The Amazing Race Canada 4 Editing Analysis and Predictions Blog Week 5 Edition

Remember that time I said at the end of last season how the only significant location left in BC for TAR Canada to visit was Haida Gwaii? Yep. This is the part where I brag.

In other news, when I was in school, I referred to it as the Good Queen Charlotte Islands. C’mon, I just turned 25. I am not that old, am I?




ashley joel

Joel & Ashley have been inserted into a lot of different narratives since the start of the season. Most recently, they received a lot of attention when Steph & Kristen handed the Express Pass to Frankie & Amy.

Frankie & Amy, the direct recipients of the Express Pass, were barely shown reacting to the situation. However, Joel & Ashley voiced every thought that the audience had regarding what happened.

I don’t know if this means I should be ranking Frankie & Amy further down the winner’s edit list rather than elevating Joel & Ashley, but I cannot ignore how much of Joel & Ashley’s stories have made it on screen.


steph kristen

There has been a not-so-subtle push within the episodes that an all-female team will win this season. If an all-female team wins, how would you edit them? Would you show them kicking as much ass as possible right from day one? Perhaps.

What sets Steph & Kristen apart from other strong all-female teams (which so far in TAR Canada has only been Natalie & Meaghan and. . .Kelly & Kate within the borders of Vietnam), is that they have been shown in a light that is dynamic as much as it is respected.

For instance, the edit was not manipulated in such a way that Steph & Kristen were victimized for lying to the other teams about the Express Pass. Natalie & Meaghan were in a similar position, and were ridiculed for how they dealt with the same power. We heard the explanation from Steph & Kristen, and for the most part, we accepted it.

Their edit has reminded me a bit of Nat & Kat’s story from TAR 17. Nobody is outright saying “man, we all need to crumble Steph & Kristen”, but there are occasional observations of “huh, Steph & Kristen are a pretty good team”.

We are only one-third of the way into the season and this could definitely change, but we have learned a lot about Steph & Kristen without them receiving a negative reaction.


rita yvette

Rita & Yvette are still wildcards to me. They have such a confusing edit. We have learned personal details about them, but yet have not had much of a narrative when it comes to the race. If nothing changes this week, I will likely drop them in this list.

I cannot ignore the amount of attention they received during the Calgary leg, though. We need editors to shine their light on Rita & Yvette.


frankie amy

They got the Express Pass. Amy is a vegetarian. One is Fire. One is Ice. More content, please.

NOTE: I went to a party on Saturday night for my birthday, and two of the women I was hanging out with went to school with Amy. If I hadn’t been drinking, I probably would have asked more questions about her. #OneOpportunityWasted


emmett jillian

I cannot see Emmett & Jillian being in as much danger as they were last week, but I definitely see them in grave danger of not having a winner’s edit.

Each episode has been set up for us to root against them.

“What? The reality TV stars crushed everyone else in the first round despite Jillian’s screaming? SO UNFAIR!”
“What? The reality TV stars crushed everyone else in the second round despite Jillian’s screaming? SO UNFAIR!”
“What? Anne & Tanya, the single moms, worked so hard to catch up and completed the Detour in half as many attempts as Emmett & Jillian but still get eliminated? SO UNFAIR!”

Emmett & Jillian are being designated as the team that takes the blame for everything which boils our blood this season. Hell, Emmett & Jillian may have to do a PSA to apologize for the next incident in Syria if things continue this way.


kelly kate

I cannot ignore how much Kelly & Kate were crapped upon in the editing department through the first two rounds. Even with winning this last leg, people are saying “yeah, they won a leg but I still find them annoying”. The first all-female team to win a round since Natalie & Meaghan should have been met with more praise by the audience, or even how much they climbed from their initial reputation as some of the least-skilled racers ever should have greatly altered our perspective.

But it hasn’t. It really hasn’t. If Kelly & Kate get last place tonight, viewers are going to get on their case and say “see? They only won a round because they had a cultural advantage”.

If editors change Kelly & Kate’s tone by giving them more credit rather than focusing too much on them being goofballs, they will climb the winner’s edit rankings. For now though, they hover near the bottom.


julie lowell

Uh oh. Viewers have responded to Lowell as being The Inspiring One. Julie & Lowell are going to need a three-dimensional edit very very soon for things to change. Otherwise, their role as being inspiring will block them from the winner’s circle. Sigh.



1) EMMETT & JILLIAN – 3.25 Team Average

As we have seen in past seasons, the standings become a lot more predictable when teams return to Canadian soil. Therefore, we should see Emmett & Jillian reclaim the top of the leaderboard.

2) STEPH & KRISTEN – 3.0 Team Average

Armed with an Express Pass and successfully handling every challenge that has been thrown their way, there has been very few mistakes made by Steph & Kristen thus far.

Considering we have a rural Canadian leg on our hands, Steph & Kristen’s athleticism will likely combine with Emmett & Jillian to smoke the other five teams this round.

3) JOEL & ASHLEY – 3.5 Team Average

There was no question Ashley was the star of last week’s episode. As long as she keeps up with eye-rolling Steph & Kristen, and says inappropriate things like “I’m so sick because I know what’s inside of me”, I will keep throwing her onto the top of my predictions sheet.

4) FRANKIE & AMY – 4.5 Team Average

I think Frankie & Amy will come to the conclusion that this leg will be a NEL, and hang onto their Express Pass. Therefore, expect them to finish in their standard position at the pit stop as we head to the last great BC location for TAR Canada.

Well, until we visit Surrey in TAR Canada 5.
lol, just kidding. Fucking Surrey. What a joke.

5) RITA & YVETTE – 6.0 Team Average

One minute they are ahead of Frankie & Amy. . .one minute they are behind Frankie & Amy. This has been the biggest rivalry all season, but hasn’t really received much attention. They will likely be stepping on each other’s heels once more, but for whatever reason, Rita & Yvette will fall a minute or two short.

6) JULIE & LOWELL – 6.25 Team Average

If Lowell put as much effort into the race as he did in his puns, maybe he could finally climb out of the back of the pack. But then a Lowell without puns would be like a middle-aged Italian man without that nasty chest hair poking out of the top of his shirt.

7) KELLY & KATE – 5.5 Team Average

What we learned: Kelly & Kate would do very well in a proper international version of TAR like TAR US, Hamerotz LaMillion, TAR Australia, TAR Asia, or TAR Norge.

Unfortunately, Kelly & Kate were cast one season too early as the remaining few Canadian locations for producers to visit are being cleaned up this year.

When it comes to a Canada-heavy race, Kelly & Kate are at the greatest disadvantage, and will need to try very hard to stay alive until the next pair of international rounds.

Hopefully tonight is another NEL round which will save our Lashy Ladies.

P.S. The first two episodes of this season saw a drop of over 500, 000 viewers from last year. I guess watching people race in Alberta was not interesting enough despite the tasks implemented. :/

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  1. Jordan says:

    Wow, you more or less matched the elimination order, just switch the top two.

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