The Amazing Race 28 Editing Analysis and Predictions Week Eleven Edition

Thanks for telegraphing Kurt & Brodie’s elimination, producers. 🙂

Now it’s down to our Final Four. It’s time for yet another penultimate round in China. Apparently TAR 6, 12, 14, 16, and 27 was not enough.

Week Eleven Editing Analysis

Teams are ranked from who I think have the best shot of -winning- to who has the worst shot of winning.

Note that this is different from identifying a specific boot order.

Sheri & Cole have an extremely strong winner’s edit. There is so much activity currently going on with the biggest underdogs that TAR US has ever seen.

a) They had a big edit in the season premiere.
b) They are the only team in the race where nearly all other teams in this season have commented on what they have been doing.
c) They have been shown overcoming their various fears that have had multi-episode story arcs.
d) I usually avoid automatically rooting for parent-child teams like most people do, but I must say that Sheri & Cole have progressively won me over.

Of course, this could all come crashing down if they go home this round.


If Burnie & Ashley win this leg, then they shall lose in the finale.

If Burnie & Ashley do not win this leg, then they shall win in the finale.

It’s as simple as that. This is their only active storyline left.


What? A Tyler not winning The Amazing Race?

Tyler & Korey have certainly been very present in this season. I have mentioned this countless times before, but it is our job to distinguish between “Are they getting this airtime for their recognition?” or “Are they getting this in-depth amount of airtime because they win the dang thing?”

What exactly is Tyler & Korey’s story, though? Being partially responsible for knocking out their rivals from day one? Commenting on everything that is going on around them?

They are definitely a presence, but are they a winner?

This guy thinks the Tyler “Curse” may be broken by the end of this season.


How long has this been going on for now?

Matt has averaged one confessional per episode.
The casual audience has deemed Dana as their least favourite contestant since near the beginning of the game.
If they are not bickering, then they are not shown at all.
No praise in the edit whenever they do well at a task.

Dana & Matt continue to suffer in the editing suite.

Week Eleven Predictions

Note: This is my prediction for who will arrive on the mat from first to last place in this leg.

This is different from my pre-season projection of how the boot order will shape up for the duration of the season.
1) Burnie & Ashley – 3.2 Team Average

Burnie & Ashley have been ridiculously consistent. 2017 may be the year of the Rooster, but I think a taste of it will be coming one year early for this round.

Besides, can a team really finish in second place for -six- legs in a row?

2) Tyler & Korey – 2.5 Team Average

Part of me thinks Tyler & Korey are the type who could choke in the final leg. They really want to win this game.

However, I think they will be a lot less stressed in the penultimate round thanks to Kurt & Brodie being eliminated.

3) Dana & Matt – 3.5 Team Average

Their physical endurance is higher than everyone else who is left in the game.

However, one must question their emotional endurance as a team since the Dubai leg. Can they get it together for the last couple of rounds? Or, you know, do enough to beat Sheri & Cole.

4) Sheri & Cole – 6.2 Team Average

Sheri & Cole have never defeated Burnie & Ashley all season long.

The -one- time they have beaten Tyler & Korey was by just a couple of minutes. Oh, and their lead over Dana & Matt in the first Bali leg was just sixty seconds.

In other words, Sheri & Cole have lost a total of twenty-eight out of a possible thirty match-ups against the remaining teams. I don’t even want to research what the overall time differential has been when you add up all of the pit stop check-in times.

I think Sheri & Cole are going to need a Final Four NEL twist in China to keep themselves alive, and have a shot in the final round where anything can happen.

And I presume it will be  F4 twist since nobody has an obvious edit that they will be going home this week.

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4 Responses to The Amazing Race 28 Editing Analysis and Predictions Week Eleven Edition

  1. Hugo says:

    Kudos to the TAR editors for thoroughly fooling me these last two episodes. I would never have guessed that the results would be what they were.

  2. How do you think the winners’ edit has changed over the years?

    To me, the producers used show the flaws of winners rather than hide them and didn’t care about making them “root-able” (until maybe the last 2-3 episodes). Until S28, it seemed the producers went out of their way to not make the winners “unlike-able”.

    Curious, what are your thoughts?

    • I think that’s precisely it. Primarily because once ratings decline, producers can’t really have the audience hating the eventual winners so much that they stop watching the show altogether. They want you to, at the very least, accept who won.

      Which is kind of hilarious when Dana & Matt are the first winners in over twenty seasons that the audience did not like, and now the show is on hiatus indefinitely.

      That’s why there is a winner’s edit.

      • Jordan says:

        What about Eric & Danielle and to a lesser extent, Dan & Jordan? The former seemed unpopular while both gotten negative reactions for being out popular teams.

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