Amazing Race Canada 5 Editing Analysis and Week Three Predictions

I have to get ready for work in less than an hour, and still need to complete my 30 minute Spanish lesson. No screencaps this week. No pop culture jokes. No bullshit. Let’s get straight to business. I will elaborate more next week once my visitors from the United States and Saskatchewan are gone.

WEEK THREE WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)


“Look at everything we have overcome, and we still plan on winning this race and didn’t come in last on the previous leg!”




A redemption edit? They received a helluva lot of airtime for the mistake they made in the season premiere, and they repeatedly had clips last week about how they will never take a p-word for the rest of the season. . .and they didn’t even come in first on the previous leg. That’s a strong edit for a team that most people would have classified as an early boot by now.


Are the constant inspirational quotes supposed to mean something? Or is it just going to be an edit that falls flat?


They don’t have much of a story yet. We learned a bit about Ivana’s Bosnian background. When I was in Croatia, the people I was hanging out with did nothing but brag about how every woman in Sarajevo is hot. It is good to learn, you know, something historical about the city and not have it do with the 1980s Winter Olympics or some random stranger’s satisfaction of visual stimulation.


They also don’t have much of a story yet. Bert has muscles. Karen has brains. They are inserted into the pointless Express Pass storyline, but will there be more to it? If they win, expect a ton of content for this episode.


Their storyline is already over. They went from last to first, and no edit is being set up for future episodes. 😦


Hello New Ryan & Rob and Nick & Matt. I will get Jeremy & Sandy and London & Logan to send you flowers.

NOTE: I expect Adam & Andrea, Kenneth & Ryan, Sam & Paul, and Andrea & Ebonie to be our Final Four.

LEG THREE PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

1) SAM & PAUL – 3.5 Team Average

Last round, Sam & Paul were shown as a team who had their eye on Kenneth & Ryan. As I mentioned earlier, this strongly hints at a rivalry that is quickly in development.

In order to create this rivalry, Sam & Paul need to win a leg of their own very soon.

2) ADAM & ANDREA – 5.0 Team Average

For getting lost in Fort Mac, Adam & Andrea made up a lot of time. Knowing about Andrea’s knee injury pre-season thanks to her bio, we learn the injury will not be a very big setback.

This team seems very well-rounded, and since getting lost on the road in Canada is nothing like getting lost in other versions of TAR, their biggest weakness will not push them down far in the standings.

I expect them to be near the top for most of this season.

3) MEGAN & COURTNEY – 5.0 Team Average

With a last and first place finish under their belts, it is tough to gauge where Megan & Courtney will end up this episode.

Last episode was not as physical as I predicted, and the tasks seem to be underwhelming once again for this week. I do not know if Megan & Courtney will be any good at Ghost’ing or doing metalwork. They do appear to be stronger mentally than most of the teams, and feel comfortable assigning them this spot.

4) KENNETH & RYAN – 3.0 Team Average

Maybe I am too much of an optimist for thinking they will finish this low.

5) KOREY & IVANA – 5.0 Team Average

There appears to be a lot of driving this leg. However, they will make up for it with their physical ability.

6) KAREN & BERT – 5.0 Team Average

I do not have a good handle on identifying Karen & Bert’s skill set as of yet. So I will just throw them in this spot for now.

7) ANDREA & EBONIE – 4.5 Team Average

Andrea & Ebonie are such an erratic team. They have that Qrazy Quebecois persona that so many teams in TARC history have possessed. We will likely see them yo-yo in the standings thanks to their unique personalities and perspective when it comes to various tasks.
8) ZED & SHABBIR – 5.5 Team Average

Will Shabbir have enough stamina to keep up to everyone else? Thankfully a presumed NEL this week will prolong this question from being answered.

That’s it. Now to learn some more Spanish.

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