The Amazing Race Canada 4 Week 6 Predictions and Editing Analysis

Note to viewers: Tonight’s episode is guaranteed to be a NEL unless we get an extremely wonky format for the rest of the season. If there is one episode in the season that will be thrown away to build up the edit for the remaining teams, an irrelevant round in freakin’ Hamilton, Ontario would be the one.



frankie amy

So much substance to Frankie & Amy’s edit over the past couple of weeks. We not only have learned how they play, but also about their personalities.

Frankie is crazy. Frankie is forgetful. Frankie will leave you on Santa’s lap in the middle of Surrey. Frankie is lazy. However, Frankie will smoke everyone at the Roadblock.

Amy uses her intellect and memory to counter Frankie’s more physical nature, and will roll past her competition LAUGHING AT THEM and that’s just RUDE (tm Margie O’ Donnell) as she excels at a Roadblock.

You see their contrast in personalities within each confessional, and their semi-ruthless behaviour on the race course makes them a team which deserves our respect.

The best mother-daughter team I have seen on TAR is Shelley & Nici from TAR 25, but I believe Frankie & Amy have eclipsed them.



ashley joel

Joel & Ashley are a prime team to be the “oh shucks, they lost” fan favourites for the season. I can’t believe people are saying they are underedited since they have been getting the most airtime of any team this season, perhaps moreso than Emmett & Jillian.

They are already having a stronger showing than Gary & Mallory in TAR 17, and am curious if this big edit stems from Ashley as Mrs. Universe racing with some random guy or if producers really want to showcase how much ass a parent-child team are kicking on the race course.

We know A LOT about Joel & Ashley and are all but forced to root for them. However, when does it become too much? There is indeed a type of edit which is quickly classified as the “season-long fan favourites”. Every reality show has this. Within TAR Canada, Jet & Dave were clumped into this, Michael and I identified Brent & Sean as this even before TARC 3 even freakin’ began, and Sukhi & Jinder were awarded this in TARC 2 (they even won the Most Popular International Team of TAR in 2014).

Editors are going to need to add a layer of complexity for me to bump up Joel & Ashley as the most likely team to win this season.


rita yvette

They are middle of the pack. Should we fear them? They think we should.

We get these little pieces of information about Rita & Yvette along the way. They work well with other teams. They relate Vietnamese drumming to Janet Jackson. They have six sisters. We were supposed to be on the edge of our seats as we watch them barely beat out Kelly & Kate in a footrace (even though they departed the next leg two minutes ahead of Kelly & Kate for some reason).

We are reminded of Rita & Yvette’s presence along the way. Sure, their airtime is not overpowering, but it is as if editors are trying to tell us “don’t ignore them, they might be important. . .maybe.”

However, I don’t see any of the casual fans on the TAR Canada Facebook page having any opinions on Rita & Yvette. All of the other five teams are talked about much more on the page, but not Rita & Yvette.


julie lowell

Poor Julie. She has no story as of yet. Meanwhile, Lowell makes puns and last week the editors went full throttle with the Bethany Hamilton plot.

Outside of the puns and Lowell’s blindess, Julie & Lowell’s edit has the least amount of substance in contrast to all other teams. Yes, we even have more of a defined picture of Rita & Yvette than we do of Julie & Lowell.


steph kristen

“We want first. We want first. We want first. We got first. . .Now what?”

Considering the preview contains a confrontation over the Express Pass, the second half to Steph & Kristen’s two storylines may conclude by the end of tonight.


emmett jillian

Am I falling for the Dana & Matt edit again? Nah. Jillian is just way too hated, and unlike Dana & Matt, several teams are mentioning how much they would love to oust Emmett & Jillian from the race.

Jillian is going to need a scene that really humanizes her like they subtly did with Dana during the Dubai leg, and create the 180 degree turn if anyone wants to remotely consider the idea of Emmett & Jillian winning the season.

In the meantime, everyone is going to continue hating on Jillian, and Emmett will continue to be viewed as some sort of strategic mastermind who intentionally stalls Joel & Ashley when Jillian messes up with the route info.


1) FRANKIE & AMY – 4.2 Team Average

Well, editors blatantly revealed at the end of last week’s preview that Frankie & Amy use the Express Pass. It would be insulting if I said another team would beat them to the mat when I am already armed with this knowledge.

In my opinion, they should hand in their Express Pass when Ashley is standing over their shoulder. I am sure Ashley will love that.

2) EMMETT & JILLIAN – 3.0 Team Average

A leg in a generic setting with plenty of physical tasks is perfect for Emmett & Jillian this week. Secretly, I think they will still beat Frankie & Amy to the mat. . .but don’t tell them that.

3) STEPH & KRISTEN – 2.6 Team Average

Their storyline of claiming a first place finish is already over. I have my doubts that they will topple the leaderboard again, or at least not outright dominate another round of play. Especially when we still have the inevitable two U-Turns on the horizon. You guys need allies!

Also, I am very much looking forward to Steph & Kristen being cross-examined by the other teams tonight. It’ll be like if Phoenix Wright crossed over with The Amazing Race.

4) JOEL & ASHLEY – 3.6 Team Average

Joel & Ashley have yet to signal any red flags that they will be suffering anytime soon. Their only struggle has been split second foot races with Frankie & Amy to the pit stop mat.

It will be interesting to see which random local recognizes Ashley this week, though. Will it be a MEC employee? The mayor of Hamilton? Who knows.

5) RITA & YVETTE – 5.8 Team Average

After five episodes, what do we even make of Rita & Yvette and the skills they possess? I honestly have no idea. They did well with shining a light in Vietnam.

Perhaps their most valuable asset is that they have worked with nearly all of the teams remaining in this season. As we enter the second half, it is going to be interesting to see if Rita & Yvette will have a tougher time surviving because teams will be less inclined to work together on challenges.

If that is the case, Rita & Yvette may be going home sooner rather than later.

6) JULIE & LOWELL – 6.2 Team Average

Julie & Lowell barely beat Rita & Yvette in leg two.
Julie & Lowell barely defeated Emmett & Jillian in leg four.

In all other instances, Julie & Lowell have lost the previous four rounds to all remaining teams.

Considering there is a 99.99999% chance tonight will be a NEL, Julie & Lowell may as well do poorly this week and rest up to pull off the monster upset next round.

Things are not looking good when your average is higher than the number of teams that remain in the race.

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