Hiatus Is Over

Hey guys! Today is day 165 of my 215 day trip. I am currently in Prishtina, Kosovo! Bill Clinton statue, pizza parlours everywhere, and cafes everywhere!

This blog wasn’t the only thing I have taken a break from over the past couple of months. I think it was a mixture of constant travel, planning all of my logistics alone, getting my certification to keep my current job (unfortunately blogging about The Amazing Race is not my job), being frustrated with my current job, budgeting so I didn’t run out of money while backpacking an extra unplanned six weeks (I was eating one meal per day in Egypt for about eight days straight–I don’t recommend this), meeting up with people I have known online for up to ten years, and getting really discouraged by the Internet.

I felt extremely burned out and really limited my presence online. I stopped posting to my Instagram, stopped sending in articles about my travels to the local newspapers, stopped posting on the TAR Reddit, stopped submitting decent material to RHAP about Edge of Extinction, dealing with three pieces of drama from my hometown, and stopped being too involved with the admin duties of various Amazing Race groups online.

I needed a break. I felt like a freakin’ monk as I looked inward about myself. What do I want to invest my energy into? What is worth my time? How do I want to treat people and how do I want people to treat me? What are things I like to do and what are things I don’t like to do? What confrontations are worth me getting involved in and what confrontations do I just appease and appease until it is gone because I know an argument is not worth it? If I abide by all of my personal values, I don’t have to worry about how others react to things I do. . .and I don’t have to worry about having a reaction to others who violate my personal values.

Over the past month, a lot of my stress has been vanquished. I haven’t had such an absence of negativity, anxiety, and nervousness. If this doesn’t make me enjoy writing and entertaining, I don’t know what will.

I am now ready to get back to writing and entertaining my friends and fans. It is time to resume exploring Rachel Reilly’s early days once more. She doesn’t (currently) have the TAR leg record for nothing!

tokyo mel white

You waiting for me to get to TAR Australia 2 for TARstorian.




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1 Response to Hiatus Is Over

  1. Chris says:

    Aside from TARAUS2, I’m also waiting for TAR24 just so I can hear you bash it >:D

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