The Amazing Race Asia 5 Week Seven Editing Analysis and Predictions Blog

It is nearly two o’ clock in the morning here in Canada, which means I am saving these predictions for a very last minute viewing for those of you intending to watch the seventh episode live. Where do things stand after six rounds of play?

WEEK SEVEN WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)


manila maggie 1.png

Maggie was the only one willing to give her cash to the less fortunate at the Red Cross chapter (from what was shown in the edit).
Parul & Maggie repeatedly discussed having a hometown advantage.
Parul & Maggie have created a major brother and sister bond with Eric & Rona.
Parul’s nursing background was relevant in a task that involved stitching sausages.

Add this to the huge pile of evidence we have seen since week one, and I will be absolutely stunned if they do not win this season (or get very very very close to winning it at the very least).

The chances of Parul & Maggie being eliminated before Final Three is about as likely as me being fluent in Tagalog.

The constant narration, the huge amount of personal backstory, the positive edit, and no weak episodes whatsoever in terms of content tilts the scales very heavily in Parul & Maggie’s favour.

TAR Asia editors are making it too easy. . .right?


manila eric 1.png

Eric & Rona are the only other team I see of having any chance of possibly winning, and I find it to be a slim one at that.

They have the highest number of confessionals of any team this season, and the connection between them and Maggie & Parul’s character traits were made this week.

Filipino brothers and sisters? Check.
Willing to use the final U-Turn of the race? Check.
Expressing a great deal of emotion when visiting a Red Cross chapter? Check.

It would be bizarre to think that this season could end with anything other than a Maggie & Parul and Eric & Rona final showdown.
Which means it would be hilarious if it didn’t, and I was ultimately proven wrong.

3) JK & MIKE

manila jk mike 3.png

They are the only other team left with an active storyline. It is a huge underdog edit, but a journey to redemption could be in the making. It all starts with a leg win that came absolutely out of nowhere.

In fact, bookies in Vegas ranked Lisa & Nicole or Tara Basro as having a higher chance of winning the last leg than JK & Mike.

Will they continue to build upon their newfound teamwork or will they descend back into chaos and hostility with one another? We shall see.


manila louisa treasuri.png

It should have been a bigger deal that Louisa & Treasuri fell to their worst position since the start of the season. I mean, the team was on the verge of being labelled as unbeatable.

They surprisingly won the war in their rivalry with Tom & Anita after a weird elimination edit for Tom & Anita, but I do think that will be about it for them.

I continue to assume a U-Turn will put Louisa & Treasuri out of the race. Round eight will be their last, yes? There really isn’t any other active storylines left.


manila yvonne chloe 1.png

Wow. Each week I try to make it a point to discuss Yvonne & Chloe on the podcast, but. . .man, editors do not like giving them much airtime.

Beyond the Tupac bandana, we are just starting to get some insight into Yvonne & Chloe’s race.

For instance, Yvonne’s constant physical abuse of JK, and also their physical abuse of a popular Filipino karaoke song’s lyrics.

Nah, just playing. But seriously, Yvonne & Chloe haven’t been given much of an edit besides not being your typical average beauty queen models.

It’s tough to see a storyline emerge in the remaining four episodes. Would the audience accept them as winners? Probably not.

WEEK SEVEN PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

1) LOUISA & TREASURI – 2.167 Team Average

manila louisa treasuri 2.png

They -were- going to win their fourth leg in a row and continue a world record pace, but a very tightly contested showdown between everybody except Tom & Anita meant that a bad Detour decision would automatically result in Louisa & Treasuri finishing fifth.

If Louisa & Treasuri thought Indonesians were as good at karaoke as they are at badminton, everyone would be viewing Louisa & Treasuri as the Anderson Silva of The Amazing Race right now.

Surely Louisa & Treasuri will end up back on top this week, right? Well, before their presumed Final Four downfall.

2) JK & MIKE – 5.167 Team Average

manila jk mike 5.png

Look at it this way: No matter where JK & Mike finish this week, their average is bound to improve.

Some might say their victory in the Philippines was a bit of a fluke as it all came down to choosing the correct Detour option, but I tend to give credit where Michael Harmstone doesn’t think it is due.

Let’s just say I believe in momentum and say JK & Mike will have confidence heading into their homeland.
Unless they have to go to Allan Wu’s favourite hangout, the Sentosa Wave House. I just can’t picture JK balancing on a surfboard, and I can’t picture Mike being able to to go in there without somehow injuring himself.

3) MAGGIE & PARUL – 4.83 Team Average

manila maggie parul 1.png

Remember how I said Maggie & Parul tend to adjust where they finish in each leg based on the number of teams that are left?

This pattern will continue. They never excel but they never disappoint either.

You can join in on the skinny jokes and whatever other comedy they have provided since the beginning, but I can assure you they need to be taken seriously.

At the very least, expect them to be on the podium for the remainder of the season.

4) ERIC & RONA – 4.167 Team Average

manila eric rona 2.png

Last week, we see that if you throw in karaoke then Eric will turn into Bobby Brown.

This week, we see that if you throw in frustration then Eric will turn into The Incredible Hulk.

I do not know exactly how Eric & Rona will avoid finishing in the cellar this round, but I presume the results will be hilarious.

5) YVONNE & CHLOE – 3.67 Team Average

manila yvonne chloe 2.png

I expect Yvonne & Chloe to finish last this round, but I also expect it to be the final Non-Elimination Leg of the season.

It is difficult to figure out who will finish last when the only team that has had a weak overall performance is currently in first place.

Eric & Rona seem like too obvious of a choice due to the ‘Next Time on TAR Asia’ previews, and JK & Mike will likely not blow it in their home country (granted if their home country is in ridiculously close proximities to Yvonne & Chloe’s home country).

I do not think Yvonne & Chloe will be the next team to be eliminated, but it would make sense if they are saved by a NEL.


And that is that. Enjoy tonight’s episode.

Oh, and remember to catch up on the latest RTV Warriors recap of TAR Asia episode six if you haven’t already done so.

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