Ranking The Amazing Race 2015 Teams: #25 Laura and Tyler

NOTE: Thirty-four English speaking teams competed in TAR during 2015 (TAR 26, TAR Canada 3, and TAR 27). Now it is time to evaluate how they all did. This is primarily being done because it is going to be at least a few years before I get to these seasons in my TARstorian rankings, and I doubt you want to wait until 2019 or so before you hear my opinions on contemporary racers.

We will be ranking these teams based on various criteria.

Entertainment value.
Overall racing abilities.
Overall storyline and ability to narrate the actions of what goes on.
Comedic contributions.

Somehow this will be quantified to produce a ranking for each team.

25) Tyler Adams & Laura Pierson  – TAR 26 – 1st Place – 3.0833333 Team Average

Entertainment value: 3
Overall Racing Abilities: 8
Comedic Contribution: 4
Overall storyline and narration: 5
Likeability: 6

Ah. Tyler & Laura. You know, Tyler & Laura were the toughest team to rank out of all thirty-four on this list. I kept shuffling them around until I finally locked them in at #25.

Out of the three winners in this project, Tyler & Laura definitely deserve to finish well above Gino & Jesse.

potato head.jpg

“I don’t agree with that at all! Tyler & Laura should be in dead last and can go straight to hell for all I care!”

Oh my word. I can’t believe I am saying this, but Mr. Potato Head is relevant for Tyler & Laura’s legacy in TAR history.

You see, Tyler & Laura’s most controversial moment on-screen would translate into one of the biggest overreactions I have seen in the online community. And it would involve potatoes.

Here’s the setup: During the tenth leg of the race, there was a Detour option that involved sorting, transporting, and rearranging potatoes for a Peruvian vendor.

matt ashley pit stop

As we will see when Matt & Ashley take a selfie later on in the leg, and from what folks who have visited and/or are locals of Peru have told me, Peruvians aren’t known for being super smiley and peppy people.


Unless they’re traveling to Corneira. Then they are peppy.

Once at the stall, Tyler & Laura had a tough time distinguishing the types of potatoes apart. Their solution was to pour water on it, and suddenly they found the task much easier.

However, things became tricky when they ran out of water. What’s another way to produce moisture on these potatoes?

llama tar 7 intro

Look to the llama for a clue.

Yes, good ol’ spit from the saliva glands was their last resort. With a spot in the Final Four presumably on the line, Tyler & Laura pulled out all the stops to get past this Detour.

socal potatoes

Thanks to the comedic editors, they did a bunch of quick cuts of Peruvians who supposedly looked offended when this was going on. I say quick cuts because some of the Peruvians shown weren’t even in Tyler & Laura’s vicinity. Furthermore, Tyler & Laura took the time to apologize while spitting on the potatoes, acknowledging it was something they wouldn’t do unless they had no other resources before them in what is a competition on the biggest game board possible.

After the episode aired, the highlights of the round didn’t even involve the potato spitting. Thankfully, the Internet stepped up to the plate and made this Tyler & Laura’s biggest legacy.

I must admit, I spat out some of my Palm Bay when I noticed this was actually a thing.

It is this incident that has sparked the most recent (and perhaps only) official online protest of a team on The Amazing Race. Jet’s remarks, Jonathan’s shove, and nor Phil’s turtlenecks from the early seasons caused any outrage, but apologetic potato spitting did.

potato head

“Hey, we’ve got rights, damn you!”

tyler laura

Somehow peeing in a Dutch boat went right by the viewers one week earlier. Now -that- is something to petition. Spit is one thing, but urine is just nasty. However, the casual audience did forgive them for it.

china jen hoffman 3

If Jen knew she could get away with that, she would have urinated all over the streets of Beijing. Sigh.

Other than that. . .Tyler & Laura don’t really have any big moments that have held up over the past twelve months since TAR 26 finished airing.

Other than that. . .Tyler & Laura don’t really have any big moments that have held up over the past twelve months since TAR 26 finished airing.

My favourite thing about TAR while it airs is the kneejerk reaction online of when a team gets eliminated. They could finish 10th, 9th, 8th, or 7th with minimal airtime and a string of poor finishes while everyone is chanting “They need to be in the next all-star season!”

If the casual audience got their wish after each of their chants, we would have a 34-team all-star season just from everyone who played during 2015 alone.
erin joslyn

I hate to break it to you Erin & Joslyn fans, but I have a gut feeling that they won’t be brought back. Besides, TAR US doesn’t use previous winners as returnees–sure, it was The Price Is Right, but still. Rules are rules.
Watch as a casting agent reads this, and invites Erin & Joslyn for TAR 30 just so all of my readers can point and laugh at me.

This is why I typically don’t like to re-visit and blog about reality TV legacies until some time has passed. One year has gone by and Tyler & Laura have truly faded just like many
other recent winners in the TAR canon.

zermatt phil keoghan 9

“But new love doesn’t fade away, Logan!”

Oh shut up, Phil. Tyler & Laura are just friends.

That’s really Tyler & Laura’s biggest problem. Tyler & Laura are perhaps the most level-headed and calmest of the TAR 26 cast. In fact, they were so calm that they were the only team I couldn’t figure out before the season started airing.

tyler anthony

A lady online asked for help to rank the teams for her TAR office pool, and this is the list I sent her. There is your proof. I did not know if Tyler & Laura were going to take this race seriously because of how casual they were about it.

fortaleza anthony 7

I totally forgot about initially comparing Tyler to the most charismatic character in TAR history. Man, it’s been a while since we have been graced with Anthony & Stephanie’s presence. If there ever was an outdated TARstorian joke, that would be the one.

So what made them appear so damn calm and level-headed? Was it that SoCal carefree attitude?

Now I segue into a LA story.

photo 11

Yes, I did indeed meet Laura in person. When Justin told her what podcast I was, she recognized it as “the podcast that talked shit about her during the season”. I guess now is as good as time as any to suck up to her now. . .nah, just playin’. This ranking is completely unbiased, or rather, as unbiased as t can be given the circumstances.

Now, here’s the kicker: She didn’t seem upset about it. Within seconds we were joking around and Laura was one of the easiest people to talk to at that party.

When you add in the fact that she had a background working in television prior to TAR 26, and it makes sense. You pretty much need to be the calm one as you work with the other big personalities who make guest appearances on your program. If Laura became a crazy person, she probably couldn’t have the job that she does now.

As for Tyler, he exhibits similar traits as well. He has that ability to be very driven but also very chill.

You can understand why Tyler & Laura had strong teamwork during the race. I frequently stated their dialogue was straight out of a Judd Apatow movie (“Thank you, sweet baby Jesus”) where they would be the straight characters, and everyone else around them would ultimately have to play off of them.

Hell, as Hayley said in a recent interview with some guy named Justin Scheman, the majority of Tyler & Laura’s focus during the race was goofing around taking their selfies as they went around the world.

This makes Tyler & Laura sound like lackadaisical bystanders who stumbled into victory, but that really wasn’t the case. I mean, Tyler & Laura definitely worked for that win.

For instance, look at their social game. They never got into a big confrontation with any of the other teams. In fact, Tyler used his sense of humour as he made jokes about Blair & Hayley’s relationship to endure himself to other teams.

salzburg phil keoghan 13

“And it’s also how he endears himself to Laura. That’s what makes them such a great couple!”

PHIL! THEY’RE JUST FRIENDS! Holy shit, man. Stop pushing it.

The strongest component to their social game becomes apparent when you look closely. During the middle of the season, Tyler & Laura and Matt & Ashley develop a tight alliance. This leads to them U-Turning Jenny & Jelani and Aly & Steve. Fast forward to the FINAL leg of the season and suddenly Tyler & Laura have a tight alliance with Jenny & Jelani that is aimed at getting ahead of the strongest team remaining, Hayley & Blair. Once Hayley & Blair are out of the picture, Tyler & Laura have a path cleared to claim the victory.

And. . .had that infamous finish line selfie cam while doing it.

Tyler & Laura may be a strong team, but are they memorable and big characters? How much  does putting on sunglasses and doing a Ray Charles impression in Monaco go in their favour?

tyler makeup

Or making the Survivor Sucks message board cringe when you state you are the Lady Man amongst the Lady Boys? Both of those moments fade away in the grand scheme of things.

I mean, just look at their finishes in the first half of the season. No leg victories, but no really close calls with being eliminated. Any team that goes through the race like this tend to be underedited as winners. It’s not until the Namibia rounds that viewers start paying more attention to Laura & Tyler. Granted, that’s a tough thing to do when you are surrounded by Newly Meltdowny Aly & Steve, Hayley & Blair, Jenny & Jelani, Matt & Ashley, and Mike & Rochelle are with you in the endgame. Laura would have to start streaking across the sand dunes while carrying a Travelocity gnome to topple the other teams’ wild moments.

NOTE: If Aly & Steve didn’t have their Namibian meltdown, this likely would have been their spot on the list.

tyler laura

Should Tyler & Laura have gone on a wild rampage just to make it higher on some random Canadian’s list about teams who raced in 2015 on The Amazing Race? Um, no. However, I do think Tyler could have made an app for it. Why, he even made an app to turn himself into James Bond.

socal bond 2

I like my apps shaken. . .not stirred.

tyler yacht 3

“Comparing me to James Bond? How hard can that be?”

Tyler & Laura may not have been big characters, but between their little quips in confessionals and running the race as smoothly as a Sleepy Brown verse, they really did deserve their victory.

sleepy brown

“Ain’t nobody dope as me,
I’m just SoCal and. . .
SoCal and So Clean Clean!”

Hey, if people were offended by the potato spitting, I would not be shocked if somebody was equally offended by that Sleepy Brown parody. Can we get beyond thirty signatures? I hope so.

A team who initially started out as having the cringeworthy Team Horse and Unicorn name then proceeded to evolve into Judd Apatow characters before winning The Amazing Race 26.

laura square root

Although they would have lost if the final Roadblock forced Laura to recall the answer to the square roots of two-digit numbers. The cold of the Netherlands affected the mathematical thinking in her brain!

Recently, a few of my friends, Ben, David, and Justin debated if one should value strong characters or strong competitors (with Ben and David taking the former position and Justin taking the latter). If you are curious where I stand on this issue, well, I think this entry pretty much spells it out.

If you are ranking purely based on skill, of course Tyler & Laura would be higher. Unfortunately, I don’t really view The Amazing Race as a sport and do not automatically champion whoever are the frontrunners, and therefore why I plop Laura & Tyler in the middle of this list.


Oh, and they spat on everyone that is apart of the Spud clan. And considering I also met Mr. Potato Head when I was in LA at the finale party, I feel very conflicted.

P.S. Before leaving the party, Laura’s parting words were that I needed to be nicer. Did I succeed? I think so. Especially when I withhold Sleepy Brown comparisons for only the most special of occasions. Sadly, Hayley will be stuck being compared to some crappy rapper like Ja Rule or something.

I could have been like “Laura told me to be nicer so I thought it would be hilarious to call her a bitch at the start of this writeup just for laughs and pure sarcasm har har,” but that would have been a really cheap joke to make. I’ve got standards, y’all.

P.P.S. When Justin interviewed Hayley in the aforementioned podcast, they talked about Nelly and Ja Rule, and labelled them as 90s hip hop. Sorry, Ja Rule is not 90s hip hop and neither is Nelly. They are part of the early 2000s. Sorry, I can only stay quiet for so long.

tyler yacht 1

“While Logan was out correcting hip hop facts and rambling about potato heads. . .”

tyler yacht

“. . .-I- was kicking back on the yacht.”
tyler yacht 2

Oh, you.

Hint for #24: The editors only put in one cringeworthy soundbyte together at their expense; that’s all they got.

34) Kelly & Shevonne
33) Gino & Jesse
32) Cindy & Rick
31) Susan & Sharnjit
30) Jeff & Lyda
29) Harley & Jonathan
28) Dana & Amanda
27) CJ & Libby
26) Jazmine & Danielle
25) Tyler & Laura
24) ?????

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