The Amazing Race Australia 1 Episode 1 Rankings


TAR 1-4: Original Era
TAR 5-9: Revitalization Era
TAR 10-13: Transition Era
TAR 14-16: Static Era
TAR 17: The Exception.
TAR 18-24: Funky and Inconsistent Era.

TAR Australia: It has no era.




I said TAR 18 was the last season I did not watch during my hiatus from TAR until TAR 19 aired on TV. . .well, that isn’t exactly true.

TAR Australia (1) aired during the summer of 2011 between TAR 18 and TAR 19. It has taken me five years, but I am finally getting around to watch this season. This and TAR Australia 2, the latter being described as one of the best reality TV seasons in the history of this genre over the past sixteen years, are the only two remaining English-language seasons I have yet to see.

My experience with Australian competitive reality TV is not exactly miniscule, however.

During 2008, my brother downloaded the first two seasons of The Mole: Australia for me. After watching these two seasons, I would find the third and fourth seasons on YouTube before the extreme copyright purges we know and love today. The first four seasons were hosted by Grant Bowler. As for the fifth season? Well, let’s pretend that never happened.

grant bowler

I must say that I loved Grant Bowler as a host of The Mole. He was competitive with Anderson Cooper in the form of possessing that mysterious factor which is essential to host the show. Unlike Ahmad Rashad who was some sportscaster who made it feel like a fun retreat rather than an environment of dark comedy and a gloomy suspicious atmosphere.

Therefore, I was surprised to find out that this guy would also get the gig to host all three seasons of TAR Australia. You never see hosts crossing over like that. It would be the equivalent to Julie Chen hosting Big Brother during the summer and then switching over to Survivor for the rest of the year. No one could be a great fit for two very different shows, right?

What did I think of Grant Bowler when I watched TAR Australia 3 two years ago? Well, I always thought of him as “that Mole host who was hired to do TAR”. I think The Mole is Grant’s natural home–he is not a bad TAR host by any means, but it doesn’t utilize all of his strengths.

Besides, Grant did not say the word “kitty” or “(‘X’ number of dollars) goes begging” once during TAR Australia 3. I miss The Mole Australia staples from him.

activeTV, the folks who produced all four seasons of TAR Asia. . .wait, a fifth season of TAR Asia is coming out at the end of this year? Jesus. Anyways, activeTV hopped from their run on TAR Asia to producing the first two seasons of TAR Australia.

Needless to say both of these seasons would receive high praise, and truly put activeTV on the map. Well, with one exception that would occur after TAR Australia 2.

activeTV was a consultant forThe Ultimate Fighter: China. They had never been involve with TUF or MMA before, and would be apart of one of the most bizarre mistakes I have witnessed in competitive reality TV history.

NOTE: Michael McKay responded to this post saying activeTV was just a consultant for TUF China. They had little to no involvement in the hilarious incident that occurred while they consulted for TUF China.

UFC executives essentially co-produce each season of TUF with a TV company. Fighters initially go through a series of skill-based tryouts until it gets to the interview round. The interview round is where fighters are evaluated based upon their personality and entertainment value.

Unfortunately, this can backfire as they overrode the UFC’s pleas to not cast a yoga master with a 0-0 fighting record to compete on The Ultimate Fighter: China.

The MMA fan community heckled the UFC for having a Chinese yoga master compete before the season even began, and things went from hilarious to absolutely absurd as the first two episodes aired on TV. The yoga master refused to train and spar with his teammates, he couldn’t defend, strike, nor take any strikes, and quit in the second episode after he couldn’t handle a session with one of his assistant coaches. It is one of the most embarrassing things I have seen on The Ultimate Fighter.

Cast members, coaches, fans, and the UFC itself ridiculed producers for pushing the infamous yoga master Li Jinying onto the show.

I just needed to tell you that the folks who produced two of the greatest seasons in reality TV history also found themselves being tied to one of the biggest blunders in competitive reality TV history.

Again, it appears activeTV had nothing to do with putting the yoga master on the show, but it’s funny that their name as well as the UFC brand had to be stamped on this incident.

Alright. Let’s talk about TAR Australia (1)’s format.

Unlike TAR 18 which committed genocide against the Fast Forward, this season will have a grand total of one. What will that task entail? You can probably take a guess and be correct.

Remember how I said the Intersection only works if you have it last for a full round or more? Well, my wish is nearly granted as the Intersection will appear TWICE within the same season. I could see this complicating the game in terms of coalitions and alliances. Will the same players repeatedly team up?

Surprisingly, there is only one U-Turn this season. Despite Blind and Double U-Turns having already been established prior to filming in the US, TAR Australia stays away from this twist in their inaugural run.

And for those of you who found the Speed Bump lame after seven consecutive US seasons, the TAR Asia tradition of either taking your funds away or instituting a thirty minute penalty carries over to TAR Australia. Here they go with Marked for Elimination for two of their NEL rounds. We will see the TAR Australia format significantly alter itself from season to season–something which the American version has never really done over the past twenty eighteen seasons.

Bertram is stubborn in his ways, I suppose.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this season is that two episodes are filmed in Israel. I thought this location would be off limits in every international version except Hamerotz LaMillion, but TAR Australia proves this can be done.

I can’t really comment on too much else for this season since I am unfamiliar with TAR Australia (1) and its legacy. You don’t see too much carry over in a franchise which only has a three season catalogue. The first two seasons are hidden gems in the TAR universe, and it is now my job to bring these gems to the surface.

If there is anything to keep an eye on throughout the season, I will be paying attention to how much of the tasks and production techniques from TAR Asia carry over to this version. Especially in the season premiere which is a near carbon copy of the Lombok leg from TAR Asia 4.

I feel bad that TAR Asia was suspended due to all of the travel restrictions using Asian contestants, and for whatever reason having to rely on casting D-list celebrities, but let’s not blame the Aussies for it. This is their time. Oy oy oy.

Episode One

Focus. Believe. Achieve.

(Episode Blog #274)



DISCLAIMER: I may occasionally incorrectly transcribe what some of the racers are saying due to the thick Australian accents. Sadly, I have been guilty of this during the TAR Asia seasons. Just giving you the heads up.
melbourne water

Not Los Angeles.

– Grant introduces us to Melbourne.

melbourne landscape
melbourne landscape 1

Again, not Los Angeles.

– Melbourne is regarded as Australia’s sporting capital, and no place is more famous for its rich sporting heritage than the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

melbourne stadium


melbourne stadium 1

We’re back to standard definition.
melbourne helicopter

Eleven teams are flying in by helicopter. This has really eclipsed the entrances of TAR US leading up to Unfinished Business. Helicopters trump dune buggies and old cars.

melbourne helicopter 1

Usually you have to wait until a leg in the Alps or the season finale to ride in helicopters in the US. Lucky Aussie bastards.

GRANT: This adventure will take them to twelve countries and twenty-three cities covering nearly fifty thousand kilometres.

Twelve countries in twelve legs?! None of that doubling up bullcrap we see in TAR US. The Aussies are playing for keeps.

melbourne helicopter 2

Why is the tail end of the helicopter shaped like a ‘6’? Shouldn’t it be shaped like a ‘7’?

melbourne helicopter 3

How do teams feel about flying in a helicopter over downtown Melbourne?
melbourne anne marie tracy

Very thrilled, I would say.

melbourne anne marie tracy 1

Considering Vulture has Lisa & Joni as the 25th best team of all time, Anne-Marie & Tracy could easily be #24.

ANNE MARIE: Between us, we have worked at Big W for twenty-eight years.

melbourne anne marie tracy 2

Big W, upon further research, is an Australian department store. Judging by the types of products they carry, it would be something like Target.


Except, you know, not being stupid enough to try and expand into the Canadian market.
melbourne anne marie tracy 3

They even have to wear their uniforms in their opening confessionals. That’s just cruel.

TRACY: And this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to us.

melbourne anne marie tracy 4

“Other than the time when we partied because the diapers were on sale for $19.99

melbourne anne marie tracy 5

Or the other time when they upgraded their computers at each till.

melbourne anne marie tracy 6

“This is like a whole new adventure! What’s next, Tracy? Robotic cashiers!”

ANNE-MARIE: When it comes to running in the race, we’ll give it our best shot. And as you can see, we don’t look like the running sort of people. Running doesn’t really come into our lives, does it Tracy (insert the stereotypical Aussie inflection here)?

melbourne anne marie tracy 7

Don’t worry, Anne-Marie.

steve dave austria

You can’t do worse than these guys when it comes to running. Or Kendra on the Ethiopian race track in TAR 6.

TRACY: But, there’s a story.
melbourne anne marie tracy 8

Something tells me this story is fiction, Tracy.

TRACY: Tortoise and the hare.
melbourne anne marie tracy 12

melbourne anne marie tracy 9

TRACY: Tortoises. And they won! They won the race!
melbourne anne marie tracy 10

melbourne anne marie tracy 11

Anne-Marie’s overly expressive laugh cracks me up every time.

– Now to our second team.

GRANT: Married* entrepreneurs from Sydney, Richard and Joey.


Not to be confused with the much more famous Sydney, Nova Scotia here in Canada.

melbourne richard joey

What is playing in Richard’s headphones?
melbourne richard joey 1

If Anne-Marie & Tracy are tortoises, these are the hares they alluded to earlier.

RICHARD: We’re married entrepreneurs. To get businesses off is the same as this race. You need to be number one, and that’s what we intend to do.

melbourne richard joey 4

How do you intend to go about doing that, Richard? I am curious to find out.
melbourne richard joey 5

JOEY: We pretty much like to start something from scratch. Create it.

That is a classic Aras Baskauksas hand motion, Joey. Everyone put your hands on top of Joey and feel the energy.

melbourne richard joey 6

melbourne richard joey 7

melbourne richard joey 8

Look out, Parvati. You have some competition.

JOEY: Our main three words are: To FOCUS on what we need to do. To BELIEVE in ourselves, and we can ACHIEVE it.

melbourne richard joey 9

I don’t think Anne-Marie doesn’t even know that was an exercise.

RICHARD: Focus. Believe. Achieve.

melbourne richard joey 11

What do you call people who focus, believe, and achieve, Joey?

melbourne richard joey 12

JOEY: Focus-Believe-Achievers.

melbourne richard joey 2

“What are you thinking about right now, Joey?”
“I believe that.”

melbourne richard joey 3

“Now it’s achieved.”

Now, let’s review Richard & Joey’s three simple steps to success.

melbourne richard joey 15

melbourne richard joey 13
melbourne richard joey 14

I can’t believe we’re only two teams in. This may or may not be better than seeing Jet & Cord and Jaime & Cara one season ago.

– Our third team is coming up.

GRANT: Tyler and Nathan. Friends from New South Wales.

melbourne tyler nathan


brett clouser

Something tells me he won’t be getting much airtime.

melbourne tyler nathan 1

Why are they both wearing toques?

kota kinabalu richards

Somebody has been hanging around the Richards too much.

NATHAN: We both live pretty cruisy lifestyles.

melbourne tyler nathan 2
How cruisy?

NATHAN: Just surfing. Not too much stress. Together we’ve put some good surf trips in different parts of the world with just a backpack on and a surfboard, you know. Roughin it pretty hard.

melbourne tyler nathan 3


melbourne tyler nathan 4

Neither of them are missing an arm.

TYLER: We’re always the kind of guys who will jump into something without planning it.
NATHAN: It’s going to be interesting to see how we go, and hopefully overcome the stress of it all.
melbourne tyler nathan 5

Two more hares for Anne-Marie & Tracy to take down. Let’s move on.

GRANT: Dave and Kelly. Bikers from Western Australia.

melbourne dave kelly

Dat goatee.

KELLY: We’ve been married for eleven years. Some people think we’ve got an arranged marriage. They just can’t believe because we’re so opposite.

melbourne dave kelly 1

Not so far.

DAVE: I spend all of my time fishing with the mates, and Kel spends all of her time shopping.

melbourne dave kelly 2

What’s next? One of them prefers chocolate ice cream and the other prefers vanilla? These aren’t extreme differences.

paula abdul.png

At least Paula Abdul and MC Scat Kat had greater differences. Paula likes TV while Scat Kat prefers the movies. She moves slowly, and he moves fast. Furthermore, Paula likes it quiet while MC Scat Kat loves to shout. Lastly, Paula is neat while MC Scat Kat makes a mess.

Now those are REAL differences.

melbourne dave kelly 3

They are each other’s ride or die, it seems.

DAVE: The biggest problem I think we’re going to have is we’re not going to spend anytime apart.
KELLY: But when we are together we make it work.

melbourne dave kelly 4

“As long as he keeps his goatee, we remain married.”

– Who is our fifth team?

GRANT: Farmers from Outback Queensland, Matt and Tom.
melbourne matt tom

Are cowboys instant fan favourites in Australian reality TV like they are in America? If so, here is the duo that could be sucking up all of the airtime.

TOM: We met at a sheep shooting about seven years ago, and have been mates ever since.
MATT: I work at a station twice the size of Holland, but have never left Australia. It’s going to be a fairly interesting experience for me.

melbourne matt tom 1

They even have the black and white hats like Jet & Cord.

MATT: We got a pretty laid back sense of lifestyle. People might think it’s slow. . .but it’s not really.

melbourne matt tom 2

Matt talks about not being slow while we cut to him LIMPING across the grass. Editors are funny.

MATT: Our brains work one hundred percent of the time–it just might not look it.

melbourne matt tom 3

Let’s find out.

– Who is our sixth team?

GRANT: Alana and Mel. Reunited sisters from South Australia.

melbourne alana mel

The reunion part hasn’t really come together yet, though.

ALANA: Mel ran away from home when she was fifteen and our relationship just got shattered.
(MEL proceeds to slap herself on the wrist.)
melbourne alana mel 1

“Bad Mel. Mel needs to be punished!”

ALANA: And we’ve only been picking up the pieces the last few years.

melbourne alana mel 2

Mel is having too much fun shaking that outfit. Her and Kelly need to go shopping sometime.

MEL: I deserted her for -years-, and we don’t really know each other because there was that huge gap apart.

melbourne alana mel 3

That gap comes into play when making decisions about Alana’s new wardrobe.

MEL: We need to build that bond again and get to know each other because as it stands we’re so different that–
melbourne alana mel 4

melbourne alana mel 5

MEL: Frustrating!!!!

melbourne alana mel 6

melbourne alana mel 7

There is definitely a joke here, but I am not going to say it.

MEL: Because we don’t get along that well.
ALANA: Although she has to love me because we’re sisters, she doesn’t like me.

melbourne alana mel 8

Alana. . .she just choked you on national television. She grabbed you by your throat.

MEL: . . .And I get along with her ex.

melbourne alana mel 9

melbourne alana mel 10

Reunited sister’s exes who get along well would have been an unusual team to see on The Amazing Race.

– So, Sir Bowler, who shall our seventh team be?

GRANT: Renae and Sam. Models from Western Australia.
melbourne sam renae

Automatically casting blonde models also occurs in Australian Amazing Race.

SAM: We’ve known each other for about four or five years. We hang out. We do everything together. Best friends is definitely the word to describe it.

melbourne sam renae 1

The sun must be right in their face.

melbourne sam renae 2

Two models who have the word ‘cobra’ on their license plate? Is it because they will sting you with their poison if you get too close? Who knows.

But yes, they drive together.

melbourne sam renae 3

melbourne sam renae 4

They smack each other’s bottoms together (yet somehow miss their calling as Beach Volleyball Olympians in the process).

melbourne sam renae 5

They recline on the beach together.

melbourne sam renae 6

They gossip about boys together.

melbourne sam renae 7

They even lotion up together. They do everything you wouldn’t expect models to do!

SAM: Our strategy will be to use our looks, and we’re hoping along the way in the race we can use that to our advantage.
RENAE: People look at me and see me as their typical “Barbie-doll blonde girl”. That’s not the case at all. I’m a bit of a tomboy. I work for a yoot(?) and van hardware company so I do a bit of maintenance on the yoots and stuff.
melbourne sam renae 8

They even repair cars together. Sam isn’t doing anything here, but hey, best friends really do everything together. They are practically Siamese twins. By the way, doesn’t this look familiar?


fonzworth 1

Yep. It’s a recreation of OutKast’s The Way You Move music video.

RENAE: If a car breaks down or we get a flat, I’d be the first one under the bonnet.
melbourne sam renae 9

In other news, I need to brush up on my Western Australian slang. Bonnet refers to the front of the car, I presume?

– Let’s reveal team number eight.

GRANT: Mo and Mos. Best mates from Victoria.

melbourne mo mos

Mos is mesmerized by the chopper ride.

MO: People will think we’re brothers or something. I don’t know. But we look similar. Act similar.
MOS: We’re both of Egyptian heritage. I’m just better looking.
melbourne mo mos 1

Poor Mo.

melbourne mo mos 2

What’s going on?

melbourne mo mos 3

What are they doing?

MO: We are of a Muslim background. There are going to be times where we have to stop and pray.
melbourne mo mos 5

melbourne mo mos 4

Some pray faster than others.

MO: Sometimes in that moment it might be good to take five minutes.
MOS: So you’re in the middle of a task that you need to wait for something, we can pray and get sort of grounded.

Amazingly enough, this is only the second Muslim team thus far in an English-speaking version of The Amazing Race. The first?

bilal denial

“It didn’t say that this was a pIT STOP!”

And given my TAR Canada knowledge, Mo & Mos are guaranteed to be the strongest Muslim team by default. . .although Bilal & Sa’eed did get screwed over by the second biggest bullshit twist in TAR US history.

japan eric lisa 8

Their bullshit twist is numero uno.

– Alright. Our ninth team.

GRANT: Jeff and Luke are father and son with a fractured past.

melbourne jeff luke

If it’s anything like Alana & Mel’s fractured past, we should expect Luke to start randomly choking Jeff during a confessional.

JEFF: When Luke was fifteen, I left and then there was quite a cut.

melbourne jeff


melbourne jeff 1

Things just took a drastic turn.

melbourne jeff luke 1

This is one of the more awkward intros in TAR history.
melbourne luke

LUKE: Dad absolutely let me down. I didn’t raise my hand to lose my dad.
coach i have

I have.
LUKE: And that’s happened. In terms of where we’re going on this next adventure in this competitive environment, our trust hasn’t been to that level.
melbourne luke 1
Can I just point out that Luke would have done great in the opening Tug O’ War battle in Australia vs. New Zealand?

JEFF: Whatever shard might be left that he doesn’t trust me, I want to completely eradicate that forever. I’ll do whatever it takes.

melbourne jeff luke 2

Did they not get to ride in the helicopter?

– Our tenth team?

GRANT: Ryot and Liberty. Brother and sister from New South Wales.

melbourne ryot liberty

Yes, that’s Ryot with a ‘Y’.

LIBERTY: Our family has breeded show beagles for five generations, and it’s something I absolutely love to do.

melbourne ryot liberty 1

Wait a second. Forget Ryot and Liberty.

melbourne ryot liberty 2

How about Muffin and Liberty? You guys need a simultaneous head turn if you want to be considered!

melbourne ryot liberty 3

You never have to worry about them being more than fifty feet apart per official TAR rules thanks to the leash.

melbourne ryot liberty 4

Look at the trust between them.
melbourne ryot liberty 5

Ryot longingly watches from the sidelines as he sees himself being replaced as a partner.

RYOT: When she says “our family”, I am completely excluded from this. I am a poker player. I play full time.

melbourne ryot wilson

Who does he think he is throwing those playing cards around?

chris jesus ferguson.png

Chris Jesus Ferguson?

LIBERTY: He’s fairly competitive. He’s fairly intelligent. . .and he’s one of the most arrogant people I have ever come across.
RYOT: I would agree with that. I am intelligent.

melbourne ryot wilson 1

“I know she has a pair of aces. Playing 5-Card Draw with my sister bores me.”

melbourne ryot liberty 6

What is with poker players on The Amazing Race always being set up to be assholes?

TAR 15 picked the lone poker player who had the absolute biggest reputation of being an asshole, Tiffany Michelle, and threw her into the race.

This time we get an Aussie poker player who even his sister admits he is the most arrogant guy she has encountered.

Can’t we get any mild-mannered poker players?

india jean robert

Uh. . .

kevin 2

I guess not.


Anna might count, but then, you know, the Trump stuff happened.

– Who is our final team?

GRANT: Lovebirds Chris and Anastasia.

melbourne chris anastasia

TARAus’ idea of a generic dating couple?

ANASTASIA: I met Chris at uni two and a half years ago. I think it is going to test our relationship, and nothing can test us like The Amazing Race could.

melbourne chris anastasia 1

Aaaaand, we’ve already lost Chris. Her confessionals are up here, Chris.

melbourne chris anastasia 2

Pancakes, strawberries, and syrup. I wonder if they use Aunt Jemima syrup?

melbourne chris anastasia 3

I know their relationship is physical, but this is not what I had in mind.

melbourne chris anastasia 4

sandy francesca

Anastasia is taking the Francesca position, I see.

CHRIS: If we can make it through four weeks of Hell, and we’ve tested each other top and bottom, I can say we definitely will be getting married.

melbourne chris anastasia 5

*fist pump*

CHRIS: –At some point.

melbourne chris anastasia 6

Nice recovery, Chris.

CHRIS: Picture making through The Amazing Race as like a pre-nuptial engagement.

melbourne chris anastasia 7

melbourne chris anastasia 8

“We’ll talk about that later.”

It’s tough for me to take a team seriously when one looks like Mr. Pectacular and the other is famous ’24’ and Deathproof actress Vanessa Ferlito.

– And if you’re expecting me to transcribe the rest of this episode like this, you can go to hell.

– Grant asks us who will have the right combination of strength, strategy, skill, and teamwork to win the ultimate prize.

melbourne run

Teams run out of the choppers.

melbourne anne marie tracy 13

Holy crap. Anne-Marie and Tracy are running before the race has begun. Conserve your energy, tortoises!

melbourne grant bowler

This would have been the perfect time for Grant to take a swing at a ball in Cricket. Now let’s get to the starting li–

melbourne grant bowler 1

What the hell is this?

melbourne grant bowler 2

Are we doing the intro BEFORE Grant says ‘Go’? Such cultural differences.

melbourne chris anastasia 9

They go from boxing to Anastasia putting in a rear naked choke.

melbourne anne marie tracy 14

Anne-Marie & Tracy having fun with shopping carts.
melbourne matt tom 4

If beagles can be on the race, I guess horses can too.

melbourne ryot liberty 7

melbourne ryot liberty 8

melbourne ryot liberty 9

Ryot is not too impressed with Liberty’s friendly entrance.

melbourne mo mos 7

That has to be the holiest intro shot. Brandon & Nicole must be jealous.
melbourne mo mos 6

Uncle Mos wants you.

– Nobody else’s intro shots stand out. Tyler & Nathan are surfing, as you might expect.

melbourne starting line 1

If this were Hamerotz LaMillion . . .

melbourne starting line

. . .This is the part where Grant would instruct everyone to eat ten live crickets as their first task.

melbourne grant bowler 3

Somebody clearly raided Phil Keoghan’s closet.

GRANT: In just a few moments, you’ll be heading off on Australia’s first ever Amazing Race.
melbourne grant bowler 4

“The twist is that you will have the rare opportunity to conduct this race ENTIRELY within our nation’s borders! Lucky you!”

canada skate 2

Oh wait. That’s another franchise. :/

– There are twelve rounds. Eight of them are elimination points, therefore no crazy twists.

GRANT: The first team to reach the finish line at the end of this opening leg. . .

melbourne grant bowler 5

Don’t do it, Grant. I have a feeling I know what you are about to pull out of your ass, and I don’t think I will like it one bit.

melbourne grant bowler 6


– Best part is that a bumbling soundtrack I have never heard in TAR before begins playing as if the teams are being trolled. I don’t typically point out soundtrack bits anymore, but this was too amusing to not mention. It is perfectly timed. The music is practically stating “What the hell?”

melbourne mo mos 8

“What’s an Express Pass?”

GRANT: This is a very valuable prize.
melbourne grant bowler 7

“No matter what the next ten seasons of TAR US, four seasons of TAR Canada, the next two seasons of TAR Australia, and TAR Vietnam All Stars tells you. This. Is. Valuable.”

melbourne matt tom 5

Tom doesn’t buy it.

– Remember those three words Richard & Joey promote?

melbourne richard joey 18

For any Islamophobes who think Mo & Mos are going extreme with praying during the middle of racing, just look at the religion of Focus-Believe-Achievism where they are wearing freakin’ T-shirts to express their faith.

melbourne jeff luke 4

Jeff’s ascot is grabbing my attention during Grant’s explanation of how the race works.

tonga flag

The only person who could trump that is if the Tongalese flag bearer was apart of this season at the starting line.

GRANT: The first team to cross the finish line at the end of twelve legs will receive. . . . . . . .Two hundred and fifty THOUSAND dollars!

melbourne grant bowler 8

That’s the ultimate prize? No Chevrolet vehicles? No trips courtesy of hotels dot com? That’s it?

GRANT: When I say ‘Go’, you can run over to one of the eleven clue boxes and grab your very first clue.

melbourne grant bowler 10

Well, that’s. . .unique. Where will their bags be?

melbourne tyler nathan 8

Not that Tyler & Nathan packed anything of value in their bags. When their surfboards couldn’t fit in there, all that remained were a few condoms and one-tenth of a bottle of deodorant.

GRANT: Is everybody ready? The world awaits. Good luck. Race hard. Race safe.

He really has to distinguish himself from Phil.

melbourne run 1

These people don’t care, though. They are ready to collide with the clue box.

melbourne run 2

One of the helicopters stayed in the air.

melbourne grant bowler 11

melbourne grant bowler 12

melbourne grant bowler 13

melbourne clues

Whoever is the slowest will be stuck with the clue boxes that are furthest away. This will effectively put them at a ten second disadvantage.

japan eric lisa 9

If only opening tasks were that forgiving.

– It is an instant Roadblock.

“Who is your tower of strength?”

NOTE: I had to re-listen to the Roadblock hint five times because their accent made it sound like the hint said “Who is your terror of strength?” and knew that couldn’t be right. Dangit, Aussies.

– Grant explains each team member can only complete six Roadblocks during the race.
melbourne grant bowler 14

Look out, Grant! There is a guy with a club right behind you!

– In this Roadblock, that person must take a number at one of the six MCG lighting towers then scale the seventy-five metre high mast. Then collect the clue and abseil down to rejoin their teammate.

melbourne roadblock 1

Ah. A unique graphic.

melbourne abseil

I am amazed you can even abseil a lighting tower at a sports arena. Could you imagine if stadiums let locals do that during the offseason? So many sports junkies would spend their money on that. Or just stay sitting on the couch eating wings.

melbourne tower

I believe this is the first Starting Line task in TAR history to begin with something heights related.

– Grant says teams must brave the wind and their fear of heights. If a team is afraid of wind, I question their decision to live in a country that is plopped in the middle of the freakin’ ocean.
melbourne grant bowler 15

Why is Grant standing next to the number ‘3’?

Maybe it refers to the third team that was introduced in the beginning.

melbourne tyler nathan 8

The third team was Tyler & Nathan. Therefore, Tyler & Nathan are Co-Moles. I knew it.

corbin bernsen

Even Corbin wouldn’t catch that.

– Mel has a confessional.

melbourne alana mel 12

Does anyone know what it says on Alana’s shirt?

melbourne mo mos 9

Mo & Mos hug it out after grabbing a number.

melbourne mo mos 10

MOS: I love my sport. I am from Victoria.

melbourne mo mos 11

melbourne tower 2
melbourne mos haroun

Mos needs a puff of his salbutamol inhaler and he is all good to climb that pole.

– Everyone comments on their partners being able to climb the MCG. Richard is the one who will be doing the Roadblock for his team.

melbourne richard joey 19

Yet Joey is the one freaking out.

melbourne matt tom 9

Ugh. I can’t put up with another full season of cowboy references. If these two make it to the end and hog up the airtime, just shoot me now.

– Kelly says Dave hates heights.

melbourne kelly miller

melbourne dave miller

Or climbing to great heights, anyway.

– Mel, Tyler, Tracy, Dave, Renae, Ryot, Richard, and Mos are doing the Roadblock.

– Tyler drops an uncensored “holy shit” as he is first to abseil. Welcome to Aussie TV.

melbourne tyler atkins

Look at this. Another Tyler in the history of TAR abseiling in first place.

DAVE: This is the Dad Man’s Spot.

melbourne dave miller 2

As long as you are not Jim from TAR 25, the harness should hold.

melbourne kelly miller 3

Kelly begins to imitate the pose of the statue behind her.

– Ryot is third to abseil. Tyler makes it to the bottom.

TYLER: Too easy! That was so sick, dude.

Oh my god. Aussies really do say this. This caused a huge fight between two of my married co-workers a few months ago.

The husband claimed Aussies say this as a way to say “no problem” in slang form.

His wife  thought this term was really annoying, and she would freak out (in a fun way) whenever her husband said it.

For the next few hours of the shift, the husband would repeat this term whenever he could as the wife would get angrier and angrier.

Hearing it for myself that Aussies actually do say “too easy!” amuses me to no end. This is great.

– Tyler is first to the bottom. Then Ryot. Then Dave. Speaking of bottom. . .

DAVE: I need toilet paper!

melbourne dave miller 3

I hope he is kidding.

– The three teams read they are going to Lombok, Indonesia.

melbourne clue 3

If TAR Australia copied TAR Canada’s format, it would be Lombok, Australia as opposed to Lombok, Indonesia. Grant informs us that teams will drive themselves to the airport, book a flight to Denpasar, then travel by BlueWater Express ferry to Lombok. The three “fast boats” will depart thirty minutes apart.
melbourne car

Non-sponsoured cars? Wow.
lombok boat

lombok boat 1

It wouldn’t be a season premiere if not for split up departure times in the following morning.

– Once in Lombok, they will search the fishing village for their next clue.

lombok boat 2

The same boat from TAR Asia 4 is still here.

lombok hussein natasha 4

Oh yes. TAR Asia 4. This was the round where Hussein revealed that he made Natasha count local currency for fun on weekends.

Some may say that it is a duplicate by taking a boat from Denpasar to Mataram, then finding the clue in the net of an outrigger, but we should note teams are taking BlueWater Express as opposed to Ocean Star Boat Express to get to Lombok. Huge difference.

NATHAN: We’re first, dude.
TYLER: Let’s follow the signs, dude.
NATHAN: Let’s go, dude.

melbourne tyler atkins 3

They really need to star in the Aussie adaptation of “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

– Tyler talks about being really competitive.

TYLER: As long as we get there first, we’re happy.

Foreshadow much?

– Dave gets in the car.

DAVE: We’re going to bloody Lombok.

melbourne dave miller 4

But there is so much to see in Australia, Dave!!!!!!11111

– Mel starts abseiling.

MEL: I have the biggest wedgie ever!

melbourne mel grieg

Unfortunately you can’t strangle a wedgie, Mel.

– Richard reaches the bottom in fourth. Joey tears the clue off of him.

melbourne richard joey 20

Normally they would say “focus-believe-achieve” here, but given the current positioning, I think Joey may just want to skip straight to achieving.

JOEY: To be straight bang out of Australia was incredible.

Dear god. I am weeping as a Canadian viewer. Three and a half seasons into TAR Canada and only a grand total of six rounds out of a possible forty have left the country. Sigh.

melbourne richard joey 21

This is how TAR is supposed to be.

– Mel is fifth to complete the Roadblock. Alana is jumping up and down while screaming.

melbourne alana mel 13

Alana has more adrenalin pumping than Mel.

– When they read the clue, Alana squeals as if she just swallowed a bar of soap.

melbourne alana mel 14


– Renae is preparing to do the Roadblock. She is the next in line for the annual tradition of “Will this person complete this heights related task or chicken out?” edit that we see every bloody season.

RENAE: When I see that tower, I was gonna spew.

melbourne sam renae 12

#1 Aussie Spewer.

melbourne sam schoers

“If you are going to spew, make sure the wind blows it away from my direction.”

melbourne sam schoers 1

“If you don’t, you are paying for this outfit.”

melbourne tracy read 1

melbourne tracy read

melbourne tracy read 2

Tracy is having as much fun as Renae.

– Renae eventually decides to block out her fear (and spew), and slowly rappels down.

MO: She is taking forever. Seriously.

melbourne mo mos 12

You picked the wrong tower, Cousin Mos.

cousin mose

Their third teammate is in their hearts. R.I.P. Cousin Mose.
melbourne sam schoers 3

Way to troll another team, Sam.

– Renae calls down Sam to keep talking to her. Sam compliments her looks.

– Tracy keeps dropping until she stops in mid-air.

ANNE-MARIE: She sort of stopped and hung there. I thought “oh my god, she’s died”.

melbourne tracy read 3

Maybe a team won’t make it past the starting line task again, after all.

melbourne anne marie tracy 15

Being tortoises didn’t work out so well.

– Renae completes the task in sixth.

RENAE: If I wasn’t hanging on by the thing, I would have kissed the ground. That’s how happy I was to see it.

melbourne sam renae 13

She has to settle for kissing Sam instead.

melbourne sam renae 14

Sam seems a lot smaller compared to Renae.

– Tracy collapses in seventh.
melbourne tracy read 4

One Roadblock down. Five to go.

TRACY: Emily. . .don’t make me run.

melbourne tracy read 5

I think Anne-Marie will back off for now.

– Tracy Read reads that there is 140 (Aussie?) Dollars for this leg of the race.

melbourne anne marie tracy 16

I doubt Tracy will even want to run to the car. Maybe if they are in tenth.
melbourne anne marie tracy 17

Look at how supportive they are of each other.

golden girls

I am surprised the Golden Girls theme didn’t begin to play in the background.

– Matt, Jeff, and Chris are all doing the Roadblock.

– Matt is done in eighth. Chris in ninth.

melbourne matt tom 10
Yes, Matt even copies Jet & Cord’s cowboy hat stacking during Roadblocks. Please don’t copy the worst team of all time, Matt & Tom. The similarities need to end soon.

– Tom suggests they follow Chris & Anastasia. Another classic Jet & Cord tactic.

melbourne matt tom 11

At the moment, I hope the sign says “Go Screw Yourselves”.

melbourne tom warriner

Okay, maybe I was a bit harsh.

– Tom makes fun of Matt for never being to Melbourne before.

MATT: People in cars is not what I’m used to.

melbourne car 2

A Mazda? Matt hasn’t seen a Mazda before?

melbourne matt nunn
melbourne matt nunn 1

Where’s your Bullbar? What the hell is a bullbar?


Is that the nickname Aussies give to Bulbasaur?

– Jeff finishes the Roadblock in tenth place.

melbourne jeff downes

Distrust: Currently 2.7% eradicated.

– Mos is dangling off the tower in last.
melbourne mos haroun 1

Mos is frightened.

MO: Mos, c’mon! You’ve got a whole cheer squad!

melbourne mo el leissy

“They are just cheering silently.”

– Mo launches into a confessional.
melbourne mo mos 15

MO: I’m surprised they didn’t call the police.

melbourne mo mos 16

MO: There is a random Arab climbing the MCG. Should we be concerned?

– Teams start showing up at the airport. The first flight is at 2:30pm via Darwin. There is an direct flight at 6:45pm but it gets in an hour and ten minutes later. Tyler & Nathan book the earlier one.

“How will you be paying for this flight?”

melbourne tyler nathan 7

melbourne card

By. . .well, it’s not by BMO Express. Is the credit card not sponsoured either in the Australian version? This is incredible. How broke is CTV in Canada in comparison to 7?!

– Ryot sighs when he parks at the airport. Dave & Kelly and Ryot & Liberty greet each other at the counter.

DAVE: How the hell are ya?

melbourne greeting

That is not the friendliest greeting I have heard.

– The agent informs them the first flight is full. They will have no choice but to be on the direct flight.

melbourne agent

And how the hell Ryot has THREE clues in his hand already is beyond me.

– We see Tyler & Nathan’s flight path.

melbourne flight path

melbourne flight path 1

Which is the coolest flight path graphic I have seen. The sound effects are awesome too.

– Mos finishes abseiling.

MOS: I was the worst abseiler in the world.

melbourne mos haroun 2

I don’t know how one could measure that quantitatively, but whatever.

– Mos may or may not be the worst abseiler ever. . .

melbourne mo mos 21

melbourne mo mos 19

melbourne mo mos 20

But he is the worst trunk closer in the world.

melbourne mo el leissy 1

Mo’s concussion has erased his memory as to how him and Mos got into last place.

–  Jeff describes Sam & Renae as bandits at his three o’ clock.

– Alana & Mel are lost on the road. They can’t figure out if what is to the left of them is a road.

MEL: Is that a road? Is that a road?! Melbourne roads are STUPID!

melbourne road

melbourne road `

melbourne mel grieg 1

Not even Aussies understand their own urban planning.

MEL: We’re not going to find our way in freakin’ Indonesia when we can’t find our way in Melbourne.

– Alana & Mel talk about how they have never gone driving together before.

melbourne alana grieg

Alana worries about how this race will go.

– Chris & Anastasia convince people to let them cut in line at the airport. They encounter Dave & Kelly and Ryot & Liberty.

KELLY: We’ve already nicknamed you two.
ANASTASIA: What is it?
KELLY: Muscles and Bambi.

melbourne chris anastasia 10

And then Kelly finds out Anastasia is an orphan. Now THAT would be awkward.

ANASTASIA: My mom calls me Bambi!

melbourne chris anastasia kelly

Kelly is proud of herself.

– Matt & Tom see Richard & Joey a.k.a. The Competitive Yellow Team slightly ahead of them on the road.

melbourne matt nunn 2

I don’t think Australia has mobs.

– Richard & Joey are pissed that Matt & Tom caught up.
melbourne richard joey 23

Richard & Joey run to the ticket counter then. . .

melbourne matt tom 12

TOM: I dunno. I’ve never flied out of the country before.

melbourne tom warriner 1


MATT: We were both a bit bushed.

– They approach a random counter.

melbourne matt tom 13

TOM: We’re trying our best to get to Indonesia.
MATT: How do we go and buy our ticket?

melbourne matt tom 14

Tom looks at a folded piece of paper for guidance.

melbourne serious

The agent is not too kind to Matt & Tom.
melbourne matt tom 15

“Jetstar? That’s an unusual name for a bloke, don’t you think Tom?”

– Anne-Marie & Tracy park at the top of the car park. They are not too excited for the walk down.

TRACY: Nothing is smooth-sailing for us.
melbourne anne marie tracy 18

And nothing ever will be on the race.

– Anne-Marie asks an employee (who is sitting in a car for some reason) where the Premium Parking is located.

melbourne anne marie brown

melbourne anne marie brown 1

Oh no.

ANNE-MARIE: We’ve got no money to get out of the car park.

Wait. Didn’t they get over one hundred  bucks for this leg of the race? How did they already run out of money?

Note to self: Never use car parks in Melbourne.

– Commercial break. We resume.

ANNE-MARIE: We hadn’t even left the country and we couldn’t even get out of the car park!

melbourne anne marie tracy 19

Less than twenty minutes into the first episode and a team is already begging for money.  TAR Australia is brutal.

ANNE-MARIE: We hadn’t even left the country and we’re still stuck in a car park.

melbourne anne marie tracy 20

I think Tian & Jaree had an easier time heading to the airport in TAR 4 than you guys did.

– Tracy asks for three dollars.

melbourne tracy read 6

Or as we like to call it, a Tortoise Toonie.

– Sam & Renae, Alana & Mel, and Jeff & Luke park in the correct area. So do Anne-Marie & Tracy and eventually Mo & Mos.

– Mo & Mos are informed by the agent that every team except for one (Tyler & Nathan) will be on their flight.

melbourne tracy read card

This is highly irresponsible of production. They expose Tracy’s American Express credit card information on screen. If she had to beg for three dollars before, I can’t imagine what she will be begging for once the season premiere airs.

melbourne mo mos 13

melbourne mo mos 14

Do you know how much more offensive if it would be if the reverse had happened? The top ten teams were all on the same flight together, and the two Islamic men had to be on their own an hour and ten minutes behind everybody else? That would not have gone over well.

– Now here is something I have never seen before.

melbourne prayer

A Prayer Room in an airport. I have been to airports in Kelowna, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Seattle, Bellingham, LA, and Las Vegas, and have never seen a Prayer Room before.

It makes sense since Canada’s Muslim population is two percent and America’s is 0.8 percent, and not a Muslim country remotely close to us.

Australia, though? They are hovering around two percent too, but with countries like Indonesia and Malaysia being the two closest to them, the prayer rooms are necessary.
melbourne mo mos 17
melbourne mo mos 18

MO: You think given our situation we’ll be praying a little bit harder.

Religious people can be irritating on The Amazing Race, but Mo & Mos hardly fit that criteria since they have a good sense of humour about it.

melbourne fly

Fun fact: This episode would have filmed on November 5th, 2010.

– Grant informs us the second flight gets into Denpasar at 10:20pm.

denpasar flight

Tyler & Nathan lost five minutes on their lead!

denpasar tyler nathan

Look at how many people are hanging there. It is like the crowds we see during the India legs.

denpasar tyler nathan 1

Even in the parking lot they linger.

– Tyler & Nathan arrive at the sign-up board. Tyler greets the locals working there.

TYLER: What’s up?!

denpasar tyler nathan 2

“Are there cool waves here, bro?”

denpasar nathan tyler

Nathan talks about the big weight being lifted off his shoulders as he writes his name on the empty board.

denpasar nathan tyler 1

Now he just needs to lift the weight off the right side of his face.

– The second flight lands. It is a bit of a mad scramble initially, but teams opt to slow down together.
denpasar crowd

This could get messy.

denpasar crowd 1

This is much more sensible.

– Luke describes how hectic it was to arrive in a country in the middle of the night in the rain. Various teams are entering cabs.

SAM: Big Australian Kiss.
RENAE: You take Australian Princesses?

denpasar sam renae

Aaaaaand cue the hate from the middle-aged women watching from the couch.

– Chris promises good money if their driver can pass the other taxis. Ryot & Liberty get passed by almost everyone.

denpasar chris anastasia

Anastasia flexes in the lead.

– Several teams sprint out of the cab and head for the sign-up board.

denpasar anastasia drimousis

Anastasia owns that board.

– Dave randomly kisses an older lady. Presumably the taxi driver?

denpasar dave miller

Kelly may be out of the picture. They might be too different after all.


denpasar anne-marie tracy

I don’t know how it happened, but Anne-Marie & Tracy outran the other teams to get the last spot on the second boat.

– Matt & Tom and Ryot & Liberty are stumped as to how they arrived last at the sign-up.

TOM: We’re all in the same boat, anyway.

Ha. Ha.

denpasar boat

In other news, Anne-Marie has the worst handwriting ever.

MATT: I’m gonna go rile out somewhere.

denpasar matt tom

The Aussie-isms are killing me.

denpasar sleep

There are twenty-two people asleep, but yet one person is alone. How is that possible?

– The sun rises in Denpasar.
denpasar dogs

Dogs take the place of roosters to signal the start of the day.

– Nathan is annoyed two other teams are in the same boat with him at six o’ clock.

– The second boat departs at six thirty.

– Lastly, the seven o’ clock boat embarks.

denpasar richard joey

Richard & Joey have a pep talk.

RICHARD: Yesterday was yesterday.
JOEY: Today’s a new day.
RICHARD: Bring it.
JOEY: Bring it, babe.

JOEY: We’re gonna step up and–
RICHARD: We’re not leaving anytime soon.

denpasar richard joey 1

That’s right. Step it up. Knock ’em down. Nothing will get to Richard & Joey today.


denpasar richard toutounji

Richard’s greatest enemy: Seasickness when in small boats.

denpasar richard toutounji 2

denpasar richard toutounji 1

Focus. Believe. A heave.

– The first boat arrives at 8:27. That boat ride is nearly two hours and thirty minutes long. Yikes.

– Teams explore the village of Lombok.

denpasar cows

“Oh god. They are Aussies this time, John. Oy.”

denpasar nathan tyler 2

I like how Nathan & Tyler are suspicious of both of the kids in this picture.

denpasar playground

Naturally this lads them to the playground.

MEL: The kids aren’t very helpful laughing at us.

denpasar kids

“Even Lowell was able to find the clue when he traveled here by himself.”

denpasar nathan tyler 3

Nathan & Tyler upgrade to asking teenagers for help.

denpasar nathan tyler 4

Oh, beach volleyball. Some locals had dreams of being in the Rio Olympics.

– The second boat arrives at 8:57am. Nathan & Tyler and Chris & Anastasia are right there when it disembarks.

denpasar chris anastasia 1

The seven teams are bound to find the clue simultaneously. Tough to create distance between that many groups.

– Anne-Marie & Tracy prepare to jump off the boat.
denpasar anne-marie brown

Easy now, Anne-Marie.

denpasar anne-marie brown 1

Anne-Marie hasn’t been that flexible since ninth grade gymnastics.

denpasar anne-marie brown 2

The local is not prepared.

denpasar anne-marie brown 3

denpasar anne-marie brown 4

Tracy can’t come down to help her up because she is laughing too hard.

TRACY: The villagers are all out on the beach and they are just killing themselves. I couldn’t help her up because I was laughing so hard.
denpasar anne-marie tracy 1

Tracy uses the easy route.

denpasar anne-marie tracy 2

Tracy is laughing so hard that she unintentionally snorts.

TRACY: Yeah, Anne-Marie is wet because she fell on her ass.

denpasar anne-marie tracy 3

denpasar anne-marie tracy 4

Tracy starts laughing at her friend. Again.

– Jeff views it as a game of Snakes and Ladders.

– Kids yell at Mel.

MEL: Yes! Yes! No! No! No! Yes! Where’s the box?

denpasar mel grieg

Mel has as much patience with children as I do.

– Dave comments on what is going on.

DAVE: Everyone from the first boat is running around like headless chooks. So we went and joined them and run like headless chooks.

denpasar dave kelly

That third boat will catch up to everyone easily.

denpasar chicken

Anne-Marie walks by a headed chuck. It probably has a better sense of direction than its headless counterparts.

– Anne-Marie says they are supposed to be looking for a box, but Tracy checks the outrigger.

denpasar tracy read

“Would this be it? The exact same spot where they hid the clue on the exact same beach in TAR Asia 4?”
denpasar clue

. . .

denpasar tracy read 1

“Nah, this can’t be it.”

– Tom is on the boat talking about how nimble he is looking for things on beaches in Indonesia.

MATT: Yeah, I’ve had plenty of practice at it.

denpasar matt tom 1

Ah, Sarcastic Cowboys. I like this much better.

– The third boat arrives at 9:05am.

denpasar boat 1

Wait a second. It was two minutes faster than the other two boats. THIS IS RIGGED!

denpasar outrigger

I guess that is why the clue is in an outRIGGER.

– Mo is checking around the mosque.

– Nathan & Tyler have the clue and retreat to a narrow street.

denpasar nathan tyler 5

Nathan & Tyler are currently three-for-three with being the first to complete each route marker thus far. You know how they could have found the clue faster?

denpasar people

By noticing the cluster of Lombokers who are staring right at the outrigger.

– Tyler reads they need to travel by taxi to Pura Lingsa Temple then they must run throw a rice cake war ceremony to receive their next clue.

GRANT: This centuries old tradition appears violent, but is re-enacted to strengthen harmony between Muslim and Hindu communities.

denpasar rice

denpasar rice 1

“Hands up, don’t shoot.”

denpasar rice 2

“Mohammed and Anjay are bickering again? Let’s settle this like men, guys–by throwing rice grains at each other that I scrounged from my sister’s wedding when her niece was flinging it around for fun.”

I wonder if there are any violent ceremonies to unite the Muslim and Christian communities in Lombok. That should be a priority too.

– Kelly takes note of Tyler & Nathan trying to hail a taxi. She and Dave immediately chase after them to find out where the clue is.

lombok school

I love it when teams haven’t had a chance to learn each other’s names yet.

– Tyler & Nathan have no choice but to give up this information.
lombok tyler nathan dave

“You mean it’s not in a clue box?”

– Dave is happy he doesn’t have to run around in pig poo for another hour. They help Sam & Renae. Sam says a chain reaction occurs as she tells Anne-Marie & Tracy where the clue is too.

SAM: The bikers told the clue to us then we told the clue to the Big W ladies.

denpasar sam renae 1

I think if a Canadian heard you refer to two middle-aged women as “The Big W Ladies”, they would assume that is an offensive term.

– Ryot sees Sam & Renae moving with intention. Sam tells them where to go. Richard & Joey get help from a local as they find the clue in fifth place. Matt & Tom have it in sixth place. Jeff & Luke are seventh.

denpasar mo mos

For a town in Southeast Asia, Denpasar might have the record for least number of motorcycles.

– Richard & Joey run past Anne-Marie & Tracy.

denpasar anne-marie tracy richard

Hard to believe, but yes, Richard does overtake Anne-Marie in a matter of seconds.

– Richard & Joey get into a taxi.

denpasar richard joey 3

JOEY: We’re ahead of them, baby.
RICHARD: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
JOEY: We’re ahead of the Moms. They’re a bit nuts.
RICHARD: We’re taking them down. I don’t like ’em.

denpasar richard joey 4

Wait a second. The team who is overall the most competitive, focused, and physically fit couple in this season has chosen a couple of middle-aged, goofy, and out of shape women as their biggest enemies?

denpasar anne-marie tracy 5

Including one of them who was so uncoordinated that she fell completely on her ass when climbing down just two feet from a boat.

ray meredith soweto

This is officially Ray Hosteau territory. “I am not going to lose to a seventy year old man and his wife! Nor two forty year old women who work at Wal-Mart! Even if it was a game of Checkers, we’d have them beat.”

This is great for the comedic value of this season. A storyline like this turns a good season into a fantastic season. Thank you Richard & Joey for this potentially incredible comedic gift. I appreciate it.

ANNE-MARIE: Tracy! Tracy! What’s the matter?
TRACY: I’m hurting bad.

denpasar tracy read 2

Meanwhile, Richard & Joey are shaking in their boots.

ANNE-MARIE: We need to run, Tracy. Sometimes.
TRACY: We also need to breathe!
ANNE-MARIE: Sometimes don’t worry about breathing.

denpasar anne-marie tracy 6

Tracy’s next biggest obstacle will be a Roadblock where she has to walk and chew gum simultaneously.

– Matt & Tom and Jeff & Luke both have cabs.

denpasar matt tom 2

This slang is getting ridiculous.

– Joey brags about covering all of the nets.

– Chris & Anastasia silently communicate with a local. Chris understands what he is miming. They search the boats. Mo & Mos, Ryot & Liberty, and Alana & Mel are there altogether.

Chris & Anastasia are in eighth (Chris hushes her some reason even though everyone else has the clue too), Mo & Mos are ninth, Ryot & Liberty are tenth, and Alana & Mel have fallen from the first boat all the way down to last. Ryot claims they were there for only ten minutes.
denpasar chris anastasia 2

“Shhh, shhh. Nobody needs to know we blew our lead despite being on the first boat.”

MOS: I love the old ladies from Big W. From WA.
MO: I want one of them to be my adopted mother.

denpasar mo mos 1

Anne-Marie & Tracy may be out of it with the Believers and Achievers, but they sure are a hit with the Muslim community.

MEL: We’re in last. Game over.

bill paxton

Game over, mate. Game over, mate.

– Commercial break. We resume. Alana doesn’t know how they will come from behind and push it to the max.

JOEY: We need to focus on the next thing, next.

Then what do you do after you focus, Joey? -_-

– Mo & Mos talk about the upcoming task.

MOS: We get to run through cakes.
MO: Being thrown at us.
MOS: I’m fine with that. It’s every fat man’s dream apparently.

denpasar mo mos 2

Just keep your head down but your mouth open.


“If only I was Aussie instead of German!”

– Tyler & Nathan run through the crowd. One exploded all over Tyler’s face.

NATHAN: It was intense.

denpasar tyler nathan 3

Kelly & Christy would love this task.

denpasar tyler nathan 4

This must be when Tyler was hit the hardest.

denpasar tyler nathan 5

I wonder what somebody would look like if they got hit in the side of the face enough times because they were running too slow.


Oh. That’s Harvey Dent’s true origin story. If only you and Rachel didn’t get stuck in that rice cake throwing extravaganza!

denpasar tyler nathan 6

Run fast, boys!

– Tyler & Nathan open the clue. It’s a Detour. Cash or Carry.

– In Cash, teams must search for a marked bakso stall.

denpasar bakso

This vendor is mediocre. It makes you go “bakso what?” after eating it.

They must prepare and sell fifteen bowls of this local delicacy for no less than 5, 000 Rupiah before handing over the cash to the stall owner in exchange for their next clue.

denpasar bakso 1

Mmmmm. That food.

denpasar man

Mmmmm. That hair.

In Carry, teams must search for a market stall and select a basket of produce and deliver it in the traditional manner–on their head. They will deliver it to another market stall which is also within the market.

denpasar carry

Yep. This was a Detour option during the Lombok leg in TAR Asia 4 as well.

GRANT: This balancing act is a skill so teams that can stay level-headed can stay in front of the competition.

denpasar grant bowler

Grant smirks after a pun. How cute. Although Grant’s wording sounds awfully familiar. . .
lombok allan wu

ALLAN: With the pressure of elimination hanging in the balance, teams better be level-headed to stay in the game.

You have to be fucking kidding me! This episode is such a clone that Active is even re-using the same pwuns! That’s plagiarWusm!

– Tyler & Nathan choose Carry.

NATHAN: We had cricket-sized flour bombs thrown at us. It hit me in the face.
TYLER: We got flogged.

Cricket the animal or cricket the sport? I never know with Aussies.

denpasar tyler nathan 7

I shall adjust to the Aussie lingo soon enough.

– Sam & Renae are second to the flour power.

denpasar sam renae 2

If this were TAR US, casual fans would complain that the White racers are being hit much harder than the minorities or something like that.

– Renae says the locals were evil.

RENAE (reaches clue box): G’day.

Who is Renae talking to?

denpasar sam renae 3

The statues?

– Just like Tyler & Nathan, they choose Carry.

denpasar sam renae 4

They need to keep their hair like that all season. Sam’s bandana must remain too.

denpasar sam renae 5

“Hell yeah.”

– Rchard & Joey are third to the taxi–they beat Anne-Marie & Tracy in the biggest upset in TAR Australia history thus far. Richard is in the cab complaining he was hit in the eye right before the clue box. He cannot see out of his eye.

denpasar richard joey 5

denpasar richard joey 6

Let Joey poke it out for you then. With his eye injury, dare I say he will have issues being able to FOCUS his vision?

– Dave & Kelly is fourth. One local absolutely brutalizes Dave.

denpasar spin

denpasar spin 1

He did a freakin’ spinning flour uppercut.

Remember how they are billed as bikers?

denpasar dave kelly 1

Well, they look like clowns now.

– Mo & Mos complete the task in fifth. Anne-Marie & Tracy are next. Needless to say, they do not run fast. In fact, the locals take it easy on them.

ANNE-MARIE: It was like I had coral in my hair.

denpasar anne-marie tracy 7

“It’s not a tumour.”
denpasar anne-marie tracy 8

Nobody uppercuts Anne-Marie & Tracy. Instead they gently place a couple of leaves in Tracy’s hair.

– Matt & Tom are next.

denpasar matt tom 3

Tom uses his backpack as a shield.

– Jeff & Luke finish the task in eighth.

– Tyler & Nathan are ready to Carry.

denpasar tyler nathan 8

Tyler & Nathan are all set.

denpasar tyler nathan 9

Camera casually pans to the right.

denpasar locals

This isn’t awkward for Tyler & Nathan whatsoever.

– Tyler keeps asking Nathan where they are going. Nathan is finding it easy as Tyler repeatedly wants to quit this task. The locals laugh hysterically each time it falls off Tyler’s head.

denpasar tyler nathan 10

denpasar laugh

denpasar laugh 1

They are pointing and laughing at him.


So is Burton.

NATHAN: He washed his hair last night and he thinks that’s the reason why it kept sliding off his head.

denpasar tyler nathan 11

denpasar tyler atkins

“Stop bloody sliding.”

denpasar local

Show off.

– Ryot & Liberty are ninth.

LIBERTY: Those kids were brutal. It’s like they had license to kill.

denpasar ryot wilson

Ryot agrees.

– Joey suggests they sell two bakso bowls for 10, 000 Rupiah. Richard thinks that is brilliant.

– Chris & Anastasia are tenth to the clue box, and are on their way back.

ANASTASIA: I’m gonna falllll.

denpasar chris anastasia 3

denpasar chris anastasia 4

denpasar chris anastasia 5


denpasar chris anastasia 6

denpasar chris anastasia 7

Muscles rescues Bambi from the hunters.

– Before exiting the scene, Chris turns back to give one last message to the kids of Denpasar.
denpasar chris anastasia 8

CHRIS: You pussies!

Wow. You can get away with it all on Aussie television. A contestant just referred to a group of children as weak ass pussies. If the camera cuts to a kid crying from Chris’ insult, it is all his fault.

– Alana & Mel are last.

MEL: We have to do Cash. We’ve knackered.

denpasar alana mel

My British fellow Michael Harmstone uses the word ‘knackered’, but it appears Aussies use that word too.

– Sam & Renae and Richard & Joey are second and third to the Detour. Richard & Joey go for Cash. Sam & Renae opt for Cash.

denpasar detour

Were Sam & Renae being sincere or were they throwing off Tyler & Nathan’s concentration by talking to them?

denpasar eat

Richard makes the 2-for-10, 000 pitch.

denpasar eat 1

Joey also does it but with more energy.

denpasar eat 2

Cue the graphic!

– Sam attempts to balance the produce on her head.

denpasar sam renae 6

denpasar sam renae 7

With bizarre hand movements in the process.

denpasar sam renae 8

So confused.

– Richard counts up the money Joey has taken in. Uh oh. Looks like the locals gave them 1, 000 instead of 10, 000.

denpasar richard joey 7

denpasar richard joey 8

The counter goes down. Fail.

JOEY: We just have to make sure that we really focus, and believe in each other, and we can achieve what we need to do.

denpasar richard joey 9

Dear god. We’re barely halfway through the first episode.

– We immediately cut to Tyler & Nathan balancing produce.

denpasar tyler atkins 1


denpasar tyler nathan 12

I love how awkward Tyler & Nathan look when moving with the baskets on their heads.

denpasar sam renae 9

Sam continues to experiment with various strategies. . .or a cop has just pulled a gun on her. One of the two.

denpasar tyler nathan 13

Tyler uses his peripherals to be aware of their lead.

denpasar sam renae 10

denpasar sam renae 11

denpasar sam renae 12

NATHAN: Holy shit!

Holy shit! They can curse on Aussie cable television!

– Commercial break. We resume. Sam & Renae’s badassery is replayed.

TYLER: I was walking dead ted crab guy, and these girls just go like ‘wooo’ past us. How did they do that?
(TYLER’s basket falls.)
TYLER: I dropped my basket a good few metres from the finish.
NATHAN: You were checking them out. That’s why.

denpasar tyler nathan 14

denpasar tyler nathan 15

R.I.P. Tyler’s balancing act.

Also, they can say ‘shit’ on TV and still have it be a PG rating? What a country.

– Tyler & Nathan switch.

denpasar sam renae 13

After being first to complete the opening three tasks, Sam & Renae whoop everyone.

– Sam reads they must take a taxi to Malimbu Beach. Once there they will take a traditional boat to Gili Trawangan Island. Then they must go snorkelling to find a briefcase at the bottom of the ocean floor. Then they must take a briefcase to a beach hut and count the money inside. Each briefcase contains a different amount of cash.

This is all one route marker?!

denpasar sam renae 14

Yaaay TAR Australia!

NOTE: Taking an outrigger, diving for a briefcase, and counting the money was a Roadblock in TAR Asia 4. However, they scuba dived to the bottom rather than snorkel. Exact same freakin’ beach.

wanda moscow 1

Not Wanda.

denpasar water

You can see why Lombok is used in consecutive Active seasons.

denpasar briefcase

That does not look like a shallow dive.

denpasar hut.jpg

Does this bank have debit?

denpasar hut 1.jpg

The one task where having Hussein as a partner was useful in all of TAR Asia 4.

denpasar man 1

Sadly, this crew member will only be paid 0.1 percent of what is inside of that briefcase for standing outside for hours and hours today.

– Renae is proud of flooring their performance. Sam said they split it. These expressions are getting to me.

– Matt & Tom are next to attempt Carry. So are Jeff & Luke.

MATT: It sat in nice like an egg in an egg cup.

denpasar man 2

Oh, the farming analogies.

– Tyler & Nathan and Dave & Kelly are at the Cash option trying to sell bakso.

DAVE: It’s the Good Morning Special!

denpasar dave miller 1

“The secret ingredient is flour! Don’t eat this if you have a gluten allergy!”

– Anne-Marie & Tracy sell bakso which locals tell them is very good. Ryot & Liberty are there as well. Dave is struggling.

DAVE: My children need to eat! Please!

denpasar dave miller 2

The locals find his BS amusing.

DAVE: I made such a beautiful meal up for em. All the lovin’ I could offer them young ladies, I couldn’t sell one bowl. This is a dud car.

denpasar dave kelly 2

Nobody appreciates Dave’s cooking. So sad.

– Dave & Kelly switch to Carry. Matt & Tom yell at Dave & Kelly to not touch them.

– Luke is focusing on the task at hand.

denpasar jeff luke


denpasar jeff luke 1


denpasar jeff luke 2


– Luke says the local ladies thought it was hilarious men were balancing baskets on their heads, and that they tried it being stiff-necked and breathing as little as possible.

denpasar jeff luke 3

Luke will be the first to die from asphyxiation without anybody or anything coming into contact with his nose or throat.

– Jeff & Luke have an off-camera pep talk and take another go at it.

denpasar jeff luke 4

Jeff is the stronger of the two at this task.

– Luke loses his basket as more women laugh at him.

denpasar women

This is more entertaining than Indonesia’s Funniest Home Videos.

– Tyler & Nathan’s taxi driver gave them a 50, 000 Rupiah note. All they have to do is give out free bowls.

denpasar nathan joliffe

That is one incredible taxi driver. Has there been a Detour where a taxi driver has done eighty percent of the work for a team, and not involve anything to do with navigation? This is a miracle.

denpasar nathan joliffe 1

All Nathan has to do is sell free bowls of soup.

TOM: I can see him, Matt.
MATT: Right-o.

It’s like Ty the Tasmanian Tiger in real life.

denpasar matt tom 4

Matt is dressed up like freakin’ Crocodile Dundee in Lombok.

– They finish the Detour in second place. Tom points out Matt’s hat.

MATT: This hat is the bomb diggity for everything. For keeping off rice patty cake fights. . .and picking up women.

denpasar hat.jpg

The women watching from home are wet already.

denpasar matt tom 5

“On second thought. . .maybe not.”

– Chris & Anastasia show up to Carry (which is ironic because Carry is how Anastasia left the Detour).

– Alana & Mel are last to the Detour. Alana asks if she can use her hands. Oh, Alana.

– Dave & Kelly are moving fast.

denpasar detour 1

denpasar detour 2

Passing racers with relative ease.

– Tyler & Nathan hand in their 75, 000 Rupiah and finish the task in third place. Tyler & Nathan have an inappropriate conversation in the cab.

denpasar tyler nathan 16

NATHAN: Doing stuff with your head.
TYLER: . . .Doing stuff with your head?

denpasar tyler nathan 17

Yep. Tyler & Nathan just referenced oral sex on national television.

– Mel says their mother told them to walk with books on their head to fix their posture.

denpasar alana mel 1
denpasar alana mel 2

denpasar alana mel 3

denpasar alana mel 4

I think it’s more of a waddle than a walk, guys.

– Mel lifts up her shirt for no reason.

MEL: Wooooo.

denpasar mel grieg 1

denpasar mel grieg 2

Mel just flashed her belly button. So promiscuous!

LOCAL: Yeah!

denpasar local 1

denpasar local 2

He has another suggestion for a flash.

MEL: Naughty boy! Naughty boy for looking there!

denpasar mel grieg 3

You’re going to have to settle for a belly button, dude.

– Anne-Marie & Tracy are at six bowls.

TRACY: Being in that market was mental!

Heh. Mental.

– Richard & Joey are at nine. Mo & Mos are at three. Anne-Marie & Tracy are at eight. They mention how difficult it is to have everyone fight for the same customers. Mo sells one for 600 Rupiah, and Mos informs him that is not enough.

MO: That’s alright.
MOS: No, it isn’t.

Mo doesn’t know how this Detour works.

– Chris & Anastasia are balancing the baskets.

denpasar anastasia drimousis 1

A local gives Anastasia some encouragement.

– Mel has to grab her basket as Anastasia creeps up behind her.

CHRIS: Watch out! Watch out!

denpasar chris mel

denpasar chris mel 1

I love how Mel’s first instinct is to step directly into Anastasia’s path.

denpasar chris mel 2

Mel finally steps back.

– The basket tips for Chris. Commercial break. We resume.

– Dave & Kelly are on their third attempt.
denpasar dave miller 3

denpasar dave miller 4

He is like a puppet on strings.

– Dave & Kelly complete the Detour. What does Dave do after a day of sleeping outside, playing with flour, and running through a whole lot o’ humidity?
denpasar dave miller 5

He suffocates a local with his armpit. I bet it smells like a flower.. . or flour.

– Dave & Kelly finish the Detour in fourth.

denpasar dave kelly 3

And now they get to snorkel.

– Dave tells Alana & Mel how far to go. Chris congratulates them on finishing.

– Mel coaches Alana to squat as they reach the finish. They have gone from eleventh to fifth place just like that.

– Ryot & Liberty up the ante as Liberty adds something extra to her bowl of bakso.

LIBERTY: I give kisses! I give kisses!

denpasar liberty wilson

denpasar liberty wilson 1

LIBERTY: Everybody gets a kiss!

denpasar liberty wilson 2

What is this?

oprah winfrey

The Oprah Winfrey of Love?

LIBERTY: I have no idea how many strange men I kissed today.

denpasar ryot liberty

“But I am pretty sure I have herpes and mono.”

seoul brook claire 64

“Oh, that’s nothing, sister!”

denpasar liberty wilson 3

You get a kiss!

denpasar liberty wilson 4

You get a kiss!

– Liberty tries to sell a bowl to a woman, and offers Ryot to plant the kiss.

LIBERTY: You want a kiss from him?

denpasar ryot liberty 1

“The doctor cleared him of VD right before the race!”

denpasar ryot liberty 2

– Chris & Anastasia succeed on their fourth attempt.

denpasar chris anastasia 9

denpasar chris anastasia 10

ken masters

Ken Masters completes the Detour!

denpasar chris bow

denpasar chris bow 1

Take your bow, Chris.

– Chris starts chanting as him and Anastasia sprint through the market.

denpasar chris anastasia 12

denpasar chris anastasia 11

Chris high fives the crowd.

–  Mos asks a local to have lunch with him. They sell their remaining bowls and have their clue in seventh place.

– Jeff & Luke finish Carry in eighth.

denpasar jeff luke hug

denpasar jeff luke hug 1

Distrust is now 19.1 percent eradicated.

denpasar clue 1

We get to see a portion of the clue on screen.

MOs: I have done snorkelling once. It wasn’t fun.

Muslims don’t like snorkelling. Who knew.

– Mel claims this is all luck and all they need is a snorkel. I have a feeling counting the money will not be luck.

– Sam & Renae are first to the boats.

denpasar renae wauhop

Deeper water than Renae was anticipating.

– She asks which boat is the fastest. Renae is told one is twenty-five horsepower.

RENAE: I grew up in the country of WA (Western Australia?). Love my box. Love my boats.

denpasar sam renae 15

I -really- want to make a Steph & Kristen joke right now.

steph kristen

But I’ll wait for a better opportunity.

denpasar sam renae 16

The boats with fifteen horsepower are left behind.

denpasar sam renae 17

This round is in their grasps. It is all going to come down to math.


And seeing how Renae thinks people view her as the “Barbie doll type”, crushing it on a math task is the perfect opportunity to break all stereotypes.

– Ryot & Liberty sell their final bowl. They finish the Detour in ninth.

denpasar ryot liberty 3

Liberty sealed their ninth place position with a kiss.

– Richard & Joey and Anne-Marie & Tracy are still selling bowls. Joey resorts to similar tactics.

JOEY: You get a dance.

denpasar richard joey 10

JOEY: And a smile.

denpasar richard joey 11

“What type of dance are we talkin’? It could be anything from a Charleston to you backing it up and twerking. This is a very important distinction here.”

JOEY: Nobody else will give you that with their soup, do they?

denpasar richard joey 12

This is right after Liberty made out with half of the village. Joey’s extra value may seem a bit weak.
denpasar anne-marie tracy 9

Anne-Marie & Tracy finish the Detour in tenth through hard work. No twerking or kissing required.

– We cut back to a pre-season confessional from Tracy.

TRACY: The biggest challenge for Anne-Marie and myself would have to be. . .would be stripping to our swimwear. That would just be horrendous.

denpasar anne-marie tracy 10

Anne-Marie & Tracy are getting way more than they bargained for in the opening leg. This will truly test if they have the desire to stick it out in this race long term.

– Richard & Joey are down to their last bowl.

denpasar richard joey 13

Their last sale is to a random woman sitting in a wagon.

– Richard & Joey are in dead last. Jeff & Luke talk about how Carry was really hard.

– Mo & Mos discuss the upcoming task.

MOS: I’m going to struggle miserably.
MO: It’s alright. Remember?

denpasar mo mos 3

MO: Lightning.

denpasar mo mos 4

MO: Thunder.

big brother canada adel chaos and mayhem

Right up there with fellow Muslim reality TV contestant Adel who possesses Chaos and Mayhem.

MO: You know who we haven’t seen the whole trip? Are those first two boys.
MOS: Either they are ahead or struggling miserably.
MO: Zac Efron and Co.

Man. You know it is the early 2010s when a Zac Efron reference pops up.

– Tyler & Nathan and Matt & Tom pick boats. Dave & Kelly are fourth to the boat. Everyone is counting boats.

– Alana & Mel are fifth into a boat.

– Ryot & Liberty are very close to arriving at the boat.

denpasar ryot liberty 4

But Liberty is having an issue.

denpasar liberty

denpasar liberty 1

LIBERTY: Empty stomach in a car through windy roads just didn’t help me.

denpasar liberty wilson 5

Yes! Our first vomiting scene of TAR Australia!

denpasar ryot wilson 1

“Thank the gods you waited until AFTER the Detour to throw up. Something tells me the locals may have rejected a kiss from you if you vomited beforehand.”

LIBERTY: I think all I’ve eaten over the past two days is one piece of toast and a muesli bar. So just lack of food, dehydration, and I am not very fit at all.

denpasar ryot wilson 2

We hear more retching.

denpasar ryot wilson 3

I have a feeling Liberty is not just standing there to observe the scenery.

LIBERTY: One minute.

denpasar liberty wilson 6

“Just need a minute to dry heave some more.”

denpasar liberty wilson 7


– Commercial break. We resume and replay every moment of Liberty vomiting. Out of all the things replayed after a cliffhanger, it is someone freakin’ puking their guts out.

LIBERTY: Our fabulous cab driver now has a dirty cab.

But at least his cab company is promoted on TV.

– Sam & Renae have their snorkel gear.

denpasar sam renae 18

Sam moonwalks her way into the water.

denpasar sam renae 19

denpasar sam renae 20

denpasar sam renae 21

Renae stumbles.

– Chris & Anastasia’s cab pulls over.

CHRIS: Malimbu Beach?
DRIVER: Yes, but it is not here.

denpasar chris anastasia 13


denpasar chris anastasia 14

CHRIS: Where is it?

denpasar chris anastasia 15

DRIVER: In the next place.

Wow. Their driver not only pulled over in the wrong location, but did so intentionally thinking Chris & Anastasia would want to walk to the route marker.

denpasar chris anastasia 16

They have a hike up ahead.

CHRIS (sounding like Arnold Schwarzzeneger): C’mon Tasia! I hate it when we do this shiiit.

denpasar anastasia drimousis 2

And it is not going well.

CHRIS: The water ends. The water ends.

denpasar chris anastasia 17

Their taxi completely screwed them over.

– Anastasia suggests it is safer to go back up to get a taxi.

– Richard & Joey pass by Chris & Anastasia.

CHRIS: They’re all beating us. Can we just walk?!

denpasar chris anastasia 18

You think Chris would have enough roid rage to run after Richard & Joey’s cab until it got to the beach.

denpasar chris anastasia 19

Another taxi passes. We haven’t been told who it is.

ANASTASIA: Chris lost his cool a little bit.
ANASTASIA: We can’t get through.

denpasar chris anastasia 20

Oh my god. Bambi is about to get shot by Ahnold. Instead of following the taxis, they walk in the opposite direction and go back on the main road.

denpasar chris anastasia 21

Chris is still losing his cool in the confession.

– Ryot & Liberty are right behind Richard & Joey. Ryot bumps Liberty with his backpack.

LIBERTY: That’s the last thing I needed.

– Jeff & Luke and Mo & Mos are all there too. Same with Anne-Marie & Tracy. Chris & Anastasia hop in too.

CHRIS (Ahnold voice gone): Second-last ain’t last, baby.

denpasar chris anastasia 22

Thank goodness Mika is not Chris’ partner. She would quit having to go in water this deep.

– Matt says a team is right up on their clacker. Tyler & Nathan have yet to see Sam & Renae, and presume they must have been smashing it.

– Sam & Renae dive into the water.

RENAE: I actually lost my breath. I had no air but I still kept going down.

denpasar renae wauhop 1

Renae is exaggerating. If she had no air, she would have drowned.

denpasar renae wauhop 2

There is no shortage of underwater cameras for this task.

denpasar sam renae 22

That briefcase looks heavy.

– Sam & Renae spot Tyler & Nathan a.k.a. The team they refer to as “The beanie boys”.

denpasar tyler nathan 18

“We’re gonna get those girls.”

– Sam & Renae enter their hut.

denpasar sam renae 23

Sam opens up the briefcase.

denpasar notes

Oh my.

SAM: You kidding?

SAM: We open it and there is thousands upon millions of notes. We’re not talking 50, 000; 100, 000. It’s 1,000; 2, 000; and 5, 000.

denpasar notes 1

You know what would make it even harder?

denpasar notes 2

If some of these were counterfeit. By the way, who is on the 2, 000 Rupiah note?

– Sam & Renae begin counting.

RENAE: 20-40

denpasar sam renae 24

SAM: You gotta take it in your head.

denpasar sam renae 25

RENAE: Sorry. (hushed voice) Two, four, six, eight–

denpasar sam renae 26

SAM: You gotta take it in your head.

denpasar sam renae 27

(RENAE nods.)

It would be funny if they were ninety percent of the way through then Renae starts counting out loud again.

– Tyler & Nathan/Beanie Boys/Surfers/Zac Efron & co. have the briefcase.

– Matt & Tom prepare to dive. They talk about not doing much diving at home unless they are building a dam and have to duck dive for a pump or some Aussie farming gibberish.

– Renae thinks they forgot to count a note. She accidentally counts out loud again even though Sam is gathering notes too. No backlash for it this time, however.

RENAE: Nevermind. I am doing it right. Stressing out.

denpasar renae wauhop 3

I can’t wait for when Liberty is stressed and begins ralphing all over the Rupiah to turn it into Ralphiah.

– Tyler & Nathan begin counting.

– Tom has their briefcase. Dave grabs one.

– Tom decides they will take a pile each.

MATT: Is that the best way to do it?

Well, it doesn’t sound like a very exact method.

– Dave warns Kelly to be careful when opening the briefcase.

KELLY: Holy shitballs.

denpasar kelly miller

Farmers, models, surfers, and bikers all have to do a tedious counting challenge. This is truly anybody’s game.

– Richard & Joey state swimming is their strength because they are the sporty couple, and bolt into the water. Mos is more off balance than Tyler carrying the basket of produce.

denpasar mos haroun

Mos is off balance once.

denpasar mos haroun 1

Mos is off balance twice.

– Anne-Marie & Tracy get into their “swimming costumes”.

TRACY: Swimming costumes. Nightmare.
ANNE-MARIE: You know what? I didn’t even think about our swimming costume.  I’m thinking about it now, though.
TRACY: Not good at all.

denpasar mo mos anne-marie tracy

Fun fact: These swimming costumes are now on sale for thirty percent off at Big W.
denpasar anne-marie tracy 11

“Not good at all.”

– Richard & Joey have a briefcase. So do Jeff & Luke.

– Tyler is mentally drained by the sheer number of numbers in his head, and how thirsty he is. Luke thought it would be a straight-forward thing to do until he realized how many notes there were.

– Ryot and Mel snag the briefcases for their respective teams.

– Chris tells Anastasia to be positive. He realizes they are the last boat.

– Mo takes a while to get the energy to go down and grab a briefcase. Chris has his.

– Sadly, Anne-Marie & Tracy are last.

TRACY: This task was harder for us than anybody else.

– Both are taking several attempts to just dive down.

denpasar anne-marie tracy 12

denpasar anne-marie tracy 13

Anne-Marie is rotating on the surface. This will be up to Tracy.

denpasar anne-marie tracy 14

Tracy gets this far before coming up for air.

– Tracy eventually has the briefcase.

denpasar tracy read 3

TRACY: I pass it to Anne-Marie. “Hang onto it, hang onto it.”
denpasar anne-marie brown 5

Hang onto it.

denpasar anne-marie brown 6

Or don’t.

ANNE-MARIE: I think I dropped it.

denpasar anne-marie brown 7

That’s a pretty safe assumption.
denpasar anne-marie brown 8

For the second time today, Tracy is around when somebody or something falls on its ass.

– Commercial break. We resume.
denpasar anne-marie tracy 15

This is not Anne-Marie’s day.

denpasar anne-marie tracy 16

My hunch tells me Grant picked Anne-Marie to be The Mole. What a clumsy act of sabotage!

– Tracy dives down again and hands it to Anne-Marie.

TRACY: Don’t. Drop it.
denpasar anne-marie tracy 17

Yeah, Anne-Marie didn’t fumble it twice. Both are absolutely winded.

ANNE-MARIE: I didn’t think it would be that deep.

Welcome to the ocean, Anne-Marie.

– Dave is counting aloud. Everyone is using various strategies. Liberty loves this challenge.

LIBERTY: I’ve never seen so much money before in my life. I am really glad we got a challenge like this. We couldn’t have asked for a better challenge. We both love numbers. We’re both pretty good with numbers.

denpasar liberty wilson 8

denpasar ryot wilson 4

wu tang.png

Rupiah rupiah bills, y’all.

– Mo & Mos decide on bundles. Tyler & Nathan submit a guess. It’s wrong.

denpasar tyler nathan 19

Look at that chalkboard. It is like John Nash from A Beautiful Mind.

john nash

“Aren’t you taking this Rupiah note counting a bit too far, John?”

– Matt & Tom are rejected too.

denpasar matt tom 6

Tom has a stand-off with the accountant, but I doubt the accountant is going to budge.

– Matt & Tom retreat to their hut.

denpasar matt tom 7

Forgetting something, boys?

– Anne-Marie & Tracy are last into a hut.

TRACY: It’s just like the float at work.

denpasar anne-marie tracy 18

Which is better than the float they just had on the water.

– Sam’s answer is not approved.

denpasar sam schoers 1

If you turn Sam down one more time, she will expose you to The Gun Show.

– Alana hates being dehydrated. Dave wants Kelly to help him out with this task. Meanwhile, Luke states they were going nowhere fast and are also rejected. So are Tyler & Nathan again.

– Anne-Marie & Tracy try to succeed with this.

denpasar tracy read 4

Tracy would normally be good at this, but she must be the most exhausted contestant at the moment.

TRACY: We work in a retail shop for goodness sake. We should be able to count money.
ANNE-MARIE: All the zeroes were hard. Really hard.

denpasar anne-marie tracy 19

“We don’t work with zeroes in retail.”

– Matt & Tom try again despite a 2, 000 note being buried in the ground.

TOM: C’mon buddy.

denpasar tom warriner

Tom loses another stand-off.

– Chris asks Anastasia if she is sure she wants to be counting. Yeah, Anastasia wants to count.

– Alana & Mel are rejected. Dave limps to the accountant, but it earns no sympathy. Dave throws down the chalk board and gets bleeped.

DAVE: Get out of here!
KELLY: Pick it up.
DAVE: F–k!
DAVE: Yeah, I had a bit of a sad moment.

denpasar dave kelly 4

Pick up your toys, Davie.

– Dave picks up coral around him.
denpasar dave miller 6

“What’s this amongst the coral?”

denpasar dave miller 7

DAVE: I think this belongs to you, boys.

– Yep. Dave finds Matt & Tom’s missing note.

QUESTION: What would have happened if Dave handed this note to another team? That would have really messed up producers.

– Tom acknowledges that Dave saved them.

TOM: We would still be out there if not for Dave.

No kidding.

– Richard & Joey are turned down.

– Sam & Renae are correct. Sam screams.

denpasar sam renae 29

denpasar sam renae 30

“You’re the best!”

– Sam & Renae read that they will be going to the pit stop. How will they get there? If you have seen TAR Asia 4, you can probably guess.
denpasar cidomo

Yep. It’s a goddamn cidomo. The local and/or only form of animal transportation in Lombok.

– Grant says Gli Trawangan is a popular tourist spot (and international TAR destination), and will also be the first pit stop.

– Dave & Kelly are somehow the second team to complete this task. Ryot & Liberty are up to third.

DAVE: I love your work, man.

denpasar dave miller 8

Producers and a boom mic capture every angle of another one of Dave’s sweaty hugs.

– Dave reads the clue.

DAVE: Far out beauty.

denpasar dave kelly 5

I think this episode has successfully covered every bit of Australian slang that exists.

denpasar ryot liberty 5

I am amazed Liberty can jump up and down without vomiting feeling queasy.

– It is a fixed dash to the pit stop.

denpasar sam renae 31

For the first time ever, an all-female team wins the opening leg of a new TAR franchise (I think).

denpasar woman

“Welcome to Indonesia–where every franchise and their mother will travel to repeatedly as if India and China doesn’t exist anymore.”

denpasar sam renae 32

Sam & Renae await the good news.

denpasar grant bowler 1

GRANT: Sam & Renae. . .you are team number one!

– Sam screams at the absolute top of her lungs.

denpasar sam renae 33

denpasar sam renae 34

Well, the other ten teams know the pit stop can’t be too far away.

– Grant tells them they have won 10, 000 dollars courtesy of NAB Classic Banking.

denpasar nab

And if that isn’t enough. . .

denpasar nab 1

An asterisk will run across the screen!

denpasar nab 2

Look at that asterisk! Isn’t that majestic?

denpasar nab 3

What the hell? Did I just watch an asterisk get murdered on The Amazing Race? Jesus. The Aussie producers are sadistic.

denpasar sam renae 35

“We killed that asterisk like a boss.”

GRANT: As well as this. . .coveted Express Pass.

denpasar express pass

Is it really coveted?

denpasar sam renae 36

Renae just got Liberty’d.

SAM: It’s an amazing feeling. We just proved people wrong. It’s not funny. WA all the way.

denpasar sam renae 37

SAM: The first Australian team to check in ever. Ever!

thailand henry bernie intro 3

asia jess lani 2

Well. . .we know what they meant.


denpasar dave kelly 6

The second Australian team to check in ever. Ever!


– Ryot & Liberty slide into the mat.

denpasar ryot liberty 6


denpasar ryot liberty 7

You thought I was joking?

denpasar ryot liberty 8

GRANT (fake laugh): Oh! Ha ha! Get on up, guys.

james brown

Like a Spew Machine!


denpasar ryot liberty 9

“There is toast and a protein bar waiting for you at the hut, Liberty.”

– Jeff & Luke are done in fourth. Jeff & Luke are fifth. Sad music plays as Nathan talks about how each team yelling was a hit to his heart.

denpasar tyler nathan 20

NATHAN: It just felt like you were sliding further and further down.

Well, do something about it, Nathan. Stop. Bloody. Sliding.

– Richard tries to give tips on how to re-count it.

JOEY: We’re going to lose this challenge because you’re not listening. Splat yourself, now.

– An ice cream cyclist waits outside of Mo & Mos’ hut. Ice cream music plays.

denpasar mo mos 5

MO: Just torture us, why don’t you?

– Mo waves his bills in the air.

denpasar mo mos 6

MO: I can’t affo