Amazing Race Canada 5 Editing Analysis and Week Ten Predictions

Here we are! The penultimate leg of the season! What feels like an ultra marathon of the season is drawing to its conclusion. Finally.

WEEK TEN WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)


We witnessed a huge boost in airtime for Kevin & Ryan last round. The Give’R count is at fifty-nine (and luckily not at sixty-nine).

The storyline of having Sam & Paul as their rivals has been dragged out since round two of this season. It is very rare for TAR to make a storyline last a whole season, but it looks like that is exactly what we are getting this year (probably because no other storylines were able to form an interesting narrative).

The audience is split whether Kevin & Ryan or Sam & Paul are the good guys in this matchup and will cross the finish line in first.

Given that Kevin & Ryan have been mentioned more frequently, have had more personal confessionals, and were the centre of attention in the season premiere ultimately puts them in the top spot for the remainder of this season.


Korey & Ivana have tied the worldwide record for most second-to-last place finishes in one season with Josh & Brent. What makes it more impressive is we still have two legs left.

When you have Sam & Paul and Kevin & Ryan occupying the top two spots in the standings for three weeks in a row, and Karen & Bert who reach the podium just eleven percent of the time, Korey & Ivana could easily make their record unbeatable.

They do well at many of the tasks, but they sure do lose a lot of time whenever they are in transit. And editors have made this very clear.

However, editors have also made it very clear that Korey & Ivana have a very strong desire to win this thing. It could tie in the whole slogan of “Suffer now and be a champion later”.

Or rather, “suffer now and be a champion the only time it freakin’ counts”.


Sam & Paul are extremely close to claiming the second best average in TARC history. Those initial fourth place finishes will haunt them for a while as it guarantees they cannot surpass Natalie & Meaghan’s TARC record.

They have been unstoppable for the past three rounds. They join a fairly exclusive international club of those who win a leg after being successfully U-Turned.

Although the past two seasons have witnessed teams winning five legs as well as their title, I do not think the same will happen this season.

I think all signs point to Sam & Paul being taken down in the finale, and tragically it will be at the hands of Kevin & Ryan.

If Sam & Paul and Kevin & Ryan can lose to Korey & Ivana in the final minutes of the season, I would love that too.

And yes, they are still this low in my winner’s projection because of how underedited they were in the premiere.


They dance; they rap. They clean Canadian manure twice, avoid U-Turn drama when 5/6 then 4/5 teams are involved, and make bee puns.

If they were the winners of our season, reaching the podium for the first time this season while avoiding being hit by a U-Turn or a difficult Speed Bump would have been made into a huge deal last week.

But it wasn’t. Karen & Bert have been those minor fun side characters for nearly the whole game and will likely go home tonight.

LEG TEN PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

1) SAM & PAUL – 2.2222 Team Average

Sam & Paul didn’t even flinch when they were U-Turned. Nobody left in this season comes close to them in terms of ability. Korey & Ivana made their lives a helluva lot easier by eliminating Adam & Andrea.

I am curious to see how Sam & Paul choke in the finale.

They are bound to win their fourth round in a row because these guys are so damn well-rounded. . .unless it’s a citizenship test.

2) KEVIN & RYAN – 3.444 Team Average

They wish they were Sam & Paul, but they aren’t.

3) KOREY & IVANA – 4.444 Team Average

The roller coaster ride continues for Korey & Ivana. I assume they will be second-to-last this week given who is ahead of them and who has been below them. Karen & Bert may have beat them last week, but I doubt it will happen two weeks in a row.

Besides, penultimate rounds tend to be a bit more mentally and physically grueling, and the final Face-Off always favours the most physically fit teams.

Ivana’s back on its worst day still whoops anyone else in this cast.

4) KAREN & BERT – 4.555 Team Average

Korey & Ivana and Karen & Bert are that close in average? Wow.

Anyways, the team who has made the podium once now absolutely needs to make the podium again to avoid elimination.

Can they do it? All signs point to no. The tasks in the preview appear to play to all of Karen & Bert’s weaknesses. Hopefully they can make up time during the navigating portion between each task.

And yes, it would be awesome if Karen & Bert can shock everyone with securing a spot in the Final Three.




Did I mention how much I want this season to be over?



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