The Amazing Race Asia 5 Week Six Editing Analysis and Predictions Blog

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It has been a stressful week. Two days ago, I gathered a group of my closest friends to hold a candlelight vigil for Tara Basro. I don’t know what will come of it, but I assure you we all linked hands in a circle as we prayed hard for her safe return to Wonderful Indonesia.

Most missing person cases are a lost cause after four weeks, but Canadians like me never give up! Come home, Tara! We miss you!

WEEK SIX WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)


ho chi parul maggie.png

That Roadblock scene continues to pile on the evidence supporting a Maggie & Parul victory.

Don’t worry, I am right there with you–Maggie & Parul being eliminated today would be hilarious because people love to see me scrambling right before the end of the season.

But c’mon. Think about all of the personal information we know about Maggie & Parul in contrast to the other teams, the storyline of all-female teams doing exceptionally well, and Maggie & Parul supposedly being the only team to truly push themselves to their limits (even though we are bright enough to know everyone else in the race is pushing themselves too).

If I could assign 100 points between the six teams, 95 of those points would be placed as a wager for Maggie & Parul to win this season based on the edit alone.



The married couple. Our narrators. They support other teams when they are down. . .and also mock other teams when they are down.

A lot of attention is drawn to Eric & Rona each week, and it is clear that their edit is commanding much respect from the audience.

It would be odd if Eric & Rona were eliminated before the finish line–I mean, what the heck would producers do? Who would take over the role as narrator? It would just be weird.


ho chi tom.png

This is the second time that Tom & Anita were close to being eliminated, but the audience is still expected to perceive them as a top tier contender.

They still have an active storyline thanks to their rivalry with Louisa & Treasuri. There is no way that Tom & Anita go home before Louisa & Treasuri. Everyone should expect Tom & Anita to make it to the finish line.

Are they receiving the best winner’s edit, though? No, but they are receiving the typical runner-up edit.

I assume when they inevitably U-Turn/Yield Louisa & Treasuri, half of the audience will not be rooting for their success.

4) JK & MIKE

ho chi tom jk mike.png

Editors were kind to JK & Mike this week. Borderline blasphemy occurred as JK was treated as being a strong player due to his performance in the Roadblock.

If you look at teams in the past who are disastrous in the beginning but somehow become victorious at the end of the season, JK & Mike’s edit would line up with those in history.

However, other teams have much more developed stories than they do. I expect JK & Mike to be the comic relief team that goes home in fourth place.


ho chi louisa treasuri.png

For a team that has won three legs in a row, they sure are being set for a downfall. Louisa & Treasuri still have a chance to beat Marc & Rovilson’s record, but they haven’t been built up enough to suggest that we will be seeing them in the final leg.

Heck, I could see them being eliminated before the Final Four. Other teams who have a sub-2.00 average and end up winning tend to have a much bigger focus by the midway point of the season.

Furthermore, we know nothing about Louisa & Treasuri personally other than they are good at badminton in Wonderful Indonesia. It is not like Maggie & Parul where we will know their whole freakin’ family tree by the end of the season.

ho chi yvonne 1.png

Wow. Editors have not been kind to Yvonne & chloe.

Last episode broke their streak of relative invisibility in the editing suite. However, the footage they -did- receive was not very flattering. There were multiple confessionals about them following Eric & Rona during the basket challenge.

For anyone who has followed my Funniest Complaints blog, you know that casual fans really hate anyone who tails another team at a task. Of course, we all know this is an effective strategy, but those stupid casual fans are quick to criticize it.

I think Yvonne & Chloe’s chances of winning are close to zero because of a mixture of invisibility and negativity.

WEEK SIX PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

1) LOUISA & TREASURI – 1.6 Team Average (HOLY CRAP!)

ho chi badminton 1.png

I can’t bring myself to bet against a team that has a 1.75 team average. Yes, their downfall is coming, but I think Louisa & Treasuri need to be higher up on the peak before they topple down.

AS it stands, Marc & Rovilson are shaking in their boots.

2) ERIC & RONA – 4.2 Team Average


They just want to make the Philippines proud. However, I will find it funny if they barely come up short when they have home field advantage. How could you not win a leg in Manila, la?
3) YVONNE & CHLOE – 4.0 Team Average

ho chi yvonne.png

Wherever Eric & Rona finish, Yvonne & Chloe will presumably be right behind them.

Truth be told I am having a difficult time assessing where Yvonne & Chloe will finish each week. They are an unpredictable team because their strengths and weaknesses are rarely showcased.

4) TOM & ANITA – 4.4 Team Average

ho chi anita.png

My gut tells me Tom & Anita will need this round to try and put the pieces together before they make a strong run in legs 7 through 9 of this season.

They are a very analytical and intelligent team that appear to keep track of every decision throughout the race. I can guarantee you that the knowledge they learn from each round of the race is not going anywhere–this information will stick with them and they will use it to their advantage.

I presume a U-Turn or Yield will come up in leg seven which will be perfect timing for them.

For now, however, they shall spend one more round in the Land of Mediocrity.

5) MAGGIE & PARUL – 5.0 Team Average

ho chi maggie 1.png

The top five teams have all done consistently well since the beginning of the race. Yes, Maggie & Parul have home field advantage too, but it hasn’t been made as big of a deal compared to Eric & Rona.

My guess is Maggie & Parul will finish near the bottom, but because JK & Mike are the remaining buffer team left in the race, it won’t be a very close showdown.

Maggie & Parul should coast to a mid to low tier finish this week, and will not make any major blunders.

And if they lose to JK & Mike in a Manila leg. . .well, they deserve to go home.

6) JK & MIKE – 6.0 Team Average

ho chi mike.png

They’re fucked.
Unless it’s the final NEL of the season. Then they have a chance. This chance is something I predict they are going to get.

7) Lisa & Nicole

Unfortunately there will only be six sets of tickets to fly to the Philippines. :/

For those of you who listen to our podcast, my Ass Like That parody isn’t even my first Eminem rap parody for Amazing Race Asia. Right around when I was concluding analyzing -every- episode of the first four seasons of Amazing Race Asia, I wrote Wuthout Me.

(And yes, the full Ass Like That parody will be posted with screencaps et al within the next few days. I wasn’t kidding when I said I had it all written two weeks ago.)

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