The Amazing Race 30 Editing Analysis and Predictions Week Seven Edition

Funniest Complaints will be up later today. Don’t worry.

With CBS officially announcing a new Middle Eastern country and a return trip to a familiar destination this week, we check in with how our Final Four teams are doing this season.

WEEK SEVEN WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)


Well, things panned out almost exactly as I predicted it would last week. The top three finishing streak came to an end momentarily (for one of them) and both were able to stay in the race. I assume their top three dominance will resume for the remainder of the season.

Thanks to Kristi fucking up the Detour with her partner, chasing down that exclusive club of international racers with a sub-2.00 team average is off the table (unless Jen proceeds to respond to this post and saying I have done maths wrong or something). However, Jen is sitting right on that 2.0 bumper and has a chance at the all-time US record and pass Eric & Jeremy if she can win the next four legs in a row. That’s not asking for too much, right?

The other teams spent a chunk of leg eight talking about how much they respect Kristi & Jen, view them as their strongest competition, and another scene of how shocked Kristi & Jen were that they weren’t U-Turned. All signs point to this foreshadowing as a “major opportunity wasted” in the words of Phil Keoghan, and teams will regret this later. The edit has been absent of any negativity and controversy for this team, but it hasn’t been crafted into a “fan favourite” edit either that will make the audience scream for them to return for an all-star season.

Editors seem to be crafting an edit to make this pair perhaps the overall strongest all-female winners ever. Temporary and long term storylines have been in play for them, and it’s tough to ignore that fact.


As I said before, the “fan favourite” edit has been pulled away from Henry & Evan. The general audience now views Evan as controlling and assigning some sexist terminology to how she is being portrayed.

Henry & Evan’s story arc will have to be the following:

a) Evan listening to Henry’s suggestions more and working with him more;
b) Henry speaking up more.

They already have the edit of coming out as the unexpected threats for most of the season according to the other teams. Now they just need to have some personal growth as a couple. We need to see that play out this week.

Lastly, they have unintentionally found themselves the new targets of a rivalry with that other team.


Editors are dragging out the engagement storyline a bit too long. Thankfully their strengths are shining through and credit is being awarded to them for their recent performances. Editors aren’t downplaying it as they showed Brittany instructing Alex how to complete some of the tasks during the Partner Swap.

Lucas & Brittany received a more positive edit in contrast to that team they U-Turned in their ongoing rivalry. In fact, the rivalry has been fading as the other team has been more focused on toppling Henry & Evan.

Whether being taken out of the rivalry equation right before the end of the season is a good thing or is a bad thing remains to be seen. It is probably not a good thing as they need teams to talk about them in some capacity. Becoming an afterthought of the other teams despite using a U-Turn is not the best sign in the world, and is why they are dropping to the third slot this week.


Comedy can only take you so far. Everything hints at Conor pulling a Bill Buckner at some point. Now we just have to wait for the question of “When?” to be answered.

LEG NINE PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

JEN – 2.0 Team Average
KRISTI – 2.625 Team Average

On social media, teams said they didn’t U-Turn Kristi & Jen because “they knew they would’ve survived anyway, even with leaving the previous pit stop in last place”.

If you don’t have any confidence you can beat a team as you head into the last stretch of the race, chances are you may never beat them at all. It’s like the Foas Foas in Survivor: Samoa thinking they were stepping in the ring with Mike Tyson when it was just Brett Clouser.

HENRY – 4.25 Team Average
EVAN – 4.125 Team Average

Evan’s Arabic will be useful in Bahrain. I know a chunk of the population speaks English, but still, they’ll likely be awarded more help from the locals. She should make something of this advantage.

LUCAS – 4.875 Team Average
BRITTANY – 4.75 Team Average

You know what won’t be useful in Bahrain? Spanish.

Lucas & Brittany didn’t do too well in their last venture into an Arabic speaking country, and I don’t see them doing too much better here.

ALEX – 3.375 Team Average
CONOR – 3.5 Team Average

I know this leg will be a NEL, and whatever happens here, it’ll be Conor’s fault. I assume them talking about another team losing their passport in the preview will be a fakeout. I mean, nobody would actually lose their passport in season 30, right? Right?!

LEG TEN PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)


If you don’t have any confidence you can beat a team as you head into the last stretch of the race, chances are you may never beat them at all.


I hate having to predict two legs at a time, especially this late into the season. Thailand will be a fairly physical leg, and typically involves elephants and/or some sort of boat. Every time. In fact, I believe the Chiang Mai leg from TAR 2 involved both.

This should be Lucas & Brittany’s type of leg unless I am off the mark as to what type of tasks to expect in this Thailand return.


It’s a Thailand leg which means we’ll be seeing elephants. I don’t think highly educated people do well around unpredictable animals. Something tells me Henry & Evan will both freak out during the inevitable elephant task.


I don’t know why I keep ranking Alex & Conor at the bottom of everything this week. Their storylines are over, they haven’t destroyed everybody at anything in quite some time, and I don’t know if it’s the fact they rolled tires onto a random truck, but feel like all of their abilities have been exhausted by this point and it’s their time to go home.

P.S. Did I mention I am going to South America at the end of April? I think I did.

Do you know who isn’t going to South America? The cast of TAR 30. lol

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