The Amazing Race Canada 6 Casual Fan Funniest Complaints Blog Pre-Season Edition

The Canadian casuals are back. One year has passed and therefore have become one year dumberer as they discuss this season of Conflict of Interests via sports agencies and Bell Media and some teams who don’t know each other Heroes!

complaints 1 1

Four casual fans walk in–only Brad Young walks out a winner. Sadly a 25% success rate is higher than most when it comes to the casuals.

complaints 1 2

You do know being a Mountie and a firefighter is a job just like being a cheerleader, right? And that the cheerleaders Leanne & Mar, you know, have done actual charity work while it remains unknown if the Mounties and the Firefighter do anything outside of their job.

So instead of expressing sexism, how about the fact that Leanne & Mar actually the biggest heroes of the five contestants you just referenced!

complaints 1 3


Nah, just kidding. You’re right. I don’t understand how elite athletes are automatically labelled as heroes either. I assume it’s for people that lack perception on what actually matters in life.

chris benoit

Because if Canadian elite athletes are automatically our heroes then we have some MAJOR issues to address.

complaints 1 4

You’re actually onto something. I think Phil and Nancy are the only two parents in the whole cast. Childless couples and siblings are the biggest heroes! They’re helping keep our population under control!

courtney taylor

bob barker 2

“Get your incest-y Mountie siblings spayed or neutered!”

complaints 1 5

I still laugh that somebody got cast from Williams Lake, BC before anyone was chosen from Quebec or any of the Maritime provinces.

fleur de lys

The small town of Williams Lake says “Sucks to your Fleur-de-Lys, bitches!”

complaints 1 6

702 where my girls at

“Where my teachers at? From the front to back

CTV said they don’t need that”

asuncion nary jamie 7

We’ve had teachers before on The Amazing Race. C’mon now.

And what’s hilarious is that I was hired as a teacher as of a couple of months ago. I could’ve been the biggest hero of all. For shame.

complaints 1 7


kazakhstan bird 3

We have Mounties, Cheerleaders, Military, Athletes, More Athletes, Other Military, and a Bird Murderer! Classic!

randy johnson

Where would Randy Johnson fall? Because he is both elite athlete and bird murderer.

complaints 1 8

I don’t think it takes much with this cast. We have multiple people who refer to Africa as a country in their bios and think the VoldeMussolinis a.k.a. Gino & Jesse win season two. Oh, and one team wants to be like Kevin & Ryan.

complaints 1 9

nancy mellisa

Yes, because the anti-bullying cheerleaders are less of a hero than a freakin’ barrel racer and a teammate she barely knows who doesn’t even know how to spell her own fucking name.

complaints 1 10

That’s right. We’ve already had Maritime overkill numbers wise.

hamilton michaelia

This is all you gonna get, motherfucker!

complaints 1 11

brussels phil keoghan 1

So we’re making up random facts now, eh? And remember all of those tasks Monty demonstrated in season five? Like, all four of them?

complaints 1 12

Public urination is not heroic enough.

complaints 1 13

Oh, fuck. Is there another Amazing Race podcast I don’t know about? I don’t like competition with RTV Warriors, folks. We will crush you.

complaints 1 14complaints 1 15

And Adam Fasolino wins this year’s award of Missing the Whole Point. Harmstone tried his best, though.

complaints 1 16

Way to clog up the Twitter feed with pointless retweets of tweets TAR Canada fans will already see on Twitter anyway. Thanks for making me scroll through your bullshit. That’s ten seconds of my day I’ll never get back.

complaints 1 17

stephane antoine

frankie amy

I say anything beyond season four and you can call us brain dead idiots.

Although I think you may be thrown into the same crowd thanks to your spelling of “heros”. What is that? A new cereal?


It’s like a special limited edition brand of Cheerios–Heros! The breakfast of champions! Or. . .Air Force Pilots for some reason.

complaints 1 18

Said no one ever.

godlewski family

The only seasons TAR 8: Family Edition got a better reception than was TAR Canada 5, TAR 24, TAR 6, and TAR 14. That’s it. I don’t think we’ll be going back to the well with this one.

dylan kwame

Not only do we have casual fans, but we also have casual contestants who compare themselves to the worst team in any TAR season ever and can’t even compare themselves to the worst team ever correctly.

Dylan & Kwame, congratulations, you’re the biggest casuals to ever write a bio since Dana & Amanda, The VoldeMussolinis, or Nancy & Mellisa.

complaints 1 9

Can’t. . .what?

complaints 1 8canada 6 complaints 1canada 6 complaints 1 22canada 6 complaints 1 21canada 6 complaints 1 20

This isn’t a casual fan complaint, but I just need to point out how awful these puns are. I feel like it needs to be posted for all to see before whoever at CTV wrote them feels ashamed and inevitably deletes ’em from the interwebs.

canada 6 complaints 1 19

I think Jess’ point still stands. The entire population of the Northwest Territories is 41, 000 people which is less than the town in which I live within BC. . .and we’re not a considered a very big town in BC.

So yes Michel, if you really do exist, you do the math and please be quiet.

nwt population

See? We’ve got about 90 more seasons of TARC to go before we’ll see anyone from Northwest Territories.

canada 6 complaints 1 18

I forgot how many casual fans are in this group. “We don’t even know the CN Tower! Pretending we don’t know the CN Tower gives us a HUGE strategic advantage!”

leanne mar

Just because they’re one of few heroes in this cast along with Joseph & Akash and Phil & Martina, that doesn’t mean they’re heroes of basic Amazing Race knowledge and/or strategy.

canada 6 complaints 1 17

ken ryan

The one person who misses the Give’R team. I can’t believe we live in a world where both Kevin & Ryan and the VoldeMussolinis have made it all the way to the finish line in the span of three seasons. Yuck.

canada 6 complaints 1 16

I have a pretty good idea what we’re in for–random person living abroad has their application rejected because they’re not associated with a certain sports agency or within the Bell Media umbrella.

canada 6 complaints 1 15

How are multiple people spelling it as “hero’s”? What is this?


Did one of my favourite Japanese MMA leagues catch on in Canada more than I initially thought?

canada 6 complaints 1 13

In the eyes of Amazing Race Canada. . .

canada 6 age.jpg

No, 35 is not young. You’d be the second oldest overall team in this season. Sorry.

canada 6 complaints 1 14

How does having dairy give you an advantage on The Amazing Race Canada?

harvest moon

Otherwise the protagonist from Harvest Moon would absolutely kill it!canada 6 complaints 1 11


dylan kwame.jpg

Because coaches from Fort Mac are clearly heroic than a couple who lived through war-torn Bosnia in the early 90s. If only they wore equally blinding green bandanas!

canada 6 complaints 1 10

Seeing people fight over the TAR Canada ‘hero’ label when it’s clearly very forced and isn’t legitimate in most cases is hilarious to watch. Again, the sexism shines through.

canada 6 complaints 1 9

I don’t know why “worst show ever” was the response to a specific tweet about one racer’s desire to commit suicide in Newfoundland. I mean, why else would it be your dream destination?


Newfoundland: The place to go if your dream is to die a slow and painful death.

canada 6 complaints 1 8

Coach McDonald is actually right. I love it when random fans and spectators say “We won the NBA championship! We won the World Series! We won the World Cup!” when all they did was fuckin’ sit in a seat the whole time or cheer from the sidelines. Did you score the basket? Did you run the ball?

No, you didn’t. So sit your ass down.

steve bartman.jpg

The only exception to all of this is Steve Bartman, of course. He lost the Cubs the pennant and the World Series and he knows it.

canada 6 complaints 1 7

What’s funny is that Quebec isn’t even in this season. In fact, this is the ONLY season without a Quebec team!

pierre michel forgetadam andrea

stephane antoine

holly and brett

Not heroes.

canada 6 complaints 1 6

Back up back up back up.

You’re telling me that TARC 6 had such a rough time with casting that they cast the SISTER of the LEAST MEMORABLE finalist ever in Big Brother Canada history? I am not exaggerating.

Gary. Jillian. Jon. Sabrina. Sarah. Godfrey. (Sarah and Godfrey is one of my favourite F2s in RTV history, by the way). Nick. Phil. The Poker Player Who Should Not Be Named. Karen. Kaela. Paras.


And then you’ve got Kelsey. That’s rough, guys.

It’s like if that guy at my work who got fired two years ago and had an article about himself in the newspaper had a brother who was cast for BB Canada 7. That’s how far down we’re going to recruit people for TAR Canada 6.

P.S. First Responders is a bit more catchy than “First and Second Responders”.

canada 6 complaints 1 5


canada 6 complaints 1 4

I love how nobody actually refers to Monica & Zainab by name.

canada 6 complaints 1 2

On one side, we have people too obsessed with the CFL. . .on the other side we have a guy who is mildly sexist. In a way both are losers. Actually, in every way both are losers.

canada 6 complaints 1 3

“Dancing girls”? You make ’em sound like they’re strippers in a nightclub or something! Granted some of them are my heroes!

gyeongju jess lani

asia jess lani 2

Like TAR Asia 4. Me gusta Jess & Lani long time!

canada 6 complaints 1 1

Kevin has a fair point. Given this whole cast, I would say a gas station attendant could be more of a hero than six or seven of these teams.

les 2


So there you have it. I will be watching only three episodes this season (the international legs because my god Fort Mac and freakin’ Castlegar and two legs in Newfoundland = You’re out of domestic ideas, guys) and the weakest casting and most forced theme on paper has made me disinterested in watching 75% of this season.

However, the casual fan bickering combined with no logical thinking entertains me to no end. I can’t wait for them to have equally strong opinions when we inevitably have a SkipTheDishes task or another task involving Pioneer re-enactments and a million confessionals about being heroes.


P.S. devon soltendieck.jpg

“I don’t think I remember a leg where Gino & Jesse didn’t finish a leg lower than sixth or seventh.”

canada 3 brain.jpg

Devon Soltendieck: Such a casual fan that the botox not only froze his face but also froze his brain in the process too.

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1 Response to The Amazing Race Canada 6 Casual Fan Funniest Complaints Blog Pre-Season Edition

  1. Jimmy White says:

    Do you know how I can watch TAR Canada in the States? I was only able to catch the first episode of last season (thankfully) on YouTube, which is how I watched seasons 3 and 4.

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