavered in that decision, and it’s what got me here today.
At the beginning I said “Misfits to the end”. I meant it. Myself and DeAnna were the first two Aspu members, and we are the last two in this game. It just so happens that we are also the last two Misfits remaining. Despite what people might think, had I won the final immunity, I would have stuck to my word and taken DeAnna with me, hands down. I knew how much the jury disliked Matt, but I didn’t want an easy win. I wanted this FTC to be fun and interesting.
Congrats to everyone that made the jury, and a big thanks and congrats to DeAnna for being here, and letting me sit next to her in the final 2.

ME: Okay. It is now time for the jury to speak.

Each of you will create your own thread where you will ask DeAnna and Rob a question, or simply make a statement directed towards them.

DeAnna and Rob will then answer each question.

These questions are all about collecting information that will help you make an informed decision as to who you wish to be crowned the sole survivor of SCWL 6.

(Viewers, please do not post anything in any of the juror’s threads.)


DeAnna. When exactly did the Final 3 alliance come into creation? Considering that from my knowledge you, Rob, and Matt always had a plan together (well, I thought the four of us did), even before the votes turned on me, I’ve never understood just how hurt and betrayed you got when other people dared to turn on us. Especially given the fact that you and the others were willing to put on a show to kick me out and humiliate me on the way out, I’ve never gotten the holier-than-thou that you set the mood of in the Alamo where our betrayal was worth more than the others’ betrayal. We were always gonna have Lyndsay out seventh, you said so yourself. That was always the plan. So I’ve never gotten how you effectively turned every vote-out into a punishment for turning on you. It seems insanely hypocritical that you’d hate people for being self-serving in a self-serving game, when you are in fact self-serving? Be self-serving in a self-serving game, but don’t pretend you’re above that s—. You’re the only person in the game willing and devoted do manipulating and destroying emotions to get ahead. That’s the coldest thing I’ve seen all game.

Also, the whole “I was targeting you the entire time” thing was about as bulls— as you not having any pre-game alliances. I was targeting Efe. Tim knew that. I already explained my strategy, and considering the fact that I spent the entire Final 4 just trying to get you further, the whole “Cameron was always trying to turn on me” schtick was complete bulls— so don’t think I’m gonna let it pass. I was trying to turn on Rob, not you. You were just backup in the Final 5 because Rob won immunity but you were never the main target.

Rob. Do you have any idea how to play a social game? At all? I don’t get how you expect us to buy the whole “I’m shy” thing when not only did you rail against the other alliance for trying to flip on us, you would spend all day testifying to Travis about how you and the Alamo are the greatest of all time. Matt and I have been fighting about how he had no chance in front of the jury. Why would you then deliberately try and emulate someone that I myself told you would get zero jury votes taunting Travis of all people, who you really should have blocked at this point?

And you’d always talk about how you’d go to the end with who deserved it the most. Would you like to tell the jury, and not just me, all the reasons they never deserved to go to the end? And how they did those things in ways different from your own? Cause if you’re gonna say s— like “Oh, they were trying to turn on us and play unethically”, brother, the Alamo is one of the most unethical alliances out there. We aren’t special snowflakes just because we were newbies and they were not.

Finally, I’d just like to summarize my points in this: The whole Alamo Pride schtick is pure bulls—. I’ve come to see why everyone grew to hate us so much. We had two and a half egomaniacs and a superiority complex that we should get a free pass doing what we condemned others for. We had some of us taunting other people we defeated and others shaming and humiliating people for going against us. Good people. Not just the Travises of the world, but the Tims and Lyndsays. Survivor is a self-serving game, and every alliance is full of self-serving people. If you weren’t so righteous about all of that, maybe some of us wouldn’t cast votes for you with gritted teeth. But the Alamo Alliance are not the heroes in anyone’s mind but their own, so you can cut the great grand bulls— right here and now if you even want a shot at my jury vote.

Good luck to the both of you.


I didn’t say that The Alamo were the greatest of all time. I simply stated that we beat him fair and square. Travis was a pain in everyone’s ass in this game, and I stuck up for a few of you towards him. Nobody asked me to, but I did. I didn’t do it because I wanted to keep in favor with the jury, I did it because I can’t stand when someone makes the game personal for no reason whatsoever. I’m not trying to emulate Matt, I’m sticking up for myself against someone who has ZERO idea of how I played this game. For the second part of your question, I didn’t once say that I wanted people in the end that “deserved” it. If you get to the end, you deserve to be there, and you’ve said the same thing many times before. If any one of the jury members got to the end, I would say they deserved it, personal feelings aside. I didn’t say anyone played “unethically” except for Travis, who was mean and personal for no reason. I always said to people, that if they were going to make a big game move, and I was a casualty because of it, then I could respect it, but I could never respect anyone who brings personal crap into an online reality game, no matter what.


My final 3 alliance came about out of necessity and when I realized Matt was alone in this game. Our final 4 person alliance with you was also born out of necessity, when the rest of the tribe turned on you and tried to vote you out. There were 4 of us not included in that grand plan and so the Alamo was formed.

As for my hurt and betrayal – I’m sure you can understand that when things don’t go your way in this game as humans we tend to feel betrayed. More than that, I knew that the one way to get the Misfits back voting together was to play up that hurt, to play up their betrayal – and it worked. I worked my ass off talking to Lyndsay, Efe and Tim to get them to vote with us again to get out Corey and Rudez. That was not a holier-than-thou attitude, that was me playing the game.

When The Alamo was formed my allegiance to the Misfits was severed. They turned on me first, not the other way around. That, if you remember is when The Alamo was formed. Not just myself, but you, Matt and Rob were all blindsided on that vote. So after that point there was no one I betrayed in this game except possibly you, but I will touch more on that later.

Lyndsay was never originally supposed to go out 7th. I had wanted to work with Lyndsay from day one. She knows that, because I kept trying to solidify a final alliance with her but she kept turning me down or changing the subject. When I no longer felt that trying to get her to work with me was going to benefit my game, I had to switch up those plans.

As for hate, there is no one I hate in this game. As for destroying emotions, at no point was I trying to take this outside what it was – a game. I know you are hurt Cam, and I tried to explain to you that your elimination was nothing personal – it was strictly a game move. Time and time again people kept asking to vote you out of this game, and every single time I refused. That move was the one move I continued to make that was not logical, but completely emotional. I genuinely adore you Cam and all this hate you feel for me over a move in a game honestly hurts. That was the last thing I wanted to do. I tried to prepare you for the vote that I knew was coming. Time and again I told you how I hated lying to you and I tried to warn you I had a final deal with Rob. I told you during conversations that no matter what happened in this game that I hoped we could be friends afterwards. When it came down to the vote, I contemplating throwing away my vote. You still would have gone home, but I wouldn’t have voted for you. I decided that was not the best move. That was not fair to you, not was it the game I wanted to play. I never once asked you to give up immunity and moreso, give immunity to me. That was a play by Matt to save his own ass and get himself to the final 3. It worked. I wish you had not fallen for that ploy, but you did, and I’m sorry things ended the way they did.

As for my votes being punishment for turning on me – that simply was not the case. Once the majority of the Misfits turned, I no longer had allegiance to them. I felt it was best to stick with my new alliance. Not one of these votes was personal or punishment – it was just apart of playing this game.

Lastly, you and I both know you had been targeting me. We had conversations where you admitted to wanting me out of the game. You created multiple alliances (Matt, Lyndsay, Efe) and another with Tim & Matt, and yet another with Efe & Matt. All of these with the purpose of getting myself and Rob out of the game. The first and only time in this game that you were my target was at the final 4. Even then, I was genuinely happy that you had won immunity because I knew how much you wanted to stay in this game. Had you kept immunity and stayed in the game, Matt would have gone home.

One last thing I need to point out, which is something I mentioned I would touch upon. Our final deal. You came to me at the final 4 and purposed a final 2 deal. You told me that Rob was going to vote me out, and you wanted him out of the game. Getting Rob out would have secured you a spot in the final 2 – knowing that I would take you to the end and so would Matt. You went to Rob, gathered a screenshot of him agreeing to vote me out (all of which I knew was coming before you sent it to me) and then used that to ensure I was going to be loyal to you. I knew what you were up to, and that was fine. I knew that had I gone to the final 3 with you and Matt had you won you would have taken Matt hands down. As you had said yourself, he was the perfect goat. However I knew that there was a possibility that you would win that final 4 immunity. In that case, I needed you to be working with me. If myself, you and Rob made it to the final 3 that put me in a perfect scenario to get to the end. If I won that final immunity, I obviously would be in the final 2. I also knew that you would take me and so would Rob. Simply it was the last and final game move I needed to ensure that I was getting to the end of this game.


DeAnna. Finally. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I was getting so tired of the idea of you playing only for the team thinking you were never going to win.

Keep fighting for this s— and own up to your s—. You have my vote. Earn those other three.

Rob, I’ve got nothing for ya. Head back to camp.


Hey guys, Congratulations to both of you! At least It is nice to see two Misfits at the finals!
DeAnne, You always talked about how we betrayed you and how you felt hurt about it but I betrayed you because you always gave me round answers (be specific this time) and that made me think like you are going to betray me eventually. You played the victim and hurt cards lots of time in the game and you benefit from it, I wonder If you were acting or you were honest?

Original plan was New Aspu to F7 at the begining. What was your plan after F7 then, would you still stay loyal to us after?

After I saw you, Matt and Rob in Clark’s game together, I suspected that you guys might have a pre-game alliance before this game too. We knew at least you had some connection with Matt. Can you clear this up?

Good luck to you, I am so glad that we played this game together!
Rob, We started game in the same tribe but we didn’t talk a lot. You said you are shy and not good at starting conversations but I tried to start conversations with you many times and you always made up excuses and said you were busy. You were like ‘ I have allies and we are runing this game, I don’t want to spend my time talking with you because you won’t come in handy’. Just take a look at our massege thread and you will understand!

My first question, you weren’t so active in the Misfits thread and What was the reason for that? After Cameron and Matt joined us, contrary to D would you more likely to side with them?

You played an amazing phsical game and you rocked on that time consuming challenges. I respect you for it. What about your social game, Could you telll that you played better social game than DeAnne?

After I saw you, Matt and Rob in Clark’s game together, I suspected that you guys might have a pre-game alliance before this game too. Can you clear this up?

Good luck!


Efe, I didn’t ever tell you that myself and my allies were running this game. I also never pushed you aside and said that you weren’t needed. If I said I was busy at the time, I meant it. I have a 9-5 job during the week, I’m married, I have a puppy that I need to take care of. You wanted to talk game during the holiday break, and I said I wanted to enjoy the break, which you were fine with. Once you, Tim, and Lyndsay voted against us during the merge vote, I admit, I shut off from the Misfits thread a bit. I was shocked at the time, but I never once shut you out. I can’t say that I played a better social game than DeAnna, because I didn’t. I knew going into this that I needed to work on being more social, and I tried. At the beginning of this game, you assumed I didn’t like you immediately because I didn’t talk to you that much. I explained why, and I thought you understood. I do apologize for not talking to you as much as I should have, but I can’t change that now.


Yes, I would have betrayed you eventually. When I was originally trying to make a final 4 deal, it was going to be Lyndsay, Tim, myself and Rob. You were paranoid so often in this game and it worried me about what you might do down the road. I knew that you would go where the majority was and that was a dangerous person to be aligned with in the long run.

It is really difficult to predict what would have happened had the Misfits stayed loyal after the merge vote. Most likely I would have been pushing for a final 5 of Misfits + Cam. As I said in my previous answer, I was concerned at your paranoia throughout the game. Additionally, I also knew that you and Lyndsay were tight. If the final 4 had come down to Lyndsay, Tim, yourself and I – I knew I would have been the 4th one gone. You and I spoke strategy a lot through the game, and from that you have to know that there are multiple paths that could have been taken. Based on my mindset at where we were right before the merge, that is most likely the plan I would have tried to put into motion.

During VSurvivor, Clark advertised his game in the feed. That led me to apply to his game as he told me how it was different from VSurvivor and it was more like a real game of Survivor rather than just…. whatever VSurvivor was supposed to be. It was not just Matt, and Rob who were signed up to that game. So was Corey, Larry and Angel. Clark postponed his game and put up two links for other games for us to join that were starting soon until he was ready to run his. I almost didn’t sign up for Logan’s game, but Matt added me to the group and reminded me to do it. (I’m really glad I did!) – I hope that helps clear that up.


Thanks for your answers guys! D I got what I wanted, good luck to you both!


Let me start this off by saying I am beyond happy and beyond grateful that us three made it to the end. Our F3 deal was one I never doubted and one none of us betrayed. That’s so rare in ORGs and I dare say something I may never experience again. We fought hard even when things looked dire and we won. No matter where any of us placed: 3rd, 2nd, or 1st, we all won. So congrats guys, it was a game well played.

So DeAnna: You were Mama Aspu, the leader of The Misfits, the wiper of noses, and the wrangler of the paranoid and unsure. And you put up with my antics this entire game. Even when I was flying off the handle raging at Nlad for being f—ing idiots, or laughing my ass off at the various alliances’ failed attempts at seizing power you took it all in stride and never took your eye off the prize: F2. My question is was there ever a time I was testing your patience so far that you considered voting me out? Or did you understand my place in the game and let me do my thing knowing I had a plan.

And Rob: You were quieter but equally as involved in our F3 and its dealings. Many a challenge was beasted between us and we maintained a firm grasp on immunity for as long as we needed to by working together. But one challenge eluded us: the final immunity idol. We were so close and I still feel my guess about the dog days of summer was right. My question for you is do you regret as much as I do not ever finding it? If not, what is your biggest regret?

Congrats again, guys. We did it. Against all odds and against supposed experienced ORG players we did it. I have never been prouder of my accomplishments in a game in my life. Here’s to an eternity on the beach, mimosas in our hands, and victory in our hearts.


I wish so badly that I found that final idol. I didn’t even want the idol part of it, and I told you that at one point. I just wanted to know the damn answer! I love puzzles and I hate when there’s one that I can’t figure out. Reading all of these jury questions, my one regret is definitely not being more social with the others in this game. I was going through this game knowing that being social wasn’t a strong point for me, but I always felt awkward just striking up a conversation with someone out of the blue. I didn’t want it to be viewed as being desperate, or that I was looking for something from them. I’m a tough person to get to know, but once you do get to know me (you can attest to this) I can be very talkative and social.


Of course there were times where my patience was pushed. There was a moment in particular when I felt that you were going to far pushing people’s buttons and I told you so. We fought about that, and that could have damaged my alliance with you then. However, I knew that I needed your vote and that I needed to keep my word to you to the final 3 and that is what I did. You were a challenge at times, but ultimately I knew you always had a plan and that you were not really a big asshole at the core, but just doing what you thought was best for your game.


F— YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I like both of you, I just hate how you guys acted 3/4 of this game, but alas, here is what I had typed up before I got f—ing piiisssssssy as f— that i wanna f—ing kill something….

Aw, congratulations DeAnna and Rob Listen, I know we’re a f—ing bitter-ass jury, but nobody can deny that you two don’t deserve to be here. I’m willing to admit that you two outwitted and outplayed me, so I’m very happy with this final two. The fact that your guys are from the Misfit alliance is icing on the cake, so I truly am happy for BOTH of you.

Now, I suppose I have to ‘get into it’ with you guys, but really… I just don’t have a whole lot to say. I think if I wrote this out weeks ago when I was actually eliminated from the game, I’d have a totally different view on things, but alas, a month has past and I’m really not as bitter as I once was. Sorry, here I was hoping to tear you guys down to pieces, but I just don’t care enough about it anymore. I’m sorta over it, at least the whole ‘being super pissed and hating both of your guts’ aspect at being eliminated.

Since I’m not as bitter as I once was (clearly I’m still slightly bitter), I can safely say that I liked and respect both of you.

DeAnna, obviously you and I will remain friends after this. You came across very nice and sweet, so I have nothing but kind words to say. I had hoped that we would go far, but it sadly didn’t happen. We had some great talks, at least when you felt we needed to.

Rob, you were very hard to get to know, but I can safely say that when you found out about how s—ty your social game actually was, you improved SO much. A complete 180. I felt like you and I ARE uber nerds, at least in comparison to the others on our tribe… hehe, and I watched an entire season of survivor since I was eliminated and… god, I actually want to talk to you about it, so even though I think your social game was s—, writing this out… I can admit it wasn’t as s— as others (perhaps myself included in Ponderosa) are saying.

DeAnna, I guess I can say congratulations because as expected, you’re blowing Rob out of the water with your answers tonight. It’s only expected because you played a far better social game than him. Now that being said, I don’t like a lot your answers tonight.

You’re social game was good, De, it really was, but it wasn’t the best. You two ignoring the Misfits thread when Matt/Cam came into the game was the whole thing that set everything in motion for my downfall, haha. Don’t even try and pretend that was a plan of yours since it contradicts everything you’ve said tonight. Anyway, if you guys had played a social game worth of note, you wouldn’t have CONSTANTLY made the ‘swing votes’ feel left on the outs. I never felt confident with the misfits, not from the moment Matt and Cam came into the alliance. You guys made it that way, so…

I suppose the one thing that I’m the most upset about is how NEITHER of you have taken the time to see the error of your ways. You two are not goddess at this game, nobody (myself included) is a goddess in this game… well, maybe Rudez 😛 but my point is… you guys made mistakes too, you’re not immune from it. Also, it’s comical that you both seem to think that Tim, Efe and I had no reason to switch to the other side. I mean, the fault of our flip has everything to do with both of you, and your lack of social abilities.

De, for the record, I’m not saying you didn’t have a social game. Ha, clearly not. You had a very good one, but this was a situation that only spurred because YOU, at least more-so than Rob since at this point he was beyond anti-social, let it happen.

Rob, do I think that you’re acting like an egotistical jerk? Yup, I sure do but hey, this is a game! You get to the end and you get cocky, but buddy, please remember that we’re a f—ing bitter-ass jury! Acting high and mighty around us isn’t earning you ANY love or respect from us. Hell, I was cocky as s— when I went into the FTC that I won, so I totally appreciate the angle that I think you’re trying to take… haha, but you’re doing it oh so wrong. Are you better than us? Yes, but tone it down or be more subtle about it

Oh and since I have the floor right now I’m just gunna go right out and say that MY choice of voting Rudez out had nothing to do with DeAnna coaxing me to the ‘right’ choice. The only reason Efe voted Rudez out was because Tim and I told him to. Tim, Efe and I always did things together, but just because you had a touchy feeling convo with Tim doesn’t mean that was the reason we voted as we did. If we had chosen to get rid of you that round, Tim would have voted you out, you’re lovely conversation aside. Ha, I think you really can only thank Matt for making us switch back. You guys had me in tears with your harsh words… Yes, I actually cried. I was in a horrendous in my life and coming and reading the hate and immaturity… well, it made me make a choice I regret to this day. When pitted into a corner with people screaming at you, do you exactly what they want to get it to stop. Trust me, it wasn’t your social glories that got me to vote out Rudez, it was the fact that I thought I was back in HS again when I was already in a emotional spot.

DeAnna, you need to start owning up to your s—. Tell me, what did you do in this game that was separate from Rob? You know everybody sees you as his goat, and while I can admit that you played his social game for him, I think he played your strategic game for you. Please, enlighten me why I should vote for you. What did YOU do that bettered your game besides being nice? To me, the only bold move you ever did was the choice to take Rob to the finals, but as I’m sure you know, you’re word of loyalty means nothing to me…. So, useless in my opinion.

I know, I burned you first so you burning me was perfectly acceptable. Still though, you both acted like hypocites right before I was voted out, and trust me… I didn’t enjoy!

Anyway, hope that wasn’t too long of a read! I know it’s rather disorganized, but whatever ❤ ! I just wanted to get some things out. You know I actually do enjoy BOTH of you 🙂

I guess what I want from you is:

De: Well, own you s— from here on out. Use my question as a chance to go back and add on to any previous question, or just comment on what I mentioned above.

Rob: Fell free to comment on anything I said above, and if you’re willing, give me an instance where your social skills better your game. Ya know, something out did socially without DeAnna (trust me, I can actually think of a few times this is true)

Both: Please tell me what your biggest mistake in this game was.

Oh, and stroking my ego will earn you both points. Take a lesson from Cameron, sucking up to the jury works!


My biggest mistake in the game was not realizing that yourself, Efe and Tim were feeling alienated from Rob and myself. I even admitted that to you guys at the time. At that point none of us were using the Misfits thread – not just me. We were all using the New Aspu thread. I trusted that since the Misfits knew the plan was to bring over people to help us get to the merge safely that everyone would realize that was the plan. It was my mistake that I didn’t reinforce that ever so often in the thread. I knew I was solid with us 5 but I should have realized that not everyone else would feel the same way. Without them coming over, Aspu and the Misfits would have been doomed. At least two of us would have gone home. That could have been me, or you for all I know. All I knew at the time was that I couldn’t let that happen.

I actually believe I have been owning my s— all day. I know I am not a goddess in this game, I know I didn’t play a perfect game but part of this final tribal is letting the jury know why I made it to where I am and to prove to you that I played a better game and that I deserve to win SCWL6. I have owned up to the moves I have made, but if there is something you would like to know specifically, please ask! I feel like I have been typing all day, and answering direct questions would be very helpful! 🙂

Yes, I could have spoken to people more, but a lot of times in this game it seemed like everyone was the most active when I was at work. I have never slacked so much at work in my entire life than I have during this game, but sometimes real life just got in the way, as I am sure you can understand. That being said, I feel that all I did for the last few months was talk with people. Whether it was individually or in our alliance threads. The first thing I did when I would wake up is talking to people – Efe and Tim in particular. It would be 5am, and there I was laying in bed and responding or messaging on my phone. I spent hours talking to people during and between challenges.

Challenges is another point I need to bring up. I wasn’t the best at challenges, and I only won one – thank goodness it was the most important one of the season. The rest of the time I worked my ass off. Whether it was on Aspu, or after the merge. I even shared my answers with you and with the rest of the Misfits to help your game. I knew you didn’t have time, I know Tim was on vacation and that Efe was struggling in the challenges. I didn’t have to give my answers, I could have just done them myself but I was trying to prove to you that I was on your side.

Lyndsay, you know from day one I wanted to work with you. You were always in my plans until it was confirmed that you were working with Rudez. One thing I never understood is if you and Rudez were tight, why didn’t we go with the Girls Alliance? At the final 3 you would have been solid. Rudez would have taken you, and so would I. I know it isn’t my place now to ask questions, but hopefully after the game you can shed some light onto why you were so against working with me when I constantly was trying to work with you.

It was definitely news to me that it was you that orchestrated the Rudez vote. Tim and I had talked strategy before, and when he came to me with the Rudez vote I was excited because I thought that meant he was working with me again. Kudos on making that move then, I had no idea. I honestly thought it was Tim who put that plan into motion and myself who managed to secure the votes we needed that day. What I don’t understand is why Efe believed the Rudez elimination was his idea? I can’t wait to find out more after this game!

I really don’t understand why people see me as Rob’s goat. As I mentioned before him and I played a similar game but we each had our roles to get us where we are. His job was to beast those challenges, my job was to ensure we had the votes when we needed and all along the way we strategized together. Sometimes he would enact the strategies that we came up with and sometimes I would. The biggest game turning strategy I came up with was the Super Tribe, and I know I have mentioned it time and again but it was a huge turning point in this game. Even looking back had the Misfits turned on Rob and myself at the merge, then we wouldn’t have had the relationships with Matt and Cam to be able to properly make our way to the end.
Coming into this game I knew I needed to play smart and that meant strategy. However there is a fine line between strategizing and over strategizing. I think I straddled that line perfectly. I never wanted to overstrategize or make things overly complicated when I didn’t need to. One example on that is your plan of you and I staging a fight at merge. I didn’t see it as a necessary strategy to take us farther in this game. We ultimately got our fight, but that was definitely not planned or staged!

Before you were voted out, I just wanted to be honest with you that you were going home. I wanted you to know where my vote was going and why. I did not want you to be blindsided. I didn’t mean to come across as a hypocrite but at that point in the game I knew I couldn’t work with you anymore. You had burned me twice, the last time trying to get me out of the game. Kudos for that move, it was a really good idea and would have changed the course of this game. However I predicted what was coming and was able to dodge that bullet.

I apologize for another long novel of a read. Brievity is not my strong suit. If there is anything you need to know, please ask and I will gladly answer. If not, I look forward to talking to you after the game. I’ve missed you!


F— you too! Just kidding.
I honestly didn’t think my social game was s—, I knew it wasn’t all that good, but had I known how bad it really was, I would have done something about it. Like you said, once we talked about us not talking, I opened up to you. I’m not that easy to get to know, but once we get past a certain point, I’m very sociable (especially when nerdy talking)
I’m sorry if I’m coming across as egotistical, but if I feel threatened at all, I go into defensive mode.
I tried to play this game honestly, but obviously I couldn’t do it as honestly as I wanted to.
I think there were a few moments where I was able to be social without DeAnna. One of them, was having an almost game-long side chat with Rudez about the state of the game, and what was happening. We were constantly strategizing about the game, and I think we were both bulls—ting eachother to an extent, but there was definitely some real strategizing going on there.
The other instance was when I spoke separately to you, away from Matt and Cameron during that time when you thought we were all ganging up on you. We had a long talk, and I think I showed you that I wasn’t a mean spirited person, and that I thought we were all having fun. Had I known that it was hurting you, I would have stopped then and there.
I really think my biggest mistake in this game was not being more out there and social. I’m really not a very social person in real life, unless I’m with a group of friends. I saw how harmful Adam’s far-reaching social game was at the beginning, and I knew that there was no way I could play that way. When I realized a bit too late that my social game was lacking, I thought that any other side-talking I would do would be seen as either not genuine or that I was only talking to the people because I was only looking for something from someone.


Hello final 2!

Congratulations on making here, and doing what the rest of us couldn’t do.

Here’s what I thought about both of your games (just my point of view).

You both were very, I don’t know, I really don’t know. I wanted to write something really good but there’s nothing I can think if you did that was similar. Except work together until the end, pretty boring if you ask me.

Rob: I found you to be very hardworking in challenges, quite quiet in group chats but you talked enough for me to trust you. You played a terrific strategic game but your social game sucked a bit.
My question for you is, what really made you change your vote from efe to me, and how ‘last minute’ was it?

Deanna: You were my closest friend, the one I talked to the most and the one I could always talk to, whether it was about the game or everyday life. That’s where the positives stop. I think when it came to most challenges, you weren’t that great (neither was i so we’re in the same boat, we’re not very good at creating a list of 700 Pokemon all day), and when it came down to strategy, I think you could have been so much better if you used a sentence that I’ll say layer on. The heartache you felt with lyndsay’s, efe’s and my betrayal seemed real, until I found out you had planned to do the exact same with The Alamo. You didn’t make any big moves, and weren’t as loyal as you say you were, you had plans to betray myself, efe and lyndsay. Unfortunately we made a move before you could. And just to clarify something, myself and cam were never trying to vote you out. So your reasoning for voting me out made no sense and all your understanding was completely wrong. If you had just said, I was loyal to who I had to be, I cut certain people when they had to be and I’m proud of it. I wish you didn’t play the loyal card a thousand times because you weren’t loyal all the time.
My question/s for you are: When was The Alamo alliance formed. (I know the answer so be honest) Who was the hardest vote for you on a personal level, and the same but from a game perspective. And this is a long answer question so it’ll be my last. In order say who played the best strategic game and your favourite game from the jury members.

Please don’t try and justify yourselves to what I said. This was just from my point of view and I don’t really care what either of you have to say in regards to that.
Lastly, good luck and I wish the both of you the very best both inside and outside the game.


Tim, I never wanted to vote you out. Going into that tribal, Efe was the one that we all had targeted to go home. We all wanted to keep you, and that was ultimately the reason we had to vote you out. We knew that you going to the final two would be a landslide victory, and we couldn’t let that happen. I meant it every time, that I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game with you, and I really don’t have one bad thing that I can say about you.



Matt, Tim, and I had made a Final 3 deal and were planning to vote Efe out to get an advantage at the Final 5. However, Matt was your snitch and ratted us out, so you flipped it on Tim.

Keep in mind, DeAnna, we weren’t targeting you specifically.


Right, and I knew the three of you were working together. I also know that you told Efe to vote for me. The only guarantee I had was that Efe was NOT voting for me. I won’t say more now, since I am not supposed to justify in this thread. Also, answers incoming!

I know you don’t want any justifications, so I will stick to answering just the questions you gave to me. If you wish to talk more about the other parts, please feel free to message me after the game. Ok?

The Alamo was created after the vote when everyone minus myself, Rob, Cam and Matt voted for Cameron. We all realized we were suddenly in the minority and that we needed to stick together in order to make it farther in this game. If you would like a date, it was December 5th. Matt/Cam were the ones who named the alliance The Alamo. I also can get you a screenshot if that helps.

The hardest vote for me on a personal level was you and Cam. I hated voting either of you out, which is why you two were the only ones I bothered adding anything to my votes. ( & <3) – I knew from a game standpoint that it had to be done, but it didn’t mean that I liked it. Our three hour conversation before you went home was heart breaking – but it had to be done for many reasons. It is part of the reason I am sitting here in the final 2 today.

As for a vote from a game perspective, there wasn’t a hard vote per say. Voting people out of this game is something that has to be done. You have to weigh the pros and cons of what will get you farther in this game. That is where logic and strategy come into play rather than playing with your heart.

As for the best strategic game from the jury members, that would have to be yourself and Rudez. You both made moves that showed you were here to play, you had a great handle on strategy and that you would do anything to win.

As for who is my favourite jury member, that is not something I feel I can answer fairly. Aside from Nick, I spoke with each and every member of this jury. So many days I woke up and the first thing I did was message you, and it was the last thing I did before going to bed. When people were voted out, I honestly missed talking with them – especially the ones that I had been aligned with in this game. We had become friends over these months and when someone was voted out, their absence was missed.


…Rob named the Alamo.


Sorry, my question wasn’t which jury member do you like the most in order, it was your favourite game. So like for example; my favourite game was my own because I liked the way I played. So if you still can’t answer it’s okay!


Are you sure Rob named The Alamo? I was pretty sure it was Matt, and then you started the “this is the thread where The Alamo gets to mock the tribal council” or something like that. I’m sorry if my memory about that is wrong.

Tim, I am a little confused. You asked whose game I thought was the best/most strategic. Is that different from the last question on which jury member I like the best? Sorry for the clarification questions!


The first question was solely based on strategy, but the second is as a whole. So like you said you liked mine and rudez strategic game. But what about as a whole? Does that make sense haha. Sorry it’s a bit confusing.

And also, did you four ever have an alliance before you called it The Alamo. Like when they mutinied and we had 7.


I named it. It was at the merge vote nonsense and I realized that my F3 and Cam would have to circle the wagons against what we perceived to be Rudez’s 7 person alliance. The Alamo was the best analogy I could come up with.


As a whole out of everyone’s game or just the two of you? For me, I thought you made some great moves – saving yourself last minute and sending Travis home, along with putting the plan in motion to get out Rudez. You were also always aware of what was going on. You’re smart, and that showed in your game play. As for Rudez, everyone knew she played a great game. She was cunning, smart and ruthless. I respected the moves she made even if I disagreed with them and I knew she was a force to be recokened with in the long run.

As for the alliance, no – the Alamo came to fruition after we realized our backs were against the wall. I was definitely worried at the merge vote when Efe and Lyndsay flipped the vote and then lied about it, but that could be excused – it wasn’t until the three of you joined up with Rudez’ army that The Alamo was created.


Okay, thank you both for your answers and I’d like to wish you both the best of luck. And just to let you know I have no clue who the hell I’m voting for.


I just wanted to point out that Cam isn’t innocent in this like he’s saying he is. When Lyndsay won immunity, but transferred it you you, Cam was the one that brought forth the idea to get rid of you, before that all even happened. We were going to vote out Efe, but we wanted to vote with Cam to keep The Alamo strong. He said that if you got anywhere near the end that you would win, which is true. The thought to get rid of you never crossed our mind until Cam mentioned it to us.
This was all well before our decision as a group to vote you out when you ultimately got voted out. That was the point that Cam was all of a sudden against voting you out, since he made a F3 with you and Matt. I have the proof from a previous message, but I want Cam to tell you himself about it.


Of course. I never implied I was. What would get me ahead was to target Tim. Then at the Final 6 what would get me ahead was Tim. Despite the fact that the F4 is punishment for the fact that I wasn’t good and loyal I am not above lying and flipping.


I don’t know where you’re pulling the I was always innocent. In the F6 I needed Tim. In the F8 I needed Tim gone to ensure the Alamo made it.


Guys it’s okay I don’t really care

But I still haven’t god damn made up my mind on who to for for >_>


I’m just saying that you were quick to point the finger at us for getting rid of Tim at F6, but you didn’t mention that you were initially the one that put the idea in our mind, back during F8. I understand myself and DeAnna are the ones getting grilled here, but I just don’t want Tim to think what we’re telling him isnt genuine.


I  say that Tim votes for the one not trying to pass the buck to a non jury member.

Cause this is going right back to my speech. You think that because I wasn’t loyal to Tim once I never should be. And that’s not how Survivor works. I aligned with Tim when I needed him.


I’m not trying to pass the buck onto anyone. I voted him out during F6 like DeAnna did. I told him I was voting for him, and I didn’t keep it from him at all. Everyone used each other in this game, and anyone that says they didn’t is lying. We all made alliances with who we needed to, when we needed to. I’m commenting on your Objection earlier to my jury answer from Tim. The fact that he had a F3 deal with you was definitely part of why we voted him out, but it was also because of the idea of him winning it all if he got to the end.


I  just wanted to make sure you weren’t lying to him or trying to say it was Cameron’s vote. We’re looking for someone who wants to take responsibility for their s—.


I’ve taken responsibility for everything I’ve done in this game, and if I haven’t, please let me know what I’ve left out. If there’s one thing, I’m brutally honest, and that can be a problem, but I’ll always fess up and take responsibility for what I’ve done and haven’t done.


Guys I hate to do this but like I said before I have no clue who to vote for. And need to ask you each two more questions.

Rob: tell me why I should vote you instead of Deanna. & why I should vote DeAnna over you?

DeAnna: why should I vote you over Rob? & why should I vote Rob over you?

Please keep it under 100 words if possible, 200 max. Reading isn’t my forte, so short and sweet would be better


Oh no, under 100 words? That is definitely not MY forte!

I think you should vote for me tonight because I feel I have played the better overall game. I won the final immunity challenge when I needed to win a challenge to secure my spot in the finals. I was loyal to my alliances until they turned on me. I strategized and manoevered and dodged a ton of bullets. Lastly, I made lasting friendships that (hopefully) will continue after this game is over. I outwitted, outlasted and outplayed which is the ultimately criteria that we all strive for.

PS – All the above was 99 words. That alone should be enough to secure your vote!


You should vote for me because despite my apparent lack of a social game, I managed to go through the entire game (until the final 4) with zero votes against me. I dominated almost every challenge, and I think my hard work helped the entire Aspu tribe stay off the chopping block for quite a while. I was loyal to each and every alliance I had until I had no reason to trust them anymore. I had my back against the wall many times, and somehow found a way out of it. I made sure that when I needed to be social, I was, and I didn’t rely on others to make choices for me.


And why I should vote for the other person?


DeAnna did play a very good social game. I am seriously in awe of it, since I could never play the social game like she did. We were together since the beginning, and made most of our decisions together. If she were to win, I’d be happy, if I won I’d be happy as well.


You should vote for Rob because not only is he a great guy, one of the wittiest and funniest people I have ever met but he played a superb game. He beasted challenges throughout the whole game, stood up for his friends when they were being attacked and played a fiercly loyal game to the point that he even played his idol on ME when he could have kept it for himself. Bonus points that he showered us with adorable pictures of Snoopy! (83 words!)


Hug a koala for me!


I saw a dead kangaroo on the side of the road on Saturday or Sunday, can’t remember.


Damnit Tim, stop running over kangaroos!


Hahaha, i’ll try!


“Firstly, I’d like to congratulate the both of you for getting to the Final 2.. you did what the rest of us couldn’t, and you did it together which is admirable..

I’ll start with Rob,
From the first challenge, I pegged you as the smartest member of Aspu and their natural leader.. You showed your strength in challenges, and you initially seemed to have a decent social game.. You seemed like the most obvious winner..

But then I asked a favour of you after the game.. I assumed you had found the fourth idol as the one played didn’t have the word Aspu in it.. so I asked how you figured the idol out, and that’s when your ‘Mattishness’ revealed itself to me! Instead of simply correcting me, you were intentionally difficult to communicate with and ended up lying to me.. Also, I started hearing stories of your lack of social game from the rest of your tribe..

So here’s my question (or request) for you.. Prove that you had a social game.. Name one thing that you learnt about each member of the jury, and please, nothing obvious from our Facebook pages..


I’m ecstatic to see that one of the three girls made it to the final tribal council! I love that you beat two of the toughest challengers in the most important challenge of the game, and I’m genuinely happy to have met you!

But, I don’t think you deserve my vote! I value strategy in this game, and I had to work incredibly hard from Day 1 to stay in this game.. so I can’t bring myself to give my vote to anyone who I perceive as not having played the game to my standards.. especially when you’re sitting next to Rob! I would not even vote for you if you were in the final 2 with Matt (although I think others would’ve)..

But I would love to hear your side of the story.. I want to know exactly how YOU convinced Efe, Tim, and Lynds to vote me out and therefore give up any semblance of a majority in this game.. Tell me how sneaky you were, what lies you told, and what assurances you gave in this instance!

Okay, that’s me done.. Congrats again!”


The vote to get you out originally was the plan when all of you voted for Cameron. After that disaster, my suspicions that you and Lyndsay were working together were confirmed. You can ask Tim, I told him time and again that I thought you two had a deal and that she was working with you. I knew the next time we voted for you, it couldn’t go down the way the first attempt did.

Tim came to me and told me he wanted you out. He wanted to know if I could get others on board WITHOUT telling Efe and Lyndsay. He was extremely adament about that last part. He knew Lyndsay and you were a pair and that Efe would do what Lyndsay did. He also knew he couldn’t be the one to actually pull the trigger, not when he had made a deal with you to save him back at the vote when Travis went home. He also had to know that at that point I had good ties with the Alamo members and could make the vote happen. From there, I didn’t need lies or to be sneaky. I knew I could get Rob, Cam and Matt to vote for you. That was the easy part. Alamo + Tim gave us the numbers to get you out of the game. However I knew that I needed to keep Lyndsay on board with us which meant I had to talk to Efe. I knew when Tim would be asleep and not around, and that if I talked to Efe at just the right time he would be able to change his vote and give Lyndsay a head’s up on what was going on. I KNEW Efe would change his vote because part of Efe’s game was to be in the majority. If he knew he wasn’t, he would switch his vote. Half hour until I had planned to talk to Efe, he messaged me. He told me he wanted you out. Perfect – it was much easier than I thought it was going to be. I messaged everyone else to let them know Efe was on board.

It was not until a few days later when Efe told me it was his plan to vote out Rudez that I had to correct him and let him know that it was really Tim who had put the plan into motion. As for assurances, all through the Corey vote and your vote I was reiterating the ‘Misfits to the end’ speech. As I explained earlier, after the majority of the Misfits flipped, I knew I couldn’t keep my allegiance to them anymore. It wouldn’t have been smart of me to tell them otherwise, not when they could have easily gone back to vote with you. I wasn’t going to hand my game away when I could change the course of the game and put things into my favour.


Rudez- You’re from South Africa and Nelson Mandela is one of your heroes. I learned that you were a fierce competitor, who was completing her honours near the beginning of this game. You never once backed down from your position in this game, and it was commendable. Also, you are not racist.
Nick- To be completely honest, I didn’t really learn much about you during this game. We were on opposite ends of alliances and I just never got to talk much to you. I did find a lot of your comments very funny and a lot of the time, you seemed to lighten the mood a bit on the game wall.
Lyndsay- You have an adorable dog, named Chaos, and you are an uber-nerd, like I am. We had many conversations about nerdy things, and talked in depth about Survivor. You work at Tim Horton’s, and you went to Dalhousie (just like a friend of mine) You have a fraternal twin sister that you are very close with, and are neither a lesbian, nor a homophobe.
Tim- You are from Australia and have seen dead koalas on the side of the road. You completely shocked me when I found out that you are only 15. You are mature beyond your years, and made some really big game moves that might have gone overlooked. You’re a good person, and it was very nice to play this game with you.
Efe- You’re from Turkey, and at one point we talked about how beautiful of a country it is. I mentioned that I was an architecture major, and would love to visit sometime (you said you’d give me a tour) You love bulldogs, and bulldogs are one of my favorite dog breeds as well. I learned that, like me, Corinne was a favorite Survivor of yours. You also mentioned Amanda, Monica, and Cassandra. I admit, we didn’t talk much one-on-one, but we had a few very good conversations with everyone in the Misfits thread.
Cam- You’re 19, bisexual, have bi-polar, and Asperger’s. Not once have you been ashamed to be any of those (you shouldn’t be), and have worn it as a badge of honor. You have a younger sister whom you took to the movies the other night. One of your favorite people from Survivor is Penner, whom you respect as a character, but not for his gameplay. You are a huge Survivor fan, and your knowledge of the show is incredible.
Matt- You’re a proud supporter of the Chicago Bears, and you are opening up a Geek Bar in Chicago this year with a friend. You got it funded on Kickstarter. You once met Erik Reichenbach for lunch and you are helping him out with the Kickstarter portion of his Islands of Chaos game. You might have been difficult to deal with at times, but in the end, you were completely loyal to me, and I can’t thank you enough for it.

I also wanted to say that I only lied to you about the final immunity idol because I wanted people to think that I found it, making sure that other people wouldn’t keep looking. I know you told me that you’d keep it between us, but I couldn’t believe it on the off chance that you were still trying to help someone find it. I still have no idea what the final immunity idol answer is, and I was also aggravated that I still hadn’t figured it out after what seemed like hundreds of failed guesses.


Neither of you ever saw any use for me so you decided just to never talk to me. I don’t really know what to say to either one of you. Congrats on making it to the end. I have no idea why anyone let you guys get there but congrats. Every time someone told me that they ran and told you guys we were planning on doing something and it was the opposite of what we were really doing I cringed.

Question for Deanna: ?

Question for Rob: ?


Nick – we got off on the wrong foot in this game. Due to our conflict I didn’t feel comfortable talking to you. I’m sure you knew that, and not once did you ever initiate a conversation after the partial apology I got from you.


and of course I wasn’t going to approach you after that. Your goon of a man called me a stalker and who knows what else. I wasn’t going to initiate anything with you after that.


Fine with me. You were the one who took things outside of the game, not me. Next time think before you do something like that.


I didn’t take anything out of the game. That was relevant to you and Matt as players in the game. As proved by you guys being in f3.


Nick, I personally never had any issues with you in this game. At the beginning of the game during “Adam-gate” you were voted to SuLa, solely based on your affiliation with Adam, and nobody on the tribe really talked to you.
Once you got switched to SuLa, and the official tribes were set, I didn’t talk to anybody outside of my tribe, unless they approached me first.
By the time you mutinied to Aspu, I figured it was too late to try and get you on our side, because you seemed to be thick as thieves with Corey and Rudez, as I was told by others that it was that way.


Well, just got back from being amongst a large crowd of 40-75 year olds to watch Wadjda. Watchwadjdawatchwadjda.

Alright. That was the shortest question period ever (another record zomgz!!!!!111one), but a lot has been said in less than twenty-four hours.

Rob and DeAnna, now is the time for your closing statement. For some reason this is something that the real Survivor neglects to air or dismiss over the past several years since having a Final Three, but in SCWL we do not ignore such a tradition.

This is your final opportunity to publicly convince this jury that you are worthy of winning this game.

(You can simply reply to this thread with your closing statement.)


What I gathered from this round of jury questions is that I had a horrible social game. I’d like to go back and change it, but I can’t. I think in answering these jury questions, I’ve explained myself well enough so that at least you all can understand where I’m coming from. My game was all about loyalty, and it’s a big reason why I am where I am, at the end, next to DeAnna. My number one loyalty in this game was to her, and I kept my other loyalties as long as I possibly could. I said I wanted to play as honest & honorable a game that I could, and I think I did, to the best of my abilities. I might have been lacking in the social aspect of this game, but I knew it would be a sore spot for me. I think I made up for it more than enough in my strategic and “physical” game. So take a look at all of the questions, and answers from tonight, and vote how you want to vote. Don’t vote how others want you to vote, vote with your head, and vote with your heart. Vote for the best, and above all, good game to all of you!

Also, big congrats to DeAnna for being part of the F2 as well. It’s been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you better throughout this game. Cheers!


I’m not sure what else I can say here that I haven’t already said today. I am pretty sure I was responding to questions for hours and hours on end! This game had its ups, and this game had its lows but I wouldn’t take anything back. I came into this game not even knowing how we were supposed to play a challenge, and left it winning my first individual immunity. I’ve made enemies, I’ve made some great friends, and most importantly I have some amazing memories that I will never forget.

I took my love of the game Survivor, and mixed it with my love of strategy and charged into this game wide eyed like a kid on Christmas morning. I’ve made mistakes – we all have – but I accomplished all the goals I set for myself coming into this game. I made alliances, I made new friends, I won challenges, and I was loyal to the people I gave my word to. I made to the merge, made it to the jury, made it to the final 4 and ultimately made it here to the final 2. No matter what happens tonight, I’m proud of how far I came, and I am proud of Rob. Thank you Rob for sticking with me in this game, I know we will be friends for a long, long time.

I may have lied, I may have betrayed and I may voted all of you out, but that was all part of the game. The people who took the time to get to know me – I am so glad you did. I am honoured to have played this game with you, and this game wouldn’t be nearly as fun and memorable with you.

I sincerely hope you cast your vote for me tonight. I believe I have played an all around good game, especially for someone who has never done this before. I took the steps required, made the moves I needed and dodged a few bullets along the way. I stayed two steps ahead and swerved and jumped when needed. This game wasn’t easy. It took everything to get where I did, and I hope that you can see that too. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. The motto we all know so well, I think I did all of that and so much more.

Finally, thank you everyone. I can’t wait to party it up after the game is over with you. I’m hoping we’ll get some mimosas, Jones Soda and some delicious cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. ❤



At the end of the day, most of the shit that angers and hurts me about the Alamo and all the shit went down traces back to you. And hey, that can’t be a half bad strategy. It’d be hilarious if this is just another vote I’m in the minority on, though.

mama aspu


Vote: Dee ❤

You are an amazing person and your jury performance really impressed me. Rob, you left me no choice with your answer. You both deserved to be here but I think DeAnne deserved more.


Vote: Rob “Hands down the winner of the two, If your don’t win, it’s a damn f—ing shame because you earned it by a f—ing mile.”


REASON: Played the best game, period. SAD PUDDING FOREVER!


I vote for Rob. (Can I get into the viewers group thing now? lol


My vote is for Rob to win


Sorry, I’ve been thinking about it a lot so I guess I it’s due now… Vote: Boston Rob! Reason: I think you were overall the best player, you killed most challenges, you had the best strategic game and owned it. If Deanna played a more honest game with herself and owned being cut throat I would have voted for her. So good luck and I hope you win.

6.14M SCWL 6 Season Finale Blog


Wow. After all of the chaos and craziness that we endured here in SCWL 6. . .this is it! The end of the game!

I woke up with a sore throat yesterday and that has involved into a big headache, so just like Probst did with his own finale blogs between Gabon and Nicaragua, this one will be fairly brief as well.


This is a challenge I have stayed away from in the past few seasons. Because of this season being a three-tribe format being known for messed up dynamics, I thought this was going to be a rare situation where a challenge like this could be run well without jury intervention.

I should also add that based on past seasons, a puzzle portion usually trips a couple of people up.

But when you have a group of three that is disliked by the jury, and Cameron going from “frustrating wildcard into underdog”, you now have a challenge that heavily favours him.

Matt, DeAnna, and Rob pulled all of the stops like they usually do in challenges, but Cam kept his head screwed on tight and came away with the win.

Unfortunately that head would loosen only hours later.


Prequel: Two idols being played along with somebody wearing individual immunity.
2: Noah flopping his vote twenty times before making it a deadlock.
3: Eric just has to submit his challenge and he wins immunity. Instead he was grounded by his mother and vanishes forever.
4: Clayton plays an idol on Jessica, but makes it a unanimous vote for Jessica. Suddenly he now has to convince Andrew to keep him instead of Renee, and somehow that works.
5: Jeremy intentionally throws a challenge he mastered during pre-merge, but gets voted out unanimously.
6: Cameron wins immunity, gives it away to DeAnna, and gets voted out ten minutes later.

Cameron’s move is the closest I have seen to a duplicate of the Erik Reichenbach incident in Fans vs. Favo(u)rites 1.

Not only did Cameron copy Erik by giving up immunity, but he was in a prime position to win just one challenge before being crowned the winner.

How Cameron did not copy Erik though is that no one was pleading with him to give it up. The others did a bit of reverse psychology, and somehow it was given up.


I did the research and found that Cameron gave up immunity every single time that he was in possession of one. He gave a talisman to Matt in round one, he shared the idol with multiple people after finding it on SuLa, and lastly gave a talisman here to DeAnna.

Because of how much of a presence Cameron has had over the past six months in the online community, it made the move all the more shocking and jaw dropping. If I was Cameron, the journey taken during the game must have been very exhausting. I know Cam’s reasoning for making the decision to give up immunity. . .but it does not really help matters.

Cameron got really lucky with having a challenge that would help him beat Sad Pudding more than any other challenge all season. . .and threw that gift from God away.


It’s funny. Matt’s exit interview is that I was too biased against Sad Pudding. Meanwhile others are thinking that I was not biased enough against them.

Now that Sad Pudding has completed the sweep, I really do have to finally give my thoughts on them.

Sad Pudding pretty much owned this game. We have had other pairs come into this game and ultimately vote against each other almost every time, but this is the first time that two/three people come in where absolutely every bit of information is shared.

Is that unethical? That debate is still going on, and ultimately we will not be reaching an agreement on that amongst the viewers and players.

But did it work? Absolutely. There were times like the merge where I thought they should have been dead. We have proof that there was an alliance of seven against an alliance of four. Even Matt admitted that playing the idol on Cam was a coin flip.

Cam, DeAnna, Matt, and Rob were easily the hardest working alliance I have ever seen when compared to the rest of the players. Cameron was fully engaged with this game while Sad Pudding was working every angle they could. DeAnna, Matt, and Rob are three very different people who perfectly executed three very different roles.

Matt pulling in Cam on day one and using him while simultaneously rewarding him all season really worked to his advantage. Add in all of Matt’s fights, and you really do have a season that is tough to imagine without Matt’s presence. Matt may be the most complex player I have cast out of the 128 people that have played in this series. I had a lot of fun with his exit interview, and it really does give you a good glimpse into what it was like dealing with Matt for two months.

Was it really a season where the underdogs could not pull together and make that critical move that we were all expecting? Or did Sad Pudding truly play each person perfectly to make the suggestion of it be simply hindsight bias? Again, another big mystery for this season.


It was the first time ever where I enter Oath of Silence with all three players knowing what the outcome of this round will be. Matt is going to go home in 3rd, and either DeAnna or Rob will go on to win this game.

Yes, Rob did make an innocent finger slip eleven minutes in. After two hours of celebrating their triumph over the other fifteen, DeAnna picked up immunity for the second time in a row.

Except this time she actually won the challenge beforehand. 😛


I tried to add as much suspense to Tribal Council when asking the questions. Something tells me I did not do a very good job of it.


This is something I get asked every season. I do it because I feel like Final Tribal Council is truly the final battle rather than the Final Immunity Challenge. This is probably the only thing I am happy about that occurred in the Survivor: Amazon finale.


Whether Sad Pudding went down at the merge or made it to the end, I knew the two sides would clash at Final Tribal. One side would be on the jury while the other would be sitting at the end.

I must applaud Rob and DeAnna for fighting as hard as they did. They elaborated upon their answers well. This was miles and miles ahead of “Stephanie’s”, Marty’s, and Noah’s FTC performances. It was a true showdown.

This is probably the only time all season where Sad Pudding competed directly against each other. I am glad it was not just “eh, one of us winning so screw you”. Sad Pudding still played a heckuva lot even after Cam went. They could have ended that final immunity challenge five minutes in. DeAnna or Rob could have said “just vote for the other person”.


Yeah. Travis went a bit overboard with his criticisms. I figured you did not need to be exposed to that in the episodes. So on the cutting room floor it remains. Let’s just say he said some not-so-nice things and leave it at that.


That is indeed another reason to root for Sad Pudding and Cameron. Those four were so engaged with this game, and the jury as well at FTC, that everything went really smooth. No strange three or four day delays. I believe FTC lasted barely over a day which is easily a record. Although when there are only seven as opposed to nine jurors, perhaps that is to be expected.


And this too! For a season that has been viewed with mixed results and not observed to be in the godlike tier compared to 1, 2, 4, and 5, many people are amazed just how much I revamped the blog for this season. It was much cleaner, more in-depth, and is the closest I have been to mimicking Probst.

There were some subtle things I did to mirror what Probst would have typed if he was blogging the seventh season known as Pearl Islands (this is our seventh game including the Prequel). Probst’s blogs between Gabon and Nicaragua is what I miss most about Survivor outside of Final Twos, so I hope doing this for every game has filled that void.


And thank you, the viewers/alumni/players for your continued support! Without you, I would not have hosted 128 people and host for 2 1/2 years. 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 have all gone quite well. Yes, I do like SCWL 6 and its outcome for the record.

Your support over the years has truly gone a long way, and it is not forgotten.


That is all that remains for SCWL 6. Who won? DeAnna? Rob? All I can say right now is that it is another close vote. Who would I prefer to win? Well. . .no preference really! I will support whatever the jury makes as always. There has never been a season where I disagreed with how the jury voted.

And then it is onto All Stars! 20-something of the greatest players to lose this game get the honour of being the first set of players to take a second crack at SCWL. My apologies to the 100+ people who did not make the cut.

The cast is already gearing up for it. The moment finally being here is something that many of you have been looking forward to for over two years. I can assure you right now that you will be very happy with the cast that is assembled. With one major twist every round and a set of classic challenges, you should not be disappointed.

So who will be our seventh champion? DeAnna? Rob? One of them will be a very happy pudding. Stay tuned!

6.14N Final Two Exit Interviews
6.14O SCWL 6 Fantasy Pool Results

1. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
2. DeAnna Bastin [Awkcy]
3. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
4. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]

1. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
2. DeAnna Bastin [Awkcy]
3. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
4/ Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]

1. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
2. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
3. DeAnna Bastin [Awkcy]
4. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]

1. DeAnna Bastin [Awkcy]
2. Cameron Johnson [Awkcy]
3. Matt Wolff [Awkcy]
4. Rob Brodeur [Awkcy]

1. Brian Whitehead – 108
2. David Racine – 106
3. Lister Potter III – 96
4. Jessica Frey – 88


Finale Rankings:

1. Brian Whitehead – 115 2. David Racine – 113 3. Lister Potter III – 96 4. Jessica Frey – 88




17th – Warren Adams [Nlad] – LISTER POTTER III

16th – Marc Oriol [Aspu] – MICHELLE PEARCE-DENOVAN [2nd Pick]


15th – Larry Chip Childress [SuLa]

14th – William Cook [Nlad]

13th – Moises Moreno [Nlad]

12th – Angel Candelas [Nlad] – AMANDA ALDRIDGE


11th – Travis Rindler [Awkcy] – MORAY JAMES

10th – Corey Altiere [Awkcy] – TYLER JAMES LINDER


9th – Rudez Merks [Awkcy] – AMANDA ALDRIDGE [2nd Pick]

8th – Nickolas DiVerdi [Awkcy] – DAVID RACINE

7th – Lyndsay Sherry [Awkcy] – JESSICA FREY

6th – Timothy Zahra [Awkcy] – LISTER POTTER III [2nd Pick]

5th – Efe Karanisoglu [Awkcy] – KIM PRATHER

4th – Cameron Johnson [Awkcy] – BRIAN WHITEHEAD

3rd – Matt Wolff [Awkcy]

Runner Up – Deanna Bastin [Awkcy] – JARED MERRELL

Winner – Rob Brodeur [Awkcy] – NAOMI SOWARD
6.14P SCWL 6 Closing Statement

It was an odd and unique season given the new but wildcard personalities that made up the cast this season, which made for a good yet weird game.


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