Funniest Casual Fan Complaints Amazing Race Canada 5 Episode 8

It was an international leg in Panama, and what many superfans claim has been the only top notch episode of the season. Why y’all bitchin? Let’s find out.

canada 8 58

That’s right.

krusty the clown.jpg

Just catch Krusty on a Saturday night in Panama City and you have our BioMuseo.

canada 8 57

colin burns

Colin has got you covered.canada 8 56

nick matt shove

“Racers are suffering through Panama? We thrived in 45 degree heat in India, and annihilated the competition.

canada 8 55

five hole

It’s a verb–not a noun.

canada 8 54canada 8 53

eddy gordokorey ivana

I don’t see it. Who came up with this comparison?

julie lowell


canada 8 52


Next thing you know Mark Lysakowski is going to buy a pair of boots with a CRAZY green stripe!

canada 8 51

Yeah, they probably would have used Uber right from the very first leg in Vancouver–


Oh. Nevermind.

canada 8 50

I did.

Maybe you should read this blog more often you chump. . .or should I say chimp?

canada 8 49

There has been three. Nearly every season over the past decade has had three NELs in a season with very few exceptions internationally. TAR Canada has had three NELs in four out of five seasons, and four out of five seasons use their final NEL when five teams remain.

michael skupin research 2

Do your research.

canada 8 48

So Nkechi isn’t going to listen to Muneeb or I, eh?

canada 8 47

Jesus Christ.

canada 8 46

Does it make sense? I have hated Canucks fans ever since a group of them accidentally hit me with a glass of beer during Funtastic.


Who knew a softball tournament could get so violent.

canada 8 45

Is that a mula pun? It’s the first time Ivana has talked about a back that wasn’t her own injured vertabrae.

canada 8 44

I don’t know who this fucking casual Kristen is, but she is really overdoing it with feeding the contestants’ egos. At least it’s not Kevin & Ryan’s ego. That could spell the end of mankind as we know it.

Also, get the hell out of here with these Race Play updates. Who abuses the #AmazingRaceCanada hashtag just to show how awesome they are?




canada 8 43

Why ask a question you know the answer to?

canada 8 42

West coast watching? I wish you would get east coast moving.

canada 8 41

I see Bickerton’s spice rack successfully fits into his carry-on luggage.

canada 8 40


I don’t think CTV has the budget to control the weather.

canada 8 39

It’s close.

gino jesse canada

Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum. . .

shahla nabeela

sukhi jinder

dana amanda brian cynthia

frankie amy


canada 8 38

pierre michel forget

Twins can be tough to tell apart at times.

canada 8 37

Nothing fuels that inner fire like the Quebecois.

canada 8 36

Peach finally earns her Canadian recognition.

canada 8 35

afroman 2

Don’t smoke a blunt before watching TAR Canada, kids.

canada 8 34

See above.

canada 8 33

Imaginary? Pretty sure Andrea is a real person.


Next thing you know Casper will be cast for TAR Canada 6.

canada 8 32

Probably that Card Your Mom flavour.

canada 8 31

Because beer has enough calories. . .especially when you need a dozen attempts to try and complete the task.

canada 8 30

shana jennifer shop

The team that started it all.

canada 8 29

More than three?

eric danielle glare


weaver family 2

Or dare I say five.

canada 8 28

jennifer tilly.jpg

Jennifer Tilly wouldn’t stand a chance with this season.

canada 8 27

Mindy Kaling knows more about Newfoundland than I do. Impressive.


Kelly Kapoor has come a long way.

canada 8 26


canada 8 25

It’s like they aren’t accepting applications because it has not been renewed for season six yet or something.

canada 8 24

aus cast.jpg

Why not just watch this instead?

canada 8 23

This competition is not welcome.

canada 8 22

. . . Miss Perfect?

mr perfect

His sister?

canada 8 21

Or study the selfies.

jon montgomery argentina

Maybe they need to not be mesmerized by Monty’s gingerness and focus on the background.

canada 8 20

Are you pretty sure, Dawson?

canada 8 19

Peg and Wendy–The casuals of the casuals.

canada 8 18

Trust me, they have your best interests in mind.

canada 8 17

Let’s do ten NELs in a row just to keep this season going and going and going! The racers never have to go back to work as they explore every inch of Canada!

ridonculous race.jpg

The Ridonculous Race’s 24 episodes will quickly be dethroned.

canada 8 16

steve josh intro

millie chuck intro

amanda chris intro

There already has been.

canada 8 59

This has been a rough summer. The forest fires have just been half of the damage.

aus cast

At least we’ve got these guys.

canada 8 15

The hardest leg you have ever seen?

shahla kara 2

She might disagree.

canada 8 14

She is responding to incorrect allegations people are making about her back. What a desperate cry for attention.

baby mario bogey

She’s like the Baby Mario of TARC.

canada 8 13

shahla nabeela

If only Shahla & Nabeela were on this season and were U-Turned. We could have had a moment that would make national headlines.

canada 8 10

Want to fix your problem and hear about what happened in the remainder of the episode? I’ve got you covered.

canada 8 9

How is it rigged when you know it’s coming? That makes no sense.

no doubt hey baby

It makes about as much sense as me throwing in a screencap of No Doubt in response to this complaint.

You know, “all of the boys get the girls in the back”.

korey ivana

Unless it’s Ivana. You might damage her spine, Gwen. Don’t make it worse.


canada 8 8canada 8 11

Yeah, that’s a good point. Who the fuck is the Kardashian team?

sam and paul

Do Sam or Paul have a fake booty I don’t know about?

ray j

Or have a sex tape with Ray J where he blows both of them?

I still can’t believe he got a “hit” song where it’s just all about him being the first one documented to be with Kim Kardashian. Hollywood can be ridiculous.

canada 8 12

Jesus Christ. Climate change isn’t even a right wing or a left wing political issue anymore.


We’ve got a garbage patch that occupies nearly ten percent of the Pacific Ocean. Mother Nature ain’t trashy, darlin’.

canada 8 7

Hal and Joanne are Mr and Mrs Perfect?

mr perfect

You’re telling me Hal’s wife is Leonice Leonard?

Wait a second, I already made a Curt Hennig reference this week. Damn you, casuals.

canada 8 6

How the hell does this turn into a thing about Kevin & Ryan?

ken ryan


canada 8 5

That’s. . .that’s one way to root for a team.

canada 8 4

Well this dynamic is going to drastically change by the end of next round.

adam andrea 1

R.I.P. Adam & Andrea.

canada 8 3

You say tomato, I say Furtado.

You say banana, I say Panana.



canada 8 2

Thanks for posting, SuperCars.

canada 8 1

Thanks for posting again, SuperCars. You’re such a turnup.

canada 8 60

Why is everybody obsessing over the chem trails this week?

jon jonesstu ungar

Jon Jones and Stu Ungar will be happy to snort those white lines away from the chem trail.




Wait, I used that joke already earlier in the week. It would be like if TARC pointlessly re-used a location–


Oh wait.

Now let’s see if I could do the week nine complaints before episode ten airs. Don’t get your hopes up.

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