The Amazing Race 28 Editing Analysis and Week Six Edition

Before the season started, I expected all of the all-female teams to go home early. Well, I also had slightly higher expectations for Cam & Darius, but let’s focus on when I am right rather than when I am wrong. Between TAR Canada 3, TAR 26, and TAR 28, all-female teams have struggled as of late.

Except Tiffany & Krista later on in TAR 27, of course. Perhaps we need Nat & Kat and Brook & Claire to be hired as coaches before the next season begins?

Did the ultra linear France episode have any content to sway my analysis heading into this week? Most likely not.

Week Six Editing Analysis

1st: Burnie & Ashley

burnie ashley

They are inoffensive.

They provide commentary on what occurs around them.

We see them working with other teams.

We see them when they greatly succeed.

And last week, we saw them when they  greatly failed.

This is a prime winner’s edit that could very well be unfolding at the halfway point of the season.

2nd: Tyler & Korey

tyler korey 2

After putting Tyler & Korey’s chances at the top for the past five weeks, the editors finally tipped their hand.

Korey stating something along the lines of “now it’s time for our era of dominance” is signalling not only that Tyler & Korey will be dominating in the coming rounds, but that all eras must come to an end.

Therefore, Tyler & Korey must lose, but most likely not until the finish line.

3rd: Sheri & Cole

sheri cole

Very little happened in the last episode of The Amazing Race in one of the most linear rounds of all time, but the one thing we can take away from it is that producers really want us to be fans of Sheri & Cole.

Did any other team have personal info that simultaneously corresponds to their relationship and to tasks in the race? Nope. Just Sheri & Cole.

Their chances of winning in the editing department continues to increase.

4th: Kurt & Brodie

kurt brodie

Just a couple of bros winning over fans a bit later than what I assumed heading into the season. A team that once began as nothing but a couple o’ bros screaming are now having their screaming be explained to the general public, and it is being eaten up.

Kurt & Brodie’s edit is getting stronger.

5th: Scott & Blair

blair scott

When will Blair’s antics become universally endearing to the audience? Because when it does happen, she and her father will shoot up in this race.

Also, we need to see Blair at the centre of the showmance between her and Brodie.

6th: Zach & Rachel

zach rachel

We have witnessed a series of small moments from Zach & Rachel. Nothing that is substantial or ties together, unfortunately.

There is a difference between having a level inoffensive winner’s edit and not receiving an edit at all.

7th: Dana & Matt

dana matt

The bickering couple that is continuously grilled by the audience is now the “let’s laugh at her because she is scared of a little Matterhorn” couple.

Casual fans either express their displeasure with Dana’s behaviour or mock her fears.

There is no way this edit is leading to victory.

Predictions for Week Six

1st: Tyler & Korey – 1.6 Team Average

They say they are going to dominate. I believe ’em.

2nd: Dana & Matt – 3.0 Team Average

I think Dana & Matt’s endurance will start coming into play. They shall become stronger than they were before.

3rd: Kurt & Brodie – 2.2 Team Average

Anything below third would be shocking for these guys. If you thought endurance comes into play when travelling around to dance, just watch a game of Ultimate Frisbee.

4th: Burnie & Ashley – 4.4 Team Average

Don’t be silly when it comes to Detour decisions.

5th: Zach & Rachel – 5.6 Team Average

Power will likely be restored as a slightly more varied leg will go down, and teams will be tested on multiple levels.

The top four shall remain the top four once more, and the bottom three will be thrown back into the dungeon.

Fortunately for Zach & Rachel, they will be the closest to seeing a bit of daylight.

6th: Scott & Blair – 8.0 Team Average

All of the weaker teams have been consistently eliminated while the stronger folks all remain in the game.

There is very little wiggle room for Scott & Blair, sadly. A major upset will need to occur soon, or the top teams refusing to align with one another heading into the second half.

7th: Sheri & Cole – 7.2 Team Average

I sense Sheri & Cole are getting drained after having their adrenalin levels pushed to the limits in the French Alps.

The good news is that we will likely have a NEL on our hands. Throw in a quick and pointless Speed Bump, and Sheri & Cole may very well recover.

For now though, they must suffer through this exhausting round.

You have waited twenty-eight seasons and yet another March Madness break to witness Armenia on The Amazing Race. Will it be worth the wait? Probably not, but whatever.

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2 Responses to The Amazing Race 28 Editing Analysis and Week Six Edition

  1. Zach Chong says:


  2. Hugo says:

    Now the question is whether Tyler & Korey will be able to beat Eric & Jeremy’s finishing average record. Personally, if they do, I won’t believe that they’re actually as good of a team unless I see a head-to-head match up that they win. I think the Race is a lot easier nowadays.

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