The Open Letter to Tyler Oakley

I did it on the TAR Facebook pages that I admin.

I did it on Instagram.

This will be the final time I address Tyler Oakley publicly. After all, I need to make more Art & JJ and Rachel Reilly jokes in TAR 20 because TAR 31 certainly definitely wasn’t an overdose of airtime for Rachel Reilly. Like, I still have twenty decent border patrol jokes at my disposal to use.

asuncion art velez 1

How I picture Art Velez when reading through most of my jokes. The good news is both Art & JJ appreciate my blog posts. I assume their sessions are a mix of headshakes and belly laughs. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

ngorongoro brendon rachel 2

And these folks have been reading my blogs too. . .and Brendon & Rachel. No, but seriously, I have gotten endorsements from Brendon & Rachel too.

asuncion elliot andrew weber 20

For some reason, I haven’t heard a damn word from these two. Their absence is what hurts me most. C’mon guys! I invested so much energy into telling your story! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!!!


Anyways, let’s address the topic of the blog at hand.


I went over it in my Instagram videos, and over the past three years I think vague misinformation has circulated over what exactly happened at the start of TAR 28.


1) Michael and I were at the peak of RTV Warriors. We were getting a lot of attention, and felt really good about our extreme level of TAR expertise and witty callback jokes. We do a TAR 28 season preview which the current cast of TAR 28 didn’t find as hilarious as we thought they would.

2) When Tyler Oakley came up on the season preview, Michael and I have co-bloggers and co-hosts within RTV Warriors who are of the LGBT community, and expressed their displeasure over some of Tyler Oakley’s published material and tweets in the past year. Because these folks withing RTV Warriors are Michael and I’s friends, we talked about this on air in our season preview. They said some of Tyler Oakley’s material contained transphobia. Naturally, we brought that up on-air.

3) I was doing my Funniest Complaints blog regularly at the time (I haven’t done it for TAR 31 since 95% of the complaints are about Rachel Reilly and it is very frustrating to try and sift through it for something unusual or hilarious). The TAR 28 cast were unfamiliar of the sarcasm in Funniest Complaints. These are extremely popular amongst producers and cast members. The TAR 28 cast, specifically Tyler Oakley, didn’t understand it, and that prompted Tyler Oakley to try and run me off of the Internet.

4) This led to him getting into confrontations with other past TAR alumni who support Michael and I. I received random hatemail from fans including a random guy from Paraguay who didn’t understand the situation. Tyler Oakley proceeded to block Michael and I without ever bothering to reach out to us or communicate with us.

5) I met Tyler Oakley at the TAR 28 finale. He didn’t know who I was, and we had a swell time talking throughout the course of the evening.

6) Tyler Oakley remained part of a group I help admin and helped build over several years. . .even though the rule of nearly every Facebook group online is you can’t block admins. For obvious reasons.

7) I avoided it for a couple of years but once TAR 31 rolled around it should have been time for Tyler Oakley to unblock me. However, when other admins instructed Tyler Oakley to unblock me, he refused to do so even though in his message he claimed to not remember who Michael and I are. So even though Michael and I are two of the primary people who look after a very specific fan community which happens to be the only one Tyler Oakley is involved in, Tyler opted to show us such a lack of respect that a) he pretended to not know who we were; b) he refused to even engage in a dialogue over events that he allegedly doesn’t even remember anymore.

8) Another admin sent him a message. I posted Instagram videos and made my Facebook post requesting an apology for his actions three years ago, and requested a dialogue. Despite making efforts to bury the hatchet, I don’t know whether it is a mixture of stubbornness or immaturity, but Tyler Oakley has no desire to apologize to me for running me out of a community that I obviously care very deeply about. I apologized for my actions, but clearly that same respect isn’t reciprocated.

9) The good news is I have a great relationship with the other twenty-one cast members of TAR 28, and pretty much all twenty-one cast members of TAR 31. Well, except maybe Janelle and Brittany because, well, I haven’t really had much of a chance to interact with either of them.


So, with TAR 31 approaching its conclusion, I thought I would make this one final attempt to reach out to Tyler Oakley before his TAR career is presumably finished.

I apologized for publicly discussing the transphobia tweets without privately messaging Tyler about it beforehand on the TAR 28 preview podcast.

However, I feel calling in the cavalry to run me out of a community I have now been apart of for just under two decades and building the same community he supposedly likes to participate in and refusing to remember who I am nor wanting to be an equally big person to bury the hatchet outweighs what transpired over three years ago. The people who were much more confrontational with him and promoted those transphobia remarks three years ago were never blocked. For whatever reason, all of it fell on me.

I guess I will close this out by saying my door is always open. For all I know, Tyler Oakley is currently managing personal stress from his career or has other issues going on that prevents the perspective of reaching out to me. I dunno. But alas, I thought it would be worth my time to make this one final public summoning.

If nothing comes of it, I will be mildly disappointed.

guilin margie 4




Dammit, Margie. Why you gotta be like that?

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6 Responses to The Open Letter to Tyler Oakley

  1. Enric says:

    Dude (*insert Reem voice*) don’t get upset tyler career is pretty much dying thanks to that, i think Tyler at this point is doing this stuff because he wants to be seen so much as the good perfect guy that he forgets the appeal of youtubers is pretty much you relating to them, people dont want to see you with Hilary Clinton, people dont want to see you with a tweet history against anyone who is republican just for being republican(at least Zev and Justin tweet history was just directly directed at politicians not at people for supporting them)(and i have the same political views as Tyler, just don’t be a dick about it) He wants to be seen so much as the good guy. He calls people racist for not being atracted to a race.
    You know his career has been going downhill when him going to The Amazing race is the only way he can get views.

  2. Corine says:

    Wait — I’m confused. I thought Tyler was a friend of the podcast? Doesn’t he email y’all BTS info? Or are you guys joking when you say that?

  3. Ekmal Sukarno says:

    Apologies for the late reply, Logan, but you haven’t done a review of The Amazing Race in months. As I remember, you left off at the episode where racers continued their leg in Tanzania, which was in season 20. When are you gonna continue your review on The Amazing Race 20?

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