The Amazing Race Asia 5 Week Eight Editing Analysis and Predictions Blog

Oh my god. Tara Basro has been found. Most rescue efforts usually stop after about two or three weeks, but luckily folks like us held on six weeks and she was finally found. Those ondel-ondels, Burmese rebels, and Singaporean mobsters shall be held accountable and have their day in court.

WEEK EIGHT WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)


sing parul maggie.png

Today we learn about Maggie’s son, the role of Auntie Parul, and how they are staring down Louisa & Treasuri in the most painful game involving a controller that I have ever seen in my life.

Parul & Maggie’s edit has not staggered once since the beginning of the season. Could it be the most blatant winner’s edit since the middle seasons of TAR? It very well could.


sing eric rona.png

The ones destined to lose to Parul & Maggie at the end of the season. There hasn’t been any footage to be interpreted by the casual fanbase in a negative light, and they are seen as our most objective narrators.

If editors shock us with a Parul & Maggie elimination prior to the finale, then Eric & Rona will be immediately promoted as our inevitable winners.

3) JK & MIKE

sing jk mike 1.png

JK’s unique personality will either help them or destroy them. The edit has shown us both sides to this. It is difficult to gauge which way editors are hinting at being the outcome for this season.

Depending on what we see this week, JK could be very heavily buried by editors. My gut tells me fighting with Treasuri will not produce positive footage for him–viewers will probably side with Treasuri. Whatever the issue may be.


sing unicorn.png

We get it, producers. Louisa & Treasuri are entering their home country, and our jaws are supposed to drop when they knocked out in round eight or round nine as if they were Jose Aldo. The casual fans will never see it coming, but the rest of us are anticipating it. Regardless, it will be delicious for us all. . .even though a Louisa & Treasuri victory at the finish line would have been really cool. Oh Mama!


sing yvonne chloe.png

Whoa, Yvonne & Chloe picked up a new storyline! However, this one will be resolved after the U-Turn is over. Will they work to protect JK & Mike over another team or bond with somebody else? Social bonds with JK & Mike and Eric & Rona have been their only storyline other than coming in second over the past few weeks. So that’ll be over after the U-Turn occurs.

We are just waiting for them to win either leg eight or leg nine. Then their story ends for good.

WEEK EIGHT PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

1) YVONNE & CHLOE 3.43 Team Average

sing yvonne chloe 1.png

Yvonne & Chloe have spent the past several rounds trying to add another gold medal to their mantle. This would be the perfect round for them to complete this storyline. Of course, the moment they do this will be followed by their elimination. :/

Therefore, if Yvonne & Chloe win round eight, put your money on them being eliminated in round nine.

2) PARUL & MAGGIE – 4.57 Team Average

sing parul.png

Eric & Rona have a Speed Bump. JK & Mike will fight with each other as well as Louisa & Treasuri. Louisa & Treasuri are probably going to be U-Turned out of the race.

Just like that, Parul & Maggie are favourites to pick up their best finish of the season thus far. There aren’t any drones to operate in Indonesia, right?

3) ERIC & RONA – 4.29 Team Average

sing eric rona 1.png

After they open the clue, then what are they gonna do?

After they finish the Speed Bump, then what are they gonna do now?

limp bizkit


See? L-I-M-P to the Bizkit right here in this blog. Wait, you don’t care for Fred Durst? Then we don’t care.

Oh early 2000s Limp Bizkit, what I would do without you.

I for one am glad that the Vietnamese food challenge did not include any hot dog flavoured water or chocolate starfish.

In all seriousness, we all know how lame Speed Bumps are. I hate to break it to you, but Eric & Rona are slightly bigger contenders than Vicky & Rachel are (and I just don’t mean physically–although their physical strength will probably help them out.)

Too many teams are out for blood on this leg of the race. Distracted, if you will. Seeing how tough some of the challenges are projected to be this week, the Speed Bump will be null and void as Eric & Rona quietly slip into the middle of the cluster.

4) JK & MIKE – 4.57 Team Average

sing jk mike.png

I think the two Filipino teams are going to gang up on Louisa & Treasuri and JK & Mike–our current frontrunners.

Wait, did I just say JK & Mike are frontrunners? Back-to-back victories really changes everything.

However, JK & Mike’s Singaporean honeymoon washes away. Will they have the same determination to continue pushing forward or was winning a leg in Singapore the end of their goals?

Previews suggest JK & Mike’s relationship goes back to their old ways. That will be fun. If they go back to their old ways, then finishing second-to-last will be a likely scenario.

5) LOUISA & TREASURI  – 2.29 Team Average

sing lt.png

Everyone views Louisa & Treasuri as the biggest threats. We presume a U-Turn is coming. Furthermore, JK is frustrated with a woman (which, admittedly, is probably not anything new for him). Lastly, it would be hilarious if the team from Indonesia goes home during a stretch where they should have the biggest advantage of everyone remaining in the race.

Just imagine how shocked everyone will be, and how much it will shake up the conclusion to this race.

Tonight is the perfect time for Louisa & Treasuri to be eliminated.

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