The Amazing Race Canada 4 Week 8 Predictions and Editing Analysis

Is it just me or does it feel like TAR Canada has not been on in ages? Sadly, I did not bother with The Top 20 Moments clip show. I feel bad about it because it is the only time that Devon Soltendieck’s replacement will be seen on TV. Back to the mat chats this week, Liz!



Rita & Yvette’s edit is very sneaky. If you approach all of their scenes with a magnifying glass, everything hints at them either being the winners or coming close to winning.

Production has yet to bury them in the eyes of the audience, whether it be due to a personality trait or how they perform at a specific task.

They are shown interacting with the other teams, and speak of how they should be treated as a team who is threatening to win the whole thing.

I am certain they will make Final Three, and if they are there with Steph & Kristen and Emmett & Jillian, it would be the perfect ending if they steal the victory when everyone least expects it.


Frankie & Amy’s edit didn’t pick up quite as much as I was hoping in the previous episode.

They were thrust into a light that painted them as being silly last round. I mean, we do have Mickey & Pete as winners, but Mickey & Pete were shown as being silly -outside- of the race course rather than within it.

For instance, editors would have never showed a scene like the one where Frankie completely fumbles her Express Pass secret with Steph & Kristen. That would upset those who view TAR Canada as a sport rather than a competitive reality show.

That means I shall drop them to the #2 slot for this week.


I still think they are the fan favourite team who will go home in the penultimate leg. Joel & Ashley have been assigned to that role since the very first leg. I mean, Ashley -is- Miss Universe after all.

Dear editors: Plant a random local who recognizes Ashley Callingbull this week. The more obscure Cuban local you find, the better. Especially if it’s a village on the outskirts that doesn’t even own a TV.

But seriously, I will be shocked if Joel & Ashley win.


Oh no. We are in full-fledged Natalie & Meaghan storytelling. Everyone awaits their downfall. The teams are shown distrusting them, and their season long dominance begins to nag at everyone. They have no more close friends within the race.

It may not be a season about who wins, but rather a season which is about how Steph & Kristen lose.


Although them winning would be hilarious because the audience would trigger Canada’s biggest riot since the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup final.

If producers aren’t trying to edit the season in order to make me laugh at the very end, Emmett & Jillian have no chance of winning.

Central characters? Yes.
Every confessional spoken in BB Diary Room tone? Yes.
Winners of The Amazing Race Canada? No.

Also note that while Steph & Kristen were referred to as snakes, Emmett & Jillian were called fartfaces. That is another reason they are the bottom two.


1) EMMETT & JILLIAN – 3.0 Average

This seems like a very physical round up ahead. Beach volleyball as a Face-Off? It appears there will not be much room for Emmett & Jillian to be defeated today. Hell, if not for Emmett’s mistake with last week’s speech, they would have finished second anyway despite being U-Turned.

2) JOEL & ASHLEY – 3.86 Average

Ashley’s extensive international travel proved to be a huge benefit during the Vietnam legs this season. Thanks to another international round coming into play, Joel & Ashley should be in one of the top two slots for this week.

Other teams may get frazzled.

3) STEPH & KRISTEN – 2.14 Average

That machete injury ain’t foolin’ us, producers.

However, I do think Steph & Kristen will not extend their streak beyond the hat trick. If only the Express Pass was valid for one more leg.

4) RITA & YVETTE – 5.0 Average

They will stay true to their word of hovering around in the middle of the pack. I see no reason why they need to disrupt this overall trend.

Their average is bound to improve unless they get eliminated this week.

5) FRANKIE & AMY – 4.42 Average

In the words of the Steve Miller Band, Frankie & Amy keep on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ and will continue to slip into the future. . .for this week, anyway.

I don’t know if Hamilton and Kingston in Ontario can kill a team’s spirit (actually, it probably can), but with all eyes on them for the past two episodes, I think Frankie & Amy will be the team to be saved by the final NEL of the season.

Yes, I expect this to be the final NEL after confirmation came in that this season will be eleven legs as opposed to twelve.

If this leg is not the final NEL, that would be tragic.

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  1. I think you might be onto something with RITA & YVETTE….

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