The Amazing Race Canada 4 Funniest Complaints Week 4 Edition

We conclude the second half to an insane two episode run in Vietnam as TAR Canada temporarily enters the big leagues with international travel. Sadly, not everyone was on board with how much better things have been over the past two weeks. Some are confused, some are haters, and some . . .and some are just frustrating.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 16

Man, I just saw this on the TAR Canada Facebook page? Time to grab some poster board, a felt marker, and I am going to go marching straight towards City Hall! Thanks random commentator on Facebook, my perspective on the crisis has completely changed!

canada 4 week 4 complaints 15

Because watching birds get released from a cage eight times was not viewed as quality footage to make it into a forty minute cut. If only each episode had a ninety minute timeslot, eh?

canada 4 week 4 complaints 14

Somebody clicked ‘like’ on the Facebook page of a TV show just to tell the hundreds of people who glance at the page to get a life? You are also the same person who is already on level 24 in Pokemon Go.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 13

Grosse: Derived from French; known as the formal way to say gross. 

“Look at that octopus! It’s gross!”

“Nah uh, Pierre. It is grosse! Where are your manners, son?”

canada 4 week 4 complaints 12


What about MUCHMusic or MUCHMoreMusic? You truly are Canadian!

In all seriousness though, this comment comes off extremely racist. It is as if you don’t think Kelly & Kate are Canadian. :/

canada 4 week 4 complaints 11

. . .So you watch the shittiest episodes possible just for fun? Why would you expose yourself to when the series is at its worst?

angry video game nerd

It’s like how the Angry Video Game Nerd would watch TAR Canada. 

canada 4 week 4 complaints 10

One person has given up, but individuals like me are still trying to fight the good fight. . .but even I have grown weary over time.

I must say the person who said “it is big enough for it to happen” has flawed logic. You do know most of Canada has pretty much nothing, right? Ninety percent of our population lives within one hundred kilometres or so of the US border. That means barely three million people stretch across the other hundreds of thousands of square kilometres in Canada.You can probably visualize how tiny most of these towns are.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 9

I am so confused. When do I use gross and when do I use grosse? I feel like I am never going to grasp this etiquette.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 8

Eating bats is one thing, but no condiments provided? That violates the Geneva Convention. 

canada 4 week 4 complaints 7

Why the hell did you think the Prince Rupert episode was going to be first? You would have seen seven teams at the most. 

And don’t act so innocent, Prince Rupert. I know one person who used to live there for a few years, and he is an enormous d-bag. Small town humour, my ass.


I didn’t even like Rupert from the Canadian cartoon. Why are you encouraging graffiti on the walls, Rupert? That’s so disrespectful!

canada 4 week 4 complaints 6

So you just want to see twenty tasks where people jump off of a cliff over and over again? Or other tasks that don’t involve any skill? That will not get repetitive at all.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 5

Attending a RCMP Boot Camp from TAR Canada (1) is your gold medal TAR task? I. . .I am not going to bother dignifying that with a response. Let’s move on.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 4

Yep. Let’s give special treatment to Lowell and let him win the race because it’s the right thing to do. Do you hear that, Steph & Kristen? Just forfeit right now and let Lowell feel special because, you know, it’s the right thing to do. Lowell won’t feel patronized at all when everyone is about to approach the pit stop then they all do cartoon-like tripping and falling, and stall for time by playing hacky-sack with the locals until Julie & Lowell can step onto the mat in first place.

But seriously, Julie & Lowell signed up for this thing because they wanted to see how they can stack up against other ass-kicking teams. They want to earn their victory and test themselves just like everyone else who signs up for this show. TAR ain’t real life, folks–when you get on the show, the spirit of the competition within these crazy personalities comes to life and battle it out to see what everyone is made of in a month long showdown.

This is like what the Facebook pages were like when Bethany Hamilton was on TAR 25 all over again.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 3

Did they really teach us the difference between the German and Belgian flag in fourth grade geography? Pretty sure I was the only one in the class who spent his spare time memorizing every flag, capital city, and US presidents during the fourth grade.

Why didn’t I bother with memorizing Canadian Prime Ministers? Well, I know this might be shocking news, but Canadian history is not quite as intriguing to a child’s mind as American history. Signing some random paper in Charlottetown can get boring to read about after a while.

germany flag

This is the flag of Belgium, by the way. If you knew this, give yourself a pat on the back.

belgium flag

No, actually THIS is the flag of Belgium. Go back to grade school you fucking idiot!!!!!

And start staying in Canada? We have done twenty-eight rounds here thus far. The twenty-ninth round will feature the SEVENTH leg here in British Columbia. How are some of these people not seeing this as epic overkill like the rest of us are? Sigh.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 2

Let’s keep our remarks about Debra & Steve to a minimum, please. Thank you.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 1

You were glad Emmett & Jillian almost put out? o.O

emmett tattoo

Stay tuned and maybe Emmett & Jillian will put out next week!

canada 4 week 4 complaints 21

Okay. The Log.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 20

canada 4 pit stop greeter.png

The pit stop greeter for this week? She just joined Snapchat, actually. Her username is supacoowacky. That is your best way to get to know her on a personal level. Good luck, bro!

canada 4 week 4 complaints 19

It is research time.

algeria 1.png

Well, the Government of Canada has major travel advisories when you are outside of the major cities (probably just Algiers).

algeria 2.png

Only Morocco made it to the list of safe countries in North Africa on this list. 

algeria 3

Another group of countries not Algeria are on this list.

algeria 4.png

Apparently there is a goal to improve conditions for tourism by 2025. There may be plans for TAR Canada 13.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 18

It’s like me and poutine. Foreign versions would likely come here and have a poutine eating challenge because that’s what the “locals” eat, but I hate that shit. Same goes with maple syrup, bacon and most Tim Horton’s products.

Below is a reaction to the preview in Haida Gwaii.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 17

Is it? I think the people of Haida Gwaii are stoked that people won’t refer to their land as the Queen Charlotte Islands anymore, and the posts on the TAR Canada Facebook page from Haida Gwaii tourism websites have already begun.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 16

What is with the influx of random Canadians online who are mocking TAR Canada? I think it just a bunch of grumpy bears who are waiting for the NHL hiatus to be over. Apparently October to June just isn’t enough for them.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 15

Because that was such a riveting task in the finale for TAR 3 in Kerry Park. :/

Below is a reaction to Kelly & Kate winning the fourth leg.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 14

Note: When a team I hate wins a leg, ninety percent of the time it is because of luck. (e.g. the Dan & Jordan TAR 16 Final Victory Effect.)

canada 4 week 4 complaints 13


canada 4 week 4 complaints 12

Orientals In the West: Sounds like a mildly offensive 1950s Western with either John Wayne or Clint Eastwood.

clint eastwood

And how were Kelly & Kate in their element? Was there an unaired shopping task?

canada 4 week 4 complaints 1

Well, the quest to find out who was eliminated has been narrowed down to seven teams. By process of elimination, the answer will reveal itself.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 11

Who is the phony twit? My friend Kurt, Joel, or Ashley? Or my personal favourite option, the woman sitting behind Joel. Hey, it is just as logical of a guess since I have no idea what actions by the other three would be classified as being a phony twit.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 10

They did. Twice. Where’ve you been?

canada 4 week 4 complaints 9

I see our Australian contingent is in the house.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 22

Despite the fact I disagree that Kelly & Kate are bad characters, this is an opinion I can respect. Are you sure you are a casual fan? I think you may have graduated to the next level.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 23

Giving Canadians to compete in a genre of television that people dream of playing in worldwide is crap programming? You do know thousands upon thousands of people have been applying for TAR Canada and BB Canada over the past four years, right? Prior to the end of 2012, an opportunity didn’t even exist.

I hate the idea of TAR Canada being assigned to Canadian programming–it isn’t. It is just a version of an international franchise which gives Canadians a venue to compete. It shouldn’t even be attached to that branch of Canadian content you see on CBC or the Knowledge network. It pisses me off.

Occasionally, I have donated to the Knowledge Network because it promotes Canadian content and provides educational programming for younger viewers in BC. I try to do my part to support original Canadian programming like this.

However, clumping the Canadian adaptation into this genre is insulting to me. TAR Canada shouldn’t have any responsibility when it comes to bolstering any domestic industry except for one: Giving Canadians the chance to compete in competitive reality TV. A privilege which folks in dozens of countries have enjoyed around the world for the past sixteen years. That’s our goal.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 24.png

See? Competitive reality TV fans are a global community.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 5

Well, somebody really emphasized the religious aspect.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 4

“Jill and whoever” is certainly a step up from “Gillian and Emett”.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 3

Except for. . .well. . .the ‘drive’ part.

canada 4 week 4 complaints 25

What would KFC stand for in Asia? Khmer Fried Chicken? I feel like this is the part where I should stop talking for this week. 

I shall return for the Funniest Complaints in Prince Rupert!

(Which is only slightly less funny than the complaints seen in Prince Albert. . .but that would be the 18A version of this blog.)


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  1. I’ll admit it, I’m the twit! 🙂

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