Funniest Casual Fan Complaints Amazing Race 30 Episode One Edition

The casuals continue their obsession with Jessica & Cody, fans question the rules of the show, and one guy makes it very very very clear he wants to be on The Amazing Race. Oh, and one team not getting penalized for helping apparently leads to political commentary about the US.

30 complaints ep 1 1

kelso burn

Man. Bertram and Elise just got burned by a casual and Lucy wasn’t even trying. That’s some lethal shit right there.

30 complaints ep 1 20

Rose McGowan is getting revenge on gropey and trashy Hollywood execs.

Inigo Montoya is getting revenge on that guy who killed his dad.

Brian? He is getting revenge on an American TV network for messing with his favourite TV show after seventeen years.

gumbel 2 gumbel.jpg

Just imagine what will happen if they cancel Gumbel 2 Gumbel.

30 complaints ep 1 3

Big Brother has a lot of random spelling challenges to make fun of dumb Americans/Canadians. During the whole task all I could think was “well, that’s the most Big Brother-esque Roadblock I have ever seen”.

30 complaints ep 1 10

Oh fuck. Just stop with the Big Brother jokes already. I only get three complaints in and this shit is starting.

30 complaints ep 1 4

OK. You just quoted Rupert Boneham from Survivor, but whatever.

30 complaints ep 1 20


Surprisingly, this is the team that got out of a coffee drinking challenge because of religious reasons, and instead drank hot water or something due to being Mormon.

And given April & Sarah are also Mormon, I am certain (and eventually confirmed it too) that they both drank the cod liver oil.

Although something tells me they may have temporarily suspended their religious beliefs if it meant never tasting cod liver oil again.

If April & Sarah ever have to go back to Iceland, just pass the courvoisier, Busta!


Although if April & Sarah down something as disgusting as cod liver oil AGAIN, they’d be even badder chicks than even Ludacris has around him.

30 complaints ep 1 5


30 complaints ep 1 30

RTV Warriors doesn’t ever mention Jessica & Cody in our recaps because. . .well. . .other podcasts have got this topic covered. More than covered.

30 complaints ep 1 6

The Onion is not #FakeNews, sweetie.

30 complaints ep 1 7

Let me get this straight. . .you wrote a diary entry detailing how you want Joey & Tim to be featured on a season of a reality show post-shark jumping?

When I write diary entries, it is typically about -me- being on The Amazing Race, reminders of goals I have set for myself, or sexy chicks who I want to bang. . .but not hoping a guy who eats hot dogs appearing on a TV show for a limited run.

I am curious what the other diary entries are about.

harvest moon diary.jpg

It’s certainly more interesting than the diaries you read in Harvest Moon, but hey, at least it eventually leads to this!


30 complaints ep 1 8

A guy with the username Fairplay. . .well, talks about TAR exactly as you think Fairplay would.

30 complaints ep 1 9

Did you ever like this show to begin with?

30 complaints ep 1 11

If I wanted to hear preaching on The Amazing Race. . .

phuket andy tommy 34

I’d listen to these guys.

30 complaints ep 1 12

flo paddling a boat

You know, Flow. Winner from The Amazing Race 3.

hustle and flow.jpg

She was such a big part of TAR that they even named a movie after her.

30 complaints ep 1 13

2018. Where people still need to have the “Bye, Felicia” reference to them. Middle-aged female casual fans are funny.

And yes, they actually shockingly thought they would come in number one because they were, well, number one until they had to find the pit stop.

30 complaints ep 1 14

Stop. Please.

30 complaints ep 1 15

Is Josh referring to TAR 30 or the time he participated in TAR 31 with his food truck as a partner?

30 complaints ep 1 16

Oh, a guy who spams Facebook pages begging to be on The Amazing Race is an over-the-top fan of Homophobic Cowboy Jet McCoy and his buddy Cord? Why am I sooooooooo surprised.

I would explain to Josh why he isn’t going to be on The Amazing Race, but I think I’ll let him use his own words.

30 complaints ep 1 17

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

30 complaints ep 1 18

“they r so dum so glad those 2 are ouuta this race i bet they cant even spel lol”

30 complaints ep 1 19

And oddly enough, second, third, fourth, and fifth place are also all from Iceland.



There’s something about Icelandic people and being able to do crazy physical shit because the Norse gods carved and sculpted them from erupting volcanic rock at birth.

30 complaints ep 1 21

So nobody wants to Google this or tweet a racer for confirmation on this, eh? We’re just all going to spend ten hours pointlessly bickering in the comments section? Fantastic.

carissa gaghan 4

The task was actually a Switchback to one of the Double Roadblocks used in Family Edition. Guess who got stuck with the vodka? Sorry Carissa! It’s a good thing Bill is driving!

30 complaints ep 1 22

peter griffin survivor.jpg

This is all common knowledge since the time Peter Griffin was on Survivor.

30 complaints ep 1 23

Models never win, eh?

tyler james intro


perth tyler nathan 59

valeria bodhana


30 complaints ep 1 24

You don’t want the show to be rigged, but yet you want producers to decide on the spot to alter a pre-determined and non-rigged schedule by forcing a NEL because it was inconveniently close?

And I don’t think they are going to bring back a team who left.


Wrong version for that, guys.

30 complaints ep 1 25

Why is everyone referring to contestants as Little Bs?

april sarah.jpg

April & Sarah have started a new trend.

30 complaints ep 1 26

Wow. James thinks the Black professional basketball players can’t swim. I. . .I am not even going to go there.

liechtenstein jet cord mccoy 4

And I’ve heard a certain other pair of millionaires have been able to have a walk-on onto TAR multiple times, and the casuals didn’t say shit.

And pro athletes always get turfed early?

steph kristen

semi pro.jpg

Do Semi-Pros count?

30 complaints ep 1 27

. . . . .??????

Is anybody following this logic?


Not even Miles Edgeworth could use logic chess on this one.

And I have a feeling there are no rules in TAR against blatantly self-sabotaging yourself. If you want to help everyone else complete a task, I don’t think the team should be penalized for accepting your own voluntary help. . .and that rule would be abused very quickly.

Think about it.

CEDRIC: Hey Sarah! The answer is INGLAKOUJIFDSAL!

SARAH: Thanks, Cedric!

(APRIL & SARAH later check into the pit stop in tenth place ahead of CEDRIC & SHAWN.)

PHIL: However, April & Sarah, Cedric helped you at the Roadblock.

APRIL & SARAH: But we can’t control when another team helps us–

PHIL: Buhbuhbuhp. Rules are rules. You have a thirty minute penalty.

(CEDRIC & SHAWN check in a few minutes later.)

CEDRIC: That was my plan all along! Ahahaha! Don’t hate the player, hate the ridiculous game, ladies!

30 complaints ep 1 28

Can you give a specific example? When did you notice this, Tracy?

30 complaints ep 1 29


30 complaints ep 1 1

But what if the roads are partially closed and they were instructed to “stay on the one” in their clue? Some stuff is left unaired, young grasshopper.

30 complaints ep 1 2

Phil gave out incorrect information regarding the movement of tectonic plates in Iceland on national TV?

phuket phil keoghan 5

This is a reflection of how uneducated Americans are about tectonic plates even though Phil went to school in New Zealand, and is proof that we need an overhaul to the educational system in the US! Sad!

30 complaints ep 1 3


This is nothing new, folks.

30 complaints ep 1 4

finale adrian collin 23


30 complaints ep 1 5

cedric shawn

Wait, the Harlem Globetrotters are competing for a fourth time against a bunch of newbies and Vanck & Ashton?! This is ridiculous! Stunt casting!

30 complaints ep 1 13

more shanghai facepalm

30 complaints ep 1 6

The producers can’t do anything they want. Otherwise it wouldn’t have taken them six seasons to get it back up to seven million viewers again.

30 complaints ep 1 14

Or. . .just saying good job? It was such a #BIGMOVEZ

30 complaints ep 1 7

I really wish it was a 69 logo instead of a 66 logo.

And who is asking what the girls got in that bag?

ludacris rollout

What’s in that bag? What’cha got in that bag?

30 complaints ep 1 15

mojo brotas 1

Because even MoJo needs some love.

30 complaints ep 1 8

B & M? Bitching and Moaning? Can they be a future team on TAR?

30 complaints ep 1 9

In other news, Michael Zotos knows someone famous.

30 complaints ep 1 16

Serious Answer: Given that Fiji has officially sponsoured TAR casting calls over the past two years, I am surprised that Fiji hasn’t been a destination yet. Not to mention Fiji is rumoured to be the permanent home of Survivor from now on.

Ten years ago this idea would seem absolutely ridiculous, but now I can see this happening.

jeff probst

However, Probst’s ego has grown larger than the Mamanuca Islands.

30 complaints ep 1 10

Welcome to the casual audience. Where any woman under the age of 30 that works in modeling is automatically a bimbo even if their airtime was extremely minimal.

Yes, we all knew Dessie & Kayla had a 99% chance of being the first team to be eliminated and had no experience/skills that transferred over to The Amazing Race, but calling them bimbos just creates a big breathing pile of sighs.

30 complaints ep 1 17

I watch this show to make fun of people who bitch about the contestants.


It’s very Inception-esque of me, I know.

30 complaints ep 1 11

The Jess & Cody obsession continues. Someone should just write a Jessica & Cody report and not even acknowledge what happens in the other 35 minutes of the episode. -_-

And I think Jess & Cody are doing fine. I hear Cody cooked a lovely pasta dinner, thank you. It was delicious.

30 complaints ep 1 18

Well that’s a disclaimer to avoid any claims of spewing hatred if I have ever seen one.

30 complaints ep 1 12

taipei phil keoghan 13


switzerland brad victoria 3

It wouldn’t be the first time Phil has done that to a team, I guess.

30 complaints ep 1 19

I am honestly done talking about anyone whose name starts with “Josh Gate—-” in this blog.

30 complaints ep 1

gloucester brook claire 11

You have a point.

As always, remember life is about having fun and to not take things too seriously.

Good night!

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