The Amazing Race Canada 4 Predictions and Editing Analysis Week Three Edition

This week I am a bit rushed. My apologies to anyone craving an in-depth post. Sorry.



Touching emotional stories, very positive edit, and Ashley is Mrs. Universe who does charity work.

Oh, and anyone who left the crane task was made to look foolish while Joel & Ashley stayed focused and “never gave up” on the task.

Things are looking good for the father-daughter team.

Stop comparing them to Natalie & Meaghan. Their edit is much more complex after two episodes. There is a greater story arc here.

Producers take the time to show Frankie & Amy’s smaller moments that otherwise would be irrelevant each week. Why did we need to see their minor exchange at the tank? Why did we need to see them ditch the convoy in the first week when it did not impact the outcome? Irrelevant scenes are what winner’s edits are made of on TAR.

They will crack the top three once their edit is more than just a string of puns.

From my perspective, editors want us to pay attention to them the most and identify with their story. Could this be the team who are the fan favourites that make it to the Final Four or Final Three before losing? We are certainly supposed to be invested in them.

Are you Dana & Matt’ing us, producers?

Their airtime picked up significantly last week. I will keep an eye on them again this week. For some reason, I can’t quite figure their edit out.

They are moms with a dash of Italian. More content, please.

Not happening.



1) STEPH & KRISTEN – 4.0 Team Average

They finished sixth on the last leg despite taking over an hour to do an Amazing Race Canada sidequest. I think Steph & Kristen should be the most feared team in the race. And yes, I could not care about their Double Express Pass–its usage very very very very rarely makes any impact on TAR. Block it out. It’s background noise.
2) STEPHANE & ANTOINE – 2.5 Team Average

They speak French, and France used to run Vietnam. Advantage? Probably not, but Stephane & Antoine have done extraordinarily well in these two rounds, and I do not see a disruption to how they operate.
3) JOEL & ASHLEY – 4.0 Team Average

I see Joel & Ashley being the least intimidated by international travel of all of the teams in the race. That is based off of pure instinct rather than any actual data.
4) JULIE & LOWELL – 6.0 Team Average

They are arguably one of the most physically fit teams in the race. I think they can handle the weather extremities of Vietnam in contrast to all of the other teams. This should be their time to shine.
5) ANNE & TANYA – 6.5 Team Average

Another round where they won’t have to self-drive. They should be safe.
6) EMMETT & JILLIAN – 1.0 Team Average

An international round? I could see Emmett & Jillian getting frazzled. Cai Be may just be a tad different from living in Nova Scotia or driving around Jasper.
7) FRANKIE & AMY – 4.5 Team Average

Fire and Ice may be completely out of their element in Vietnam. Their laid back nature will not work in a place like this–they will need to be aggressive, and I am not sure they possess that necessary level of aggression to get by.
8) RITA & YVETTE – 7.5 Team Average

On one hand I could see Rita & Yvette doing better than most people in other rounds. On the other hand, their minds have not adjusted to the skills needed to succeed at deciphering clues and completing tasks as of yet. An international round may be the perfect time to get it together.
9) KELLY & KATE – 9.0 Team Average

They have yet to beat a single team left in this race, and both rounds have produced a series of blunders. From eyelash disappearances to Jenn Brown-esque inner thigh injuries to crawling out of fish tanks and taking penalties, Kelly & Kate haven’t done a single thing right yet this season.

Somebody else absolutely crumbling under the chaos of international travel may be their only chance to survive.

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