The Amazing Race 30 Funniest Complaints Week Two Edition

This week the casual fans talk about intentional twin sabotage, their disgust with the Double Battle/Face-Off/Head-to-Head twist, and of course, Jessica & Cody.

30 complaints ep 2 41

I. . .I don’t know if amazing would be the word that I would use, Norwall.

30 complaints ep 2 40

Roy missed Ken’s sarcasm by a very long way. I have a feeling he doesn’t know what “smh” means.

gumshoe head

And just for the record, I love American Gladiators.

laser sabre

I want to see Laser and Sabre dress up as French Fries and duke it out! Gladiators ready!

30 complaints ep 2 39

Norwall really needs to redefine his parameters for what an amazing comment is.

Now we move on to fans fighting over whether or not Daniel intentionally bumped into April during the final Head-to-Head.

30 complaints ep 2 38

Here I am trying to cause trouble. Classic me.

And isn’t it funnier if the quiet twins decided to be assholes and be physically aggressive with a goat yoga instructor?

eric daniel

Sneaky as fuck.

30 complaints ep 2 37

Yeah Sheena, you are so biased because you are the only one who has a personal relationship with the twins and can get clarifications as to what happened during the race! You’re just trying to protect them! Shame on you!

30 complaints ep 2 36

Man. Eric & Daniel get their first scene in two episodes and it is all tangled up in controversy. . .just like their dollies.


I guess they call them “freedom fries” because you have the freedom to push around your opponent during the Head-to-Head.

30 complaints ep 2 35

. . .Or producers just wouldn’t have a U-Turn in a Head-To-Head leg if it takes place at the pit stop?

Also, it’s hilarious people mix up Detours with U-Turns. They don’t even know what they are talking about.

30 complaints ep 2 34

You know what I find very boring? People constantly talking about Jessica & Cody. How much are they going to occupy this complaints blog?

30 complaints ep 2 33

No, let’s spoil the Final Three on a public Facebook page. I am sure Sheena’s stepbrothers would be thrilled. I guess she’d be as well-liked as any step-sibling.


Maybe if she spoils what happens in the season then they’ll have so much more space for activities.

30 complaints ep 2 32

Doth protest too much, Sheena!

30 complaints ep 2 31

The Amazing Race has already done that twist.

jim misti

And it wasn’t very popular.

30 complaints ep 2 30

It was just the placement of the challenge. Otherwise, you have a classic Hamerotz LaMillion challenge.


I guess it isn’t for everybody.

30 complaints ep 2 29

Yes, it’s weigh too loud.

30 complaints ep 2 28

Head-to-Head existed before Canada. These casuals need a history lesson.

And in regards to flight arrangements. . .where have you been since season fourteen? Airport scenes, regardless if teams are on the same flight or not, have been cut down to almost nothin’.

Now we watch people running around as French Fries for the last twenty minutes of each episode.

30 complaints ep 2 27


socal potatoes

Are you going to disgrace taters like Laura & Tyler did?!

30 complaints ep 2 26

My brain read that as “twerking” like ten times and kept looking through the bonus scene archives. Sigh.

gyeongju jess lani 16

I guess we’ll have to wait for Jess & Lani to be invited back for TAR Asia All Stars.

30 complaints ep 2 25

Um, that was after doing a series of tasks without a major equalizer. It still averaged out everyone’s performance in the end.

eric final flags

It’s not like Eric had to wait for BJ & Tyler to start the flags task. He was humiliated without any disadvantages to blame it on.

30 complaints ep 2 24

Beneath the dignity of the show? I think that has already passed.

zermatt jet mccoy 1

Like letting this guy race three times.

30 complaints ep 2 23

Both of you are ridiculous.

Chris for not understanding Michelle’s ridiculousness, and Michelle for her. . .ridiculousness.


TAR would need a season with 14 teams in a 12-round schedule to fit your requirements.

Speed Bumps have never been a test of endurance or intelligence.

sweden kevjumba michael wu 11

OK, -one- test of endurance.

30 complaints ep 2 22

How is Phil cringing?

30 phil intro

Maybe his eyebrow was crinkling, and he has been battling a sore throat since the start of the season.

I don’t think he has even responded to all of the logistics of the Head-to-Head twist. He has worse things to Double Battle at the moment.

30 complaints ep 2 3

Oh. Believe me. I am waiting for that day. The apocalypse will be upon us.

san francisco dan jordan pious 7

If you thought people were furious over Dan & Jordan’s victory, then you have seen nothing yet from the casuals.

30 complaints ep 2 21

I guess so. . .

bolo ikea

. . .If you’re Bolo. Counting is hard!

30 complaints ep 2 2

hey ya 1.jpg

Don’t call frites in Belgium STUPID! When I was in Bruges, they played the Hey Ya music video in a frites shop when I experienced frites for the first time and it was damn delicious!

And there is no self-driving in Belgium. Have you seen how impossible it is to drive in Belgium? It has some of the worst traffic congestion in the world due to its narrow and tight streets.

30 complaints ep 2 20

You started off well then your next three choices absolutely destroyed your credibility.

chip kim hotel shock

Oh how I miss Chip & Kim. I can’t wait for a season where Kim has to do more than find a scarab!

30 complaints ep 2 1

My definition for a psycho has been greatly altered since doing the Funniest Complaints blog.

30 complaints ep 2 19

That was one of the best moments ever?

Somebody clearly hasn’t watched TAR 17.

30 complaints ep 2 18

What a random season to watch. That’s the best you could do, Nikole?

30 complaints ep 2 17

It would be an Amazing Race first!

dessie kayla

Move over Dessie & Kayla, somebody is about to topple you for the craziest elimination this season!

30 complaints ep 2 16

simpsons land of chocolate.jpg

Lucas really hopes there is a leg in the Land of Chocolate! Navigation would be so easy!

30 complaints ep 2 57

andy bernard

“I went to Cornell! It’s much better! I was on the Debate Choir!”

30 complaints ep 2 15

Oddly enough, I thought about Jun the whole time when watching this episode. And you know what I think she thinks of TAR 30 visiting Belgium?

jun song

“I don’t care.”

30 complaints ep 2 56


For a skilled prince warrior, I can’t imagine fritas being a bigger weakness than a lightning attack.

Also, I don’t see the resemblance.

30 complaints ep 2 14

probst dig

Are you sure you’re thinking of the right host?

30 complaints ep 2 55

Frodo, congratulations. You are a casual.

30 complaints ep 2 13

Because it wasn’t a Roadblock.

cedric shawn

It would be funny if Cedric was too afraid to give advice to Shawn because he feared another penalty.

30 complaints ep 2 54

. . .Is that really Quote of the Week?

lucas brittany

Because I personally thought we had an obvious winner.

30 complaints ep 2 1230 complaints ep 2 5330 complaints ep 2 11

Team Goga?

go go.jpg


april sarah

Maybe it’s Goat Yoga combined with Go Go dancing.

30 complaints ep 2 52

Except for the diamonds. They were cubic zirconium.

30 complaints ep 2 10

steph kristen

What if Steph & Kristen make a cameo, Lyndz?

30 complaints ep 2 9

oj simpson.jpg

It should just be two gigantic heads on it. Like O.J. Simpson or something.

30 complaints ep 2 8

darwin pit stop

Eh, BJ was a bit further behind by a couple of seconds. . .and without pants.

30 complaints ep 2 7

april sarah

You already did. Pay attention.

30 complaints ep 2 6

So far the casuals have wanted each of the first two legs to be NELs. They are only allowed to call for one more.

30 complaints ep 2 5

They just want to draw in viewers based on a flimsy premise.

the amazing race asia 3 promo

It has happened before.

30 complaints ep 2 4


30 complaints ep 2 1

Oh dammit. Somebody liked Alecia’s anti-Funniest Complaints blog response.

30 complaints ep 2 2

Phew. That was a close one.

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