Amazing Race Canada 5 Editing Analysis and Week Six Predictions

Thanks to CTV sponsouring an article which spoiled a part of the outcome for this episode a couple of months ago, I sadly cannot do a Predictions blog for this week. Le Sigh.

WEEK SIX WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)

1) Adam & Andrea – 3.4 Team Average

It’s. . .it’s not even close right now. This brother-sister duo has received so much depth in the editing department and has been at the centre of so many events this season that nobody is even remotely close to them at the moment.

Unless something drastic happens, Adam & Andrea will occupy this spot until they either win or are eliminated in a big upset.

They even have an active relationship with Sam & Paul now to add to their collection.

2) Kenneth & Ryan – 4.0 Team Average

Not a single Give’R was uttered in the past episode. Clearly production has rushed back to the editing suite and are trying to make Kevin & Ryan more likable than their season debut.

If editors are trying that hard to improve their image, then they must be involved with the endgame. Sadly, this implies they have a shot at winning.

It is strange to see a team go from OTTNN5 in the season opener and are now roughly UTR1 or UTR2 over the past two rounds. It happened for a reason, though.

3) Korey & Ivana – 4.8 Team Average

“My back hurts! My back hurts. . .my back hurts. Oh, and I am from Sarajevo. And our cabs suck.”

That has been Korey & Ivana for the past couple weeks. I never thought a team that could bench press five Zed & Shabbirs would be viewed as the underdogs, but hey, TARC 5 needs to clutch whatever storylines it can get because there ain’t much going for it this year.

I love how every task and pit stop concludes with Korey charging at Ivana before she reminds him of her back injury.

I can’t quite gauge where Korey & Ivana will finish, but I think their storyline needs to progress by the end of this week for them to get a bump up in this ranking.

4) Andrea & Ebonie – 5.0 Team Average

Teams who finish last on a NEL and then go on to win the race typically have a big deal made about finishing last on a NEL. Not Andrea & Ebonie.

The team whose string of finishes resemble the worst hand in Texas Hold Em (2/7 offsuit) started off with a big edit, but have faded out quite a bit in subsequent episodes.

They have been portrayed as the team bumbling along, and they don’t seem to receive much credit when they do finish in second place.

Beating Sam & Paul to the mat? Eh, a footnote. Finishing 2nd to Megan & Courtney in Fort Mac? Nah, the Gewfy Newfies got all of the glory.

Assuming tonight is a NEL, it would be hilarious to see them get saved by another NEL. I love it when the casuals go apeshit.

5) Karen & Bert – 5.0 Team Average

They are the only team left in this season who has not finished on the podium. That would imply that no matter what they were doomed for a weak edit up to this point.

But they really haven’t had any established storylines since the beginning. Bert has muscles. Karen’s brain earned them an Express Pass. Hell, almost nothing has happened to them since the Express Pass. They haven’t been shown talking to any of the other teams, the only piece of background information we have learned is their involvement with community theatre, and they do brief raps in taxis.

That ain’t a winner’s edit.

6) Sam & Paul – 3.0 Team Average

You were too invisible in the beginning, fellas. If you are going to win a season, you need some sort of storyline established in the first episode. You’re too late, Wyclef.

That does it. Thanks CTV for partially spoiling a mid-season event of your own season. You really didn’t care much for this season, did you?



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