The Amazing Race 20 Episode Two Rankings



“Kindergarten Cops”



Previously on TAR: Eleven teams began a race around the world. Teams braved their fears and fell out of the sky. In a showdown for first place and the “valuable” Express Pass, Rachel & Dave came out on top. Misa & Maiya had Joey Fitness & “Danny” beat, but they couldn’t find the pit stop right in front of them and paid a costly price.

Ten teams remain; who will be eliminated next?





Phil introduces us to the mountainous desert region of Salta, and is home to the world’s highest vineyards. It has the perfect climate for growing grapes.

salta mountain

salta mountain 1

salta mountain 2

salta mountain 3

Ah, what a beautiful landscape. I wish I could have a llama as a pet minus the spitting.

Phil knows how to properly pronounce Cafayate. He uses the proper Argentine Spanish of using the ‘y’ with a ‘sh’ sound.

salta phil keoghan

And if Misa & Maiya are watching this episode at home, please shift your eyes from the right hand part of the TV screen to the left.”

Dave & Rachel, who won the first leg of the race, will depart at 2:46am.

salta dave rachel brown

Is Dave wearing a shock collar? What did him and Rachel get up to at the pit stop???????

Teams must drive themselves to the Cafayate Town Square and wait for the chaski, a mounted postman, to hand them their next clue.

cafayate town

cafayate chaski

lil jon ying yang twins


RACHEL: Winning the first leg puts a target on our backs. . .but at the same time we have the security of the Express Pass.

The Express Pass is a useless piece of shit. You have nothing.

DAVE: We don’t anticipate using it unless it is absolutely necessary.

salta dave rachel brown 1

Like if there is a task involving Dave & Cherie performing their set from the circus and we have to watch. We’re using our EP on that shit.”

RACHEL: I don’t know what Chaski is.

DAVE: Use your Spanglish, babe.

salta dave rachel brown 2

Chaski sounds more Russian than Spanish, babe.

And why would you use your Spanglish?

spanglish adam sandler.jpg

You’re just stuck with watching a mediocre (although one of the better) Adam Sandler films.

Brendon & Rachel depart in second at 2:48am.

RACHEL: This game is super duper different from Big Brother. Constantly you’re on the go [and not hooking up with somebody in a hammock for twelve hours a day except for when you have to attach gumballs to a wall]. You still have to be super fierce competitors. I have to say Amazing Race is tougher.

salta brenchel

Isn’t it super tougher?

Art & JJ depart third at 2:49am.

Art & JJ ask a random guy what a chasqui is.

salta jj carrell

A chasqui is a courier? Of cocaine?! Let’s nail that sonofabitch right now, JJ!”

Brenchel drive up alongside Art & JJ.

ART: It’s gonna be up ahead.

BRENDON: That’s what I thought.

salta brendon villegas

I am half-not Mexican so I kinda like you.”

JJ: The Big Brothers he will never make a decision. Watch he’ll just wait for us to go and he’ll follow us.

salta art jj

That’s a bit of a premature assessment. You guys departed within one minute of each other and it’s only the second round. How the hell do you not stick together? It’s the smartest move for both parties involved. You can’t establish it as a dependent relationship this early on. There simply isn’t enough data.

salta brenchel 1

Besides, Brenchel made the mistake of not aligning with enough males in BB12. They don’t want to make the same mistake like they did with the Brigade.

ART: He’s a UCLA student. What do you expect?

And I think the half-Mexican part of Brendon will go back to hating them again.

salta dogs

And because it’s Argentina, dogs are plentiful and are well-taken care of in the city streets. They become mascots for a lot of buildings and businesses.

In fact, I visited about six or seven houses in Argentina, and every single person had a dog. If there was a bed and a couch available, and the dog decided to jump onto the bed, no one would disagree with the dog’s decision and I would be stuck sleeping on the couch.

Or if there was a second dog and that dog chose the couch, then yeah, I may as well accept that I’d be sleeping on the floor for the night.

In other words, if you pick up any women in Argentina at the club and go back to her place, there is a strong likelihood that a canine of all things is gonna be responsible for cockblocking you. It could very well start barking at you if it doesn’t trust your intentions or take your spot on the bed or couch. Be prepared for it.

salta dog

See? The dog isn’t even skinny. It has no curfew.

Dave & Rachel arrive at the Town Square and are told the chasqui will not arrive until sunrise.

DAVE: This will be a considerable delay.

Yes, a considerable one.

Nary & Jamie depart in fourth at 3:21am.

salta nary jamie

We like clues.”

Nary & Jamie reveal they are pretending to be kindergarten teachers.

Ah. So it’s true. They really are going to be undercover cops pretending to be a kindergarten teacher.

arnold schwarzzeneger.jpg


salta nary jamie 1

salta nary jamie 2

Ah. Editors are playing along.

And because the premiere was so rushed, we get a flashback to new footage from the first leg.

RACHEL: What do you guys do?

JAMIE: We’re teachers. . .

RACHEL: You are? Cute!

salta flashback

Well, we do get a clip from LAX after all.

And because Brenchel are the stunt casting team of this season, they’ll be needlessly added into the narrative whenever possible.

JAMIE: And most people would never look at us and guess we’re federal agents.

salta jamie graetz

The aqua bow in her hair preserves her cover.

aqua barbie girl

In fact, it’s so aqua that even the lead singer of Aqua has the same type of bow in her hair.

aqua barbie girl 1

I’m an Aqua Girl

In a military complex world

Wrapped in backpacks

It’s fantastic

You can put bows in my hair

Lecture me anywhere


Your professions are your creation

I’m a federal agent in a military complex world

Nary & Jamie think they’ll have a target on their back at a U-Turn if they revealed the truth about their profession.

Vanessa & Ralph are fifth to commence at 3:31am. We watch Ralph struggle with his seatbelt for several seconds.

RALPH: Holy cow, where we goin’ next?

salta vanessa ralph

salta vanessa ralph 1

Nowhere if you can’t buckle up, motherfucker.

Elliot & Andrew, our Golden Angels, depart sixth at 4:21am. They lost a lot of time despite being on the first flight.

salta elliot andrew weber

I wonder if Elliot always wears short-sleeved shirts just so he can show off his tattoos.

Kerri & Stacy are seventh at 5:23am.

KERRI: Let’s go, chica.

salta kerri stacy

Anyone else want to bet it’s the only Spanish word that Kerri knows?

Vanessa & Ralph and Elliot & Andrew all panic when they see the Town Square.

salta elliot andrew weber 1

Name ten chocolate bars, name ten chocolate bars.

Vanessa sees a dog in the square.

VANESSA: Are you a Chasqui?

estonia matt tomljenovich 4

“Or a candelabrah?”

salta vanessa macias

salta vanessa macias 1

salta vanessa macias 2

NOTE: At the end of the episode, Vanessa was diagnosed with rabies.

VANESSA: I’m sure he’s not bilingual.

He can speak English, but I hear his accent is a bit Ruff.

Dave & Cherie start the leg in eighth at 5:27am. They have 144 dollars for this leg of the race.

salta dave cherie gregg

All good to go!

DAVE: I think the other teams underestimate us.

You think they expected you to finish ninth instead of eighth?

DAVE: I was diagnosed with LP Hodgkins Disease twice. . .I’ve been cancer free since 2001.

marshall mathers lp

Not to be confused with Marshall Mathers LP Hodgkins. I wouldn’t want your kids to hear about that one!

CHERIE: Woohoo!

DAVE: Happy dance!

salta dave cherie gregg 1

salta dave cherie gregg 2

This is the most cheerful reaction I have seen to a story about LP Hodgkins.

taipei ethan zohn

It’s the same thing Ethan Zohn had. Who knew TAR would cast two people in consecutive seasons who are in remission from LP Hodgkins?

CHERIE: If we can beat cancer twice, I am pretty sure we can win the race.

salta cherie gregg

. . .I don’t think those two challenges have any overlap in skill set, Cherie.

Mark & Bopper depart ninth at 5:29am. Mark is fine if at least one team is behind him.

salta mark bopper

Mark is unusually optimistic today.

MARK: We’ll slowly work up to first. We’re in no hurry. We’ll shock the world.


Mark & Bopper can’t pronounce Chasqui.

BOPPER: Shazaquay?

MARK: We speak Country. No other kind of language.

salta bopper minton

As long as they don’t have any tasks involving hearing a word and trying to spell it, Mark & Bopper have a fighting chance.

Joey Fitness & “Danny” start the leg in last at 5:35am as their dumb club theme song plays.

salta joey fitness danny


The only time these guys are awake at 5:35am is if they stayed out at the club until it closed and went to Denny’s afterwards.

JOEY” FITNESS: We’ve got this. Comeback Boys.

Apparently Joey “Fitness” wasn’t enough of a nickname for himself.

salta joey fitness danny 1

Danny, we better have a new fucking nickname by leg three or we’re toast, bro. We’re toast like our Oompa Loompa fake n’ bake skin tan, bro.”

Joey & Danny arrive at the equalizer.

DANNY: New York in the house.

salta joey fitness danny 2

I say we break out the speakerbox and wake up the shit out of this puebla. This place needs a scene.”

salta joey fitness danny brendon

DANNY: Yo, I got a girl named Gina Marie who wants to move in the Big Brother house.

BRENDON: No way, I’ll hook her up with Kassting!

salta dog 1

Dog Day Mornings are much more pleasant than a Dog Day Afternoon.

Sunrise arrives.

salta morning

The dudes have a chat as they wait for Leon Chasqui.

salta chasqui

His horse decides to have a trotsqui.

salta chasqui 1

Twenty gringos are going to bombard him in 3, 2, 1. . .

salta run


salta run 1

santa barbara bopper minton

Come and get iiiiiiit.”

salta run 2

I love how the dogs get in on this.

salta chasqui 2

It’s like a bunch of children in a third world country going up to a car window begging for money.

Mark gets the first clue. It’s a Detour. In order to survive the high desert climate in Salta, locals make the most of the natural resources around them. They get to choose between two of those natural resources: Boil My Water or Light My Fire.

salta phil keoghan 1

And if you’ve heard what’s going on for TAR 31, Light My Fire is an option producers desperately need to choose.

Boil My Water requires teams to visit one of three isolated villages and provide them with a means of cooking.

salta detour

Is there even a house in the bottom picture?!

salta boil my water

Isolated villages get to have satellite somehow.


Nobody in Argentina can afford to miss an episode of Pasapalabra.

They will take a basic solar kitchen from a pickup truck and assemble it using only the picture on the side of the box. Then they must carefully position it in front of direct sunlight and place a tea kettle on top of the disc. Once the kettle boils and whistles, the solar panel expert will hand them their next clue.

salta detour 1

salta picture

La Grille? What the hell is that?

salta sunlight

salta kettle

It would suck if it was a very cloudy and rainy day.

salta phil keoghan 2

Bullshit. Nobody drinks tea in Argentina. It’s mate all the way. Where’s the yerba leaves, yo?

In Light My Fire, teams are required to gather firewood and clay by the riverbank and load it onto a donkey. Transport it one mile to a pottery workshop. Once the goods are delivered, they’ll receive their next clue.

salta light my fire

salta light my fire 1

If it involves collecting clay, Mark & Bopper should be there. They have to represent their county.

salta donkey

Not as adorable as a dog, sadly.

salta light my fire 2

salta light my fire 3

Es bueno.

salta phil keoghan 3

Why does her hat have miniature flags of Colombia on it?

Mark & Bopper choose Boil My Water.

salta mark bopper 1

Clay County, my ass.

Nary & Jamie also choose Boil My Water.

salta hands

salta hands 1

They’re like zombie hands seeking JJ’s brain.

JJ: Big Brother kept yanking their clue before everybody yanked theirs. That kinda ticked me off.

salta art jj 1

Dude, it was a mad scramble with everyone and they only have a fifteen to twenty second lead at most. Calm down.

salta detour 2

We can zoom out, guys.

Brenchel are third. Art & JJ are fourth. Kerri & Stacy are fifth. Dave & Rachel are sixth. Nearl everyone is picking Boil My Water except Art & JJ.

ART: If we try to make a solar oven and boil water. . .geez, the sun isn’t even out yet. It’s gonna take forever.

salta art jj 2

The sun isn’t even out yet and JJ can you lower the mirror? That bright object is blinding my eyes.”

salta llama

That llama’s leash is very short.

Dave & Rachel are first to Boil My Water. Nary & Jamie are second. Vanessa & Ralph are third.

VANESSA: I like this is the least labour intensive one.

salta vanessa ralph 2

Since Vanessa’s uterus is in her throat, she won’t have to worry about going into labour.

salta arm

That kid is winding his arm up like a baseball pitcher. Usually every kid in Argentina wants to be a football player. This is a first.

Dave & Cherie are closing the trunk.

DAVE: Good boy. Stay. Good boy.

salta dave cherie gregg 3

Who the hell is he talking to????

Dave & Cherie show up with their solar panel.

RALPH (sarcastically): They’re entertaining us.

CHERIE: I don’t know if I can do this.

salta dave cherie gregg 4

What? Being able to entertain the other racers or accomplish a relatively straightforward Detour task? Or both?

Art & JJ drive by and see the solar panel trucks. They don’t realize both Detour options are in the same location.

RACHEL: Art & JJ just drove by.

DAVE: Let’s worry about us–

RACHEL: I am. I’m doing my thing.

salta rachel brown

Yeah, look at who is the one that is actually working as Dave scolds her.

Jamie notes they are pampered with appliances at home. Vanessa & Ralph over-explain the task to the audience.

Elliot & Andrew and Kerri & Stacy are at the second solar power location. Kerri is confused as to where Art & JJ are.

Brenchel are following Mark & Bopper.

BOPPER: We’re going to have to put the noose around their neck baby if we have to.

salta mark bopper 2

I don’t think strangling is specifically covered within the rules of The Amazing Race, but I have a feeling if Bopper strangles Elliot & Andrew because of a limited stations Detour, he may or may not receive a thirty minute penalty at the pit stop.

Joey Fitness & Danny snag the final solar panel at the second location.

salta stacy bowers

I bet Mark & Bopper are very depressed that they aren’t at the same station as Kerri & Stacy right now.

Kerri tells us Stacy was always the one who operated the VCR growing up.

DANNY: Let’s beat the Mississippi Girls. They don’t know how to build.

Boy will you be proven wrong.

salta kerri stacy 1

What is written on Kerri & Stacy’s hats?

salta dog 2

Hey, that chupacabra has the same hairstyle as Danny.

Dave tries to give Rachel direction and vice versa.

DAVE: When it comes to instructions, I can be a bit autonomous. I like to operate on my own. My way is the right way.

RACHEL: Dave is very OCD.

salta dave rachel brown 3

Really? Two people who have been very independent for the past year are having a tough time giving instructions to one another?

salta dave rachel brown 4

tim taylor

Real men don’t need instructions. Har har har har.”

Dave thinks something is wrong, but Rachel wants to know what. He doesn’t know so he wants a more thorough inspection.

Dave & Cherie keep working.

CHERIE: I think we’ve got a few screws loose. Hahahaha.

Laughing at your own jokes is also a thirty minute penalty. It’s just as bad as strangling someone on the race.

DAVE: Being clowns, we use laughter as the approach to everything.

salta dave gregg

The approach has always failed, but it’s the approach we use.

Cherie asks Dave if she can peek because there is nothing in the rules against peeking on another team.

salta dave cherie gregg 6

I’ll start with the men’s bathroom.”

Mark & Bopper and Brenchel grab the last two solar panels at the final village. Rachel trips while transporting the box.

salta brenchel 2

Those knees are going to be scraped.

salta llamas

Why they chose to assemble at the bottom of a slope stumps me as well as the llamas/alpacas/what the hell is that tiny thing between them.

salta llama 1

He looks wise beyond his years.

salta dog 3

He’s ready for a nap.

Art & JJ pull over and ask for directions to El Obelisco (not to be confused with El Obelisco in Buenos Aires).

salta art velez

She ain’t talkin’ to no border patrol cop.

Mark sees Art & JJ are clearly lost. Art & JJ drive by the sign for El Obelisco.

Mark & Bopper have an easy time with the satellite because Mark plays Lego with his son.

Rachel meanwhile is not.

RACHEL: Sorry, I’m not good at this. Sorry, I’m just a girl.

salta brenchel 3

gwen stefani just a girl

Oh please, save that for Gwen Stefani, Rachel.

Art & JJ find a random woman who tells Art it is eight kilometres away. All the way back in the original direction. JJ says if they still can’t find El Obelisco then they switch to the tea kettle Detour.

Commercial break. We resume.

JJ: We’re twenty minutes down–

ART: Don’t worry about it!

JJ: I know, but–

ART: You keep fixating on it! Let it go. It’s done.

salta art jj 3

JJ was just giving a confessional, but Art don’t wanna hear his negativity.

salta slope

Rachel wouldn’t stand a chance with that slope. It’s a good thing she chose Boil My Water.

JJ: Golly, could this get any worse?

salta llama 2

Maybe if a llama spits in his face.

DAVE: We should be done by now.

RACHEL: Is it worth being Crabby Pants about?

DAVE: I’m not being Crabby Pants!


Nary & Jamie don’t think they have the right screws.

RALPH: Oh, schneikies. This has to connect to somewhere.

VANESSA: Son of a monkey’s uncle.

salta vanessa ralph 3

After several F-bombs in the first leg, it looks like Vanessa & Ralph may have received the same lecture that Nate & Jenn did in TAR 12.

salta reddit

Yeah, Zeo got it right.

Nary & Jamie are melting under that sun that Art doesn’t think exists.

JAMIE: This is hotter than. . .shenanigans.

salta nary jamie 3

You. . .you wanna try making a new comparison, Jamie?


Because I have no idea how to interpret that statement.

JJ repeatedly shouts at Art to run faster.

salta art jj 4

I think he even uses his border patrol ATV around the house.

Art & JJ start loading up supplies. Art is in pain and huffing and puffing.

Mark & Bopper are almost done with the satellite.

MARK: Just like baby bear’s soup.

salta mark bopper 3

I should note Mark compares a task to baby bear’s soup both in the second episode of TAR 20 and the second episode of TAR 24. File away THAT piece of random trivia in your brains.

baby bear

This is just like Mark Jackson’s analogies!”

Rachel refers to Mark & Bopper as Speedy Gonzalez in this task.

BOPPER: We’ve got some sort of teamship together.

salta bopper minton 1

Teamship must be a word in the Country dictionary.

salta llama 3

This guy is up to something. Look at the devious smile on his face.

BOPPER: I’ll be roasting turkeys on that baby.

salta bopper minton 2

salta mark bopper 4

Bopper better actually roast a turkey before the end of this task, or he is officially a TEAse.

Joey Fitness “&” Danny comment on the heat.

JOEY: Getting a sun tan over here, bro.

salta joey fitness danny 3

Of course they had to be shown saying that.

Danny cuts himself on the satellite dish.

salta danny horal

salta joey fitness danny 4

Let’s see the damage.

salta danny horal 1

DANNY: Blood, sweat, and tears, man. But I’m from New York. Blood don’t matter.

Blood don’t matter in New York?

hiv blood

That is not something you would hear from a New Yorker during the 1980s. Things have changed a lot since then.

Kerri & Stacy are almost done.

KERRI: As long as it fits together like a hat.

salta kerri stacy 2

I love how everyone this season makes their own category of analogies that nobody else in the world uses because it makes no freakin’ sense.

Joey & Danny sprint over to Kerri & Stacy for help.

DANNY: We can help each other.

It’ll be a one-way street.

JOEY: We ran over to the sexy senoritas.

DANNY: They had it completely right.

Joey & Danny ask what the blue piece is for. Kerri & Stacy provide a full explanation.

salta blue

And be careful to not slice your other hand, Danny.”

salta group

Yeah, we just wanted you guys to tell us because we wanted to know if you had been paying attention to the picture.

Art & JJ collect more rawks.

debb eaton rawks

Debb would love this task.

JJ: I can’t believe we fell this far behind. We’re so much smarter than that. We’re so much smarter.

salta jj carrell 1

shelley nici

But you’re NOT!

Dave & Cherie want to peek at Dave & Rachel’s panel.

DAVE CLOWN: Oh, that’s beautiful.

RACHEL: Thank you.

DAVE CLOWN: That is a gorgeous thing of machinery.

salta dave cherie gregg 7

I came over here to compliment you and definitely not to ask for help.”

RACHEL: There’s a picture on the side.


salta group 1

Well don’t we feel silly.”

CHERIE: Really. The things you miss when you’re hyped up on adrenaline.

salta dave cherie gregg 8

I have a feeling adrenaline isn’t the only substance Dave & Cherie are taking during the race.

DAVE SOLDIER: Clowns are crazy.

salta dave rachel brown 5

And this is coming from a guy who has spent years at a time in some of the world’s most dangerous cities.

JJ says it is not even eight o’ clock and will make it impossible for the tea to boil at a fast rate. He is confident they’ll make up time.

Mark stares at his kettle.

MARK: Talk to us ol’ toothless one.

salta mark bopper 5

Toothless people tend to make for really good whistlers. The kettle should be able to whistle with ease.

All nine teams are waiting for the kettles to boil as Art & JJ keep working.

salta art jj 5

Granted if you know your TAR history, mules aren’t known for being the fastest option to make up time.

CHERIE: A watched pot never boils.

salta dave cherie gregg 9

They don’t have their cups out yet but they’re already Mean MUGgin around this kettle of tea.

JJ is frustrated with his mule.

salta art jj 6

Ummmm, can you help push, Art?”

salta art jj 7

JJ: If we caught a mule carrying dope trying to cross the border, eventually we would have him on a string like this ready to throw him in jail.

We see teams growing impatient with their pot.


salta vanessa macias 3

salta vanessa macias 4

I’ll punch you in the uterus if you don’t boil soon!”

salta vanessa macias 5

Vanessa tries to intimidate the pot into boiling.

BRENDON: C’mon Whistling Dixie.

Mark & Bopper are first to boil as they receive their clue. They read they must take a long eighteen hour bus ride to Buenos Aires.

salta bus

salta bus 1

Why does that bear have its arms folded? It’s got attitude.

salta argentina

Is there ever a season of TAR where they visit Argentina without stopping over in Buenos Aires? Well, except for that time in TAR 11 where they barely crept over the Chilean border in Patagonia to go to Ushuaia?

salta mercado

salta mercado 1

I for one thought Buenos Aires was far more than just a One Horse Town.

salta mark bopper 6

Buenos Whates?”

Mark & Bopper are stoked to ace a challenge.

MARK: We could be in first place now!

(Both share a maniac laugh.)

salta mark bopper 7

Our current leaders. Too bad the eighteen hour bus ride will equalize them.

Art & JJ casually stroll by Dave & Rachel and Vanessa & Ralph.

ART: I told you boiling water was a pain in the ass in a solar oven.

salta art jj 8

Why are you calling me a pain, Art?”

VANESSA: They look like they’re exhausted and sweating their asses off.

Oh, the puns keep coming.

salta dave rachel brown 6

Patience is golden, babe.”

Art & JJ complete the Detour.

salta art jj 9

Wow, this was the MUCH faster Detour option. They must have made up at least an hour on everyone.

Dave & Rachel cheer on Art & JJ. Seconds later they receive their clue in third place.

Mark & Bopper decide to “give ’em a toot” as they pass by other teams.

MARK & BOPPER: Get ‘er done!

larry cable guy.jpg

When I want to brag to somebody about being better, I always quote Larry the Cable Guy of all people.

Art & JJ honk at Brenchel.

JJ: It’s who we love to go by. That’s for ripping the clue out of your hand, Arthur.

BRENDON: Who is that?

RACHEL: The cop.

BRENDON: Eh, we’re good with them.

salta brenchel 4

It’s nobody. Let’s move on.”

salta art jj 10

We’re one-quarter British and we hate your House of Holding asses!”

Brendon & Rachel complete the task in fourth. Art & JJ, Dave & Rachel, and Brenchel finish consecutively once again.

Dave & Cherie are done in fifth.

salta dave cherie gregg 10

Cherie’s celebratory cartwheel.

Vanessa & Ralph are sixth. Elliot & Andrew are seventh.

ELLIOT: Travel to the city of Buenos Aras.

salta elliot andrew weber 2

aras baskauksas.jpg

Buenos Aras, Argentina.

Joey “Fitn”ess & Danny receive their clue in eighth.

salta joey fitness danny 5


salta kerri stacy 3

How does that work?

DANNY: The girls might be a little pissed.

A little?

Kerri & Stacy get their clue in ninth. Nary & Jamie stand there for forty-five minutes wiating for the kettle to boil.

NARY: And it was torture.

salta nary jamie 4

As a federal agent, you would think waiting for a kettle to boil for under an hour wouldn’t qualify as “torture”.

The top four teams all find the Salta bus terminal.

DAVE: Let’s go. I don’t see another team.

BB RACHEL: Brendon! Brendon!


salta dave rachel brown 7

Dave has inherited Misa & Maiya’s eyesight.














Vanessa & Ralph like that there are two teams behind them on the final bus.

So remember how all-female teams tend to not do well on the American version of The Amazing Race, and how quickly they went down in TAR 19?

KERRI & STACY: We gotta rep for the Ladies! The Ladies!

salta kerri stacy 4

salta nary jamie 5

The TAR US trend is going to continue. An all-female team was first boot and we’re doomed to have another go home in tenth.

NARY: We’re gonna hope their bus breaks down.

We watch the teams asleep on the bus.

salta art jj 11

*mumble* *mumble* What do you mean you’re not gonna bribe me with the stash of your coke in the tire rim, don’t you want your son to have a *mumble* *mumble*”

We head into the night. In a flashback to TAR 3 we hear a tire pop and a window shatter.

salta bus 2

Hmmm. This is very suspicious.

salta bus 3

salta bus 4

I think Nary called one of her contacts in Langley to make this happen.

CHERIE: We stopped dead in our tracks because we heard a big BANG.

salta dave cherie gregg 11

salta dave cherie gregg 12

Where’s the laughter, guys? I thought laughter was the cure for everything. Including dangerous car accidents.

CHERIE: Then we looked back and the window had shattered. The whole thing blew in.

DAVE: Glass everywhere.

CHERIE: Luckily no one was hurt.

Luckily? If you were lucky, one team would have been hurt and you’re guaranteed to make it to the next round.

salta elliot andrew weber 3

Like Elliot & Andrew. If Elliot & Andrew get hurt in the forest, do the fans make a sound?

Dave & Cherie report they are using duct tape and cardboard to repair the window.

salta window

That’s what they always did at my elementary school whenever somebody broke a window. It would happen around twelve times per year at the windows nearest to the basketball court.

The trailing bus don’t even realize they have passed the second bus that is currently on the side of the road.

salta bus 5

salta bus 6

Well that’s one way to save the pair of all-female teams. . .or at least give them a better chance of making it to round three.

Everybody hates their current situation as we head to commercial break. We resume.

Ralph and Joey Fitness review their bad luck.

salta bus 7

Needs more cardboard.

We cut to the morning in Buenos Aires.

buenos aires landscape

My ex says the Obelisco is the most pointless monument in all of Buenos Aires because there is no meaning behind it. It’s just a tall object in the middle of the city. There’s your Buenos Aires history lesson.

logan ba.jpg

And this is the obligatory “Logan wuz here” photos. Enjoy. Trust me, I’m going to brag about visiting TAR locations as they occur in my blog.

buenos aires bus

No bus crash for the leading bus.

Dave & Rachel are first into a taxi. Brenchel are second. Art & JJ are third. Mark & Bopper are fourth.

NARY: We’re pretty sure we’re the last two teams going into Buenos Aires. We just have to kick some ass today.

buenos aires kerri paul

buenos aires stacy bowers

buenos aires nary jamie

They don’t have to kick as much ass as they originally anticipated.

buenos aires mercado

It’s mercado time. I should note this market is far west of Buenos Aires.

buenos aires mercado 1

Why does that man have a cane? And where is everybody at the mercado? It’s dead.

Dave & Rachel spot the horse and grab the clue from the pouch.

ROADBLOCK: Where’s the beef?

buenos aires roadblock

Oh god. Are we really going to have a task sponsoured by Wendy’s?

bbcan wendys

Because that’s the type of shit I expect Wendy’s to pull.

Liniers Cattle Market is the largest in the world according to Phil. Auctioneers sell up to 13, 000 cattle every day. When this auctioneer yells out the total weight of the cattle in one of the corrals, the team member must quickly count the cattle and calculate the average weight per head while the auction is going on and before the auctioneer moves on to the next corral. If the team member can solve the equation before time runs out, they will receive their next clue.

buenos aires cattle

It’s like the bovine version of Bangladesh in that corral.

buenos aires che

I’m digging the auctioneer in the Che hat.

che guevara

You know Che was originally from Argentina, right?

buenos aires che 1

It’s like he is droppin’ some freestyle right now.

buenos aires cattle 1

In Uruguay, cattle outnumber the people 10:1. In Buenos Aires, the cattle hope just to break even.

buenos aires cattle 2

Why do all of the cows have their ears pierced?

buenos aires cattle 3

Which one of these cows has Mad Cow Disease, you figure?

buenos aires cattle 4

I like the graphic.

buenos aires crowd

Why is everyone packed in so tight?

buenos aires phil keoghan

Phil isn’t going to bother with any hats today. It’s probably for the best.

Rachel asks Dave if he wants to do it, but he volunteers her. They get a move on to the auctioneering corral.

RACHEL: Whooo! It stinks.

13, 000 cows will do that.

buenos aires rachel brown

I like how the auctioneer turns around to Rachel whenever he has to announce a key number for the task.

buenos aires rachel brown 1

Rachel is not comfortable with mental math.

buenos aires auction

Everybody, let’s go quickly. Making the leading teams fail several times is the only way to let the trailing bus that crashed to have a chance to catch up.”

buenos aires group

Muy rapido, por favor!

buenos aires rachel brown 2

Rachel is doing her best Dave & Margaretta face. I don’t know if this means she is doing well or if she is doing poorly. Tough to interpret.

Brenchel are second to the Roadblock. Art & JJ don’t jump out the same time as them.

JJ: Big Brother. We’re not gonna follow those two nimrods.

buenos aires brenchel

Nimrods who snagged a clue from Art’s hand, might I add.

buenos aires art jj

They are nimrods. I am one-eighth British, so I hate them.”

They spot the clue from the cab as Brenchel are a few seconds late on foot. Mark & Bopper are fourth.

JJ is doing the Roadblock. Rachel and Mark too.

buenos aires brenchel 1

Rachel puts her hand up like a third grader.

buenos aires clue

Run to the waiting Gaucho? You know who would love a Roadblock to interact with Gauchos?

buenos aires justin diana


RACHEL: You may not use your calculator. Oh nooooo.

buenos aires brenchel 2

She has a Chemistry degree—not a Mathematics degree.

RACHEL: I don’t know anything about cows.

You were in Big Brother 13, Rachel. I didn’t watch the season, but I did see some forums where you did in fact compete against a cow. A cow which was robbed by a production-rigging twist at Final Six.


Wait. Her real name is Kalia? Why were ALL of the forums calling her Cowlia? That wasn’t her real name? Let me get this straight: The Big Brother fanbase came up with a nickname for a houseguest they didn’t like just so they had an excuse to be bullies and be fuckin’ rude online?

I NEVER would have guessed the hardcore BB fandom to do something horrible like that on the Internet. So shocking.

So I retract my statement. Rachel knows nothing about cows.

God I hate the BB fanbase.

Military Rachel talks about the Roadblock.

RACHEL: There was a lot of chaos. I could smell a ton of poo. It was gross.

buenos aires dave brown

Dammit she can smell it from there. She’s onto me!”

DAVE: Did you get it, baby? Did you get it baby?

She ain’t your baby.

She submits a guess to the gaucho. It ain’t right.

buenos aires rachel brown 3

buenos aires rachel brown 4

Somebody has to make the race a -little- difficult for Dave & Rachel.

buenos aires dave brown 1

buenos aires dave brown 2

Gosh darnit.”

bangkok laurence sunderland 7

I was in a rock band where we had to count the number of cows that we could spot from the window and figure out their average weight on the way to each venue. I would’ve been perfect at this. It’s just what I do.”

Uh, thanks Laurence.

JJ describes the stress of the crowd. After a minute or so he works with Military Rachel. BB Rachel observes the duo working together.

buenos aires jj rachel

buenos aires jj rachel 1

It’s another interagency coalition between Border Patrol and the US military.

buenos aires rachel reilly

I’ll just work alone over here.”

Bopper thinks Mark is the right guy for the Roadblock because he works in cattle yards, checking scales, and works with numbers.

buenos aires mark jackson

You throw a hill at him and he vomits like crazy; throw a ton of cow shit a few feet away from him and he is doing just dandy.

buenos aires bopper minton

I’ll just stand over here doing my best impression of combining Fred Willard and George W. Bush.”

RACHEL: There’s like a million cows everywhere. Cattle poo is like smells like cattle poo.

buenos aires rachel reilly 1

I am glad Rachel was able to create the setting for us with “cattle poo is like smells like cattle poo”. What an articulate being.

buenos aires cows

No wonder they’ve all got pink eye.

RACHEL: I don’t know anything about cows except they taste good as steaks.

buenos aires brenchel 3

Correction: Steaks only taste good if they have spices on it. Fact.

Mark has a number and tries to find. . .

MARK: Grecho! Grecho!

They’re not even trying to read words anymore.

Mark encounters a circle of cattle surrounding the “grecho”. Mark tries to climb over a fence to get around them.

buenos aires mark jackson 1

Mark tries to climb the barrier.

buenos aires mark jackson 2

But has nowhere to go.

MARK: Grecho! Grecho! I ain’t messin’ with these cattle. Grecho!

buenos aires mark jackson 3

Grecho! Why aren’t you acknowledging me! Grecho!”

BOPPER: Run in there, Mark!

buenos aires bopper minton 1

When I was a young’un, I hurdled over cattle in the patch behind Mr. Henderson’s house!”

Mark’s first guess is also rejected.

Kerri & Stacy and Nary & Jamie’s bus is in Buenos Aires. Both teams are in cabs.

buenos aires cross

Taxi drivers love their Catholicism in Argentina.

buenos aires dog

And their perros. All that’s missing is a football player.

The other bus is still in transit. Ralph calculates they were set back by two hours. Ouch.

buenos aires joey fitness danny

Joey Fitness is a cloaked skeleton now. Only unicorn blood will give him strength.

buenos aires vanessa ralph

Vanessa & Ralph are our narrators of this crew.

buenos aires vanessa ralph 1

Vanessa peers into our soul.

buenos aires horse

That horse is standing precariously on that plank.

We go back to counting cows. BB Rachel submits a guess of each cow weighing 500 kilograms.

For my American readers, that’s over one thousand pounds per cow.

buenos aires cows 1

Damn. Cows are big ass motherfuckers.

JJ and Military Rachel come up with 342 kilos each.

buenos aires count

It turns out to be correct. We even see the equation on screen.

JJ has the clue but waits for Military Rachel to get hers. They exit together. Both teams read they must take a cab to El Gomero.

buenos aires el gomero

El Gomero is a two hundred year old rubber tree.

buenos aires el gomero 1

Joey Fitness & Danny should hit up the rubber tree before they go out to the clubs in BA tonight.

It’s in the middle of the Recoleta neighbourhood.

buenos aires recoleta

Where Evita be at?

buenos aires neighbourhood

buenos aires phil keoghan 1

Does Phil really need a long black sweater in BA?

Art & JJ and Dave & Rachel sprint to their cabs. Brendon and Bopper talk about the alliance. Brendon insists neither of their teammates should feel stressed.

Mark and BB Rachel are freakin’ out.

buenos aires bopper minton 2

Mark, don’t panic on me little buddy.”

buenos aires mark jackson 4

Bopper, this guy keeps getting angrier and angrier every time I call him Grecho.”

el grecho

The real El Grecho.

RACHEL: I can’t talk. I’m really bad. Brendon hates my guts right now.

buenos aires rachel reilly 2

You know when you start struggling at something, and your mind naturally thinks what is happening around you is a series of worst case scenarios? I think that’s what’s going on in Rachel’s brain right now.

Rachel & Dave ask their driver to follow Art & JJ.

buenos aires rachel dave brown

Rachels love following Art & JJ in TAR 20.

JJ: We helped each other out. Rachel from Big Brother was struggling by herself and she was looking at us and saying “What do I do?” And I’m not gonna help her run the race.

buenos aires rachel reilly 3


JJ: I’ll help Rachel from Major Dave because we reciprocate. The Big Brother they’re tagalongs. So we just blew by her. Sorry Sucka! (Random techno sound effect plays.) And we’re outta here. I don’t feel bad about that. Not one bit.

buenos aires art jj 1

Sorry Sucka? Who does JJ think he is?

booker t

Booker T?

Rachel submits another guess. It’s wrong.

RACHEL: I’m really bad at math!

BOPPER: Keep your cool!

buenos aires rachel reilly 4

Rachel runs up the stairs to her room. It’s as if her parents just told her she can’t have any boys in the house.

BRENDON: Work with Mark! Don’t stress!

RACHEL: I’m not good at math.

MARK: I am. I am. Let’s work together.

And I’ve only got a PhD in Physics!”

buenos aires brendon villegas

Don’t stress her out or she’s gonna blow!”

buenos aires landscape 1

Oh, and we’re reminded there are six other teams still in the race as we cut to another scene.

Nary & Jamie grab their clue. Nary is gonna do it as they hide the clue and run. Kerri & Stacy are sixth to the Roadblock. Stacy will do it.

Mark solves the equation for Rachel.

RACHEL: OK. Run run run. Go go go.

buenos aires mark rachel

Hmmm. That’s the answer?”

buenos aires mark rachel 1

Then get the fuck outta here!”

Mark beats himself over failing to round the last number on his previous guess. He is angry about it.

buenos aires mark jackson 5


buenos aires mark jackson 6

Damn, Mark has a big backpack.

BRENDON: Let’s go.

RACHEL: Where is Ra Reticu–

BRENDON: Put your bag on. Put your bag on. Put your bag on. Don’t worry about that right now.

RACHEL: Don’t we need a taxi–

BRENDON: No. Put your bag on. Put your bag on.

buenos aires brenchel 4

buenos aires brenchel 5

My mom just called saying grandma is terminally ill–”

Put your bag on. Put your bag on.”

And she’ll be in hospice by next week–”

Put your bag on. Put your bag on. Don’t worry about that right now.”

BRENDON: Baby, don’t get frazzled.

RACHEL: I’m not as smart as you.

Don’t say anything, Brendon.

Mark is still uber pissed.

MARK: God I can’t believe I didn’t round the number off! We could’ve gotten first place!

buenos aires mark bopper

Oh, that really burns my tater.”

buenos aires brenchel 6


BRENDON: We only told our taxi to wait five minutes but Rachel wanted to run back and see if he was here and I knew he wasn’t gonna be here.

buenos aires brenchel 7

Which makes me the smart one.”

buenos aires brenchel 8

Chemistry degree. Hello.”

Rachel melts down.

RACHEL: Please don’t blame me. . .you promised you wouldn’t.

BRENDON: OK. I’m sorry. Baby, stop. Stop. Don’t cry, please. We made a mistake. We need to find a taxi.

RACHEL: I’m sorry. I’m trying.

BRENDON: Stop. We’re doing good. Give me a kiss.

RACHEL: We’re not. I can’t do things that are numbered.

buenos aires rachel reilly 5

Counting things in piles of cow shit is supposed to be fun!”

buenos aires brenchel 9

And you’re the best cow counter I have ever seen!”

Commercial break. We resume.

BRENDON: Focus. Get your head back in the game.

RACHEL: You have a booger on your nose.

buenos aires brenchel 10

Focused, but not on the game.

BRENDON: Oh. Thank you.

buenos aires brenchel 11

buenos aires brenchel 12

australia ron christina hsu 2

Only real truth flavours tell you when you have a booger on your nose!”

Brenchel enters a cab. He apologizes to Rachel for his competitive behaviour.

buenos aires brenchel 13

Lista 604? Buenos Aires is ready for the 6-0-4! They can only be referring to one man.

graig merritt

The Ginja Ninja! Hashtag six-oh-four! PEACE!

BRENDON: I act like a jerk; I act like a douche. I don’t mean to.

buenos aires brenchel 14

I only do it for the cameras.”

We cut to Dave & Rachel and Art & JJ in a taxi dash.

buenos aires dave rachel brown

buenos aires mullet

I prefer Shades over Mullet.

Dave & Rachel are first to exit their cab and run to the mat.

buenos aires phil keoghan 2

A guy holding a soccer ball wearing an Argentina jersey is the pit stop greeter? Are you serious?

buenos aires dave rachel brown 1

Rachel runs up for a hug before her placement is announced.

buenos aires diego maradona

No. No.

buenos aires diego maradona 1

They picked a Diego Maradona impersonator.

las vegas elvis 2

This isn’t Vegas where everyone pretends to be Elvis. This is a celebrated football star.

diego maradona

The closest anybody can come to a unibrow without having a unibrow.


PHIL: You are team number one. . .again.

buenos aires dave rachel brown 2

Phil is already tired of them winning. He is going to have a long season ahead of him.

They win a seven-day trip to Grenada at the Mount Cinnamon Resort.

travelocity grenada

Mount Cinnamon sounds like a level you would find in a video game rather than a real place.

Who is the final boss at the end of the level?

maurice bishop 1

The ghost of Maurice Bishop?

Rachel feels there is a target on her back.

RACHEL: Fortunately we have the Express Pass. Very much of a safety net at this point.

buenos aires dave rachel brown 3

Ummmm, sure it is.


buenos aires art jj 2

JJ is mortified.

buenos aires art jj 3

Just second? Here comes an Art Attack!”

JJ: C’mon man!

PHIL: Look at you, you look like you just lost the race. You just look like you were eliminated.

italy nate jenn ff

buenos aires jj carrell

Some people just don’t like being second rate.

The last bus heads into Buenos Aires. Ralph continues narrating.

We cut back to the Roadblock.

KERRI: Stacy is a math whiz. . .but with all of these distractions with these huge guys, the cows, and the smell. . .we’re country girls but we don’t get this close to the cow.

buenos aires stacy bowers 1

Kerri fixes VCRs and Stacy is the Math Whiz. We’re actually learning things about our underedited teams.

buenos aires cow

I don’t know why we needed this shot.

Mark & Bopper hit the mat as the Jet & Cord theme plays.

buenos aires mark bopper 1


They are happier than Art & JJ.

buenos aires phil keoghan 3

What is Phil looking at?

The last bus finally arrives. There is a frantic atmosphere.


Rachel wants to improve on talking things out.

buenos aires brenchel 15

buenos aires brenchel 16

So today I learned Rachel is short.

Stacy and Nary keep writing down numbers.

STACY: It’s been years and years since some people have done math, but I have an eleven year old and I do have to help him with his homework.

buenos aires kerri stacy

I feel bad for her eleven year old. The whole state of Mississippi just heard that mommy does his homework for him. The next day at school is gonna be rough.

buenos aires stacy bowers 2

Thinking this is a race for ninth place, Stacy must be pumped.

buenos aires nary ebeid

Thank god we didn’t lie and say we were high school math teachers.”

Stacy’s screech for Kerri is unbelievably high-pitched.

Nary completes the Roadblock in sixth place.

Joey” Fitness leaps onto the platform to grab the clue.

buenos aires ralph kelley

buenos aires joey fitness

buenos aires joey fitness 1

Dude means business.

Vanessa and Joey Fitness are doing the Roadblock.

DAVE: I think it’s my turn. IT’S MY TURN!

buenos aires dave cherie gregg

Stop with the Oprah Winfrey theatrics.

Andrew is last to the clue and volunteers himself.

DANNY: I’ve never seen these animals before. We just see them between two patties.

buenos aires danny horal

No, I mean we went to this Menonite club in rural Pennsylvania, and there were these two Amish women named Patty. A cow was between the two of them.”

weird al.jpg

Joey & Danny just want to live in an Amish paradise.

buenos aires joey fitness 2

I only know numbers in multiplications of pints, bro.”

buenos aires cows 2

That looks like it hurts.

buenos aires andrew weber

Upon mentioning that he plays in MLS, the old Argentine men start shouting at him that he “isn’t a real football player”.

ELLIOT: Growing up my brother has the better math skills than I do. He went to more schooling than I did, but I’m not sure about this.

buenos aires elliot weber

Now watch as my sexy hair gently floats in the wind.”

Ralph and Cherie reveal their partners are awful at math.

CHERIE: It could be a long day.

buenos aires cherie gregg

We would need the trailing bus to have five windows get smashed for Dave to have a chance at this.”

RALPH: She’s freakin’ god awful at math. She is an English major.

buenos aires vanessa macias

She knows every tense of the word “fuck” and use them correctly in any given sentence.

Meanwhile, Phil explains to Kerri & Stacy what happened to the second bus. He described it as a “mechanical problem” rather than driveby vandalism by a bunch o’ hooligans.

buenos aires phil keoghan 4

Also Kerri, my grandparents in Rotorua just bought a new VCR but can’t hook it up. Can I fly you out there after the race is over to help out?


buenos aires kerri stacy 1

They were not expecting this high of a position.


buenos aires diego maradona 2

Diego is getting a kick out of the cheer.

buenos aires kerri stacy 2


buenos aires kerri stacy 3


buenos aires kerri stacy 4

buenos aires kerri stacy 5

buenos aires kerri stacy 6

You guys were fifth this leg. Fifth. Chill out.

Nary & Jamie run to the mat.

buenos aires nary jamie 1

They think this is it.

PHIL: Nary and Jamie. . .

buenos aires nary ebeid 1

I never wanted to let my students down.

PHIL: . . .You were on the last bus, but I’m sorry to tell you. . .

buenos aires phil keoghan 5

He is wearing black for a reason.

PHIL: . . .The second bus broke down!

buenos aires phil keoghan 6

Everyone died who was on board! Congratulations! You’re still in the race!”

PHIL: Consequently you are team number six.


buenos aires nary jamie 2

Hopefully permanent damage ensures we stay alive until the end of the race!”

We cut back to the tense Roadblock.

DAVE: I haven’t divided since I was fifteen.

buenos aires auctioneer

Auctioneer needs to start throwing out numbers in a bunch of different foreign languages.

buenos aires elliot weber 1

C’mon! That’s not fair!”

And who is that ginger spying on Elliot from behind the corner?

Cherie notes Dave is the only one who isn’t submitting any guesses.

Vanessa makes progress.

VANESSA: I am used to tuning out man. I’m in my own world.

buenos aires vanessa macias 1

If there were any women doing the Roadblock with her, she would have been screwed.

buenos aires vanessa ralph 2

Vanessa is in her lone Amazonian headspace. . .and what is with Ralph’s tattoo on his left arm?

qr code

It looks like a QR Code.

Vanessa is done in seventh place.

VANESSA: I don’t suck at math! I don’t suck at math!

Everyone else is surprised.

buenos aires cherie gregg 1

Cherie prays for Dave to receive a clue.

buenos aires dave gregg


Vanessa is amazed with herself inside of the cab.

VANESSA: I got it right!

buenos aires vanessa ralph 3

Did you see that?”

Joey Fitness asks Dave for a number.

buenos aires group 1

I think for the clown, the club promoter, and a young soccer player, the count for all three is gonna be 420.

buenos aires cows 3

buenos aires cows 4

buenos aires cows 5

It’s one way to disrupt a count. Just start humping one of your buddies! That’ll show ’em!

Danny yells at Joey to work with Andrew. Andrew chats with Joey.

buenos aires alliance

buenos aires alliance 1

moe the clown

More tears of a clown.

Andrew thinks he has it and shows it to Joey. They run together. Risky strategy when only one team is a buffer.

buenos aires joey andrew

Let’s bury that fuckin’ clown, bro. Make his whole body look like Ronald McDonald’s fuckin’ nose.”

They check their answers.

buenos aires danny horal 1

I don’t understand why we needed this close-up of Danny.

Joey Fitness and Andrew are both approved. Both teams jump into cabs.

JOEY: Comeback Boys. What did we say?

They’re earning that nickname two rounds in a row.

buenos aires cabs

Both teams know they’re avoiding elimination.

Dave submits another guess and is wrong. Who knew two teams would align against the older family-oriented clown who is a two-time cancer survivor.

Vanessa & Ralph jump onto the mat.

PHIL: Any idea where you are?

buenos aires phil keoghan 7

Other than Argentina? You could give them a bit more credit, Phil.


RALPH: Five?


buenos aires vanessa ralph 4

Nessa is on fire today.

Cherie starts laughing.

CHERIE: This is the worst thing we could have picked for him. I shouldn’t be laughing.

buenos aires dave gregg 1


He’s been up there so long that he doesn’t even know Roseanne has been canceled because of Twitter.

CHERIE: I am crying and laughing at the same time. Tears of a clown.

buenos aires cherie gregg 2

My clown makeup is starting to run.”

buenos aires dave gregg 2

The auctioneer stands around with the other guys. All of the cattle has been sold for the day.

Joey Fitness & Danny have a confusing entrace into the pit stop.

buenos aires joey fitness danny 1

buenos aires joey fitness danny 2

What is Danny doing?


buenos aires joey fitness danny 3

I wonder what Diego would have thought of Danny’s mohawk? Too bad he can’t see it.

Elliot leaps onto the mat.

buenos aires elliot andrew weber 2

I was not exaggerating.

buenos aires elliot andrew weber 3

buenos aires elliot andrew weber 4

Look at that takeoff!

buenos aires elliot andrew weber 5

And the rotation!

buenos aires elliot andrew weber 6

Landing could use a bit of work, though.

buffer 360

I prefer Bruce Buffer’s 360 more.

PHIL: You’re excited, huh?

ANDREW: Look who it is. Legend.

buenos aires andrew weber 1

Legend? I think introducing your brother as a legend may be overestimating his rock career.

ANDREW: Legend of Argentina.

buenos aires diego maradona 3

Ah. That makes more sense.

PHIL: Team number nine. Cutting it fine.

buenos aires elliot andrew weber 8

They were last in their group from the first leg, and are second-to-last in their group from this leg. Elliot & Andrew are not having a good run thus far.


buenos aires elliot andrew weber 7


buenos aires andrew weber 2

buenos aires andrew weber 3

buenos aires andrew weber 4

Gotta keep Diego entertained until Dave & Cherie show up.


buenos aires dave brown 3

Wow. Now it’s completely empty.

buenos aires dave gregg 3

If he is out there any longer, he’s gonna lose the rest of his hair.

mona beth

Also, we get a hidden clue as to who will be on TAR next year.

Dave has the clue in last.

CHERIE: You didn’t quit. Show must go on.

DAVE: Show must go on.

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 1

Dave still opens the clue with the same enthusiasm as before.

Both hope it’s a NEL.

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 2

Wow, that is one bald guy. Still better than the mullet driver, though.

Dave & Cherie run to the pit stop.

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 3

Dave & Cherie put on their clown noses; gotta make ’em laugh as the curtain comes down.

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 4

Phil refuses to eliminate them with their noses on. It’s time to be professional, guys. Have respect for the game.


buenos aires dave cherie gregg 5

Cherie winces in pain as she is eliminated.

buenos aires diego maradona 4

Diego is taking way too much joy in their elimination.

PHIL: Any regrets?

DAVE: Not right now.


Dave & Cherie talk about being thankful and how many things had to line up for them to go onto TAR 20.

DAVE: After twenty years we have each other, so we really haven’t lost.

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 6

You finished eighth then tenth. Your average is 9.0. That sounds like a loss to me you couple of Bozos.

CHERIE: We’re so lucky.

DAVE: We’re the luckiest people on Earth.

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 7

You rode a bus that had to stop for two hours because its window got smashed. Two hours for a broken window.

eddie murphy

eddie murphy 1

Even Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop wasn’t delayed two hours because of a broken window.

Dave & Cherie put on their clown noses as fast motion footage begins to play.

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 8

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 9

buenos aires diego maradona 5

casados con hijos

Clowns walking! This is funnier than a capitulo of Casados Con Hijos!”

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 10

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 11

A farewell sommersault.

buenos aires diego maradona 6

Sommersaults are funny!”

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 12

buenos aires dave cherie gregg 13

Watch out for that step!”

snyder clown

Now the clown is down.

constance harm

But I was about to hand down a NEL–”

snyder clown 1

The clown. Is down.

snyder clown 2


buenos aires dave cherie gregg 14

And the clowns are indeed down and out. Too bad.

Next Time on TAR: Elliot & Andrew get strung out while teams take on a mountain of melons and each other.













ART/JJ 2/5

Leg Rankings

1) Santa Barbara, California -> Cafayate, Argentina

I am not a fan of Starting Line tasks, and here we get another clear example of how a Starting Line task makes a season premiere feel super rushed and condensed. The first time we see two teams interacting is when Art & JJ and Dave & Rachel team up during the Roadblock. A couple of other loose observations during the tasks, and that’s it. Thankfully future rounds will explore these social interactions more.

There is one good thing about the Starting Line task this year: It’s the first one without any sort of penalty for the team that finishes last. They just have to get to the airport like everybody else.

Making 120 empanadas prior to reaching the pit stop was more of a unique task in TAR, and I appreciated it. We saw quite a bit of position shuffling due to the difficulty of it.

We saw a classic Roadblock fakeout as the team that thought they were going to skydive never ends up skydiving. Producers wanted more terrified racers to do this task, but the best moment we got was from Stacy and even that was a very small and repetitive moment we have seen over the course of twenty seasons.

Part of me wishes the pit stop was at a separate location, but it is the only reason why we got our Misa & Maiya elimination moment. I saw this episode live when it originally aired over six years ago, and the idea of this ever happening on TAR was thought to be reserved more for fanfics.

“A team is within plain sight of the pit stop less than100 yards away and doesn’t see Phil, camera crew, the pit stop mat, and the pit stop greeter? There’s no way that could happen.”

But it did. And not only that, but it was in the final showdown to determine who would be eliminated from the premiere. Knowing what happens at the finish line of this season, it really sets the tone for how TAR 20 is going to go.

Speaking of setting the tone, the way many of the teams carried themselves indicated who would be dominating this entire season. Dave & Cherie, Kerri & Stacy, Joey Fitness & Danny, and Misa & Maiya presented very clear weaknesses in this first round as the audience could quickly narrow down our contenders at the top. And Mark & Bopper were going to be our wildcards.

It’s not an awful premiere like others we’ve seen during this era of TAR, but more work still needs to be done. This episode would have been very unmemorable if not for the Misa & Maiya elimination.

2) Cafayate, Argentina -> Buenos Aires, Argentina

This leg had too many equalizers for only having two tasks.

Want to do a Detour? Wait for everyone until sunrise.

Want to do a Roadblock? You have to board one of three buses and hope yours doesn’t have somebody come up and smash your bus window with a baseball bat. Oh, and there’ll be a pit stop immediately afterwards.

Because TAR gives a lot of airtime to a pair that are prominent on other reality shows whenever a crossover occurs, we had an overwhelming amount of Brenchel content. Seeing how they competed on consecutive seasons of BB, an episode where they have several scenes early on in the season triggered a lot of groans within the viewership.

And because Art & JJ represent that anti-Brenchel Brigade within the viewership, their excessive comments towards Brendon & Rachel were also constantly shown. It doesn’t help when you know these two teams will be sticking around for a very long time in this season. What’s the point of the other nine teams being there?

Art & JJ and Dave & Rachel’s alliance dominated the whole cast for the second round in a row. It must have been scary to be any other team as they know the top two duos have decided to become a Superpower. A counter-strike has to come soon.

The Detour was a bit unique in terms of using a solar panel with minimal instruction to be setup and heat a tea kettle to a boil. That was fun to watch as teams didn’t know whether that would be quicker than the donkey alternative. Art & JJ made the absolute right call in this situation.

We found out Kerri & Stacy are good at things you wouldn’t normally associate with their archetype in TAR. They are handy and are good at math? I wouldn’t have guessed.

Mark put aside his Eeyore tendencies and was very pleasant this episode. Same with Bopper. No mention of how much they need the money. They were just having a grand ol’ time out there. This is how Mark & Bopper should be edited. They didn’t complain once during the task in an eyeroll-y fashion.

Vanessa & Ralph were the narrators for this episode. Who expected that?

Danny making himself bleed by accident and Joey Fitness’ leap onto the platform for the Roadblock clue was mildly amusing to watch.

Elliot & Andrew are invisible.

And poor Clown Dave. Nobody wanted to save him at the Roadblock.

Lastly, Diego Maradona always laughing at other people’s tragedies is about as much as you need from a pit stop greeter.

This leg just wasn’t well-designed and two teams hogging too much of the airtime is what drops it down in my rankings. CBS tried too damn hard to use Brendon & Rachel’s crossover as a way to polarize the audience. You’re better than that, execs. . .OK, maybe you’re not.

P.S. Nary & Jamie’s lie that they are kindergarten teachers is very believable considering their reaction to everything so far. I totally think Nary called a buddy in Langley to smash the second bus, though. I am certain of that.

Team Rankings

1) Dave Gregg & Cherie Gregg

Misa & Maiya weren’t capable at The Amazing Race. Dave & Cherie just seemed to really suck at math. Well, Dave anyway.

They were on the second bus and well on their way to the third round of the season, but a tragic bus accident where a window went smashy-smashy led to putting them at peril. Since the only task in Buenos Aires was for Dave to do math. Vanessa succeeded, Andrew and Joey aligned, and Dave was ultimately doomed.

Producers clearly loved Dave & Cherie. Constant positive content, exploring Dave’s history with a familiar cancer, and their own theme music. That fast motion exit with Cherie tripping and doing cartwheels was a unique piece of editing.

Dave & Cherie had terrible jokes, but at least they had a great PMA (Positive Mental Attitude!) from start to finish. No wonder Dave & Rachel were willing to give them a bit of help with the Detour. Too bad they couldn’t rescue them from the Roadblock.

During the first leg they seemed doomed to be that middle-aged couple who goes home instantly, but a combination of determination and Misa & Maiya and Joey & Danny being terrible drivers allowed them to leapfrog to a decent eighth place finish.

In a season that will be dominated by conflict between all of the teams, it’s nice that there was a sideshow of clowns who kept things relatively upbeat for the first couple of rounds.

And unlike Misa & Maiya who appeared to be recruited for the sole purpose for us to laugh at their blunders, we had a team who loved TAR and knew we were laughing with them.

Teams who go home on the second leg have a tendency to have the smallest edit of the season, but that isn’t the case here.

2) Misa Tanaka & Maiya Tanaka

Poor Misa & Maiya. Their reputation on TAR is going to be known for that one very very infamous blunder (which lucky for them will be overshadowed just two seasons later). They run a terrible leg. They can’t drive. They spend two hours searching through the same baskets in the hot air balloons. They can’t run fast.

But right before the pit stop they get a task that falls under their vary narrow tree of personal strengths. They make up a ton of time and aren’t last and then. . .completely fuck it all up by not seeing Phil. Joey Fitness & Danny slip through, and they are the first team eliminated.

Misa & Maiya have to be in the conversation for some of the worst racers ever.

John & Scott weren’t competitive.

Dana & Adrian chose the wrong person to complete a Roadblock.

Ron & Tony get very lost while driving.

Mika refused to do anything involving heights or water.

Meredith & Maria can’t drive and have no sense of direction.

Misa & Maiya. . .were mediocre or atrocious at everything that didn’t involve gyoza-related challenges. I think if you ran this season ten times, Misa & Maiya are the first team to be eliminated on nearly every leg imaginable.

It’s too bad because they wanted to be presented as strong women to the audience, but boy oh boy did that not come through.

Team Averages

Below is a list of all teams from seasons I have blogged to date, ranked by racing average.

e.g. Don & Mary Jean finished 9th, 8th, 8th, 8th, and 8th. Add up the numbers and divide it by the number of legs they have played.

Therefore their average is 8.2.

Because of how long this list has become, I only show the relevant section where the eliminated team from this episode has fallen amongst the ranks of what TAR history has to offer.

11th Matt & Ana 11.0 TAR 1

10th Edwin & Monica 10.0 Only team to finish last for the first two rounds of the race TAR Asia 3

10th Yani & Nadine 10.0 Would have survived round two, but were marked for elimination and thus officially finished in last both rounds TAR Asia 4

10th Jody & Shannon 10.0 TAR Adventure 16

10th Lisa & Joni 10.0 TAR 9

10th Kevin & Drew All Stars 10.0 TAR 11

10th Neena & Amit 10.0 TAR Asia 3

10th A Black Family 10.0 TAR 8

— F +–

10th Andie & Jenna 9.5 TAR 17

10th Steve & Linda 9.5 TAR 14

10th Anthony & Stephanie 9.5 (Why them?????) TAR 13

10th Megan & Heidi 9.5 (Wow. They sucked.) TAR 7

11th Ron & Bill 9.5 TAR 19

11th Garrett & Jessica 9.5 TAR 15

10th Dave & Cherie 9.0 TAR 20

10th Kate & Pat 9.0 TAR 12

9th David & Mary TAR 11: All Stars 9.0 TAR 11

9th Peggy & Claire 9.0 May or may not be gutsy. TAR 2

10th Meredith & Maria 9.0 TAR 6

10th Dennis & Andrew 9.0 FF TAR 3

10th Anne-Marie & Tracy 8.67 TAR Australia 1

8th Mo & Mos 8.60 Saved by NEL once TAR Australia 1

10th Mel & Mike 8.33 Mel died. TAR 18

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11 Responses to The Amazing Race 20 Episode Two Rankings

  1. Jordan says:

    If you was serious about Kerri and Stacy’s hats, it said Biloxi.

  2. Logan, there was a season of TAR where teams visited Argentina without stopping over in Buenos Aires, and that was in season 11 where teams went only to Ushuaia.

  3. Chris says:

    Can’t wait for you to talk about the next leg, especially the Express Pass where I think it proved useful for once

    • Jimmy White says:

      Possibly. It’s tough to say whether or not Rachel & Dave would have still been safe if they didn’t have the Express Pass and still had a two-hour penalty. I would say they would have been safe. Even with the two-hour penalty, I think they still would be safe, since Elliot & Andrew and Vanessa & Ralph struggled immensely with the detour, and it appeared to take them awhile. The only difference is that Rachel & Dave only finish in seventh, not sixth.

  4. zeometer says:

    I accept your praise 😉

    Other things:
    – TAR 16 went to San Carlos de Bariloche and…that’s it. Presumably the thrills of playing five card stud WITH A GNOME were so much that production went straight to Germany.
    – I’ve found that every Brenchel argument is a veiled metaphor for how unhealthy their relationship was (color me surprised that of the top three couples they’re the only ones to remain together)
    – You might want to set up a macro for “Rachel trips while-”

    Also I’m not sure how much supplemental information you seek out with these but the insider vids for TAR 20 are still on youtube and next leg’s in particular are worth the watch.

  5. Momo Akanegakubo says:

    I’m pretty sure after Ernie & Cindy’s unwanted win, the trend of making sure TCO will win started with this season.

  6. Jimmy White says:

    Hey Logan, now that the theme for TAR 31 has been revealed (Former Survivor, TAR, and BB contestants competing), what is your opinion? I think they’re doing this because Jess & Cody were a reason for higher ratings of TAR 30, and by bringing in people from Survivor as well as more people from BB, the ratings will get better. I’m somewhat excited, but nervous as well, since BB teams on TAR have either left me indifferent towards them or hating them. I also saw cast spoilers, and one of the returning TAR teams was Colin & Christie of all people. It’s not a terrible choice by any means since I think they’d be a good team to have back, but certainly is the most unique choice for the TAR teams, as they are the only pre-TAR 20 team returning. Another thing I’m nervous about is that the last TAR season with returnees was terrible, so I hope they can redeem themselves from that travesty.

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