The Amazing Race 29 Episode 11 Predictions and Editing Analysis

I do not believe London & Logan will be eliminated tonight.

Now that I have your attention, I shall induce a prime example of clickbaiting.

WEEK ELEVEN WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)


29 scott 4

Who isn’t talking about Brooke & Scott by this point in the season? All eyes are on them.

Brooke & Scott are billed as being very competitive. They have had relationships with nearly every team this season. Scott has had a story arc with his fear of heights throughout the season. The level of insight into Brooke & Scott’s working relationship is unlike any of the other teams as well. They were at the centre of two of the three U-Turns. Brooke has gone from doubting her own ability to create a metal ladle into someone who can find the willpower to survive any task, even with Scott’s amusing commentary.

Lastly, we still have the unresolved storyline of Brooke & Scott’s Secret Express Pass. Leg eleven is the last time they can use it.

I almost wish Brooke & Scott would go this round because all of my readers will find it hilarious as I would be forced to scramble and re-evaluate the season prior to finale night.



Matt is up for any adventure or shot of adrenaline.

Redman likes to troll other teams and align with them.

They frequently comment on what is going on around them. They were at the centre of what was occurring with the drama from the first two U-Turns. The edit slowly shifted from a negative edit in the beginning to an overall positive reception from the audience.

They were shown for the past two rounds trying to do their best to help others in order to eliminate Tara & Joey.

Their U-Turn strategy and drama with some of the other teams is similar to Brooke & Scott, but given a much more positive spin.

I think their edit dwarfs in comparison to Brooke & Scott, but they do have the second best shot of winning this thing. . .I think.


29 tara joey

The only active storyline remaining is that everybody wants to seek and destroy Tara & Joey. Specifically Brooke & Scott.

This storyline has been going on for a while, and I expect it to be resolved tonight. Much like the whole Matt & Redman vs. Vanck & Ashton rivalry, producers do not usually drag out a narrative all the way to the end of the season. TAR is on the brink of being too repetitive due to its format on paper regardless. No need to add superfluous repetition to the series.

However, if I am wrong about Tara & Joey going home tonight, at least they have more substance to their edit than London & Logan.


29 lolo

We thought a storyline with London not being impressed with Brooke regarding the ladder incident was going to develop, but then everyone was fine by the end of that round.

London developed a close relationship with Floyd. However, Floyd was eliminated to effectively end that storyline.

The only storyline London & Logan have had since day one is that they work well as a team. That’s it. They are in the background when it comes to who really wants Tara & Joey out of the race in the editing suite.

Joey & Kelsey may have had the quietest edits of any winners ever, but they were always thrust into the narrative with Justin & Diana and given a quality scene here and there. People would actually remember Joey & Kelsey.

With only two rounds left, I see people online who still struggle to remember London & Logan’s names. I see their team hashtag pop up occasionally, and that is about it.

If they win this season, it will be the most epic troll by production in series history. The invisible team never wins.


LEG ELEVEN PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)


Two dudes in their mid-20s get to play Street Fighter? Well, that’s one way to gain a lead.

Add in the fact that Matt & Redmond are holding up much better physically then the other three teams, and they’ll need a real doozy of a Detour to avoid the top spot for this week.


The penultimate round will have lots of pressure. With three teams targeting a weakened Tara & Joey, the team that never really goes over-the-top will uneventfully slide into the Final Three.

London & Logan making it to the finale will be the most talked about moment of the episode after it airs for the millions watching at home, right?


Brooke really wants to make it to the Final Three.

Scott really wants to make it to the Final Three.

They both really want Tara & Joey to be eliminated before the finale.

Good luck staying calm under pressure, guys!

If you thought Brooke & Scott were freaking out during the Vietnam legs, I think it will be taken to the next level. They want that dream of crossing the finish line. This is their final obstacle to solidifying that position.


I can’t picture Tara nor Joey being able to figure out a video game like Street Fighter V. I doubt they have even played any of the one million remakes of Street Fighter II: World Warrior.

lupe fiasco.jpg

Not even Lupe Fiasco could save them at Street Fighter.

Joey appears to be extremely worn out after the past two Vietnam legs. I don’t think 36 hours will be enough time for Joey to recover.

It is also tough to picture them excelling in a place like South Korea. I think it is geared towards the other younger teams overall.

And that’s it. Enjoy tonight’s Street Fighter tribute.

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