Brace Yourselves! TARstorian Blitz Is Coming

I went backpacking in Europe and Cuba for four months.

tunisia coliseum

Places like here.

paris eiffel tower

Or here.

TAR 29 is over.

TAR Canada 5 is over (thankfully).

Kiwi Survivor 1 is over.

Australian Survivor 4 is over (desafortunadamente).

As you guys know, my TARstorian coverage has been lacking as of late.

malaysia caite upton

He stalled the shit out of it!

This was a combination of a few things:

a) It was impossible for me to do any TARstorian coverage while exploring the world for four months.

b) Upon my return, I had a lot of things to catch up on. Both in terms of real life and televised content. It also didn’t help that I was heavily invested in TAR 29. Then TAR Canada 5 and Kiwi Survivor disrupted my summer blogging. I also have been participating in the TAR Rankdown Reddit over the past three months.

c) I had been doing a lot more things in my local community throughout the summer.

d) I have been spending a lot of time learning a new language.

e) TARstorian had been taking up so much of my time over the past few years, and as you guys know, the origins of my blog had more of a quantity over quality feel. TARstorian blogs were released at a slower rate even before I went backpacking because I took pride in each episode I blogged about.

f) Certain technological format changes has had a learning curve for me both in terms of WordPress and with the new program I use to blog on the laptop I bought right before going to Europe.

g) When the TARstorian blog began, I was ten years behind in the TAR timeline.  The TARstorian project began in 2011. When I was pumping out seasons frequently, I was quickly closing in on the present. But what good is TARstorian if you hover extremely close to the present? Then it’s not really a historical perspective on TAR, is it? At one point I was just three to four years away from present day TAR, and now I am roughly six years behind. As you guys know by now, I am a very patient person and love letting the timing hover around the ideal gap.

But now it’s time. TAR US is officially dropped to one season per year. TAR Canada is no longer culturally relevant as TARC 5 was such a dreadful and generic season, and sadly no positive changes to the series are in sight for me to find worth talking about. And TAR Asia seems to have an unofficial schedule of one season every two years.

singapore allan wu 7

I need more of Wu.

Everything is lining up where the TARstorian project doesn’t seem like an overwhelming idea any more. There is a rough finish line in sight. Since returning from Europe, I have developed a sense of self-discipline where I finish projects and meet daily goals without excessive procrastination.

So here we are. Let’s bring on TAR Australia 1. Then TAR 19. Then TAR 20. Then the magnificent platinum crystal known as TAR Australia 2 (the only English language season worldwide that I have yet to see). Then TAR 21. Then TAR 22. Then I get to shit on TAR Canada 1’s beta test.

And hopefully by then a brave soul will translate every season of Hamerotz LaMillion for me. ❤

ukraine anna

And hopefully Ukrainian Amazing Race too.

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10 Responses to Brace Yourselves! TARstorian Blitz Is Coming

  1. I know a lot of Hebrew and can probably translate Hamerotz Lamillion, but do you know how long that would take? I’m in college, man.

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