Funniest Casual Complaints Amazing Race Canada 5 Episode 5

Surprisingly, there are very few complaints this week.

canada complaints 5 1

I have a feeling Steph & Kristen’s backseat driver clips have been nothing but boring. I mean, Rex & Bob made cameos.

rex and bob elimination

“What does it take to extend my fifteen seconds of fame around here?!”

canada complaints 5 2

Phuong is picking two teams to win. Since when does TAR have two teams win at the end of the season? I know this is Canada, but. . .

canada complaints 5 3

a) Actually, it’s not Karen & Bert and Andrea & Ebonie’s race because their averages are too low, and it’s not Sam & Paul’s race because their edit has been too minimal.

b) Actually, many of the challenges and locations from the past two weeks have either been duplicates or remakes from what has been featured in TAR Asia and TAR US.

charlie murphy

So yeah, WRONG!

canada complaints 5 4

If by enthusiasm you mean just shout and scream the same catchphrase over and over unless editors edit you out of the episodes, then yes.

canada complaints 5 5

Chris doesn’t even like the international legs. :/

canada complaints 5 6

I can see why Debbie is confused. She thought only eliminated teams get their genie in a bottle.

And I wonder what Adam & Andrea wished for from BMO? A free Quebec that does not put up with the tyranny of the Anglophones in the rest of the country?

canada complaints 5 12

Considering the stuffed animal keys have been featured in only two episodes thanks to Sinorama, no.

canada complaints 5 13

Zed’s bod has merely taken over a new host.

blue jays.jpg

On a completely unrelated note, Bad Monkey will become a hardcore Toronto Blue Jays fans. No more Joey Bats! It’s now Joey Bod!

canada complaints 5 7

Dammit. The fans are sucking up Shabbir’s inspirational edit. It is officially the last thing I wanted to happen.

Zed & Shabbir were so much better as the Urban Guy and the Gandhi Impersonator. Not to mention the Gandhi Impersonator was an expert at faceplants, wearing speedos, and saying things that made him unintentionally come off as a horny old man.

I will do everything in my power to ensure the forced “Shabbir is an inspiration and nothing else!” storyline is not how they will be remembered.

canada complaints 5 14

They have visited Vancouver four times now and are preparing to revisit Ottawa. My god.

canada complaints 5 8

clue scream 2

“I had to stop the millennials from screaming!”

canada complaints 5 15


canada complaints 5 16

If they’re brown,

Flush the ratings down.

canada complaints 5 10

bb takeover.jpg

No, but I am ready for a takeover!!!!

canada complaints 5 17

You should apply to attend Selkirk College. You’d be perfect there.

canada complaints 5 11

Because it’s cursed. . .or it’s covered in cat hair because Monty had too much fun at the cafe.

canada complaints 5 18


Yeah, you have Described Video for a reason! And the day CTV does not have Described Video is the day Monty is in for a surprise amputation. Hold him down, Bickerton!

canada complaints 5 19

I hope you get cast next season.

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