Survivor 37 Finale Predictions

My life has been ultra busy this past month. Luckily I quit my full time job this week. Content is resuming including TARstorian coverage.

Survivor 37 finale is tonight.
Order of Who I Want to Win:
1) Angelina
2) Angelina
3) Angelina
4) Davie
5) Nick
6) Alison
7) Mike White
8) Kara
Order of Who I Think Will Win:
1) Alison
2) Kara
3) Davie
4) Nick
5) Ned Schneebly/Kim Kelly’s Couchsurfer
6) Angelina
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2 Responses to Survivor 37 Finale Predictions

  1. Jimmy White says:

    Who I want to win:
    1) Davie
    2) Alison
    3) Nick
    4) Kara
    5) Mike
    6) Angelina

    Who I think will win (best chance if gets to end):
    1) Davie
    2) Nick
    3) Alison
    4) Mike
    5) Kara
    6) Angelina

    Angelina: Jimmy, can I be higher on your list?
    Me: ….
    Angelina: Jimmy?
    Me: ….

  2. Morgan W. says:

    I really want Angelina to win, she’d be such a unique winner. But there is no doubt in my mind Nick will win. It’s so obvious!

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