The Amazing Race 30 Editing Analysis and Predictions Week Eight Edition

Now it’s time to find out how wrong I am–The Internet’s favourite past time. It is annoying to do this with two episodes remaining since storylines can be wrapped up within a single episode, but I shall try my best.

WEEK EIGHT WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)

Let’s face it. My ability to predict who the mole is by the end of the first or second episode in a season of The Mole is almost godlike. My ability to predict who wins The Amazing Race? I occasionally make mistakes along the way.

I never sway who I think will win at the start of finale week because I’ll feel like a complete idiot if I switch and realize my original prediction was correct.

It is much more satisfying to be stubborn and wrong rather than indecisive and wrong.

With that being said. . .

kristi jen 1

I know some people out there think Henry & Evan were walking around vomiting a winner’s edit last week. We’ll get into that momentarily.

Kristi & Jen’s edit has largely remained unchanged and editors aren’t seeking any opportunities to wrap it up anytime soon. All-female winners tend to not get the biggest of edits.

Look at Nat & Kat, Kisha & Jen, and Amy & Maya. Any winning all-female team tends to have a fairly subtle edit. Given the extreme nature of how casual fans react to female racers (look at my Funniest Complaints blog), and the best course of action for an editor is to sculpt a winner’s edit for an all-female team that is largely inoffensive.

Other teams talk about how strong they are, they want to be the fourth/fifth/sixth/seventh/are we going to keep count/whatever number all-female team win, they aren’t shown bickering, and are not portrayed as weak in challenges.

Editors can’t help but emphasize that Kristi Jen has never finished outside of the top three.

Things are too open-ended for them right now. It is not the most dynamic winner’s edit, but it is largely there. I expect a lot of content in the finale.

henry evan

Oh, editors.

Henry & Evan are now the underdog in a three team alliance that wants them out. People are ringing their Josh & Brent bells. I do agree that this means they are guaranteed Final Three, but don’t think this guarantees victory.

Henry & Evan talked about what they would do with the money. Nobody else has talked about it except Conor in a deleted scene who said he would rent a penthouse for a few weeks and pay for his own hookers then move back in with Alex. Man, I really wish that deleted scene made it into the episode.

Other teams constantly talk about them. Specifically, Cody & Jessica leading the charge to get them eliminated. Whether it be via Jessica punching Evan in the face or shrugging that they don’t know where a place is.

Their arguments are shown as being more amusing than they are annoying. Very few dating couples get that edit. We have insight into their relationship as Evan as “the more controlling one”. Does that mean Henry will step up and shine in the finale?

I must say the case that people have presented for Henry & Evan’s victory is compelling and lines up with winners of seasons past.

But all-female teams winning in TAR US tend to be more subtle and therefore are being shoved under a microscope until the bitter end.

jessica cody amazing race

Thanks to the Jody Army repeatedly updating every TAR forum on the Internet about their progress during filming, I have had to avoid talking about Cody & Jessica because I knew they made Final Four the day that it happened.

Speaking of which, the obsessive component of the Jody Army has made this one of the worst social media experiences of any TAR season ever. If you know how long I have been in the community, that is a big statement to make.

Constant spoiling about Cody & Jessica’s position, picking fights with random TAR alumni on social media, entering TAR Facebook groups triggering lots of love/hate Jody discussions that has led to a record number of people being removed from the groups that I admin, and making the official TAR Facebook page a complete mess, and leading to another smaller podcast online talking about the Cody & Jessica spoiler WITHOUT WARNING, has made this an annoying experience.

If you read Funniest Complaints, you’ll know a random Jody Army person entered Justin of TAR 27’s podcast chat and started picking as many fights with Justin and the other people in the room as possible.

RTV Warriors did their part by minimizing Cody & Jessica discussion since day one, and I did my part by refusing to acknowledge them until now.

REMEMBER: This has nothing to do with Cody & Jessica. It is 100% of that one or two percentile of their Jody Army who take things waaaaaaay too far, and by contrast their extreme haters who were determined to trigger as many headaches as possible.

The good news is that none of them ever found this blog, and made this a sanctuary for most.


I can’t see Cody & Jessica winning.

Their edit is just “They’re that reality TV couple! Cody does well in challenges! Jessica does not! Can she prove herself in the finale or will she choke?”

My answer: I think she chokes.

Cody & Jessica’s edit is tougher to gauge because you have to sift through whether the scenes are meant to test the waters for a future Cody & Jessica CBS reality show or a returning appearance to BB/TAR/Survivor, or if this is just all part of the TAR edit.

It doesn’t help that Jessica is frequently crying foul over her edit on Twitter, and thinks the edit is portraying her to be far more petty than she actually is. Why, she even directed a bunch of tweets towards Brittany for inciting hatred.

I. . .I just don’t see how somebody can win TAR and be angry on social media about their edit and how inaccurate it is.

Lastly, if you want to hear my thoughts on tonight’s finale as it airs, log onto the TV Party App. . .nah, just kidding.

alex conor
Last week was two hours of Conor making us laugh. Holy fan favourite overload, Batman. Thanks for supplying us with the new face cream remix on the podcast, Conor. Michael Harmstone is eternally grateful like those green aliens from Toy Story.

LEG ELEVEN PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

Henry – 4.1 Team Average
Evan – 4.0 Team Average

The Speed Bump is really lame. This leg is in Hong Kong, and Henry is Asian, so those two factors alone should propel Henry & Evan to the top of the leaderboard this round.

Furthermore, it’ll make for a really interesting final showdown as everyone else shakes in their boots as they step into the ring with Henry & Evan for the final round.

Jen – 2.1 Team Average
Kristi – 2.6 Team Average

This is the absolute last chance that Jen can finish outside of the top three. This is going to be stressful for her and she probably won’t be on her ‘A’ game because of it.

ALEX – 2.9 Team Average
CONOR – 3.0 Team Average

Well, if I think they are getting the fan favourite edit then they must go home here. Hong Kong is far too congested to be a race track. If I were a betting man, Conor is the one who fucks all of this up. It will make their storyline come full circle.

LEG TWELVE PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)


A high pressure situation where Kristi & Jen have to pretend like no danger lies ahead? I feel like they may or may not be experts at this. . .


In 8.5 out of 10 legs, Henry & Evan have lost to Kristi & Jen. If you want to play the odds, Henry & Evan are going to need to keep their composure as they find themselves outside of the classroom with the biggest final exam possible on the line.

I just can’t see them pulling it off.

Alright, that’s it for me. Enjoy the finale tonight. And if Cody & Jessica win tonight, I am going to stay off of social media for a week. I suggest you do the same.

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3 Responses to The Amazing Race 30 Editing Analysis and Predictions Week Eight Edition

  1. Looks like team chipmunks(Dustin/Kandice) is no longer the strongest nor the best averaged all female team! 😦
    I wonder how well they’ll do if they were ever to compete on today’s modern version of TAR with different rules.

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