The Amazing Race Australia 1 Episode 5 Rankings

Episode Blog #278

Fifth episode

“Daddy Never Spanked You When He Should Have”



Wow. Over five years of the TARstorian is behind us. It has been five months since my last TARstorian entry due to backpacking across Europe and Cuba, and getting settled into the TAR community while TAR 29 airs on TV. Let’s kick off year six with a bang as we head into the fifth episode of TAR Australia 1–

cape chris anastasia 50

“Hey Logan, can you wait before you start writing about this episode?”

Um, no Chris. I don’t see any reason to wait any more. It has already been five months. I am not much for unnecessary preamble, and wish to dive right into it.

Previously on TAR: Nine teams raced from–

cape chris anastasia 20


Jesus Christ, Chris. Chill.

Previously on TAR: Nine teams raced from China to South Africa where Tyler & Nathan kept entrepreneurs Richard & Joey at the back of the pack. For the third time, friends Mo & Mos held on to escape elimination and it was a devastating goodbye for Richard & Joey.

Tonight, tensions between young couple Chris & Anastasia push them over the edge. On the toughest leg yet, one challenge will stop every team in their tracks. Eight teams remain; who will be eliminated next?

– Intro time.

– Grant introduces us to the elephant park.

cape grant bowler

Just think that in two seasons he’ll be hanging out with cheetahs.

– Grant reminds us that Matt & Tom and Tyler & Nathan, who arrived together in a comedic crash at 4:09pm, will depart at 4:09am.

Did I mention how much I love TAR Australia sticking to the twelve hour tradition?

cape men

You guys are ridiculous.

– Matt & Tom open their clue seconds before Tyler & Nathan.

– Remember that the only location in all of Africa that TAR Asia has visited is Cape Town. Because we have already spent a round in South Africa, and all cape matt tom

“Fly to Cape Town, South Africa.”

cape scenery

Jesus Christ.

cape scenery 1

If you squint hard enough, you can see Rovilson at the lighthouse.

– Once here, they must make their way to Dolphin Beach to receive their next clue.

cape scenery 2

Dolphin Beach sounds like the name of a track in Mario Kart 9.

– Matt wonders if the airport will be open this early in the morning. They comment on the rivalry with Tyler & Nathan.

MATT: It’s more exciting to have a cat-and-mouse game all the way to the finish.

cape matt tom 1

tom jerry.png

If only your team was named Jerry & Tom rather than Matt & Tom.

– Tyler & Nathan and Matt & Tom show up at the airport together. The counters are closed.

cape tyler nathan

“Why couldn’t we depart ten minutes later at 4:20?”

cape tyler nathan 1

Is it just me or do the lights in the airport seem extremely bright?

– Tyler says the cowboys are becoming too good at the race.

TYLER: We know they don’t just round up sheep.

That is the only thing Tyler has learned about Matt & Tom after four rounds of play.

cape tyler nathan 2

I love how regardless if it is 4:00am or 4:00pm, Tyler & Nathan’s hair always looks like they have just rolled out of bed.

– Matt & Tom and Tyler & Nathan check the board for domestic flights.

cape airport

Wow, Jo’Burg really is a big airport. Why has TAR US never done a full round in Johannesburg? They connect through the city in nearly every season with an African leg.

cape tyler nathan matt tom

Nathan utters the phrase which the leading team always says at the start of each episode. Yes Nathan, contemporary TAR is going to have an equalizer in nearly every leg possible.

– The cohesive Chris & Anastasia depart third at 4:26am.

cape chris anastasia

Some people play footsie, but Chris & Anastasia play handsie. So adorable!

– What is the first quote of this episode by Chris & Anastasia?

CHRIS: You just tell me what to do.

cape chris anastasia 1

That’s right, Anastasia. You tell Chris what to do this round and everything will work out fine.

– The mood changes in one second.

CHRIS: What’s the area called again? Helloooo? This way you saying?

cape chris anastasia 2

“Uh. . .”

ANASTASIA: Back. Behind us.

CHRIS: I can’t see you!

ANASTASIA: Behind us.

– We cut to a confessional.

CHRIS: We probably shouldn’t be fighting, but we tend to get like that pretty quickly and that could be our downfall. She has her own head about things, I have my head about things.

cape chris anastasia 3

I think Anastasia is visualizing crushing somebody’s head right now.

CHRIS: One of us or both of us has to come to realize that maybe we should talk to each other.

cape chris anastasia 4

By ‘one of us’, Chris may or may not be hinting that Anastasia is the culprit.

ANASTASIA: Yeah, we both have to realize that any one of us is allowed to use our heads even though we both have heads.

cape chris anastasia 5

Chris’ rebuttal?

CHRIS: I don’t know what the hell that means, mate.

cape chris anastasia 6

They communicate well.

In all seriousness though, Anastasia’s remark doesn’t make much sense if you include the second half of her statement. She is essentially saying “both of us are allowed to offer an opinion even though we both have an opinion”.

– Why are you two together, anyway?

cape chris anastasia 79

“Uhhhhh, I don’t know chief.”

– Jeff & Luke start in fourth at 4:36am. It’s the perfect transition.

cape jeff luke

LUKE: We’ve both been communicating with each other quite well, I believe. We’re both on the same page now. Early on we might have been definitely seen as an older team that maybe wasn’t as serious competitors.

JEFF: The Old Man and The Son.

cape luke downes

I never noticed Luke’s tattoo before. Initially I thought it said “THICK”, but I think it really says “Tyler”. I presume that is the name of his son. That is cool because my brother-in-law has the tattoo of the name of his father and said, “what’s the point of getting a tattoo of a loved one’s name when they are dead? May as well get it when they are alive so they can see it.”

– Luke says they have been consistent enough to be taken seriously.

As competitors? Yes.

As entertaining characters on a TV program? No.

cape jeff luke downes 1

Although in this case, their contrast to Chris & Anastasia is hilarious.

– Sam & Renae depart at 5:03am.

RENAE: People look at us and think we’re models, but we’re still a strong team.

Oh my word. This is five episodes in a row of editors going out of their way to air a confessional where Sam & Renae say “we are not -just- models”.

cape sam renae

Here Sam is sporting a top of the line 1997 Koala brand black sweater, and Renae is showing off a red sweater by Dingo Versace.

cape sam renae 1

And here Sam is showing off a dog tag in the newest accessory line by Captain Randall.

Remember: Editors are reminding you that Sam & Renae are not just gorgeous models. There is more to their race than that.

– Sam & Renae approach the ticket counter as Renae auditions for The Veronicas or Atomic Kitten.

cape sam renae 2

SAM: What’s your name?

cape sam renae 3

SAM: Flirting has been a little bit of a strategy. Have fun, it’s the best thing to do.

Aaaaaand every middle-aged female viewer officially hates Sam & Renae. As soon as a younger female team tells us that flirting will be a strategy, they instantly become the most unpopular team of the season.

cape sam renae 4

Renae tries her best to get the attention of the ticketing agent, but he is too focused on printing your ticket to quickly get back to World of Warcraft. It’s five in the morning. His bosses aren’t watching.

SAM: Wesley. Do you get called Wes?

WES(LEY): Yyyeah.

cape sam renae 5

You’re going to have to try a bit harder, Sam.

– She leans over the counter.

cape sam renae 6

And it works.

SAM: Thank you, gorgeous.

TYLER: Geeez.

cape tyler nathan 3


SAM: That’s how it’s done.

cape sam renae 7

I think even Donald Trump and Jonathan & Victoria would be more popular amongst women than Sam & Renae during this scene.

SAM: Yeah, it pays off being a chick.

cape sam renae 8

Even Renae thinks Sam should reel it in a little. And she’s the one copying the outfit of the flirtatious woman from the Rolo Chocolate Cone commercial in the early 2000s.

– The top five teams all book the same flight.

– Dave & Kelly commence in sixth at 5:32am.

cape dave kelly miler

Huh. Dave owns a toque.

DAVE: We’ve sorta decided that I’m going to do all of the really easy cool things, and Kell is going to do all of the hard thinkin’ stuff. Works better for me.

cape dave kelly miller 1

This is going to be a fun experience for Kelly.

cape dave kelly miller 2

Kelly is even in charge of figuring out which gate they need to go to for their flight.

– Alana & Mel are seventh to depart at 5:48am.

cape alana mel #

Route Info: Take two minutes of silence to laugh at Richard & Joey being eliminated from the race.

– Mel is tired of being the older sister on the race. She wants to see Alana take initiative and take control.

cape mel greig

“I want her to step up and be the one who puts a finger in a goat’s ass.”

cape alana munday

ALANA: In a way I almost feel like I am an inconvenience cause she said ever since I was little “look, I love you because you’re my sister but I don’t like you.”

cape alana munday 1

“And I was five when she told me that.”

– Alana is in charge of directions (and definitely not in charge of driving) once again.

MEL: Please don’t get us lost.

cape alana munday 2

Things might not go well.

cape alana mel 2

MEL: I want you to get your frickin’ act together and work your stuff out!

cape alana mel 3

Alana does her best Bill Cosby impression while listening to Mel’s advice.

– Alana & Mel purchase their tickets.

cape alana munday 3

Take initiative, Alana. Push that motherfucker out of the way and get your boarding pass!

Also, who are those two moustached men on the poster behind her? Does anyone know?

– Mo & Mos are bringing up the rear as they are the last to depart at 5:54am. They finished the last leg only one hour and forty-five minutes behind the leaders.

aberdeen mos haroun 9

Unlike the round before that where they were over four hours behind the second-to-last place team.

– Mo says The Amazing Race is a beast that has been kind to them.

cape mo mos

A Non-Elimination Leg, Anne-Marie & Tracy taking a four hour penalty minutes after you did, and Richard & Joey getting U-Turned really is a string of miracles for Mo & Mos.

The easiest leg for them thus far is one where they had a thirty minute penalty upon entering the pit stop. No joke.

MO: If we were a Bond film, we would be Die Another Day.

cape mos haroun

I. . .I can’t imagine Mos as a secret agent. Bond has all of these gadgets and tricky little guns with triggers.

The only trigger Mos has is asthma when he has exercise, and the only gadget is his inhaler.

But seriously, a slightly out-of-shape Muslim James Bond would make for a great film franchise. Move over Daniel Craig!

cape mo el leissy

The name’s El-Leissy. . .Mohammed El-Leissy.

MO: We just. . .we keep going.

cape credit

Until their credit card gets declined due to all of their flight costs around the world.

– For the second round in a row, everyone is on the same flight.

cape plane

What a beautiful day.

cape map

africa adrian collin 8

Adrian is still trying to start his car upon arrival.

cape water

Are those seals or penguins?

cape house

Cape Town was formerly called Smurf City.

cape mask

Which one belongs to Majora?

cape mask 1

I wish I could dress like this every day.

cape rainbow

Every house is a different colour? Neat.

cape alana mel 4

Alana & Mel aren’t feeling entirely sheepish when it comes to shopping at WoolWorld.

– Everyone scrambles into taxis.

MEL: If Alana does well today, I will finally love her. She is on Roadblock duty today, so. . .she freaks out normally. Let’s see if she can do it.

cape alana mel 5

“Ow, my ear hurts all of a sudden.”

cape alana mel 6

“Wait, my other ear hurts too. I’m on the DL, Mel.”

– Matt & Tom, Alana & Mel, Tyler & Nathan, and Jeff & Luke all make it to the Roadblock clue together.

ROADBLOCK HINT: Who’s up for a bird’s eye view of Cape Town?

cape jeff luke downes

The weather is far better than that two-day rainstorm they put up with in TAR Asia 2.

– In this Roadblock, teams must drive to the Melkbosstrand Air Strip where one team member must complete a tandem skydive.

cape skydive

cape skydive 1

cape skydive 2

Like a Melkboss.

– The skydive will be over nine thousand feet high.

over 9000 1

Over nine thousand?! There’s no way that can be right!

– Their team member must help and guide them to the landing zone using flares.

ric flair wu


cape skydive 3

‘X’ marks the spot.

snoop dogg 1.png

Hell no. ‘X’ spots the mark, Logan!

– Jeff, Matt, and Alana are doing the Roadblock. It isn’t revealed yet if Tyler

or Nathan are doing the Roadblock. It is also a mystery with Chris & Anastasia.

– Matt talks about tandem skydiving “over the sheila”. I have no idea what the hell that means. Apparently “sheila” is slang for a woman. That sentence still doesn’t make any sense.

MEL: Your first Roadblock is skydiving!

ALANA: Yeah. Right.

cape alana mel 7

“Can there be some more Zodiac signs?”

– Sam & Renae and Dave & Kelly get to the Roadblock. Sam and Dave are doing it.

– Who is strolling in dead last all along the beach?




cape mo mos 1

“Where is everyone?”

MO: It was such a big beach we didn’t know where to stop. And we got out to go a whole kilometre.

MOS: A mile.

MO: It was a huge mistake. We had to walk or run a whole mile back. That wasted a lot of valuable time.

cape mo mos 2

Man, you guys sure love to run.

cape mo mos 3

“What a nice day, Mos. Should we build an Aladdin sand castle?”

cape mo mos 4

The clue is so far down the beach that it is probably in Namibia!

cape mo mos 5

MOS: Running in the sand is going to kill us!

cape mos haroun 1

Mo & Mos have a tough time walking on sand, and decide to backtrack to the sidewalk to find their clue.

– The first four teams make it to the skydiving site.

cape matt nunn

But first, Matt needs a stick of gum to calm his nerves.

cape tyler atkins

Tyler strips down to a muscle shirt and is good to go.

– Tyler is told the free fall lasts for about thirty seconds.

TYLER: Aw, shit!

That would be my reaction too.

cape matt nunn 1

Matt has awful hat hair.

cape anastasia drimousis

Anastasia is like a Bond girl right now ready to skydive into the heart of Cuba.

– Tom, Nathan, and Chris are holding up flares.

cape tom warriner

“We don’t have flares where I live.”

cape chris pselletes

Chris finds any excuse to show off his biceps.

cape flares

It is like they are doing Rhythmic Gymnastics right now.

– Matt is doing the Roadblock because Tom has done three while he has only done one.

cape matt nunn 2

I didn’t know his instructor was Canadian.

cape jump

cape jump 1

You might be wondering “why is there a third person jumping with them?”

cape jump 2

Well, he gets the fun job of obtaining footage while freefalling at the same time.

cape tyler atkins 2

Rock on, Tyler. Rock on.

cape anastasia drimousis 1

Anastasia finds a partner she actually likes.

cape anastasia drimousis 2

She is probably the least fearful of anybody to do this Roadblock.

MATT: Nine thousand feet at two hundred K per hour is a pretty good feeling. Even better than when the chute opened.

TYLER: That was just like surfing a fifteen foot wave. It was ridiculous.

cape tyler nathan 4

Yeah. Just add nine thousand feet, and it is pretty much the same thing.

– Mo wishes he didn’t find the clue box because it is a skydiving challenge.

cape mo mos 7

And thanks to the Big Easy Weight Restriction rule, I have a feeling Mo may be forced to do this.

– Mos confirms the weight restriction for us. Mo is just under the maximum weight.

MO: I am absolutely soiling myself right now.

cape mo el leissy 2

I don’t think he is joking.

– Matt lands near the ‘X’, and thanks his instructor for pulling the chute.

cape matt nunn 4

Perfect form upon landing.

– Matt & Tom read they must drive themselves to Nobel Square in Cape Town City Centre at the V & A Waterfront.

cape zangief

zangief wins

Nobel Square, of course, is most known for a Lego statue of Zangief from Street Fighter II. How the hell has he been relevant two weeks in a row?

cape grant bowler 1

But wait, Grant has a surprise for us.

GRANT: All teams will now face an Intersection, and must mutually agree to join forces with another team and make decisions and perform all tasks together until further notice.

cape grant bowler 2

Will the Intersection suck as much balls as it did in TAR 10, 11*, and 16 though?

* Okay, the Intersection in TAR 11 was hilarious. The food eating challenge where Charla & Mirna and Dustin & Kandice had to team up is one of the most memorable moments in TAR history. Miss California, ladies and gentlemen!

The final time we see the Intersection in TAR US is in TAR 16 where teams just had to find the Roadblock location and do a bungee jump at night. I am not kidding you. That was it, and added nothing to the season since only two out of the four players had to work together.

I have said before the Intersection is the most under-utilized twist in TAR US. Let’s see how the Aussies do.

– Tyler is second to complete the Roadblock. He says the task was messed up. Chris watches Anastasia land.

cape chris pselletes 1

This will be the last time Chris cheers on Anastasia.

cape chris pselletes 2

This is the last time they will kiss all season.

– Jeff and Dave gear up and board the plane.

ALANA: Even though it’s skydiving and I hate heights, I hate more how Mel keeps throwing it in my face that she has done all of the Roadblocks. Now I can be like “well, I threw myself out of a plane. Shut the hell up.”

cape alana munday 4

You know what would be a great twist? If Mel is thrown out of the plane too and the entire time she shouts “YOU HAVE DONE ONLY ONE ROADBLOCK SO FAR!” just to make it Alana’s worst nightmare.

ALANA: No need to rush. Take your time.

cape alana munday 5

Alana just got burned by the skydiving instructor.

MEL: She’s negative. She stresses out. I really want Alana to step it up.

– Jeff jumps out of the plane while Luke guides him with the flare. I don’t know if that flare really impacts this task.

cape luke downes 1

Luke is ready to fight Yoda in a light sabre duel.

cape jeff downes

And you thought only Mo would soil himself.

andy samberg.png

“And after this task, Jeff will be posed in this awkward stance.”

cape luke downes 2

Luke ditched the flare. How will Jeff know where to land?!

cape jeff downes 1

If this were Hamerotz LaMillion, Jeff would have to be carried around like this for an entire leg. It is a preview for what his life will be like when he is ninety.

“But I want a Kit-Kat!”

“You can’t have a Kit-Kat, Jeff. Your teeth can’t handle it as well as your diabetes! Now take a nap in this thing while we get you home.”

LUKE: The oldest person in the field just keeps stepping off the edge.

JEFF: Literally stepping off the edge.

cape jeff luke downes 2

Simmer down, Luke. Jeff is probably sixty at the most. It is not like he is Mel White from TAR 14 where he is approaching his deathbed throughout the race.

cape jeff luke downes 3

Whatever Roadblock Luke does next, it will not be quite as thrilling.

NOTE: I really really really wish Anne-Marie & Tracy could have both South Africa Roadblocks. Oh well.

– Jeff & Luke complete the Roadblock in fourth place.

– Dave gets geared up.

INSTRUCTOR: Just relax.

DAVE: “Relax.” Dunno how that is going to happen today. Never been so anxious to race to my death.

cape dave miller

Dave is so anxious that even his chin is about to go bald.

– Sam & Renae enter the hangar.

cape renae wauhop

majesty shadow

Renae’s silhouette is like a Bond movie intro. I guess it is fitting since she is about to jump out of a plane.

– Renae starts freaking out about this task.

cape renae wauhop 1

Those nails aren’t going to chew themselves.

cape sam renae 9

Meanwhile, Sam takes the opportunity to style up her hair.

cape sam renae 10

And judging by this confessional, it was a success.

cape renae wauhop 2

Renae quickly fits in one rendition of “God Save the Queen,” and we will be ready for take-off.

cape renae wauhop 3

“Pull yourself together, Renae!”

SAM: I do this every day.


SAM: You’ll be fine! I love yewwww!

Oh, that Aussie accent. Hilarious.

SAM: Renae will be fine. She is going to smash it.

cape sam schoers

That guy proceeds to check out Sam.

“I want to tandem skydive with her.”

Well, I am sufficiently creeped out.

MEL: I would be very surprised if I see her come down because I don’t think she can do it, but I’ll be so proud if she can. Honestly, it feels like I have been holding this team ninety percent and she has been holding this team ten percent.

cape mel greig 1

cape alana munday 6


“Why didn’t I do the Zodiac or the Vietnamese coin Roadblock?”

cape alana munday 7

Alana nearly gets her eyes poked out.

jon jones

“Maybe I should become a skydiving instructor.”

MEL: She needs to prove a lot. If she doesn’t do this, I don’t know how we’re gonna recover.

cape alana munday 8

“Oh shit! Thanks for reminding me, Alana! I completely forgot to make sure we were securely tightened! Alanaaaaaaaaaa.”

– Commercial break. Will it be the first time where somebody quits on a skydiving task, or will it be the millionth time where a commercial break misleads us into thinking somebody will forfeit the race?

cape alana munday 9

Oh, it’s answered within two seconds. Her screams sound like baby aliens or baby dragons busting from their eggs in a horror film. Hilarious, really.

dragon harry

“But Hagrid, we can’t keep her!”

cape alana munday 10

Welcome to the world of Roadblocks, Alana.

cape mel greig 2

Mel’s tone completely changes. She will not be disowning her sister after all.

– Alana lands on the ground.

ALANA: I feel like I am going to throw up.

MEL: Usually I see her always freak out. This is the first time I have seen her not freak out, and I am proud of her for that.

cape alana mel 8

She looks like she is going to throw up too.

cape mel greig 3

I think she did freak out, Mel. Did you hear her screaming? I believe Alana did the task while ninety-nine percent of her mind and body was yelling “NOOOOO!”

MEL: You jumped out of a plane. I am so proud of you.

ALANA: Never again.

cape alana munday 11

And she means it.

DAVE: I was white as a sheet; I was absolutely packing it.

cape dave miller 1

He was “packing it”? Dave truly is the king of teaching me Aussie slang.

cape dave miller 2

Hey, we can see the camera operator’s feet!

DAVE: Jesus Christ Almighty!

cape dave miller 3

I never thought that the guy who currently looks like Santa Claus having a stroke would be the type to say the Lord’s name in vain.

DAVE: I felt like a chicken wishbone!

cape dave miller 4

Sigh. More terminology for me to Google.

– Dave makes it back to the ground and pretends to cry.

DAVE: I don’t understand why I was ever scared of it.

cape dave miller 5

At least one of them enjoyed the skydive.

cape dave miller 6

Dave has never felt any younger. . .or older. I am not sure of which at the moment.

– Mo & Mos enter the hangar in last place.

MOS: Are you feeling alright?

(MO shakes head.)

cape mo el leissy 4

“I really wish Mos had gone on a diet before the race.”

cape mos haroun 2

“I am really glad I did not go on a diet before the race.”

– Dave passes by Mo.

DAVE: THAT was the biggest rush I’ve ever had in my life, mate!

cape mo el leissy 5

MO (groans): I don’t like rushes.

cape mo el leissy 6

“I don’t even like the band Rush.”

– Mos continues to encourage him.

MO: I have to go to the toilet again.

cape mo el leissy 7

When you are in last, you’re going to have to hold it, Mo. Only the skydiving instructor will have to suffer if anything goes wrong in the air.

– Mos tells him he can’t, but Mo insists he will be defecating in his pants. Mo has no choice but to remove his gear.

cape mo el leissy 8

The walk of shame.

– Renae explains she entered the race to conquer her fear of heights.

cape sam schoers 1

And Sam just wanted to play with glowsticks.

cape sam schoers 2

cape sam schoers 3

Renae picked the right task for conquering a fear of heights. The only way it gets higher than this is if she parachutes from the moon.

cape sam schoers 4

It is surprising that a front-running team at the beginning is now barely ahead of Mo & Mos.

RENAE: I actually want to do it again.

cape sam renae 11

I think Mo will be more than happy if you do the Roadblock for him.

cape mos haroun 3

For the second round in a row, Mo & Mos check up on each other in the bathroom.

cape mo mos 6

They’re probably talking about how the heck they are still in this race.

cape mo el leissy 9

Spoiler Alert: Mo’s reaction is not “yaaaaay”.

cape mo mos 8

Mos gives Mo one last pat on the shoulder.

cape mo mos 9

And this is the part where Mo must conquer this alone.

cape intersection

Welcome back, formerly irrelevant friend.

cape dance

Are those the exact same orange pants that teams from The Amazing Race 2 wore when they were in South Africa?

cape matt tom 2

“Wait for another team? Are we Yielded or something?”

– Matt & Tom find themselves bored.

cape tom warriner 1

Tom learns a new dance in case he is ever picked for TAR Canada.

MATT: I had a bit of a dance with them. Had a bit of a boogie. Haven’t lost my style.

cape matt nunn 3

Matt misses out on a high five.

– Matt & Tom sit down as Chris & Anastasia emerge.

cape chris anastasia 9

cape matt tom 3

Anastasia has her hands up in the air as if she crossed the finish line at a marathon in first place.

TOM: Now is the time to team up and make a difference.

Here we go. A charity task.

GRANT: In this Intersection, teams must travel to Kargo Warehouse and work together to hitch and load a trailer with gifts for the Intyatyambo Orphanage.

NOTE: Yambo means dragonfly.

cape intersection 1

Kargo: Seeking the most positive single sponsoured appearance in TAR history.

cape intersection 2

Man, that one kid is REALLY pissed. He probably expected eight trailers full of toys because there are eight teams in the race. Who knew production would rip him off by making this the first task in several international seasons where it was an Intersection.

It just goes to show you that orphanages get screwed over as always.

cape intersection 3

Youngest clue giver ever?

– Tyler & Nathan pass by Chris & Anastasia and Matt & Tom. Chris gives them the bad news.

cape tyler nathan 5

“We have to wait?”

cape tyler nathan 6

“Dance? Nah, I’m just going to show off my armpits.”

cape mos haroun 4

Luckily there is no weight limit on operating a flare.

– Mo is in the plane.

MO: I was kicking and screaming, and pushing the guy having a massive fit. But can I just say you have to be in that situation before you can judge me.

Eh, the casual audience never hesitates to judge.

cape mo el leissy 10

cape mo el leissy 11

cape mo el leissy 12

cape mo el leissy 13

“Don’t judge.”

cape mo el leissy 14

Your legs are already dangling outside of the plane, Mo. It might be too late.

– Commercial break. Will it be the first time where somebody quits on a skydiving task, or will it be the millionth time where a commercial break misleads us into thinking somebody will forfeit the race?

MO: If I can walk away from the race having faced my greatest fear ever, then that’s a pretty cool thing. Bring it on world.

cape mo mos 10

Yeah, he is not forfeiting.

cape mo el leissy 15


cape mos haroun 5

Meanwhile, Mos is fine with not facing his greatest fear ever on the race.

cape mo el leissy 16

It’s all good.

– Mo says it is one of the best things he has ever done. Mos has the utmost respect for him.

cape mos haroun 6

Mos runs in a personal record setting pace to see Mo.

cape mos haroun 7

Mos! The parachute!

cape mos haroun 8

Somebody help Mos!

cape mos haroun 9

Who knew the guy NOT skydiving from five thousand feet would face the greatest danger in this task.

MOS: No more fear.

MO: No more fear.

cape mo mos 11

The only thing they have left to fear is being eliminated this round.

MOS: If he did it, I was going to give him a kiss, and I was thinking about it but I didn’t give him a kiss at the time. So I’m going to give him a kiss now.

cape mo mos 12

MOS: There you go. There you go, he got the kiss.

MO: I got the kiss. That was my second greatest fear in life that he would kiss me.

cape mo mos 13

Mo will soon be invincible at this rate.

cape mo mos 14

Just wait until they find out it is an Intersection.

– Tyler & Nathan waited for over thirty minutes.

cape tyler nathan 7

Nathan uses the clue as a tambourine.

cape tyler atkins 3

Tyler whistles along.

– Jeff & Luke arrive and tell Tyler & Nathan to screw off and refuse to work with them.




Nah, just playin’. They team up.

cape group

So much testosterone.

cape group 1

And that will likely be the last we’ll see if Tyler & Nathan and Jeff & Luke in this Intersection.

– Matt & Tom start operating the back of the trailer.

cape bean bag

And Anastasia helped.

– Matt, Tom, and Chris gather bean bags. Matt grabs one.

cape chris matt

Chris proves he is a real man and grabs two.

ANASTASIA: Large bean bag.

CHRIS: Does it matter what colour?

ANASTASIA: Don’t ask silly questions.

CHRIS: Just asking. Just asking.

So much for “there is no such thing as a stupid question”.

– Matt tries to keep up with Matt’s strength by tossing a stool through the air.

cape matt tom 4

cape matt tom 5

Good coordination, guys. And I suppose there is a trailer for each team after all.

– Tyler & Nathan see Chris & Anastasia and Matt & Tom drive away from the Kargo Port.

NATHAN: We saw the two teams bailing when we pulled up. It was like a genuine. . .

cape tyler nathan 8

A genuine what? A genuine jizz face? Nathan can’t even finish his sentence.

– Alana & Mel arrive at the Intersection. No one else is around.

cape alana mel 9

It could be a while, and nature is starting to call.

cape dave kelly miller 3

What they don’t know is that Dave & Kelly are right around the corner.

cape alana mel 10

MEL: We thought we’d go off for a quick little twinkle while we wait.

cape alana mel 11

“I can’t see us losing any time with this bathroom break. It’s not like somebody is going to appear in the five minutes that we’re gone.”

cape dave kelly miller 5

DAVE: Nooooo.

cape dave kelly miller 6

KELLY: There was nobody nearby.

Man, they are going to be pissed that Alana & Mel, well. . .pissed.

– Alana & Mel run out of the building.

MEL: Dave! Kelly! We’re here! We ran to the toilet.


cape dave miller 7


cape alana mel 12

MEL: Let that be a lesson. Adult nappies from now on.

cape alana mel 13

Hold it, Mel. Alana just completed her first Roadblock. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


And besides, why wear adult nappies when you can use a Ziploc bag?

– Sam & Renae arrive at the Intersection in 7th place.

cape sam renae 12

Time for Renae to fix her hair.

SAM: Last team left is Mos & Mo.

RENAE: They are always the last team.

SAM: Means we’re going home unless we bust our bums with these boys.

cape sam renae 13


They probably have enough time to fit in a reading of War and Peace while they wait for Mos & Mo.

– Sam & Renae see Mos & Mo and cheer them on to run.

cape mos mo

Usain Bolt has nothing on Mos.

– Renae whips Mos into shape.

cape renae mos

Wow. Renae is harsher than Jillian Michaels.

MOS: Are we last?

RENAE: Yeah. We’re -all- last.

cape group 2

I love how Renae emphasizes that she is included in the last place grouping.

“Yes Mos, -WE- are last,” as if she is forced by her parents to take her little brother to the movies or something.

– Much like Anne-Marie & Tracy, Mel is on the wrong side of the car park. Alana & Mel lose Dave & Kelly who go too far ahead.

MEL: They know not to go without us, right? It’s an Intersection. I’ll start honking.

cape mel greig 4

This is proving to be a disastrous pairing.

cape mel greig 5

Really disastrous.

lake brotas 3

This is the Lake & Michelle Moment of Despair.

– Sam & Renae are lost (which also means Mos & Mo are lost). Renae hops out of the car and approaches a police vehicle.

cape renae wauhop 4

RENAE: Excuse me, can you please escort us to here? It’s really really important. Please please.

cape renae wauhop 5

“Please. We’re looking for a good time. Arem’t yew? We can be each other’s escort.”

RENAE (confessional): We were really desperate.

cape renae wauhop 6

No kidding.

– I had to re-listen to this clip several times because there is a really weird sound on the audio, but I finally clued in that there is a police dog in the backseat who is constantly barking at Renae. It is subtle, but Renae leans back a bit scared as the dog gets more aggressive.

RENAE: Please, can you show us where it is. Please. Can you just show us where it is, please? Please don’t make me get on my knees in the middle of the road. Please.

cape renae wauhop 7

on your knees

“On your knees!”

Luckily Coach from Survivor is not the police officer.

– We cut to a confessional from Mo & Mos.

MO: I guess we know how they have been winning the race so much.

cape mo mos 15

Eh, Mo just has to show the cops his man titties and I think he’d have the same results.

– The dog continues to bark before the cops cave in.

cape renae wauhop 8

cape renae wauhop 9

Mission accomplished!

By the way, who knew a White woman in South Africa would get help from the police.

– Mo & Mos follow Sam & Renae and the cops.

MOS: This is amazing.

MO: I guess this is why the girls don’t need maps.

MOS: This is amazing.

back to the future

Where we are going Mo and Mos, we won’t need. . .maps!”

SAM: And that’s how it is done.

cape sam renae 15

cape sam renae 16

Indeed. That’s how it is done. Not only did they get the cop to escort them, but I guarantee you every middle-aged woman watching from the couch officially hates them. If I know one thing about the reality TV audience, they absolutely hate any all-female team who may or may not emphasize their physical appearance to gain an advantage in the race.

– Dave & Kelly circle back to find Alana & Mel. They re-intersect.

cape mel greig 6

It ruins Mel’s break to do some stretches.

MEL: Dave is the man. I am half a man. Alana is a weakling. She is sick. So we’ve got a two-man team we’re working with.

ALANA: I can load a trailer.

– Dave & Kelly and Alana & Mel load up the trailer. Dave grabs the heavy objects.

cape dave miller 8

Such as this pizza box. The orphans need pizza, folks! Dave whips the pizza box onto the trailer.

– Eerie music plays as they enter the poor neighbourhood. A classic TAR South Africa trope.

cape soweto

Khayelitsha. Also could be Langa Township from TAR 2 or Soweto from TAR 7.

– We get a handful of “How Do People Live Here” confessionals. Chris & Anastasia are particularly sad about it.

cape anastasia drimousis 3

cape anastasia drimousis 4

It makes all of their arguments seem so petty. If they ever fight from now on, they’ll always talk it out. No screaming or shouting. No matter what.

– The kids cheer as random Australians enter their compound.

cape bean bag

This shot makes me uncomfortable.

– Chris & Anastasia and Matt & Tom deliver the toys and plastic bags. The plastic bag proves to be the most sought after item.

cape plastic 2

A plastic bag?! Screw you soccer ball!”

cape plastic

Hey! Look what I got, Jimmy!”

cape plastic 1

That’s my plastic bag you son of a bitch!”

cape chris pselletes 3

Chris wins over his one fan at this point in the season.

– Chris suddenly starts violently shaking the kid because he jumped his turn with the plastic bag.

cape chris pselletes 4


Nah, just kidding. He innocently picked him up.

– Matt & Tom are emotional. Matt feels good about where he lives.

– Anastasia kisses one of the kids. All of the other kids line up for a kiss too.

cape anastasia drimousis 5

Sadly, Tom did not offer kisses of his own. He has no soul. These are orphans, Tom!

– Chris is holding the same kid.

CHRIS: Isn’t he beautiful? I want to take you home!

cape chris anastasia 10

That kid is probably better off staying in the orphanage than being raised by Chris & Anastasia together. Something tells me that household will not work out well.

cape orphan

lion king

Behold! The Lion King!

cape chris anastasia 11

Since when did Chris become Asian?

cape clue

The crying and the “makes you appreciate what you can have” cliché moments are paused for now as the teams receive their next clue.

– Commercial break. We resume. The teams read the Intersection is over. Why do they not invest more into the Intersection twist? It would make things so much more interesting.

– It is a Detour. Guns or Rose. Some have claimed this is the best Detour pun of all time.

axl rose

He wants his royalties.

– Grant confirms the pun for the viewers back at home. In Guns, teams must drive to the Valley Gun Club and shoot nine moving clay targets before receiving their next clue.

In Rose, teams must collect an empty wine barrel and fill it with rose. Once the barrel is full, they will receive their next clue.

cape grant bowler 3

TAR Australia needs to switch to HD for season two.

cape man

This looks like a guy who loves guns.

cape rose

Oh, it’s rose with an accent at the end. Matt & Tom did not acknowledge the accent at the eend of the word. I am sure we will have a confessional about how they don’t have accents on words from where they live.

cape goatee

This man has no idea what he is in for today.

– Tyler & Nathan and Jeff & Luke deliver the toys. Nathan is overwhelmed. Tyler hugs a child. They all pick up some of the kids. This is their bicep workout. Luke references his own son for the millionth time this season.

cape tyler atkins 4

We call this the “Ninety Year Old Man” hug.

cape jeff downes 2

cape jeff downes 3

Jeff is determined to pick up every kid in the village.

– Jeff & Luke pick Guns. Tyler & Nathan ask what they chose. They opt to follow them to the gun range too.

– Dave & Kelly see Sam & Renae driving with their police escort.

DAVE: They’ve got a police bloody escort.

cape dave kelly miller 7

DAVE: Excuse me! Can we get an escort?!

cape car

You’re a married man, Dave. You’re a married man.

– Dave pretends to cry as he proclaims it sucks.

– We get a shot of Renae unhinging the back of the trailer.

cape renae wauhop 10

We get it. Renae works with cars.

– Both teams refer to diapers as “nappies”. Oh the cultural differences.

cape mo el leissy 17

These nappies aren’t for the orphans. This is for Mo in case there is another skydiving challenge in the race.

– Mos explains how the women were urging him to move faster. Sam & Renae say it was easier for them to take charge.

– The trailer isn’t properly hitched for Mo & Mos.

cape sam schoers 5

This Intersection continues to frustrate Sam & Renae.

cape car 1

Mo & Mos can’t be doing this badly at everything in the leg, can they?

SAM: We do love them, but really frustrating. Not gonna lie.

cape sam renae 17

That love may go away if Mo & Mos breeze through the Detour after the Intersection is over.

SAM: They are not the sharpest tools in the shed. Which is fine. I am sure they have other fantastic qualities. I don’t think it’s hard to pack up a trailer, and rope it up and make it nice and tight.

cape sam schoers 6

Note that Sam does not reference what Mo & Mos’ fantastic qualities happen to be.

cape renae wauhop 11

Hitching a trailer is not one of them.

– Alana & Mel and Dave & Kelly deliver the toys.

cape diaper

Who wants to make a diaper fort?

cape dave miller 9

I just want to touch their hair!”

– Dave tells one of the kids they are his hero. While being mobbed by the orphans, he chooses to go to Rose.

cape dave kelly miller 8

Although announcing to a group of underaged orphans that you are going to help make wine may be a bad influence on them in the future. Also, good luck on breaking through that hug mob.

– Alana & Mel choose Rose because they want to follow Dave & Kelly. This Intersection isn’t over, unbeknownst to Dave & Kelly.

– Kelly jokes that Dave wanted to take one of the kids home.

cape dave kelly miller 9

And save that kid from Bambi and Muscles, I reckon.

– Matt is ready to shoot a gun for the first time in twenty days, and will be a relief to release that pent up frustration.

– Jeff & Luke and Tyler & Nathan are right behind them.

MATT: We’ve both been shooting since we are about four.

TOM: Yeah, we shot our first (????) since we were off the breast, really.

cape matt tom 6

In TAR 3, we learned most kids in European countries learn how to play soccer the minute they know how to walk. In Western Australia, replace soccer with clay pigeon shooting. As a Canadian, that makes me nervous.

– Tom lines up his first shot.

cape matt tom 7

Pull out and shoot, as Nelly would say.

cape clay


That clay pigeon may as well be a giant middle finger.

cape tom warriner 2

Leaving Western Australia has made you soft, Tom.

– Tom misses every target. Comical blunder music plays.

MATT: Tom, what are you doing mate? Pretty piss poor effort.

– Tom scores just one target.

– Nathan admits he has never shot a gun before, but hits four in his turn.

christa hastie

We call that beginner’s luck.

– Jeff guides and coaches Luke on how to use the gun. Luke scores three.

cape jeff luke downes 4

Jeff in his director’s chair.

– Chris & Anastasia arrive at the Rose Detour. The clue says to roll the barrel up the hill.

cape chris anastasia 12


cape chris anastasia 13

Rolling is for pussies!”

cape chris anastasia 14

I am the fucking man.”

cape chris anastasia 15

For most of it, anyway.

– Anastasia is ready to fill up a bucket.

CHRIS: Can we pause before we start? There’s a pace.

ANASTASIA: There’s a what?

cape anastasia drimousis 6


CHRIS: There’s a pace I’d like to follow.

cape chris pselletes 5

The pace is that we pause for five minutes as we admire my ability to lift the barrel all by myself.”

ANASTASIA (confessional): To move things along, I’ll just turn it on and fill up one bucket so it’s at least ready.

cape anastasia drimousis 7

cape anastasia drimousis 8

The tap has more power than what Anastasia was anticipating. Who designed it?

tim taylor.png

Tim The Toolman Taylor? More power! Har har har.

CHRIS: Stas, turn it down.


cape chris anastasia 16

To beat or not to beat? That is the question. ‘Tis nobler. . .”

CHRIS (confessional): Just the fact she didn’t listen to me. That principle of just don’t open the tap. You know, and all that built up.

cape chris anastasia 17

cape chris anastasia 18

Chris closes the tap, and they move past this minor error in judgment. They finish the leg with class.

charlie murphy


cape chris anastasia 18

Anastasia scampers away as Chris closes the tap.

CHRIS: Are you kidding me?

cape chris anastasia 19

Here comes the windup.

cape chris anastasia 20


ANASTASIA: Don’t scream at me.

cape chris anastasia 21

Chris retreats.

– Remember how awkward their confessionals were at the start of the episode? Well, when talking about this incident, the awkwardness resumes.

CHRIS (confessional): Why do you when I say something and you ignore it?

cape chris anastasia 22

It’s like watching couple’s counseling.

ANASTASIA: You can do it all yourself. Don’t scream at me.

CHRIS: Fine.

cape chris pselletes 6

I know this is random, but Chris has REALLY good grip strength on that tap.

cape chris anastasia 23

CHRIS: At least where I come from, people, man or woman, listen to each other. If you said ‘wait’, I wouldn’t have turned that tap. The reason that tap flowed like that is not because you are an idiot–it’s karma. You don’t listen. You don’t want to work as a team.

– Anastasia’s response?

cape anastasia drimousis 9

A grin.

shii ann

Captain America with his sparkly white teeth. Lecture lecture lecture. Blah blah blah.”

Shii Ann didn’t like it either.

– The argument continues in the confessionals.

cape chris anastasia 24

ANASTASIA: He didn’t need to scream.

CHRIS: And after I screamed, did you just need to sit down and feel like it’s all over?

cape anastasia drimousis 10

I am amazed Anastasia is brave enough to stand in the line of fire of the wine.

CHRIS: I carried the barrel half a kilometre. You could talk to me and equally carry it!

cape chris pselletes 7

And here comes the winning quote. . .

CHRIS: Daddy never spanked you when he should have.

cape anastasia drimousis 11

And neither will you.”

– Commercial break. We resume Chris’ tirade.

CHRIS: Who do you think you are making proud? Who do you think you are making proud? Your parents? They’ll laugh at you. Who do you think you are making proud? Yourself?

cape chris pselletes 8

Chris needs to make a self-help audio book.

CHRIS: Who exactly are you benefiting by sitting there? You have to get up and say, “I am sorry for pushing you over the edge, and I’m meant to say ‘I am sorry for screaming at you’. There’s an order. You understand that? Order.

cape chris anastasia 25

I think the only ‘order’ in this relationship is that it is broken and ‘out of order’.

– Anastasia cries in a confessional.

cape chris anastasia 26

ANASTASIA: I’m not living in the 1920s!

cape chris anastasia 27

ANASTASIA: I am not going to say ‘Chris, I am now going to open the tap.’ I am going to open the tap, you can see me!

cape chris anastasia 28

And I am going to do The Robot in the process of doing so!”

cape chris anastasia 29

CHRIS: What’s the 20s gotta do with it? I would’ve told you that.

ANASTASIA: But you can see me–

CHRIS: I would’ve talked to you and said, ‘don’t you think I should do this instead?’

VIEWERS: Are they still together?

– Chris concludes his lecture.

CHRIS: When you are ready to work as a team, and put up with a bit of screaming. . .when you deserve it, by all means. If you can’t hack it, it’s your issue.

cape chris anastasia 30

What a great pep talk.

cape anastasia drimousis 12

Those hands have stayed frozen on her hips.

CHRIS: Pulled your combs when you’re willing to understand where you went wrong.

Ugh. Another Aussie expression. Chris’ way of getting Anastasia to apologize is not working well.

– The confessionals continue.

cape chris anastasia 31

ANASTASIA: I don’t understand what the point was of you screaming at me. I didn’t say how I was going against your back–

cape chris anastasia 32

I love Chris’ reaction.

ANASTASIA: I don’t understand how I was going against your back by opening a tap.

– We go back to Chris closing his lecture.

cape chris anastasia 33

CHRIS: If you can’t actually have the womanness or kindness to know where you went wrong, ‘hey babe, sorry for not listening, I pushed you to extremes today.’

ANASTASIA (confessional): Chris just kept on going and insulting me. So I was like, ‘you know what? If Chris wants to sit there and insult me, he can fill the buckets all by himself and fill up the barrels all day. If it takes him all day, so be it. I really don’t care.’

cape chris anastasia 34

cape chris anastasia 35

THERAPIST: And Chris, how do you feel about what Anastasia just said?

cape chris pselletes 9

Somehow. . .

cape anastasia drimousis 13

. . .One person doing this Detour is still faster than Mo & Mos combined.

– We watch a shooting montage at the Guns Detour. Matt connects with four in a row.

– Luke brags about his elderly father.

LUKE: He can do everything. He can shoot stuff. He can climb things. He can jump out of things. He can drive things. There is not a lot he can’t cover.

cape jeff downes 4


cape jeff luke downes 5

I don’t get why Jeff is being portrayed as this frail being who probably nicked a few of the nappies before he left the orphanage. The dude is in his late 40s or early 50s. I am so sick of this forced storyline. My dad is 66 and can do the same shit too.

– Watching six dudes fire guns is not as interesting as you think it would be. Tyler & Nathan are first to complete the Detour shortly followed by Jeff & Luke then Matt & Tom.

cape hair

I love the hair, though.

– They read that they must each ride quad bikes through twenty square kilometres of sand dunes around a marked course. There are fifteen baskets. Three contain their next clue while the other twelve contain various sizes of hourglasses. If they uncover an hourglass, they must wait for the sand to run out before they can continue racing.

cape yield

It is like a series of Mini Yields.

finale adrian yap 5

Also known as the TAR Asia 2 Adrian & Collin memorial challenge.

cape men 1

Look at all six of those dudes hanging out together at the top of the leaderboard. It is like seeing TAR Canada 3 play out all over again.

– Chris & Anastasia–er, I mean just Chris finishes the Detour. They receive their next clue.

cape chris anastasia 36

Congratulations! Here is your next clue and the business card of my sister-in-law who does couples counseling.”

– I really wish they could interview the guy who gave out the clue. He pretends as if Chris & Anastasia hadn’t been screaming and crying for the past ten mintues.

– Chris & Anastasia settle in for an awkward car ride.

CHRIS: What do you want? What do you want? How long could that possibly last over? What do you want from somebody? Unbelievable, man. You expect miracles, man but you give none.

cape chris pselletes 10

You expect miracles but you give none. What do you think, I sold em all?”

cape anastasia drimousis 14

Chris receives the silent treatment.

– Confessional awkwardness persists.

CHRIS: I know where I went wrong. For me she never sees where she goes wrong. Finished. I know I shouldn’t have screamed.

cape chris anastasia 37

Alright, I am giving Chris some points here. He completely regrets screaming. At least it is not like earlier where he thinks Anastasia should have “deserved a bit of screaming” or that she needed to be spanked.

cape chris anastasia 38

ANASTASIA: I think Chris always thinks he is right. That’s what I think.

cape anastasia drimousis 15

I SAID WAIT TO ITCH YOUR NOSE, AND I MEANT IT! Daddy never taught you not to quit touching your face when he should have.

cape chris anastasia 40

One of these two groups is suffering from first world problems. Can you figure out who?

– Sam & Renae and Mo & Mos deliver the toys to the kids. Mo reveals that he lost his mother when he was ten. He compares it to the children who have neither parent and suffering from AIDS. Sam & Renae are brought to tears.

cape sam schoers 7

I don’t know what it is about Sam right now, but I have a feeling she is up to no good.

cape teams

Mo facepalms from realizing he is not alone in last place at the moment. . .or because he just remembered that he left his nappies in the truck.

cape sam renae 18

Renae is so emotional at the orphanage that she has to resort to using her shoulders to wipe her tears.

– Both teams get the “appreciate what you have” confessional like the other six teams. The music in the background tries to play into the moment too.

– The race is back on. Kelly is searching through her bag for the map.

KELLY: I decided to donate my map to the orphanage. . .unintentionally.

cape dave kelly miller 10

I know those kids at the orphanage may not have much, but something tells me a city map be a bit excessive for a donation.

DAVE: Would you like to go for an ice cream and a coffee?

KELLY (sarcastically): Ha ha.

DAVE: Yeah, I’m pretty funny.

cape dave kelly miller 11

I love Dave & Kelly.

– Commercial break. We resume as Dave & Kelly pull over at a gas station.

cape dave miller 10

I told her to not give her map to the young orphans, AND I MEANT IT!”

cape dave kelly miller 12

Did I do that?”

DAVE (from the car honking incessantly): GET A BLOODY MOVE ON!

KELLY: That’s my husband telling me I am taking too long.


cape kelly miller

DAVE: C’mon Kelly! C’mon Kel! May as well take your time cause all of the teams are gone, we’re last.

cape dave miller 11

It’s not like Anne-Marie & Tracy are in the race anymore and can keep slapping our dicks around! Get a bloody move on!”

cape dave miller 12

My bloody spirit.”

cape kelly miller 1

Oh, don’t mind him. He is just cranky because he is tired.”

KELLY: What do you want me to do? Get directions.

DAVE: C’mon they’ve already got directions and gone ten bloody minutes ago.

cape dave miller 13

cape dave miller 14

That water bottle is getting abused.

KELLY: You told me to get in there and get directions. Don’t sit on your ass and change your mind. You told me to do something and changed the plan.

DAVE: Shut up, Kelly. Just shut your mouth.

KELLY: You might wanna pull your head in.

DAVE: Just shut your hole in. I’m over ya.

cape dave kelly miller 13

Talk to the hand because Dave’s hole don’t wanna listen.

(Both laugh hysterically in the car.)

cape dave kelly miller 14

And this is why we love Dave & Kelly.

– Tyler & Nathan arrive at the sand dunes with Jeff & Luke. Tyler & Nathan explain the task. They try to figure out the psychology of the producers. Will the producers hide a clue in the first one or would that be too easy for racers? Would producers expect them to think that? Nathan convinces Tyler to check the first one anyway.

cape tyler nathan 9

Hey bro, you wanna kick up more dust in these ATVs, bro?

cape tyler nathan 10

This episode is action-packed.

cape tyler atkins 5

I’d rather be surfing, bro.

– Jeff & Luke pass them but run into another hourglass too. You know what is the most exciting thing about TAR Australia this season?

cape jeff luke downes 6

Watching Jeff & Luke watch sand fall from an hourglass. This is why the episode was extended to one hour and seven minutes running time!

– Matt & Tom arrive and decide to stop at each basket they find. Of course, they are unlucky on their first draw.

cape matt tom 8

captain falcon

I want to be a baseball catcher.”

I want to be a F-Zero racer.”

– Dave & Kelly are fifth to the Detour. They choose Rose because they like red wine. Alana & Mel are right behind them.

ALANA: You two are little speed monkeys!

cape dave kelly mel alana

What the hell happened to Alana & Mel? Dave & Kelly pulled over at a gas station just so Kelly could ask for help with her lost directions. Dave & Kelly must feel much better about themselves.

– Dave & Kelly tried to splash a bit of the wine into their mouth for a drink, but it wasn’t allowed. I assume it was because it was a self-drive leg.

– Dave & Kelly weigh in on Alana & Mel’s strategy.

cape dave kelly miller 15

cape dave kelly miller 16


– Mel claims her barrel farted. I guess that is the equivalent of blaming it on the chair.

cape wine

The barrel of wine is full of beans too, apparently.

– Jeff & Luke uncover another hourglass.

LUKE: How hard is it to watch sand slowly trickle by when you have a couple spankin’ Hondas there that you want to hammer on?

cape jeff luke downes 7

Welcome to TAR Australia’s new spinoff–Jeff & Luke Watch Sand Feat. Commentary About How Old Jeff Downes Is.

cape matt nunn 5

Matt channels his inner Happy Gilmore.

happy gilmore

It’s your home, hourglass. Why don’t you trickle that sand through your hole where it belongs!”

cape nathan joliffe

It’s a scratch, not a pick.

– Which Detour option will Mo & Mos pick?

MO: The Muslim thing and alcohol do not go well together. So we’re going for guns. Which, obviously, I guess Muslims and guns also don’t really go well either, but we’re going for guns.

Mo gets away with another jihad joke on TAR Australia.

– Mo picks up a gun and misses every target.

cape mo el leissy 18

The Australian scout for ISIS is watching at home, and is not impressed enough to sign Mo. He won’t even be allowed to play in A or an AA league.

cape mo mos 16

I was just trying to copy the technique used in the al-Jazeera documentaries.”

– Mo says he can never shoot down the cans at festivals or carnivals.

– Mos meanwhile picks up a gun for the first time in his life and connects with a few targets.

MO: You are a gun! No pun intended!

cape mos haroun 10

Australia’s Next Top Mujahideen.

cape mo mos 17

And you thought Mo & Mos were worried about being on the No Fly list before. . .

In all seriousness though, I am officially retiring all terrorist related jokes. I mean, we have to draw the line in the sand somewhere. Producers aren’t going to air these types of jokes every single leg as long as Mo & Mos are in the race, right? This is five weeks in a row now. I honestly can’t picture these jokes being able to air so frequently in TAR US. It would be a PR nightmare.

– Dave & Kelly complete the Detour in fifth. Alana & Mel simultaneously fill the barrel, and are done in sixth.

cape alana mel 14

So they did this task twice as fast as Chris & Anastasia.

– Sam & Renae know they are in dead last. Yes, they are even behind Mo & Mos. Renae tries to correct Sam on how to roll it, but it never quite works out.

cape sam renae 19

Tell me what to do.”

cape sam renae 20

Now is not the time for poor teamwork.

cape sam renae 21

Within seconds of Sam touching the barrel again, it tips over.

– Sam & Renae make it to the tap, and begin filling the barrel.

– Jeff & Luke are still riding the ATVs. They uncover the biggest hourglass yet.

cape jeff luke downes 8

Careful with Jeff’s back! He is feeble!

– In the meantime, Tyler & Nathan and Matt & Tom find a clue at separate baskets. Both teams read they must drive to Rhodes Memorial–the fifth pit stop of the season.

cape rhodes

May or may not be related to Rhodesia.

cape grant bowler 4

Grant would really appreciate HD footage at the mat.

LUKE: We were neck-to-neck with these guys.

Neck-to-neck? Or neck-and-neck?

– Luke explains it was demoralizing to see both teams drive by while all he can do is smile and wave.

cape luke downes 3

Or fall asleep after the sand runs out.

– Tyler thinks he is first, but sees Matt & Tom exiting the area too. All four contestants sprint to their vehicles.

cape run

Tom is tired of eating their dust.

– They nearly get into a head-on collision when exiting the desert.

cape crash

That would have been an embarrassing way to be removed from the race.

NATHAN: I think they’ve got a U-Turn or a Yield coming their way.

Too bad the previous U-Turn was the only one of the whole season.

– Luke says the hourglass was 45 minutes. They skip the next two baskets.

– Chris & Anastasia show up.

cape chris anastasia 39

They are no longer side-by-side. . .or side-on-side if you ask Luke.

– They flip their first hourglass.

cape chris anastasia 41


– Dave & Kelly are riding the ATVs. They also flip an hourglass.

– Mo connects with three of his shots. Mo & Mos are done the Detour in seventh. Wow. Poor Sam & Renae.

– Jeff & Luke collect a clue in third place.

LUKE: Sitting there for forty minutes was like having your nails torn out.

That could make for an interesting future Speed Bump. Screw the Norwegian ice chair.

– Anastasia lifts a basket. It is a forty-five minute hourglass.

cape chris anastasia 42

Chris takes this opportunity to show off his biceps.

– Chris yells at Dave & Kelly about the hourglass as they pass. Dave & Kelly admit they are very lucky to avoid it.

cape atv

Aw shucks, Muscles n Bambi. It’s a real shame you got to this basket before we did. I’d love a chat with you blokes, but I reckon the wifey will want to keep moving!”

– We resume watching Sam & Renae pour the wine.

cape dogs

Hey Scruffy, why do I feel hungover today? I keep drinking from these puddles, but I think it is dehydrating us more than anything.”

– Sam & Renae finish the Detour.

cape sam schoers 8

Clearly he is more interested in Renae more than Sam. He doesn’t even make eye contact with her.

– Sam re-enters the car.

SAM: We smashed that.

cape car 2

cape car 3


Not only did Sam & Renae smash the Detour, but they also smashed their own trailer.

– Sam & Renae inspect the damage.

cape sam renae 22

SAM: Aw shit.

cape sam renae 23


tim hardaway

Just like Tim, Sam found out how to reverse the car the hardaway.

– Sam & Renae re-enter the car and keep driving.

– Chris & Anastasia silently wait for the forty-five minute hourglass until. . .

cape chris anastasia 43

CHRIS: You have got to be kidding me.

– That’s right. Chris has lost his car keys.

cape chris anastasia 44

spaceballs comb

Comb the desert!

spaceballs comb 1

Chris & Anastasia ain’t gonna find shit!

cape chris anastasia 45

Anastasia will earn a participation ribbon for this task.

michelle yi

Hands on the floor! Hands on the floor!”

cape chris anastasia 46

If Chris loses the key permanently, it will be one of the most embarrassing elimination legs for a team. Ever.

cape chris pselletes 11

CHRIS: I lost the key! What’s wrong with me!

– Commercial break. We return to Chris slapping himself around some more.

ANASTASIA: When Chris lost the key, I didn’t start screaming at him. I saw past that and helped him.

CHRIS: I wouldn’t scream at you if you lost the keys because I didn’t tell you to not lose the keys.

cape chris anastasia 47

Oh my god, guys. Move passed it already.

CHRIS: It’s my bad. Sorry. I shouldn’t have fucking done that.

cape chris anastasia 48

Chris begs for forgiveness.

– Mo & Mos are already at the ATV site. They slowly walk to the ATVs. Mos is blowing his nose.

cape mo mos 18

You guys are in the best position you have been in all season long, and you are WALKING?! Hustle guys! Is Mos allergic to the sand?

– Alana & Mel are right behind them. Mel urges Alana to drive faster and starts making VROOOOM noises.

cape alana munday 12

Although she might still be a -little- cautious.

cape alana mel 15

ruff ryders

Give Alana a bit more time and she will join the Ruff Ryders.

– Mo & Mos decide to check each of the first five baskets followed by every other one.

MO: It turns out it was the worst strategy ever.

MOS: Yep.

cape mo mos 19

Why is that?

cape mo el leissy 19

Hopefully paying that producer to hide Chris’ keys works out well.”

cape mo el leissy 20


cape mos haroun 11

I guess this counters the huge life-ring that Sam & Renae threw them during the Intersection twist.

– Alana & Mel catch up to Chris & Anastasia who are still looking for their keys.

MEL: Positive thinking. It might be a non-elimination and you haven’t seen the blondes.

cape alana mel chris anastasia

Somewhere a casual fan is shouting “WHY DON’T ALANA & MEL HELP LOOK FOR THE KEYS?! SUCH AWFUL PEOPLE!!!!”

cape anastasia drimousis 16

Is the camera operator lying down?

– Mo is sitting casually by the hourglass.

MO: So. . .uh, back in the day they used these to measure time, eh?

cape mo el leissy 21

Mo is just making conversation.

– Alana & Mel pass by Mo & Mos as they inform them about Chris & Anastasia’s mishap.

MO: Well, that’s interesting.

MOS: Am I sort of somewhat happy?

– Chris slowly rolls up to Mo & Mos.

cape chris mo mos

If Mo & Mos offer to help, I will punch them.

MO: I thought it was Die Another Day for us. There is no way they were going to find their keys in this desert. It was like the heavens opened up for us.

– Chris & Anastasia slowly mosey onwards.

cape mos haroun 12

Sort of somewhat happy.

– Matt & Tom and Tyler & Nathan are trying to figure out how to drive up to Rhodes Memorial. Tyler & Nathan are really lost, but a car agrees to lead them. The same happens for Matt & Tom. They can see the memorial but the roads are very confusing.

cape matt nunn 6

Ah, Aussie lingo.

– Which car will do the best job of leading a team to the pit stop? Let’s find out.

cape grant bowler 5

Grant and the pit stop greeter are very focused.

cape tyler nathan 11

TYLER: Far out!

– Grant informs them of their victory.

cape tyler nathan 12


– They have won a $5, 000 entertainment system courtesy of Bing Lee.

cape tyler nathan 13

If this were Travelocity, we would get a bunch of funny slides with a gnome wearing sunglasses.

oman vince sam 6

Bing Lee, of course, is named after a friend of Sam & Vince’s who got a business degree after high school, and developed a highly successful technological company.

– Tyler feels great to beat Matt & Tom after losing to them by one step in the previous round.


cape matt tom 9

Finishing in second place is always insulting after you claim a prize in the previous round.

– Sam & Renae know they are last, and ripped passed all of the other three teams on the course. Sam & Renae are definitely traveling at maximum speed. For some reason the Harlem Globetrotters theme plays when they drive by Mo & Mos.

cape sam renae 24


cape sam renae 25

At this rate, Renae is going to smash up her ATV like she did with her trailer.

– Mo tries to talk to Sam & Renae as they drive by, but are completely ignored. Sam & Renae flip over an hourglass.

– Alana & Mel have a clue.

MEL: Comeback Queens!

. . .You guys were ahead of Sam & Renae.

– Chris & Anastasia are still trying to look for their keys.

cape chris pselletes 12

Find meeeee.

CHRIS: We basically fluked it.

cape chris pselletes 13

Dammit. He found it.

CHRIS: We found the keys and never thought about anything else.

cape chris anastasia 49

CHRIS: I love you.

Geez. At the pit stop he is going to take his car keys and stick it in the ignition. My god.

CHRIS: I make a mistake and it brings us together. I don’t know what it is.

cape chris anastasia 50

Until you fight again twelve hours from now.

– Jeff & Luke jump onto the mat.

cape grant bowler 6

swanky kong

Grant really is a game show host.

cape jeff luke downes 9

Jeff is unusually frumpy.


cape jeff luke downes 10

Luke lifts up his dad like he is one of the kids at the orphanage.

– Dave & Kelly make it onto the mat.

cape dave kelly miller 18

cape dave kelly miller 17

mario eye

mario eye 1

Dave is doing his best impression of Mario from the intro to Super Mario All Stars.


– Chris & Anastasia are racing through the dunes.

CHRIS: Can you slow down? Jesus, man.

cape chris anastasia 51

cape chris anastasia 52

A macho dude like Chris is probably not entirely keen on his girlfriend crushing him at a super masculine event.

CHRIS: It was at that stage of the day where it can’t get much worse.

cape chris anastasia 53

Anastasia has way too much momentum as she prepares to go down a steep slope.

cape anastasia drimousis 21

That is a huge amount of air!

cape anastasia drimousis 17

cape anastasia drimousis 18

cape anastasia drimousis 19

cape anastasia drimousis 20


– You can hear Chris and other producers screaming for a medic.

cape chris pselletes 14

Chris scrambles over as fast as he could.

finale adrian yap 4

This looks way worse than Collin’s crash in the exact same task during TAR Asia 2.

– Commercial break. A memorial for Anastasia airs and a PSA about ATV safety. Mo & Mos make it to the pit stop in seventh, and survive the leg. The heavens not only opened up for them, but also for Anastasia.

– Just kidding. We resume as Chris is unable to lift the ATV.

cape chris pselletes 15

Do you even lift wreckage, bro?

CHRIS: Why would you fall out? I wanted to lead!

Now is not the time, Chris.

– Chris attends to Anastasia.

cape chris anastasia 54

cape chris anastasia 55

cape anastasia drimousis 22


Just like any boyfriend, he rubs her butt after an incident of great trauma. . .or he was just pretending to wipe off the excess sand. I don’t know.

cape chris anastasia 37

All I know is I shouldn’t have rubbed her ass on national TV.”

CHRIS: Why the hell would you rush it, man?

cape chris anastasia 56

Again, now is not the time, Chris.

– Editors give us a slow motion instant replay of the incident. I have replayed it ten times because it gets funnier each time I watch it. We need a banana peel slip sound effect.

cape anastasia drimousis 23

nba jam

She got air NBA Jam style!

cape anastasia drimousis 24

I have heard of whiplash, but this is ridiculous!

cape anastasia drimousis 25

Here’s a story all about how my world got twisted and turned upside-down. . .

– Chris starts kissing her cheek.

CHRIS: Loooove yoooou.

cape chris anastasia 57

Are they going to start making out even before the paramedics show up?

– Mo & Mos have successfully waited out the hourglass. They try to bolt as soon as the hourglass is over.

MO: We raced out of there as quickly as possible.

Not as quickly as Anastasia.

– The paramedic determines Anastasia’s damage is limited to a small cut on her lip.

cape anastasia drimousis 26

morticia addams

Anastasia is covered in so much sand that she looks like Morticia Addams.

cape chris anastasia 58

I don’t believe the medic. I think you are in desperate need of CPR.”

– Chris wants Anastasia to listen to one vital piece of instruction.

cape chris anastasia 59

I think Anastasia will comply.

– Sam & Renae find a clue. Sam screams. They are currently in sixth.

cape sam renae 26

cape sam renae 27

It took an unlucky break as well as cautious driving from Mo & Mos, and carelessness as well as recklessness from Chris & Anastasia for Sam & Renae to catapult up to sixth place.

– Chris & Anastasia have the clue in seventh place.

cape chris anastasia 60


– Chris & Anastasia say they have lost their physical, mental, and emotional powers. What are they? Superheroes?

– Mo & Mos are last to have a clue and are on their way.

cape mo mos 20

Sixth place was fun while it lasted.

– Chris & Anastasia make it to the parking lot ahead of Alana & Mel, but Chris struggles with retrieving the key.

cape chris pselletes 16

nes cartridge

He is blowing on the key like he is troubleshooting a NES cartridge.

cape chris anastasia 61

So close yet so far!

cape chris anastasia 62

Blow harder, son!

– Sam & Renae show up in the parking lot. Chris approaches them for help.

cape chris sam renae

Chris is like a young boy who goes to his older sister to use her nails to undo a lid.

RENAE: We’ve got to beat Mos & Mo because they are the last team.

29 6 1

Gang up on Mos & Mo? THAT’S BULLYING!

– Sam & Renae agree to retrieve Chris’ key.

cape chris sam renae 1

Sam & Renae have not only bailed out Mo & Mos this round, but also Chris & Anastasia. Nobody has done anything for them in return as of yet.

CHRIS: It really shows their character. We are both in the bottom three, and they know helping us could jeopardize their position.

cape sam renae 28

Sam & Renae are using a hook and a Swiss Army Knife to release the key? That is hardcore.

– Sam & Renae succeed. Both teams pull out of the parking lot. We see Mo & Mos start driving but with no other teams around.

cape sunset

The sun sets on the treacherous sand dunes!


cape alana mel 16

Alana jumps up and down like Anastasia’s ATV.

– Chris says Mo & Mos have had all of the luck on their side. Coming from the guy who found his key in the desert, and relied on Sam & Renae for help.

– All three teams are on the road. Darkness has fallen. Chris & Anastasia and Sam & Renae are shown pulling in at roughly the same time. Because Chris & Anastasia aren’t named Alana & Mel, they allow Sam & Renae an unchallenged path to the mat.

cape renae wauhop 12

Renae’s energy is so depleted that she crawls up the last few steps.

cape pit stop


– Chris figures out what number comes after six.

CHRIS: Seventh, third, seventh, third, and. . .?

cape pit stop 1

Add four more fingers and you got it, Chris.


– The sad farewell music plays as Mo & Mos climb up the Rhode To Elimination.

cape mo mos 21

That glimmer of hope. . .

cape mo mos 22

Vanished. Anne-Marie & Tracy weren’t around to accidentally crash in the sand dunes to save them again.


– Grant eliminates them from the race.

MO: That’s a shame.

MOS: It’s a hollow feeling.

MO: Especially after having such a great day.

cape mo mos 23

You know, diarrhea right before skydiving, relying on Sam & Renae to get us through the Intersection, having to portray negative Muslim stereotypes by shooting a gun on national TV, staring at an hourglass for forty-five minutes, etc.

– Mo said he conquered his worst fear today.

cape mo mos 24

MO: We never ever gave up, and not once did we turn to each other and say “we can’t do this”.

Wait a second, Mo. Back up. You and Mos never gave up on anything? Can we roll the tape from two episodes, guys?

aberdeen mos haroun 9.jpg

aberdeen mo mos 42

I can’t do this. We are taking a four hour penalty.”

Not once did they quit the race? They quit the race exactly once!

MO: For two fat Muslim guys, to make it through five legs is a bit of an accomplishment.