Amazing Race Canada 5 Editing Analysis and Week Five Predictions

Australian Survivor and a weekend with Snoop Dogg has been keeping me occupied. I am now well-rested and ready to tackle Canada’s main event for tonight.

WEEK FIVE WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)


Every single episode has featured significant content from them.

“We want to be the first sibling team to win!”

“We are so far behind, but Andrea is going to catch us up despite her knee issue!”

“Adam is learning that Andrea can hold her own in various challenges!”

“Ahahaha! Look at Adam wiggling his butt on the beam or wiggling his butt on the Chinese dance floor!”

“Look! They have a working relationship with some of the other teams!”

“Hey! Their edit didn’t annoy the shit out of the audience like Kevin & Ryan were at the beginning! They are easy to relate to on a personal level!”


I’ll admit it. This edit was sneaky. Constant motivational quotes. Any of their weaknesses are downplayed. They comment on other teams.

I could see Zed & Shabbir being a tough team to set a narrative around from day one because producers probably did not ask too many other teams about them or were pointing the camera at others, but that could change really soon now that three teams have been eliminated.

I think Adam & Andrea are leading the winner’s edit by a mile with Zed & Shabbir as the only team being remotely competitive. Am I getting that good at this or is Mike Bickerton ready to point and laugh at me as if he were from Nelson, BC? I dunno.

This week will determine if I shuffle down Zed & Shabbir.


Is a redemption in the making for Korey & Ivana? Probably not as I essentially have the winner’s edit narrowed down to our top two teams.

However, if I am wrong by some miracle, Korey & Ivana have an ongoing storyline of never doing well with going from Point A to Point B, and Ivana’s Sarajevo and back pain promoting her original quote of “suffer now then become a champion and take a selfie of your victory on Instagram later”.


Too many people in Canada view TAR and Big Brother as a sport.

If this were the US, stumbling through each leg would make them really popular characters.

Here? Not so much. Especially with an all-female team.

But hey, they did have a lot of content in the season premiere. That’s more than Sam & Paul can account for, and they are part of the Quebecois Quolition.


The edit has changed from framing Kevin & Ryan as the main characters of the season to the rushed editing of downplaying them as much as possible after the audience responded to their edit in the premiere.

Does that mean production is protecting the image of their winners or just merely downplaying who they thought would be the biggest stars of the season?

In any event, I am confused for the time being.

The rivalry between them and Sam & Paul has been going on since episode two. Will it really go on for the remaining six episodes? Editors may come to regret that move. Especially when we know Sam & Paul can’t win.


The Other Richards need a storyline and fast. They have been stuck in limbo for the past week.


Too invisible at the start of the season. I don’t care how many more legs they win between now and the finale. You’re gonna get Nick & Matt’d or Ryan & Rob’d, and you’ll just have to live with it.

Their rivalry with Kenneth & Ryan is going to occupy them for most of the season.


LEG FIVE PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

1) KENNETH & RYAN – 4.0 Team Average

Something tells me they may or may not do well at a surfing challenge in Southeast Asia and build up a big lead over the other racers. Not to mention the Fast Forward is going to be sport-based as outlined in that Toronto Sun article.

This is an ideal leg for them to win. They know the region and the tasks cater to their strengths.

2) SAM & PAUL – 3.0 Team Average

The standings in international legs do not tend to fluctuate much in TAR Canada. If Sam & Paul don’t win the leg, I would be shocked if they do not podium at the very least.

3) ZED & SHABBIR – 3.5 Team Average

I keep underestimating this team. Let’s just throw them into third place and accept the fact Shabbir will find a way to keep up.

4) ADAM & ANDREA – 4.0 Team Average

No self-driving = No problems for Adam & Andrea. Unless they have to do a challenge on one knee, or something.

5) KOREY & IVANA – 4.5 Team Average

“Our cab drove one hour in the wrong direction!”

A big enough statement in the preview to drop in the standings for this leg, but way too damn obvious for them to be eliminated.

Also, baby got back (pain). Their pandaconda don’t. . .their pandaconda don’t. . .

6) ANDREA & EBONIE – 5.75 Team Average

Part of me thinks they will be eliminated. The other part of me thinks they might scrape by until next round’s inevitable NEL.

7) KAREN & BERT – 5.0 Team Average

Some of their weaknesses have come to light over the past couple of rounds. I sense this team is losing a bit of steam.

I can’t see a middle-aged married couple doing too well with balancing on a surfboard. I don’t know too many people in Edmonton who surf, bro.

And many of the other teams are high in physical endurance.

It also worried me that Karen & Bert struggled with a mental task in Castlegar. That was supposed to be their biggest strength other than Bert’s guns.


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