The Amazing Race Asia 5 Week Three Editing Analysis and Predictions Blog

Well, I was wrong about Yvonne & Chloe this episode. Really wrong. Can I repeat my failure? It will be funny if I do.

WEEK THREE PREDICTIONS (The following is the order I expect everyone to arrive at the next pit stop)

1) TOM & ANITA – 5.0 Team Average

I don’t know why, but I keep thinking of Andrew & Syeon or an Ernie & Cindy whenever I see Tom & Anita on screen.

If they go home this round, I will be stunned. Their agility, teamwork, and balance should be enough to keep them consistently ahead of the other teams. They scare me more than when I am on the basketball court and Yvonne’s alter ego comes out.

2) ERIC & RONA – 4.0 Team Average

“Brandon & Alphaeus are the team to watch out for.” — Allan and Tara.


“Eric & Rona are the team to watch out for.” — Allan and Tara.

I doubt Allan and Tara could jinx a team two weeks in a row.

If anybody dare to get in their way, both will definitely turn into the Incredible Hulk and tear everyone to shreds.

Nah, just kidding. They will do well because they come off super competitive, and Rona has something significant to prove by running the race. She wants this.

3) JK & MIKE – 5.5 Team Average

Back-to-back meltdowns for JK & Mike? That won’t happen.

Things will cool down for them. They still survived even with their two huge errors in judgment. I may have fun dissing Jerald frequently, but I think he will have it together this round and reach the podium.

And if he doesn’t have it together, Michael and I will have a fun time commenting on it. It’s a win-win. Either I am right about Jerald’s position this week or I get to laugh at him. I am a genius.

4) PARUL & MAGGIE – 6.5 Team Average

It has been only two rounds, but do Parul & Maggie really have the worst average of all remaining teams? ‘Tis surprising.

Expect them to improve starting with this leg. They haven’t demonstrated a major weakness as of yet. No Natalie Glebova’ing it on their end.

5) YVONNE & CHLOE – 5.0 Team Average

It’s a shame they didn’t receive a prize for winning this leg. Not even a Kodak EasyShare digital camera.

I have no idea how this Worst-First team will do this round. They could very well bounce around the leaderboard for the whole season.

Let’s throw them in the middle for now because I have no fucking clue how they will do.

6) LOUISA & TREASURI – 2.5 Team Average

Surely they don’t go home with such a weak edit? I sense a weaker finish this week, but not included in the suspense of who will be eliminated.

Sixth would be perfect for them this round.

If they finish higher, I promise to give them more credit in the future. 2.5 is the best average of all teams thus far.

7) VICKY & RACHEL – 5.5 Team Average

Their bickering will continue to drag ’em down. JK & Mike are on a path to resolve their conflict.

I don’t see the same happening for Vicky & Rachel.

8) ALEX & WILL – 6.0 Team Average

You watched the first two episodes, right? The new Joey Fitness & Danny, ladies and gentlemen.

WEEK THREE WINNER’S EDIT PROJECTIONS (The following is the order of those who have the best chance of winning based on the edit set forth by production)



For a team that finished in an irrelevant position this week, they sure received a lot of content. They weren’t remotely in danger.


They were shown as a relatively competent team this week. Sure, their edit wasn’t as overwhelming as the premiere, but the premiere counts A LOT when it comes to a winner’s edit.



One message was made very clear: Despite being close to elimination in a relatively easy opening round, they kicked a lot of ass this week. Like, so much ass that I don’t see a donkey in sight.

Considering Louisa & Treasuri have outperformed them statistically, this edit is significant

4) JK & MIKE


JK apologizes, la. Could this be the perfect contrast to Vicky & Rachel?

JK & Mike resolve their problems and go on to win, while a team like Vicky & Rachel obviously don’t and are doomed to lose? That could be a winner’s edit in the long run.

An unlikely one, but more probable than others.



We know who they are. There isn’t much of a story to them yet, but there aren’t any obvious strikes against them as of yet.

They are the benchmark of neutrality at the moment. This could change soon, though. Remember: We are only two episodes into the season.



Unless the tone of their edit changes, we are meant to be annoyed by Vicky & Rachel’s antics. It will get old very very very fast if no new material arises. No way in hell they win if this occurs.



Tragically, I doubt their biggest satisfaction ever will not be coming in the form of winning this race.

This muscle-bound team is frequently mocked by the editors at a comedic expense. They shall be out soon.



Their edit is falling as much as they do in a biathlon.


I am probably wrong, but who cares? You try to come up with something better after two episodes. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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