The Amazing Race Australia 4 Preview and Predictions


I did a podcast detailing my predictions and introduced the brand new season of TAR Australia after a five year drought. However, I know some of my readers hate listening to my voice and thus decided to do a quick written write-up (how else are write-ups done?)


beau ryan
Athlete replaces Grant Bowler; a little less Grant-y and a little more Mont-y.
colombo grant bowler 6
jon montgomery argentina

A little less Michael Mackay and ActiveTV; a little more leaking out call sheets of all remaining teams during filming and letting contestants spoil if they win the first leg or not on Instagram.

A new TV network means a new and inexperienced production team. Since it’s 10, the network that brings you the very spoilery betting odds and social media access of booted contestants from Australian Survivor now is in charge of TAR Australia.

The weird thing is on their website they are referring to TAR Australia 4 as “season 1” simply because it is on a new network. It made sense to erase this history for Australian Survivor since its first two seasons from fifteen years ago were both awful, but TAR Australia’s legacy has the highest reputation worldwide.
One potentially good thing about a new production team is not having an abundance of tasks replicated from TAR Asia. TAR Australia (1) and TAR Australia 2 are both notorious for this, and therefore we might see some new creative tasks for TAR Australia 4.
gyeongju warrior master

As much as I see teams doing the luck and memory infused task of “Get Past the Chinese Warriors.”


And yes, one of these continents is Australia for the finish line. Since the starting line has been stated to be in South Korea in the press release, we will have eleven rounds divided between just two continents. It’s a bit of a shame given TAR Australia 1-3 all pushed four to six continents making for very diverse locations.
Granted it’s better than TAR Canada’s shitty adventures since season five, but my point stands given the enormous expectations TAR Australia 4 has to live up to.

Now let’s get to the teams!

rowah amani.jpg
bilal denial
aberdeen mo mos 42
shahla kara 2

Muslim teams have a history of performing very poorly on The Amazing Race over the years.

ghana andie jenna 9
deidre hillary.jpg
nancy emily
shelley nici
Mother-daughter teams also have a history of also performing very poorly on The Amazing Race over the years.
Amani is also the youngest racer to compete outside of Family Edition.
Any leg survival past episode one will be a huge upset for this duo.
Let’s hope they are not afraid of wooden popsicle sticks.

melbourne anne marie tracy
kate pat church
judy therese
If there is any team who Rowah and Amani could beat, the nuns could be it.
I am annoyed Therese is not named Theresa so I could go either the Mother Theresa route or “How do you solve a problem like Theresa?”


alana niko.jpg
Alana seems like she is already implementing an escape rope to get out of difficult situations. During the Meet the Teams interview Niko was speaking and Alana tried to shift the narrative of the team very quickly. I get the impression Alana wants to do what she wants–let’s see how she handles a frightening or strenuous Roadblock.


jerome jasmin.jpg
adam dane
Well, an Indigenous team is bound to improve upon the previous performance in TAR Australia. Jerome and Jasmin are eager to represent their community well and want to make them proud. What actions will they consider taboo as it may be a poor way to represent the community on national TV? Their biggest strength could turn into their biggest weakness on the race.


chris adrienne.jpg
Middle-aged couple where both of them are tough. Adrienne was the first female firefighter in Australia and is very very strong in her fields. Chris is an alpaca farmer. Nothing is going to make them flinch except maybe a leg with extensive self-driving.


nick femi
They both fought over the same chick. Sounds like these two guys get distracted easily. High energy. However, they are male nurses which may or may not be a successful profession in TAR Australia’s history.
daniel ryan
At least Nick and Femi won’t have to worry about getting an ugly haircut.
Be careful though, boys: The nuns are taken. It’s tough to strut your stuff when God and Jesus are chilling at the same bar.


sid ash.jpg
Social media influencers who are on the show to generate buzz for their profiles. They will produce as many soundbytes as possible to ensure the audience hates them and trashes them online. Congratulations Casual Audience, you are going to give them -exactly- what they want.
Free luxury travel and not needing the 250k were the first two things Sid and Ash talked about. What’s funny is I have traveled more than they have and the fact they make money from doing nothing makes me feel sorry for whoever is exposed to their atrocious content. By the way, thanks for reading my blog!
But seriously, they’re gonna be a couple of fucking douchebags. Thank goodness this is a TV show that averages one season every three years.
dan riya
Let’s pray for an early exit.
dave irina
Or maybe it’s time for the Australian casuals to be antagonized to the depths that we haven’t seen before.



Two dudes who appear to have very similar personalities. When two dudes have a similar personality, they are prone to making the same type of mistake. If anyone has a #ReadYourClue moment, it could be these two. Otherwise, I presume they’ll make a deep run.



Sisters! Not the most well-spoken, but they seem competitive enough. Subjective dancing challenges will work in their favour and all they need to do is dye their hair to have locals be very eager to help them. Dancing and sports also makes them agile and possess endurance which is key for TAR. Hopefully they are as “dance-y” and as “sport-y” as they claim. They could pick up the torch from Sam & Renae and Michelle & Jo.


viv joey.jpg

Vietnamese. Intelligent. Traditional outgoing siblings who are bound to confront each other when it comes to decision making. Very competitive. Agile.

hong kong henry bernie 2

china tammy victor 2

Henry & Bernie or Tammy & Victor? Make your pick!


tom tyler.jpg
Young, fit, charming pretty white dudes traveling through Africa and Asia? Other franchises have discontinued casting well-rounded alpha male teams but it is something TAR Australia has yet to get away from, and they have won all three seasons to date. It’s tough to imagine Tom and Tyler finishing outside of this top three. Perhaps producers will know what casting change needs to be made for season five.

And that’s it for now based on the extremely limited information we have because the bios are very slim and I have no interest in digging through their Instagram content. Peace out and just chill until the first episode!

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1 Response to The Amazing Race Australia 4 Preview and Predictions

  1. Reds Kevin says:

    Nancy & Emily were just one mistake away from almost making the final three while TAR Canada had an indigenous team win the last season.

    And aren’t Leo & Jamal Muslims?

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