The Amazing Race Canada 4 Cast Assessment

We are just days away from the season premiere of The Amazing Race Canada 4. Therefore, it is time for me to give my written cast assessment. I can assure you that this will probably be the most unique assessment that you are likely to come across on the Internet.

Before we launch into this, I must iterate that I know very little about these people (save for two members in this cast). All of my judgment is based off of a CTV bio, a silly Chevrolet ad, a quick eTalk conversation with Devon Soltendieck’s replacement, and a few tweets on social media.

In turn, these people know very little about me. Am I serious? Am I just a guy hoping to reclaim his title as the class clown? Do I pride upon being sarcastic? Who knows, but at least we are all in the same boat.


Alright. Two big format changes for TAR Canada when it comes to this season’s cast.

#1) We are dropping down from twelve teams to ten. Considering the past three seasons have had nine, eleven, and twelve teams respectively, producers are continuing to experiment with finding the “perfect format”.

By having ten teams in a 12-round format, we are going to have a record four Non-Elimination Legs (NELs) for the TAR Canada franchise. That means the pace of the competition will be much slower than last season, and thus a huge amount of investment has been put into the cast to entertain us.

Add in the fact that there is no evidence to support more international travel, there will be a tremendous amount of pressure on the cast to be the bread and butter on this season.

During the second half of last season, legs such as Sudbury, the South Okanagan, and Edmonton led to people voicing their concern that Canadian locations are indeed drying up faster than a body of water in the Sahara. Of course, once all of the great characters were eliminated, the season finale of last season was crowned by our Year In Review podcast as being the worst episode of 2015 (barely edging out the first two episodes of TAR 26).

If we have another eight Canadian rounds per the pattern, these ten teams will need to be the best damn mix of folks a production team could find.

#2) A record five all-female teams which consist of fifty percent of this cast.

After last season ended with a big sausage fest, there was speculation if the table will be tilted to find an all-female team who could take down the title.

Last season was an odd situation because there were only three all-male teams, but every single team made it to the very last leg of the race. There were two extraordinarily physically fit all-female teams (Crossfit Moms Susan & Sharnjit and Fuel Your Casual Fan Favourites Dana & Amanda) who were ousted in 11th and 10th with minimal airtime in the process.

susan sharnjit

Why, Susan & Sharnjit’s elimination in Chile has yet to be explained to this day. The only footage we saw of them in that episode was crying about children–a point which Duthie reinforced at the two reunion shows throughout the season.

On one hand, the argument will be made that five all-female teams is telegraphing it to the audience that they want all-female winners, or at least multiple all-female teams who will make a deep run.

Think about it–the worst case scenario for this season is an all-female team reaching sixth place. That would be simultaneously hilarious and tragic.

On the other hand, if production finds five all-female teams who they think are entertaining and perfect for TV, should they hold back just because fans are accusing them of blatantly rigging the season? Of course not.


Alright. Let’s dive into this cast.

Rita Yakibonge and Yvette Yakibonge

Congolese Albertans

rita yvette.jpg

Growing up, I always thought we had to distinguish between people from the Republic of the Congo and Democratic of the Congo by referring to them as “Republic of the Congolese” and “Democratic of the Congolese”.

Thank goodness that we can respectfully refer to them as Congolese without all of the preamble attached to it. Although I do feel bad for any future TAR Canada contestants who were originally from Brazzaville that will be clumped in with having the same country of origin as Rita & Yvette.

Nerdy geography jokes aside, let’s talk about Rita & Yvette.

Rita’s nickname is Ritz. You can take that one of two ways: Either she loves cheesy crackers or has an obsession with eccentric music from the 1980s that is super duper like Gary Cooper.

lebron james

Both list The Godfather as their favourite film which is what King James of the Cleveland Cavaliers watched repeatedly during the NBA playoffs before claiming the title. That’s right. They have the cinematic taste of a true champion.

They also both say Idris Elba is their celebrity crush. Hopefully their range of gameplay matches the range of Idris Elba who has played a Dunder Mifflin Scranton executive to an inner city druglord to freakin’ Nelson Mandela (which of these three roles is my favourite? Probably the one who has to get into pointless fights with Michael Gary Scott).

They both view stubbornness as each other’s biggest weakness. Bickering may be in their future.

Strictly by TAR Canada standards, past twin teams include the series’ first first boots and a pair of anti-social Frenchmen.

Needless to say that I don’t think Rita & Yvette will be falling into either end of this spectrum. Given their experience of moving from Montreal to Edmonton, they have a variety of Canadian travel experience under their belt. Furthermore, their cultural background could give them an advantage heading into international rounds of play.

Overall, nothing in their bio pops out at me as a team who will be over-the-top weak nor over-the-top strong. Given there isn’t a weird fear of wooden popsicle sticks like Shahla & Nabeela or a list of things they will not do on the race, they do have a fighting chance.

I’ll throw them into seventh because I can’t quite figure them out as of yet.

Prediction: 7th


Joel Ground and Ashley Callingbull

First Nations Activists

ashley joel.jpg

Pageantry is the life blood of casting female racers in the American version of TAR. They are typically the most competitive women that producers can find for the race.

Is it much different in TAR Canada? Well, we’ve got Sukhi and we’ve got. . .really? Sukhi? That’s it.

There is something unique which makes Ashley stand out right away: She is a female TAR contestant who has a political background. Women aren’t really known for that in The Amazing Race, or in reality TV for the most part.

laura morett

Unless their political views are seen as negative, of course.

And yes, they are the first all-First Nations team to be on the race, or at least the first team to use that as their primary identifier.

hamilton michaelia

Sorry Michaelia. :/

Joel & Ashley have a touching relationship, but because it is tough for me to make many jokes about that, I feel inclined to skip over it.

Joel’s celebrity crush is Gwen Stefani. I have mixed reactions to this.

gwen stefani.jpg

Is it Gwen Stefani back when she was with No Doubt and arguably up to Hollaback Girl? If that’s the case, I approve.

Is it Gwen Stefani once she went into full blown Julie Andrews mode? Well, then I am a bit concerned.

Ashley is outspoken and passionate about issues.

jessica brittany

And unlike Jessica & Brittany from TAR 28 whose success in pageantry was only 5th place in a national competition, Ashley was crowned freakin’ Mrs. Universe.

Like, the whole universe. The most charismatic married lifeform on Saturn couldn’t even win.

sailor venus.jpg

Maybe next year, Sailor Venus. You just couldn’t get that wine glass music routine down like you did in rehearsal!

NOTE: Yes, all of my knowledge of pageantry comes from Miss Congeniality.

Outside of Gary & Mallory and *shudder* Hussein & Natasha, father-daughter teams do not have a history of doing well in TAR. One could argue that Duke & Lauren could have been on a path to kicking major ass if not their tragic error in Vietnam, but judging by stats alone, putting money down on Joel & Ashley may not be your best bet.

Especially when Gary & Mallory were saved by a NEL in TAR 18, and Hussein & Natasha were saved by two NELs before Hussein quit in the final leg of TAR Asia 4.

kristin canada

And things could go south very fast if TAR Canada’s recent history is anything to judge by.

Ashley’s outspokenness could rub other teams the wrong way (especially Conservative teams). This could make her and Joel a prime U-Turn target.

I want to say more about Joel, but there is not much material to analyze. Hopefully he comes into his own once the episodes start to air. For now, I see a mid-range finish for Ashley & Joel.

Apparently Ashley was famous before the race, and that pisses people off. I didn’t know her before the race, and thus I could not give less of a sh-t.

Prediction: 6th


Anthony Limbombe and Brandon Campeau

Anthony and Brandon

anthony brandon

They are the only alpha male team in this cast. . .by default, they have won The Amazing Race Canada 4! Congratulations!

I feel bad for Anthony & Brandon. The joke amongst the hardcore TAR communities online is “There are nine really interesting teams and Anthony & Brandon”. In fact, people assume they will win because TAR Canada has a reputation of having the least interesting team win each season.

Perhaps I shall be that lone manbunned BC hippie in Anthony & Brandon’s corner to defend them. I will find a different team to irrationally hate this season.

So Anthony & Brandon. Well-traveled, young, physically fit, and hail from Windsor.

When this team was announced, people from Windsor were posting “OMG a team from Windsor, I will be cheering for them automatically goooooo Windsor!”

I have never understood that mentality. It must be a sports thing where you automatically back whichever individuals from your area are playing on a major stage. For instance, Peter Brown in Big Brother Canada (1) lives about twenty minutes from where I was born, and, well, I certainly didn’t root for him.

Vernon Vipers? Couldn’t care less.

Toronto Blue Jays? Well, they get the most broadcasting time, but my loyalty was moreso to Seattle because they are partially owned by Nintendo and I loved the Ken Griffey games growing up. I also liked the late 90s Florida Marlins because their logo and stadium was cool.

Vancouver Canucks? Ugh. Don’t get me started on ice hockey. See Vernon Vipers above.

Anyways, Anthony & Brandon. Both claim they love to sing and rap unlike DuJean.


Let’s hope their rapping is better than Godfrey Manzwiga’s rapping. Geez, that was painful.

Much like Hamilton & Michaelia, Anthony & Brandon have a lot of experience and skills under their belt despite their age. Furthermore, much of this will be directly relevant to the race. I expect them to be front-runners for most of the season unless they end up being weak at puzzles or suck at reading their clue.

It is nearly impossible to see these two being eliminated early on in the season. Because they are two easy-going competitive alpha males, they will be the socially acceptable U-Turn target. They will likely have to pull a Gino & Jesse and ensure they are first to the U-Turn board each time. First impressions alone may be the cause of this.

Anthony being born in Kinshasa makes way for the most mind-blowing thing about this season: Three out of the twenty racers on TAR Canada 4 have a Congolese background.

Countries associated with Canada which come to mind would be United States, France, England, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, Nigeria, China, India, Japan, South Korea, and if you are looking to go skiing in BC, Australia.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo would rank somewhere around Tajikistan or Mauritania in terms of my mental schema of Canada’s foreign relationships.

Why, Suriname would be even higher because their embassy is located just an hour away from my house. At least there is -some- connection there.

Anthony & Brandon’s bio takes a ridiculous turn, though.

Their motto is BumpnGrind? Please let’s not hashtag that.

Anthony’s celebrity crush is Jennifer Lopez, his favourite movie is The Wood, and his nickname is Boobie Miles.

Other racers like Ashley and Yvette have nicknames like “Ash” and “Yva”, but no, Anthony takes it into a whole new direction and has his friends call him Boobie Miles. Boobie Miles.

Who is Boobie Miles? A man who travels on the water strictly by motorboat?

anthony limbombe.jpg

And the fact that J-Lo, The Wood, and Boobie Miles are all on the same card demonstrates some form of word association.

Anthony also has a fear of feet.

tommy lee

A fear of feet? Tommy Lee cannot understand this.

Of course, we now have to get to the most surprising part about Anthony & Brandon’s bio: They are a pair of twenty-one year olds who are playing to win in hopes of helping their boss’ niece.

We have seen this in other seasons of TAR, but not typically with really young alpha males.

The most famous example of this is with the polarizing Mark & Bopper. With Mark & Bopper, this produced a double-edged sword once their edit aired on TV.

On one hand, it gave them unique characters and helped make them extremely popular during their initial run. However, it was Mark being a combination of Fred Willard and George W. Bush in his antics that made the story of his daughter help reach the audience that much more.

On the other hand, the demographic within the casual audience developed a bit of an unhealthy obsession with Mark & Bopper. Various fans have uploaded videos to YouTube -begging- for Mark & Bopper to be invited for a second time, and now are doing so for a third time. This has led to Mark buying into this as he has spent the past couple of years constantly begging to be brought back onto the show. Lastly, Mark & Bopper’s ultra popularity heading into Mark’s return on TAR 24 led to the most unfair character assassination of Mallory Ervin that I have ever seen.

In other words, editors need to know that talking about Anthony & Brandon’s motivation for running the race should be similar to how they edited Vanessa & Celina’s motivation involving their mother–mention it at the beginning and once more at the end, but do not make it into a core part of the narrative. Once you do that, you put the audience in an awkward position.

There. I have written more about Boobie Miles and B-M$ney than almost any other person on the Internet. I shall be in your corner guys! Well, for the time being, anyway.

Based on the other two teams who I think will be in the Final Three, I do not see Anthony & Brandon excelling in a traditional final round.

Prediction: 3rd


Steph LeClair and Kristen McKenzie

Not Natalie & Meaghan So Others Can Shut the F–k Up Already

steph kristen

In just four seasons, TAR Canada has matched TWENTY-EIGHT seasons of TAR US in terms of the number of Lesbian couples put onto the show (Kate & Pat and Carol & Brandy).

In TAR Canada, we go from married Lesbian skateboarders that Duthie ignored to dating Lesbian varsity softball players. What a contrast.

Two women who play in a major team sport on The Amazing Race Canada? Immediately people are going to be rambling in regards to comparing them to Natalie & Meaghan.

natalie meaghan

Just without the injured wrist.

The biggest difference between these two teams is that, while Natalie & Meaghan won Olympic gold, Steph & Kristen are in a sport where you can’t even compete for gold.

In all seriousness though, the truly big difference is that in the limited footage I have seen, the banter back and forth between Steph & Kristin gave me a really good first impression. I think they will be comedic and are strong narrators. That is something Natalie & Meaghan severely lacked when they were in TAR Canada 2.

I know people will say “well Logan, you said Dana & Amanda would do awful last season, and they were young and athletic too. What makes you think these two will do so damn well?”

Well, the big difference with Dana & Amanda is they came from a very small and non-diverse town, lacked overall experience, and have trained in one very specific field.

Steph & Kristin’s background is a bit more diverse. I mean, both went to school outside of the country, excelled in sports, and Steph is even a freakin’ lawyer.

Switching topics, Steph’s nickname is LeClair? Your last name being your nickname is the most sports-ish thing I have ever heard in my life.

harry potter remembrall.jpg

Kristen also can’t leave her home without forgetting two things. Sounds like somebody needs to pack a Remembrall from Harry Potter.

I think Steph & Kristen will do very well. Not only as racers, but most importantly as characters. Let’s see them make the final round.

Prediction: 2nd


Julie Taylor and Lowell Taylor

Better Than Bethany Hamilton

julie lowell.jpg

kanye west taylor swift

“Taylors Taylors Taylors, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Lowell is the best legally blind contestant of all time! Of all time!”

I can’t resist a stupid Evel Kanyevil reference.

I know people will find the Blind U-Turn to be in bad taste this season, but I believe Lowell will take it like a champ.

In all seriousness, I am very interested to see how a racer with little to no vision does on something like The Amazing Race. I know I made the joke in my last blog post about how Fran & Barry from TAR 9 were the first pair of blind racers, but Lowell is truly the first to break this barrier.

Deaf racers are presumed to have a smaller disadvantage. Adrian & Collin won TAR Asia 2 against titans Marc & Rovilson; Margie & Luke did well in TAR 14, albeit against a weak cast and with producers trolling Luke with a record number of audio tasks in that season (and do so again in TAR 24).

Little People have run the race, those who are missing an arm, and a few racers who run with prosthetic legs.

The only blind representation in TAR history is the TAR 26 Blind Date season, and even that was met with controversial results.

OK, OK, I’ll stop.

Julie & Lowell appear to be relatively clever people. I mean, any team who says their sense of humour is their strongest asset (and napping) and their biggest pet peeve involves stealing puns indicates that the team is very aware of what is going on.

This could make for great characters. Yes, Lowell is in great physical shape and Julie has learned to become a leader as Lowell’s vision continues to fade which could produce a team that can go far, but c’mon, characterization is essential.

If Julie & Lowell give us nothing, I know how the edit will go down. It will be a Bethany Hamilton-esque “I am the most inspiring person to ever inspire in an inspiring room of inspired people”, and we all take a nap whenever they show up on screen for the next twelve weeks. Hell, even with Margie & Luke we got bashed over the head with this in TAR 14.

What we need is to show the key moments where Lowell’s impairment will come into play in ways that we as the audience never really think about. Whether this be a situation where Lowell excels or where Lowell is at an unexpected deficit. Those are the stories where his disability will be intriguing television–the whole inspiration angle can be a by-product of what goes down during filming.

Hopefully their sense of humour provides good sound bites for television. If they can be the go-to for quips in confessionals, that will be great.

I don’t see Julie & Lowell being eliminated early. Perhaps 5th?

P.S. Lowell, nobody buys your answer that your wife is your celebrity crush. You are not only lying to your wife that Shakira is probably your true answer, but thinking you guys will be celebrities because of TAR Canada is just plain egotistical.

Prediction: 5th


Anne Morrone and Tanya Muzzatti

Self-Proclaimed Supermoms

anne tanya.jpg

A pair of forty year old women who wear zebra-striped clothing or leather? I don’t even know how to react to this.

anne morrone

I also don’t know how to react that Anne can’t leave the house without some face cream.

kurt brodie

And this interview is a whole lot more awkward if she is talking about the same face cream as Kurt & Brodie. Why, just listen to the clip at the end of this podcast (56:05) if you don’t know what I am talking about. It is my favourite TAR audio clip of all time.

Tanya chose an answer that couldn’t be misinterpreted by an immature 24 year old. Wise decision, Tanya. Not much I can do with a bottle of water.

Her dream vacation is to go the Maldives. Seeing how the Maldives is projected to be the first country to be fully submerged due to global warming, this is actually a good answer.

She does lose points for choosing an ice hockey player as her celebrity crush, though. C’mon Tanya, you can do better than that.

Teams that include two women who are forty and older are not only rarely cast, but also very rarely do well. I tried looking up all-female teams who made it far in international versions (Ida & Tania and Lyn & Karlyn came to mind) but neither met the criteria.

The only team to make it to Final Four in that demographic is Linda & Karen a.k.a. The Bowling Moms.

Meanwhile the list of 40+ women who have gone home early is much longer. In fact, TAR US has not chosen anybody in this demographic since Carol & Brandy who were nicknamed The Mean Lesbians.

A huge component to how Anne & Tanya define themselves is being Single Moms. They refer to themselves as Supermoms and all of their press videos include them mentioning their kids.

It makes you wonder if they can use this as a motivator or prove to be a huge distraction. The other concern is that single moms probably do not get to put themselves in situations that can develop skills for The Amazing Race quite like Anthony & Brandon or a Steph & Kristen can.

Furthermore, the amount of time from when you get the call to be on TAR to when you go out for filming is just a matter of a few weeks. I cannot picture Anne & Tanya being able to set as much time to prepare quite as much as everyone else. . .or maybe they did, and I am just being too damn presumptuous.

In any event, history is definitely not in Anne & Tanya’s favour. I have to play the odds.

Oh, and I hope they get a better edit than Susan & Sharnjit did. Not all moms are the same, guys.

Prediction: 10th


Stephane Tetrault and Antoine Tetrault

The Struggling Comedian and Son

stephane antoine

I do not sense a very competitive spirit from Stephane & Antoine. They are too dang easy-going, especially Stephane. There are other teams who want to win this race very very badly. I do not know if Stephane & Antoine will be at that same level.

Can a father-son team win a REAL season of The Amazing Race? Possibly, but I do not think it will be these guys. Here is hoping to proving me wrong!

Stephane owns a smart phone. Geez. Am I the only person who doesn’t have one?

And much like the nickname of Muzzer, I can’t quite figure out the origins of Antoine’s nickname. I feel like there is a story there.

Hopefully Stephane is the comedian that he claims he is in his bio. It appears him and the Taylors have a desire to be the funniest person in the room for this season.

Something tells me Stephane & Antoine will be a more likeable Quebecois team than Pierre & Michel. By at least a little bit, anyway.

I am eager to see if we get any content from Stephane & Antoine. In contrast to everyone else in this cast, I will not be completely shocked if they are the underedited team of the season.

Prediction: 9th (Antoine’s nickname may ring true)


Kelly Xu and Kate Pan

Manbun Rivals

kelly kate.jpg

Yes, there are people of Asian-Canadians who do NOT live in BC. Suck it, Richmond.

In all seriousness though, they are a unique pair, and I have nothing but love for Richmond. I don’t need any more cities other than Sudbury to be mad at me.

I must admit I am worried that Kelly may not make it far if the animal used to describe herself is a sloth. Kelly. That’s the exact opposite animal you want to be on The Amazing Race. Even the Turtle from World Track Meet for the NES would beat you to the pit stop.

Kate’s fear of “fish/birdy animals” leaves room for classic moments this season.

Let’s talk about their abilities. Both initially grew up in China. Both quit their jobs and are now fitness entrepreneurs in their early 20s. Even in their interviews they appear to possess a lot of energy. I doubt these two will ever be ones to slow down, and seeing how they are doing alright in their business endeavours, they must have sharp minds.

Plus, the hair. Only second to mine. You think I am jealous, but I am not.

I love that Kelly & Kate break the traditional rules of their households. It reminds me a lot of the rebellious young Asian friends Michelle & Claire who were runner-ups in TAR Asia 4. I think these two teams share that focused rebellion and a level of independence not normally achieved by other women their age.

I think Kelly & Kate will do quite well. Something tells me they will get into conflict with other teams because of their personalities, and that should help drive the narrative of the season. I hope they go far.

P.S. Kklicious is their team nickname? What is wrong with the cast this season?

Prediction: 4th


Jillian MacLaughlin and Emmett Blois

Team Sheyld Breaker

emmett jillian.jpg

Oh my word. Emmett & Jillian. It has been over three years since I blogged the first eight episodes of Big Brother Canada (1) while it aired. I have applied for all four seasons of BBCAN and two seasons of TARC. Emmett & Jillian have now officially competed on both shows while I have yet to participate in just one.

What up with that, Insight Production? I mean, do you know how much of a blow it is to my ego that two Nova Scotians are slaughtering me when it comes to the casting process? But I digress.

As I said before, the first crossover was when Alison Irwin made her way to TAR 5 months after finishing up on Big Brother 4. Emmett & Jillian’s break is equivalent to that of Keith & Whitney.

Both of them have essentially disappeared despite making it to finale night of the first competitive reality TV competition. Emmett makes an occasional cameo as “that good-looking cowboy”.

kid rock

Kind of like Canada’s Kid Rock but without turning into complete sh-t and everyone pretending that they never really liked his music to begin with. C’mon guys, Kid Rock must have had a following if he was on an episode of The Simpsons! Don’t act like you weren’t a contributor to his popularity!

Jillian may occasionally appear as not being Sandra Bullock no matter how hard editors initially tried to push that in her season.

The casual fans online are going to either hate or love Emmett & Jillian being allowed to play, and I am sure it is all they will talk about leading up to the premiere.

I could not care less. I neither loved nor hated Emmett & Jillian during BB Canada, and I assume the same will happen here.

Unlike US seasons where they interact with locals frequently, Emmett & Jillian will rarely be helped as TAR Canada has a tendency to go to smaller Canadian towns as of last season. This will not be a big advantage here in Canada.

Emmett & Jillian’s strategy in the beginning should be to focus on making social bonds with the other teams and stay out of whatever conflict may develop. Given they are both hovering around the age of 30, they can relate to almost anyone in this cast.

If they use the first U-Turn, everyone will want them out unless the team they U-Turn is universally hated. Otherwise, they should not use a single U-Turn until it is the absolute last one of the season when alliances no longer matter.

I would also add that they should not try too hard to win the first couple of rounds. Let other teams prove to be bigger threats. Once they enter the second half of the season, Emmett & Jillian can start playing to their maximum potential without becoming open targets.

The crazy thing is I listened to one of their pre-season interviews, and essentially summed this up as their strategy but in far fewer words.

Given that they won a ton of competitions during their season on Big Brother Canada, I think they will be well-suited for the race. They will be used to the cameras, the lack of sleep, the constant stress, etc. which also assist them on the race. TAR has a steep learning curve, and Emmett & Jillian will bypass most of that.

When you factor everything into this cast, Emmett & Jillian stand out as MASSIVE threats to win. The reality TV crossover is real and they are ready to invade.

Lastly, I think their chances of winning increase because they know all too well what it is like to prepare for memory based challenges. The final challenge of the season should be a piece of cake for them.

P.S. I thought for a second that Emmett’s favourite movie was Robin Hood: Men in Tights. So disappointing.

Prediction: 1st


Frankie Glasser and Amy Glasser

Glasser Girls

frankie amy

A woman who is pregnant at fifteen and forced to raise a child on her own, as she and her daughter go through life with wild hair, tattoos, and become the epitome of the hippie movement? Welcome to British Columbia, my friend!

If Roseanne Barr were a hippie, she would be Frankie.

People like Amy are the types of friends I have today. In fact, their story is so dang similar to my ex’s family, even right down to the occupation of at least one of them having their own hair salon and rubbing dogs’ bellies. The free-spirited animal-loving persona is definitely the BC way.

There have been other teams from British Columbia in the past. Sukhi & Jinder, Ryan & Rob, Simi & Ope, Darren & Kristen, and Susan & Sharnjit, but none of them were teams I identified with as sharing the story of myself and/or some of my friends.

Frankie & Amy have broken that barrier.

They are the first mother-daughter team to be on TAR Canada. Now, no matter which version you look at around the world, mother-daughter teams perform poorly. The even do worse than a pair of middle-aged women running on the race and elderly couples.

Will Frankie & Amy oppose that trend? . . .I don’t know. Part of me thinks they are flabbergasted to be on TAR Canada. Outliers like Frankie & Amy may struggle with confining to the strict rules of gameplay in TAR Canada–they can’t do their own thing. They have to learn to bend to the race, and not the other way around.

amy glasser

I mean, Amy can barely fit her travel destination answer into the card. Just pick one, Amy! It’s not that hard!

In fact, part of the reason why I think they won’t do well is because of how much Amy reminds me of my sister. My sister has said multiple times that she would be -terrible- at The Amazing Race. When Amy lists James Franco as her celebrity crush, The Labyrinth as her favourite movie, David Bowie as her hero, and rubbing dog’s bellies as her favourite past time, I can’t help but think “geez, this is like my sister on The Amazing Race”.

Much like Stephane & Antoine, I see Frankie & Amy fading fast due to the competitiveness of other teams. . .as much as I hate to admit it. :/

Prediction: 8th


So there you have it. My cast assessment. I think this cast will be pretty damn good. Therefore, the only outcome is for to be, at the very least, somewhat disappointed. Watch my opinion change by the end of the first episode.

And to Anthony & Brandon: Keep your head up, boys! It gets better.

As always, don’t take anything I say too seriously, and remember life is too short to treat each other with disrespect and hatred.

Thank you everyone. Until next time.

P.S. Click this link to read this season’s first installment of my response to the casual fan’s weekly complaints. They only get more ridiculous as the season goes along.

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