The Amazing Race Asia 5 Season Finale Editing Analysis and Predictions Blog

Well, that was officially the ten quickest weeks of my entire life. In a finale where the three teams are within 0.7 points from first to third based on average, how can the ending be so predictable? You’d be surprised.

SEASON FINALE WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)



Correct me if I am wrong, but Maggie & Parul have occupied this slot every single week since the beginning of this season.

This is a shame editors may have made it this predictable because the race on paper had an unexpected Final Three (out of seven possible opportunities, the team that finished first on the previous leg went home on the very next leg–think about that statistic.)

It is going to be really awkward if editors invest all of this story and airtime into Maggie & Parul just to have them come up short at the end of the game. Besides, it is fitting that the first season of the TAR Asia revival has a winning team that nearly repeats Zabrina & Joe Jer’s journey verbatim.

The Filipino alliance. Maggie’s family. Randomly citing Parul’s occupation and religious beliefs. The edit downplaying their yield of Louisa & Treasuri as “an evil move”. Eric & Rona being portrayed as an overall weaker team than Maggie & Parul. Everything is coming up Milhouse for them.



Have Maggie & Parul and Eric & Rona been my top two in the winner’s edit since week one? It has certainly felt like it.

Remember, the main difference between these two teams is that Eric & Rona are naturally more gifted when it comes to confessionals, and that’s why they are shown narrating things much more than Maggie & Parul. That isn’t a reason as to why they will win, but rather a reason as to why they would go far in this season.

There are these subtle jabs that editors take at Eric & Rona that present them as being weaker. Casual fans love racers who are never shown in a negative light when it comes to any tasks.

Furthermore, Eric & Rona had a slightly more evil edit because they were the ones who threw that second dagger at Louisa & Treasuri. Note that Maggie & Parul were praised for having “courage”, but Eric & Rona were knocked for “playing the race illegally” and “playing unfair”.

Lastly, there has never been that sense of overall completion with their storyline like we have seen with Maggie & Parul. It never received that full three-dimensional arc.



They haven’t really been apart of any narrative all season long, have they? If the winning storyline is “Damn, Chloe toughed it out with her ankle injury to win the game,” then her and Chloe become the third team who were viewed as dead in the water but somehow win the final leg with an ankle injury. Seriously, what is with it underdog teams only winning if they happen to have a leg injury? Josh & Brent and Amy & Maya. What an unexpected trend.

But it can’t. Yvonne & Chloe were practically invisible for the first seven episodes of the season, and had a minimal connection to all of the other teams.

SEASON FINALE PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

The order remains the same.

1) MAGGIE & PARUL – 4.1111 Team Average

maggie parul 1.png

No injured legs, no injured knees, a finale that appears to be very physical, and their toughest competition recently knocked out? In a finale where all three teams combine for only two victories all season long, this is the perfect time for Maggie & Parul to steal the title under everyone’s noses.

2) ERIC & RONA – 3.666667 Team Average

eric rona 1.png

When they cross the finish line, a voice can be heard whispering “You should’ve ditched the Filipino alliance when you had the chance”.

There will also be another voice saying “But if you didn’t, then Louisa & Treasuri would have beat everybody to the finish line by three hours minimum.”

I think Eric & Rona will be kicking themselves for not trying to find a way to go to the Final Three with Yvonne & Chloe and JK & Mike. Hopefully the “What If?” game does not haunt them too much.

3) YVONNE & CHLOE – 3.444444 Team Average

yvonne chloe 1.png

Much like Rodney Dangerfield, they just can’t get no respect.

Out of everyone left in the game, Chloe has been the most prone to melting down under pressure. Remember the temple Roadblock with Yvonne’s commentary?

They have been saved by two miracles. JK & Mike made a wrong turn at the very last second, and Louisa & Treasuri had to be both Yielded and U-Turned to keep Yvonne & Chloe alive.

Yvonne & Chloe were on such a roll for the majority of the season, but that momentum left them long ago. With Chloe’s ankle ready to snap into pieces, this finale will be a hell of an uphill battle against two teams who are experiencing peak performance.


Well, that’s it. The finale airs in a few hours. If Yvonne & Chloe win, feel free to point and laugh in the most Nelson Muntz-like way possible.

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