The Amazing Race 29 Episode 6 Predictions and Editing Analysis

They decided to have the elimination in the first half and the NEL in the second half? We are reaching back to TAR 21 to delay your first NEL until the fifth leg of the season. Personally, I prefer it this way rather than saving teams early on who will be eliminated just a few legs later anyway.

Thankfully, this week will feature just one episode. That makes my “job” easier.

WEEK SIX WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)

1) Brooke & Scott

29 scott 4

I am only putting them in the top spot because Brooke & Scott are the central characters after our two hours of fun fun fun. Especially for Brooke! If she can redeem herself within the next two episodes, Brooke shall remain at the top of this ranking with Scott.

If not, they shall slide to the bottom rather quickly. I cannot see Brooke & Scott going home soon. Producers have invested too much time into their story.

2) Vanck & Ashton

lester and jodi.png

Alright. Clearly I am having too much fun with Vanck & Ashton.

WARNING: There is a very good chance Vanck & Ashton go home tonight. The rivalry with Matt & Redman has been ongoing since episode two. I would not be surprised if editors treat this as a smaller story arc within the overall season. It could get tiring if this goes on and on all the way through to the end of episode twelve.

The only reason why I think Vanck & Ashton will make it past this W-Turn is because we are told of how they are complete opposites–I feel we need more examples of why they are total opposites.

Also, they can just U-Turn London & Logan to overcome any revenge mindset from Matt & Redman.

3) Becca & Floyd

29 fun

I know I have been saying this for six seasons, but I feel it is necessary to reiterate this again:



Alright, I digress.

Team Fun is clearly the fan favourite for this season. “Oh, such an upbeat attitude minus that time Becca nearly hilariously punched Floyd in the nose!”

In fact, Becca & Floyd’s attitude is so upbeat and energetic that it’s like listening to a Busta Rhymes song on an endless loop.

busta rhymes.png

The way we skydive right through! The way we skydive right through and go straight to the pit STOP!

They have a strategic relationship with Brooke & Scott, and Becca was portrayed as being generous as she helped Brooke survive the ladle Roadblock.

I think they are still going to be tragic penultimate boots by the end of the season, but I shall enjoy the ride with them in the meantime as Floyd continues to make Floyd faces.

4) Matt & Redman

method man redman.png

How high can Matt get in this season? So high he can kiss the sky!

In all seriousness, Matt & Redman’s edit is in a precarious position. Are you Team Ashton & Vanck or are you Team Matt & Redman? The audience is split, and may provide clues as to who wins this season.

Every team is talking about Matt & Redman. It could either mean a winner’s edit or a downfall of epic proportions. With a W-Turn ahead tonight, the latter could potentially happen. . .or will they get revenge on Ashton & Vanck?

I’ll just throw them in the middle until I figure out what the hell editors are trying to do.

5) Tara & Joey

29 tara joey

Joey can’t complain about being underedited anymore.

We followed Tara & Joey’s story quite a bit in the past two episodes. We were fully immersed into their dynamic as a team and saw how they complement each other to achieve great success.

Add in the fact that the preview for next episode blatantly shows them not being U-Turned, and their edit will get stronger and stronger.

It also helps that they were shown talking to Matt & Redman during the Norway leg. Now all they need is another team to provide commentary in the third person, and they will shoot up in the rankings.

6) Liz & Michael

29 liz

Liz & Michael have not been shown interacting with the other teams. Production decided to make a fool out of Michael in the past episode for the sake of comedy “Now the paper is magic!” “There’s no use arguing with her–she has been right about everything!” “There is no way I can win with her!”

Much like their actual standing in the race, I can see Liz & Michael bounce back in the Winner’s Edit if Michael redeems himself by the end of tonight’s episode.

It must be tough for editors to show a team that repeatedly wins and also repeatedly ends up in the cellar before we are halfway into the season.

We need a bit more Liz content too, please.

7) London & Logan

29 london logan

I rest my case.

WEEK SIX PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

1) Matt & Redman – 3.2 Team Average

You better believe Matt & Redman will be leaning towards exercising the U-Turn this episode. They have been close to winning every leg this season, but have yet to pull it off. I think this is their time. . .unless Vanck & Ashton U-Turn them again.

I cannot wait to see Matt & Redman’s paranoid scramble to get to the U-Turn board.

2) Becca & Floyd – 4.0 Team Average

Other than the passport blunder, Becca & Floyd have run this race with the greatest consistency. It is like watching two happy-go-lucky golden retrievers on a weekly basis.

I can’t imagine anybody having enough of a “I don’t give a damn about the casual fans” attitude to U-Turn Becca & Floyd. Not yet, anyway.

No severe weaknesses have yet to emerge from this team.

3) Tara & Joey – 3.4 Team Average

To borrow an ice hockey term from Joey, winning this round would score a hat trick for him and Tara. That would be really impressive, but there are too many variables to think this will happen tonight.

I do expect a podium finish, though. Tara & Joey are quietly peaking while everybody else is distracted by their own problems and rivalries.

4) Liz & Michael – 4.4 Team Average

If you are not first, you’re last. Liz & Michael have been taking the words of Ricky Bobby a little bit too literally for their own good as four out of five rounds have seen them check in either first or dead last.

Luckily, this upcoming leg does not require them to drive. Expect them to finish in the middle of the standings for once.

5) Brooke & Scott – 5.8 Team Average

Brooke is freaking out at a task again. Surely her and Scott will be battling to stay out of the cellar for their third leg in a row, yes? I think Brooke needs one more round before she can relax. . .a little bit.

Nah, she won’t relax at all. Hopefully she can channel her high-strung adrenaline into a positive rather than a negative. It is a skill some past racers have learned by the end of their run on TAR.

6) Vanck & Ashton – 4.4 Team Average

Matt & Redman will be getting their revenge or Brooke will U-Turn Vanck & Whats-Her-Face if she can remember Ashton’s name. Perhaps Brooke will U-Turn London & Logan by accident. We don’t know.

I see Vanck & Ashton being ganged up on this round, and not in the Caroline & Jennifer TAR 24 Sri Lanka way.

7) London & Logan – 6.2 Team Average

Their average would be closer to 7.0 if not for the equalizing ferry to Dar Es Salaam in the fourth round. However, we could be playing the ‘what if’ game with all of the other teams. I am probably just being unintentionally mean towards London & Logan.

If a team is U-Turned, they know London & Logan have the best chance of trailing them compared to all other teams. Therefore, they are almost guaranteed to be the second team to be U-Turned unless the Natalie & Nadiya strategy is revived.

Since London & Logan have not excelled at any of the tasks thus far, a U-Turn should be enough to push them out of the race.

Hopefully they can get an ounce of airtime before their inevitable dismissal from the season.


Alright, that does it for me this week. Feel free to laugh at me if I am wrong.

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2 Responses to The Amazing Race 29 Episode 6 Predictions and Editing Analysis

  1. Hugo says:

    I’ve been astounded at the number of people who think that London & Logan are going to be the winners.

    And I think you’re overestimating Vanck & Ashton’s chances. I saw their edit last week as having quite a bit of negativity. I think that trying to work together will be their storyline, but it won’t end with the win.

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