The Amazing Race Canada 4 Funniest Complaints Blog Week Three Edition

The complaints for TAR Canada’s visit in Cai Be is a bit more diverse this week, including Logan’s first and likely only defense of a casual fan. I’ll put down Pokemon Go to address this unprecedented edition of TAR Canada’s Funniest Complaints.

canada 4 week 3 complaints 3

Why go onto the official page after the episode has aired? What were you expecting the page to discuss? That time in season two where Pierre & Michel deceived a couple of the other teams about the location of the clue box? The Republican National Convention? I think they are going to post about the newest episode that the company aired just hours earlier to generate web traffic. Just a thought.

canada 4 week 3 complaints 4

julie lowell

Look at how you have influenced the fanbase, Lowell! Because of your puns, the comments from casual fans have been completely newtralized


There is nothing amphiguous about it–these puns make Froakie sad!

canada 4 week 3 complaints 5

Wait. How the hell did you miss this week’s Mentos appearance? Not only was there a Mentos ad at the bottom, but they also greyed out all of the footage except for the Mentos with the special aura.

foo fighters.png

canada 4 week 3 complaints 6

Classic Ray.

canada 4 week 3 complaints 7

People who pick on Lowell for running into a tree is ridiculous. I mean, George of the Jungle has zero proven problems with his vision, and he was running into trees and trucks all of the time, but somehow got away with it. You know it was the 1990s when Brendan Fraser was forgiven for being accident prone.


canada 4 week 3 complaints 8

“Who the hell do you think you are? Shut up and show your ex-boyfriend some respect.”




Said no woman ever.

lily allen

Everyone finds it funny when Lily Allen puts chocolate laxatives into her ex-boyfriend’s drink, but when Jillian gets into a minor disagreement with Emmett everybody loses their freakin’ mind.


But instead Jillian is viewed as being one step shy of 2002 P!nk status.

canada 4 week 3 complaints 9

If only Emmett had a remote to use on Jillian in real life, m i right? ohohohohoh.

But seriously, if Emmett followed through with this person’s suggestion, TAR Canada would become a lot more disturbing.


A roll of duct tape for his partner would be more suited for how Dexter would handle stress on The Amazing Race. Emmett could even nickname himself The Goat Defender.

canada 4 week 3 complaints 10

I agree that this is a bit of an overreaction.

a) Yes, Monty had to remain serious because he had to reveal there was a penalty.

b) Monty is the most discriminated minority of them all–a Ginger. Just look at my anti-redhead propaganda in this blog. Minorities need to support each other, and Canada’s favourite Ginger ought to stand strong with Joel & Ashley. It would make zero sense for Monty to hate Joel & Ashley because of their ethnic background.

And if Monty DOES have prejudice against First Nations, give him a copy of any work produced by Tomson Highway. 

tomson highway.png

And if you are lucky enough to meet Mr. Highway in person, he apparently holds the world record for most beaver jokes and references to sexual innuendo. In other news, I know exactly what my hair will look like in fifty years.

canada 4 week 3 complaints 11


And here we go with actual racism towards Joel & Ashley towards once more. Why was their victory discredited because of the Roadblock? Stephane helped everyone. He helped Joel & Ashley, Emmett & Jillian, Anne & Tanya, Julie & Lowell, Steph & Kristen, and if he waited long enough, he probably would have helped Shahla & Nabeela with the Roadblock too.

Even though Emmett & Jillian have temporarily aligned with other teams to help them slaughter everyone in their dual Alberta victories without casual fans criticizing their skills, for some reason we have to be on Joel & Ashley’s case when they overthrow the current standings.

I love double standards.

canada 4 week 3 complaints 12

For any TAR Canada 4 racers who have body image issues: Congratulations. You have been deemed too skinny and pretty for a viewer’s taste. You’re too pretty for television. Just look back to this statement whenever you feel down in the future.

Also, grossing out skinny people is the only way to ensure they keep their figure. I did this all of the time to my ex-girlfriend when we were dating. . .and people wonder why our relationship didn’t work out. :/


canada 4 week 3 complaints 1.png

OK. This is the point where I have to step in and defend a casual fan’s criticism for once.

Before diving into deconstructing this whole issue, I can’t help but think of the Jeff Probst quote at the Survivor: All Stars reunion show where he states “Without you guys [the contestants] we have nothing, but without the audience we do not have a show”. ‘Tis a very tricky balancing act, particularly in the social media age.

Things that aren’t cool for casual fans to do:

a) Mocking a racer for their physical appearance or specific traits that have nothing to do with the show.

b) Mocking their family members who have nothing to do with their racer’s TV character. Yes, when a contestant is on TV they become a TV character, but mocking their family members ain’t cool because it has nothing to do with the storyline or the running jokes in play for the TV character.

c) Directly tagging a racer on social media when you are criticizing them. On Facebook pages like Previously On Survivor, you are open to discuss anyone’s gameplay and methods as long as you aren’t directly tagging a player when you are saying things like “so and so made a bad move” or “I don’t understand why ‘X’ did this”.

As long as you aren’t doing any of these three things, I am usually okay with whatever discussion goes on.

However, I think this is one of those rare times where I feel those on the opposite side of the fence are in uncomfortable territory.

It reminds me of a time when Chet Welch of Survivor: Micronesia–Fans versus Favo(u)rites was banned from a Facebook group because somebody said he didn’t perform well in that season (groundbreaking idea, I know), and Chet went on a huge personal tirade against this person online.

Now, I must insist that Chet’s rant makes this response seem mild, but I do feel bad for the casual fan in this scenario.

I think what the casual fan posted is what a huge percentage of the audience is thinking after watching that episode. Even Stephane & Antoine’s #1 fan, Michael Harmstone, acknowledged that Stephane’s actions left him scratching his head as to what the heck happened.

In terms of TAR Canada, we haven’t seen a team start out extremely strong in the first two rounds, then just utterly crumble in round three without appearing to put too much of a fight.

We essentially have a missing plot hole here.

Yes, we know Stephane was severely dehydrated and in poor physical condition after two hours at the Roadblock. . .but what about the two hours leading up to the decision to quit the race?

All we see in this two hour gap is Stephane helping the other teams who come through the Roadblock. Yes, we are seeing his family members and other fans online saying “it isn’t a sin to help others” or “I can’t believe nobody helped him” but there are major flaws with both of those statements.

Let’s address the first. Yes, it isn’t a sin to help others without helping yourself. However, any team who did that on The Amazing Race would always be first out of the race. Think about it. That means you would achieve zero percent completion on every task put in front of you if all you did was hang back to help every team who came through.

Secondly, we never saw any footage in the episode where Stephane openly asked a team to assist him with the task in return for helping them. Last time I checked, teams do not communicate telepathically. If you don’t have a verbal agreement, then that means fans of Stephane were expecting the other teams to read Stephane’s mind and realize they are supposed to help him with herding the ducks. Considering the teams in this cast, I am absolutely certain Stephane would have completed that Roadblock 90 minutes earlier if he asked a couple of the teams for help after he herded half of their ducks. No doubt about it.

Now that those two points have been acknowledged, I think we can accept that the perspective of the casual fan is one hundred and ten percent acceptable in this situation.

lou ferrigno

110 percent? I’m not giving you your royalties, Lou Ferrigno.

If Stephane was already delirious BEFORE he showed up to the Roadblock, then we as the audience can accept what happened in the episode. The most logical explanation is that Stephane’s ability to be logical was taken away from him before he ripped open that clue.

I think the casual fan gets unfairly grilled here. The argument of “Let’s see you do better” is really null and void here–for all you know the person has applied to be on the show for the past four seasons, and is confident they would have excelled at the Roadblock. Production simply hasn’t given a shot to this individual to prove him/herself on the show. I see it as the equivalent to voting–if you vote in an election, you have the right to complain about the government we get, but if you choose not to vote then you don’t really have the right to criticize who is elected.

Therefore, those who apply should be able to have their say as to what they saw in the episode, and respond to it in an appropriate manner.

As for how I would have performed in the Roadblock. . .I would have just loved playing with the ducks. 🙂


canada 4 week 3 complaints 3

And see, I don’t think this person here was being negative about Stephane here either. We need to be careful with the whole age argument because if we let it go too far then. . .

dave o leary injury 1

It leads to racers like this. The second we let Stephane become Dave O’ Leary and tell other teams that “it was inappropriate” to not help him with the Roadblock is the second we all die on the inside.

We have had contestants on Survivor, Big Brother, and TAR who have crossed the 70 year old barrier. I know people like Joe Campos (whom I met in person!) and Rudy Boesch wouldn’t want others to defend them strictly based upon age. When you sign up for a competition, everyone is agreeing to be on the same playing field.

canada 4 week 3 complaints 13

And now for my final point on the topic of Stephane’s family and friends not being too thrilled with the discussion topics online–perhaps this is the most important one of all.

Firstly, I love Nintendo. Why you gotta be knockin’ Nintendo?

phoenix wright

Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright objects to you dissing Nintendo. Yeah, the Wii U kinda missed the mark, but I still have fun with Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros, and. . .alright, Wii U Party Champions was an atrocious game, but the 3DS is still amazeballs.

Secondly, for casual fans who are reading this and are going to say “HAHAHAHA Stephane & Antoine’s family and friends are CRAAAAZY HAHAHAHAHAHA”, please sit your ass down and listen to this next part.

When Stephane & Antoine left home to go onto TAR Canada, everyone back home probably had high expectations for them. Clearly they are all big fans of the show, and were eager to see them being apart of a global experience and communicate with online communities on a weekly basis.

After Stephane & Antoine get home, and watch them go from exceeding the expectations of the TAR community to being eliminated in a way that does not look too flattering on television, of course they are going to be upset.

As odd as it is for people to ask Emmett to put duct tape on Jillian, I understand it from a psychological point of view. I don’t agree with it, but I get it. Jillian is who they see on a random TV on Tuesdays at 8:00pm, and extrapolate way too much information about her as a person in real life without thinking about the fact they are watching 3 minutes of footage of her from a 48 hour period catered for television. It is not a documentary.

On the flipside, as odd as it is to see a contestant’s family and friends grill the fans themselves, I understand it from a psychological point of view too. They had so much more invested in Stephane & Antoine’s experience. Yes, one could argue they invested too much into Stephane & Antoine’s experience, but hey, it would be far from the first time that has happened. Russell Swan suffered from huge mental setbacks after watching his run on Survivor: Philippines.

russell swan 2

This Russell.

And if you want to get into a really depressing story, just research Cheryl and Pirate Master. Hell, I used to write articles in university about how reality TV contestants attempt to cope with the more severe fan interaction.


No, I am not getting further into what happened to Cheryl. This blog isn’t for that.

If there is one thing I could say to any contestant and their friends and family before going onto The Amazing Race, this is what I would say:

See the competitive reality TV genre as I do–do not value yourself by how well you perform at the various tasks on the show. If you go home early, do not let that define your experience. My favourite contestants, as well as favourites of other hardcore fans, is not relied upon their average finishing position at the end of the season and where it lies in our spreadsheets. We always value how hilarious and comedic you were as characters, and the entertainment value you brought to the table. Furthermore, the competitive reality TV genre has become such a small part of the pop culture experience as a whole because of how proliferated it has become, and the number of people who will remember you will dwindle from millions down to hundreds within a matter of weeks–everything boils over, and competitive reality TV boils even faster than most in the public eye. Do not take the TAR Canada experience seriously–the second that you do is the second that it won’t be quite as fun.

Near the start of TAR 28, a lot of contestants were going after the fans online for every single remark they made. All it did was create more negative feedback. After about three weeks, they caught on and started joking around with the casual fans. Suddenly, the online experience became a lot more fun for everyone involved.

dana matt

Dana was probably the best at this. Her complete change in tone with the online community helped her win A LOT of people over, and although I didn’t get to talk to her about this at the TAR 28 finale party, I am not afraid to go on a limb and say that this made her TAR 28 run be a lot more of a positive experience.

P.S. I know casual fans and other contestants have felt slightly guilty about going after me in the past before understanding who I am as a person. Luckily, I have gone through so much as a person in the past year or so that I possess a significant amount of empathy compared to, say, three or four years ago. I don’t want anyone to feel unhappy about themselves because they felt bad by how they accidentally mistreated me or misinterpreted me. I understand I am a complicated person.


canada 4 week 3 complaints 1

You are clumping TAR in with The View, The Chew, and The Bachelor? Somebody doesn’t understand television. Also, what the hell is The Chew? I think we just found a common enemy for those who are pro-Stephane and Antoine and anti-Stephane and Antoine.


natalie spooner

The only thing embarrassing is that you are finding a way to vomit more frequently than Natalie Spooner when skydiving.


canada 4 week 3 complaints 4

TAR Canada 5: Random People Who Hate Jillian Edition. I am sure that will be such a fun idea for a season. >_>

For everyone who is hoping for more “fun” complaints next week: Keep in mind the episode has a Vietnamese karaoke task. If casual fans find a way to get worked up about karaoke, or how Jillian is awful because of the way she sings into a mic, my day will be made. It is much more fun than putting several paragraphs worth of energy into bring casual fans and contestants together as a united force.

Alright. I’m done for this week (minus predictions). As per usual, remember to play nice with one another, and never take my jokes too seriously.

nelly #1

Any hate mail can be directed to Nelly. Sure, I loved Country Grammar and Nellyville, but after his second album he opted to turn into a heaping pile of shit. I would aspire to be better things after I became a hip hop star, but hey, to each their own. You know you have really gone downhill when your peak in reputation was when you had a freakin’ band-aid on your face.


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