The Amazing Race 30 Funniest Casual Fan Complaints Week Three Edition

I troll everyone by talking about a team from TAR 28, the casual fan obsession with Cody & Jessica continue, and more penalties are accused of not being properly assessed.

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30 complaints ep 3 52

. . .OK then.

30 complaints ep 3 51

I am going to be one hundred percent honest here: I have never heard of Stranded nor AYTO.

50 cent ayo technology

Unless it’s AYTO Technology.

30 complaints ep 3 50

linz family

Yeah, that’s a real original idea.

bart the bear

We could have a Bart the Bear Switchback!

30 complaints ep 3 49

jeff jackie

Well, not couples per se. . .

cj libby 4

Ask CJ & Libby about it.

30 complaints ep 3 48


Well, it kinda is.

30 complaints ep 3 47

wie is de mol

Ah, thanks Ruben from Wie is de Mol!

30 complaints ep 3 46

Te odio.

30 complaints ep 3 45

limp bizkit 1

And if he won’t care, then you won’t care!

And can you imagine what it would be like if Cody was belly dancing?

wyclef jean

I didn’t know he could dance like this

He makes an obsessive fan want to speak Arabic. . .

30 complaints ep 3 44

rory gilmore.jpg

Perhaps Evan is like the Rory Gilmore of relationships where she approaches every relationship with a pros and cons list.

30 complaints ep 3 43

Pretty new? Pretty new? Very new.

30 complaints ep 3 42

mirna desmond

The TAR polyglot.

30 complaints ep 3 41

Haters gonna hate poor logistical planning by TAR US production.

And somebody enjoys Face-Off challenges?


I guess if you like to see a boring game of Curling every two seasons, but whatever.

30 complaints ep 3 40

Yes, out of all three episodes, this is the best. A wide selection for us to choose from.

30 complaints ep 3 39

new zealand ken tina 2

That’s right. There’s never been a NEL at night–oh wait.

30 complaints ep 3 38

jessica brittany

Why do models fight over gnomes?

bill mcdaniels.jpg

At least this guy just breaks ’em. Good ol’ Bill McDaniels.

30 complaints ep 3 37

After skydiving in TAR 26, he always gets to relieve his stress every couple of years.

30 complaints ep 3 36

I dunno.

cedric shawn

It’s better than waiting for the guy on the left to have a heart attack.

30 complaints ep 3 35

I don’t understand the karate kicking monkey.

Personally I can’t wait for TAR 31: Morons and Bimbos. What a season!

san francisco carol brandy 9

“We know somebody who fulfills both categories!”

Oh, you shut the fuck up, Carol and Brandy.

30 complaints ep 3 34

barney dinosaur

I’m glad Jessica and Cody haven’t crossed over to Barney yet. I really don’t want to see what Jess’ fingers would do to Barney. That’s all I’m sayin’.

30 complaints ep 3 33

It’s a whole new tier of casual fans this week, it seems.

cambodia mika canaan 7

Like Mika casual.

30 complaints ep 3 32

swiss alps kent vyxsin 80

Kent would be forced to find a word that rhymes with “Vyxsin” to shout.

In fact, the teams would have to find a series of random monkey noises to make if yelling out their partner’s name is a violation.

kurt brodie

In other words, a day in the life of Kurt & Brodie.

30 complaints ep 3 31

Or Shawn didn’t want to strain his vocal chords or assumed his partner wouldn’t be silly enough to casually walk by him.

30 complaints ep 3 30

big brother 8.jpg

With one glaring exception.

30 complaints ep 3 29

lucas brittany

Correct me if I’m wrong, but nothing about Brittany would make me refer to her as “a little girl”. If the viewers think Brittany looks like a little girl, then that is kind of a compliment. . .but also somewhat insulting.

And Jody is black?

petrohue jody kelly

I know I am not a huge fan of TAR 16, but I don’t recall Jody being African-American. Maybe she is one-eighth African-American or something.

And hey, Brittany didn’t ditch Jessica for a bunch of women–it was a bunch of senoras. I would have done the same thing.

nina sky

Senoras, venga conmigo a mi casa!

30 complaints ep 3 28

And keep in mind Tangier is a port town on the north, therefore the chances are even higher.

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

That’s a neat idea to sign each comment with the location where I am from. I for one amazed somebody from Virginia tried to brag about their global linguistic knowledge.

30 complaints ep 3 27

Holy shit. The over-the-top ultra nationalism?

amazing race canada.jpg

That’s the kind of bullshit that TAR Canada sticks to itself like a fungus that never gets cured.

30 complaints ep 3 2

This is turning into a grand debate.

henry evan

Henry & Evan would be proud of the casuals.

30 complaints ep 3 26

Who is commenting right now?

bob barker 2

Bob Barker?

30 complaints ep 3 1

Debbie is correct. When players sign the waivers, there is a copy specific to each individual.

andre damon 5

Andre & Damon’s waiver said something along the lines of “You’ll get arrested halfway through the race, and then the next round everything in the world will stop you from getting to your next destination–including your own body.”

30 complaints ep 3 25

Let it go, Josh. Are we going to go through this every fucking week?

30 complaints ep 3 24

street fighter

Aren’t we all a little crazy, Susan?

30 complaints ep 3 23

They always do? You sure about that, Armin? All thirty seasons of TAR?

bob joyce intro

You sure?

30 complaints ep 3 22

I actually agree with the weird editing this season. The delayed intro and Phil talking noticeably slower. There are more pauses. I am not even joking about this.

30 complaints ep 3 21

2018 and still no PVR. It’s like my uncle in Cherryville who is still on dial-up.

dial up

Five years of lies.

30 complaints ep 3 20

A completely unrelated post turns into a instant Jessica & Cody argument. Classic.

30 complaints ep 3 19

joey tim

Well when your whole storyline is “I am not observant and eat hot dogs, oh by the way I eat hot dogs,” I understand your point.

30 complaints ep 3 18

If Cedric thought the challenge was going to be shorter, this season is going to end sooner than anticipated for him.

30 complaints ep 3 17

Don’t we all?

30 complaints ep 3 16

Try Google. You know all you were trying to do is start the 1, 000, 000th fight about Jessica & Cody in three weeks.

30 complaints ep 3 15

I agree. The twist wasn’t fully thought through like in Hamerotz. The spirit is there unlike TARC, but the positioning of it is atrocious.

30 complaints ep 3 14


Its way out the door, eh?

30 complaints ep 3 13

jonathan victoria

Some fights are physical.

30 complaints ep 3 12

street golf.jpg

Or some really confused urban golfers.

30 complaints ep 3 11

colon cafe.jpg

I thought the Colon Cafe restaurant was named after Bartolo Colon. Just don’t make it an All You Can Eat restaurant!

30 complaints ep 3 10


a) Most women I know who are really good swimmers but don’t excel in other sports tend to have that same frame. If you are looking for more Baywatch type, then surfers are what you’re looking for.

b) You’ve never met many Spanish women before, have you? e.g. If you have any friends from South America, take a glance through their family photos. You’ll quickly discover what I am talking about.

c) Pamela Anderson is mostly plastic.


And she was sentenced to spend years with David Hasselhoff as punishment. I don’t wish that upon anyone.

liechtenstein jet mccoy 8

Except Jet McCoy since he is quite the douchy person.

d) If I recall correctly, Brittany competes in relay triathlons where she does the swimming portion which is a helluva distance. So I think she is fit. . .

e) Nobody has told you what the ideal body type is for 2018, have you?

The unhealthy (and frightening) encouragement of the Kate Moss figure era is over. Thank God.

30 complaints ep 3 9

If more airtime for Joey & Tim meant we had to watch them belly dance then. . .well, maybe leaving them underedited is for the best.

30 complaints ep 3 53

flo not getting on train

Sixteen years later and Flo still infuriates the casual audience. What a legend! ❤

30 complaints ep 3 8

You find it inspiring that a guy with three heart attacks passed the physical?

cedric ceballos

Or maybe producers turned a blind eye to the results and wanted recognizable names in the cast?

30 complaints ep 3 7

kobe bryant

If Kobe was on TAR, he would want to do every Roadblock regardless of the rules restriction.

30 complaints ep 3 6

But some of the locals did understand it. I wonder when she lost the gnome if she shouted “piña!” as a safe word for the senoras.

30 complaints ep 3 5

Telling what? Their partner’s own name?

tokyo mel white

Which I understand you have to do for Mel White since he forgets his own name at times, but still.

30 complaints ep 3 4

Oh good. This debate again.

30 complaints ep 3 3

Nope. It was all rigged for Cedric & Shawn. No NELs were planned. Completely spontaneous!

30 complaints ep 3 2

Nobody caught onto my trolling.

jeremy roobaker

It fell flatter than Jeremy’s Doug Roobaker attempt at trolling.

30 complaints ep 3 1

If it makes you feel any better Jonathan, the tuition they will pay for an Ivy League education is going to take them years and years and years and years to pay off.

In fact, after the winnings are taxed if you win TAR, I don’t think even THAT will be enough to cover the costs for their education.


You should’ve done more than just a semester in Marrakech, Evan.


Alright guys. That does it for this week. Remember to always have fun, and life is way too short for any of us to take too seriously. Reach your goals, yo!

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  1. “Work this into a blog post,” I said. And you delivered. Kudos.

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