Funniest Casual Fan Complaints Amazing Race 30 Finale Week Edition

You know what’s coming. The TARcopalypse hit us the second Cody & Jessica crosses the finish line, and social media punched all of us square in the proverbial jaw for nearly a week straight. I watched it all go down.

30 complaints ep 8 5

eric final flags

For all you know she could be watching the wrong TAR finale. An Eric has already choked before at the final task.

30 complaints ep 8 8

Toni does.

morgan freeman god

“Ah. Toni. My intern.”

30 complaints ep 8 7

Trust me. Keep reading, Ez. BB fans aren’t going to be more silent. It will become clear very very quickly.

jessica cody amazing race

Nobody has triggered more outrage in the American public since Jesus.

jesus christ

“I blame my ex-wife for the outcry.”

By the way, what headline are you referring to?

30 complaints ep 8 9

Oh. That one. The Facebook admin couldn’t help but acknowledge what’s going on in the comments section.

30 complaints ep 8 10

logan sara

Logan & Sara. They had a great time together going out for dinner.

30 complaints ep 8 12

Citi. . .Citi. . .Citi what?

30 complaints ep 8 13

1919 black sox.jpg

The fix is in. It’s like TAR 30 is the 1919 Black Sox of reality TV.

30 complaints ep 8 14

Jet ditched Gary at that Roadblock.

kermit the frog.jpg

But that’s none of my business.

Of course, those who didn’t like Cody’s victory is pounced upon by the hardcore military community. Let’s read below.

30 complaints ep 8 15

andy bernard.jpg

. . .That was an overreaction.

Alright. Now it’s time to talk about Henry & Evan.

30 complaints ep 8 16

How long did it take for you to come up with that one?

30 complaints ep 8 17

It wouldn’t surprise me.

chuck liddell.jpg

But first, let’s talk about somebody who will inevitably be on TAR 31. The Ice Man cometh!

30 complaints ep 8 18

You already planted that seed,  Toni. If the wedding gets televised, it’s on you, Toni.

ramon salazar 24.jpg

“It’s on you, Toni!”

30 complaints ep 8 19

Last Comic Standing. Get Cody rolling when it comes to the LGBT community and Ferguson and you’ll have a belly full of laughs.

30 complaints ep 8 20

Maybe we should all stop watching TV in general. . .but I’ll keep that to myself.

30 complaints ep 8 21


It really is the silver lining to all of this.

30 complaints ep 8 22

Brenda’s spelling is perfect. That is my personal believe.

30 complaints ep 8 23

I do not have skanky photos of Lucas & Brittany and Kristi & Jen, therefore any remarks I make about these two teams will not be questioned.

april sarah

But I do have skanky photos of April & Sarah. They may or may not have shown their ankles in a couple of Mormon magazines. :/

30 complaints ep 8 24

Devin didn’t read a word atllauren said.

30 complaints ep 8 25

Which I think is the primary point being made by the online community.

freddy kendra intro

It’s like the reaction to Freddy & Kendra’s win but in the social media age. . .if Freddy & Kendra also didn’t have a pre-existing fanbase.

Now let’s once again bring up Jessica’s lack of participation in the race.

30 complaints ep 8 27

Bikinigirl_ is not much for a two-way discussion.

“I want you to justify your thinking.”

“Stop questioning me! GET LOST!”

teri ian

It’s like Teri & Ian prior to the Vietnam leg. “I am the pilot and when I say we fly, we fly.”

30 complaints ep 8 28

I. . .I think Bikinigirl_ is the one clearly trolling here.

donna troll.jpg

“You’re the troll!”

30 complaints ep 8 29

A pillow face bitch?

billy dee williams.jpg

That’s a rude thing to say about Billy Dee Williams. 😦

30 complaints ep 8 30

Maybe Kristi looks down on everyone because her back is hunched over from all of the back pain she experienced while skiing.

kristi jen

Some people just misinterpret physical gestures.

30 complaints ep 8 31

That would actually be a great idea. Pluck twelve teams of two from two different juries and throw them onto TAR. The team hashtags would be relatively easy.

two angry men


30 complaints ep 8 32

Ah. Reddit has gone back to being sane and rational again.

30 complaints ep 8 33

henry evan

Evan is on the spectrum???? This hunch is based on what, exactly????? Where did that appear in the edit? Just because of her diverse vocabulary.

30 complaints ep 8 34

Female viewers tend to be the ones who disliked Evan this season.

paris gilmore girls

And I like Paris from Gilmore Girls. This comparison is not turning me away.

30 complaints ep 8 35

Bikinigirl_ has redeemed herself.

alex conor

Furthermore, I don’t think Alex & Conor are locks to return. In fact, I will be stunned if they come back at all. Both of them seem to be over and done with the experience. Especially Conor. Dude was upset to lose his job upon returning to the US. Not even the fact he was not too fond of having animals put on his nips.30 complaints ep 8 36

Yeah, get in a sailboat.

Worst Case Scenario: Henry dies.

Best Case Scenario: Evan chips another tooth.

No one wins.

evan tooth

30 complaints ep 8 37

bob pinciotti


30 complaints ep 8 38

Slow down, y’all.

canada 5

We still have a full season of TAR Canada to ignore.

30 complaints ep 8 39

Oh, shut the hell up about returnee seasons already.

dave connor

I mean, look at the last two returnee TAR seasons. One was saved by a perfect boot order and another went down as the worst season ever.

Now Justin goes to war with the #JodyArmy. . .or rather they go to war with him.

30 complaints ep 8 40

We’ve only just begun.

30 complaints ep 8 41

Even when their favourite team has won, they still waste their time on Twitter going after Justin. Lovely.

30 complaints ep 8 42

I don’t think they know Justin at all. Granted I am not surprised from someone whose handle is “CarrieUndersexy”.

carrie underwood.jpg

“Jesus take the wheel!”

jesus christ

“That’s what my ex-wife said.”

By the way, is anyone stunned that Carrie Underwood is still relevant? Like. . .isn’t she the American Nickelback?

30 complaints ep 8 43

Eric jumps in hoping to spread rationality. . .but to no avail. He’ll continue trying, though.

30 complaints ep 8 44

. . .Justin is at the hub of the contemporary TAR alumni community. Like, for real. Cody & Jessica aren’t the only two people who don’t respect him.

30 complaints ep 8 45

I think those question marks were meant to be exclamation marks, but I’ll let that one go.


Super Smash Bros. gets it.

30 complaints ep 8 46

I can guarantee you if Cody & Jessica had won seven legs but choke in the final round, the argument from the #JodyArmy would switch.

30 complaints ep 8 47

Jessica may not be the worst contestant, but I think we have a strong contender for who has the worst fans on social media.

finale rovilson fernandez 8

Rovilson’s fanbase from TAR Asia 2 has officially been dethroned.

30 complaints ep 8 48

They’re. . .they’re not even listening now. Unless it’s listening to disagree.30 complaints ep 8 49

harry potter


vernon dursley.jpg


30 complaints ep 8 50

And the delusion continues.

30 complaints ep 8 51

Cody & Jessica don’t want to extend their fame?

bold and the beautiful.jpg

Wait, what the hell is this?

P.S. Those who diss somebody based on their ‘likes’ for a tweet isn’t being too cool, bro.

30 complaints ep 8 52

The sky is blue. In fact, that’s gonna be my automatic response whenever somebody tweets me or messages me on social media. Because they don’t want a discussion whatsoever.

30 complaints ep 8 53

The sky remains blue.

30 complaints ep 8 1


Fake News.

30 complaints ep 8 2

norm macdonald.jpg

NOTE TO SELF: Only trust the North.

mount rushmore.jpg

However, it’ll be tough to ignore the South in every situation. North Dakota should’ve hired their own sculptor for anybody to care about their state.

30 complaints ep 8 3

Ez has been wanting to drop bombs in general this week, regardless of their level of truthfulness.

ben survivor

I personally prefer #BenBombs.

And I think there is a certain silver lining when the “villainous” crossover team wins at the end rather than has its comeuppance. It is part of the extreme reactions to the ending of this season.

But Ez won’t be keen in hearing about that.

And why is a woman having fake breasts constantly an insult? I mean, fake breasts are weird to the touch and are an odd thing to motorboat, but that isn’t reflective of the woman who beholds them.

tracy survivor micronesia.jpg

e.g. Tracy from Survivor: Micronesia. Possesses fake breasts but is a wonderful individual.

So let’s not use anatomy to dictate how we view a person’s personality.

30 complaints ep 8 4

liechtenstein jet cord mccoy 4

They were already halfway to selling TAR out in TAR 24. You just hadn’t noticed.

For some reason, the winner of BB Canada 2 responds to the TAR 30 ending and Justin. This should be fun.

30 complaints ep 8 55

What’s a terrbible?


A bible that has been sloppily copied by a seven year old? Who is Nouh and the Arch, Timmy!

30 complaints ep 8 54

Well, one particular fellow in RFF from Paraguay is a bit more hostile than others, from what I have been told. And Justin wasn’t even highly praised in RFF. Wait, the sky is blue. I went off-script.

30 complaints ep 8 56

OK. I don’t like Rachel Ray and her EVO bullshit, but she’s still a big name.

evo search.jpg

If only this was the EVO that Rachel Ray was constantly praising.

sweden connor jonathan 23


As opposed to this.

Alright now let’s talk about memorable TAR finales in general. Specifically, season seven.

30 complaints ep 8 57


kurihama mel white 3

“I need my ulcer cleaned.”

AH! He was the guy from Unfinished Business! It all makes sense!

And that’s it! This season of Funniest Complaints is over! I hope this entertained you and was your moment of zen each week.

Now I’ll go back to my TARstorian project and wait for this goddamn snow to melt.

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1 Response to Funniest Casual Fan Complaints Amazing Race 30 Finale Week Edition

  1. Marlin says:

    Wow, I can’t believe they’re still talking about the Liechtenstein Roadblock from 12 seasons ago.

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