The Amazing Race Asia 5 Week Nine Editing Analysis and Predictions Blog

Did I mention how it is eleven days until I travel outside of North America for the first time in my life, and how it will just be a couple of weeks until I begin backpacking across Spain and Portugal?

But there’s still some Amazing Race blog posts for me to complete before I embark.

WEEK NINE WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)


indo maggie.png

If Maggie & Parul win this season, it will go down as a contender for the most obvious winner’s edit ever. I believe they have been ranked number one since the beginning of the season.

It is as if somebody is flying a banner across the sky saying “MAGGIE & PARUL WIN THE AMAZING RACE ASIA 5!” during the season premiere, and continues to leave it up there nearly ten weeks later.

When everyone else receives quick mat chats, Maggie & Parul have a really motivating confessional after they check in. Oh, not to mention we learn of Parul’s personal religious beliefs this week and her overdramatic quest to hit the target with a bow and arrow.

Wouldn’t it be great if production trolls us by having them be eliminated during the penultimate episode? But seriously, not since Amy & Maya have I been this confident about a winner’s edit.


indo eric rona 5.png

I was not expecting them to quote LL Cool J at the end of the leg by telling us “don’t call it a comeback.”

For some reason, Kiwi Said Knock You Out just doesn’t have that same level of intimidation.

TAR Asia has a history of being kind to Filipino teams. Although I am about 98.5% sure Maggie & Parul are winning, Eric & Rona carry the bulk of the confessionals and are seen as our narrators.

Furthermore, it looks like their alliance with Maggie & Parul is being promoted more and more. Especially with their united effort to oust Louisa & Treasuri.

Given that the season hasn’t heavily promoted the angle of 75% of our remaining field being dominated by all-female teams, it makes you wonder if the married couple has an outside shot of being the story of our season.

Their only other advantage over Maggie & Parul is that their finishing position on each leg has been discussed in greater detail.


indo lt.png

In the words of DJ Khaled, all they do is win, win, win, win.

It is too bad they stumbled for a couple of rounds and screwed themselves over from defeating Marc & Rovilson’s global record, but it was not meant to be.

For over a month, everyone speculates on what it takes to launch an attack against Louisa & Treasuri (an attack which doesn’t involve them being labelled as fat and/or selfish, by the way).

If nobody is able to find the recipe to eliminate Louisa & Treasuri, it will officially be one of the most disappointing and anti-climatic storylines in the history of The Amazing Race. Editors aren’t going to pointlessly waste all of that time. . .right?


indo yvonne chloe 1.png

EDITOR #1: I have this hilarious idea.

EDITOR #2: Go on.

EDITOR #1: What if we completely hide our winners until the seventh episode of the season, and give them this tiny story of working with a couple of other teams near the end of the season?

EDITOR #2: And. . .?

EDITOR #1: And we throw in a few seconds of mentioning how they want to get another first place finish.

EDITOR #2: And. . .?

EDITOR #1: And that’s it. That’s all they get after eight episodes. Other than following Eric & Rona or something.

In the words of Jenna Lewis, it’s a little too little too late for Yvonne & Chloe to be a contender.

But holy random if they won.

WEEK NINE PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

1) YVONNE & CHLOE – 3.5 Team Average

indo yvonne chloe.png

Yvonne & Chloe appear to do well on rounds that involve lots of cardio. A victory this leg will be the perfect rebound after they were saved by a last minute miracle in the previous round.

Invisible teams also have a tendency of claiming the penultimate round heading into a finale. That’s just the way it works.

2) MAGGIE & PARUL – 4.375 Team Average

indo parul maggie 1.png

Remember that time where Zabrina & Joe Jer never finished better than third place until the penultimate round of the season?

Well, I think Parul & Maggie shall follow this trend. Look at their finishes over the past six rounds and you will see they have been ridiculously consistent. Neither a top two nor a bottom two finish has happened for them all season long. In fact, the only reason they will achieve a top two or bottom two finish this round is because there are only four teams left.

I rolled the dice and am going with them not only being in the top half, but being the ones who Yield Louisa & Treasuri as a way to protect Eric & Rona. I figured Rona’s dislike of running uphills will be more relevant than Parul’s hyperextended elbows given the footage for this leg.

However, note that Eric & Rona protecting Maggie & Parul at the Yield could also be a strong possibility. One of these two scenarios has to occur, otherwise what we have heard over the past month shall make zero sense.

Anyways, don’t let Maggie & Parul’s average deceive you. Everyone else this season has finished in the bottom two except for them. Not even Louisa & Treasuri can say that.

3) ERIC & RONA – 4.0 Team Average

indo eric rona 1.png

There is going to be lots of running this leg, and much of it is uphill. Rona is not going to be impressed.

Because of their performance all season long, I sense Eric & Rona will be the least likely targets of the Yield. Their friendship with Maggie & Parul will come in handy this round.

But seriously, Rona is going to hate this leg by the time it is over.

4) LOUISA & TREASURI – 2.125 Team Average

indo lt 1.png

Tonight features the final Yield of the season (you can see the Yield board in the preview for the episode).

Unless there is the insane twist of having a Yield or U-Turn in the season finale, this would be the perfect time for somebody to target Louisa & Treasuri. If Louisa & Treasuri aren’t first to the board, one of the other three teams should be instantly attacking them.

This would finally resolve a storyline everyone has been expecting to occur since the fifth or sixth round of play.


Alright, that does it for me. Watch Maggie & Parul get eliminated as everyone laughs at me non-stop until I leave the country.

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