Funniest Casual Fan Complaints Amazing Race 29 Episode 4 and 5

Do you think two hours of TAR 29 last week would produce twice the diversity in complaints? Nope. It only produces twice as much material with everyone bitching about the exact same things.

29 4 39

How fragile do people think  Vanck is? He is an adult.


This is The Amazing Race–not lyrics to a song by The Offspring!

29 4 38

junk man.png

We may be laughing now, but fast forward to 21XX when Shamir becomes a feared boss in Mega Man.

29 4 37

London & Logan are winning based on what edit? An invisible edit?

purple kelly

“I have a feeling we will have to put up with Jane Bright all season long. Kelly Shinn is going to win based on the edit.”

29 4 36

Sara. Sara. Her name is Sara.

lisa joni

By the way, Lisa & Joni will lecture Shamir on his behaviour after the season is over. Then they’ll make him clean his room.

29 4 35

Are we going to keep doing this each week? Come up with fake penalties for teams that casual fans do not like?

29 4 34

This isn’t like playing Legend of Zelda where you click a button and the box opens. Everyone watching is aware these boxes were heavy and required lots of physical movement and an attention to detail, yes?

zelda chest.png

As Vanck can attest to, finding this key had a lot more to it than pressing ‘A’ while chomping down on dill pickle chips.

29 4 33

Oh, so now it is not just Amazing Race history, but now the entire history of television?

caroline rhea.png

I mean, we haven’t even entered “Caroline Rhea doing stand-up” territory yet.

29 4 32

A racer suffering asphyxiation was your favourite part about The Amazing Race????? I love watching TAR for its dark comedy, but Stacey is taking it to a whole new level.


She’ll probably love that challenge from Bulgarian Survivor where the one dude dies of a heart attack.

29 4 31

Svetlana brings up a good point. Contestants love to talk about themselves while fans on the TAR official Facebook page love constantly talking about others.

And yes, Kathy brings up a good point. Scott and Brooke are probably not going to be romantically involved by the end of the season.

It is true there are a lot of whiny Russian women.

ukraine anna

Just look at Velyki Perehony–the Ukrainian version of The Amazing Race. I bet Alla & Oleksandra were unbearable!

29 4 30

How did such a bland remark get one hundred ‘like’s? I barely get ten views and I pour my fucking heart and soul into this blog!!!!

I hear the average Russian woman also can’t shut their mouths up and annoy everybody around. So don’t single out Americans!

29 4 29

You don’t watch it for the immature children?

rolly weaver

This might be why Family Edition failed.

29 4 28

Here is a crazy idea: How about the same upbeat Happy-Go-Lucky Becca is the exact same as I-Will-Smash-Your-Face-In-If-You-Crush-My-Dream Becca? High-strung people tend to have traits from opposite ends of the mood spectrum inside of them.

I think we should be relieved Floyd didn’t have to go for forced nose reconstruction surgery.

rick james

As Rick James would say, nose reconstruction is a helluva surgery! And he went through it twice! Avoid the cocaine, kids!

Now Becca deserves a penalty for expressing outrage over Floyd’s blunder for Pretend Assault? Are we seriously going to keep playing this game?


If Becca is receiving a penalty for Pretend Assault, just imagine the penalty fans would want if she Real Assaulted Floyd’s ear.

29 4 27

I don’t think this is  a discussion the TAR Facebook page is equipped to handle.

29 4 26

No, the racers just go home and move on with their lives after experiencing the biggest thrills of their lives.


“My God, what an adventure! Now to catch up on a backlog of Family Guy episodes on my PVR!”

29 4 25

. . .Are you sure it is the racers who have the attitude of a small child?

29 4 24

Even IMDb closed their forums on The Amazing Race page? Man, the US version really is losing its grip on the mainstream.

29 4 23

jessica john

You sure that is an appropriate analogy?

29 4 22

Trust me, there are more comments where people missed out on the first hour of TAR. Did people think Shamir & Sara fell off the Earth when the second half aired and were treated as a non-entity?

29 lolo

I mean, we already have a team occupying that role.

29 4 20

I think Floyd isn’t the only name you forgot in that sentence. 😛

29 4 21

You can’t use the Express Pass on a Fast Forward. You’re the one that’s dumb!

29 4 19

brother mouzone.png

Brother Mouzone is the English teacher for everyone in Zanzibar.

29 4 18


Here we have it. Somebody is threatening to crush Shamir’s balls in person in the least classiest way possible.

ken griffey jr.png

I hear the best way to crush ’em is to serve ’em up to Ken Griffey Jr. You know, because chicks dig the long balls. . .but don’t pass off this suggestion to Lydia.

Man. This was uncomfortable to read.

29 4 17

a) The nicknames were tough to follow.

b) The early seasons were notorious for not having equalizers on an intercontinental flights.

c) The only two options I have heard regarding EP use on a Fast Forward is you incur a two hour penalty or you are banned from using it at all.

d) The Kevin Nash reference is solid.

29 4 16

dave connor.png

Did we all just forget that a 58-year-old man bitched, complained, whined, and moaned for six episodes in a row a few years ago and still entered the winner’s circle?

I guess I am not the only one to suppress TAR 24’s existence.

29 4 15

ozzy lusth

They are all in Fiji. Sorry.

29 4 14

Are you kidding me?

master p.png

The only season worth watching is the one with Master P, and even that is a bit of a stretch.

29 4 13

The teams were memorable in season 20?

Pop quiz, hot shots!

elliot andrew.png

Who are these two clowns?

dave cherie.png

No, not these two.

29 4 12

Remember when I said it was best for Jenn to be eliminated first to avoid ridicule from the fans online?

29 4 11

a) Flo did one Roadblock.

b) The rules did not change for another three seasons.

29 4 10

Time to use closed captioning!

29 4 9

Mapew? That’s not even catchy.

29 4 8

It is not as entertaining where a ridiculous statement is followed up with a sensible reply. Sigh.

29 4 7

rebecca bolo

I. . .I don’t think Brooke is going to “switch teams” like Rebecca did.

And I haven’t even addressed the fact that this guy thinks a woman is going to become a lesbian because she is partnered with a gay male. I. . .I can’t even right now. I have a blog post to finish.

29 4 6

And a man who can spellcheck all of your work.

29 4 5

If TAR Canada barely musters a budget together for its franchise, I can’t see TAR Kenya being able to produce their own version either. Hell, the UK doesn’t even have one.

29 4 40

With a folk?

bob dylan.png

I think you mean “I would stab myself in the ears if I had to listen to folk”.

29 4 4

I Google’d who Dan Blizerian was. There is something satisfying about learning something new today.

29 4 3

I love coin tosses.

threat level midnight.png

I sat through a best-of-seven coin toss in Threat Level Midnight thanks to Michael Scarn, and I found that scene riveting.

29 4 2

This is why I blog.

29 4 1

Pay attention, class.

29 4 41

phuket bandit

Except Bandit. Bandit cares.

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