The Amazing Race 28 Editing Analysis and Predictions Week Seven Edition

I correctly guessed who would come in last and that it was going to be a NEL. I am so smrt.

Week Seven Editing Analysis

Teams are ranked from who I think have the best shot of -winning- to who has the worst shot of winning.

Note that this is different from identifying a specific boot order.

1) Tyler & Korey #TylerAndKoreyFeaturingTheAmazingRace

tyler korey 2

Some people may say “man, this season of The Amazing Race with Tyler & Korey doing alright”, but judging by the plethora of new fans to fill the void of those who have given up on the series, and the hashtags that have been trending on Twitter, I think most people are actually saying “man, Tyler & Korey on cable TV together is doing alright”.

The question since the beginning has been if this in-depth edit is a product of producers knowing who their stars were going to be heading into the new season, or if this is a genuine winner’s edit we have on our hands.

We were certainly led to be sympathetic with them as they were nearly eliminated after being dominant for the first half of the season. What I gather from this is it is supposed to be Tyler & Korey’s “wake up call”, and their edit will continue to grow as they climb out of the cellar.

It’s tough to picture them going home when there are still a few teams who have been ignored in recent rounds.

2) Sheri & Cole #DoesNotBorderGeorgia

sheri cole

This might be the most interesting mother-son team we have ever had. Are they getting a story because of how much more complex they are in contrast to the other teams, or is it because they will emerge as the winners at the end of this season? Or both?

The season premiere, the fifth episode, and the last week’s episode have all been significant for this team. If their on-screen coalition with Jessica & Brittany wasn’t enough, we saw a lot of airtime dedicated to all of the other teams being involved in Sheri & Cole’s world.

Compared to Scott & Blair being saved by a NEL, there was a much stronger reaction to Sheri & Cole being saved last week. Especially when you factor in that there was several minutes dedicated to them possibly winning the “all (not so) powerful Express Pass”.

3) Burnie & Ashley #CurlingIronAndLavashBurnieBurns

burnie ashley

Consistency is the name of the GAME with these two. The audience continues to respect them and points out very few faults with their game. Even when they screwed up the Alps Detour, it was viewed more as a gamble that did not go their way rather than a stupid and dumb idiotic decision.


kurt brodie


It seems like this is the beginning of the downfall of Kurt & Brodie rather than opening a path to victory.

By the way, count on there being little to no mention of the Express Pass tonight unless it is used.

And aren’t we getting tired of a showmance that we know doesn’t really exist? That storyline must end soon.

5) Scott & Blair #WeNeedAChickenTaskSoLoganCanMakeAPun

blair scott

Blair received a very personal and heartfelt confessional at the start of last week. It sounds like the first half to a two part surrender speech. Editors don’t go out of their way to show that much emotion unless you are the next one to go home.

However, their overall chances of winning are still better than Zach & Rachel’s or Dana & Matt’s.

6) Zach & Rachel #ThreadKings

zach rachel

Their scary and/or hairy Armenian college roommate left more an impression than these two did last week.

7) Dana & Matt #IfLooksCouldKill

dana matt
Casual fan reaction week to week: Hated-Hated-Hated-Hated-Hated-Invisble, but somehow still hated.

The funniest part about the casual fans last week was people insulting Dana for how she treated Sheri and the other teams.

FANS: I can’t believe what Dana did to them!!! She is so rude!!!
DANA: I didn’t even say one word this week!
FANS: We saw the expression on your face! You can’t lie to us!!!

So yeah. Dana’s split-second facial expressions over the course of an eight hour period is now used to solidify her guilt.

No matter how hard Dana tries to change the minds of the casual audience in confronting them online on a weekly basis, nothing will change that editors have done their job to guarantee she will not be winning this season.


Week Seven Predictions

Note: This is my prediction for who will arrive on the mat from first to last place in this leg.

This is different from my pre-season projection of how the boot order will shape up for the duration of the season.

1) Kurt & Brodie – 2.00 Team Average

They are already in the lead, and possess an Express Pass with a fast approaching expiration date. They have to win one of the next three legs at minimum.

2) Dana & Matt – 3.1667 Team Average

They are the only team this season to have finished in the top four every single round thus far. Did I mention how we have had a very consistent top four since day one?

I bumped them up to #2 for this week simply due to a freakin’ TAR Canada inspired dance challenge coming their way.

3) Tyler & Korey – 2.33 Team Average

Well, they just blew their chances of breaking Eric & Jeremy’s record all in one leg. It was a valiant effort, though!

This season has unfortunately gone the TAR 24 route by putting teams so artificially close together to ensure one small mistake drops you to the bottom, but I don’t think it will happen two rounds in a row to Tyler & Korey.

4) Burnie & Ashley – 4.00 Team Average

Speaking of dance challenges, Dance Dance Revolution will come in handy for them this week.

5) Zach & Rachel – 5.1667 Team Average

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the new Kent & Vyxsin! Well, just in terms of placement. Personality, makeup, jumping into polluted rivers, and self-drive meltdown is not exactly a mutual connection between these two teams.

I have yet to watch an episode where Zach & Rachel have impressed me enough to be considered a top contender.

6) Sheri & Cole – 7.33 Team Average

Good news for Sheri & Cole this week: They are bound to improve upon their team average no matter how they place.

More good news: Editors aren’t going to be silly enough to invest all of this time into Sheri & Cole just to eliminate them in episode seven.

I think this will be a round where they will barely survive.

7) Scott & Blair – 7.5 Team Average

After finishing eighth or worse in the first four rounds, Scott & Blair have faced a significant improvement.

Sadly, there is one weakness that is becoming apparent in the edit: Even when at the very back of the pack, they have a tendency to stop and help the other teams. Scott has done this at two different Roadblocks now, and as their relationship grows tighter with the other teams, the more he is going to struggle with this.

“We wanted to go, but how can you not help Sheri?”

This ethical dilemma is great if you see somebody with a car broken down on the side of the road, but unfortunately it is awful if you want to win The Amazing Race.

I think it is time for Scott & Blair to go.

P.S. Check out my TARstorian blogging series. That’s pretty much 90% of the content on this website, and where all of my best/worst jokes emerge.

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