The Amazing Race Canada 4 Predictions and Editing Analysis Week Two Edition

Each week I predict where teams will finish in the upcoming leg, and also rank their current winner’s edit from best to worst.

If you have any reasonable questions, please ask. Otherwise, leave me alone.


1) Emmett Blois & Jillian MacLaughlin – 1.0 Team Average

Emmett & Jillian went against my advice in the season premiere. If they snag an Express Pass, the other eight teams will collectively hate their guts for the rest of the season.

So much for playing it low key, guys.

2) Julie Taylor & Lowell Taylor – 5.0 Team Average

There are two Express Passes up for grabs tonight. Assuming it is set up like last year’s format where you have to take a risk to obtain it, I think Julie & Lowell will be clever enough to achieve this feat.

And much like the other Albertan teams, I think a round taking place entirely within downtown Calgary should make life a bit easier for them.

3) Joel Ground & Ashley Callingbull – 4.0 Team Average

The Alberta advantage may come in handy for tonight’s round in Calgary. I expect this team to last a while.

4) Steph LeClair & Kristen McKenzie – 2.0 Team Average

They may switch Detours according to all of the previews for tonight’s episode, but I cannot fathom Steph & Kristen being both mentally and physically weaker overall than the very opponents who they whooped by several hours in the season premiere.

5) Stephane Tetreault & Antoine Tetreault – 3.0 Team Average

A team that did very well from start to finish in the premiere, but their goofy attitude and personalities will continue to make the audience underestimate them.

6) Frankie Gassler & Amy Gassler – 6.0 Team Average

They were willing to ditch the convoy near the end of last episode, and finished surprisingly well by taking this gamble.

Hopefully the other teams do not hold this against them. If so, a U-Turn up ahead may not be a fun experience for them. If the other teams let this go, Frankie & Amy could settle in and avoid making coalitions for the remainder of the season.

7) Anne Morrone & Tanya Muzzatti – 8.0 Team Average

Tonight’s episode in downtown Calgary does not involve self-driving. This will be a relief for the Italian Vikings. Also note that I have refrained from referencing the face cream bit in their bios for once.

See. I can be mature.

8) Kelly Xu & Kate Pan – 9.0 Team Average

It is tough to justify not putting these two at the bottom after being the only team left in the race who took a four hour penalty at the very first Roadblock of the season.

Hopefully they can simultaneously be a trainwreck and also avoid finishing in dead last for a few more episodes.

9) Rita Yakibonge & Yvette Yakibonge – 7.0 Team Average

The second team eliminated from each season of TAR Canada is typically very underedited in the season premiere.

Therefore, combine this with not appearing too competitive from the footage we saw, I’ll go ahead and say Rita & Yvette will be eliminated tonight.


1) Stephane Tetreault & Antoine Tetreault

stephane antoine

We learned a lot about this unusual father-son duo in the first episode. The producers wanted us to recognize how much ass they kicked in Yellowknife and Jasper. Our focus is supposed to be on this team right now.

2) Steph LeClair & Kristen McKenzie

steph kristen

“Did you see that thing she did where she hung onto the ladder by her ankles? What an incredible athlete!”

Not even Spoonie & Meaghan were this heavily endorsed by producers by the end of the first round.

3) Joel Ground & Ashley Callingbull

ashley joel

She is Mrs. Universe after all.

This is the only team thus far who has been designed to break a bunch of barriers. There are other teams trying to break barriers too, but none of them are receiving as heavy of a push as Joel & Ashley.

4) Julie Taylor & Lowell Taylor

julie lowell

The concept of them having a winner’s edit is well within sight.
But seriously, they are portrayed as being clever and possess an emotional story without it being too over-the-top.

Things are looking good thus far for Julie & Lowell.

5) Emmett Blois & Jillian MacLaughlin

emmett jillian

I learned my lesson from the mindblowing winner’s edit that Dana & Matt got in TAR 28. I’ll throw them in the middle for now.

6) Frankie Gassler & Amy Gassler

frankie amy

Frankie & Amy not only have a ridiculous relationship, but are also the most competitive all-female team behind Steph & Kristen.

The act of ditching the convoy was not viewed as negative in the editing department. I’ll be keeping my eye on Frankie & Amy’s edit for this week–personally, I am very curious to see where it goes.

7) Rita Yakibonge & Yvette Yakibonge

rita yvette

Needs more content. I know they have four other sisters. . .and that’s about it.

8) Kelly Xu & Kate Pan

kelly kate

Editors did not put Kelly & Kate in a positive light for taking the penalty.

It also didn’t help that their intro was about them making reference to their eyelashes, and the infamous editing cut of “We’re small but mighty” before plunging from the monkey bars down into Whistler’s Mother below.

9) Anne Morrone & Tanya Muzzatti

anne tanya

Yeah, it’s not happening. . .right? I know they want it to happen, but it can’t. . .right? I mean, if Ryan Goins and Barney can be relief pitchers for the Toronto Blue Jays, then perhaps my expectations for TAR Canada editors should be redefined.

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