Amazing Race Canada 5 Editing Analysis and Week Seven Predictions

Because CTV didn’t spoil their own episode months in advance like they did with the Ottawa leg last week, I actually get to make my full predictions today. Yay!

WEEK SEVEN WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)

1) Adam & Andrea – 3.0 Team Average

Which badasses remain at the centre of all of the social dynamics in the race and has a well-defined storyline? SHAFT! Er, I mean Adam & Andrea.

They have been apart of multiple alliances this season.

Most of the U-Turn drama last week alone was dedicated to them.

Andrea has overcome her knee injury to excel at various tasks.

Adam & Andrea have never been portrayed as dumb or weak. Hell, they could have been portrayed as really dumb during the whole U-Turn fiasco, but production went out of their way to explain Adam & Andrea’s thought process for the audience to understand.

Yeah, there was some negative reaction to it by the causal audience, but not as much as I was expecting to occur. Editors could have edited Adam & Andrea’s decision to not U-Turn into being a “they are nothing but traitors! They’re the worst! You can never trust the Quebecois on TAR! Holly & Brett and Pierre & The Michels taught me that!”

But alas, Adam & Andrea are getting a three-dimensional edit. They’re winning this thing, right?

2) Kevin & Ryan – 4.167 Team Average


I have to accept that Kevin & Ryan received a really good edit last week.

“They overcame a U-Turn! Oh my god, they ran into their brother by pure coincidence even though the U-Turn board was in a very public location and Kevin & Ryan’s family had a group chat on Facebook as they actively stalked RFF! Give’R! Hilarious!”

Since round two, Kevin & Ryan are tied with Andrea & Ebonie for the worst average this season, but that isn’t stopping them from being portrayed as a strong team.

Many confessionals since the beginning have been about Team Give’R, and given that a 3-team alliance has been formed to oust them from the race, it’s pretty damn clear Kevin & Ryan are going to be very close to that winner’s circle.


3) Korey & Ivana – 4.5 Team Average


If Korey & Ivana were a Khia chorus, it would just be “my neck, my back, my back, ow my back, my back, ow, my back.”

Surprisingly, Korey & Ivana weren’t really edited to be responsible for why Andrea & Ebonie finished in last place this leg. None of the casual viewers said a damn word about Korey & Ivana exercising the U-Turn.

Korey & Ivana’s edit has plenty of back, but it needs to be well-rounded as a whole to make it juicy and worth of a fresh winner’s edit in 2017.

Yes, Ivana is Serbian. Yes, her back hurts. Yes, she is suffering through my blog posts and podcasts to become a champion later, but I don’t think that championship is gonna come.

And what do we know about Korey? He has cool dreadlocks. That’s about all I know about the dude.

So yeah. The edit needs more substance.

4) Karen & Bert – 4.83 Team Average

Goofy middle-aged couple doing goofy middle-aged couple things.

They’re a fun pair and distraction from the crappy quality of this season.

Too bad that isn’t enough to be considered a winner’s edit.

5) Andrea & Ebonie – 5.167 Team Average

Every season of TAR has that team who stumbles through the race and unintentionally entertains the audience with their amusing antics.

This year Andrea & Ebonie are that team. The casuals strongly dislike them, but the rest of them appreciate what they are bringing to the table.

And sadly tonight will likely mark the end of that streak. Well, not because of the Speed Bump because they rarely impact anything, but just an overall lack of incompetence for half of the legs.

It’s amazing they have two silver medals and also being saved by two NELs. Liz & Michael quietly applaud from the sidelines.

6) Sam & Paul – 2.83 Team Average

Guys. You were still invisible at the start of the season. I ain’t being fooled, editors. Plus how dare you pick a rivalry with legendary Team Give’R!

LEG SEVEN PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)


This leg seems physical. Paul attempting stand-up could be hilarious.


They are on a roll. As long as Adam & Andrea don’t get lost on the many roads and highways in the metropolis of Corner Brook, we should expect another strong finish.


Who wants to bet that there will be footage of Ivana complaining about her back during the bowling task?


Bert is going to be so pissed if he doesn’t get to do the stand-up comedy task.

The Speed Bump should be up their bowling alley because there is so little to do in Edmonton that you are typically stuck inside to get good at something as lame as bowling.

Knowing there aren’t too many places to paddle a boat or go swimming in Edmonton, Karen & Bert may have a helluva time with the paddling task that was shown in the preview at the end of last week.

Let’s just say their strengths and weaknesses will cancel out and they finish somewhere in the middle this week.


Kevin & Ryan will be doing really well this leg until they reach the stand-up task. Then they will have to take a penalty and hope they can make up enough time on the driving portion and outrun Andrea & Ebonie to the pit stop.


I can never figure out when Andrea & Ebonie are going to do well in TARC. It happens at very random times.

Thanks to Ebonie’s reaction at the end of the last leg, it is very very clear that she still wants to compete in this thing. Hopefully that makes the results close this leg, and potentially cause an upset.

It’s just tough to see them survive when their average is currently below 5.0 when only six teams remain. Finishing last in two of the past three legs is not a good sign.


Yeah, I procrastinated again.

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  1. Is there a joke I’m missing that you keep calling Kenneth “Kevin”?

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