The Amazing Race Returns With Some More “Unfinished Business”


Travel safe and go! The Amazing Race is returning for another season after this year’s edition, featuring the “most competitive racers ever,” witnessed a rare ratings increase after a decline in recent years.

Thanks to the ratings increase, a new season will be filmed between May 30th and June 30th according to reports that have surfaced online.

tar 24 intro

And because of the ratings increase and a new season set to film in the near future, production has recently announced next season will indeed be the fourth in the franchise to feature returning players.

“The fans have spoken. They voice that they love seeing their favorites play, and that is exactly what we are going to do. We do this show for the audience,” host Phil Keoghan said of the Emmy award-winning program. “Just don’t expect us to go to Colombia this time. We faced certain issues when we went there last time. There are plenty of other regions on the continent for us to visit again and again and again.”

Reports suggest nowhere new will be visited. “We’ve pretty much gone everywhere we wanted to go, so now it’s a matter of finding new things to do in very familiar locations. The audience loves that. Expect several Switchbacks this year,” co-creator and executive producer Elise Doganieri added. “Like, there’s some countries in Eastern Europe, the house where Eddy Grant was born, Rwanda, or the ‘Stans’ in central Asia, but we feel satisfied with the catalog we have locked down after thirty seasons.”

As to who will be coming back remains a mystery to some, but other co-creator and executive producer Bertram Van Munster couldn’t help but drop a few hints.

“We didn’t think about how many times a team had played before, how well they performed, or how memorable they were for the audience. We consulted with the brilliant minds at CBS who did an excellent job in assisting us with the casting of our previous critically claimed all-star edition four years ago, and there is no reason for us to doubt they can do so well at casting once again,” Bertram stated.

When asked if there should be a limit on how many times a contestant can compete or if the possibility of four appearances may trigger ‘fan fatigue’ amongst the audience, Bertram says that issue never came up.

“It’s just like playing the lottery. ‘Mark, you’ve been playing the same numbers for twenty years,’ but there is always the hope ‘this might be that winning ticket.’ That’s the philosophy we have with bringing back some old favorites for a fourth time. Maybe this is the time where a Margie & Luke or a Herb & Nate can put it all together and cross the finish line and fulfill a lifelong dream,” said Bertram. With Survivor having gone to the well with four-time players on three separate occasions, The Amazing Race wouldn’t be the first franchise to go that route.

“Plus, I think the audience wants to see Jet McCoy bitch about losing to a gay and/or minority for the fourth time in a row. He’ll probably take his ban on gay marriage to the next level as his own sanity continues to fracture before our eyes. It’s like a Greek tragedy set in America’s Bible Belt,” commented Michael Harmstone, world famous controversial TAR podcaster from Reality TV Warriors.

Others are not so keen on yet another season of all-stars. “Just when I had pretended to stop watching this show for ten seasons and then this shit happens,” sighs Andy Denhart. “I mean, Phil dropped a F bomb in a recent interview I did with him. I thought this was a sign of the series improving itself. Maybe a move from CBS to Netflix would have spiced things up a bit more. But not this. This really burns my Snapple.”

Based upon rumours from inside sources, these are the teams confirmed to be on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business II (working title) and expected to travel around the world on May 30th*:

  • Jet & Cord McCoy, Cowboys, The Amazing Race 16, 18, and 24
  • Bopper Minton [of Mark & Bopper] and Mallory Ervin [of Gary & Mallory and Mark & Mallory]. The Amazing Race 17, 18, 20, and 24. (Ed Note: Mallory fills in as a replacement after Mark Jackson shows up to the starting line and quits for a completely arbitrary reason just like in his previous appearance.)
  • Idries & Jamil Abdur-Rahman, Brothers, The Amazing Race 22.
  • Jeremy & Sandy Cline, Married, The Amazing Race 19.
  • Blair Townsend & Hayley Bivens, Friends, The Amazing Race 26.
  • Oswald Mendez & Danny Jimenez, Friends, The Amazing Race 2 and 11: Real All Stars.
  • Amanda & Kris Klicka, Married, New Contestants
  • Preston McCmy & Jennifer Hopka, Still Dating, The Amazing Race 14
  • Mika Combs & Canaan Smith, Fearless Warriors, The Amazing Race 15
  • Liza Hinds & Joni Glaze, Sisters, The Amazing Race 9
  • Justin & Diana Scheman, Married, The Amazing Race 27
  • Kristi Leskinen & Jen Hudak, X Gamers, The Amazing Race 30

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9 Responses to The Amazing Race Returns With Some More “Unfinished Business”

  1. Enricc1 says:

    If today wasn’t April Fools i totally would believe this.

  2. Ekmal Sukarno says:

    Logan, you haven’t done a blog on The Amazing Race: China Rush. Could you please explain the reasons for this?

    • I have never been too intrigued by China out of most Asian countries, and seasons which take place entirely within one country rarely intrigue me.

      I can barely stand to watch my own country’s version of TAR anymore.

      • Ekmal Sukarno says:

        Yes but what is interesting is that almost all the teams participating in China Rush are foreign expats working in China. All contestants from the first season of China Rush were foreign expats.

        There was a team called Lisa and Karen (aka the Momshells) that participated in the first season of China Rush. That team may remind you of Nat and Kat, but then again, feel free to disagree.

  3. Jimmy White says:

    Have you ever thought about applying for The Amazing Race Canada?

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