Ranking The Amazing Race 2015 Teams: #24 Adam Dingman and Alex Manard

NOTE: Thirty-four English speaking teams competed in TAR during 2015 (TAR 26, TAR Canada 3, and TAR 27). Now it is time to evaluate how they all did. This is primarily being done because it is going to be at least a few years before I get to these seasons in my TARstorian rankings, and I doubt you want to wait until 2019 or so before you hear my opinions on contemporary racers.

We will be ranking these teams based on various criteria.

Entertainment value.
Overall racing abilities.
Overall storyline and ability to narrate the actions of what goes on.
Comedic contributions.

34) Kelly & Shevonne
33) Gino & Jesse
32) Cindy & Rick
31) Susan & Sharnjit
30) Jeff & Lyda
29) Harley & Jonathan
28) Dana & Amanda
27) CJ & Libby
26) Jazmine & Danielle
25) Tyler & Laura
24) ?????

24) Adam Dingman & Alex Manard  – TAR 27 – 10th Place – 8.0 Team Average

Entertainment value: 5
Overall Racing Abilities: 4
Comedic Contribution: 6
Overall storyline and narration: 4
Likeability: 8

I was supposed to be on a hiatus blogging about The Amazing Race until I get back from Europe, but I decided to break my own self-imposed hiatus.


Why? Why am I randomly digging up a TAR project I abandoned nearly one year ago?

Well, because one of the racers from my 2015 project might need a pick-me-up right now, and just so happened to be next in this countdown.

So here we are. In the words of R. Kelly, I don’t usually do this, but I’ll give em a few previews of the next part of my Rank the 2015 Teams project.


I love R. Kelly.




Well, minus the part where he liked to urinate on cheerleaders. That somewhat hampered my R. Kelly fandom. That just ain’t cool, man.

krista tiffany.png

Never attended a concert since then. It was just like the time they saw a Blind Melon cover band perform.

So, anyways. Adam & Alex. The second boots from TAR 27.

adam alex

We can all laugh knowing the second boots from TAR 27 are bigger characters than two of the three winning teams of 2015.

You know, there is one thing that makes Adam & Alex stand out above all other teams. There is one thing you cannot help but notice right from the moment they are introduced in the season. It is one physical quality that puts them into their own category right from the very start.

alex adam.png

It is the fact that Alex is a clone of Matt Damon.


“Thank God I do not look like Ben Affleck.”

Sure, Justin & Diana will become scary competitors a few rounds into the game, but I think everyone was fearing the cousins who looked like they were fresh out of a Jason Bourne film.

Besides, it was the first time TAR cast somebody who even had the A-list female celebrities swooning.

sarah silverman.png

“I’m fucking Alex Manard!”

matt damon.png

“She’s fucking Alex Manard.”

sarah matt.png

“She’s not imagining Matt; it’s true.”

Well, I made it about five minutes before referencing my favourite Jimmy Kimmel clip.

jimmy kimmel.png

“Unfortunately, Logan is out of time and we will have to reschedule the rest of Adam & Alex’s blog post.”

Oh c’mon Kimmel, get over your whole feud with Alex. What did he ever do to you?

All Matt Damon jokes aside, I do have other things to talk about regarding Adam & Alex.

a) When it comes to international travel, they did better overall than Gino & Jesse. You know TAR Canada has a frustrating format when their freakin’ winners who suck at international travel can dominate a season while a team like Adam & Alex would be second boots in a legit version of TAR.

b) Their exit was fairly unlucky. Jazmine & Danielle or Ernest & Jin were doomed to go home, but a lousy taxi driver cost them the game. Yes, taxis have been apart of TAR since day one and there is a very long list of teams in the same line as Adam & Alex, but TAR 27 did not have a single self-drive leg all season long.

Can you imagine if Justin & Diana didn’t know how to drive a stick shift?

maria stick

Instead of being compared to Marc & Rovilson, Justin & Diana would have been compared to Meredith & Maria. That would have been the biggest reversal in terms of how a team’s TAR legacy.

justin diana

And yes, we cannot get through a single post about TAR 27 without mentioning Justin & Diana. I try to make the world a better place, but failed once more. Dammit.

Alex & Adam were the first all-male Little Person team since Mark & Michael in TAR 14.

mark michael intro 5mark michael intro 6

Both are actual stuntmen. They could probably hook Alex up with a film producer to be a stuntman for Matt Damon.

Mark & Michael. . .well, they were one of the better characters in TAR 14. By TAR 14 standards, that is. They constantly violated the rules, and constantly failed at getting Jaime or Cara’s phone number as the season progressed. They also liked karaoke. Some would say a little too much.

But if you are like me and blocked out that TAR 14 ever happened, then Adam & Alex were the first all-male Little People contestants in the history of TAR or Survivor.


Oh. Right. I forgot about the 7Up Guy.

This is why I put Adam & Alex higher than most people would.

Leif was an invisible character in Survivor’s second-to-worst season in its history.

Mark & Michael were average characters in The Amazing Race’s second-to-worst season in its history.

Adam & Alex? They did more than get scolded by Tarzan, wake up in a 7Up box, or wait out a four hour penalty.

Adam & Alex would trap each other in recycling bins even if they were nearing the bottom of the standings. They would share fits of laughter on a helicopter while heading to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio. They were dedicated superfans who wanted nothing more than to compete on The Amazing Race.

Unlike other early boots in 2015, they didn’t talk about how much they miss their children non-stop, make fun of a contestant racing with his mom by calling him Norman Bates, or lash out against a TAR blogger named Logan Saunders because they did not understand his sense of humour, or miss a train because they were taking a selfie.

No, Adam & Alex were much more than that.

In fact, it has been nearly two years since they were eliminated from TAR, and they still have the most memorable exit quote of any team to be eliminated in the past few years.

“Two legs. It’s all we got.”

alex manard

“24th place on this countdown? It’s all we got.”

That quote alone is a mixture of devastation and dark comedy at its finest. This is one of the main reasons why I watch The Amazing Race and Survivor. If we can get an elimination that triggers a special moment of dark comedy, then the show has done its job. As long as it does not cross into that realm of being too personal or uncomfortable (i.e. Anything Jet & Cord do) then it is all fair game.

Adam & Alex were eliminated in the second episode. If you know your TAR history, teams eliminated in the second round tend to receive the least amount of airtime overall during the season. If you are eliminated in the premiere, you receive a ton of focus and have a much larger audience tuning in to see you go home. But episode two? You do not fit the narrative of the first round, and the second round is so rushed due to setting up bigger storylines that you have to settle with a fairly minimal edit.

Adam & Alex left an impression that outweighed their minimal airtime. They did more in two episodes than what some of 2015’s finalists were able to do in twelve. No joke.

Will we see them in an all-star season? No.

But did they at least contribute something to TAR in 2015? Yes, and that’s what counts. Especially when the next all-star season will probably have four teams from TAR 14 or the Cowboys playing for a fourth time or some other stupid shit like that.

Plus, it was about damn time that we had male Little People on The Amazing Race or Survivor who had a fanbase supporting them. After Adam & Alex were eliminated, I saw numerous posts on TAR’s official Facebook page demanding Adam & Alex would be brought back for a future season. I mean, the same people who wrote that on TAR’s official Facebook page probably think TAR does not air until September, but still, that’s a pretty big feat for Adam & Alex to accomplish.

34) Kelly & Shevonne
33) Gino & Jesse
32) Cindy & Rick
31) Susan & Sharnjit
30) Jeff & Lyda
29) Harley & Jonathan
28) Dana & Amanda
27) CJ & Libby
26) Jazmine & Danielle
25) Tyler & Laura
24) Adam & Alex

23) ????


A quiet team that was in a position to win the season as smooth operators, but then morph into a team that absolutely loses their minds. It was a shift worthy of a gold medal.

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