The Amazing Race 28 Editing Analysis and Predictions Week Eight Edition

Four out of the past six rounds have been spent in countries that TAR US has never visited before. Now we enter familiar territory for the remainder of the season. Tonight, teams shall head to the UAE where it is hard being Snoop D-O-Double-G. It is the first time TAR US has gone to the Middle East since, well, the back-to-back rounds filmed in UAE during TAR 23.

In a shock to not me, Scott & Blair were eliminated last week. Has the story changed?

Week Eight Editing Analysis

Teams are ranked from who I think have the best shot of -winning- to who has the worst shot of winning.

Note that this is different from identifying a specific boot order.

1) SHERI & COLE #HumanWhackAMoleInventors

How many episodes in a row have we seen Sheri & Cole receive an in-depth edit? They were at the centre of attention during the Gottfried’s Winery task as the only team bright enough to choose that option in the first place as everyone else initially made their fingers bleed.

It is a clear edit of a mother-son team who have been all over the map since the beginning of the season and needed to work with others, but are proving to be one of very few teams to work on their own.

Although going solo may be happening by default since key allies Jessica & Brittany, Erin & Joslyn, and Scott & Blair are now all exterminated. Much like ‘Bama in TAR 10, losing your allies late in the season may be a blessing in disguise.

Burnie & Ashley or Kurt & Brodie may receive a new storyline by the end of tonight, or Tyler & Korey may repair the damage from last week, but for now it is tough to ignore the sheer amount of content that this team has been getting since day one.

“How can you not help Sheri?”
“Sheri & Cole recover from a Non-Elimination!”
“Cole is picking up sister wives along the way!”
“Sheri & Cole never scheme!”
“Even when Cole screws up a Roadblock, a penalty is not aired as not to humiliate him!”
“Boston people never give up!”

Wait, that last one applies to Michael & Scott.

There is a lot of cues, but as I said before, we are at a weird transitional point in the season where the endgame storylines are likely being prepped.

Enjoy this week at the top Sheri & Cole, it may be your last.

2) TYLER & KOREY #WheresMySnackPack

Yes, Tyler & Korey may continue to have a massive edit, but it looks like we are heading towards a downfall rather than a successful endgame.

After spending much of the season at the top, Tyler & Korey have ben crashing in the Caucasus states. It is probably a good thing that the race is heading to UAE rather than Azerbaijan to complete the Caucasus Trio (they could have been swimming in oil!).

Tyler’s dramatic response to his bag being stolen is the first significant negative reaction the general audience has had to Tyler & Korey since the start of the season. Will this storyline grow in the form of Tyler & Korey slowly melting down, or is it a one-time thing and instead lead to a road of recovery? Who knows.

3) BURNIE & ASHLEY #PerfectPlaceForALameHashtag

Producers do not have a bad word to say about Burnie & Ashley. They have produced a very consistent and positive edit along the way. We saw them be tough enough at the Detour to nearly claim a first place finish at a location that definitely “looked like a good place for a fake pit stop”.

It doesn’t hurt that they have been able to share many of their entertaining thoughts and provide comedic relief for the audience along the way.

4) KURT & BRODIE #CallMeMrButterFingers

The fake showmance that never really existed is now over. The only active storylines which remain are their pointless Express Pass and the rivalry with Tyler & Korey. It is not much, but it sure is more than what Zach & Rachel have going for them in the editing suite.

5) DANA & MATT #CaucasusFrustration

ALLAN WU: Even with Dana & Matt’s expertise, they will not be able to dance their way around having the most negative edit of the season.

As I have said before, this does not mean they will go home tonight, but they sure as hell won’t be winning the race.

6) ZACH & RACHEL #DuBaiBai

lol. Their story is so over. They each have one pant leg of the relationship. . .then they finish first to complete their objective. All loose ends have been tied up. Much like the Chippendales at the end of round 11 in TAR 21, their story currently has no active plot lines.


Note: This is my prediction for who will arrive on the mat from first to last place in this leg.

This is different from my pre-season projection of how the boot order will shape up for the duration of the season.

1) BURNIE & ASHLEY – 3.71 Team Average

Self-driving and map navigation? It requires the type of intellect which Burnie & Ashley possess. They have been craving a self-drive leg since day one, I imagine.

Enjoy Super Off-Road (the SNES port) in the desert, guys!

2) DANA & MATT – 3.29 Team Average

Dana gets a break from dealing with taxi drivers this week. She will view this round as a breath of fresh Arabian air.

3) KURT & BRODIE – 2.14 Team Average

Will this round or next round be the NEL? But with a couple of teams still in the race who rarely beat them, they are not worried. And hey, if they get stuck in a situation that puts their life on the line, they can be the first to save themselves with the Express Pass in ten US seasons.

Otherwise, who cares. They’re safe. It would be funny if they are a couple o’ bros who don’t know how to drive a stick.

4) TYLER & KOREY – 2.86 Team Average

Tyler & Korey have been surprisingly absent from the top four position that they, Burnie & Ashley, Dana & Matt, and Kurt & Brodie have been practically glued to since the start of the season.

Will they continue to stumble or are they going to get their rhythm back? I predict the latter.

5) SHERI & COLE – 7.0 Team Average

Just because they are at the top of the editing ranking does not mean they will perform spectacularly well tonight. I cannot ignore their 7.00 average, and that they have beaten nearly no one that remains.

And will they be able to self-navigate on their own? I have a feeling they will have issues.

6) ZACH & RACHEL – 4.57 Team Average

Zach & Rachel are prone to blunders more than any other team left in the race. With Sheri & Cole as their lone buffer zone, it may be the only way they will be saved.

Also, even though they finished first in the previous round, it is tough to ignore how often they tend to finish around 5th or 6th place. . .or the fact they only won the last leg due to Burnie & Ashley’s cab screwing up at the last second. . .or that three teams switched back and forth between Detour options.

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